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Thursday, November 30th

Profile This, TV Time with Ted and Headlines


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This is dumb men's room. President Jose my profile was on the lake Miller 9844999. A little play profile that's coming up in the. And we at your headlines on the way one hour from now first which again in my car for some of the stories and headlines he is not working out all right Jim beam is supposedly selling a new Smart Dick cantor on its website the sport he was shot when utility to. I get around it and like Amazon echo your own personal bartender. The promo video kind of makes him a good joke though in the web sites as it's currently sold out Jimmy call it a Smart one if he gives you a shot every time. It's Smart not you it's your buddy Ted deeds is closer to a psychic he singers should cut you off after you. I understand they within certain time they invited him over the sporting event live today fired Jim may have him and it went to call. The gym being Smart the can't nobody thought had a name and Jim Frey jabs and yeah gimme a shot I can do it I think you're drunk and didn't. You're garnering your work Heidi I have round draft. They're my best way of doing my legs you can ask for an hour. He's noticed a fire you still gotta get up and give a damn thing you and it is and what you've got on your colleagues able Powell and help him put on a third time I am. It's just one less stuff. They don't Donna miles okay. I'm sorry I don't virginity to a horrible it was reported her chest. And yes I know that our brother John won outside the graphics shot out of there that's not a perfect depth is shot ounce and half. As I don't know if evil in the airport like any time I see people measurably. Got to implement one you're missing out on bigger tip from the goes a lot of bartenders they kind of size you up until the women do these two shots right. We did the first one when you don't want training wheels that's what I'm still with Cuba and if you don't want training real salt line with your deal. They get a sense that you'd like to drink so if US were second shot you were known as you get about another two inches more than the first or I never do a second shot. Did you dual just eight ounces once again goes on Google was doing a dual life so remember QQ. You'll only get the training wheels on it and when you order the second child a 910 million for a little more. Thirteen year old in Cincinnati 'cause about 300000 dollars worth of damage to an apartment building Tuesday night I do that. When he tried to kill bed bug by doesn't it without home might again on fire I don't have a locally known. Injuries were reported yeah I know of to be fair before we gets out of being thirteenth. And you notice that almost everyone on experiments with Kindle fires. This is what happens you Singler are now trying to get rid of bed bugs like a month ago as an adult he burned his entire house down some try to get rid of the bee's nest they decide to use hairspray analyzer guess what they burn their house back and read a must tell you how annoyed bed bugs are I've never experienced them to my knowledge it's not saying that I haven't stayed someplace maybe got bit did realize what was the I don't know but I didn't know the body is meant I'd enrolled my parents don't the truth. Within hole didn't I think you know kicked idol debate but like I just thought it was something they slept all right for a new pictures were serious. The thing is I blame certain Internet site for this because the whole thing is killer with fire while funny no literal people. It would affect death elicits outside away from nice dry timber. But don't killer with fire that's a bad idea for this. Russia matches when you sheets if you feel some sympathy baby shower. Do our best wipe your but that those might be like myself. We're just nothing later at attracted to the cleaner you walk. But just kind of weird roads and yet his bed. I don't know are cleaner you all the more likely was extensive federal home for them again yeah Coca makes sense right. Yeah I think kids that I knew they had lies not really played a little. That I experienced with. They do like it when you cleaned it after the arraignment that I remember one kid had lies well had to you know do things where you go home to the nurse comes in and she makes your hair like a monkey thing here is mom and on the menu members of their second through like Iger got move along. The next game this victory there again and I know I'll move and push to shave your head. None weren't they might be a little girl. But it's also let you know follow gorilla and girl man it'll grow back given that there's all of the rules and up ahead never all right you have a small. Female daughter explained to him how she reacted to achieve their color eleventh twelfth the problem is this for 11 march. Now that that's stranger things reference I'll leave it there. My daughter Dora the sweetest people on her she really is but she was slit my foreign affairs Susan. Good to block the bad guys are favored the idea that might be your right it will go back I'd miss the magazine tellingly his eight year old girl and don't worry it'll grow back to tell our goal. Provides its a big deal I can classy young get sicker or whatever and you know what other friends will shave their head to ride yeah against big beef may make the news clearly that could get a picture and everything. It has visually impaired people will go back tomorrow we'll knocked a thirty year old in Alaska rockets are sometimes it does make my. I asked my piano and I hope I know how I wanted to shake your head and you did you shake your head at this point I am mad okay. I mean it it would take a while I met this way I we have disable third of my head. But I am also very good don't you shave your head on like the parts they're grown iron yeah. It is coming I consumer reflection here that would going to call brother or the man. They've wrecked millions upon the youth. A 38 year old woman elected October oh want to thank the thief if you. Keep. Like a satellite image of a hurry damn man. I got a bat symbol on my head that looks like a Mecca hello I of the American enough. A 38 year old woman and Alaska brought him a summons on the other day and stole jewelry clothes and a stub zebra had doubts mounted on their living room wall while I have only been around he's an artist Chris. I take that from. They did is it read I mean I would not be for home invasions that if I was Nadal won't leave the weird stuff like that usually throw a good how do you know what I drew a particular types of Demi did a number of what do you buy that colds I mean we're going to be a lot of miles I didn't really made big government okay. That's why you got a still life let's say and I'm pretty sure that my new one is still it is not a trophy. It's like trying to buy in Hitler's it's tough to do those who will they kill animals keep us. You know Baylor got a whole head out an email I got asked the media I didn't get the play was a gold chain yet and he didn't. Forcing Joseph woman in Tampa was arrested on Thanksgiving after cops thought or urinating and some of the budget. When they asked would she was doing to build on the seat is quote drunken ticked off. Drunken 600 Americans and the end it was Boone now get them. It gets complicated for women to be in a bush. Now it's complicated one to do it without giving way to rent it's very easy to key it's the message that the notebook well lit that thing though you go girl. I don't know I had to go go girl we know somebody that I don't think it's a yeah okay because they were talent as recently like hey man I got one of those intimately she's an account from the something's. Is that it makes all the freaking difference in the world like incidents there doesn't feel like when there's Keener snowboard that'll bring a let them I didn't look girl long time ago the happiest and we ought to give roses night. I don't happen. And that is Greg comes almost girl my question is okay I'm man now I don't know I don't know round than usual people announced literacy Michael. Definitely cool and my ovaries room and I'll start girl's computer models but I love you this question. Yeah and the blues mustache. Hello my hard earned multiple. People don't look weird thing with the go girl's it's like a funnel kind of bright afternoon if for whatever reason this person was telling about it I just picture it BM like. But she at least they got their money's prefer I like hold it out if he would that my question is that it is economic ladies room a lot more nasty now. Because now they have to fight the UV eight. Yeah you're right they don't know or don't and are men now you're able to just leave the seat out. Hey. If I love the go girl out of this kind of see well mama I. The role of Jiang. If I. If you weigh bloopers Nancy they go out momma and I think they know Lotta Lotta people who sit down peers and guys could include the real. What I had a reasonably madness. That it's stage fright Russell standing up and install and and steals then then when you intensity that America is I don't know there on nothing that's all innocent all in the men's. I have this thing is bad they lose. But you'll never believe what a man used as a weapon against Foley's woes that available loan agreements and it out there on I don't know girl and I. I thank you are not deadlines are accountable and our. Now the first game elbow to the men's room. Precepts. Throwing over to please everyone how profile this is playing I start ten miles of the simple game where we share with you real life news story something that happened right here on planet are. And I do listen to the store based on the stereotypes you believed to be drew people. And the decisions that people make bless you and it is you think makes the story a story. Hello Michael welcome to the Madrid. And yeah. I'm Michael you understand how does your game is played. Yeah pretty fantastic here is your story about the way if you want to getaway will stealing an expensive car. One of these you should probably do is act like someone who would drive. An expensive car. Now let some of laws and a 38 year old guy who wandered into a Ferrari Mazzarelli dealership and close the mesa California last month. He saw Ferrari 450 eight's fighter in the garage for service and the keys are on the seat. Killing any right thinking and a little he stole the car then about two weeks later miles away. Credit to this guy who's doing a forward looking for two weeks notifying payment anyway two weeks later. He bolted door shell gas station start asking people. If you can get a little money for gas. And you see that's very suspicious considering the Ferrari for fatigue spider starts about 230000 dollars this particular one he'd stolen. Was closer to 300000. Dollars. So here's a man and 3000 dollar vehicle of the gas station asking you for change for Desmond. Well some call the cops. Am on the cops found him hiding in some bushes beyond the holiday and they arrested her. He was charged with felony vehicle found some of the charges well now by the way the Rory. Blog who's woman in he would trashed him so badly that the insurance company declared him a total loss. But don't feel bad for because she used the settlement to buyers off. A twenty AT and let out when he AT glamour dean Jesus today yet she's doing all right anyway do you believe that this broadcast our Steve is black and white to Maxi you're Asian. Aware whether again it isn't close to mesa California. Okay. The racial consultants here. And nobody got the California make me think maybe light a match. Sarah and the opposite in this. I'm working at one simple theory here. He said he ditched the car behind holly and none out he even when somebody call the cops their suspicions that a guy crime of robbery can afford gas. So they called the cops when they called cops he disappeared the cops found him hiding behind some bushes and the holiday yet I believe with the car the gas stations. I think he was the great American public Cheney when a song called how are you seeing so I'm gonna go with black only Malaysian. Why Asian. I have no idea idea I don't know it just sounds like the weirdest option. Well. Really don't black and and you know decision. Yeah you guys some guys who gas station maybe they are races that have been a white guy would that expensive car par would have given gas. You're always through good. I everything in my Lance and like I met your agent. I'll go well we'll find out if he was black white mixing your Asian banks. Fat as a tease you are listening to the men's room radio network. Plus by the faces do like California and a man who was a success globally and not have stealing a Ferrari as a monolith there have been some maintenance done any found Carson's seat. Sad day it. And he did enough give in the car for two weeks. For whatever reason I'm signing a vast army of people wrongly categorize I guess who that are big push to hard. Whatever the deal was inevitable gas station need any money favor gases are trying to bomb money. And of course that's a racist people suspensions so they kind of I guess and Holiday Inn next door hiding behind a bush yes the most is the big booster and kind of Ferrari threats to Michael ask you do you believe that this guy was flagged way to succeed or Asian NN the analysis you want black. And never win. I had an idea it's. Nancy Max Max. She knew let me down you know we get them. And you think the pole at great American poets usually never leave them wrong path song featured Ludacris and snoop dog and how good this. From the south here now relative is volatile and attack her TB tablets being. Countless hours in front of a talking. Presidency. I think it was just yesterday or couple days ago we rich Chapman. And chit chat and chit chat Jade Jagger way and can move honorary around that but I'll look at an act and that there's a thin line between old time do you like tonight as they thought the race and yeah. It just goes Appel that they and fraught with. We Richard Jackson and talk about both. Though I mean who think that if it is the the one chip talent. So it just adding about the chip Shaq off German venture it's not about the terps manager John you're I had to. Man. It's a good night that's now wrong I'm Marie is my man on in the elementary. Right now your like express and it didn't surprise me. Narrow. Path and mine has been going around he'd seen a ton of news shows started do this and a and costly sometimes. I don't Obama say I feel bad for more and showed those people she I do I do good things a lot of them are real journalists so what do you think real news. This. You know I got a great idea but now John I'll know more about the breaking news sessions and I am here this still doesn't matter now Johns on the deck in a bug device port over his head like in whatever that crap it's like. The news people. Do you realize how many of those news organizations ripped off that Marta bus being pulled in front of the the Georgia Dome before it blew up. Like yeah like game day on ESPN rip that off from originally ripping it off from I don't know who did the sharks or whoever and easily landed and it resonated at San Jose it is it's one of those things where it's like. There's no original ideas so any idea that it's popular they're gonna be the ones that do it. It's kind of like blaze comes out with three new flavors who's going to be one and has a three bags of chips in their. I endorsements from grand Ole explosive to say most bothersome bothersome Karlsruhe and putting these Genentech is just like longer and I elect I don't know Roger without getting. But but they have to do that stuff stadium well. I have to do that you man I'm always suggested new flavors Jordan we got a challenge we're Stephen I I don't know of dads and number we're gonna Wear the pens diaper one day in surgery and beards even appear so now. That's our challenge you wanna join us. And tell you who it might resident Mike you're out there and cold I actually my god in my movement off the table bro I won't be able to a morning show does that on television unanimity just go to our break in their marriage had to defecated messy session and try to judge brown I don't know straight on front. Illinois and even sergeant Phillip and it's like you can't squeeze it turned out on the on the air I'm going to draw no you're not I don't know you're not saying that psychologically because look based on the email account and inspire the psychologically we're trained so much thankfully. To not do these things not soil ourselves yeah that even when I have the opportunity worry I'm assuming depends may lose other companies. But ignoring is that knowing I can do is let the miles loose right I led a blast set him free. You're saying is mentally I would not be able to clear that can't do it I'm telling you it's impossible because I could not throw the toilet paper in Mexico and I knew I could not flush the toilet paper. I can hold approving one to twelve never in my hand like I normally wouldn't drop down and it could not drop it in the wastebasket and huge couldn't bring herself bring myself does make any sense at the idea of sitting here empty myself just seems we're like Delaware senator talking right now and I'm just feet. Yeah that would be very difficult for me were regularly shocked relaxed he will debate for small accidents. Modems aren't I don't know no we don't have a big is you know we'll call it rash week he's going exactly this book about Obama this is back at it depends who about it it. I cried so so that's your guts to challenge and has disappears of Georgia senator Ted good morning to you got now about 18%. Gaidar an Arab the American our brand appears parents are indictment that's what's her what's going on to pay yourself challenge. What's my dosage because a charity as a prostitute doesn't want to challenge is even benefit anything and I went oh no no no company and it just okay wait enrich our eyes that would ice buckets violently in the did jump the short quake but more there's a purpose for the smoke purposes for the greater good essentially right there on the one decision came close to a cure and bowl it'll actually but no one should challenge and wait. Like the people that frozen so delighted watered did something good then you who are just burning your mouth and realized. There is no pay all you can give five dollars Jersey good fuel and it's the grammys challenge will you do is you take this Macy's parade your fat I yeah. How. Do you bring up there on this one comes to us from Australia. Oh boy. So the one should challenge looks incredibly painful for a lot of people I. This one and put good day and across the mouth that in seconds from head to the crocodile they know laying down the cannon and shoot. But you ride this croc right if it's that is at its anti get in the ocean to wrestle shock good deed may wanted in the eyes swim back. Did you take that Crockett he's stuff on the new little W going to do it and you put it out there and then you put that blooming onion on it and then use lemon at the I still want you to listen to here. It's a morning show the two ladies voices you hear it no now. OK okay. I don't know that was Elvis and I always love all the way for nothing and get all that way they've heard nothing and that's bad John and I let down there and I let it happen are you let downs the of course a good day I think I. I feel very good job of that yeah everyone's like down. He would rather go look at this custom expect. Sort of a good couple. Well what happened yeah well I was I was set up this huge sting would yeah. We are Clinton morning you know now he gets the to salute the women's voice usual here right they're the two most of the show. The kind of exciting guy is the guy runnin' utes spearmint RK they're putting liquid nature GN. They steal all underground only bright indeed Diet Coke which turns it into Iran rocket like Gilligan pressure right. Correct he will give the instructions. And then it almost takes her face off places so fast. Normal soon. So all those. Com I'd like to do it huh well. Yeah not only did not. Give us the question you having not I didn't think so too. It cites what he's just a Mano tore through that it would any young and some that I can she is framed already doing. Putting liquid oxygen. And when rush right in that that instead upside down ride and then I didn't. Some in my eyes it once is starting to what's the cameras outside that shot down a toilet she should've been watching. What you need to understand right when I'm saying this thing takes off like a rocket I mean it shoots up so high. She doesn't flip it over quick enough and Matt Salinger really she is definitely the next ten seconds. I mean it live literally almost take it a strike a golf alma. Go to the engine FaceBook page in watching video of you have you seen the video and us tonight Anderson out of your seat you are talking about community. Talking mostly it's music and a ball home buyer had to. Reminds me and I key I think it was ought to pull. The mild wanna say you shouldn't I don't remember but same thing it's and it doesn't matter what country is if they're mourning news are gonna talk to you about nothing all morning and I. So there's a nothing program on them are talking about nothing but they have some local magician. An ice the big spike in a brown paper bag. All god oh white guy who got their souls like her for paper bag all my god there's a huge number totaling us six and spike and want them and he takes his hand. Slams it down brag brag and it. And I was spikes out there does a few more so despite the magic trick essentially the illusion is that whatever bag you thought despite is that it's not there anymore blab blab so. If only gets one of the co host ago. And you know she's come an arsenal that he doesn't again when he put his hand on top of hers are kind of like this kind of slams the slender hand irons and putting god dame six and spike the Obama through July 2009 email oh yeah there's like in the last year year our instrument I'll laugh my astle. A hundred. Usually glory days and at. And now the Japanese though that had a little bit about it than have to break that your idea of we get Koppel wrote she's just bleed out the back room. Morning news. I'll tell you automatically click OK and if you watch that video if you can hear how close it is but when you see it broken Maria as a talking watch it at a cued up for. Jimmy eat it almost closer or her and a well course. And I like the way the guy to anything here you did you sit home if you have late angling wouldn't again this is a really bad idea even to an even recommend people do that. That that's the boom. Right and a step into that got him or is that oil took almost took down. And she's I Jennifer your Lucius and she would make it that's let's say it she's like I can hear out of my right near my left years of that and I can't see it's. We're here because it was so dangerous and when that her analysts it's blown off everybody just laughs. Handle them Brad. Yeah I guess you're right into it seems that seems really dangerous I got a laugh every time somebody trips and falls civil onto it and a man. Yeah and a curse that once they have some really hot (%expletive) savor the working with Matt Lauer played good US then I saw really hot chick trip and fall and I laughed better. It's so funny it's funny man away Zora and view that he's. I'm not yet. You bring up Matt Lauer obviously Matt Lauer lots of going on in the news with him. Two day yesterday what everyone I talk about to basically a few things have come to light of mr. lauer. It was kind of uncomfortable yesterday because his co host apparently just found out about it this is the first we learned that Matt Lauer is in trouble and it's been fun and. Good morning everybody welcome to today and how to share with me this morning because this is a sad morning here today and it NBC news. Just moments ago NBC is chairman Andy lack says the following note to our organization. To your colleagues on Monday night we received a detailed complaint from a colleague about inappropriate sexual behavior in the workplace by Matt our. And representing an after serious review a clear violation of our company's standards as a result we have decided to terminate his employment. File in this the first complaints about his behavior in the over twenty years he's been an NBC news here. We were also presented with a reason to believe this may not have been an isolated incidents. Our highest priority is to create a workplace environments where everyone feel safe and protect and and to ensure that any actions that run counter to our core values. Are met with consequences. No matter who the offender. We are deeply saddened by this turn of events but we will face it together as a news organization unit and do it. And it's transparent and manner as we can't do it. Statement from my chairman Andy lack. That LA report reported everywhere we decided to fire because we know god they weld isn't going on for twenty years because. I can talk to a couple of dozen radio that have heard these accusations about the small fall for the last twenty years or so that's my big issue with this right like what you eat you protect it usually Obama. So it the other big thing is people should understand that variety. And I and I am New York Times and New York Times were about to publish look at two month investigation into this. That's like Matt Lauer fire and that's why NBC's suddenly want a clear they're confident we what do they say like well. We don't believe it's my slid commencement paint look McConnell Matt Lauer from. But in the years that I worked in broadcasting the few people I know that have ever. Ben and his sphere of influence what Burris saying Merrill's thinks Obama I've heard anyway and that Lamar. So I have a very difficult time believing the people who work at Rockefeller Center with Matt Lauer whatever however long he's been doing whatever is gone. They missed the first heard of a 20 OK right. So since several mental variety that you played NBC nothing was done. 01 you know obviously. They say there's really look everybody there knew what was going on and you couldn't bring it up. Also this would just creepy to me he had a button on his desk desk when he could use a lot his office door. I've got one of those that's pretty standard of goals have worked out in your off your office door and shoot. Did not only do we have a door maybe don't see that said we have a button back and locked that door that you know endlessly looks are safer. If if if if if. Well I've heard of people having I. I know Nick Saban down Alabama. Steve has a button that closes the door to a potential recruits right to lake intimidate the kids are lucky you get in trouble while his team you walk into his office and before you know at the door slam gap thank god that's existing in any former fashion just to scare people. Well. Just one point two. Rates and that's kind of creepy he had a button on his desk that he can use a lock lock his office door when rob made the point yesterday to his late. Matt Lauer for all you know about him. Picture him installing an act like the company paid for somebody coming in do you this. Here is my faith weren't slightly new and and look. Out. It seems to me. That people will believe anything you tell on the long original tell them that your right. So when NBC says some ridiculous statement like I really didn't know any goes back to that late. You didn't ask him why he need because obviously that's a supper request amounts standard. Did you consult walking door for under your desk operated button right. So you understood why he's getting this thing you okay need him to get this thing you'll locate him to use this thing so don't act like now you suddenly are blown away and shocked that a guy whose reputation is precisely why he got fired. Is that gap. But come on man. Who signed off on it NBC also squash the harder why. Stein's story when it first broke Yakima this is same network that would in their image for the Fed to an air originally and then throw the reporter who initially was trying to write a story. Yeah I remember when they're so I mean they're they're doing with the dough on the living there. And yet. Magic. All of this at the end of the day were kind of looking at a bigger thing that we all understand that to me is very disheartening but I don't wanna be. You don't go negative Ted but right would you look at what's happened was Weinstein and NBC instantly at the end of the day. These are giant companies and as long as the product is making money they'll chorus whether it's sexual or or other stuff we don't cover it up. That mean we saw this in the in this sickest former Penn State brain gotten so used to covering up. He has quarreled quote illegal things they were doing that they covered up child abuse. Catholic Church fools I just I don't they are as a Boy Scouts and kind of free everything look. Right imam I'm commencement next twelve months if you have accompanied that you're gonna go under an army into the direct. Story from the church. NBC the African White House Entertainment Tonight I mean you know emit light at this is what they want one thing that all involves of that well I live at the universal truth all this is one thing. It's people empower and it's employers it's people who have the potential to hire and fire and make and break careers so. It's it's so that's your leverage that's the universal truth to it alls just like look this can only Gavin and one situation in this this former fashion and that's as far as. That person needs to hold power over you and that person needs to be it your job somehow. Otherwise like look. You know I mean Lara can't hire and fire but he had the power give the power power this course fired Ian Lawrence Wright is he going through your shirt. I mean that's that's and that's wondered what those guys are good music he was working with after what your face got a camera matter I allows America to lose when he FR was a murder of the fare well he got to someone else but like he didn't like her Ford made in who knows maybe she was like I won W yes it is her orange juice right now the most Ann Curry and curry Bryant an attorney Roy was two days before he. And he never said it publicly but. Everyone's hearing that he's crime behind seems like our boy is he was on there's not a lot of people that the people that are jumping about two hours offense or like her although repair. Right like there's not a lot you really want there's not a lot of people who were who were coming out and saying. Here you know many Katie Couric well used to pinch my ass all the time and who knows coming out and saying anything like well that's a good famine. Up he's not. Indicating hurting because he's on the that was from an interview she did some time ago watch what happens live in what we do we have the audio radio you can here her right. I would she finds that funny but she says. You co hosted The Today Show without power for fifteen years what is perhaps most annoying habits. Keep pensions mainly and yeah. You wouldn't well. I did to any calendar thing finds attractive or our allies yeah but yeah you're right now the stuff all you're like all right well I don't know. Absolutely qualified times in Hollywood right on its head huge out there there you go we do have your headlines killer appeared minutes with Mike Cox you are listening to amend your radio network. And Swiss miles. No let's see what's happening in the real. Ontario court complex called as a man was fleeing a long Tina C thing in the air. Meanwhile American Airlines as thousands of pilots fly for the holidays so step on board if you there. Play the browser and receive permit from city to throw a no and sixteen parade at Wisconsin tells Tim hunting licenses and stick infants. So a deer skin once they can be made if the daredevil who jumped into a mountain and then into a plane if they soon play the jump into a company is now under headlines. It's Sunday it's. Yes spears might come. I I got started got to Florida where police were responding to a trespassing dull never confronted by a very interesting individual. The man in question was wielding a rather large marital aid and began to swing in my only athletes who got a myrtle it might. Last. It actually does read the story play out it was an uncapped there's all kinds of marital aids may and I wanted all along Smith still on the same one yesterday as well as. It was a different 11 dollars and they're wrong but I mean these semi evolved into the same category yes it's cargo might today are invalid until dough is large and Sally yes would you say is better for us to take you to an adult toy store or you say the words. Mike here's a look at bordello and Mike is never had an adult store I am not I am not so whether an eyewitness. I say the work will go with yes that's the Macon and inaudible down hug and Mike what do you do mission's fifth. The next and Matt Lauer and all they all the noise plus guy my good friend or foresight yet little faith I mean I suppose I would be mortgages that is under the section of the look at and all those things that I don't like that needs. It's interesting. Where your long music things. You can fit a new loan him money list after you and their two man event OK I didn't. There are long would Johnny things louder small now trying to beat me Jessica. What they can hardly looks like you're color tortoise tortoise force laurels Arsenault told this. If you only go by bigger you're only there like a thousand dollars man toward Atlanta and they hurdles. It's because he's got a long Griese went oh my that's able to get Jake you know you come out of there look at freshmen it's a double brings me some. Man not for your fingers. I admit I got there arranged the Obama proposes a look he's married isn't. And I need to ring now now now now now it works just fine men. I don't iterations and somebody give your date may end plates let's be honest Golden State didn't need Kevin Durant but they got out. Not everyone not remote can't slam with a book about life jacket. Always married at. I can't see it right there yeah. Oh yeah Olivier yeah he is when they go to the airport metal detector goes off you can be that Nat homers. So you want he's going home unless unless some of their vibrate by allied guys flight that he's the vice grip on her. Yeah. I had no idea and a and then today and our right through like fifteen minutes and you're your toes girl loves so much get a grant on their side. Why are god. And just LA live it. Yeah Lou there also. That bad where you need this much of Megan better now but somehow the book parmesan Obama he's a brother I don't. There's nothing wrong with the hobby provides that if you don't. That didn't please you don't that's. I like you don't Wear any spring day in and day out there with the Saturn and I don't I say in my when I get up when I had my needs I don't altar and I just open the mine and I grab what since. I you don't order a cheesy securities and somehow you made bad. Sound infinitely more offensive than my anything we do you ordered you ordered cheese pizza man no right tackle a nice day exactly Brunette and thoroughness and yeah has been deeply decides it needs to have some my exact. Player is. Keep talking about makes this a vibrating morally right thing and that's. And flew. 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