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Monday, November 13th

Profile This, TV Time with Ted and Headlines


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This is the men's room. These drills. It's gonna save my friend around profiler star 9844999. A little flavor profile that's coming up PMS. And we do have your headlines only one hour from now first quick check into my cock for some of the stories and headlines he is not working out all right a woman in Indiana was so upset over her McKnight its order on Friday that she climbed through the McDonald's drive through window. So punched a manager. And her friend followed today. They've both Peter do you will learn their drive through window thanks Bryce do I climb back out I was I think I just finally watched a video that didn't think. This is weird meant you were down enough climbing through a drive through window to be someone's ass than climbing back out the window to get your car is insane. And particularly when nuggets are at the middle order Agassi and order food they thought they'd ordered but blog until they have. And that's recently started and it but even mess of the did one thing. Where they so look we remembered nuggets peoples of the receipt says no you didn't. I do think he could in the rank and Oprah quake and simple who decides and take him and it instead he said hey you got to pull back around. But that's Mallory messed up to every messed up was he into this conversation with have a nice day. The GS three would have been bad boy with a passive aggressive haven't asked that dude if you just told a customer regarding a bad day you got to start at the back of the line. But an ounce in Cleveland and finish it would have a nice day. I don't think I've ever said have a nice day to anyone and actually make that world. Yeah and you're right they probably are used some choice words that's right and they've got to drive all their customer on McDonald's employee violence allowing Amazon to incidents that I read last two years as McKnight it's in the ice as being a veteran you know murder was way too far but I don't care where you work. You run in the late night tractors. My dad Fred. You've got to deal with it needs all the time is seated dead. He does illustrate those idiots that I climbs through the winter coats them with chief strategist. The 2018. Dodge Challenger as our team demon is rolling out yeah I think he even and it's got a ton horsepower if you guys guess how much horsepower of the thing has. I don't want. Yeah what what what a Ted what's it like a regular. Muscle car. Mine runs about four money for seven if I haven't finished 700 horses in there. Case really gets about 500 miles and yes I'm not the I've got a 125 cheesy I'm positive about it. Throwing Allen an astonishing 840. Or he's our phrase what basically makes it barely legal drag racing cars out. Today Jeanne. I guess that's lists what's the maximum horse did you put in a car. I don't know it'll come off as that's probably right below it again I'm not make as the numbers rent. If amend the. The older boy you and your memorial hundred horses but there actually horse yeah I don't know how else do you marriage and got out on it for everything is so damn. A double in Wisconsin got arrested after they came home drunk and high eighth and try to get the baby sit and have a threesome Jesus. Okay. Yes so I assume McCain ads. You know I now open I don't know I don't know world are living in man if you get lucky enough to have a good babysitters someone who's reliable dependable and show up when you wanna go out on those few times you do. Just pay them and let them go home pay them well be happy they showed up my two Brothers on a bronze you don't make good decisions now. The for the porn is to blame here. No no I mean how many of those videos go for that. Do you think that they invented the war in the first in the beavis and food that's a good idea or do you think maybe make it will be category. There's so many news for inside my bank in the main reason I think it started with the one video that people start watching an eighth inning broaden their horizons and it became a category. I'll hang out as an army are largely out at all now. I think someone read the police blotter and basically says look I was the government have to categories like school girls. Barely legal babysitters quite read the things if you look generous support they've an insatiable appetite for the stuff huh. Come on my English you'll know face I mean AFLAC just left his wife for. Debate isn't dead yet or who's the other. Schwarzenegger wasn't there is no maybe so Mel Gibson. Damn that's good looking dudes crying guys like a body Zacks got process and as yeah. I don't want to have babies little left and he did it. And I'm married to Gwen Stefani about alluded to maybe some ago she's really good luck you know life it probably looks just like quite so funny. The way they should stuff internally work with the guy madness. And I thought the baby sit looks an awful lot like me when I was younger and don't quote don't read endured Beirut this is an antique. Look at the miles flew in on a kind of bored as yet Chicago board stranded and need odometer born yeah double won't talk. If the money that a 100000. I got a board is trying to get these guys out unless he gets rid of his emotional he supported animal does emotional support animal which Tuesday after. To squirrel just come on man is an emotional supports how could. What could this possibly do. To support your emotional well they do like Johnson announced. I mean it can't be apparent at this like a fair adage is runs and hides may look pretty needs maybe not this squirrel. What may be discordant does eat she goes underhand may make calms them down at night cronies and I like man there's got Lisa Michael are around who verifies on the regular orange vests cl yeah. I have been on board squirrel I mean OK all right look by however they know that that is what did you. You are doing the everywhere. I don't guarantee you he told them it was his emotional sports where would you outside wherever he lives in these in North America I guarantee you there's 101000 squirrels and a five foot radius right. Yeah women everywhere. So either I mean a bomb Hamels like guys whose worlds every effort where you can't freak out here or upon the combo we've likely hit the sports world there's a thousand outside the difference come on a plane that jackass you've got a squirrel on his lap because that's his emotional support twirl meanwhile. How they like 150 bucks from my dog to be trapped under the seat in front I. But no room because it's not a supporter I'll everybody knows we have a squirrel you travel within your front pocket. OK this like it's grown Malaga guy the emotional support Turkey was flying the plane and the duck those that do picture like us like we're pretty turnaround there's this Turkey like run again what I would have dancing I looked him in the subprime business. What the F is wrong with you that the Turkey hell we wanted to you know you're hungry all the time that we're gonna support you need there's a duck sitting on your lab error happened near you get after what happened to you. I don't wanna know were tense final these chills squirrels he's got one in his front pocket he's got another one Philip and a ball next to his neck at night. Well I mean their support corals dude there's the hard stuff. And packed feel one in the pocket square Masterson who has never ethicist on records are. With the score whisper embedded. I think that we could domestically he thinks they're everywhere we need to. We have been called Barrett. Good god this. And I technically supposed to be domesticated either yeah there'll weasel its rights don't wanna weasel in your house look into the audio settings. Well I agree the dogs like to live like normal. And catch the people well cats don't normally tense don't care about you if the EU if you don't look through cool dude get your feet don't. You panel and the like mortgage they're gonna give me good food gimme massage fifteen times today ordeal and I would my my my cat that my daughter in the phase three times over the weekend within liberty sun rises to a number because the darlings of the only am moment seemed to get grief if they might someone I. So my daddy dot. Been bitten by a fair if you get bit by the squirrel to get bitten by the tyranny every other African animal gets away. Dogs are the ones that are nice and loyal they are the ones that are happy would you call home plus. We will kill those Mobo that they buy it. Every other guy they have animals someone has had a Britney 150 times alleged maybe you need to kill the bitch yeah I feel like you might yet again all that everyone knows about it bits of my guys kill it won't know. Every other pet has bitten you more than god they want I just don't understand that Max. I was dark that rather put him down what really did someone. Memorable Batman might mangled her blood relatives Disneyland said down to cooling towers after twelve people at the park got legionnaires' disease well now it's this does that mean they have to Wear funny half. And know and I moved off the clock with Arnold go Kart around and it. I'm glad he's exact get mad at every grade now where little muggy Hamlet dazzle on if that's the kind of aged eighty years give uncle Johnson symbols. And we go way down Oklahoma City really is down last. Think that goes beyond a. Phone sailed out of what are now I'll tell you my god headlines on the way one hour from now the first today and ends up. Is recess. She's thrown out to please tell everyone how profile as this playing that's our ten miles at the simple game were reservists you. I'd news stories something that happened right here on planet earth hurt her. And as you listen to the story based on stereotypes you believed to be true of people and the decisions that people make well less he would it is you think makes the story a story. Hello Tyler welcome to the men's room. Oh. Died Tyler you understand how this here game is played but. Include. We knew what was left. You're due to the Marmara. Here is your story in this case and balls televangelists. Who allegedly use of the power of prayer. Two revival parishioners erection. And he's demanding keep mine the televangelists are now demanding that his handiwork we shown on TV despite it being branded pornographic. Basically here's a story. This guy is in charge of the incredible happenings in ministry is now planning a march on local television station the protesters weekly show being canceled. He says quote. I tried to stop on the they told me they couldn't stop because they've been starving for months the husband was excited that he got direction back and even offered to pay. Understand what avenues. After he somehow miraculously. Restored this man's direction as they say the man and wife immediately had started having sex. In spite of the camera crew being that and a camera crew being any responsible camera crew oh hell yeah other film. But this guy the minister himself on my television station so until they can so the miracle of television station obviously is a given week. We can't do that we don't just show porn. But no woman even says quote my husband got as a Russian back and when I came back from outside the gold approval of hallmark testimony we were all forty busy having sex we just couldn't wait. There have been sold ball is who we had sucks. Runaway at the pastor's son but they've blurred out the naughty bits. I don't want to short on TV but again televisions they send dude we we can't do that but my question is whose members who is demanding. But the issue the miracle of restored erections and sex and DB do you believe the skies blank white Maxi or Asian. This sound overwhelmingly whites. Tell funeral UNH. Resign. In the sand that they learned they would actually have you eat up. An endangered. Animals tossed in a powder form an erection would go back that way. Well let's see here. Apparently put his hands on I mean. So anyway yeah Tyler I'm gonna go a little black on this just based on the name of the in the name of the program mysteries of the incredible happened. Haven't happened incredible happenings minutes happenings to me is it tell that this is black lacquer is what's happened if his wife he would be like. I don't know like I don't know every do moving ministries for somebody like that happening is perhaps why I went I mean all black gap yet because of something minister. I'm instant on my blog on blacks you. You just based on happens. What do you think Tyler in a final answer. I can go white Teixeira at the end of the U big leap. Contract and I'll find out whose black white nights the Eurasian next. It was a team you're listening to the men's or radio network all loved HL. You don't have enjoyed the men's room and that's where ministerial. Has somebody that watched program on TV they're gonna get our actions and I came to the good minister and Momo hold of the minister laid hands on. And he was only employee Eva mine specifically on his feet. And as I got to be forehand move and can't even mind he could not get it up with his wife Frankie could make anything happen there but as soon as the minister. Laid. His hands on his penis that excited are felt. And they call this a miracle I think we need to sit them down nevertheless style the way as you. Do you believe that the minister in this case and his his client for like about a third are black and white makes you or Asian. Now tell a mile delay due to some why to me would save me and that's something happening and the I just the word minutes drive in any and you thought my regards and you went white church. How holes are and I. He wasn't Iowa and I jet fuel when nothing easy now all the TV news all the time just not for TV time a day. Yeah. Countless hours in front of the talking Simon Daniel. Presents. David tricky problem with them waters go over my papers yes that's had a drinking problem is. Act now acknowledge errors that's what it was an airplane member. Oh yeah how that right now is good and physically get up to us now. I'm so we gotta check it out this little bit earlier. Sometimes. I don't it's karma divine destiny divine destiny divine intervention intervention. Right. Manifest destiny is a lot of pain to quotes. The basically this guy is in Atlanta this Robin banks aren't so he's going basically he's in the middle of a bank robbery spree. So while he's doing this on the same token. This reporter from CBS 46 in Atlanta she's out there are doing interviews about this terrible interception. Which again is a stupid I cried if you know it's such what do you think anyone's gonna say it Minnesota. You're right thanks for coming down here was your news struck him make him a recession more difficult to navigate when you're outside exploits. Everybody's had just like you just like why would you stop. And do the DM interview right. Switcher in here here's a which you're gonna listen to hear. Any news today. Don't really care where. Yes no idea for days and think about what your hair. Tests OK every opportunity here here is that this day people have the thankfully bring it up to make all like yeah no way the league in your head do. I'm good how are ready now don't play I thought I don't know what to do here are diligently digging his union. Let's say here just when they hear negative in UB five. When you say here you know here here and so he say what you gonna listen to physical the guy on the side of a corner and he's being interviewed about an intersection that has Americans. I think NFL attorney here of the think it is definitely the group which are ready here is that cop. I know full well he tell her about what happy and then there will be a little snippet of the guy doing the interview OK but then I like the cop kind of explained that he thinks happened. While interviewing one of the managers at the BB&T bank a I marshall's money around do they informed us that the suspect was seen leaving the Fifth Third Bank. And walking towards say CBS 46 they struck. You know when and is only have a song. Public transportation so far come I would never have my life. I think you come off guard I think he surprised him. Oh the cop. I don't see any other reason you would actively stop in the middle of two bank robberies to give an interview but they still have to ask if you wanna do yeah he's in no time. The guy even said yet how do it just let me take off my doo rag EU we had no presence of mind to recognize. I don't surveillance he had to do rag on he does not go to the police alike look I'll let him come on that's got it he knew he was wavy underneath him and showing off drove them ways I don't I am very glad Robert got a gone off. Yeah I got sub once actor right before Thanksgiving it's on my drinking driving. What ever but I'm walking through town and understanding their literally just waiting for someone walked by I happened walk by but. It's only they put the Mike in your face it you're not on trial for felony it's your random persons in this say hey. Would you be willing to talk to us about government but Barack Oakland what exactly do wanna know based wind and Mike shore roll the camera. So they still ask him the same do things like. I'm from wherever this is my name this is why we're here and it's fun of the fact that she wants to. Brought out a bank two blocks away. When you stand here while the cops arrived there to talk to us about men recession that everyone got name Atlanta no sucks and he said. Yeah always a wild automotive drove up the trail or about this maybe then there's sections that bad. And now he's even a decent annual Amanda had no I don't think all of us on to say about that allows us retail is concert judgment you lose a decision right here manner what are you made a good point there's not enough public transportation down everything knows that about that and as I do like that about those guys that these likelihood. This part of the neighborhood itself. Wish don't worry about me committing crimes and Robin banks but as far public transportation yet you know we need that. Easily like half Robin Hood he's still so the rich and he keeps it had to you love you. Rob a bank fell back again Robin back Greg how are they still charge users three dollar fee for taking absolutely. Sir you can probably take someone else's money on do you still have to pay the three books. Thought that some if its not your bank like service so what do you has been here and go to make a case when I'm running Bank of America make who. Are you really accept or decline again if you hit the client I had some of tomorrow if you except you gives the small three dollar fees the only don't get the three dollar fee if you're robbing a bank does not one bit if it's no different write a banquet jays rob jays still like hey this is on the house and but the robbing you every time you take your own money. Got to get it out got even the score this guy's doing God's work. Yes also an intersection every once a month at a how many times you into the AT and saying it ten times. About thirty bucks in charges again to do your own money you're gonna make for your interest and they fear a Monica Philly you should go to rob a bank can still thirty bucks you should make usual they're still back what you had to pay in charges that are completely why isn't someone holding up and and arresting the bank when they charged me three dollars a mile monorail. Looked out of my element but still seriously. Former three dollars and got almost three and our dollar rob people all you want but you gotta have. You gotta be read your employer and then after that interview right at robbed another back where Danny got knocked on a three dollar fee because it wasn't his bank and why is there a Baltimore bank and trust in Georgia it's not Baltimore by contrast it is. Crap on how remembers those sort of banquet in her mostly that's just East Coast. I thought of Baltimore ranking throws but I won't say they originated out of north tech a MacKey okay. Yeah so all I can provide business that plagued. I don't know I don't know I like them and how I feel when I know. So but a week or two ago. Did he went through this whole thing where he was gonna change its name rank to love is our beloved. Or brother there okay all right so first what. You will listen to he's that delay is did he can hear them I think it's a daily daily eighth. Kind of explaining that he says the brother nothing just a joke and. Well ladies and gentlemen today have come to the conclusion that she cannot. Play around with the Internet. So overwhelming response. From. The media. Out there. In just due to they're not going to be any confusion. Really joking. OK I can change and hey what do brother looks like it is just part of Guatemala Alter ego rubber gloves as well and you'll see those his love for them. Oh just set the record straight because. Have a lot of press do the next couple weeks YouTube address me by a mob pulled their names and if you still don't call me love. Don't wanna go you I was on Friday. I don't wanna get attention boring as much attention as I can give house and home for two weeks and I realized that I wasn't getting any attention so I figured out a way to get attention and that I backed up I am. Completely with the I think that it's got to be yes excuse or like how he says. You know if you want to address your brother Luke duke nobody weren't Boudreau she Barbara you came out and told us. Call her brother looked. Joking or not no one's gonna call you brother love moment I think Obama love all the time and there's very few people that it successfully don't do name changes he's one of them did you. Exactly right would you party if you've already done this game it doesn't mat like no care you're one of the few people because of all the different maintains a silly is that might be. You can employers don't go to a bar I don't know shaky through it doesn't matter because did you people who are yeah aren't balls are you stand behind W product normally pretty good right. That help you don't Kanye doesn't scraps sometimes it comes out and around them most pivotal moment who's. Debbie you like even 90 daddy you think one of the richest rappers in the world but you don't even rat no he just produce the stuff Turk. I like his style yeah do some garbage to hey now brother you don't produce some. It's a brother love to compete about who's doing that is a way to explain doubles coming out of this new albums you could hear you generalize the enemy like I came other songs like each steadying London none of like the director Gil hippie and brother love like I'm assuming that this is gonna have like I'm more hippie remember Chris Gaines was also lower Garth Brooks. Wouldn't obviously you drive through Karros who blind now to try it was a Sasha fierce is ominously yeah. What's it like he did to sort out today you know then he's been known as early DA as united writer and it was an old wrestler. Earlier luck. But the rest sleep and you obviously were on him very quickly and OK let we're not the only one that bodies will be asked you some of the highlights of weekend update and a column about it. From Africa. Don't announce that he is once again changing his name this time it's a brotherly love as an Dan has run the love attention. CNN Vermont has officially recognize the ultimate frisbee as a high school varsity sport. Dad. Rally is now selling a five liter keg of filled with a ranch dressing. I can only be sold in states that allow assisted suicide. Archaeologists and Egypt have discovered a 2000 year old gymnasium which featured a workout room for a racetrack. And based on my experience in jams he remains an old man blow drying his testicles. It was reported that Mike Pence has formed a vice president's club. With Joseph Biden and Dick Cheney routinely calling them for advice. Well that sounds like a stupid clubs that Al Gore to know one thing. To go into a couple I am an Al Gore but for freight. Somehow went from lake. The vice president didn't seem to have a personality nobody wanted to vote for. Men into a guy that was kind of our politics in by talking a lot denounce these eight duo like them to. And don't know Al Gore was way ahead of this time. Al Gore win the when the presidency was over he was undone this thing he went out there and he would go on speaking engagements. He divorced his wife. And they shoot abortion and she divorced him and then he might have been using without an hour damn how exactly and then with it regardless and then he was at the forefront of hey here's my penis you something to it become a politician. And it was just an incidence of the hotel Lucia in downtown Portland we stay there that we have stay there and it was over and we didn't know about these massage is ago the only people including another so either a bit more front of showing the exposing penis wanting other people to touch it this guy was way ahead of his time. But will we stay there were relied moreover we're checking in Roland. I'll be god damn. And for how gore shown dreams and I don't know of sound small but does relate Venus but just have to. Get this is part of history now really if I am I ordered him as I mean think about what's going on the world today. Al Gore was the forefront of that move like inventing the Internet through the whole entire thing he had his subpoenaed he. Ask for some of the touch his penis who do not want Elizabeth touches penis first. Look at that maybe he has to be more TrailBlazer look what's going on right now they have his monument in prisons everyone else there's an old adage. This has the host of Saturday Elijah had some very simple advice for men and their penises okay. Joey just worked right in the segued into and out. Got a kick beyond unlike the climate change any tips the the championship. OK if you got so bang bang up. He's she got almost all of well Bob did really hope I'm going yeah. That's pretty basic advice. Do you would thing. I know you think it is I'm with Cuba played a senior Mike earlier late in Tony seventeen you've got to save dad Bob have put. For the most part as we hear it in the news out of biodegradable oil you don't need to say to us that don't have a lot of money for lawyers. Yeah you do not need to say to us that do not hire and fire people you don't made to save the house who vote Ahmed who never been a loser out of it right right weren't out of business do any thing. At all and trust me mentally to descend eleven girl abundance and there are c'mon they're the people who seem to not know this even the damn well know this. They just have been on the other money got the lawyers my enemy giveaway that would power ears. It's right yeah it's still just creepy weird. But or was at the forefront he's. Terry towels one of the art as the most news to touch my penis firms from our rolled over my shoulder and everybody I used to take my wife to Wendy's on our anniversary. That's your. Yeah they about how have how simple he had every every anniversary usable go to work through that a couple but the in the frosty. If it if love the wind do on film. And for for a I will say that chicken cordon Bleu. That's an anniversary enough San masturbating to the Internet on the of them at the Philly sandwich casting couch would be there for me I'd bit of the year. Sybase here's a list of the ten most popular shows in America right now and check it takes a guess. All call you just ruined if they don't drones I was ready to unstable. The productivity that Rick Perry OK I want you guys are Walking Dead all right. So you are Walking Dead is number two you know number one and ATI yes. Now and trying to think more of people out stranger things right so the top three stranger things to. Walking Dead game of threats. All. The F. But how much company network TV yeah exactly there's only a couple network TV shows on the air honestly. I believe I believe that has ever done anything cutting edge and yet it's like number four on the list is still Star Trek discovery. And that I didn't know that was not. I think it only streams on one did you got a video but Larry they're not one of those shows streamed on one platforms was not network it's on cable would sit look at camera owners pollution CBS CBS all acts debt there's trouble that means it'll be on it'll be it'll it'll get a shot. If it's an outlet enjoyed it's just the fact that there's that many trek he's out there that this shows up I and being on one platform yeah. And then we go back to cable vision of the show preacher it's over and AMC. Mine hunter over on Netflix I've heard about mine hunter and nothing of deserted it's good I know nothing about it I don't care for the mine hunter are more it's pretty it's pretty crazy and tell us. For you would have had sex again. Now network shows the Big Bang theory. Really I felt and I would you I swear to gosh I had to click it CI AF. I got eleven people seem to watch it but seems like everybody's watching it there's nothing wrong with no ice cream but that's what that is and love it. And Ellen DeGeneres show which is syndicated to she's on a bunch of different networks. And then from the Cartoon Network not this show to me has fans that always mention you know they like they show. Guys watching cartoons like that Rick and more. How to have been hearing about it more but I know what's out there I am not one other good garnered his boat yeah and then you go back to number ten over to fox in the oracle. Horrible horrible horrible written bar I was sad. McFarlane did the star treks and but it's it's funny I etc. I just like a McFarland just being him I like his cartoon stuff. I kind of all don't let a real sense actually now that I'm better I really only real self. For whatever reason like I love his comedies like I can it explain to you Family Guy how much I watch that show is suffer. Cleveland show American League and the Joseph comes out of his mouth and you can see it you'll like. Yeah when I watch it that thousand ways to Diana west who would ever like I was real fired up in heroic effort. Thank you know we appreciate it we get your headlines on oil at my cock coming within minutes you are listening to the men's or radio network finally Swiss miles. I'll see what's happening in the real world here I don't want the lawyers in Chicago soon as the other inmates from having a meeting went home a lot Henderson. If you're always wondering your I can't officially wants your life to be overweight and done. Mark you know looking for bartender who are afraid though goes man whose post office who'll deliver mail because of the homes old post. And it's nice when your cards and drivers go OK it's time for a headline. It's time day. Here's my car I go to Oklahoma City where we find this clip much are the odds. Watch anything. And everything. Is madness. Whatever that means. The double clip from the FaceBook live recorded video of a man that was involved in a high speed chase with police after stealing a truck. He was apprehended after fleeing in the solid track and being phased out by police and Jeff why is she thought it had no idea that was the thing. You know you sit there is since he gotten out of prison if he hadn't done anything wrong. He just needed some assets whatever that means. But apparently that means he's still shots. Agonize reaches and tell you about that. So little time eventually. Don't in this cornfield to pick you up a bystander actually shot the tires out from underneath the car. He actually started to drive the truck even after the tires were shot up an image and strand itself and did you know Lindstrom so today he ruined the rim Delano was. Yeah sure many on flat tires you ruined the live free doughnut and Demi in my book you go oh my god and had friends on did you see the part where they're like cruising through all the fields in the top to chase them down. Privacy in the bit you know she's very if you like that is Oklahoma. This is just very flat on a farm yeah. The 5050. I mean it's wild. Around the world in Canada now hotel has put out an ad for a bartender and a defense attorney specific demographic. According to the ad applicants must be quote quite quick and better like isolation. It goes on to say is they must serve the hotel's front line be okay working alone at night amid taxidermy bear in caribou. And it goes named Albert Johnson. And goes name Albert Van Jones got fifty people editor Donald ring don't you think someone would jump added and they did just USA but for a hotel low miles. This is a great job this is one of those towns where. You going to stop and at the best deal that is your rear premier foods. Given if you have anywhere to loan you a job that I daylight savings every single member of the town has turned the job down. If you're here your miss you get nonsense it's just. I don't know it's. They can't afford to bartenders what I'm thinking and know they can't they're willing to pay for wanna play and help wanna that in just making sure the joke they would go who's gonna do though there's nobody. People who don't believe in ghosts. But entirely by the thing that hurt their business exactly your remarks at a bar the door goes into the thing Albert helps out with the dishes. The weather saying as you're getting no tips to appear more. As a senator right that's. That if you get not good fuel when nothing no wind nothing that a damn thing thanks to the table. We're gonna Japan where suspected murder a murder is being investigated by authorities the victim as an 82 year old woman that appears to have died of blood loss after about. Twenty cuts to her face to attack buyer cat fleas are seriously searching for their chief suspect they stray cat guest I'm so I saw this week it might. My dad was sitting on top of my daughter she was laying on the couch and she was just pays to look at her phone good thing. She tried to get out in grand in my cat's Ferrell was not a good bill that there is allowed to do. We'll see what I but the canceling my my daughters Jessie when my daughter went to get out. She grabbed her by the cheers nick grabbed him dinner in the mouth and grab her by the note oh my god man like this brick and staying light. In almost good wit and almost sail off the balcony unexpectedly. You know a bad attitude cannon shot and out of my home I don't know how that would happen. These are due and eradicate on the news now's a good cause they give a damn thing open just thrown a little gas. Contaminated at some point the temperament of of downtrodden cat just doesn't well he's trying his best but still do trust me. And that's what I that's conversation ahead like either he feels like he owned you for he's just waiting to eat you like he's got one of tuna this. So that's just the way girls this kind of thing when you feel like you know somebody could be a definite well I don't know what it. Well in my animal Alia. Is Haley did you like I don't think young Jewish gay crop isn't quite safe I've never seen cuts from a cat better in bed. Deep to where you could have enough blood loss thanks to kill somebody. You've never been bitten by cat even scratched I had them look bad because they don't have white beat as Steve what our brother be bitten by dogs and cats. President Obama is ultimately by 21 series for you through some take care of themselves that's when they don't stop until lean times faster than new. They decide it's true enough. Our paramedics and England posted a nasty note on their FaceBook page that read quotes. You may be saving lives but don't park your van and a stupid place and blocked my drive this was another was left on the on the he had the windshield of their other brand I'm an ambulance on an ambulance and out of van it's an ambulance is a thing like big drop notes and fired them crap if it's an ambulance it's hard to get someone who's in distress. Understandably so the paramedics were better at a bit of a loss for words are responded on the post by saying quote. Sometimes we just don't quite know what to say our step below is trying to impart considerably but sometimes there just isn't time has stakes are ahead think patient comes first. And what it now. They were defendant doesn't realize that. I ground IOC come out tomorrow low yet Ryan castle drug charge in this and spend more profiled as and the return of the word yes indeed it is all through the meantime were out so until tomorrow do what you do best. And early this thing. Okay.