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Wednesday, October 11th

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This is the men's room. I'm listening to. It's Arizona setting bathroom around profile this'll take LR nine now 8449990. Level of play profile that's coming up in minutes. Do better headlines only one hour from now the first quick check in my cock for some of the stories and headlines he has not working out all right a couple of Florida was watching the Packers cowboys game and made a bet whether it Bernal losing team's Jersey. And the man lost him burned his Jersey while wearing yet. OK he ended up with third degree burns on his arms and second degree burns on his back come up. We don't police that yes he had been drinking moved. I think overlook that one detail as anybody standing there and I'd say hey. Take it off the and that's a good point to. We're gonna go outside. Good on some pavement or conquering my guess is that they were just also blasted dead. They didn't even think they're ordinary and charities and I think I now would just sticks to your back as you burn it. Mike I mean I here to say handpicked for miles then they they know enough to go outside. Think until the U beat that drum for you think you can like them no firewire aware obviously you're wrong to him. After the wreck that we have never got mad drunk about a guy he's Jordan. I am yeah. I had a man who is wanted by police in Michigan decided to taunt them on FaceBook the other day and said he'd turn himself then wait for it. The fifth he turn himself and if their next post guy 1000 shares. Well she says sanctions so that both a screen shot of his message and what do you know they got a thousand shares within the first hour these are now so yes. My guess is Null and I don't liar than. It doesn't say whether or not he turned himself I found zany enough now to make got that he gonna pay up wait a minute you do you tell me that a man who breaks the law is not really want to keep his word now you're still up on that bet and you made them the ban on land that we've got to pay well. There is a code among thieves there's a code among men and if you make a bad man whatever the bad as I look out down to the stuff from the right I mean the dollar value of the dollar gallon for muscle Democrat then you would have more respect them for the man if he did say all right you know what I said of the go to those church. Yeah it's tough I would respect his dedication through vets I would also think he's in the well we might only guardian India for exactly thirty Nydia because it Dominic I'll let you know if he had to turn himself led. What I Desmond has to police work it's. The food there is a man of his word I gotta I gotta hold of that I would have to think the FaceBook is one of the greatest tools for any police force anywhere in the last ten years it is probably helped them so much it's. So I think concept of in shock will face withdraws how stupid a lot of the criminal element and we avoid. Then I don't know people were actually distant here's a picture of all the stuff I still am my picture including this well and not just for people displaying their crimes could getting you know like hey has anybody seen this guy. You know you back in the days of his plastering it on phone poles is changed in nineteen descended ousted different cities everywhere. I want them to be able to intelligence by that fact alone. I don't know short film and I think it's more substantial when the person did it for him dancing it's I'm right here is this as good as self incriminating come Saturday. Have terminals are Smart things there. Three months. For women outlook is like criminals out of the Marlins have been caught yet that's why you don't know the name you don't name other criminal we we did your dad we only hear about the dumb ones recognize. Right with a three wood from general goodfellas and deal gets pinched film that's the wanna get pitched all right Jeff not go to jail. Keep your mouth should criminal is not proud of his work it is really is where you don't know criminals are criminals is a good what strikes. He's that kind of like you would see what a good guy. Bragged they would their criminal and I didn't know it was of no good. Three women from China recently went to South Korea to get plastic surgery. Then immigration officials would let them fly back to China be televised on an advanced okay so look look they have good NBC and do you see in the picture of these relate to that I have not because I'm not working OK look. You have to take a picture of this because basically I in on surfaces I'm sure plastic surgery is brutal in a lot of different ways I don't know what surgery they had done. Their faces were so puffy and so swollen. And so bloated from whatever surgery they had done their face and almost look like they had gone through serious head trucks. So they have their heads all wrapped up in bandages obviously it's the swelling is still there I mean. He he he can't even see their eyes to the sole swollen up everything was so swollen and in just figured you know from the surgery that yet they don't look like anybody. They look like three girls who got their help lead almighty god to them saying yes now you understand why didn't let him back in because it's just like they are recognizable. That looks awful yeah. I'm saying like I don't know if they had done. Right well when I mean. I think I think they just whenever you get done there's got to be natural swelling it's all right and it's got to go down they're able to only mentally but your point you should weigh right I mean this it's almost like they got cut in June just jump right on a plane. Well if I want to get home image sensor injured. Yeah if they need to get home and rest yeah I delayed my dad to go bad is the plastic surgery in China really like one of the most industrial. Countries on the planet about hesitant to where he had to leave the country to go get a different proceed south and it's bad it's not affordable you know cheaper from that could be it. Obama looks down at lucky country. If it panel yeah. A restaurant in Australia was sir is serving a new dessert. Chocolate flavored pasta it's covered in new telescopes. Are aliens. Are a dozen different many an umbrella. If the pilots the taste like chocolate then it's just the consistency of pops up right exit loan generally is off the but it tastes like chocolate can also. She earned I'm just thinking with cost it's it's warm it's moist it's it's usually area. Bred into post is not asked toasted our I'm sorry new rules are affect newly. But your what was pasta things like if you don't and things break because boil it by you that Brad has my mouth and pitcher mr. bland noodle when you make good target I'm in. Chuck isn't just because there's always like. There's always some steam and some. Water on the possibly an awesome finish are gonna blow it out of my high school McMahon Stevie Jesse we just. They took it the sexes Jack teach it doesn't like something buddy the elf for me. Maintenance therapy and an Internet routers are at it's. I was thinking the exact same thing Ted if you're up there but wait wait a minute if I could see this and see your footage that's the that would you know be in the played that he made. Can he and don't keep it like legit Italian spaghetti and then he makes his agenda but five starts and mark you know if I turn itself. Yeah I'd take up I would write don't they don't quite Madonna wouldn't. Yeah a new study found that men and bad marriages are more likely to develop heart issues. But previous studies have found dead it's not true for women in bad marriages. Hope. It's a winner we on merits of our problems for one more reason not to go to guys in particular if the Q Aaron Miles you're losing your health that. What to do year old woman a Pennsylvania was arrested after he got into a fight with her husband in the shower I already covered this story that's why I'm now working on it. See how much every these things fall off days and doing a grandmother Sandra and that's exactly right. Because as I don't bring it up again as repeat from a previous show thread this indeed is the Christmas special Tony sixteen you do again. And I will comedy he did learned his lesson out there and again and finally a couple losses three year old and a place that's arguably pretty easy to lose somebody in the wholesale about a one hour. Now they are my headlines are coming up one hour from now the first gay males love. Is true precepts. Yes even throw helping the police are joined now profile lest his play desperate with the goddamn phone Spencer believes it and so it's a simple game miles where we share with you a real life news story tough and it happens right here on planet earth. Or are. Burke and as you listen to the story based on stereotypes you believed to be true of people and businesses is that people make. We'll ask you to do you think it's a story a story aren't we out any of those phone problems on the plate instead and are younger and million dollars. I can't pay out. Then hammered time's up I have enough of I didn't have to have a cat found a guy family I don't know I think a dollar the other day in your persona sunk issue and I just. That's I had very few of the racial consultant I don't feel them a lot of clues in this look we never played again since its. Now look if you're picking gloves to where to hide your fingerprints during the robbery. That makes sense. You brought want the most flexible gloves didn't find it. Not in this case 33 old guy broke into car in Pasco Washington around 1:30 in the morning on Monday. Now someone spotted on the components we ran off but he did leave something behind. Apparently. You bring those big fake green incredible Hulk hands during the Robert are you familiar this there's a huge they are massive right. So he's throwing those big ass improbable hole and during the robbery but he left them attached to the story will. Brand ran away and just the person who owned the car did confirm that the whole hands were not there reporting robberies. I grew legal boot but they're stuck because there aren't intended to o'clock anyway the cops tracked him down if you want to weigh in rested up for vehicle. Prowling to possess and stole property. The question is tournaments you leave this school. Who not only more giant hole hands to hide his fingerprints and left behind the clintons during will lieutenants who is black lights vaccine or H. I love listening to my first thought as navy was Burt Reynolds. Can't did you enhance. I think you're right there's not a lot of clues I don't know who who committed a crime that if the giant hall came because of nothing else. You don't if you did break in the car Steelers didn't see anyone suspicious ago. Yeah there's got to recognize and and I would hope it's. What you instantly get committed to memory if that's where. And Jeff I'm I'm I'm somewhere between my Mexican thing gets confronted an immunity plays all runs and but he left the whole pains me. I mean. I'm assuming you must have children if he's got the whole team and no I don't think so. You know I think I have okay into my home because I have children but I just get the feeling this guy does not have to you know what I'm gonna go I think that that's all I'm gonna go light on this recently because white people love to dress up in customs. I'll all right good I'm going Maxi you are relaxing yeah okay. And when you finally after. You know I just feel like. Ohio this picture of a small Mexican dude put these giant hands. And any easy just slide down a 120 it takes off running when you put them on your hands you look like you're like an adult rock them sock them robot these exact are absolutely huge and great man and I'm almost as though Ted you're gonna go Mexico final answer. Finally it's a lot unit I'm political like final answer easy and we're gonna find out that this man with a hole Kansas black white meg C or Asian next. Fat as a team you are listening to the men's or radio networks. I just never got a car prowler I'm profile those but he was a Boston and he did leave behind. His giant hole camps. Which we're still stuck to the steering well I guess he was pretty easy to find the economy. Our goal blocks away either way he was busted for car prowling in and a bunch of items in their firm. Other car proud so he was probably arrested in the question most was he black white mixing or Asian. Meaning of that contestant on the line there in little foam problem now school in the intensive comedy play the game on around him. I wince I would whites. Based on the fact that I believe that anyone who dresses up in costume seems like people love to get dressed and customs. Oh I agree that he was an inch hole cost nights at the hands on you I think he had that from some kind of accustomed from perform open. Today US Maxi series Meyer doesn't mean you got to. That's my got told that pack but you like the idea watching would you say time and actually I'm Rick whose hands are Maria and Gregory got his hands up real quick. But I got beat back forearm to take the second he just like. I'm out yeah. Well I wanna do is correct at ten usage you not heavy dollar to actually bets on the news the good news is you know one day. Yeah. I am. Whereas here's one shining American dollar which showed you from soda and the other thing. Okay good so really you elusive and he's just got your money back if. Now brawl didn't not a time to average TV time a dead. Yeah sure. Countless hours in front of a talking. Presents. US I did it make you feel good look do you want serious stuff but he wanted to see every pissed off. Honey wanna start out Julia pissed off right alligator the only way for Iowa you know what I wanna start with this does it put me a great mood last night it's a feel good story. Now you know I like animal shows short and other things and I tap. I watch the show last night behind National Geographic Nat geo if you will Jerry Remy in my house call trek thing. So the show was gone it's good net G and eighty you have all insects and if it's ethnic. I didn't realize by the way I thought of as an obsessive nature shows turns out. I should say there's a whole culture of us. Yet there's a good channel does nothing would show nature shows well yeah I mean I like to go deep on the PBS wants to go I'll go out there and territorial like so much of the fact that this weekend I was spouting off some facts about pears I had learned. Often major show and the guy I was talking to was a very nice man and after about when he and it's just kinda nonchalantly went. You know I did go to University of Oregon for animal something like an animal. It's you don't anytime I have now what do judo black lead time to think the thing was cheated. Jim was able to stay out the whole time we're some bears are tracked the like yeah yeah I knew this is solid didn't touch the whole group wants the way we are you were four years and under OBB doesn't it occur who's stupid now. What we call cost efficient my man if it cost efficient. 'cause the missile was caught up unlikely animal friends. That was a couple pairings on the show right but the first period comedy gift do you buy houses you know look at your ride you've got to love that. It was two dogs. And Iraq soon okay all right they took the rap tune in to kind of rescue it. And then back to Belgium made rec room but the raccoon made friends I do not know this records are used to growing up in big letters with mothers and sisters and Brothers and says he small wreck you're very much you enjoyed. You know at these dogs they looked after. But you go and I did you tell us everything about it's not just that folks. This raccoon also does something else that is often don't. Today he's the one year old raccoon make yourself ready home alone at her canine French. Pumpkin is able to go wherever she once in the house. When he comes to bathroom breaks at its raccoon has a trigger for sleep giving. And one day I noticed that punching was on the toilet and she was playing at first for the water and then went very stale I noticed that she actually was PM. And ever since that moment she now goes to the toilet spike. Any person what it. Mr. Hogan's inability to do this may be instinctual. In the wild raccoon go to the bathroom and water tigers sent. Did not know that this is my going to be last night wow who I. Maybe the bulls involved in these crazy act only if you. But all of a sudden get plus I don't think they're pretty cool rocket veterans only wanted it to. Functional if you think the Olympic direct his blazers to. So they got their Rangoon Barbara who didn't even toilet and headline correctly does he wants to Heidi is sent out. Yes. I know a lot of your clamoring for it in February there is more pumpkin. And as we have put up the pulpit it you know about it at the top dogs that's that spectrum for slippery it is I'm sorry I just last I don't think. They've really got it all wrong about a lot of things in life in this world. A raccoon should be inside how how were you I was there man can think they're acting like a week or two off all so you have a huge. Criminal raccoon. Up all hope that they don't you know they've stayed true I think you'll read coup. Because in Mexico records are considered pets at times and other places are staying in where you couldn't flush the toilet paper down NATO if you hadn't thrown in the trash can. How into an animal rescue there in Norwich on Iraq tunes and basically. If you're standing near one they'll decide to crawl up your leg and get on your shoulder and hang out so you know you that they cannot they wanted to close they were they really do so they become open they kind of just got to with. The crazy thing about the raccoon meat and he got a huge task Klausner and like you see these things like oh god get their hands are very knows it gets it's that's that that was the thing was weird because they were all pretty well undersized I'm used to sing like. A waddling family we just state the dumpster accidents and these are very skinny. You know I'm very small so in raccoon like to lake and it late make nasty stuff right yeah so they have a whole section with a top cabinet. They just leave in the raccoon sneaks up there Mike opens the door and Mike has run on the inside their cabinets and sometimes they'll just push open adored like look at the dogs the closest to. I mean yeah I don't know London yeah. Right I mean is it just seems like it was a solid pet at the palace like. But things flushing the toilet that's also got them out right quick and come on that's better than those of that can. Maybe maybe we start that Trent. Wrecked each get a pet raccoon yeah hard I don't know how to domesticated animal like that must open at the end of the whole thing you get a free yet. Completely couldn't typical of the picnic. D.'s Mormon that's. I source start off. Nice and warm and fluffy. But some animals to get along also if you watch that show like Gibson and I saw there was also to a dog that take care of a baby fox. Now hangs out of this Spock is always associated with the dollar it seems like visited Collins and Nelson Don and there is it now. Oh we think sometimes there's league is you that has like ally in. Like up fair and something else that are friends do you think dogs or or more apt to be friendly shore yeah I mean and how we in journalism that way effort for the most part. Yeah and dogs like eugenics bright dogs there are pack animals I think it's kind of natural for the Iraq today and yeah. We have done with smoke. Mean what brand of cigarette can get a million it is on the dogs or it depends on the dollar. Like a Chihuahua promised look like go to court you are Virginia slim enough ability to wobble would try to go big because it sets that they think about the attitude of tomorrow right. Is tiny ass dog tomorrow qualifies as a ball but it's got a big personalities got a big mouth and they scared you wrap. These smoke in Newport straight up and muzzle purse dogs probably dates. And yet if it so. How are idle Marvin duke with a cigar and we know the bulldogs smoke cigars because we've seen that in the famous painting of the ball below the white color gambling pool. Yeah they have to. You always have to. Did you mean out yet. No no animal ever invented to play poker without smoke heats up I think that that's found dead things have pictures like the Mona Lisa as a kid I did too I thought you were the most important pictures of our time. I did my dad's my friends Tilde fights and now here's the anger part. What happens every four years that the whole world gets excited about the Olympics. Not that once people get real excited about this what's the biggest sporting event in the World Cup. The World Cup mile track now what's one important thing about watching the World Cup. Well on their countries and you have a dog in the fight you are exactly correct it makes it more exciting to watch when you have a rooting interest yes exactly. Right so when your country's in there it's fun to watch. Now there's some poor countries like city. I know Ireland that played a very tough area right you got to deal with England everywhere here. Will it like a base Germany France great with Italy won one you there's a lot of great teams over there right anyhow just deal with the Welsh team alone struck. Now luckily for the United States we play and got a calf and right. Mexico is also they will locking it usually Mexico and the United States we have to worry about these little teams well that is wrong folks because we didn't worry about a our United States team is terrible and now we are not qualified for the upcoming World Cup in Russia. Taylor Twellman you would know him for playing on the national team Maine in the MLS he's also laid announcer on ESP yen. While he is very pissed off and and fire up item that I disagree with them I don't write it when you hear him reference this stupid thing in his hand he is talking about his fellow. Otherwise that's fire. Every single one of those players can take that energy up for the rest of their lives because this is an utter embarrassment. With the amount of money that is a Major League soccer and in this sport. You can't get a drawl a top. Against Trinidad. Match you don't deserve but the World Cup and features Amy. We can't beat Trinidad on a field that's too wet too heavy the we doing this highly indebted to this discussion that's been. It's it's remarkable to meet when I go this stupid thing right here defend how worried people are when the Russell broke so played. On a tall pasture people we can't play Trinidad with the water there. It's the same size is Corpus Christi, Texas or Anaheim California. Figure it out and the United States can't figure it out they know no business being involved because of Iceland and other area then that's all the signs of Corpus Christi, Texas I have to repeat decades that's probably more reminders sync how can we know afternoon song. I give my corporate Christie has more people than Islip. I was talking other people write this I know a lot of you may not be the biggest soccer fan extortion some track we've each other trying to figure out a way to compare it right. Like Mike Reid Nancy is this like the patriots not winning in the AFC east and I know noted this is much worse I talked to another friend. He said man this is almost like March Madness happening right. And you had NBA teams in mic with the college teams and you leave and let them like an amateur team. Right Pena both the paid app with a college student in Italy the NBA eighteen is lose even. So these college teams are high school but also they're not just losing to dude you're losing to the team that went in ranked say fifty out of 64. Correct and when he's talking about the field being wet in this and that if you didn't see the videos. Earlier in the week the players got down there and they were like we gotta cross this moat and there was pictures of United States national team staff. With players on their backs can't keep backing them across this giant it was a puddle. A moment ago come on I am I being so yet there's a lot of stuff going on there and it just it just sucks. But the guy was right. Yeah I think everything is it 100% correct me and they know they asked the bad man if your if you have batted no one even go on because you're not gonna govern Illinois figured that rather like there's regular business outlook stop pretending like you have shot if you can't beat that team. Yeah I will say this they got from Trinidad you drop that a second goal in from about forty yards out that was really present short. Console until the goalie dial that thing in from long distance. And I don't think anything away from any of those teams right out of it. And in the end it's easy to sit there and go well it came down that last game but honestly did didn't they had blown games before this they should of won that frankly I don't they took serious enough for what. I don't know what happened or what's going on with that program. But it's be consumed shackles and it is an embarrassment there's been much like a month ago actually lawless one Hoff and all the players Tim Howard included. Came out and told him no mind his business in this demand he was way off the plate. Well I think no I think it's I and I agree with Taylor Twellman late but I think it's at this point. Even if you're just a casual soccer fan the United States if we dessert and we should be we don't deserve we should be in the World Cup every ambulance we pest who. Yeah that's Izturis. Now sticking with sports a little bit you'll hear a lot of things going on with sports right now about. Boycotting the NFL or their ratings are down or this or that so. Forget the mile and stuff all right even last year with the NFL there are some articles that came out that sent the NFL's painter tanking this an act now. I will always remind people kind of like he's a report shows the NFL's ratings have been down a little bit can put. Only eat. For the powerhouse. That he didn't yet have battle show they still dominate overall TV ratings it's like saying Bill Gates is network went down that he still has more money being gone well it's also light of the highest test score in the in the classes in 93 may be last year when the test was taken it was a 99 but who are among the 93% guy he's still the smartest person who took contested he still did better than everybody else and yeah. But what's what's the joke what he called them last week that it finishes last in medical school doctor doctors who dryly and I still do business got Brad and at that. Yes a photo usually he sees it lets us like how people like. Justin yeah health not going to Iraq for Britain's imperial block out time I don't care what side of the social issues you're on with some of the NFL stuff like. They each just ingrained in Americana. If you just as an hideously in the National Football League isn't going away and simply just look at that you know every week. Weekend and week out the top two shows when it comes to ratings are going to be. Sunday Night Football Thursday night football pretty much everything else any other form of television broadcast would love that the NFL's quote unquote problems. Title and now Soledad we talked about this as well is it the way that we can digest media anymore we listen to the show. Our phone only to listen to it you know three days later. Television is digested the same way if you wanna listen to the show life you know Youkilis in the show alive if but with sports. It's appointment watching just like sure soccer match just like football loosely if you wanna watch it. You can tape it and watch it later but you know there's just too many ways out there to figure out the outcome of that C try to watch it in in in lifetimes a word like. I can. I can watch in CIA as the sun tonight tomorrow night semesters but a football games like I'm I'm gonna be watching and if I care when it's on live. Right well and and truthfully that's why sports is. Is huge for a lot of cable companies and stuff so that's why those ESP and get it EDS deal with the cable providers that we won nine million shin mostly old guy. The literature right. Live sports is when the few things they can make it keeps people in that model yet right because you're right you wanna watch and then there's this there's crazy people like me to write like. It would be feasible but I can get up on a Saturday. And not walked on the street and somebody yell at me we do with what happened in the English premier early. But of course right but I can't deal that I'm a Psycho that I'd get up at 430. He'll watch arsenal played some town and never even heard of and I think blues to Trinidad for a decade I think Barbara there's I have no idea I have a 400 of those. So invites a lot of sports people or however so small they had to get two hours ago it was ten minutes about her credit even have enough in 11 island they're going to Emmanuel John all right do. I will say this I've always wanted to go to Trinidad and Tobago. Just sounds fun. To figure Danson just did a really I don't want to sell the league pitcher than I would armed dancer what do you think would. Yeah today's food dance all week. Yeah like I don't I don't know half a I just assumed we'd have some Roman didn't think they got to go salsa lessons and ethics. Obviously the other shows that dominate like football though of course are always gonna be and CIS. But Joyce finishes in the top ten ranked. And then just outside the top ten you always have and CIS now and act. I. Ten and CI SLA for sure how the LA like it's not this on the take the five to for a short time this in New Orleans guy and so they were doing what it's in the Alley and a man and if you config what I did there yeah. A witness and known what else younger. Thanks so nitrous on the street are now. I think there's dual boot I'll get pitches you get old enough that maybe we don't do bad bug up bloody drug and eat like moon almost cars I eat very well I guess that's well put you do we will nor do I obtain the islands rather I would just tell people guarding Allen received back about hormones is just. If you're there by noon. Burned street is a different experience oh yeah because it's wet and he stinky international with the way it is true. I think he'd like you're not what it's like when you walk into a men's public bathroom there's always a puddle on the floor but it's not your seat it's not nearly you're going north but what is that. You know it is dude I don't know each day I'm. On that's not a day damn notes the F. Thank you delegates are headlined doubling of my god you are listening to the men's or radio network it's timely and Swiss miles. Now see what's happening in the real. I know and other changes since downing of girls can now become cub scouts and ultimately become an eagle scouts do damage to the stars on golden girls club just the scouts. Wisconsin men's that he vandalized and tried to burn homes down because aliens forced him to do. Viewer wants to put parents in jail for kids act like a jerk. Couple rains air BMB only discover hidden cameras like right here at work and parents whose son ballot guy in a field of cars this diver headlines. It's Sunday it's. This. Is Mike Koch. Add a couple of view of god did a fairly true about the local corn maze including a three year old son. And fortunately the three year old boy it was found by good samaritan and when they tried to locate his parents agenda that they had already left the base. The boy was taken CBS and authorities were appalled that it's that the parents until the next morning to call police say that their child was missing and possibly still in the may. They should be discussed with him. Yeah after three year old kids are not quiet and they are not forget it won't just trust me I'm Ron Maurer of of of the maze is that you can't get out. And then when your parents just leave you it's more terror I am sure there this is on a much bigger level for this kid on the quick side note. I believe the native term for corn is amazed. So those are redundant to say I got stuck in the amazement. FM discipline you've covered earlier yes incest and life I've got to agricultural trouble for a club. Well that's a sellout and I will how does either because Lee is different and I think it's exactly you felt like amaze me this tournament Israelis if I had no idea was called me so what's he didn't additionally the top borrowers. Because they're Michigan it's. You know it's the maize and blue oh right right and later bellowed everybody I have to do every University of Michigan but no it's made from corn. Cornell know that the people Nebraska. Michigan State after Michigan State chair doesn't care if it's not the maze has good stead with the economy is that sounds very. Amanda. So Matt I'm just an amazing shot in the mesa national juggernaut may sounds like a great afternoon you know that's off stuff I don't like maybe a little puff puff puff puff. Iowa is a good thirty hours of TV shut the majors in. There's no longer really around the world. Awful awful. If Florida couple says the local air B&B while on vacation that quickly took an uncomfortable turn. The Indiana couple we're taking up the new date with a man noticed a small hole that in the smoke detector of the master bedroom. If it is down and inspected and found a camera and microphone inside. Live for helmets on two more smoke detectors with the same contents seven units and sees them the computers and SD cards in the area. Fiona was arrested for Boyer is a. Did you see. Did you really an owner said the reason he said the cameras are that I didn't not okay not only stood to reason I installed cameras Alex take my such parts of the country. And I saw a picture of god I'm so there is no way you government involvement such. I mean this Thompson guy because he's not ugly but so we'd always lied to face an ugly years but the couple that was staying there I think part of the reason may notice the dude. He works intact yet his old definitely look up when god somebody not right there and it's. Sex parties got a remote like man I think ahead at a man like. Past and feel like an air B&B you know no matter what the situation as it's like it's not even being treated with the respect of a hotel room I browse through the gutter trash back. Graham. Our medalist got that was arrested after vandalizing nearby home on more than one occasion and give an interest and reason as to life. On five separate occasions people witnessed vandalism from the man and even spray painting destruction of property and even an attempt to burn down the nearby homes. When arrested the police when arrested by police the men admitted that he was under the influence of an alien poison that was making an upset and as the aliens were forcing him to analyze the home. You know what that's very fair any time that I have ingested extraterrestrial poise and I to make rash decisions and toughest guys some slack right. We talk earlier about the usefulness of FaceBook the law enforcement Americana sheriff's office posted photos of remnants of a truck driver dumping four loads of the New York along a country road. You know that. Effectively calling the debt more than 20000 people look at the photos and even got a few tips as to who the former trainer was. Seeing the photo even made the owner of a trucking company contact them and take responsibility for the incidents and promised to have it removed after he of. Paula just for the Atlanta you know what I meant is you're looking for a truckload of minority is only couple places you can call the area pray love number 11 a look a look for animals a lot of them. Right we can produce a truck full woman nor it'd take it from there. And it's not U haul death and it's like you know it's not the guy with six dogs through thick that it and has the bigger operation going on is a very I mean hell I can figure this out. What it in what some are calling it quote historic events of the boy scouts of America have announced plans to admit girls and their program in certain areas starting next year and he's a great idea that's allowed young women to join cub scout packs and allow older women do the ability to achieve the rank. An eagle scout. Don't you think in general it is pro scouts noted this is doubtful and so it. You know I know that I I was fortunate until certain point of that affiliate. So I have a pretty good experience in the scouts. But you know the gross customer had the same opportunities it's all based on the true the leader and what they're willing to do with the kids showing any any situation so you know if you wanna go canoeing hiking camping whatever who cares. That's a very headlines tonight when that. My gosh it's time for the return of big dummy head Jeff Beck announced his meat and potatoes no way Sherlock will during it's those who shot of the day all the grip he has the name it's all through all like crap and more. Until tomorrow. RO to wood to do best and poorly for the sake. Staying beautiful.