10-20-17 Seg 3 Mens Room Goes for Gold

Friday, October 20th

Emails, Ted vs the FCC, Bad Jokes and the Shot of the Day


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This is done men's room. You're listening to its real. Good thanks here are made far far 999 although we go like Natalie that we go back to die yes and you. I dazzle probably in your pumpkin spicy things at all. Yeah so up on come on pumpkins by the Alabama I'm pumped into it so that got her on out there right. And fondue almost the working at his side on the he's about to turn them have a job before it was my first on I don't go. So. I'm almost brought up. And she moves at the wrong time and I'd bring my hand down right on my boys. And me. Do you this dragged her at all news manager knows the rules. Yeah it was it was the biggest myth that ever if you hit it as our feedback. Did this crippling we like digital it's within the terms of. First. And a here click of what what 12 o'clock and mark ought to know keep we keep going I need to feel good right now and she did like the most awkward way possible. We still date that girl time. Are not go on campus you let me like a couple of you'll additional well are probably won't think so I wanna Manny Ramirez is on doesn't listen it was Halloween and Disney didn't ghost. Girl or call us with the plastic goes to you know. It was it was just I was wild I mean I'd luckily I don't lower your head that right now you and your bag together in and sewage is until. I don't know man I mean like we document and butch cheer she happened a couple of my best friend and I act. These measures that schools or did he do better. I wouldn't know he said that he doesn't remember it. How hopeful are you still friends of the sky and yeah yeah we're gonna try them according to the best suited sees your best friend when you were dating. You know blue Mountain View of the the finals again. The tour and you can't say other radio like. Sugar and. Please keep them working guide. Philbin notre really good job today for the most part of the most driving everything. Perfectly fine perfectly legal you don't mean there's not a lot is that you said that. You've you've done a great job of drawing a picture without explicit who's who's being specific companies. And then there's just ran the bombs that are growing all around this during the world and asked like has nothing to do with the subject is just like it's unbelievable like if someone says were FA. Every Saturday and yeah I'm in the delicate and then just a random message bomb out of nowhere for no reason it doesn't have anything to do with a story like it would and we get it Wii console lock button you know we we can't 'cause now we'll actually I mean I do think he meant it. Are you using ours a piece of crap back that oh yeah I don't like that he's being very sincere I still don't think I as film of that. Of that mindset. And as I was given permission and went in and ask for but look if have a friend who's dated somebody. Sure I just for whatever reason I I never have thought of them as being available in because I only see them with my friend and play no problem yeah exactly so late even if they've been broken up for years or whatever like maybe it's a different situation or maybe the only data for a couple weeks and they dated for two or three years later the situation. That it would just be off the table and in my did you just I think that would in that one of those kind of guy who drew Disco. Hey man I know she's you're actually even if you're not happy he's doing it's like kind of respectively. Yeah you know I mean I care so yeah yeah that's that's on sale and areas of the greatest memories smashes own festivals like to learn hammer. When its exterior on May fourth far 9990 Le hello Brendan welcome to the men's room. Oh. On top. Australia is opt in the world. Don't. And then blew a little bit and shoot hoops to integrate through Saturday. Night. Now oh yeah ought. They should play on every and every like if you wanna buy new Verizon phone rack vision play at the beginning go like. When Simone that Verizon. You can these work in your phone is breaking bread and try again and actually going to be like T-Mobile. So look are gonna and they are locked her walk. You know a bit this has to be what it's like to work of the drive through. I mean. I have no idea I I don't have big clue with a bachelor's and got but it wasn't gonna constitute. When matter been added to make it grab my budget for the entire phone call comes in losing get it. Occurred between the calls are definitely interesting today. That was unbelievable there was this family doesn't look oh yeah I know I'm Marty read and I I'm already Ranariddh routing and design. Yeah concern. Hello this job as welcome to the men's room. And let those guys off. For more familiar and back. I just didn't play well and I've really had the time to turn play Julie beautiful I mean we went out drinking. And we know who warned kick. And Andre and they're little blond I think they're playing really aren't any evidence that they had thirteen blocking me every kid yet. Little Larry I decided yes sure I'm it going to work early I worked as a nation that he decided to go all winter back to our place. And slow the pad that is about 3 o'clock in the morning I did get home I'm here in them so I gonna live real internal DVR and so and then so playing Xbox. And I have sleep there or half an hour later I cleared. A blood curdling scream. Exactly photos in screening. Oh I don't know stated he took his clothes off and you saw. Don't believe they're loyal happened. I didn't have held up a little over there I see her running out of his bedroom with a metal I would and bloated. Oh no am hey look at how things in laws you. Performing karaoke. She blew down. Okay. Leads now. And took office yeah voted late two inches. I don't know how long all of you all happen at Jordan. She went back into it that it looked they in my face. And tell we've determined that my card they come over the murders here. And they reattach did you did you did you have the other half of the other part. She's oh okay all that it has simply. That is what he says they can't eat correctly. Heartless. This netbook and put his eagerly into the silo that you know it shoots off the left. Okay trophy this year eight of you will have little access the blue. To being sorely wanted to know. Well you've been hit all through. All. How glad were you in that moment like your concern for your friend of the flip side like I'm so glad your not your home with the bases as an accident did you do some purple is a mean look what what was the end of the story here because and not if someone might not penis off they're not in my car driving me in the hospital breast. I'm sorry it's over you know they like low oil well went well what did you say happened. You just don't like something is our soldiers like outside the bedroom window. Or is better window as you freak out and that's where. You came in law student bigfoot. I knew I don't know what to play hard and steer. They don't know I would let it go and until I think area think. June screamed and. Yeah that's that's a horrible day on my counterpart though that he seemed like him by the end of the mind to it and that was on Venus remove them isn't. Yeah so bad I don't really. Yeah you are very early to say god you and almost certainly put it on ice. OK so they aren't passing a towel. And we are you there is some irony that since that call started Jaycee walked in rent it's you know he goes so quickly could you imagine having like your finger in an ice bag because you don't mean you accidentally cut your finger off and you're rushing to the hospital in your finger in your looking down like all I got my finger but I would imagine what your penis snarl I cannot amounts that my brain will not allow me to picture my old I didn't hear oil in the media bag on guys are couldn't see anybody else's on mango I see that that would just it was just it was in the shock of the Nevada and are comfortable. Our job. More importantly you put it in the as zip lock bag due rabid towel do you put as you only get like iceberg right I mean like I don't you got to put it on ice and as a block I don't know anybody knows. What about Tupperware. I don't know if you do that Tupperware. You usually use we do you thought hey would you reuse it like him with the lasagna and say he's just jealous but it is the clock back politely OK and I got it if it went in when a sixty year on 844 are 999 Lola hello Richard welcome to the men's room. On. Oh and don't gunmen are you. I've got to do it Tibet decrepit it via I looked. At blood boil it until the world would like. The bullet but it would be in Virginia Beach gear O'Leary. The would be durable. Also the same time I started keeping my block and tackle. Zach. I don't like to be at my current deployment any god keep on the eight year block and tackle outbreak Murray there you have it. All pop up I'd like you Bible Belt with some dignity giving you general court we been talking about now. All all. I go to eat it early yelled medical. And I told Dell that you bear what's going on it you don't. They call it doctor you lieutenant commander and they're able. And one of the guys go get another guy got. Any commander a chat being an actor there have you been able to spread eagle I have no idea what's going on. My art county I'm never gonna get laid. Anyone in the master. And my. My luck I'll go with what's gone. A look here earlier in my junior year to make it I got a light. You're holding it beat late tech blog piece out all of our. Art our our direct general war. Each era. The art issued from hair follicle. But what. Good night. Although it's much this is this is this. A does totally wreck. It it's Larry you know it you know you go to a Q so much maybe execute it under the bat bat. I'd tell you haven't seen you haven't you haven't done that dozens. Oh well I still don't know special agent and an angry after it. Every out there and you're Javed and you have to know when I was in the military you know they did you do save and all these islands multimillion dollar dean. OK you know what that. So many charge come through a guy drug compared to the audience and values are bombs a hundred crimes. Are questionable ended sex new Iran we get your emails on the way for the men's room Edmonds or my dot com also coming of the exciting return of dead vs the FCC and we'll get to the bad jokes as well right before we drink a toast. With a shot of the day you are listening to the men's or radio network yeah. Plus and minus next to Iran and here come those emails in the men's room Edmonds or live dark out. Go to our guys years ago I hired equaled actor all. Of Craigslist for 100 dollars to go to my then girlfriend work and poor weather because I wanted to see if she had the gall to giver number I'll do another dude. Craig says actor ended up not only getting a number. But he also had sex with a later that night party paid him a hundred bucks up front as kids nowadays my Downey's might say to me yet yet played yourself. I have since quit smoking meth. There's some drama that's story there's a lot wrong and that your Swiss actor that just sounds wrong uninsured you can just get an actor on Craig's list of anyone. Yeah and Jack. Our guys are years ago when I was a teenager with a libido the size of Texas my dad's only son. Don't ever have sex with the girls from Alaska without a condom they all carry chlamydia can pass it around like a piece by. As a young get out of whatever dad you don't. But I your letters and adults with a libido still the size of Texas. In an up hanging out and having sex with a chip 1 evening without a condom. Unbeknownst to me she just moved down from. Alaska and when Evan me. You guessed it I got chlamydia son of a bitch dad was right. Guys that when I got as far as what is sixty Iran when I got cots. Having sex by a mom. And my sister. In the living room. A bacon beer and bad decisions bitches I had sex go wrong a couple of times. I did this lady. To a close by motel for some mutual services we decided to put the radio on the help set the mood. There were to get things started unfortunately about halfway through Lady Gaga us poker face started playing. And that killed my. Excitement mid round we try to get things started again but gave them twenty minutes later after the song went off still hate that song. Same time same place same hotel the music this time around everything was going great I'm having a black she's having a blast fireworks were on the way for both of those. It was then I noticed it was getting wet really wet and warm. So I thought I was doing so made particularly special on her and few years later Ira few seconds later I realized it was getting much much wetter I realized that she was emptying her Blatter. No I suppose I booze doing something special though that kind of killed the mood right then and there cheers guys that for make it we have some comments. I yet back in high school I hooked up with my buddies girlfriends little sister. I've ever seen or heard of this before but when she got excited she are covered in goosebumps big ones she felt like a warm chicken free. How awful awful awful awful lot pop off off off off well galore and a ticket to call allowed many years guard ran into an old boyfriend ended up badly sex. A few days later my crunch started itching bad in my own shower. I discovered craps I'm devastated I call them up and of course he denied it. Well a week later as they in his place and I discovered ridge shampoo. Dated before we were together he wrong and I didn't allow him and how he had. He never our rhythm. I guess they're just they did you gotta use the shampoo for the war they kept on I kept on the ground anyhow they champs movie that it experts what I'm saying it. Yeah that general point weigh hey man doesn't work like in a bottle of dinner ice goes bad defeat direct drivers and extreme out here for the men's armaments or my back out. Ali guys and Robin today is my daughter eve birthday she is six years old she loves didn't spend because you guys count down from number ten. And you get a number six and Joey chestnut rock on guys and thanks that from ten other what you do that. You're six. Wow what. I don't know if I ever deja to my darling daughter Mara she's nine today and is having to birthday parties this weekend courtesy of her dad. Mom and dad love you can you get look at faced sandwich and you guys talking over each other thanks guys appreciated. So you just always yeah there's an art is Shia Muslims into economic got a journal this week recommended Cutler threw us a briefing her limited part of our one muscles endures tremendous stuff Goodling as the touchdown W mustard. I drove my son and I listen nod you guys you love your show I hope you can give a birthday shout out to my favorite little weird though as today he becomes a team. Abby thirteenth to chase Evan pronounced Jay seven going to suck it up cupcake in a little kids they sandwich thanks guys you rock that from the mama all. Yeah. Had a birthday to my guitar away and cellist daughter Caylee Elizabeth Noel she is seventeen. And at a barber shop fish sandwich please add for Marty Beers it. New movie Laura Suzanne wins. Oh Jesus daughter on this. That is Stanley is he's still around a zero in the morning and afternoon and news and not. Joseph wanna get my buddy Brzezinski happy birthdays a big fan I would love to hear now hitting the window in the dirty Germans had a birthday Johnny boy that from DeVon. Oh. There are video Booth they have Madrazo bubble where you'll but she's like I'm a floods mud flaps and hunt for you western backed its. Young enough to bathrooms and snack food and have been known than people in San. Young folks that's got into me. There isn't Robin. I MA US navy deep sea divers stationed in sunny solemn Diego California. And today is my 29 time around the sun on life Robert day is a little Melbourne dead giving me and vice. On how to spend my day thrill Shannon Sharpe saying Shelley sells sea shells by the seashore and I herky jerky the house is on fire for miles. Next time you posted as Don Diego Beers rob me Owens had my Golden Retriever puppy Jake says hi thanks guys that from Kyle. Best suited to melt it down to get look at Papa. Now it's your birthday go out front and nice find Sheila who go to slide in real spicy agenda. Soon filthy filled all the people. The simple. Gentlemen I like to wish my fiance are Alina happy 31 did you give them. Sexy German talk and a second up cupcake please. Darlene Leo book that Mozilla kind of size you have but when we had done you'd be improved. I'm. After the Mexican making them additional run. If you miss the ship's. Guys on your birthday shout out to my father in law Mike the oyster man thanks for being a pretty all around solid guy cheers buddy please take him up. With a suck it up cupcake and some filthy German talk rock on the edges that from Niles well. Carl wanting to come to win the AM and you know because much food as well as no. Don and after the match and finding the food around with that you're used to cover on the piano south. I was only guy that was my buddy. 36 birthday he would love to the dirty Germans and invited to a game of tummy sticks. Have a guy among guys that from Scotty K and I we could make mistakes Abiola took drama ball. Yeah and then they don't come over flood can be a surprise to penis. And I Joyce Meyer honey Cheryl happy twelfth annual 39 birthdays he's Moroccan rocks my world can you give her aside good up cupcake in a barber shop faced sandwich keep on rocking guys at for mark well. Is it to movie borrow this and we enjoy. She's done her own desire. Yeah he's handling his eighties and still really gays in the morning. OK. And news and. Guys like it was my wife Carrie brown booty slapping happy birthday you guys keep us from wanted to kill each other. Could you get to barber shop they sand wedge and if Ted is feeling Smart kitty say the ABC's. Thanks guys that from top and I can have this. And okay so you know I got the you'd run. Brother can nine enemies and win salute geez man it's harder Amazon. Their right to wife's name is booty slap on the palate booties. ADB BCE VE. A hefty. H I JK. LM and OPE. Q who are. Earth. Yeah. T. WXY. Behind yeah. You Democrats you know. It was a EU and the BB. It's the god they about the about him that. It could try to get to open in Islam is having this week. How guys talk about it I think it's offered me I know people won't let a couple things can't get it right. The alpha bay I think it's about what I'm over it that's like a baton and it can be let it. I have a media about alerted him out. And if you don't have everything. You just got to rule figured out. Daytime daytime romo's ability that. I don't listen to hope we kick it. Paula today is a wonderful mom Lisa's birthday no one deserves a great day more than her or my dad raised four kids of their own in the started all over welcoming and for more little ones and their home. And their hearts. Please give an original they say I was at a Joey chestnut had a birthday mom enjoy port though by our top that from our yard. The it is my 51 birthday is today can I please get some turtles eggs in dirty German from the lovely Wada and that's from Jake in Rochester New York listening on WC enough. I'm pretty gig and book name. I don't movies. Religious and if we don't. Wanna know soccer game. I'm just a year worst hopeful all I don't know. All that's pretty PG and gone and now but we all know worst of the signature. Could you okay. No stimulus. To be nervous too. Although there are you placing the birthday song for myself from completing my 56 trip around the sun to give thriller break gonna give up his microphone to Shannon Sharpe so he can do play by play of turtle wax thank you guys so much that from done. Or knew about the local red. Do you are free to talk about. We'll look food. Does it did you Germans brought by men's room. Available through these morons say our. Live dot com another sign retailers it would review as collectors try apply to him as his all areas are British though it could have. It's. Okay yeah yeah neighborhoods and I yeah yeah and. I donated familiar to you that says almost missed you know how many emails have been sometimes simple things and heart smiles they. I think we've got beat perhaps a couple of normally are there I don't really UV rays and they don't exist and don't particularly our emails are either you know avert their request. The occasional complaint email we've gotten some bizarre ones over the last two or three days and Mary your company's review our help we'll start of the our guys my name is Larry. And long story short I'm hoping that you can help me connect with somebody awhile ago I was talking to a girl named Brittany. Who was working at a casino bill score really well. She was party would think I was flirting with her white sort of works at a casino was working flirting with them and we'll profile. I was able to ask routes but then she ended up not working there anymore I lost touch wither her name is Britney. I don't know or last name but this was relatively recent and I'm hoping that maybe you can help me out and truthfully. I have been dating multiple women. But the only one that is stuck in my mind and in my heart is this girl named brittney. You're dating multiple women Larry's getting multiple winner on gas but the one mistakes in his mind is Britney at a casino that we don't know the name of Ganassi doesn't work anymore. While going for my teeny tiny violin and understand if I didn't want to stay with a multiple underwent what are you Brittany that works at a casino we're not gonna put this if I can. And here's what on I can be product called the jaws I heard your recent show about canned meat and I had to share the story. My best friend's uncle used to work Abel was once the largest Vienna sausage producing plant who gets all the chicks you told us about the time a woman working on the canning line had a finger cut off. They never did find that finger. So as you can guess it would end of one of those scans. Rock god boy is that from Jacob listening on 98 point nine Iraqi lovely Kansas City Margo I think after eating Vienna sausages I might want to eat the finger instead at least I know would to me tenure at damn moment here was a snowboarding at sunshine village in bam. When I was eighteen with a group of friends we were doing what. Run racing down like we're trying to hit eighty miles per hour. Little girl grow little girl comes cruising out of the side trail in my path of the time I thought. I can try and stop and probably crash indoor or to turn and eat it before I can decide option three present itself before I could use one or two. Dad comes flying out before I could even really react are returning my head and seeing him then blackouts. Postal later by friends and they came out head down we collided. Although they said was a plastic on plastic smack. The top of his helmet hit me pretty well square in the face shattering my nose breaking my right orbital bone and busting open both my let's. When I came to wells being rolled on the buy side to someone was taking my snowboard off makes and I here's. Gad damn that's a lot of blood followed by hey don't worry fellas I'm all good is not mine. Yeah fit with the Dodgers in the hospital told me I had and it day insult to injury moment explaining why wasn't so much pain below my waist. The dad must of got my boys with a sneer something. Because they had to extract a whole lot of fluid from both my boys down there easy. They still pretty streak is by the ways or can't complain. Friends tell me after that they had asked why he hadn't headed down the slow down signed the trail guide to shrug never did apologize for putting me in hospital for nearly a week. Thanks little kid's dad all all a pretty horrible weekend. He dogs even that from your friend at the Canadian gingivitis and let her get there. Finally they are totally get a bad jokes on the way I think first though that we need to go back in time the last time we played dead verses the FCC's so we're good let's go back in Japan. And. Ben Dover is seen before butcher when he cut his meat. Dan Hudson is neat into the freezer Ben Dover it's EP Tucker. And it's a fantastic. Beef Parker does fast bent over to beat butcher when he cut his meat and how to sneak into the freezer bend over the deep pucker. That is a fantastic feat talker but bend over to be put jerk when he got this neat then Hudson's sneak into the freezer bend over the bend over the beat butcher when he cut his meat and how to sneak into the freezer bag over the feet Fokker. That is a fantastic trip I. Gonna love you do it again yeah. Need time. Those three. 120. He would not play this I record says this is the FCC. Yeah I. I even Reynolds scored ten vs the FCC below boldly go durables and there's as we walk in here today. There's like three or four on an email I wish to know and I was gonna happen man and as you know listeners come first years we've got to listeners a militant vs the FCC was very exciting news go to our good buddy had router jolly Joseph Roberta. And he says corn bread it back spark an excuse. I try to vision quest thing and again it didn't work drunk high and make it I regained consciousness on my roof grouping in my gym. Which is strange because I don't have a fireplace or Jim. But once again I birth another Ted vs the FCC monstrosity and this one is truly deformed did if you win it which he wants here's what I'll do. I'll play a hundred bucks you to Mariah Carey for a weekend and finally by miles applied stealth. Please get stoned to go on his backyard in Meyer's magnificent penis whenever he'd like. I understand why do we have ER CF UW Madison the Dick rock sold score can Rick doc sucks jock. Dick rock Sox Rick docs shock and Rick docs oaks Dick rocks cork they are cork smokers and chock suckers the way we do Ted vs the FCC. It's you need to read out one time through and there's three times that. Thanks Kelly Jo. Speaking on Joe's we had your welcome column. Dick. Rock soaks cork and Rick doc sucks chalk. Did rock sucks ricks dot chalk and Rick doc soaks. Dick rocks cork. They are court stoker's and chalk suckers to address did rock so sport and Rick doc stocks jump. Nick rock stuck to rip doctor John and Rick doc thought slopes did rocks court they are court so first and shock factor barn. Did rocks soaked court and Rick that's not struck. Dick rocks that's richt got struck it rich doctor stokes Dick Rockport there court smokers and chalked up. And in rough sex gore and Rick that's not sharp it brought Sox went docked dropped it ripped off slopes. It runs scored. We accords brokered a job. It's unbelievable. Unbelievable. Man and other companies now find a way to. Want this could go on and went out on Santana vs the assays ARI that is generated bad jokes are on the way you can email the bad jokes to the men's or moments in my back out. Obviously 844999. Cola and you can also listen to some bad jokes on Twitter. At men's or live will take a break they drug charge ride castle and the big off the bad jokes coming up next you are listening to the bedroom radio networks. Change is you. True I don't know there's no real break and tells the shot of the day is on the way also they say return a profile is as your racial consultants are standing by in the meantime we've got the mad dogs. On the men's room amend or my doc got here they come from the emails. What did Michael Jackson called his Denham store. What the Michael Jackson called his venom stored Billie Jean's. Dammit so obviously members who can imagine tells you your hair smells nice either sexual harassment. Here's another Asian man goes to see the eye doctor doctor Susan sorry sir you have cataracts Asian man says no I'm driving a Lincoln. And while Laura Van Morrison boulevard these alcoholic and it's destroying at Fenway. Why did Al Gore did nepalese. Why did Al Gore getting nipple ring of the George Bush had a Big Ten. Dream has sideburns and plays guitar was green has sideburns. And plays guitar I was partially. Hotter we know at home as an avid Adam and eve was not African American I don't know Adam and eve were not African American. Horrible there were drug take a rip from a black men. It's kind of what they have to go back did what those mechanics very upon reaching orgasm when his mechanics say upon reaching or deaths. 0000. Rallying. It that it could benefit if that hey. Oracle 99900. Or go to bed though. Hello Ryan welcome to bad jokes. Well below or wow. So. Don't kind of sensory at neverland more than twenty prime winners of alphabet I don't know why. 00 and and hello and welcome to bad jokes. You're done my bit new auto shop. And yet you're about to female rap artist the only Democrat Al content on the period no I didn't hear about it. Yeah I mean well and he's. Yeah. Hello Aaron welcome to bedrooms and all of I. What do you call out and I would you call fish without a non us. Yeah. Hello bit. Okay and he now welcome. They just say oh yeah. Emulates calculate total. Why doesn't the which where pansies. About it good I'm good rhythm. Even if they need now. Could not. Well I knew it they did your dad. So be ready. Men's room knows just. Who it is. If that it isn't as usual we had doesn't bring death dance even throw vilified outdoor. Tells just as she was fourteen years old 40 summer I thought that was a child how bad joke of migrated applied. Or leg she is 48 she does not sum 42 and a new like this joke is going to be a little. We chose an unidentified 25 year old guy from Al Monte springs Florida. But his story takes place at a target in Dunwoody Georgia now around 1 o'clock in the morning on Monday. He breaks into the target now he didn't realize that triggered the alarm and it comes quickly got better and I found this is what I like about the story. He split into the cops that he broken man because it was part of this ninja training and of course that's a ridiculous statement. But clearly he was committed to that lifestyle because he didn't steal everything and the cops found him in the book section of target reading you know route so. That's a comic the comic is Japanese anime series. About a teenage mentioned that. So maybe your mother ninja well either way he was charged with first degree burglary. And I can't wait you can get a bone breaking and entering but he did not steal anything you literally broke into displays to read his ninja comic dressed as a ninja and told Obama is Smart when they drink. It sounds pretty ninja like. Are being talked yeah except he got caught that's that's one of the problems right now out of light of rapidly momentum way to insulate eyler I get charged with. As liberal guilt or you know different states so many different things we've waited for breaking and entering I want to say in certain states and stones kids. Trump don't burglary and jet then we I mean Yoram target when it's closed. Reading your stuff when's a good ninja like he didn't wanna steal it's we had to read it there he did read a bear but he's abandoned intricacies tracts. And appointment why would you not think that there's some of them why would you think you would break into place like target anywhere. Right and I mean Jonas you don't hear early alarm you think come up. Morning if reporter who's imagery does boost if the money into effect because we figured yeah I made. All the song and down the throats of Mardy and our tummies. Down our routers are not. Good could just another Ryan a library to play low profile doesn't think color 9844999. Alone. The show and many things continue on the men's room radio network.