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Monday, October 23rd

It's time once again for the Random Question Question!


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You what sure nothing here is real. Trying to offend anyone. There's our. Invited to join the party. This is the. Other than secrecy. It is now. They say. Or radio more than. At times. And Jordan. They don't want to result in word 2700. While the big deal along with Stephen Drew hill. YouTube ads bring you all couldn't far. As to why can't. Dude you are in the men's oh. Today as they random question question. Your guess is as good as my categories of rats and the Internet. As the Benjamin's back get right to play profile list. Plus headlines and if your shot of the day fumbled as three males. And everyone's favorite TV time which affect class period in our primary in Oklahoma where Thong wearing man covered in gasoline is busted by the cops. Soldier goes after rhino in Africa. Rhino that announces with a new record droughts. He's their replica. I did XYY kind of size have been wrong but that no one feels that he better bus driver cannot find her singing seen C music factory in a ninety's structure sweater. And doctors missed by a woman sweating blood from her forehead and it's all coming on today's very special episode of the men drove a. Here's the question. Oh allow. It is good day to you in New York type food right. Food should just be food but sometimes. Well food can be dropped we go to all hire more police are looking for a man. Who dropped three T bone steaks now I'm shards. He wasn't caught it ran away and T bones. Understaffed schools could do is if you would do friend recently enjoyed a T bone and a house in Dayton Ohio. Yeah chances are that we'll explain the object but that's what food does pumpkins don't get their food right now but even decorations. But again we go back to Ohio where somebody or somebody needs are using pumpkins as a weapon. Specifically pumpkins are being thrown from an overpass on interstate 84. Needless to say they describe the situation. As dangerous but again that's food won't have Pennsylvania this is ridiculous and woman of Pennsylvania. Violated a court order banning them from Wal-Mart. She will back to Wal-Mart anyway her reason when they answer according to her and I quote. The kid is too good to stay away. It does seem like the dumbest reason to go back to jail that's because of it the way that the food doesn't sport about this for some of the stories that we saw. And many many questions popping Torre had double what to ask you in the form of the random question question here's how work. You call us we asked two questions I completely random after you share your story we will then share with you the story that inspired said question emperor. They showed Iran question quest you call 844999. Only you can like the men's room on FaceBook follow us on Twitter and enjoy life and cinder emails to the men's room at men's or live dot com. You are listening to the men's or radio network. My. Own a dog and I go on the show number 2700. With a big Chile's. Never return as the men's room your guess is as good as minor categories you'd think from today that would be rats and the Internet. Ranches in like rats the Internet as in web sites coming up with the categories on your guess is as good as mine and today is today we do our random quests Russell is Yum! Brands. Friends and stay out welcome to the men's room. Yeah oh wow. I'm okay. Sheila is that we're do you by the oil if you go to Australia everyone's going to say your name but no one actually mean Jermaine. I know well heeled up there I had them there and I would that would drive me crazy fun weekend. But I know my name I'm every now there's. Hey that's going to be around okay strong point you enjoy only the finest women have her nephews on bathrooms everywhere. I'd say let's go this one oh win and where did you get lost. We had to buy it a lot yes. I'm not OK you know what. Story. I would my mom. I have we bring Beckett back and egg and we weren't too. On I think we're trying to get shock got a god that does. Movie she's. My mom ended up going our mailing and her. Seventy dodge darts and another does that no road and we are other. What movie was that important that day you just put corn rose to drive to the desert in a dodge darts. I'm you know what. I know demand led by my week that we're making memories of Marmara got a question. And that's not only does it take off to the desert heat obviously demonstrated before. Well yes because you never give direction. I'm Andrea good Tracy drove into the desert I don't know what's worse there are ways I don't know if you don't you always Wear it's I did it take you through every neighborhood that you've ever way guys. Wage is now that a lot of driving services apparently used were they just take you through every neighborhood imaginable for you to we're going. People like accordions ideally. If you're on a smallish pretending there's Travis trap they're okay our weather's like a speed trap or there's an accident which I don't know that all you know is why am I in this neighborhood crafted to fit it where I. On the reason we ask when and where did you get lost man oh man this is this is this is an unbelievable story OK we go to Italy. An Italian man who won the Venice marathon. Okay. Byron let that sink Ginsburg. It's in Europe it's in Italy and it's unearthed a big canyon but it's Italian man who won the Venice marathon. But. This is an early in the ball luck easily and also Boston the Massachusetts. You know I don't I was also a way to invest in this marathon was on boats he won these this marathon to win the leaders of the race were accidentally directed the wrong way on the course. Accidentally. The young 24 year old Italian runner was not a marathon elite. But he was about a minute behind the leaders. When a motorcycle led the leaders the wrong way sixteen miles in 126. Mile course. He then took advantage winning the race in two hours and twelve minutes the Avery back to the AP reports. Abdul do Wada. Gilbert's kids living Chama. Kim Kim Mi moot tie. David it come true no met to go and two other elite runners were guided the wrong way for several hundred meters today a man of some stuff. If you took it took it. Yeah yeah basically all the African runners went one direction sixteen miles back that's impressive it's Steve Mata was sixty miles into the course they led to be there all okay so that are on the wrong turn happened in the motorcycles who are these are the these in the league guys there in the front. The motorcycle is simply did take the wrong turn. And he was a good Giuliani's bet. Mohamed Moussaoui. Did I don't know when come. Come who. Well I've done more with so it ended up that the Italian was first Mohammad Mousa finish second. While to wreak bad maroth took third and Jumbo was informed on Jumbo was better to Larry got open but isn't that something so McComb on tumbled that was on the list. Americans and random random random random quotes like Boston Elton Brand OJ be welcomed to the men drew friends friends friends. OK now they appear able. Top. Jamie aren't. There yet we're doing good men and wonderful thing death. I go that's what. Would you say is your guilty pleasure song. What is your guilty pleasure song the song that you really don't want individualized what did you do afternoon light stand to glean. It's good faith but there was a song from Greece. Got damage out of the woman I want. Room 00 okay. Stay on the radio. Children. Glad they're Derek yeah as you'll get some flak for those what's your song. I. Yeah RB song. I'm a Barbie girl I know I did learn how I learn something and then from law. Catchy. I don't eat it you need to bring sexy naked. Is catchy it is Debra most Bob's all of the can't wait till I ever argue that sun was in catch let that one images of all the pop song the most recent worsens because it's about Barbie you know. Our Fiat and hit my daughter was the one prospect in the pilot says Alger did. It that it doesn't like is CC has barbies doesn't treat. While he's got to get net out of the Barbie but yet you built in yeah. All right threes whereas closure guilty pleasure song here yelled Montreal man says he was given a 149. Dollar tickets. After singing while driving. On September the 27. To fake mole law was on his way to buy bottled water. Happily singing along to see NC music factory's 1990 hit song. Gonna make this let's everybody dance now. When he said that he heard of police sirens blaring behind it. I was thinking they wanted to pass but the call in the speaker please go to the right side. I stops in four police game two on each side and checked the inside of the car. Then they asked me if I screamed as a no I was just saying well the police checked his license and registration then came back with a 149. Dollar ticket. For streaming in public the car according to Montreal by law. To cause this order by screaming violates peace and tranquility. And can be punished by fine. A fifty to 1000 dollars. He says quote. I don't know my voice was very bad. And that's why I got the tickets but I was very shocked. I understand if they are doing their job they are allowed to check if everything's okay if I kidnap someone and there's danger inside but I would never expect. They would give me a ticket for saying. CSC music factory gonna make you sweat everybody dance now. You would pull those up Mike can you rate of one of those songs like I just wanna hear these and ruin every Wednesday got. I easily they're more yes I said he said this singing wasn't particularly loud just if you are happy and you like this song. He said he managed to keep his calm even though he thought the situation was a little bit more crazy I said okay thank you. Because I know I can contest the tickets they were just doing their job in Iraq that we got pulled over for plows through and make just went in that commercial Lewis to people are singing Neil Diamond. Which one what song. Oh obviously Carolina which is a catchy song it just a feeling you would be annoying traffic pierce at least. And this is the guy Montreal draft. CT. Chooses to do they can. You know was lawful and you don't it is so they're going to be loved and a great mood answer we'll move. Saw you there branded goods are goods are made for fall are 999 I love. Randolph did not want to hear that do brand hello Alex welcome to the newsroom brands. All off the rack. Time now you sound like you're a derelict Costco those books. Did you ever do anything destructive on Halloween AKA the tricky part of the treats. And you asked trick or treat. That is the question. I'm. No I don't think that it's never to a favorite house. Nope never jumped out here people. No positive about the that the police are absolutely okay see the decision sympathetic. Yeah a guy I usually gloves and nothing ever weird happened on Halloween as part of your church shooting experience. No nothing to me is flat admits there are a couple of people law Apollo eight up couldn't do you Wear a costume. And so hush a double Halloween to go. My dad that a Jewish and been part of our out like a lot like a big black and a bunch of bloodshed in front of it. And I dragged out and out black mask and black light at a black like London and I missed and the he's 38 year old. And a actually acting scared I'm a Mexican mom I'm just coming up the majority. In the corner and that if I'm walking. Through and I think I'd keep her heart attacks. Well that's volunteer at a time. I don't know I guess what I'll do something destructive on Halloween America your series did you guys ever do anything though the run in the neighborhood and holing enough now that we were actually pretty good has been good to be out of it either I was an upstate new Yorker unit you're doing why did. So there are going to get your red eye and in Baltimore just moved you to not to do you think Jews do because someone dumber the news out there. We go to Los sterling township or pumpkins are being thrown from overpasses and vehicles this is fun. These are Smashing Pumpkins still all over the interstate on 84 or near the town of Moscow at a day after troopers say someone drop pumpkins from an overpass damaging vehicles. Retired truck driver says it's already hard enough for drivers having to worry about than expected danger as instead of pumpkin falling out of the sky it's getting very dangerous on the roads very dangerous truck drivers the spoke to us say they have been going past that past. For years and that is a spot apparently where these kids have been dropping pumpkins for the purview yet don't throw stuff off overpass melt period yet has yet like it. Seriously the inevitably some of these really any hurdles to get you killed in Ohio yet few days ago that when I was a teenager insanely happy in the DC area. Those kids on rocks off like overpass and when I find somebody like yeah yeah yeah. Brenda Brenda Brenda reload Darren welcome to the men's room and Brenda oh not big enough all right track. Friend. And I done. Let's say air carriers we're doing good man it's okay dotting your lifetime mother oh someone's name of a business's name. Place whenever what name of what you always remember. Maybe it's just a little bit of a little play on words that was picked there's your rain is budge and we got some delicious blood comes Venus or. America. Well I was perfectly good about corporate reports and sexy color coded. More than usual let's. Well a lot of other news cycle is if there was a real name got back home yeah I guess you will remove. Okay yeah I. Well yeah it took a bit a bit down. Yeah no I am I'm a U turn and make a good you. Members slip muffins they brought in oh my god if only oh yeah. Oh and I was what was the reaction when you heard someone make a mistake of saying his name out loud. You wind it's real extreme and that. Luka and not having a guy I don't know like that mother Lynne and her. No idea what what I it. And can't they were Norman that's the reason we ask what enable we always remember it may be your call last year a 1200. And or aunts are 124000. People. They voted to name a new British research vessel. A boat Eumig both face I hope they did an online competition eventually if whatever reason the decision was overturned and the ship was named instead for the popular British broadcaster. Sir David Edinburgh. Training we train face however I'll officially received its name and naming ceremony in Sweden. Earlier this year Swedish transportation company MTR express they did the same thing. They held a public vote to name a new Stockholm Gothenburg express trains these are like high speed train GAAP. Training the train face that was the runaway winner. At the time of his peers a trainee might meet a similar fate to bode. A marketing chief promised this would not be the case I guarantee with my life the train will be called trading maturing face. You think he ever thought he'd make that statement in his life I swear. On March Paula reformer and a straight murdered called trade favored trading space in this why you need to give them options to hypocrite if they let people fill in any name they want government. And I wasn't an established will boating with both face like you have to understand at this point. If you gotta put something like that up for the vote it's come at a wide to whatever is in the middle whatever fixed right well originally bridge phase cower in the car phase of like look. The world's YouTube agreed on only one thing anemic but face death if we'd collectively get to know if something that's going to be they're not gonna name it something normal price. So they close it down at old miss Wright they're. Mascot was just didn't. Old southern general name old red so they look we gotta get rid of compile a good idea so many big vote to elect a stalwart character. And it was like when you can't use that will be my worst day you sir it's important you've got to give people options you know I don't formats governor Scott mascot you face. Mascot has got to ask the Italian dish it does it's the delays or make them a good note right at angle off. And some friends umbrellas just throw resilient. Lose friends don't let him talk. Hello Tony welcome tournament girlfriend. And Brent hello. No I love Tonys and bridges are served. Under our it project. Showed us what. What did you see Tony that no one believes you saw. When did you see the no on believes. Bernanke that no one believes. CNN and they just never seen anything grace. I've seen a lot of crazy stuff tonight is going to believe that we can do believe that they know me what's the craziest thing you've seen. A guy yeah it is. You had stepped down by a bowl when bowl or. I think that's I mean did you see the direct impact producing the gap a parent and I'm almost. Oh I'm glad I don't want to live camera Dara I hope so it's ideological territory what is the what is the reaction of a man who just has balls growth Bible. Indeed. Yeah okay I don't the other series I'm looking now someone had to go pick them up and carry mouth closed a deal. Oh yeah yeah. The ball out of their first and and bade Altamont senate ambulances. Now houses that the telling pharaohs is like PBR professional bull run erratic. You lose guys like semi global. Training boring. Who training that a death. Yeah you just practicing this. And right then right that's Israelis still look in the lower right through the regular right through the wranglers and and you think yeah okay and and whatever became of them. No I don't know the guys it would literally it was a thirty hour tomorrow with the girls or like I would have to go and extending key guy. So do you you go all right after that or do you say it may give him and never got on the back wanted this house in 08 was a little hello how long have you been riding bulls. You know a lot of double argued ridicule balls that still some of them appeal do you see this guy. Get his balls in my hands liable in a map moment you decided this is not for me. New Yorker you know lands on you and I our detract from your own are you Italian. And not a 'cause like Tony the Italian bull rider who. I'm up now that I'm a European in so much did you did the guy believed or anything like that. I didn't get it close time and the political and I am man that's that's a doozy all of these are wrong man on the regular red bought outright silly things. Till it came and I just all out assault on my get multiple. I itself. There is mass was in what did you see that no one believes. I would say here they say. She remained in telepathic contact with aliens ever since she was abducted at age 712 who has a buy three blonde with big bodied beings that was the first story. You got chopped couldn't borders spaceship. Do maybe that's a good today decent minded some pro bit and so that was the first. Thing that was brought up and then the second story. Was a Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corrigan. They report that he shared a detailed story with a Howard Stern on the Howard Stern Show about once encountering a sheep (%expletive) after. Let's just say I was with someone. Who once transformed. Into something else that I cannot explain. I think you just look through a time lapse video of him from the early days Smashing Pumpkins to now and then Howard says the first transformed as something other than human. And Corrigan says yes I saw it and by the way I was completely sober. So Billy Corbett Corbin a saint or Dan Korean court India is saying that he saw. A person GAAP shape shift into another form she chipped ops they now want threw Gramm issued a little heavier took a brawl and everything changed. But I don't think you qualify as they shape shifter we'll certainly did not look at humanism as they once did and nobody's honest when they're on can I mean can this. You can do good good good good yeah. It was over I don't know why did I don't know if everybody even says that. Fred request or question a far far 999. Omar your calls on the way you are listening to the men's or radio network and did you know. You know I'm gentleman's room. So John your guess is as goes by today's categories rats and the international Lou your guess is as good as mine right after emails there from an answer amendments or live dec one of the questions you'd ask god craziest thing he'd ever seen. And it is Casey saw a guy obviously get a short and crushed by a bull Campbell right that's pretty crazy uncommon gums and and that is it wrong that I laugh when I read this I don't know but I did laugh. I craziest thing I ever saw. Was a bald evil taking Gil my sister's cash flow. And o.s myself. But there's a reason maybe chuckle I don't know why I find that funny but it's. Mode does not aquarium and you'll say I'm international NA I got big gas tree come down and eagle's nest at. And of course you can't go up their mess for the Eagles this because it's a bald eagle arouses so you know you're you're they're protected. But history comes down down comes the nest it is I wanna say they took a picture of an Saud is an online it was like five collars of sometime local vets were oh yeah we're in that next you know I think you go. You pay me. All all they're like. And they and they said. Include because like there's a bunch of different stuff like straws and of things but yet collars and and a collection of colors and you told the kids afloat he went too far and now they know well maybe not brands. Yeah Brad Harman got that right now friends. Hello Brandon welcome to the men's room. Okay. Okay. Ties Brandon usury and a question question. What would you say. You can not pass up. What is the one thing that you have a difficult time saying no to. Sex don't know just. Don't know how good does it video if they intersect but. He never turned out thanks to you my name I'm tired I don't whiskey he. That was TDs. You know I I I put the effort and before I'd give up on what he would turn got to get the shot to make sure man maybe you'll still work I don't know. Brett. OK let's a I have to say doughnut that they're out on the table at the work event aired in the morning and that they don't acknowledged having one of those evil little thing. Okay now one of I said earlier that no all right stand on this a dozen donuts has showed. And I'd take a look one of these donut is coated in nothing but fecal matter we can't say which one. Would you still reach your hand and they're grab one anyway conveyed that good do you. Oh man only one means only one of twelve shot that you actually grab the one slather them Siegelman of the other eleven dollar fine. Common gamble unmanned bomber take my outlook on the twelfth. There would command I'm born in four like look once you get down one out of eight I'm probably not gonna go when one of twelve shots. I won't Bork well the thing clear avoiding chocolate. Most of all the glazed doughnuts they're all looking guy and then uncle they looked. Eight are exactly the same yeah. Chocolate glazed means hypocritical. I think you mean then if it's a smaller Don and it is a Krispy Kreme donut. I cannot pass of the Krispy Kreme doughnut no matter what they only come the day that I determined that I need to straighten my diet. So it would I don't know lighten him well don't look at you can easily cracked it. But you need the dials on the amounts that they know they're crack. But you do need a dozen of them and still feel like maybe only two years old Donovan here's rob become kind of the do show all right on any other kind of don't know the comes into the office I. I am the a guilty man who takes the song and fork. And cut something in half it's like a huge bond or something like that I'll just maybe like an apple for it and I'll do is slice off you learn how to do that the other day. I'm the guy may I second half I didn't not in size okay don't like three big you have to craft they're like come on gas thing right it's like that's why with this Christmas dreams of herbicides Amir like Dunkin' Donuts don't and I doubt that if I hope they go you know maple log now. Greta questionable as today far far 999. All of Mabel barn out of a blogger and so on. The show and many pins continue on the men's room radio network.