12-01-17 Seg 3 Men's Room Has a Slip

Friday, December 1st

Emails, Ted vs the FCC, Bad Jokes and the Shot of the Day


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This is the men's room. Listening to. People are far 999 all our men's or blank was here and I know was bad but I swear got a blank was an accident Larry got a buddies get re abandoned. What happened there was the averages did he hang their love they give him hell yeah I'll have now got damaged well how to win or did we were all we heard reggae band driving back road trip complimentary apple juice from a hotel and write something about that says ma'am. You're an acid given the color of apple juice. Maybe one got refilled and somebody drink your you know what about tonight's download today is that. The old iron in the apple juice trick. Yeah that is no good. Now about the way this the comic came in I never even consider this says when I was twelve sprayed silly string and a friend who's blowing out birthday candles everybody laughed until those silly string come on fire. And then she come on fire oh I'm still traumatized oh my god damn solid and never thought about MM. That is that I was a friendly reminder do not sprayed silly string a person blowing up the gamble doesn't suit. Don't be eaten there's this is history. Hello Aaron welcome to the men's room. And and and that's not happy yeah there's nothing mayor apps and others and nothing about the resign as it. Hello actually welcome to the men's room. Yes well I don't know and come right out of the gate noon. I'm an error and why. I don't. Oh yeah. You don't want them. Go ahead. Eleven year old black cousins I we're all out on the front yard play ended up Bob aren't. And that we implant a couple of hours. And hey look at Angie kept trying to like walk behind the batters let them pay attention. It'll play it was right by the front doubt. About that time I hit a ball. And like the back and it flying at Mac you're right it made the broker note. Okay. And. Yeah I would like blood everywhere. Like you don't I'll play in the budget act that I thought bread and and trouble are they thought maybe I don't care they're literally like I never get hit a terrible or a book I want I only can. But I renovate the equipment not my cousin in the go to the bad. This he lets you and that's nice review policy look now was illegal conquer honor. Not at any of them at Connecticut and had an. Why I had viewed alcohol right at LA straight okay you have big noses in the everybody your family is big noses not all. This important voice so well why would anyone believe that you would've done it intentionally reuse that kinda did The Who would turn around. I'm a little crazy. You know. I'm a brat. I'm frustrated or whatever by the end of the day Atlantic but not ruin the agent Daryl. I just kinda like but that matters now or it was a perfect timing. Don't see behind him to actually ask your question and yeah as I'm not any added. Is he still embrace she still would you would say a brat as an adult. Yeah. Yeah we've been preaching this for a number of years you are New York yet you continue to money at thirty or forty or fifty the same dampers in grand. He will involve a little bit but not all a form out of the person you literally I lose but who you warrant through your card. I mean I don't got to learn something you're still an idiot. I do is bad but I sort of got Blanco was an accident 8449990. And no one even remotely cross my mind for myself I'm a single person. Hello Trevor welcome to the men's room. Hey guys it's. Topped eighty. Fit my first thought and as well as our first and are talking you really haven't I that is later on Friday out of the gate boom. Yeah I email you got mail yes the eat we have every time I saw no non. Yup just Jack thank you for actually go to the yeah I didn't have to play that I don't mean to do that I knew it actually does that do you mind yeah it was but to go man. Then actually. We don't fight tonight Jessica as if so I hope they would go on the general would you accidentally do. Hello I've gone and I was wrong you've got what was going on what is going all its members I've dolls I guess god is what you need anything ahead. Oh I see that in other items than that I don't know why would somebody else and see if that'll touch it doesn't Joseph did tied to teams gamble pulled my personal seat easy thing. I will tell you what are touching OK all right let's get. Hello Kevin welcome to the men's room. Yeah it's time. All travel to a couple of weeks. Explore it doesn't do that and I guess that's how exactly are but he was deep balls on the go maybe it's happened. You bet and it did not ever tried to what we have to try to linger teenagers back in the nit last in the blue and well we I ordered him under the disguise donned rain over the plants are big on player that I. We're talking about aside little pile of Russian would've put aside the dump truck. Turned though my body was mowing the lawn we're going to Lola got rained out six gallon for gasoline would hurt the player always start and and they're declared. All Figueroa to pour a little wanted to go whether it too cool literally are. Stick around to get out almost triple the trail 120 limit we're talking like. Why aren't you looked a little white with an explosion followed by and I ended. And that one heck of a party. So wait this thing. Economy slowed below the surface burning get the bonfire still armed. Yet there was this party let me brewers went down what you not a people came from all over reply know what happened and then it was the art. They heard it from miles away. Yeah my the way you do it terrible job of doing a public service and don't ever don't ever do what we did. Alamo Bowl mandatory arm all over her greatest in my a lot of money off your dad good dad and by a notre damage before last night and allowed through local and not try this dog but he will be the last time under his belt. Can I plug it in burned down a half million midwest now it's a question ma'am attract enough on the stuff the bar he must've been really deepened that. He says Kimberly Miller of the midlands were eighty you have met larger explosion went no no emergency vehicle shows up. I know is bad but I sort of got blank was an accident 8449990. OK good news Trevor is back ladies and gentlemen welcome back to the show driver. Thank you I apologize I don't know I'll tell you. We've I don't know does that does is there's every knows where this is the second time the we've talked in one today man I don't. Think we're best. Threat dream to come and drew is that there are you up RU mail. I you know to check it check. It took him buried right you actually the sources of the I did not good demagogues of the home and now you're getting pulled over for us this is conservative. Closure and Olympic I don't know. Great realistic and also the pit. But. Failed so thought might actually it was an accident. This flood of the I was ten years old. On my dad's job site and I actually dad but it looked at dad and I don't really know what I'm allowed them radio but I think dep. You use speed. Each eat and use step. That there's I got it that we can't get that cool he told me about where I didn't update. Is due should swear word. I know it's a feminine product yeah a great way. OK okay medical I I like back to them. Still he. Thank you told me that I had to come work with a moment on the job site built character you know it basically child labor the truth stared. Couldn't believe it looked leaned up against the inside double bullet here screaming out and no Brinkley was on the other side all the then bailed. Com do you get through to get to mail into walls. Nailed into the walls or an L looted shoulder. And they had a the drywall and the other is to take into the hospital that took yes it was this is dead dad these job like this with a gun. I wish you know Ali you know my Amal budget time. You're in trouble portrait until sugar and two children. And she might actually be my biological father. Did what story do you not know it you're step that might also be your biological that. All. My mom my dad and my step dad role right in high school I acts I don't know mall konduz the do you look more like would you thought to be your dad or your step dad. So why my dad had the baby face and my step down at the beard and I have appeared to have they I had 300 pound diabetic. I'd probably look like him that. So do you think the sound that your step that is also your biological dad. You know. Don't I don't believe the idiot but I think that's more the product of my dad beat him nurturing father Ed can be used to attack. I haven't done OK the sack of proved that no stronger statement than it's ever been made in any public forums there and maybe your dad's and throws spirit out. Mean. Do it I've never seen I doubt the beard though bet that the key question and I think that would halt. Yeah they just save you a hero to ask your mom your beard offer you good luck do you think you're gonna look more like beard was bad. You know. I yeah I like I guess I think I should I should do that I should then you go to the pictures of all three of us. Yeah you want to do Ancestry.Com. We'll figure this out little figure out the paternity of your characters are what you need to do just to put the family on high alert and sometimes. The person who knows might come clean it's like ABC get rid of Matta well right. Maybe it won't just find this out of that someone else just found about Jim reporter okay so what you need to do stellar bonehead me. As a tip for everyone I'm doing Ancestry.Com. I'm going to for me. My biological father and my step dad is a might be intense that you step dad you know like 99% match. But maybe you throw the idea out their mom my bully aside and say look before you do this than usual. Hoosier miser monster unmarried anybody. Yes you won her third marriage. And he's actually a great student beaten them all very well treat my brother that they're very well. And I get along with it. You look like him at all and he's here this is that the bush he looks like I'm like a blood eldest. So a lot and that your mom and I Lawndale little analysis oh boy I could go blue ovals. There's little that's how I. So sick guy would boil I don't I don't I just always assumed that I did to us but wicca. I was on the phone he called in yeah it's his first has only to our talk to you the truth somehow we talked to him twice now we're judging who his father spun up but how does yeah. Well ma'am I'm Italian Ancestry.Com. Someone just sit them down and say it and don't say like you're accusing anyone to say because I thought of a great idea. I'm gonna do Ancestry.Com. And vote and see which one of them start to get their ownership seemed to him about how the kids for everyone for the holidays but that's what you are generally you just bring out a piece of paper view that I have the result is there anything you wanna tell me. Somebody a break. I don't know in the ads well the word of god blank whether accidentally get your emails on the lake on a from the a men's or women's or live dot com also Ted vs the FCC is coming up you are listening to the men's or radio network. Pat Jones coming up even MLB bad goes to the men's room mad men's or live dot gambled a bad jokes right before we do the shot of the day tails we had a right now from the men's or women's or my dot com our question. I know is bad but I swear blank. Was an accident here come those emails in the men's room at men's in my back cops. Guys I was a plumber for almost twenty years and I have installed hundreds of toilets. I Grissom probably about 90% of them. Thanks guys that for Mike. It was only an accident when I ran over my husband to with a car yes to keel was involved but he shouldn't have gotten out of a moving car. I love them they're hoping someone else would finish the job Nolan did that from Diana that is a pick me that is as I'm thoroughly as I. Gone are crowded day yeah. Collegial as a onetime house taking care my three month old daughter so can't really remember how old she was. Are you sort overnights in a fast food restaurant in her mom had to go to work early the next morning so she couldn't take care of her daughter. My daughter being really young well she saw most of the time so wasn't too bad anyways you woke up because she Peter self and be being tired I woke up to cleaner. And because she was having baby rash I went and grabbed the lotion like is that the winner of the baby lotion has used. See as I was running an honor baby parts I got a sniff of a Minty smell and so my daughter's face go red. And suddenly start crying when I look to the model again and realized that spread icy hot looking for sore muscles that are Gray Davis is. Guys and I say no but damn it home here in packet. Our guys in high school three friends my girlfriend and I we went to a McDonald's and she brought about to a buddy's house. Later in the nights my girlfriend and I did our thing in one of the rooms and we will we were done I discarded condom. In one of the McDonald's cups. Next morning we're making breakfast in my body comes in sipping from a McDonald's gotten my girlfriend dropping jobs or four kids is no other govern frame an effort to scream Jeff now. Well my buddy Jeff just stood there drinking from the cup that I put my condiments completely unaware. I dressed up laughing and I was like oh I told him what we did that's horrible may have plummeted for over thirty minutes this was eighteen years ago to this day he will not talk abouts at all these. That's regarding. In a buddy Bernie once like we were driving and he picked up up classic I like Coke to cola bottle. In between the seats to take a sip out of it but I'd been dictated statement Clinton is the same thing like as he was hitting his lips was at. It's not a video that allows small amount got in his mouth okay that we pulled over and he went. I was my boyfriend and I were grocery shopping and we had split up to grab stuff and he was going down and I'll in another woman was been over. He thought it was me and he uses the phrase checking her oil. She was obviously startled that turnaround act surprised not me. When we finally found me he was panic in totally what happens and we have to leave I just burst out laughing and told them to just wait in the car. I'll be on the meant that from Allison. Checking me all the fifth that's. It's. My girls that don't exactly and is it that matter so much new has strong first in the bag the mind and imagination go out. So our it was an accident one hour to Wal-Mart unloading trucks I was in the drug throwing a freight onto a roller line and pushing them down. I'm already in a bad mood when people were going to slow and I warned them that I would push it off the line if they didn't hurry. When they did move any faster I decide to push the freight as hard as I could write a visit is the new store manager. Walking the store for the very first time was walking next to the line he got painting ketchup all over as close to not get fired though. I'm any tax comments. It's just more or less same thing man a lot about people that improve themselves a bit basically. Kids knocking the teeth out of other kids' mouth and all of them like. I swear to god it was an accident so again I'd like to say I don't believe yes we jagr. 'cause cigarettes are you extreme as their demands are imminent to buy dot com. Ozone and analog and at the stroke of midnight by bouncing baby boy as returns to anyone finally. Yes this means I no longer can be worried about being charged with contributing to a minor and he can take disaster the pop star himself. So please give him the longest bong rip you can Lovie Ezra that from your mom and juju and mildly. And I hear juju now to think about that dude it's really fast the police of the Steelers what does it do it. QG UK. June. Dumping a hot hot Quinn Quinn Dix. Juju tells guy's name. Huge huge shuttered stores used to do you Shuster future juju is Better Than Ezra. June through shy is there evidence that if you got that thank you. How it is today just so happens Lima are some girlfriends hades 22 trip around the sun could you please give her a big old LeRoy. Law adjourning parents. And some dirty German talk thanks gentlemen appreciate it that from big tone that I. They need to make Marlins open a month down that you punch in the face with whom she. God who come over to my house Google deep as you know my tulips. It is my future son in law Skyler pronounce skid fizzles Tony second trip around the sun. Idiom and original barber shop they sand wedge a Joey chestnut and how about them Ozzie to add that from Jeff and Jimmie thanks don't I can if this. And email so you know oh my god you. Brother can nine enemies and win easy route Jesus and it's under Amazon. I. Dad did it smell it feel like Joey chestnut. Welcome hunter extended trip he said it at the dogs do. The Sosa is my little brother Kevin's birthday if you demo Iran Jenkins followed by some turtles eggs it would make his birthday a good one. Thanks guys that from Bryant. Do you. Also I do get a birthday shout out to my wonderful loving pain in the ass wife Taylor she is 23 in the best woman in the world. Got to get a few Joey chestnut and Ozzie Ted bogeyed a beer bitches that from John. The and Danny if Mellon good news. Noted a firearm the mayonnaise and come on down we'll see how she works. It is alleged give a buddy Brandon browns Ding us. A shell out for his birthday he is 29 years old and I'm known them since kindergarten long time to get a couple of Joey just nuts in a Ray Lewis snapped a picture of yourself. Rock on guys that from Adam. Skies today is my very best friend of dresses up as this is 34 birthday and I'm trying to get to come out for us some drinks have made. But he said the only way that'll do it is a by email you guys to give a birthday shout out. He's a little bit obsessed with your show. And he request a ladies man fish sandwich first birthday please please make his birthday wish come true I really need a Margarita tonight sincerely thirsty. Not by you faced sandwich. I don't drink dad to birthday amount that teach an old buddy Joseph turns 38 gonna get a big gold bond heads and they Joey chestnut thanks guys that from Casey's. And I'm 43 birthday by throwing a chili dog party for my neighbors and phase out rates the friends of the ED eight Puget Sound Fisher houses that's pretty good deal there meant a chili dog party mean involvement I know oddly kind of fun dude I am all over that. Yeah me too Dylan dog party you kidding me yes sounds awesome. Yeah you would be you would be excited good chili dog party. I mean I guess so it just seems like a random two item for me down a whole party around. Either way raising some money for the bowl if you're down Fisher house is a bottle can I get no look out followed by an Al hitting the window rock on guys from Tony well look at. Oh it's. Got a partner every year until paper it's. I hit a couple of our our infant did you bring us a gift for BYU TV. Guys today is my ex husband Dan knows 47 per taken together make your penis is too small. And the dirty as Germans you have thanks guys from Melissa. How to book their religion teach my ass like Disney World Doug band opened to commercial promise. Yeah I'm in no way of an obvious motive. After the if you think about it. Can make Mickey a beautiful thing with the yeah. And I did download and. Our guys are adults. I mean I mean everybody. Yeah yeah and cards hey it's happy and I don't know I. Thank I had a good to see you but says. He doesn't guarantee German Bronson. Also available through these we'll stay on men's lives does come another sign retailers. Need him shrine inside. Lose. It's as subject to my cock and lover's package. Okay please make a video if you guys taken to lovers it would be the best thing I've ever seen if you guys had me dying on the drive home the other day marital aid. But still though is not okay to say that so yes I grew longer apply this Mike would you be willing to we doing to join us and I go into an adult toy store for the very first time. He had probably won't all buy you something we think you'd like only grand gestures and I think you take it all you can try to keep. Because they're being dead to me like Jane is right now Mike I think you could use some love you know and and it'll be a big surprise you know normally one I'll tell you it was surprised. I'll read though what happens better than what we think you might put you excited about going into adult at Toyota John Stokes miles I think I did this you don't you were even though it's going to be in there now now don't I don't forget I guess I missed a good thing to think. And I'll bring the department. Good news then you can get some edible underwear some royals whatever that's your first step to a the national talk could. Hey man look I. But you can't underwear things we'll see where do they still under way can you well know urgently need edible underwear I'm not recommended eating what would you eat you underwear doing a little guys are all know what a man. Look. Before you get to dessert you got me today and to pollinate yet know where her parents have already taught you this lesson. And just we know I just what you would like to eat ready to dinner how expensive this is underwear that it's gonna be a onetime only thing okay don't you worry about man we're we're gonna cover the car joined us via sergeant Eric Glover in Iraq guest of the drug charge in their final high do you guys have any because have any. Also things human dog door homers in like them. And what are we talking to a blog about Mike's numbers and there's all result Olympian misty thing yes colonial usually you're you know let's just say that you had to go over much of dogs in my limits are you don't I have a room in my basement that as a vast collection of things that would scare the hell out of my clock you feel like it's okay. Brutal story. The story you know. Here's a live event that isn't your first three years ago yeah and I great story so I'll try to make news producer Karen I'll not take into beautiful shot until there is doing that Thursday you do remember how. All the stuff we had to get when we hiked Rainier did all the the tunnel if you remember the rubber bomb bowl and the robber caught that we had a brain like we Olazabal organic everyday guys don't. Larry you're OK we went to a mountain also if you're on. So I still had that in a drawer when I first met my wife. Along with a bunch of other high. Hiking and camping stuff and after a few weeks and you wanna wanna wanna give you sure you know what I wanted to keep some stuff here. Okay sure seriously and and it about a month went by and one night we came home kind of buzzed. And I said I'll tell you something yeah and she goes he's the host tonight the night. We talking about. So I don't know how to did the stop the match roar. I mean if he. So miles you remember what are you a little insurance know who's who it's it looks like a little red rubber ball down and indicators that we warned that the gators via the cram I swear I hate us so it looks like the rubber ball that goes in your mouth and the well there's no I think she she was comptroller oh and a half that all of this is going to be the bad night isn't it both ways don't hurt me now. I tend to tonight's the night he breaks out the ball down no replay no absolutely you have. You and this huge this is where she weeks it was she disappointed outdoor you don't lose a scramble until we try to get the crap on our FaceBook. It's just it's all downhill after that storage temperature she'd love to tell him hey how are you guys sales are gonna go up again I don't I. Yeah I like them a lot of things are gonna yeah we're eventually. Yeah Canon also bomber today hang in there did you all what an awesome she was scared of the drawer manulife is not. Couldn't happen to screw it I'm like come into the night and it was sort of intimacy like well one night we gonna have a conversation about that it's as easy offer may be offered her that war is sort of blur reduction to what's to come is only now is so long drawer and. Tomorrow night the night at the door locked from the outside the Cerro solo wanted to use this to roar at one time when young woman uses are traditionally male Hillary here. Our guys just a heads up on your. AB universe. They make adult diapers egging it take a whole pitcher men's room original read and not only. How hard the star variety are only good for a small trickle maybe two or three shot glasses worth. You in contact him here in my former caregiver so I know from experience good luck to return to the idea is I don't know we've told you on here global gonna love to tell me we're gonna I would have my say now exactly we're aware of some adults a garments right on the air beyond an illness start during a mere couple hours and know when to see if we can use an active immune. But not in the Batman and other matters and interpret this is why you guys have your own studio and that is nobody else would want to work and Enos one. Don't know does the larger issue and or else we will market of those there's a lot it's not as low hanging fruit as it sounds there's. But someone that a guy right in almost a city David trying to sit psychologically. You can't do it yourself to do it even though you know you could the fact that as a as a rational adult. You're drained your entire life not to inflate even though he and his buddy you did this knew that they could very well. Penal pants is like you can probably will double to do is to bring yourself to do it. And I think I can bring puzzled over met miles asked me if I participate I'm going to be the one the pope's coming from all war. I think our full coverage as you know I nab and the father of her newborn so watching that happen all the time you learned over time do we lose the ability and I just even when we want it happened you probably don't care if you're using and I think when you go to incentives to til last since we've made references everything they. Your baggage match. Dumb war flock. Picked his flock. Of clocks continuously while yelling I'm picking my flock around the clock. If they don't match. Don't walk pictures flock of clocks. While continuously yelling I'm picking my o'clock o'clock morons don't walk pick his flock of clocks what continuously yelling at Dickey might block a lot do you not want. That gives flood a box what you did so mpeg if I thought yeah. Mario big winners sort of let's try again. Whose 320. I won't go away. Forward this is the FC's I don't know if ever there. Man oh man anonymous donor's name but no no no we my nostrils are still on hat. Mad dog to a cocaine if I don't like guys. The guy the that in the basement we didn't think it was still king we just graduated edge my harvest validating and a look at the big bloodstain on a pillow and are stuck doing. But look up this morning I'm extremely well and they Melinda Jack Haley maybe one leg a moment ago learned he's missing a leg still over 400 pounds from the labor attitude that balance is all that's you know I knew one Melinda. She's in single chip. With so we're gonna gonna go do rhymes and rules for devers the FCC low mold jolly Georgia friend someone enforce what he let the scenario this season head writer and he knows his stuff. And it's better than anyone we came off of last night as yourself flat. And goes something like this. It's. In me many an enemy of my NM and many lick this slick snake did brick. Fell funky sucking fourteen cut front but yet you say that one time grew up and then three times fast it is dead vs the FCC. This is why Joseph doesn't have a job distributed forty hours today to write the very expensive if he does do trucker speed like doesn't doesn't like five minutes man that was Clorox. I told. My other remind me close. Well we sure and tactically. And Minty breath after chewing on dryer sheets. I. In me. Many an enemy. Of mine and amount. Of we're so we're months. And ebony and I can see an enemy as CNN many all right and India and immunity in return any meaningful. On him. In me many an enemy of my aunt Emma and unique. Lick this slick tick dep Rick foul funky sucking fourteen. Cut for front. It's not back in me many enemy of my and in my and then you look at this they stick dipped rip Ralph funky something. Fourteen cut front block barn in me many an enemy of my Emma and yeah lick this slick nick did Rick. Foul funky sucking fourteen cuts to Bloomberg. Do you create many an enemy of my MO. An enemy you let this far. It's okay. Hello. I am a man who has old clothes and Jason sensitivity training and I don't lose the worst world golf all day never to maybe ever been dropped in the history of the tigers is the FCC would fairway number one I'm hitless there I think yeah it definitely is open. But if you don't match those writing all the Jose core parred 999 all you can now email the bad jokes to the newsroom have men's or live dot com right castles here. We'll take coffee bad jokes coming up next. You are listening to the men's or radio network. Did you know you don't have joined the men's room itself. Down another shot of the day is moments away first time for the bad jokes aid. Or 49990. My head when you don't bad jokes. Hello aren't welcome to the men's room people who are good news oh wow. So what is if you really useful doctors on the boat. Because they felt Ford they wouldn't be in the water. Noted in most. A while yeah. Hello Jeff welcome to bad jokes both edges on top. Store let them that we are pleased with random bad for your teeth. Oh boy. Hey I am with his fellow John welcome to the newsroom at 8 o'clock on Iraq. Wasn't part of relevant but bill what's the best part about living in Switzerland what. And I'm lucky little boy I didn't blood. Do you. Yeah hello nick welcome to the men's room. And I. I don't know to get this like what the temperature inside the times. Yeah what's its members are senator Tom Tom what they. Yeah. I've got us. I know Lauren who welcomed the good news. And going wow. So when and to take shot today and was shocked to find out how much. All my weight fibers cause. Sitting on a small fortunes. The global. This is why has there rob and eliminated the very attack. Deserves to be ready. Men's grill no. It's just the way news. There isn't as usual we had the very best dancing with royal find out nortel's debt. Yes indeed today and we chose eighteenth century priest one Joaquin the media it's not what you need to know. It's back and 1777. He was a priest of the cathedral. Of bird road they are asthma in Spain look I had no idea of places but just understand this is back in 1777. Well. Some people more recently restoring a wooden figurines of your lord and savior Jesus Christ occasional repay any of the doing all the delicate work and that's when they discovered. That's a father mean gas here at left behind a small time capsule a little note and common though. Uninteresting and discuss popular Spanish pastimes the local villages economy political and religious matters at the time in more so as Marie historical note written by this guy back in 7077. Thing as you rolled out the note and he'd hidden it not making this up. And jesus' acts. When they were restoring a delay won't what does that demands and they pulled from his rectum the note so it's like a little time capsule and he hit it. Open up in the no go place. Act Kabila who watches up there. Mark would you think it would go too far I mean look if someone found the note I did it. Why would you please don't gonna find that no it isn't Jesus usually lake on the cross it's usually arm across our picture this now he's not. On the cross aren't and it looses it's a figurines and got a mighty but in the pictures may have assumed that he's faced down these you don't know where his posterior it is so. They're not trying to be funny and like oh my god I hope we we understand. At a women's story. We've for a lose lose imagery does lose because we think it's yup yeah okay all the time and download the ropes do Mardy in our tummies. Our knowledge our beds guy. Good contest not a lot of play profiled as we'll take color 98449990. Love. The show and many things continue on the men's room radio network.