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Monday, October 23rd

Profile This, TV Time with Ted and Headlines


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This is the men's room. He's thrilled. Hi Theresa Gonzales anybody really around profiles and take our 9844999. All you'll play profile this coming up in minutes. I have read your headlines suddenly one hour from now first quick check in the Mike Cox for some of the stories and headlines he is not working out out of 41 year old man in New Jersey stolen cash register and accidentally left his wallet behind that I didn't want to take your wallet out. Enough did YC in the collision of a crime does anyone feel the need to pull one foot out of their pockets are you ready for this he got arrested. When he went back for. Come on man I mean do you really blame the guy you left your name and your crime scene so I guess right and attempt to go get it back there again as the smartest you don't have. I think it's gonna happen eventually we'll Woolsey is our lifetimes. You know certain establishments have always been cash only and they've kept it that way either by. Now wanted to take credit card company fees and all these different things and not having to do all that I really think it'll get to the point especially with the iPad that you see when you're signing stuff you your card. They'll get to the point where they'll be credit only businesses based on where you are. And that way you have to just keeps people from ordinary routing. There this afternoon. With the we dispensaries in Hawaii. In other words you can't go in there and rob money to get a big dark I don't have a feeling you have to hack a mistake after another chance to just get online at this. And have him do that this. You play sports that's the real thing now they will they Narnia film plane and using processors remember about paper like a party afford to go bowling in Texas like for Friday night had a blast 120 dollars. The good friend and over my exact a woman in Louisiana try to fight an obvious are all being arrested for public intoxication. So she apologized by bringing him a cake that said sorry I tried to bite you couldn't. That's gonna make you don't forget why brunt of the team it's the other Wal-Mart which he had a restraining order it and it probably already had been written. As a long or they forget that I'm sorry regret that I knew I did the bullets are for closing my Thong underwear. So average rose in my genitals through children had a good feeling there live tapes were all occasion happy to bars for this. You know and if it's simply wrong you have brought to the cakes and that was basically an apology what kind of K with you yet. And while I don't know 1001000. Can I get a yellow gate whichever processed followed by Yemen met this. I would use a nearly randomly just leave it on someone's desk cannot tell looking from my sorry did you like up on top. At a cutoff up a couple of our apple computers and a golf about it except for the fifth time today it's 5050 if I meant for my dream is an event. In a weird day work that would neighborhood who have put me giggle my best. Mike I was young that's when them down yellow cake chocolate icing classic I've kind of grown fantastic. Finally I'm not barring all right and how we cannot say that. And does that easy grief I would take the wave Kathleen. Flying squirrel but not once and while I don't regret it does. Whole foods in Denver is getting a Mac and cheese bar next month. It's flat tire shake the the infinity ward and railways C makes the season with a hot noodles that be my guest it's gotta have like different noodles or may be different cheeses or is it just a bunch already made and I'm decency you pitch from one well how is that a far. Off hot bar food means iPods already mean you have an article on that may I mean if you've just got to plot have something sitting at a table list I beg your pardon if if if there. Different kind in my love bars. Israelis hit it and you have faith in Mac and cheese lobster back at how he's had a magical hello I'm informed me of my friend got back and cheating on you could have a likely would mild talking about you just have a Beagle thing a Magid season and you could put like you said the bacon bits and a little hot dog pieces in there and and that's what some ketchup on it if you want to know what are your Mac did you varnish Sox might score some easy score right as a and I look back into play whatever the case and how did you know no McDonnell. Kids BI digs like I did I hit a bullet. Because I senate but mostly to white I don't care who gets an American cities. Now I can't I think why no kids accidentally may lie there and you know he remained an idea where they're nuts that I used it I have a memory of it happening. I don't know product privilege of IG I mean nowadays you can't do it his smash hit she's got boo boo on us. If I look at it notably he laid back in the day about the game macaroni cheese out of a box sketch up and I'm not a box store owner Abu. Like little bread crumb topping one that they don't items are against other than not they have the death of and that's not fancy that is good stead is Brett. Ed ma'am I don't think you can turn your toaster on site announcing that Benjamin's abnormal amount. That's I think about it and it would still mentally how advanced it is someone like toast bread they grab enough despray Lawrence good. But it did number I take your social assistance to I don't printed on it could she goes in the sandwich bag beat the living hell I don't know bottom of the glass. And all open and sprinkled on top your magic he's gonna make it and that's money parent would do that was huge you know string back comes up my nose like that does them. And broke my fingers but there on your finger you are at a Tony by girl man without a hospital near Pittsburgh after his girlfriend gave birth. And and he got arrested for selling heroin to people who came to see dad. Hey man you're gonna make his money I don't know what those who are out of favour of the baby and I know that you put into the rest of the very powerful words. Let's own I did it you can do to stop settlement although mentioned reaching out there Tim yeah. I mean I think for a look bad the bad boy about the people who like oh we have a new baby koala future look at the hospital soon. Why did bill lately the fakes and brother still selling look member addicts I did there it's okay man can I come see that baby and and I hope result and I heard a lot and I'm gonna test that maybe it's even these we've taken away in Europe that your first initial picture I heard you got an eight about eight pounds maybe it's. Yeah I brought my torn down donation to see the baby this week in today's Mac. All right my neck and agents parallel and activated it but if the Luna. Some a look at all the expense from their parents wedding in San Francisco in 1974. It cost 2000 dollars which is like 101000 dollars if you just for inflation. The wedding custom exploded since then and they have. And if they had the exact same wedding now it would cost over 47000. I am now. Yep that's all it's all revolve and his sense of whether don't say it's a wedding. Or you can go to these flowers for all ma'am don't burn their partners say wedding the price changed believe me I'm getting distressed Euro to fall for it through that slave. When it might be addressed you probably can't escape but anything else you by my man don't say whether you're from August and suddenly they're winning prices. You know it's the same crappy mood right DJ always say wedding flowers. There's a news there's news that we all do is the problem I have no Ali I'll do it made me think my life now thinks we should save them money for a home how much Hillary. Right and I think it's about the conversation that but I'm Brad back. They're trying to drop logic in that moment right at the very much are you ready as say anything after we're screwed my that's my point we are screwed we are. There's a new kind of kiss India that may soon come to a talk about their you come listen. Eight kids cat's case India boom your out of the good weather for the put politically and our Donovan had just walked in it's it's. You can't drill our on Iowa I don't get a myself I have I have never had I have never I've rarely had a case of the that I did not enjoy. Candy is one of the more undercarriage. Things and they didn't mix and she's in with a they're just note this uses Internet distances databases are more troops home owners some crab like Hitler to offer something. Some love marshmallows pertinent but it doesn't have sort of saying I go all the bread terminator this case and he needs a flapper. It turns out that common size has been done wrong all all along thank you might tell us that. Apparently supposed to go a little bit on the bigger side in the just roll the access. I'll see disappointed they're three big is the point. Cutting off the bat Africa and I don't know up. I'm good fight wherever I hit it and it to the extent that you can put the check at our regular things reasons I'm realistic expectation Eminem anatomy the today. A girl found two dollars on the street and tried hard to find its owner. Did you find her and no idea and organized okay. The few dollars and finally a woman Lilly is has is baffling doctors with a condition that you've been dealing with for three years and rations of held out of an hour now. They are not cannot dark on a one hour from now the first thing day knows club. Room 36. Steve throw him to please everyone help profile this is playing a short ten miles it's a simple game more we share with you are real live news story. Something that happened right here on planet earth. Current or and I do listen to story. Based on the stereotype you believed to be true people and the decisions that people make we'll ask you what it is you think makes the story a story. Hello Robert welcome to the Madrid. I'm all right. Okay. Hi Robert you understand how does your game was played. Fantastic. Here's the story you may have heard about the last week of the restaurant. And Long Beach, California it's called sweet Dixie chicken. Sorry sweet Dixie kitchen. And they get pretty good Yelp reviews don't few weeks ago. That's when a guy he was eating there any real cause of the fried chicken that they were serving him. Tasted so slightly kick him from power buys and when he confronted them about it is way to permitted that they'd bring in chicken from power buys. And it felt ripped off considering that they sell large chicken sandwich for twelve dollar dissents. Which is a lot more will pop up actually posted about it on yeah. And once we Dixie kitchen responded they didn't deny. They actually bragged about Robinson quote we proudly serve power buys spice contenders but has always been our goal to be too local food and gas shops here. The real no the great chefs of top box. Now the owner. No owner did try to clarified on FaceBook basically she said though most of the stuff at every restaurant has brought him. Like they don't have their own chickens laying eggs or egg dishes or cows are making their move Kerkorian made clear about it I'm battles or explanations globe. We will continue our business the same we have the way we've always done. Honestly we make nearly all from scratch MO we can't we use the second best thing available to us. My question is do you believe. That the owner of sweet Dixie kitchen and there's a black white Maxi or Jews who I would rather be the person. And I didn't find the fraud. Isn't it they've had to cut cut cut the compete with you and your wrong. Oh really aren't on now constantly have to cliff Smith yeah. That is utter the couple on there a bit about this story. Didn't I. Nothing yet to ask me about the owner Moussa. Brass a black eye makes your blood now you Jewish. Sounds Gaza's sealed the the option. It's not you can models right now just talk. Then any owners the person who ordered all of us are buys tickets. Yeah they owners who wonders instrumental of that that's how she chooses to run her business. And then she defended it saying look we knew that chicken fillet the ads we don't have no separate knew her tell them producer Mel. And obviously we don't have cooks like to make fried chicken. So instead of upon us. Well being down in California I need the really late dreams are quite obviously Monday the all bad neck. It. I that they could speculate you're racial profiler. The consultant just yet but man when I tell seasons not a fried chicken. Blood you don't know how to fried chicken. A new lighter Jewish. I really liked how I I don't. Dana noted in why it doesn't do it looked rather just make did each speaker. Because Jesus is really don't like final answer I mean I know why it I'll I'll find out if you've. Why why meciar Jewish next fat with a tease you are listening to the men's or radio network. Did you know. And gentle men's room. Profile as you probably heard the story. About the restaurant down in California they're actually selling pot pies fried chicken was not identified on the menu as Popeye as fried chicken little guy goes in there and has whenever chicken. They include love that which was or chicken tenders is like him. The suns to a solid power buys any white dude I want anybody my partner EP inquired is today is this pot pies fried chicken like absolutely it's locally sourced we've got to get the best local ingredients. Even under those that are we don't have cows produce the milk we don't have chickens and produce that doubled down gasoline like goddamn right we have Popeye project went about the white testament to pop flies but Robert we ask you do you believe that the owner who gave that defense. Is black white meg C or Jewish and in the end he went whites. How country and tonight stuff up on habeas pub I stretch against protests. Yeah obviously you like my god. I've pulled and the biscuits or I'll certainly look good now relative is not downtown for TV time a day. Did you sure. Countless hours in front of a talking. Presents. How would you say is the most disrespectful movement sports is it diet dunking on somebody out host horizon on well I mean hit home runs as a look back when well you wanna go to spitting on someone that probably blow and I know I mean like actual I think the win and making little played like if you don't come somewhat loosely and you you got to stop. But once you've done to hang their for second in moon and it might. You know whatever but the home run in the back the the bat flip Lleyton. Although super too bad man doing a flip and calling back the bachelor of Sherry college community in the banishment from Skinner said one baseball you can have fun but. Plus a lot of things happen in sports right and sometimes like what I think disrespect bottoming like. Terrible disrespect runner just. Looks that I mean you can't I don't wanna be that guy. Maybe a crossover move it freezes someone either football all night televised due to somebody crosses you up when you fall over on the court but that's not good for her I didn't hear it is that's the so you can only see people from my eyes up you just gotta bears. Right so basically would you and here here. Here here earlier this voted yes yeah so don't fits if a running back lobby lady on bell. He throws out a stiff arm right now step our review their play football you know running back itself which are hard to stop whenever. So not only does is the dessert Dre Kirkpatrick get run over but then you can hear Tony Romo connect loot they got. Mission readiness. And is this. Any else on the football field. Well excuse hey you wanna. And the players are coming back. Professor OK to get back honestly. I think daylight. Insult to injury the announcers even my Hulu. Now Ruth you would do that also still pharma weights of the main troop FaceBook page. Yeah I mean I wanna you know the argument about a lot of things I really do you think the stiff arm in football it was like receive originally jumps up in Texas when the quarterly and don't they just. Awesome athletics there and we need just you know that just motion. Do. You never wanna be on the receiving end of that. Exactly the joys of that highlight which are always the bitch. Yeah delayed the Marchand Ron from Auburn years against the saints and dude just raw mold. Down to fit and destroyed all takers but there's one guy in particular who just got of the worst. And if you bring a Marshawn Lynch we're gonna show that clip and if I don't think great clip. And less sure of that warm government saints. Yes you just. GAAP punished right there's a whole city of Seattle was that clip there's a whole city of north hated his brutal market mid cap that it is a fights away I see Justin Timberlake T when you start to think. How Super Bowl fiasco for talking about football still all right so as we all know Justin Timberlake. Eight years ago was that back in 2004. Timberlake was part of the Super Bowl halftime show which featured Janet Jackson now this is probably one of the most memorable. Halftime shows ever. Because at the end of it we sound camps. It's all Janet Jackson's nipple. Any point in the ass to this a hate just. The last time there was little wardrobe into the truth and at best and the lungs were good period were over here. Don't don't have then those kinds yeah. There was a little bit of that of those didn't know my toe sock yeah. So that's him talking to my streak and the problem is which I agree it's so easy to rip my to reduce certain. But I just kind of smiled through that whole thing cure now. NFL they have never had her back did you forget 2004 and we know we are working in radio. But more stations stopped playing her music and stuff all they've they've it was one sided completely as far as I goes on Mosley Justin Timberlake was never even part of I know is right there in the picture he wasn't there. Right so now that he's hosting the halftime and I've got angry that play. This city can have to invite her back to before our eyes yeah hello we are there so yeah now Morris say some boat race. I'm still not positive to this day he. Link was he supposed to rip it off well yes you know I mean if not it's it's pretty big deal to reach over or an asset like Preston and expose them very. Does mother ever grabbed my yeah I mean it wasn't part of the planning into the gym it would have been exceptionally vocal about that seven was there pasty on man to ever go off to maybe eight I would have to I don't know if you don't see Sweden they call it the malfunction remember grabbed it. Apartheid is your boom pumps out your top bracket yet they'll carry in favorite I urgently you know removes Fella yeah local function. How much they that was also like the most Tivo moment of all time yes it was just it and I mean I remembered sitting right there watching the Super Bowl will come people and it happened so quick. It was like did that just happened late did did you see your groove on TV we noticed but to be fair amount particular Super Bowl. We rent the house to a club so we were surrounded by a loops to resolve Monty it's like you wouldn't notice because of her boobs. Everywhere Bree has gone posts are club what suitable. The Larry flatly make you gonna Beers on. Asked who thought through FL percent. Okay a designer. The power out of her place. Jerry Embraer. It's obviously but coming up to work the next day off it was pretty official that it had been a good groove and that's that we had seen my this is in Australia happened so quick. And full disclosure. At this point is I worked earlier today on his watch and I assume all my mum who is so wasn't quite a huge Tommy conversations of two of us are. Yeah we did I broke. We just which assume group I think we didn't have traffic has been malicious. Timberlake depths yeah. Performers over time have to Dora that's always good when it's somebody you can tolerate. He hit that's it mr. man in there and yeah I mean Timberlake also you forget what he has such a huge catalog by himself but he's not only in sync stuff like. To be like at TLC reunion or whatever the hell was that the rules beyoncé has been for the Destiny's Child when they pull out all them although lays out they did that whole thing with that is typically supposedly beyoncé dividend of being a reunion show until he says it beyoncé and the to get any car I don't know Motorola doesn't hold the author Leo in new Lola decision for him to have a no rose fiance lives to be also don't mind. We're and doesn't want to be correct as super Moran and you walk damage and they. Eagle for the halftime show our forgot she's performing under the rules and I do not curable forms that but we walked him. And handles that they get at halftime finger puppet this horrible lie under fingered a little woman laying. It's CF with Maine let them know that why would I didn't even realize Michelle was the first time you've got that request I'll let you gentlemen dirty air and at some private but yes with a BLT goes on performed their role is it a brutal modern finger I do not like it's like being surrounded by thousands of BT's. Purple fingers. Yeah I don't then it gave me a verbal finger back and it's likely go to a game sometimes you get your seat there's a car into joining us they held was busy part of the card display. The did you know exactly when to hold up the purple finger. Are they got when she I did not know cause I don't really know or care about her music she did fine I guess whenever I. To be honest with you I was there and barely remember a performance but I do remember one point I guess everyone else got the Q and I purple fingers everywhere. And who spoke to purple finger in the air it sounds bad when you sit out loud if it. For years we've heard about kind of wow we came here about it was pretty obvious between David Letterman the rivalry between David Letterman and Jay let this obviously Letterman kind to meet in early may kids. Animosity like a note. Oregon is kind of orchestrate a bit about David Letterman. Right he was always I didn't hear about the the wreck them they I mean it's quite that's why he introduced themselves yeah right and I only Letterman appreciated what happened with him until without Leno and Conan but I remember before that ever happened yet you back what twenty some years. And that's what happened to him he'd be glad it's him at that I have bad lies but you can imagine. Facts so David Letterman was awarded the Mark Twain now prize. For American humor at the Kennedy Center in Washington DC. Lovely brunch it's wicked expensive. Thank thank you for the so how exactly to just again as well and really expensive. It's just too much a brunch the Kennedys senator in New York City right weeklies the deep never got them and I aimed at. So Letterman with this award a lot of people are out there. The Hollywood group our reporter. Reaches out to Jay Leno and said hey you know could you give us a comment to whatever like you guys and it they did the same Jabber there's only so many of those people that hosts a late night show. So of course Jay Leno talked about his mutual admiration he had for each other mutual. Yeah eat it eat I don't cares Nick Eason had. Basically just said it's like whatever it's to sports teams are two boxers he tracked each Walsh trash talk each other does it mean you don't respect each other. Let us that also the robbery was very serious midge got to have thick skin in the business he was working and and I'm like yes because to me this is classic just if they scan fiction thick skin how they stand. Back and I do it gives them quote you give them credit you know this letter retirement date. The thing about. This is Leno talk about the Letterman. Even when he was mean to me it was funny and that's all that matters and any throws in the classic Leno thing but I am thrilled Davis getting the Mark Twain award it's a great award. It's Mark Twain. And it gives my Mark Twain prize in 2015 creed. Okay. On the island act caught on at all. It's played him he could even just put elegant at a press release I'm glad he's really reward good I'm 31 years ago. Right it's the biggest bond matters more now. I would do the same thing. Love that guy he absolutely we have very deserving men aboard because when I won it yet he go to that room at airports now. I'll see Embraer punitive. Just like that he got that in the end so there's none that I wanted me two years ago more credence do an innocent man. Fact. Active Tivo you know him from college football. You know him from trying to be Major League Baseball player he continue that for the year I guess. I think so. We didn't hear much of the other two Tebow is kind of a polarizing person. Now I've always said whether or not you like Tim Tebow I always said I was playing touch football I wanna play with Tim Tebow right. I'm sure he's a guy who did she gets you excited to now Tim Tebow is doing some sports announcing this is him that he went to Florida. But he's giving a speech to the Tennessee Volunteers. To get them fired up whether or not. You can you tell me after the speech if you wanna be a team OT eight. You step above the low one bing DeVine you that's your effort that's how much you care because in this game Alabama's better than you. But let me tell you one thing that you better that they'd better not be better at Juventus and I thought hard. What occurs god how much he cared everybody wants to talk about discipline and hard work all these things I don't believe I'm good when you care about some. That's what makes you get after word got to make you got discipline so in this game don't listen don't be scared and Alabama don't be scared of teacher I don't. Entitles you walk into that stadium and you've played with the Brothers you can buy it again. Up to the right now you I believe that may humble and understand where your blessings come from but in this game it's an. Surprise you take some pride in the teeth good peerless price it. 01 stepmother and leadership begin to. The battle random as part of a bill go boy I think now the downside in this speech they lost they Vietnam hadn't had a 45% Allen's. Turns out to and they were scared of Alabama. They were scared of the titles they are part it works it all looked at tiger because that's. I've learned to be humble I don't pick the news pages but I do learn to be humble about that. Never used. His contract revenues and it but I doubt it to end condition ladies. I think the jets yeah like. As good as Hugo was a college like an approach different and no I get that relate I I think he could go back to a college should be a coach right now. Daria depending on in a position. I mean I was seeds I don't know quarterback coach wouldn't you want a coach firmly quarterback coach. Or you think he could coach them well know to get through the college. Oh he's coach them up paranoid right is he dominated that area I look he's not gonna sit Yankee beat technique stuff that's from the sale of those expensive camps. Let's send quarterback know the doesn't need state they teach you how many just let it feels good to me he's teaching scheme. Everything I don't like read the defense to win a thorough ball. But we miles you dual task that only anybody will argue that indeed go badly. The greatest throwing style. No he doesn't know thing you know until quarterback camp and high school and Chicago. And all they were doing was working with your technique as far as the way you're throwing the ball about coming back my school I was just scrambled. Wrote I have some basic knowledge that didn't have before. But as far as him trying to hang notably go to manager changes throwing motion that's that's pretty tough tough to do over a summer. Well that's always the weird thing with coach you can make small little adjustments but not all that stuff there's some people that are very good. They give teach technique they can do this and that when it comes to regain them they can't do much for. Now you know they're they're not the best in many believe that your release point should be at the year and MS and always the settlements are people have thrown a ball for a it took a general were really the with a guy like whenever skill set is get him get him as best he can beat them that's a sad note why Tim Tebow successful. I think it's it's. You got you guys and the strangest things not currencies in jerk I in the first season did you notice the absence of absinthe. Alcohol was there an accent yeah. If he gets weird greens buried a secret configuration is enough of the stranger gives legs. Stranger things kids. I. The streets are kids with their heads just a college degree Turkey if if this strangers to this job any job that they go to jail her strange kids. This. There's no not a lot of cursing now because they're children there. Well you know I think he too is starting soon so occur co creator of air concrete game rough stuff there mean. Rough stuff for it eases villain much more from the profits decent sued and they were good season one. Put it in real life it's far worse. Easily I can't believe McCain any out basically. It's a complete the kids straight overall it would have been like twelve or thirteen in his armor on obviously pro cursing in a of course they are. If they can't go to the whole match hey mom wasn't part of the script but I wouldn't dare do it out of love and adding to have you balky back check this demo. The checks go to my half an accountant I into the count. Right to basically just said hey you easy he wrote a bunch of it in there and then him Netflix depending on how she would keep its a last year in the first season maybe that'd take it kind of all up now and now this year with the kids kind of courage of leaders today. This season the nor do and here it is rare I would ever as though. Can 'cause approach I understandably. Well the kids about the military it you seem to show you understand that in those situations. Go ahead and curse what the first time according to my mother the first time Jeremy curse I was ten years old and believe me I was not personal markers but first times you heard me say anything. I screamed in giant S bomb in the middle of a movie fear the reason she says she denied demand I don't remember this but. We would see the movie aliens I was ten years old and up until that point nothing what alien bursting on the guy's stomach can ever happen yeah so she's like you're sitting in a row part of me with your friends I'm sitting behind you whatever. And missing breaks out of the stomach and that just like you don't rely. Only half as of late they can't get mad because. You're the only appropriate person with the reaction not only that but kids that age that's when they talk like that when they get together in groups where they can you know just what. My little Emma yeah. Yeah owner wants their I don't know what Fuld alleyway workers there would you have made me think we're annoy you only have been as you have four kids in the woods and Mike picking mushrooms whomever they still should be cussing up a storm snow here in their friends. If I had it under careful look look for millions. I haven't allowed or I say if there ever Sarah get your headlines Illinois my cock you are listening to the men's or radio network it's timely and Swiss miles. Don't see what's happening in the real. In Oklahoma where I thought wearing man covered in gasoline as mom in mind accounts. Meanwhile a poacher goes after rhino and Africa and rhino that announces with a new record drops a multi. Sorry there's there's quite like kind of size has been wrong but no one feels any better a bus driver in candidates vying for singing CMC music factory in the ninety's structure sweater. And doctors and apply woman's running book for her forehead it is time for a headline. It's time Dave. He's beginners might call. All right our job Dorian. Italy a woman went to the hospital with the condition that is baffling doctors. For the past three years the woman has been a screening blood from the sweat glands on her face and home wound it's rare condition called vehement Hydro assist came into how drove sixty Mattel had girls who. He makes you the grosses. I'd just. How does that not patent annually for three years before you go to the doctors. If your hand just always an are covered in blood in your face is just covered in blood she's real chill much. Real feelings real soon so don't go ends June 10 to break out in the boys sweating which is either asleep or doing something physical and the conditions seem to get worse when she stressed. So it's basically just some conditions that somehow all sit creeps blood through it wouldn't say none none opened cells are somewhat somewhat out. They're called F stuff you have that is not right. God damn may amend her swept Mamo pillowcase. Or German central division yet elsewhere and I. I narrow my dad was. Our own mind that it's not saying anything about her goal mark gas if you're 5050 side as is my reactions I mean it's time. There's nothing in here about her having troubles with consciousness you know she doesn't go Palin pastel walls she's doing this there's nothing about. You know she she needs blood transfusions because it is does that mean it just he just let's plug right. That's I didn't look past that she's a beautiful well I think some of it they're they're trying to determine whether or not like persuade lenders are bleeding. She don't like some sort of cut or a very thin sweat gland that's coming in the lead for girls what about you like your friend who believes he's the leader far. You know maybe just maybe is one of those things where blood looks force woods Mitchell Clark. My dad usually not your forehead if it matters that needs to look at them again until you're not believing you're swimming. Around the world a man and Oklahoma was pulled over for speeding on the Ohio they'll of the start of the stars what happened after the officer got the car. What he approached the vehicle he found the driver was naked covering his genitals with a pornographic magazine in the basket to receive it as well as the near empty container of gasoline I had. In our car crash. If you see this CSI Miami Ramel is going store go to guy who did that runs. He comes on the resident reservation govern itself from oil get Nagin driver on the beltway OK you've only about all the lines up on the OK and that is another job over the lazy would be news at this time of the Avant jazz the man if he was master mainly was driving now Brack who suggests. As soon if it is even know what else is he doing. If you can why I let you know they've fielded brilliantly as really did that the new that he would learn a song itself. The guys right fraction maybe just wanted to feel for any. And we've been presented him the officer his loop cover of license. Mom. I like to do even though he offered few officers. It's good to wipe it off with a drag that was Ali. You. Good. Okay. I do what I'm without review. Interject here off the at all humble hopeful we'll get a hold up OK okay. But the and then after a quick check the man was arrested for driving with a revoked the license which was actually revoked back in 1985 clubs balls at guys hey driver 32 years with a revoked license. Government polo this guy you are also thinks. That he's got that tells you he's done that all those years and never Bangkok may give gasoline and and there's lots was comforted wouldn't wanna kind of music you're listening to the I think user now. Maybe in. They gonna veto it if if if if any Didier trying to boot student boat years Michael Jackson's beat it. He says he did it. That's because if they're really just listen to Vasily emblems on double file those into us on the cat just going have found themselves and it's. A man and man because the media than Libya balloon maybe that's our president and and maybe. Damn night made a bad thing ambient forges illegally entered a wildlife area in the hopes of killing Reynolds for their horns. Yeah they do a lot but and destructive karma a rhino appeared out of nowhere and gore of the cultures living with a severe leg injury that hole is on the morning it was a rest. You can see why the other day it came I don't know war runs a right now surely if you could get a regular drilling got him filled mouth Mo Fo things the right now you. You're attracting an animal leg god damn big he knew he came out of nowhere I know I know look I know there's a big international market for the horns and those things move it's a rhino horn for Christmas goes oh honey you should never go online who's a number of our a lot of ever in the run up thank you. Thank you guys though and avoid a lot of the you don't get the roller to live with him every necklace and I believe they want grind it out like a lot of bit what tiger penis Ronald Moore could always an effort these shares of Kraft. Told an aphrodisiac I don't an average these days those digital what are they trying to move whenever the grind of an animal for no reason toys and doesn't got to like sex thank you guys do otherwise is no sales pitch yet you know ideally ever stuff threat to. This thank you let alone the things. I have to drop soccer doesn't work. I. Not them coyotes started surrounding my house but it's not it's not a done and it's nice to have a packet coyotes other details and hear the defense. That's a very headlines that. I got the I personally don't see you next after the return a profile that sit and spin is back and the word makes its return all our next episode yes indeed adults or maybe it is final tomorrow. Until then please do what you do best and poorly for the sake. Today beautiful.