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Wednesday, October 11th

Emails, Who Sucks Less is back! Plus Ask the Mens Room and the Shot of the Day


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This is dumb men's room. I'm listening to the was thrilled. I still has the story you tell about your parents before far 999. Although we go to Beijing it was at a Beijing restaurant one kid told his mom he needed to go potty. But rather than escorting him to the bathroom she simply gave him a bowl from the table and told him to go ahead and as you'd expect. The tinkling noise drew the attention and more a fellow diners. One of them posted a picture of the incidents adding that the woman explained herself by saying that the restaurant was going to clean the balls anyway. In just came to mind in the picture capitulated kid's face. You see indicate clearly peeing in the bowl and the mama she still the table. She's just faced down and a function I look at it on Medicare was a food that could do you think is choosing I can't get up and take into the bathroom now she does yet always yes. After the incident went viral local reporter visited the restaurants and the worker confirmed that that had in fact happened saying that she had been working at the restaurant more than ten years and this was a new one to our bill was a first good. She had the woman's decision was especially perplexing because a restaurant had a bathroom on each floor for customers and explain to the woman's bowl utensils have been destroyed following the incidents. Told you it. Destroyed and yet they go why did you know like I got like two Roy what happens in your home if that's okay to do that that was my first volley do not go into that want to eat any thing if she brings incredible rallies there don't know and I don't want anything you have. Yeah. Mean in theory to clean the poll this was terrible. In theory if you clean the bowl it's fun I have no doubt about that book it's just the idea that look if you're restaurant though. Once people see that a kid pee in the bowl the worst thing you can do say. Well the worst thing you can do it or match or Irsay nor are we wash it once you say hey we destroy it would be about okay. Yeah my right eye and we scenic that beat me guys sequence. Our Peta many saw testament to the things like this you don't actively. And I are I want I don't feel it out of your seat rather it was dishes in at them and I can't sing in my in my kitchen probably more thoroughly than anything else and I'll play you people who think you know reduce isn't. Our I think game she doesn't Aaron ranked cardinal do our own sense different. What we were supposed to go out. Unfortunately he's wife at the time. We had to be we had to go out and our own because a friend of her had passed away okay. So in the middle of the night I woke up I didn't her friends are sleeping I do now one out Russell level weight and it's not be in the same. Look it's this it's they have stolen dove publications and. Yeah how old are very sorry about bread and bumpy under this is needed donuts. 21. I think that's in the window of the accidents in the window right if you're government you have ever in water the thing. Yeah this is there any data doughnut man. Yet that I feel bad about taking the donut as a middle feel utter about no but it was a full dozen obviously it was for the next morning they were gonna have a tough morning. And Jim just from an all new view got into the box before you got open. Oh OK until Mora but I anyone anyway. It's bad story limit and anything about the missing Ghana. I was never invited back to that how old. So he's the he didn't bring it helps if he's and he was just like I only good bye have you guys over again did he know what happened may be what they do that don't know what's missing. The simple OK I think you might even one of those things specifically like. We got these doughnuts for your funeral what did your drunk friend take I always think about that right so I don't ever knew about the team that they were certainly not because they've certainly like I don't know about the bigger gun out of the auto would be able owner Daria a big deal off it was a story you tell about your parents say 44999. Cola hello Justin welcome to the men's room. Well all out of all time. I thought I tell you guys the story about how much of a bad man again in my pockets. Aren't. Until first of all about a month ago he had a brain in your rhythm and he got home chilling watching hockey right now. Though that kind of brief story about how much of that bad MGM a pie is. And then the next one is it. I mean daddy to play hockey together regularly every Sunday it was just you know barb they look religious strife we go every Sunday at hockey. The one Sunday. I ended up. Just like you nailing this guy into the boards. And he'd be got real upset about it. Until we turned around and just loved me let's say you don't like drop in it's it's no time right how Leo and one. At this point and I I couldn't have been more than eighteen years old Luke 1718. I was you know late writer you know definitely a big guy with a grown dude. You know but. Young right now I'm not hit the cup and the guy right like I'd. Taught kindergarten I don't sites I'm. Thank god you play hockey executive. Nicholas Palmer I encouraged her case. So. You know I've worked my dad is on the bench and you've seen this guy turn around and just wind up. I am right in my face you know. In my helmet to the side and my that it is not the biggest guy in the world he'd like you know 5750. Pound soaking wet bright and he comes just bolting off the bench trial like he's flying in and get arrested limping into the steered and just. Happen walk my dogs I let me like he's just I didn't get a chance to retaliate because I know they're acute angle. And Eddie they beat the guy out pretty just Frederick Kagan says. Oh no Maggie I mean like Derrick if it was one solid push and then like he got one good swing in and then part Hollywood the other guy. Are you like all right you're right no I'm good. Yeah how about. Yeah let's not beat it back. I don't know it clearly is great I appreciate it they like Soledad I don't know man and that man was number younger he. Fund managers don't plan to just he is 98 years old mean what is the story you tell about your parents a 449990. Look. Hello Mike welcome to the men's room. We're all okay. I ordered extra hunger right. But I aren't short story. Carriage back when their lives you're all got a hero Strauss. Oh sure there are prepared. All know each other well watched hooters. And my son. Was gutsy on the floor. Against OK out certain stretched out due out our site to get up certain recent. Are much. Or. Judy but she shot like that cheers you up there a little bit. And nurses get shot if you chart actual bridge shares aren't sure she polls always. I didn't stop. No ruling. Sure go oh. See these cars SARS tribes well in any. It will run on those aren't because we do realize you thought about. Right upstairs. Every time let's put it stares you already are. That whole call that a lot of great moment for mom if you don't. And now I'm in the end she didn't marina and angry angry over number let's look like coming out of the thing. If if if it how. It is clear and hear your parents start by this I have that story and I I hate talent because I love my mom but I'll never forget we went to a diner. Which is a great guy and yet she got for whatever reason is that she that vegetarian chili. So who. Then we go to the mall and Mike were in a store and she's just like to move but get out of here a move that would keep moving into what is going on. But she she has the worst gas I think she'd ever had her. So we have to pay basically keep moving is it smells that path it's so you can hear people comment to my Mac I do. Specifically for years say it was like it was an opinion it's a family do not get the vegetarian Jack city is if she's. The one is a story tell much of parents say 449990. Look. Hello Merrill and welcome to the bedroom. Plus all. If so that's the rest of it were told. About me and my dad. Happened about like particular play heroes on training and shows that. Our logo would do both but I don't. Anyway it's talking to one of their workers cannot pay attention and I went to about criminal and a little display toilets. We're number one or number yeah. Limits. Not gonna do it all he can hell I'd bet that happens more than you know. You know until I went apparently haven't had two women are put into shirt honoring him I didn't actually considering twice over and over again. And then when he realized I'm not that it looked like yep and to me they're not banging and. Yeah I don't know what to say that yeah I think I'd have to go to Amanda is a nice to right here take a look oh god I put it the object that was on special I hope it's the other night I think you'll full price than they got a discount off that I knew I get to the and a Nike and is gonna happen together table if they drive but then I saw right there in one of those areas like you are you gonna happen is is lightly used and it just have you slightly remodeled a threat at the oldest player by the mailbox got another flip side to go to our police she's paying attention to the party trend Lou. Yeah and I some home. Wade anyway when they're really cute becomes a running out like they are all home. Zach do you what do you think of like I don't even sit up they get the cost goes size to a paperback there are those cleaning supplies and it was just pick one of those on come over citizens toilets there right down to sit down just so people have and a day can I help you if you want. What is the story you tell about your parents say more far 9990 well I think and hope is that our campus well grown ass man and ought to prove popular what do you door in my office. If I'm trying to think I am some guy knew what I was able wonderful open. Hello rich welcome to the men's room. The follow up on time. OK. Let's shut them back early eighties or has about thirteen. A one out to liver your turn on achieving inner cabinet going to be a video are joining. Play. And I she'd my mother leaning over coffee tables snorted some cocaine all yeah. Okay. Okay gnashing I know she could chuck McCoy can look at my mom movie's. And grant back and shoot eighty series without small square right to a video cameras don't work we're small. Next thing you know are you might get edged junction in the pictures. Think that this is fit this anti government code includes the Johnson. And then she I don't my mom's former low entry hall wow dude. Do you thirteen years don't just go holy crap. There was little dramatic as you may not contacted them with a camera DURECT. Yeah there is best this little room looked at the wild did you ever bring this up dorm. Well my day and found out because. I just left there of video in the machine and he's like your usual this dear sisters. Like no knowledge organic garbage you watch it won't come up Gordon I don't know I didn't swear to god. Yeah apparently wants him for a long time good bad would you comment do you how to do. I guarantee you if my father's pima shows up in anything else watching I will not watch that thing for a long time no mention of the cocaine. This guy like that worried about. Well. That would that's alarming to you see your mom go and that. Won't start the Coca don't realize is maybe doing other things like big cocoa development out mom Victor had a goes 343 defense. What is the story you tell about your parents or get your emails on the way for the men's room amends in my back out you are listening to the men's or radio network. Other startup whose life plasma first time for a few emails here for the men's room Edmonds or live dot com. And other subject of the story always tell about your parents away we go every times a month so by the house we host and holiday eerie sort of gathering. Dad would break out the accordion and mom would sing a long and badly off key in and high picks that would death in dogs. Bad to whom but German music embarrassing more so than you can possibly imagine that from uncle Willie. Miles my father claimed for years that you played the accordion. So one time brawl the Cape Cod my uncle Phil comes back recording us saw one for sale a yard sale got a four. Can your dad played according no yeah. When he found out that today. What are your kids a school bus a pacifier home go big he'll turn around and come back and pick us up to about 4 minutes 1 morning my brother and I are kind of running behind the bus pass my mom got this she said I'm not driving you guys to school. You boys need to get out that god damn bus stop right now or your foot is going to be in my ass. There was a brief pause in the way both busted out laughing she realized her embarrassing mistake in through an open box of rice Chris resent us a completely miss to the wall spilled everywhere we continued laughing as we ran out the door. In deference or jolly Joseph. Story tells about my dad being a sailor for the Greek merchant Marines when my parents met so ending a sailor the travel the world. I have five Brothers sisters I have never met around South America Guatemala Honduras El Salvador and Nicaragua and a brother in New Orleans. And if it wasn't for my mother insisting he change ships so he could be closer to home here. He would have been killed along with the rest of the crew the way down with the ship. With a changing ships my mother was able to travel with them. So my sister was create on the way to Jamaica and I came along three years later after a celebratory session in the walk in closet of the new home Labonte. And rock on that from my job. Is always go my dad was apparently added to a terrorist watch list. He was mixing Irish car bombs on a Friday nights and decided he'd invite over a body you look down the street for some drinking. So I sent a text saying car bombs carried out Jesus realize shortly after he accidentally sent the text and old coworker from fifteen plus years ago who had the same name as a friend old coworker. Didn't have my dad's number save so instead of asking who was. He apparently called the police department and reported the text message. So few days later my negative phone call from the sheriff and they begin questioning him about a message sent from his phone about a bomb his whereabouts last Friday evening. So on and so forth. So after some time in question by the police my dad connected the dots and explain the situation with the Irish car bombs in the wrong number. After a couple more phone calls including cooperation. For my dad's neighbor the sheriff told my dad that they had a good laugh down the station and they had. And gotten what they needed to close the case. Thanks guys rock gun. My email from yesterday would work today as well as we were three boys raised by grandparents programme follows very honest man. I'll never forgets what he always told the boys you boys stay outside I'm gonna go inside and if your grandma. Hopeful he would like those little kids for the money like cowboy. Before I was born my mom and dad had a hot tub party at their house it devolved into a water balloon fight that they didn't have water balloons that condoms are my parents went to bed. We didn't have a becomes left to nine months later I was born. Now progress. Soledad there Robin story and about my parents goes like this my dad used to have a beautiful 1968 Mercury Cougar and it was as loud as it was beautiful. He was sitting at a light and day Al god a little car pulled up alongside of them and the state trooper pulled up on the other side of the turn life. As he was waiting in the light the import next on started revving the engine he looks over in the drivers looking at him like he wants to raise my dad grin spreads his own engine. Which was about ten times as lot of powerful trooper looks over him and my dad waves and says just give it a warm. Jay Berger ends and looks ahead again my dad at this point is realize the guy and the import can't see the cop so he looks over grinning and revs his engine again. Light turns green my dad's only accelerates the safe and legal rates. And the import guns that the cops immediately hit the lights and siren and pulled the guys over on my dad passes them still illegals be revs the engine ways of the driver who has no longer Greg. Our guys in 91984. My dad was arrested for selling IBM seekers to Japan. I was about fifteen years old I was going through an old cat in the garage and came across an old newspaper my dad on the front cover blew my mind never asked him about it. He's got a scary but the kind of dead you wanna disrespect. Any Cummins yeah I got nuts. More that I found were up 300 tons up in common and of course the way you said miles. The way people remember parents marched from the grandparents most of my mother in law once made a burrito. From what cat food with warming menace and a nit picky it was re fried be solved. And then that's when I love this my mom grub toasted Tony via the lobster shop for my birthday. It it it but that's. A it's a good restaurant and I should the thread time for a few extra emails in the bedroom and into the behind the icon of the. Over. Guys today as our son James is a birthday he thinks you guys are funny and nice and Lizzie you guys on the way home from school never get to play Emma little game face and when did you like that bloody James that for mom and dad. Guys going and I'm happy birthday shout out to my son pfc Carter although he's currently stationed in Virginia he's dedicated listener always make sure his Brothers and I get a happy birthday from you all saying is this is from his mom. I think a suck it up cupcake would be awesome thanks guys that from Rebecca oh. Love your show it's my husband Greg's birthday he got me hooked on your show to please give a shout out with turtles thanks in a fish sandwich thank you from Michelle. Yeah guys you're gonna show up for my son Brian junior turning 21 to six years experience thank you to my son for everything you do this young man also got married it was lovely wife who boy. Surely lay up. Back in September so as modern etiquette states best wishes the bride congratulations to the groom love dad. Elegant and Emma is it too early for up based analyst followed up with some sexy newlywed wishes from Melbourne dead. And little dirty German from Robin fox yes I request and Robin. Let us hear what you have Wallin and I request Robin because the website states that she is the consultants and translator and innovator for dirty German talk. And web sites don't live my friend thanks and stay beautiful that from Bryant. Arrogantly sandwich and. And did it Melvin educated newlyweds again little isolated. Make sure you pay attention is trying to get down there on the two Cabrera who give the cliff. Probably another young highs and also. It is Joe Horn birds they say first my amazing amazing like Jolie both look out. Or Vittorio anarchy. I she's an amazing moment gray nurse and best mom out there and she gets and dirty German talk us secondly happy birthday to those damn dirty Germans one year ago those creepy sounds a bit just came the first birthday wish. Can they Germans get some dirty German talk for their birthday celebration. Bank set from Jeff in Immelt T. Our playbook they open a mile from the least bit Rick. Yeah I was treated like a bank direct deposit. Guys please it was my wonderful wife Teresa I had B Tony ninth about a little kid faced sandwich and some dirty Germans thanks guys that from Tyler. And I Teresa did not know if you smoke marijuana but that's not good I'm talking about Vanessa I want to steal my speaking because. God you can only give Paulson troops. All right where's my husband I marked my happy thirtieth will draw a jig ends in an oh look out he hates getting older he's been losing the men's room for as long as I've known cheers guys that from the lovely Liz. I. Look got a pretty good dietitians gentlemen and the lovely Robin I would like to issue ask you folks to wish my mom wonderful birthday today with a following. About a barber shop faced sandwich and Robin saying something nice injured and thanks cordially that from cookie these sunburn ginger. Music to movies Laura Suzanne wins. She's done her own desire. Television I wish I movies do really gays in the morning and and you and you and I cannot. And bush stepped who has instead. To go look in the book stuff it's. God's given 36 trip around the sun now worry my ass off today a number today was hoping to get a big old bond yet. Followed by a U like that thank you guys appreciated. We have a bond get loaded. Tell yesterday. And you realize that the only sound effect we actually delighted. That the surest. But those dissolving you guys get their wish my case against boyfriend dean Headley 43 birthday today about a Sarin can Sarah Palin. Suck it up to update please thanks guys up from harmony so well. How about our original face Stanley Jensen turtles thanks for my wife Jessica's 45 birthday you guys rock thanks guys space yeah. San how to boys and Marvin fox I'd like to get my wife Jill love a birthday shout out she's turning 56 and not all that thrilled about turning another year older. How about a double a Joey chestnut and some dirty all the talk from Ted it's up and off cheers guys thanks from woody. And did it for men and it's a very day not to have you gotta look at this little snack and beloved in the Stanley snags. Hi guys serial. Have you have you added I'm OK yeah yeah yeah it's it's happy and everybody. I it's OK okay could you go. May Day doesn't ditching German drug. Available through these we'll stay on. Men's and I've done come another sign retailers I do know that I am trying to fly. We'll bring you those with a shot of the day as a reserve is also on the way to first yeah. The newsroom wants to know. Yeah Johnson. Blue. Hey time for whose Sox last did throw you bring up three stories every week it's up to us to determine which of these three always tough and goes. Sox Phillies and by the way if you wanna get it on the argument there the discussion already under way if you like the men's room on faith. Well today we have two young ladies from jolly old England they'll be competing with us. Pennsylvania drug rehab founder and CEO. And they were all taken on another Pennsylvania resident this case a sixteen year old diva but let's start across the pond and England where two women. We're caught on closed circuit television urinating and almost man's belong to. But that's before they set them on fire now Nicholas 23 and a friend Jared Lee Evans 45. The pleading guilty to arson after the blaze in Portsmouth have shot. The magistrate court heard the two women approach the victim outside of row of shops and initially they were nicely without him asking they handed them out. A note for five pound through good times often drink. But Clemens started hurling insults and all kinds of abuse then they stole his cell phone. And in a closed circuit TV polls menace than seen walking away from the to help it keep the phone just once get away from home. But they've received blood is betting on fire the blaze destroyed everything man owned as you can guess you do know a lot. But none that exist anymore they both pleaded guilty one go for months double when I believe got probation but Zach. Then there's thirty younger guy peed on socialism while. Now go to Pennsylvania house is right outside of Pittsburgh or Pennsylvania drug rehab founder and CEO. He's accused love. Selling heroin is heroin and fentanyl to addicts at the facility. That was designed to heal now federal officials say the 65 year old David Francis. He was doing those drugs to clients throughout his meet huge rocks at some coral near Pittsburgh. The next step foundation of Frank's operated is listed as providing recovery housing to drug addicts. And alcoholics. But instead of providing all bad well actually what he was going was so let them all the drugs and they seem to like federal authorities there raided this home and the rehab facility. They charged him with intention to distribute fentanyl. Is detention hearing is scheduled for later this week but a portion of our drug for women may. They actually own deep on the fentanyl overdose but that was the Q. The federal officials are started investigating over the summer after multiple overdoses were reported. And his particular. Treatment facility. While fentanyl kill more people Pennsylvania last year than any of the draw found 52%. Of overdosing them and it's down supplying an outside pitch. At the rehab show. Now let's go to the other side of the state or a woman a sixty year old begin. Says she received death threats and abuse of phone calls she's been forced to hide her food truck I told mother nature beat him queasy. This follows are comments on FaceBook marking the death of the Las Vegas concert goers that were killed by the main shooting at them outside of the Mandalay bay. As she says pro life turned upside down following his post match she boasted to her FaceBook page quote. Yes I injured. 59 meat eaters day how many animals live because of this had been under her post she eventually commented I don't give a F about columnist. That's your version of meat eaters anymore. That was well all written the day after the Los Vegas tragedy. And what someone shot and killed 58 people and wounded more than 89 more people have responded in kind the not too pleased with clergy say one out through me my business. Mountain. Washington. Itself well I mean she's getting what she deserves based on the comments she made on or else we're gonna so I think you don't know the meat eaters not able look I don't care about being used when I wish harm to any of. Winner says just she's making her own bed there so she took care of herself not others won't saw eliminate her. The guy in Pittsburgh that's that's if you if you're at the points. Where you're in rehab. Either you've been put there or you voluntarily gone there have been either waited there and you're trying to get your graph straight album where. Right at least eventually minority first time whatever with the intent. Is to get clean and get your life on the straight there that's tough little someone's feet you're the thing that you look at for more than anything else you think that you want the thing that you need for going through there around you know arguments about profiteering on that. I will go to the woman in the woman who commented on the shooting such police because basically he took care of herself. Based on her own comments that you posted your home page she basically bad. She took care of that RO. Yeah she's a horrible horrible person. You should never joke about any of these terrorist things that happen wouldn't joke about September 11 and don't feel about that yet and she. But I am with you she just said some words the other women. But that's less than the other two I think we'll agree on Mejia and Jack that's hard to say if you like the job interim on FaceBook the debate continues there on who sucks less are coming up we'll bring it tells with a shot of the day the return address the man's nervous coming up next. You are listening to the men's or radio network. They joke you don't have a gentle men's room. De Araujo violence coming up also we will drinking and tells with a shot of the day the first. It's been said that there are no stupid questions. We disagree. Because you'll keep us get over. Yeah this guy. It's. Is my mom who are questions that need answers and yes we can help. This isn't as good. Good question burned image rendition as an email to the man's or amendments or my dark comic the subject das a miserable glance from the best we can't get away we go which is I really enjoy your program gives me some of the light mood. After work. My question is. How do I get my boyfriend to propose to me. He sounds like he wants to do but he won't am I doing something wrong please advise that from beat. Yeah how we're not the people that ask. Keep after it. I saved you just burn rate him with it no matter how most guys wanna get into place I'm not sure there were the best on relationship advice. And now that's the story for myself and I know I don't this whole. Either it's gonna happen or it's not man and honest to god there's nothing you can do to make it happen now analysts are right there right before something sexual about it's very take place and you say like hey is there any thought it's your baby yeah for. All I don't beat her. Yeah bribery that. I was if they are right Helena asked very well I don't think. Forcing him to sounds also now highs in afternoon and so has tiger or governments or hope you're doing great before regularly any questions I wanna see you guys the best radio show the industry and you're not only in her same. But also make a lot of people's lives better in one way or another I've lived in South America all across the United States Europe and speak different languages and no radio show is as good in this on this here's a shout out thank you for that now my question. I recently moved to Boise I know from New York City employees eat and I cannot help to notice that a lot of women here are good looking ones do in any kind of set up in the office Jim whatever habitat to bracelet on their angle. Is this a trend for something or doesn't have a special meaning like a tramp stamp. Like he does great work they don't you know he won't yep of entrenched veteran is the beast but you don't match I think it's just a moment in time. I really do like you'll find people have the barbed wire tapped to run by senate. The resilient eighteen month period word that was the go through faith and certainly. More work that I've seen tons of ankle tattoos are really think it's is that moment in time if that's specifically. What's Boise that does prove themselves mean what do they mean people but the location Matt definitely was a very look. I'm in a lot of suspense like in anything else and we held German when had a funny one about and I appreciate you have Chinese writing on there that was those that trend for awhile as well. Call hey it's snapped out of what is really. Yeah I mean. I don't know I don't know much about the ankle once I do think the curse of writing on the rib cages canoe trips camp. Debt it's it's going out a little bit together for the moment we're back that was the go to tattoo for people with Jeff and I mean. I don't know if Boise Idaho and I just be used like ankle bracelets. You know. Monitoring devices so maybe they use to attack to fix it if intent at all there's one of these they realized. And for. Love black. Your black men what got a serious bet going here my buddy says the little black guy spends time in the sun he can get a sunburn and won't get in the darker. I say black folks can indeed get a sunburn and mobile come darker when spending time the son who's right loser has to fill the other guys ride to the tank of gas that from Willie. Willie you got a free tank of gas gone rivalries winds up to you now personable it. It takes a lot longer for your average white person to get some Burma as we are kind of designed exclusively for the sun but two things. On occasion I end up in South Florida and the brother's in South Florida I can immediately identified that amount from Florida based on 130. I'm not as black as they are meant I'm really win the game or Tallahassee black cousins. It's different than anywhere else to Ahmed same trip brought the brought those lights. There's no way you're from anywhere north of like solar cell phone you like Virginia amendment. I was on the beach of other for a while most some marginal had not felt fine and got my first sunburn. And it sucked out of the headwear shoulders it's sort of my head but since I've never had a sunburn I couldn't explain the headaches. Yeah Florida's high in the next day ma'am I am shedding mica a snake and a went. Oh my god what have you lose some roots yeah. A purpose and are all wrong and they are awful. Hard there you go got a question for any of us here at the amends and issued us an email to the men's or amendments or live dot com. And make the subject asked the men's or buyout ever made to bring its. They just sit still pure again. Finish shows you always had those great gas cans Steve at royal find out nortel's yes indeed today we drove forty year old Barry clapper to end of Pittsburg Pennsylvania. Now earlier this week Barry was up for many Brothers to get himself one of the world famous at the massive sandwich is man yeah you never ban don't know anything about it Kabul bound for this one top moment in Pittsburgh heralds a yet to try the sandwich and it is stepping delicious. Original mind. It is a very large say what you did disordered look real but in spite of the colossal side in the senate which is very wanna double meat and a sandwich anyway. Now the problem is he couldn't afford so what did Barry decide to do realize that you can't afford the food but he just purchased. Well very decided to call an a bomb threat to a different restaurant down the street opened them the comfortable back QA the entire block in he'd get out of paying his bill. That's the story that he came up with a well because we're sharing the story with you obviously his cunning plan didn't work. But mostly because a whole bunch of people watched and her own call in the month when they're standing right there listening to him. Called the bomb threats while he's calling in the bomb threat the other I don't know 75 people will mind at commanded broad. I go all the cops the cops did show up but not for bond that there to rust better and of course after chasing him that's absolutely what they do. I mean. You literally step out of our grabbed his phone and I don't know Brit you know Ted stay jets got immediate incredibly Leo right like the famous hot dog place explore this they know they don't know exactly word tonight. Man I you can bet your point and I don't play is I can't afford that made it. A washing dishes for anything that on the Newman and this is due on the local bomb threat. The console evacuate the entire black in me I don't have to pay for extra meat. Sure need that extra me and it's all about his assailant just got French president's desk you don't need I am me bacon could blossom was available for a limited time but did you. They're gonna for the French Fries end. Let's let's drink reported this bodes imagery does booze because we think if yawning gap bag all of the tongue and down a thorough Q Mardy in our Tommy's. Now now now there's no and I. The show and many news continues on the men's room radio network.