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Friday, October 20th

Profile This, TV Time with Ted and Headlines


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This is dumb men's room. Listening to its drill. Spread rumors of Arizona say by for another round profile doesn't take color 9844999. A little play profile that's coming up we had met. I do at your headlines on the way one hour from now the first quick check in my cock for some of the stories and headlines he is not working out all right a man who flew from candidate to Cuba last year is suing the airline because they advertise free champagne. And it was technically sparkling wine. And employees soon. Yes I'll be fair they were misleading and I mean if you ordered a beer they gave you some Michael duels went to be a little fist no because here's a different light champagne just has to be from the region champagne the champagne itself is they score a lot. It but it also represented a class level different from sparkling wines of you say. It's his campaign events that means it's a high dollar black tie thing you expected different level of service than you do a sparkling wine event because champagnes expensive because it comes in that area. Here on a plane guest. Book. Yeah I mean like to make throw saint technically rate fact that it's all sparkly white wine brands through my wife is just it's. If you got parmesan cheese made reading Romano achievements of parmesan cheese come from that region right. Parmesan build time now those are the same Jesus. Roughly power basically you have garbage on the on both harbor Barbara if you have a do the real story on this list and Stephen are thought about it earlier. Although diplomats and of people who are working in Havana down to Cuba can now that mysterious illness. I just United States diplomats were downdraft now all. There's more people stepping forward who went to vacation in Cuba and saying that day got sick too and they've been sick for a number of months and like. The people keep flooding in. So something very strange is happening in Cuba to America. We can't we don't like what if only Americans it's only America so you don't know is it like some kind of bacteria is today is that if that's. It would what are what is. Nobody knows. There's a new kick starter forays food straw hybrid. Do we need that does it when you better be good for serial purse for all these for serial I O products and how they're always there yeah you just give it up there and the flurries and end. That's straw threw me out as a kid still in doubt at times. Darren what do straw under frost doing what is useful but the tourists don't come the straw that it is. The school has a strong yet. Look I'm sorry no can become this phone but it's got that big open and in the end so when your five. You think hey it's a weird square struck and then we suck on it they're delighted in the coming up who really does want. Hey Kath and angry memories with my call they're gonna cultists who trough this is from a brawl she's sumo grand. Yachts from Toronto. Scoop just serials like a Studio One of the truth is if you look at how we don't have a good diet if they don't know you want to side. There was no one's looking at us Italians voted those. And I think I'm probably out either the man speak and be convenient there's too much milking your voltage. Now bull crap out ratio again. But I would deductions you said look it might actually know what it's doing. For a new study found Doug's used expressions to manipulate us especially their eyebrows I believe that completely I did do you have them Whoopi Goldberg. I wondered about the dogs and it looks like they're smiling shyly smiling you're too just to build their cheeks this mountain. I think I could do that again and even these long week but did you not my dog used to smile for pictures. If she was give her picture taken should look at the camera just got to build grin on her face the when your doctor about yeah bump every picture that the that we took over she's got that thing over and we don't we're marry my normal window booklet Fallujah. So would you release of this it's sad dog look there's an ever set the table watching your piece of meat that they want. Barney Tammy you know given by our lawyers say the exact formula they definitely do that retarded and the thing about like dogs watching add sex. What I do a dog the would you shoot like the saddest look like what are you doing God's better than panting never really. Like all call Boston's great drive on dad and give me a plot to again that it's definitely the awful awful. There are regarded as sovereign air moving I got X. It's a teacher in Pittsburgh to distance phone away on Wednesday and the girl bit her. They had the mom told TJ she'd quote get even with air controller on the way to the hospital and hit her in the face. With a brick cool if it did have a name brake down shift. Has blanked at the teacher followed the student at dinner and then hitter with a brick incorrect. The mother of the student that bit her followed her to the hospital and then put. Hitter in the days of the Brett. The teachers steals the phone from the student student might feature monsters don't get baggage if mom follows teaching the hospitals and as you get your hand checked out. Bam for it to the face and we understand why why the daughter probably leads this feature yeah yeah. If I need a license to go fishing equipment but equipment when anyone can have a kid yet. Minutes. Is this what goes to what dogs depends on the owner it's absolutely math. I mean kids are how they are doing what you do is simply bad and something that's not just in God's name Madison. A man's list of pros and cons for different first date locations is going viral. What are some of his frozen don't. It says I'm now working on if the almost into the Ted threat gap band. Let's just be I wanna know too about what's gonna happen. I could feel abused lava that opened up and Erica thanks. Who's taken a swing through a tough I think it could go ahead and left. Starting next year you won't have to sign anything when you use your MasterCard they're getting rid of the signature requirements. They might as well me in the right. The article my idea for my pin number I've already done that started on that like any more with the I don't know I had him on the I'm an in my credit cards I mean I was in my bank cards sure good credit cards and I guess I didn't quite like in the end they solidly check IDs like rich red ball or they come off you think you Gardiner has chipped. And if there's money image and doesn't matter who's sort of easy with the money they don't total general good. All of part of the problem is he not only believe that little bar on the back of the card for you decided you know here's what you're signature supposed to look like yes that's just a reference for anybody to steal your car. Who graduated afford to name another handling that he's still a credit card just take five minutes learn what their signature isn't blown through good I like to literally since this card is invalid without a signature on the back. In no way I view my and everywhere there's no signature on the back and the signature rubs off. I want you doing man you know why god marijuana you. You put a material on the back it was garden designer with a sharply in a gradual failure you should that chip technologies they are way too long get to go through the process of the tooth here's the trick with the signature guys grab a sharply permanent end. Right check ID on the back and it. I don't work they will they'll say they look at the Mexican this year ID from channel and I noticed that you don't write anything back flared. They don't take anybody write fast you saw where's your signature below is on the Internet carted Manning goes to a backroom someplace you don't even know the hell's going on back there and let them every Baghdad they get every numbers and everything else Jordan. And I plug the Canadian method of bringing you that little again your table that way you see your car you see economic and it's convenient as hell like why don't we do that. Come off. I don't do a lot of things according to a new survey the most popular hot dog condiments is not catch up it shouldn't big mustard. Armies will start selling deep fried Turkey sandwich is next Monday. Deep fried Turkey sandwich and all you guys wanted to know what they how to come early yet mustered god I'm not it's better than. Deep fried Turkey sand deep fried Turkey sandwich I'm down about image of. Yeah I'd give it up the Big Brother he's able to kill on an Arby's is if they think just the Monte Cristo. Mr. Francona so Monta Vista with turkeys short. The regular Monte Cristo yeah whole life and I held a sandwich but it kinda regret leaving it about halfway there but you're determined that I. This is such an unhealthy horrible mess of a thing when got damaged the vacating the whole stack of pancakes it's like reading the book it has its revenge and you have to go to Italy this error could pick between them for me some of co worker brought macaroni and cheese for a pot like online just plain noodles mixed with shredded cheese that wasn't even melted. Now on the Internet is debating whether or not it even counts as Mac and cheese. Yeah everyone macaroni and cheese guess death by a literal definition it is macaroni and cheese it's just not the Mac related with their take on macaroni and cheese. Good thing if gas demand cook who uncooked version of the tape is suitors are dead today. And finally advertisers. More feminine products are taking a big progressive step what is that big progressive step. A tale about a one hour from now thank you might not headlines are coming up one hour from now enforce the game moves on. Recess. Throw him to please tell everyone how profile this is playing you bet your ass again miles that this couple days are we sure if you are real like news story. Something to happen right here on planet earth. Barack and I do listen to the story based on the stereotypes you believed to be drew people and the decisions that people make plans to introduce you think makes the story a story. Hello Chris welcome to the men's room. It all works or not I Christians and how this game is played. Okay I'm here I'm all right it involves people a nineteen year old guy and his eighteen year old bodyguard at Taco Bell drive through. In Stewart Florida. And after they paid who approved they were asked to pull off of park while the waited for the food derived that way didn't hold the line. But these two guys they refuse they say they didn't care about all the cars behind them ever wanted just. Wait was not clear how much food they ordered but they ended up or doing a one of the people behind him in the car. Someone call the cops and a month on the police got there the people know Garland gone for these two Yahoo!'s numbers still walking from the parking lot yelling obscenities at people. Coming up the rest of them for disturbing the peace. Apparently it was from a parking lot antics but you can make case for why does holding the line the most go to court to. Not one of them was charged with resisting arrest and it turned out the car had a bogus license plate. So they could be facing a fine. The question is do you believe these two idiots are blacks and whites Mexicans or did you. I think it's pretty obvious except them license plate being the wrong on Ali thanks and sounds like two anyway kids men. Listen I like I don't know there at a Taco Bell in store floor steel where you rent movies do and Florida. What about 2008 is just outside of port Saint Lucia here's the thing like. Just loves everyone else can get their food one of the world they were an idea of the room in the Taco Bell experience for everybody just wants to go there any improves over the border. What meal. Yeah yeah. It felt like it. Yeah like final answer. To make sense to me now with him and it feels pretty light and then. Wanted to find out if these two utes were black white meg C or Jewish next fat it was a tease you are listening to the men's or radio network. Was my sales since its high profile has been to Florida and fast food line in Chicago though word huge amounts go to the line. And they say hey could you kindly pull up there's so we can move brings good out their flags at the ready they lose their ass. And remember one time they will not allow one car to move and they stay in line. And then all those cars leave the Taco Bell and by the time the police get there they are both out of the car. Running around the parking lot and yelling obscenities which is absolutely ridiculous but that was capable we ask you did you believe these guys were black. Whites Maxi or June you guess the whites. It's. Okay the winner got a point in time I really try to only look right now. It's a basic stuff right it's true and it's what everyone does it would be part of the prosthetics. And when you pull up just know this they are just making your food in that I'd in the they don't have ready so whatever is gonna come out hot breath. No matter mile other at the time I got a lot harder when it in the big news you're not getting out of line you're just moving forward. Yet if you end up with that fire salsa your eyes. Now grown to love downtown TV time in jail and now. Sure. Countless hours in front of the talking again in the mid. Prisons. Now it's always fun to make funny upstairs I only have so much room for this kind of joke right here is it's about the arts. I have a decent sized beard so I really can't say much but Jimmy Kimmel has been in Brooklyn all week taping shows there. I don't actually know the Imus I guess he lived there for a couple of years and then did he show there once or five years ago. Anyhow if you know anything about your opinion I think those relatives are from that area too that's why the Italian style the pizza stuff I think you're close to New Jersey he might are their for a couple years but I think. It's like his uncle Saul and all those guys. And I think he did grow up there and I think most of his family which makes sense when you live in Las Vegas originally came from add New Jersey and New York area yet. And any Jimmy. And it's like it's all the pizzas delivered to the West Coast from new York and all that stuff for the users looking first battalion fixed so if you know anything about. Gentrification in any of that stuff in New York City specifically Brooklyn. There's one section called Williamsburg. Right it's super expensive now it's now eight. It's like Seattle or Portland organ I think inside over Brooklyn and I welcome so those kind of a big joke how expensive it's gotten how hipster is this net. Lastly Kimmel had a very fine game. Where he would put up pictures is it Williamsburg. Or picture of a civil war guy from Gettysburg. I'm not playing Williamsburg. He brought Williamsburg or Gettysburg. Everyone says getting burned let's see he is running her. Appeared blog William Berger getting burned. Everyone says Williams burg let's take a look. We've. When you're doing good so violence in other and the audience is getting burned. Getting Gettysburg. Game losing Gettysburg now. So I put up the full bit at that an engine FaceBook page so you can see like how it goes but the last. The one you don't see coming with Letterman is off of it legit looks like a picture from the battle of Gettysburg and they've a lot of great visions David Letterman be like identity Gettysburg and hurt and I got a a which I now it's tough to make fun appeared I really like my beard I always forget when you live on the West Coast I think they're more prominent. Yeah you know it's like anything man be made fun of tattoos and attacked again if at some point you just don't care because it depends why you got. The thing about hipster dragon they lovler what not to use haircut right now and it didn't put a good erotic mustache is like there's man did have beards. Anders hitters in I mean you can look at him and you give a definite difference in the end the vibe becomes awful you know personally shocked when I see some I haven't seen a while. Such even back east they're like. So we need to keep the beard but yeah. I'm on my problem right I got the gals like I grew a damn thing now when Willis was just give bring it home you know you keeping your hair. In Iraq Brian Randle people say they have you know beards mustaches for 2030 years before they get rid of them and they show him off the kids don't recognize and nobody knows of the LA are never my farm animals is right before Christmas a media he's always. Had to say it's been a little bit bigger and send news gets smaller as you go on but. Or is that a mustache or beard side burns a hole. I guess he'd make the sideburns. Post or story say about the sideburns and Beers or does have a mustache and would we you're looking at him but obviously I recognize my own pop. My cousin of the times about nine years old and it was Christmas. So he in my and come over for Christmas. And this is truly strains were now piecing this together my cousin who loaves my father. Just wouldn't talk to. But I look files like are you got it was an embryo Rafael from my teenage mutant ninja turtles that was all right dude and they've really sided about Baddeley got Nintendo so we plug his Nintendo. In good TV up in the bedroom whatever but the whole time he just wouldn't talk to my father so. Christmas comes and goes my aunt drives brag on Julie forty miles away at this point and she calls back and says. You are Matthew. Was crying in the car. Because he couldn't believe that his and my mother. Was kissing another man being my father and that we my brother we're cool with it. And that she gave him a hug when they came in about Aruba mandated so my aunt had to explain away bad is your own school. He does that disable all those big it was devastating about a us Roy no wonder such an able the whole day. Yemen I think pics of herself without the beer might lose accretive to. That the the Basra looking up to pick up his head jaw line. Take it back at a Big Easy were supposed to begin and end. You know what they had a beard of all sizes but it one point like I went completely clean and I was having not having dinner with a friend of mine you guys all know nicely yeah. I feel we think should I grow back in use. Yeah if you can kind of just all. Dolan together right now plus is like office space you have to thank you thank you message well you know your husband and ask for an. Yeah no kidding that's nurture. All right. Football was a little crazy. He chiefs raiders always gonna be a classic match up with that the older AFC west pac man ground and yet. Right so there's kind of these famous huge rivalries you you think of so in all honesty I do not watch the game. But I put it on Tony Romo was real parked that there was like another place now unbeknownst to me which you're here here. Here here here all day yeah dude dude didn't do well Becker for the so basically. The raiders are driving. It's the end of the game they had a couple plays for it seems like they scored touchdowns he'll hear the crowd go crazy but then there's penalties. Then it seems they scored another touchdown there's a penalty then they gets to untie and downs. Obviously they're I have three final plays to win this keeps the ought you're gonna hear is them. Time after time seem like they win the game the crowd goes crazy the last one of them actually tie in the ball game on and on time down by the way I should mention. If there is zero time left on the clock in the defense calls the penalty then you get one on timed out Brett. Okay. Us plays the game good. Other players. How when he plays five that I mean does this say unbelievable. Man. Right that's why I think did you see the end of the game like no matter that you might have wondered on the last play federal I'm glad that he lives in the last what and you hear Tony Romo get real satellite it's another play. Until Mike earlier you know I mean it was Thursday night cultural. So I turn on at the NFL in romo's go to one more last week. Well he seems. Really jacked up. And am I saw the highlights of the who I get a ballot this is in seen Tom Brady you heard that would that many on turnarounds and and I don't know I don't know all the you don't watch football. Yeah and there's a lot of people today also talking about Marshawn Lynch who got rejected during that I was there was during the first half. Yeah this and all that. Yeah look I like Marshawn Lynch right the waive any kind of jokes around stuff but. There is. There's a few things everybody knows you give us an official are here you can not tell I don't personally I've been enrolled we will see him for awhile. That would be my guest will be a fine it'll be a suspension of the game which I think it speaks I think you get at least one game for touching it I would think so but you need to me and I would either. What an end in the dial the chiefs I guess is like he's very close friend sue. A lot of really really just trying to protect him Gatwick look I get all that but I was into what you can't touch you for. Yeah those are Rizzo and officials are fighting. Yes it's official or attacking a player Billy OK some increases doorknob but wait. We're trying to break up a fight that's in note that was a very intense moment in the game disarm and let off to a any official getting jostled around not because the players are trying to push them but. These players of this wonderful ball ended in and whatever the conflict was veterans are gonna do what as men or want to do. So the officials try to break him airmen and there are no regret because of this point everyone's gonna hit each other's you peel back kind of pitcher graduate. They've dreaded you're seeing guys like. Pulled their hands on get sort of showed who was Stephenson official and just kind of in a U stop. They tied it in reason is because there's a different protocol in the NFL and other sports. You watch hockey you watch two guys you know fight fighting as part of the game. The start to jostle around whatever get a position and you'll see the rafts. Slowly come around go away quietly no way the way the way now in the event of a bench clearing brawl on baseball and it'll sure. They get up. They do those umpires get as far away Indian they come back around they try to they they try to watch the dugout they don't get involved too much then they come back in. When you're in the middle of the action on the field Woertz 300 pound guys are six foot seven. Those NFL refs they get in their fast man they are in there and they are trying to break these guys up as quickly as Paolo who. Regis I hear you're saying. I throw my under the bus a little bit. 99% of the time that's true my brother and a fellow official and I can remember the teams that were followers they Jackson goals involvement it was not the seasons like two or three seasons ago. A fight breaks out pretty intense fight like these guys they are pissed. Obviously this have been building up to be there and you could styles one of those moments because somebody said something and that's are curious obviously write these guys Damon scored a ball game. And it. Most of the NFL officials got Americans right immediately they try to break the stuff and they stand between you know no way. But the roller deterrent to leave it threats right in you can kill me but if you thought three addressed a group my brother took a little longer to show up and generosity of please don't feel like MI whaling while fuel will be my mom and back on harass them about it is I would be a stupid he's like look Grand Prix an apparent I've been lure Iran I hear of these guys all day okay so I had high here's some of these home back and forth anonymous. Penalty worthy but it is personal between them you know this is going to happen at some point. You've talked to both of these players to the whole game white guys. When you say would you want member Derosa emphasis on health and it's gonna lead to a penalty is that when it's our describe and is like yeah are kind of meandered over to these like you need to let them get their initial emotion out. It is like I don't want to Arab League didn't hit what you said right there in the front row man. There's six with seven gives you goose is minimally want but you still got hit by a man who six with settlers are gonna have my jaw wired shut. Amare we just physical side felt like I give it and in body armor is well and wearing full body armor. And that's nothing to write like in soccer at their touch the rough all the time but China Poland but they always touch the public it's the nature of the game right I received so different sports have different rules in your right the NFL is very content dropped you don't touch the rest but in the NBA you come off the bench again it's a threat to. Both of them oh was that then the melee isn't that you have a Dallas. The energy giant fight they had had the power yet. I can ever that they name that was the only guy changed his name right run our test yes he had met a world peace wrecked yet we don't and identities of people are number one a bit. And I think the memoirs. So this story. I think the source kind of spooky so last year and hidden. Spooky like. Scare you to death if you make it kilt okay. Last year Al champ though they were trying to find them right and Sean Penn had gone there was an actress Kate delicate. Doctor Steele yeah for Rolling Stone interview right. Omar may miniscule. You know that. So now Netflix has a documentary. About it of the day I met L champ though. They keep Democrats Biehl story right so here's the problem basically is that some people within L chat those group. Think that Sean Penn went in tried to give up his location seems caught bearish right after this. Also there's there's just people in the film the kind of hinted that right so obviously Sean Penn in his people are pretty scared lake hate. Mean el chapo is in prison but if you think for one minute he does and still run that organization right saint so I kind of was Sean Penn almost limit either you need to take out that stuff. Where people are insinuating that I gave up did one of the biggest drug lords in the world. The board shall we don't insinuate that just don't show the thing but but I don't blame him and I think right you're talking about L chat below. You try to get on they're getting interviewed now it's your fault that he's incarcerate right. Although fire have basically. Everyone in the world looking for real law enforcement what I wouldn't do that just me and I wouldn't do interviews. Yeah and I got to thinking curious if I was Sean Penn. I'm not taking care of and that's the other side of it. Yeah in Philadelphia I don't really want to know travels in the calm of the show like Mac he's got really he's got a big Hollywood thing he likes movies you ought to be involved in a couple putt all right so sure ain't. Ali I'm Hillary don't yeah I get while I interviewed him narrowly but now when he's still on the robber hiding or whatever it is right. I think it's for me you vomiting interviewee drug lord it's got to be you know reformed. But that's going to be in front of the snake pit I don't wanna really can't incarcerate armed drug will get hit the incarcerated who are neither did Aaron I'm a bear now yeah like you thinking that I wanted to make sure this duties out of the game right you do that interview. Mean I would asses and some that stupid get trouble. You know any of you need to add. A chaplain. And you like curly Fries you Rihanna well I was gonna be with NASA Obama always look. I do think I Lake Michigan and for profit think I'll do Barbera of the big culturally insensitive and different people here you do you realize they think of chapstick kids. That would be a strange question them all right L chapel one more time tops or curly Fries criticize him because this is my wife Susie Susie chapstick. That if it if it. This pretty cool this is Nancy Cartwright she has a lot of the voices of the Simpsons so basically this will be heard doing seven voices from the Simpsons and about 45 seconds. Yeah and easier I think we have an announcement in the bull had. You'd think your board. On all those horse lovers out there in the audience I. Apple and keep praying that category is now next. Now here's where they are praying and rather granite. 2190 feet you keep your hands up real little tweak Barack perhaps. It happen. To have I happened. In my friends and I make everything. Unbelievable it is unbelievable I didn't realize until today that she does all those voices how many people do they have employed total. In illegal because there's so many Carriker and you talk the thirty year for the characters and was probably. Six or seven people. Consistently you know I do very doesn't really boys and she doesn't yeah voices Harry sheer Harry Shearer Ramey dissent that few people to rated that many characters and that many characters are people remember. Well like great family guy's face Regis what Alex with the force being nearby. And senator Arlen and I think this is the two of them that do all the voices aren't had a great until yeah. They stereo TV drama to every bedroom headlines on the way would my cock you are listening to the men's room radio network it's timely and twenty miles. Now see what's happening in the real. And you're a Florida where men grabbed the knife and it taxes girlfriends snake. Someone just figured out what KFC is doing on putter in Islamic rebellion. CIA fires black lab who wasn't that in president as a bomb sniffing job in these substitute teacher who duct tape kids' mouth shot. Should be beaten by a mob in Alaska animal control officers get a call about an alligator in just after headlines. It's Sunday it's. Here's my contract got drive for years advertisers a feminine products that use the for some reason confusing. Blue liquid to simulate the amount that a product can absorb short diapers. Yeah. Feminine hygiene is there's always blew it that stuff they put Colmes and that's right Barbara Saul banana campaign to remove the stick global woman's cycle a new ad for body form is going to show red liquid flowing into the products. And even show red liquid running down a woman's leg in the shower. Still Wear the deadline quote periods or Nolo normal showing them should be chipped and I sorrow as though we're truly is there and women wouldn't mind wearing white pencil out. But their visit Laura. Movies normal to I don't invite people live like I did little political move on the shore men pray and really has so much more than cotton now look I mean they're gonna look at Kramer is kind of good clean wiping front and here look at all the hoopla nobody should be shamed for what their body does naturally but our bodies do things that are natural. That really nobody wants to see if the bats again is what renew amortized as slide shows the guys sitting on the Toyota. Of terrorism whether Viagra commercials for some reason have a pair in and adjoining bath tub that would leave Seattle is like when you stay out my back when you stand of the fetuses sometimes go to different directions drives as he thought right realize. Come on I. All right street and making strides target is about to meet an accomplishment that has taken them decades to achieve. Since the creation of the chain in 1960 do durden has made its way into 49 out of the fifty states in the good ol' US and they all don't tells the last snake island Alaska the Alaska Airlines Alaska Hawaii Ted. North Dakota not only Wyoming I'm one why Wyoming death. Now making its way to being in every state in the nation with the addition all look. Vermont wrote from they intend to build one of Vermont back in 2012 but locals did like the idea of adding another big box store to the states and makes us. As far as this day goes on we don't want anybody we know autism learn. A man after dead donor heart amana Florida faces animal cruelty charges after killing his ex is snake. The man yeah although my lawyer won't tell Mike hey that. Now I agree that men entered that is home walked into the kitchen grabbed a knife and made his way to the snakes cage. He opened a little began stabbing me animal multiple times. When he was arrested and that's why he would visit the thing you respond it would close I stabbed the F venomous snakes because I hate snakes and if the black CNN. Forever we wouldn't be born of the original sin without snakes. But I've almost as well as an underground not a good thing yeah and only bearable he initiated the apple now we all former Mercury. There's baseball about the sale at a good ninety dappled. Flap over. All right my third point yeah. I was surfing the receivers that eat the apple is well and I'm damn pizza yeah. If this. It gives you footer made the depth of the glided to think that maybe is only following eleven people. Can get is because they're criteria for people to follow we are against the store yesterday I think it is curious genius they are following five Spice Girls in sixth as named her. New and let him or things like I'm nervous less club on. In Alaska animal control is called Oklahoma after the after the residents realize that the four foot alligator that they had living in their bathtub. Was growing too big and can no longer live in the home one out again and Alaska I've. Hello I'm the only one who thought I protection from the fair this I don't curve there anywhere but what you don't think alligators grow hey you know what it ain't got the year off dude I got good and always a little left on Monday alligator about the standards this president ordered to get the animal and now they're not trying to find a permanent home where they're if they're was thought about moving it to Florida I think that is terrible idea why while as gators should be in Florida. You're gonna bullet from Alaska to Florida parents that's a shock dude told he gave her no that animal. Oh it's not a euros from now might yeah that's all right he's out here you gotta rob they die when we just glove that right now I'm Sharon about the fact that probably wants activity throughout my video legit and Heidi like you know the chimpanzee analysis dharma why did you keep laughing. You laugh. I was smiling because the chimp was two. New OK you're smiling watching. No it wasn't. Technically it was dying but it wasn't dead yet as it's. How how I won't hang out and horrible. Second from death I mean it would on its deathbed sickly and it was like there's my guy and big old smile on her face Jihad. If it's as close and I think that's adorable moving on. The CIA is making headlines that they fired one of their own staff wasn't because said staff member is a one and a half year old black lab that just wasn't enjoying the job. This try to do what's best for the mental and physical health of their employees and decided it was best to just stop draining your. She was a time to admire him away and now into its eleventh outside the Susan mom says he's all right yes folks. Okay now to be fair I didn't notice that moms get treats and I get home where our way Adrian home. Me as an headlines good that I got. And I've ever citadel DNA sample random question question men's room rules and your guess is as good as mine yeah some delighted that who the hell no mobile companion to. Hybrids is rerouting air though we shall return so until then doing to do math and relievers saved us. Immutable.