11-13-17 Seg 2 Mens Room Stops For An Interview

Monday, November 13th

It's time once again for the Random Question Question!


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This is dumb men's room. He's thrilled. Guide dog and fairness turns out no runs by united five point seven also ninety Iraq California's rock station. In Sacramento on the fine folks in 96 point nine the fox upn that Appleton Wisconsin welcomes the program ran question question today. I don't that's as good as mine categories food and drink and we've also got to men's room rules on the way. Drying creepy great aid for. Are 9990. Lead in the meantime it is our red recollection right now. Hello Thomas welcome into the living room. Still there's one what would you say was your all time favorite toy is a kid. Boo all of our actually I know that oil left. I had a bad food and you go fifteen holes. No effects. The wind doesn't want it yeah yeah man and he spun that they. This is vastly clearly did lit that's my go through browns absolutely every time that you can leave a bowl was back at us if you have the chopper. Yeah Linda motorcycle wanna know what the chopper one that was there at the motorcycle was bizarre Bruins seem to be able to get a little bit more more and really actually because a front was a little bit lighter here knows that with the dapper as ever have a job I was the most they were down maximum amount of stairs. And it is put on fine it was the most solid piece of plastic you've ever seeing a lot not only did they. It was probably let our sixth pole of arsenic but I but I agreed to do they matter what you did this thing if it lived on carded the same thing it came apart in three pieces and had a white shell on the run little things you do in a red l.'s actual car. So the car would crash and smash into pieces and you go to that's at willow. I know I give us strong they'll be able Knuble did most of the stunts only ask your best houses do you like stunt if you're all the love. That you remember evil can be loony mattered you would all he would always have these late night special she's gonna jump this matter via. Did you ever see him successfully jumping Powell I never wall saw not one that. Yeah actually is now. I had so conceptually joke but this. Given numbers rhetoric you would do that leading up to the big NIC replay of that before he was going to jump whatever was you'd see all his successful jumps prior Wright state fair that they could all that together remember whatever not one time. I remember Caesar's Hour what he didn't make that one yeah I mean there isn't any the pool sharks. I had no that was felt and at caesar's palace okay all right I saw his son his son the jump the volcano. At home what is our houses and hotels than that. It's more talent we have whoa whoa figured out later took a measure while you always your favorite board game. Are. Definitely have risked Briscoe got out there who are all very intensive but you know strategy always wins. I think monopoly was my least favorite is a guy hasn't he just didn't make any sense to me it's a too much time I don't sit well I like monopoly you like and don't graduate angers you quake I'm having her monopolies. There are people make in shady deals and then maybe she'll be bankers. And Jeff yeah Danielle isn't right I'm making taken like a week Arab playing a lot of backgammon. I remember Chinese checkers those popular for a minute there it annoyed that I only played backgammon and dominoes with older people like if you went to visit her grandparents like the dominoes came out of bad game and you're going to play you didn't have a choice. And limited where did your age. Ladies and lateral play risk my crappy life after seeing all rest of that we had electronic. Racing game that where they first started to bank that tracks for these little cars manufactured Tyco. Believe I don't I'm not sure which one was or is remembered that that was. Those on the cooler things that anybody I know ever got we got one of those is Christmas but never broken by march the worst thing that anyone coming up at the cheap ones where it was like. Like as the cars came around you had to pull a handle on in this little hole pop up and push it yet but he he timed it wrong even at the front and written he timed it. Like it was matchbox cars it was noted it was they were on the track but they didn't have anything to get many juicy had to do read and didn't do any of Renton and the horse was bumper pool anybody got a of our family our bumper really really what I'm paraphrasing but I mean like even my like everybody had a ball performing his own personal I knew with a pool table or there's no doubt that was likely break it down on the importance valid through a period where we had a little miniature pool table. How small like them like three foot by all right yeah I remember a lot of players that damn good and pretty fine. A reason we ask what was your favorite toys get back in September national toy hall of fame announced their twelve nominees for this year's class. And they don't really normally put that many inputs don't they start to like 45 ensure they have a place play I don't know if you go to like some plays Ohio and they're the success but. They just announce a three toys and got enough votes from the panel of experts historians and teachers to make it and national toy hall of fame class of 2017. Our love. Matchbox cars my little pony. Clue risk the magic eight ball. Whipple ball. Pez dispensers and imagine they both the man attack they include the paper airplane transformers. Bono and sand yes and they're saying and is in saying and what three do you believe got it. Only three of those mainly the three of all those mated and. Are gonna guess I am just about impose a sand did not make it this are actually may be a next year for sand paper airplane piper airplane made it and that's exactly correct that's one of the three. Well football with Obama added and as well and one more game between risk and clue. Clue it was close it out more no way with the ball in the paper airplane when an. There have been 62 other toys voted in since the hall was founded in 1998. Last year's stakes. Dungeons and dragons. Fisher Price little people and the swing. It's a good Matt long of a Fisher Price gains on the swing a lack got to keep in mind man mentor cars have not made it and yet the magic eight ball has not mated it. There's all kinds of days and animated until it actually does Tony seem as part of another museum in Iraq. Chester Newark you know Arum yeah we'll borrow. Blog WC Americans got their loans and our main hotels are. Don't go so well they're like it's called the drama Nash and you play and it is strongly boom hello Elise yeah welcome to the men's room. A whole Iraq fellow Asia. Still it's killed us relations. Who was the last person. That you would call in case of an emergency who's the last person genuine person you know the real way I help them. Soon. Oh let's say affiliate frantically to get addicted very helpful to dabbling in the course I'll put it this way Amanda's a lot of people say hate I don't hate them my dislike them and if they. They dropped almost dead in front of me and I can help. I would help blow guy comes in Myanmar alms we got. Half the debate here's the thing Alicia like you might have like a plate of food you might be one person of your five friends to take it to the table. Others going to be one personnel that you don't trust along with a decided they don't mean well they're not trying to help out trying to be you know helpful it's just the fact that maybe they're not the right person to carry that trade cheese meats. Probably make pro immigrant and leashes and me parents should they really needed by the Egypt sushi is but. What I was she bug you I mean she's your friend I had she bode well. Fortunate guys to check out immersed. And associated next kitchen to chair you know when it went up talking that she'd get into inappropriate topic. Am I got an appropriate title this year just very open under a slightly different need. True very awkward. Okay this immensely solicited I would think that some level yeah yeah and I'm glad bother me too it is a bother you to do your front in the men's hammer and I will look at number X the paste issue go on. I think Chile had read I think they'll never heard. At. Actually took one guy and it's just been. All I'm Alyssa has a long. Yeah I know is what he's talking about it that's the dorm room where it is another story about you can have you can do that and I had a bad guy is low concede that guy realizes that she doesn't know better than him cliche is is it tough for you get a date or you just choose not to go out there about it. I didn't. The term. I'm I'm I'm oblivious to clothing. You're oblivious to the C just you give it about social cues. I do mean someone like miles we will tell you director woody says there's rob will do you repeat. What about the report due out maple syrup. Could win it again now warm yet doesn't it if if you bring the flap jacks. Fierce trouble flirting mile blizzard that SATA that's the court for a question. I don't wanna you know he wants to us. And arms and I got there a better national might my god he just said the who's the last for Kamal thank you members you like your original slide in the DM before it was a big hit it in person right track as a slide and the the last person you call gays and emergency women who are having a heart attack are less likely to get bystander CPR. And more likely to die. According to a news. Okay. Any guesses what you're gonna wanna give a woman CP IQ yes. When these women you know as an oh never problem nobody knows them so they don't want him CPR. Did you know no known or later you're out here you have a mechanical engineer and can our breasts do have donated them as the days and usually via our I mean your bag new study looks at 20000. Cases of cardiac arrest on the 39% of women who had heart attacks in public place received CPR compared to 45% meant. A possibly as a result men are 23%. Likely more to survive them you'll. Our. We're going to be all right Bob a heart attack on luckier than you ever that was that researchers I don't know exactly why the low side that they speculated based on one thing. There's no difference in CPR rates for women who have guarded grass get a little look at home because of your home you know this person but yes. It's possible the rescues worry about a women's breasts or moving a woman's clothing according to a study at the University of Pennsylvania. However they police say this is not a time to be squeamish it is life and death. You don't have to worry about getting sued or anything like that if if the since I don't know whether down you gotta jump index sales persons life. I agree since the first life but don't think that you might not be sued. Have you ever we call how bad to be the fate man I understand be able slam. Maybe were seen someone have to give some oil CPR. Yes mount. Oh boy is it I mean it is I've taken CPR classes I don't want it is nothing like the class I mean it is absolutely and 30. It is unbelievable like you're like oh god oh god look at what happened. Well basically they just kept giving CPR into the army or why don't they need sepia I don't know they cloudy and kind of they class and restaurant. I was in a restaurant in Jose there was a a private room but it wasn't a private room so. That there was a room to decide any kind of had French doors with the there are no doors maybe Europe tucked in so you can kind of see what was going on that was a big table. Obviously they were celebrating something. And all I see is just a bunch of people at the side of the table IC. Get up and then they rushed to the back behind a wall where I can't see in somebody in the party collapse like an older guy collapse. And so. Servers Russia over the other people rushing over the manager rushes over. Couple people are standing up they ask in the general vicinity if there's a doctor. There's no doctors in this place even of those private party knowing where I was the time I know why there was no doctors and house. Now McCain and kind of in you know that's gonna it was like you is in Hagerstown. They have let those of us yes the you I don't know either but you would notify all together inclusive and Arnaud di and in this one moment that I used to be a nurse and she got up and mentioned she had to be like anonymous 75 years old. She does go in there and help and then the next thing you know like they've that the the ambulance shows up in the Wii owners that's how they were giving him chest compression the entire time. I don't know you're talking might hit your summer might even part of your doctor and I don't yeah definitely just Joseph don't back you. Yes Jerry is a bad problems target of the road to the dances I don't give it to go. Read a question question a 449990. LaMarr your calls on the way you are listening to the beds are radio networks. Israel went to my. Your guess is gonna minor categories today food and drinks your guess is good as mine on the way after emails in the men's room and men's or. I'm back down in the meantime it is our random questions class friends hello Matthew welcome to the men's room in the end though it's thought wow. Matthew large and I'll kill you all both. You all do our our. Laws oh my god I'm Daryn back exactly. He uses candles loose laws are on the other jurors superhero movies that's that's that's that's really the only super and kids. Past let's go let's let's just how much charge that left a mistrial. If you question he's dead except I was going the other one lunches no clue and served as yet to computer in every day on the battery out on the go. Maybe maybe you'll get on TV now have you or anyone you know with a known and ever been on TV. Yeah you Nvidia and why were you on TV. I don't know and Sarah Palin show heroes sir how real water show in what capacity. Yeah Sarah Palin of Alaska. Aren't Olympic facilities and I'd love wanted to episodes whoa were you how would I know you won the and so what you doing why are you there. I was on the wall you episode I was looking over around in the boat. We see a nice person. I see a result I heard unless there you know DA since this is that it won't find those are the wrong with Todd well. All right she Americans into the as well actually edit and yes I mean talk about this. You know treat stupid this is limited to these. Put about as much as opposed we heard that but back to time I was Todd B and so was sudden not nice to see now wanna be part of the show. Yes and there initiated. Let's his Ryder coattails on them as far as well I know I don't like she was governor she gets tabbed to be VP. There when the election she does whenever they should our care about or another but the only thing I know about her husband is that he's married to her. Yeah well you know he's continue to come from a patient family comes a little bit of money himself and toward the north slope and so little. They're sort all that he's still kind of let you know just because our air. I'll ask you questions we we we've seen as Julio for you spent all day would deal with the TV crew and around Europe however long and as. Pat we're really even how how did you feel lying in the show me did they show you just in the background or what. Although I was not valued. You had an action film didn't. 3540. Minutes maybe an hour and then it and buy it turns out chocolate butchered a yacht. Five to seven minutes on the hour blew him. I'm mad Max who did you come across you know like it did they puts it a good light. There's a thousand reality TV to make you be a jerk like the nasty blow routers. Neither I nor my ex wife accused me. Being under the influence. Or were you under the influence. 11100 insulin you were under the influence double digit sales which usually get on my boat and I had been out there was saying I certainly didn't and Ayatollah. Voted for the Boston. Oh wait are you so you. So let's cut only spoilers do you if you don't know that Sarah African payments going to be and your vote. Call me on the radio situation did your book not the other vote to let you know my and all that and the blues. Artists it's users out of the blue. You have an idea why she did you mean you're they're losing albums like I crab I got level Sarah Palin. You because the other guy analyst Nicky came as she didn't like it actually it did more than a month. So that you look at all Latin. Home. Real hanging out where real. Our own Sandra was able to draw why I asked them blew my mind back go to bitter or TV I see you look more like Alaska. Well ideas there's no drugs we don't know how we do we know we've drunk like guy looks better than not you know mentally you know you don't. Don't know Jacob your smoked up. Yeah I had settled gate and you don't need to see. I just that your lowest level of the cornerstones Jameer is still unlikely they would now goes over Mexican gas and how long about it Alamo Bowl ready yet to figure out. Aurora loan is not a lot of working it says you who have made draft out of long bundles its callable boat it's like go play your bumper ability to run in the they launch missiles he's big on local long been pushing her own. And you build big draft out of it so they were out of the working days and I actually was trying to get worked out I was I mean girl I never wanted to be on TV deals and. That's why you're the perfect guy for yeah it was an update they can't just look at us a little bit it to us you don't hate you. Now I gotta ask Matty because you're in Alaska and I'm sure that it's. You heard. In that area you're watching the show because a lot of things are going to be familiar to you draw the people to the locations to everything else out. Did do people recognize you from the episode after that. Yeah. How we go out there were a lot of cameras and then I got here you know the case that email us since. That. People patients were Armenians in mid term these forward. How many how many other people other of the Norris wife knew that you were stunned. I don't know. Recorded December close contest. Your cursory obviously when we're assuming we're working here than we do all the Soviet side who's out there just gathered hours from the and then all of a sudden I had to be part of the program and I'm like I wasn't prepared this I didn't study left and hood and you have the studies. Do you use it for a good sign I'm sure you know Sarah Palin and I'm not a lot of it's just I don't have my Mexican on the boat. Actually wanted to delay era. I Don basically they're teacher dead in the blood loss let me guys could reasonably clear it is our government I'll. Okay. Yeah. I got his good. Brazen as have you we ask you write questions for sure I'm Alan and that's true on jolly lucky. Other is we as of your anyone you know never been on TV. When a TV reporter got assigned to do a thrilling and hard hitting story about some rendered in an intersection in Atlanta with a lot of traffic. He probably did nobody was getting into. And reporter from the EC BS affiliate in Atlanta also low lovely lady named Ashley Thompson. Was out near the intersection in Lawrenceville Georgia last week looking for people to interview about all the traffic that have been Dennis. Just look I am at a news program and if you are news firmer hand valueless and. What do you think you're going to hear from people if you sent like let's ask people modern notoriously. Busy intersection they're going to tell you what people are enough on its side so besides busy they're alive and you know one of those people saw you there the intersection you have about the best you want to Miami 24 year old guy and America rivers walks past guarantees today. You want to go out as intersections are sure wanna read. So we gave an interview on camera here's what Ashley did not know Erica just come from walking from robbing a bank and then after the interview. He went and robbed another one. The staff of the first banks saw him go toward the CBS news van and they told the cops they review the interviews and Ashley did an eight spot and Eric right there in the front edge. And then they tracked him down and arrested them at keep in mind he robbed another bank after that so he would run so that was like a pit stop was due to tell rob that bank did a TV interview that went and robbed another bank and among all I did not realize and robbed another bank or one interesting thing about that when they approached him interview he said yelled go on TV. But he has to be to take his doo rag offers. Golf course to onlookers he knew he does come from the bank and I would do right asserts its payment and I think this office a short then they rolled again why does a so identified me from 2003. Rendell Rendell ran hello I am welcome to the men's room friend and friends and Brenda. Lou hello I started hello hello Diana. Harry ya all we're doing well you. Fabulous from. How many sexual partners would you guess you've had in their lifetime. And I please except he plead the fifth had a girl. Who who's listening that would be in Santa. Oh I had thought that the president watching says they'll they'll be beyond what now. One expect Elarton Washington okay and none of the city so you you lied to him leaders and elbow. May I had so many days I'm going in on eight to fifth ago we literally it just having this conversation like. Hour and a half ago when about how many social partners we are ready with. We were just talking about like some people wanna know that stuff so people don't I was like I don't want an army denied those Monday I mean look at the I want them now before you met me you had your home life we met when we met I'm not you know. Here I don't care of them don't know memorize some thing like you do well I'd put this way do I want amount. It's only three Nicole. Aren't really the range view on prices are going why are why he's still making up the mountain my dad I am a man who is close at Oklahoma. I think he's still climbing the mound that would tell what do you believe that men really want from sex. Okay I'm in palace they had a horrible day Laura. With them and wrong no opinion one mound everything now around she has she's Melvin Thomas has. Here really this. If you can if you can catch it up up lets is a welcome the hand. Thanks to the point that it could well the reason we ask how many sexual partners do on him and hall and a former prostitutes. If who has slept with how many minutes. She's a former prostitute how many minutes you centers analyze that I see here higher. Pretty all do. Alcohol not that not have voted equities. I got out thousands dead too. 5101000. And calm on her name is Gwyneth month Igman to grow month Montenegro Montenegro with Montenegro kind of Amerigroup moment. She's a former prop. The duties up with a over 101000 men and she answers the golden question that many women ask her all the time because she's a now sex advice columnist and all the stuff. Are what do men really want from sex. Now she's 39 years old she's from Australia she spent twelve years in the industry. And as wrote a written a book and revealing some of the surprising things that men like papal does deviant ideas are what they're into. And in her book on being financially successful in the sex industry. She said it most gentlemen believe it or not don't go for the kinky end of the deal. Most men basically now just want some time to these two to have the latest exercise does exactly. The most important thing to our clients was quotes a feeling of being needed it and wanted. Wanted badly. Bio horny woman it is their ultimate fantasy. She said that's it it's basically that look you don't put on a bunch of crap I mean you can Wear bunch of things she said don't trying keep bubble whether outdo anybody else. You only want to work within your boundaries. Their regular everyday man who just wanna have a good time. They just wanna have fun but the most important thing is they want to know that you are having fun to. The basically what he says is like blood. It doesn't matter what the deal is long as you act like you're having a good time and then that's basically what men would like. You know I agree with both her and Diane. And I'm I'm I'm so I think if you look at me it's you put them together you like your perfect will. Right so late with Diane right lake and onto the bunny ranch and I asked some of the girls their comments finality and they're like some of the parties as they column are very boring and I was like why choose because a lot of Mary people come here and they only want the one thing right so it's like. They are like this kind of fun reaction have sex like yeah well why wouldn't. Sharks and usually that's part of the reason I'm having fun for a reflect its planes Sarkozy of evil you have it there's just one specific thing you don't get then you're gonna go there that mission just how do you write validated in your head that if you show up in the moonlight bunny ranch in and you get that. And don't go all the way that somehow you don't feel as bad pulling out of parking lot as if you G. I know I'd like hands around manager Doug Geneva saying. They like kayak. And has not cheating if I didn't even enjoy myself. You know I can follow suit if your married in you walk in there with any money in your pocket avenue. I your right but I'm telling you from what they told me it's more of just some of these men haven't had one of those. Am 000 yeah. Oh it's OK I do remember Diana remembered for anything they're they're not if they're like I'm going there that's solid that otherwise all right OK okay. Yeah I don't know to me it's late and there's some by McDonald's massive fully eight non. Matt I'd look. I'm always 170 guys it was Jimmy say screw it I just want a nugget like about Matt McDonald Randy Wells we get the only a few questions. A man I want ten now gets a cheeseburger I would throw me now if I had some reform our Coke defense. Buddy who wanted to be with me and I would never okay. The man's writings. What if but if she says hey look I have one condition that we get together and I am very sexually. Motivated person to put our bag over your music yet that would be number one. And then at least four times a week I want some aluminum and me I'm sure you know like I'm gonna do that for you that would have they won't I'd like no problem where is easy bond is exactly is this is going to be an easy relationship for me to be and I've got no problem with that. Maybe even five sometimes six I'm not sure right now. As long as I don't have chaplains you know I mean is there than the government but other than that I mean if my that would be a big deal. Yeah I mean when that moment I checked in my I'm going to matter to challenge everything I would come out marriage or maybe I don't know treated lake. Cilic paychecks at least like the first of 1515. Grand. Friends I don't know what really friendly and really do love that song for LaMont so much glory be I wouldn't have you ever had a and everything has an obligation on my. For maybe like hell yeah so I'll never know maybe he's gone down hello and welcome to the men's girls just. We're. This is just flown. Very well the minute all our bitches and goes from there. You know what did you give Cobb went what was in your possession if you had if you were exposed to head the. What do they get our list yeah argue that. Gonna be another person. Well alt pop up all I would absorbed politician right and general burden Mercer stated. I got hot list a nomination at school and I'm almost got expelled to why why don't you have in my school. And wanted to be cool dude marker staying in school wanted to make friends. Welcome I make sense as I've become an adult gorillas knives quickest way to make for yet negligence with an out of the bar hey would you name John John check it out there I got so it didn't is that like John we're going to be friends. Did you pull a Joseph Gibbs or did one of the teachers find it on. No I told without each other couple kids and then one of those chips told the teachers. And and the teacher bundled console. Their route to expel you. Yes there at the terms wanted to it's only my teacher. Granted only know nature a couple hours she was trying to fight saying you know donor X on should other noted better isn't tender for a guard him. Yeah Oprah gave me the night your member. It was my dad and I sites all the men might have a wall or not. I do remember being in about that age range 56 years old and it was always the grandparent the grandparent was a wanna give my life all the time and users like here. Take this and I feel like you realize you're giving a five year old six year old kid like a weapon permit yeah you can only do all think win the but I know some wind blew right but the music mentality statement weasel Magnum comic book it's like one Rambo came out. And drove through this life was not sure. But it was late night. They want some so great you remember that right are you wanted to send off brightly for six weeks that show look he brought it to school to show some limits is big. Six and tonight he pulled it out. Of course is fury boy eight you were absolutely enthralled with the cents a gallon drums that's the look at a U2 walks them. Andy what do you got Andy showed teachers like commandments from the waiter or shoulder recess and I mean and that was the mentality no disrespect but Maggie I get nervous in my daughter's gotten carrots like I don't care how would that Hilliard don't with a knife like come on you know it. All the way. That now that I was being paranoid urgent our parents not care below a look at my kids and write a certain things like almighty god I would mentally your daughter in night. Almost got half. Not not what I wanted her to hurt herself as an MR wanna sit here including ten years children in your daughter a church and I'll know the thing is the age of your eternal love and I. She's so that I'm pretty sure did and I haven't got my parents who are as is he's got to and I played in this friends staff and get it won't be fun. All that stuff man Judas friends not a matter firecrackers. Reason we ask would you get Collins Colorado man was in court for felony drug charge got a more trouble. When drugs fell out of his hat during the hearing Juan Jose beat the Oriole bird rescue housing court standing next to do defends he picked up his had a little bit cannot adjusted. And that's when a big lot of cocaine and a baggy fell out of the senate and he was charged with narcotics possession and bond violation. He was born in Mexico and is reportedly in the country illegally so not looking good for him on that. Credit question quest today 449990. Morey calls on the way you are listening to the men's or radio network. Which is you. However we will try again until Saturday is on the way along with the return of your guess is as good as minor categories will be food and drinks or guesses goes mind about Iran trying to do email and a new time it was our random question quite Costello Mallory welcome to the men's room. Okay. Sorry about Larry. I'm sorry Alberto and I would ask you this movie is a seems to be coming up in the news a lot lately unexpectedly more for women than men but. Could you see naked. Obviously there's the a lot of people make him because you want to see the naked that this would be somebody that you saw a naked that you did not want to see naked or nor were you ready to see that. Songs and and what are my friend's dad need to work can mean a great names. Actually locked in the men's locker room one named after being really tired. Zero permeated. Is all euros instead make it. Yes even the protester at the universe Yale Ngo and this is. Dire how they dinner and basically you're in there and my eye contact. Yeah yeah but that was have probably was not a good sites won't need to or is it changing clothes in his step out of the show our early content acquire own domain. Moses since I. Well I think you million. They get a win and the way you can walk in mad about and they got trapped in UAE did it is the Internet again. They need to go in the weight in that barely got into the diet and Murray Nate get a mandated now. Naturally I went to lock in like out of basketball court holds a news or use the bathroom buck naked and yeah okay I guess arrogant thing and impact yes. But I'm not I'm not but Nagin walked over to the journal guys in the locker room did to you matters generally not but if it's exact case and I think you James for much empty. I do locker real reason is his does that all my bare feet to be at the bottom of the hour an hour that they did you guys who make Cronkite eye contact he won't Denon and. Daria I really could train wreck and I think I know I know we do. Who think and what your friends know what your friends say about this. I never told him I. It's cinemanow visa and I. Think you would have been at that is pretty cool that I mean literally you know that I lack competition. Was I don't need hill. Was it was it was a lease your data pretty good guy. I knew you really nice guy very quiet. Don't you have figured so very wrong yeah Alexander nice nice you know gravity can do. On the range and asked who did you see negative authorities say a native Florida man burst in Goldman's home ran around inside it and then drive until her clothes before he was arrested. The original news only out reports of forty year old Joseph club bag look up which he's home. This do to run the negatives are trying honored quote is charged with burglary assault and is jailed on 25000. Dollars bail police say the man in the woman's home. Through the garage door and then ran through the kitchen acting irrationally. The woman ran doorstep son's house next door and called 911. Investigators say the man went into the bedroom and tried on women's clothes then ran back outside toward the step son's home. He was rolling in the yard when police arrived. He has numerous previous arrest warrants he was arrested once again what drugs what drugs you think that is. I don't you run again that's another thing happens in oh. I don't know I kinky bubble with us as a way to Florida goes Florida and domination. You think we'll peace happiness normally go we've always heard about nudity and run he was close on right if he's indeed wanted to be close off just before it. Yeah things bath salts and one of those things man maybe bump and run of the mill regular drugs you've heard of and and maybe just throwing. But the blues on top maybe man pacing out now it's got to be something right he's a quick look ams can say we've all done a lot of drugs we've all done a lot of boos and bold on a lot of drugs and booze together and we don't some dumb stuff but nothing like that no economy no happy and not one time has anything like that have. Now I've kidnaps them but that was as alcohol. Cocaine and I mean I am glad Gregg say that's crazy and that's. Amanda now miles is no need in the little crazy and that's just 100% crazy but not particularly new financing mean spirited. Does seem misguided. Slim. Hello John welcome to the men's room. Hello it's. I John got a random question question for area and then we hold the line here Presidio were lower as stations to identify themselves. Door to my asking this question about doesn't. Yeah as brutal death time. More radical as a quasi coming up baseball report nine and I don't oh. The show and many things continue on the men's room radio network.