10-11-17 Seg 2 Mens Room Shakes it Out

Wednesday, October 11th

Mens Room Question: What is the story you always tell about your parents?


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This is the men's room. I hope our 9990 our question what is the story tale that's parents you know on that I feel ashamed to myself well I don't remember a black buck oh my god less than none and there's one that's wearing the obvious are and we Baltimore Ravens fans they are the team I watch and appoint a one of the running back bought and when. Christ almighty Soledad well then as they souls of men and how did you guys miss the original black mud but we. I now I'll follow up mister Nguyen at men's do we OK okay we thought it was just one name turned on a lot of pop pop weeks can they do say mr. we try to bring its mr. read as we read says they must be about the original confident about we meant what is a story tell us your parents a 449990. Look hello Alyssa welcome to the men's room. On Iraq. Well I might do and the drawn art and what the Carter forward or patent and really and the small town of most. Blake out they eat at a Washington and Abu. My mom didn't like so much that my dad is all about and spell it out there at one time. He would viewing a shell or one that I had high school quote shall I actually had lodged can't Eric thanks to what he didn't know wake he brought me. Also a match out. Here. Ams in here. I got something like seven or eight year old girl to go watch up. And you know they've got it like all right Bob how it. They weren't you re show it where it kitchen was the backlit L all my parents that we didn't have any. I tell my dad have to call my mom right back out to come pick you up in the I remember my mom came to keep the Allen and green men and carry and then you don't need to bring your kids eat at but they've been. I actually needed it so much. I mean he's in the end he did the right things. My dad maybe turns up the good in math. Did you come pick up a little uneven unloaded shelling and smack cookers we've had men have cutters I got a lot of cooks golf on the program today that's for sure did you are your parents still together. I know they actually just split up into that well. But I might have now got if you actually and the local Iron Maiden trip to get that at all I started to eat yeah he had he ever is working on rush tribute band right now. How and that's all these big writer but I am not apartheid. Well I don't. So I'll tell you live and legal blame maiden and rush and he's a bad that they're a really good driver. I. All right you idea be happy to have never heard of the band and at. Now yes. I'm not I have. They they are. On the same level like dream your their progress that not all bad idea you pageant home hobbled elephants are much but he didn't like that. Like oh my he would go all amazing at bat and use that might out of the talent that eligibility cabinet that. Gold has to. And he does he still play meth houses through the B doesn't like two or three games like a lineup were exactly knowing that no matter how are they I read the teacher has to be incredible Johns garage yeah. That's that he got a little under signing it. Thankfully he's got a steal. We DP that played Federer his own basement cell if he's not do in the Mac access. I don't care how. You know methods when you're good drummers do they do men love accounts and other eyebrow all police and she's for the methods. Did Miller says the story you tell about your parents say 44999. All of his book a good band of garage anymore it's just not this late in Italy are good and bad for dad because he's like man. I gotta make this phone call and is the last phone call he wants to make to call his wife to tell her. Hey Teradata Robert borrowed from my house I didn't know but could come pick her mom. That yeah that he did not want to make that phone call as you have if that's a double music got a pretty good idea was probably the market up you can guess. Hello Murray welcome to the men's room. Oh yeah. You were doing good how are you Bree. I'm actually enter. I'm. I have a similar story but I had my dad also it Becky he's and that helped save my highlight. Save your life he's been he's a big situation he also created it. OK carry out you're the story my dad I even acted before they migrate to go to work he. I was a little but a great year old. And he went you know are still in diapers at that point. And dad yet and cleaning me up and yeah need to bring the rag in U. The room don't you think that bodes you know that. I'm in match point you withholding hair dryer into. No I can't let Greg and they're like yeah electric. Brick they went through my father. But liquor you. Yeah. But yeah so as Lego a warm he did brie and all right the isolation. I have ever. For her and she allegedly near a buyer age and nobody would bear and then he. We're at and keep bad ought to be under the hot at all and from there I think like I died for our let it be in the right and why. Or were all dead and had this conversation I'm very worried are sometimes a sometimes agree or you will slow like visitor glowed ruled around the corner your mouth any lasting ramifications most. I didn't go. You do serious sentimental blood. Yet I also okay we know how zany college to how would you how would you describe that that is that a manifest. I'm proud I. I pod would be electric shock I admit that I'm asthmatic brain injury. Right so how that affect Judy got the drive through window and stare blankly enemy like when does this come into play where you know and I'll look at this why this is part of. Now you can hear my daughter I remember or I. But now I have I directly at people because look at the white area you might know iron in my brain and. You mean what because it makes you long comparable your eyes just won't let you look at someone draw and yeah. But I won't let me focus on me. You know looking at the Brit I'm talking until. Okay as he does Mary who is man that was there. I do so and relaxed when it toppled dissolve it and knows ever look for a way. No I am my had been. He elaborate menu and you've got there they are not wrong with him I like now. You can you look your husband in the eye. I let it might cant they I they are they all my ninth minute and I can't bulk in the heartland I'm over here. What about your kids are huge and honor in the nine. I am looking at it I don't look at it and when we look darn yeah that's on your darkness without another record you have brief. Are basically I ain't have. I can't really. Bad at all else failed they get back adding that tracking and. Heavy rain delay I can't really I can read what I right. Our current and Sele. Every can I want the high school so what did you have to you have to go through special education. I might multiple year guy. I everything sort of being shoved in the locker. Okay and Lou what do you do for a living now reap. I am. Well I'm at the teacher and I am contract I prefer my husband. Okay all right when glad you could find somebody knows the contract driver. Yet we. You know me. You can use your brain got shocked. To put your mental delay you guys are focusing not you or not the person a big way and maybe did you drive this Foreman. People look at I'm just still trying to figure out why his nobody people wanna Monroe Newbury and so trouncing about a man with a hair dryer this and it's a tough on me that depicts. AD. All right now men are OK as a drummer Ireland makes and his company we there's a traffic guy out real nice guy when I say his name were all familiar with him. Back to Baltimore soul like anything they'd pitch into the local traffic Mueller told him what to warn all marble ball well. While the high school to do okay and he is he's very credible guy everyone likes and he's Virginia when he's very kind all these things. But in high school he was the guy. Pat is up big dude my stature he had the biggest goddamn eighties hair and yet that the hearing he wore was like the lightning bolt literally Gerri yeah OK yeah. You're. Lou I thought I don't see those guys now you'd have no idea what do you the Iraq Gary. While we're high school super hero the if you graduate high school we lose touch of Arnold's like seven years later. Armor on the border radio station is like me he says is may but you can come talk to them off Mike so to speak normally came and did you did you go to southern high school. Is I guess in a drop my name is like I'll ask Mandel what's going out of like with. What do you look like manager because. There's Tyson dude it's long gone too it's not a cut a hole one revisited management arm and he doesn't good days are over Alia. What is the story you tell about your parents think 44999. Cola business beard I think him. How much here you had back in the day yeah I had married and I was kitten on the worst thing was my when I was a real little kids like up to about eight to five and so F public about it so. I'm a black dude I got an African seventies this is not a usual. But in the summertime and all of the Rochester new York at the time and if so this doesn't make sense of the super hot. But in the summertime I return like jet black but my hair would bleach out to be brown so if you see a picture of me as a kid in the summertime I look like a pain. I mean look like someone smoked me I arrest had earlier. Yeah it was weird dude you look like someone who will be hunted and Africa and out of bones are ground up did you magic can draft man crashed and it's if if yeah it was a bad luck this kind of funny that you are you physically got darker but the I don't I don't I want my hair got white yes you see these pictures and I thought I was like man telefilm my parents like no bro that is what you look like knowing what we weren't proud and stuff. Yeah Fredricka we were hoping to not introduce you to anyone in the summer what is the story that you tell about your parents a 449990. Look. Hello Max welcome to the bedroom it's. Look up chaos. So my dad had known around the world as Johnny loves. Yeah. I may have other siblings are not aware of but. She told me a story about or he wouldn't care grid key. He was he could but he was touching caught what do you like to use that term moms so key. Was ready doesn't take it dumps but it's. I'm not sure exactly why pledged east data in the classroom. And she just you know had the feeling that it was going to be firm. And so the squeeze it out. Standing on its feet as should get out the bottom of the stamp leg and then just left the. All right. She's doctor and why would you even tell your kid that's story that he was a ladies man and being firm he stood up and who couldn't care. And that he had sexual women all around the world. Who would put that together what is the story televise your parents say 44999. All hold the library Colorado way you are listening some things are radio network. Pitching is you. Tell us are trying to pass the metro if you have a question for you nasseria in the men's or vicious in the sentiment survey and enter my back out there right before we drink it tells with a shot of the day. And not our last episode we talked about grandparents and it seemed that these stories about grandparents in the stories you tell as you said does Steve worked. Heroic end of greats grand jury just you know what they have done crazy thing but all the more bad asses and they did something great in my life and then we're talking about parents today OK so it's it's a quite quite an effort question which is what is the story did you tell about your parents or grandparents have been done we've moved on the parents today 449990. Here's some of the comments on who's doing Embree and again what is the story you tell by Japan and so my dad when I was in junior high that was bang and my girlfriend my dad burst in my bedroom. Rang a black and pink Teddy. With the bottom half pulled out switching is bees out of the side. Okay. To move a power at all. That's one of my parents are mad and eighties in Germany before the Berlin Wall came down. They met in an anti terrorist driving school okay it's our goods are glass is amount. There's one my apparently told all five below siblings Wear in win that we were conceived. Why. Some of their kids to practice abstinence and my parents told me that I would not events section are my parents of my older brother to Mexico after he graduated high school. When I graduate high school which we don't steakhouse what up. The political stuff up but it's a better. And this is left out of the store came and in the late eighties and upstate New York my brother killed my mother while I slept in my bed down the hall. And buried her in a shallow grave in the garage next door that led to police on a wild goose chase for about three months before he admitted to the murder oh boy had firm JC it's a much different questions. What is the story you tell about your parents 844999. Olin now when brings the house down at any any party. And got a story I got a story. Yeah if you. A man clean under and read what comes there are now that's gonna sit in the eighties something and it's another big hair reference to wipe out win in a direction I did not expect yeah. Hello why aren't welcome to the men's room. Oh original Yahoo! and time. And they're going lonely or use our hour right here. Are you all actually knew what they have to vote. Well yeah I didn't know you got John sorry okay. Ottawa. Right you're over. There. My dad at a bar when it just sounds. This is the artist and I'm glad Orleans. I'm old up there now though all over the bar. And I executed dude got turning anonymous some. I'm. Yeah yeah. All right that's right got it got to wonder some other dude a guy that human dignity helping them in that they did a good call yeah yeah yeah. Then the other one is the what I call Portland. We went to a wedding in my cousin went in Mexico. After the wedding was done. Well. Are poke out my dad could probably do that the same time. And not. The one guy that stage and we we messed them up pretty good I'd grab a rock. You spotlight is there. How old how old are you look this is normally want the moon Apollo. Thirteen fourteen around back and and every day. Let me ask the parties but we had to leave because they came until my dad. That knew that we that we mr. Rodriguez. You will implement sort of a little kid I lived all their next space it's. So they were looking to us so well they had to take off my guess the other. And that's why they look good man this system. It it has to party would have been better. As Carol while it was that is kind of the norm I'm guessing that you groping DuPont's. That was up three. While mostly brawn and there into the song known small towns. He's it would mom's your mom around. I am a mama led let you know. Sitting there and I thought that. Yeah I don't have that belief as them. Oh man what's up my dad used to take me to bars I was a kid but I just remember the fun aspect of being in bars which was typically. There was something I can do those of pinball machine in the right pool table any of that there popcorn and over this one bar none Dunedin Florida had a popcorn machine in the in the bar in those every popcorn and have whatever I want on my dad got favre's popcorn may corn or popcorn you know hook me up and so therefore I was there depth. What tell the story tell about your parents say 44999. Lola I did work in a bar that was so crappy that the popcorn machine was like the legal liked yeah we have food oh that was that was the whole reason we have the population are that it sat there for years and then went to one night one of the bartenders like we should fired up. It still works. But that was it as it never made popcorn in men and now to this day I can almost guarantee would still sitting there and does not make popcorn with Isabel are still there if what is the story tale about your parents. Hello Spencer welcome to the men's room. I don't post ought not. Historically I forgot about this story a little while I was. Around a campfire my body moves a couple weeks ago boobs and yeah you can email hoops. Yeah my body boat or Chad got pulled over right now lawnmower out now Virginia okay yeah I thought Herman Williams before yeah. That you can see this with the boost comes a bullet I've moved so plus. So laid back and high scorer at our character remodeling our kitchen. And so they had me my body and border and help them out just what we're all here on. And whatever course load got alcoholics it would go on like death. Don't buy beer vendors and that be good but I think here's we are all off got to thank you dude and god. You're. Headed electorate chores so escape the tickle the out party alt. And we have a career we'll hatched up above. One of the ceiling. And Morgan takes a sledgehammer. And we're gonna it will pull my parents Eddie he hit the jackpot respect. Because it rained down. Like someone hit the jackpot at cedars. This is a bottles of booze yes and be. Quiet type all the data club commenting at all. I got out and out shortstop. Wow did you borrow like there seem corny reception statute bank up to edit the afraid to throw legs and it would amount to see him. She would issue you'll walk on you know he'd. He beat you know in the bag so reprise tournament recycle energy trying to sell. Do you revise liquor bottles or was it always is the parties. I think you don't appetite now I think people don't. Here click until liquid or are your parents still together. You know well they were my dad got a couple of years ago Oca. They said they stuck it out unless. They did it yeah. What was your mother's reaction to your Caesars jackpot of bottles pouring out the ceiling. It looks and what that scene and anchorman one. Along a dirt and salt slumber in the air and the most fire lights up and it got a it's just stared at the enemy and Morgan got out of their console or. It'll really annoyed when he cholera pirate blood. And Lamar Miller hired hookers and bitterness and the commitment that a the shot you're more miles to write about war I when you have an area much easier if you want my son firemen mom's eyes when you come against porn. Really how much was a yeah. We just like two or three magazine now come out it's like did it at this house. My mother I mean and I saw the slumber yesterday by a mob boss three rows much younger. And did you porn collection and most of these relate late sixties early seventies Playboy because the guy that lived across the street from us. Got a divorce from his wife she got the house and she put these all out and brown paper bags my brother and I discover this so we had a bevy of these magazines right so an amber she was pissed you know for moms do. So fast forward I give them high school that the unknown freshman or sophomore year but at that time a body and I. Like we weren't selling drugs but we're selling porn magazines and a whole thing was simply this at that time if you went right in some eleven whatever. They didn't happen behind the counter bears open the magazines and put them on the top. But isn't magazine section and we realize if we twin inn at different times on Sunday and I. A produce other Sunday newspapers do it yeah most of the coupons and all the rest like crap you can stop on average. Five porn magazines into the newspaper and then for a buck fifty unit told the newspaper the way day in game above fifty were out of there. And then we would sell these things in high school. So when vanity as she was big at the time was gonna appear naked in Playboy this is the first time in my porn peddling career that we had pre orders like everybody myself included one would see vanity making good. No question about this a week. Went into the local right in over a period of about three weeks we got almost every single woman had in the wing would sell a cover price. We're comparison kids are off we're likely to to import because we never told of how we re getting them is just too easy. So we sold these things so now my mob boss my porn collection its a little bit different because. There was my porn collection but in the suffered trunk the rose this massive stack of porn and then I had taken the time to write down the names of the kids and selling them to. So there are new but he didn't do. She was not pleased with this particular business I've gotten into that was they. That was a bad times you nor your hands John Kerry or went oh my god made she I mean she freaked out you maybe get rid of all the yeah all the important. And that's the most heartbreaking thing and my get rid of it was a coma buddy Kevin lives two doors down a monetary market born. Until I saw called off all dude I had that's brutal I had commanded the most what I customers are really wanted the vanity. Playboy Tony it was when I got to school that day like that may have a new one day I was a very popular kid in my school. What's the story tell much apparently four. Or 999 a La hello rob welcome to the men's room all up call yeah. Yeah my story news regarding my gap. My problem my birth father close eye on it yet but some call that I returned to I was shocked how. Tight. But it turns out it was a pot. I eat and and my dad gave me a couple of can't talk so I was two or three year old. Its engines they in the early seventy. And around. I could like. To preempt off may be more and apparently I planned trip that also backwards. As doubtless like heard. Making cars her own. As I went around of course Obama sounds that you are so out. After three laps I just dropped in power now. It's an hour right won't. Why do you think use given you hit to tie at two or three years old. Are because it was funny at all and I hope he's all right I know that yeah. I mean now times have definitely figures it would be pictures. Back in the day were. In doing a picture of your body and nobody's filed a certain impaired or periods as a Beirut lit cigarette in his mouth and you chuckle if you did that now mainly due to your kids get tickets sold via I told. You have an me over the weekend that I'm out on the deck. It's about 93010 o'clock at night I'm Don lemon for the evening I've beaten I got my pajamas on. I go outside and I'm gonna smoke smoke ball so I sit down and I look at my animal a little tiny deck a look on the railing of the deck. And there's this big big guests here I mean it is a big spider it is spider season this thing is out he is in the middle of as well the Mike. Who buddy elect Harare would audio family law. Sort smoke and master blow the smoke the spire and okay some books. And I spoke to a formal I can just blown and Adam blown Adam and then I'd put up cigarette. And massive turnout watch. And now he is going. Off he is going. Off on this web do you do all kinds of stuff he's working hard like. I am 100%. Positive that I got the spider hi I'm sure you did fast forward to Sunday night okay Sunday night are a lot of my deck. All right. No writers eat a pizza knows muttered yeah. Despite or not there all right but I have my bowl again I'm gonna sit down I'm like looking for me on the spider web is much bigger now and it's much more intricate and I'm like wow that's impressive. So I sit down my chair and I go to just take a lighter out of the pocket and as I looked back up blue. He appears right in the middle of the web in the east twitching like to his legs and he's just like he's looking for such as anxious humans and so yeah among smacked aside blue smoke and it was African face again for the entire ball and he just did this seem exactly the same mannerisms the saints have just started working his ass off man on this web just. I'm I'm 100% confident that I had of gotten aspire high twice and now he's asking I have not seen him since the I keep do I do keep going out there see if I can see him during the day is not there during the day and I checked out and have found out that I'm gonna try. You have a pet spider I think I got this right dead spider now that what is he way. You pay nothing an hour it's a much Jermaine Dottie I'm not been announced I am big I have local Disco ball holes it's a couple of 100%. Convinced this guy was not there out of how hard I grew I need to we have no doubt about diapers ensure he's definitely thought I don't think I just got to I don't think they got a buddy at their lives and I smoke about it looked like. Do you think man. The about bodies is generally they come back to hang out and I was even their data bunny hates you don't get it right I think I don't possible. What is the Allen is a story tell about your parents say 449990. Look at the low O'Shea a welcome to the men's room. All on. So this story is doing do you go to my mom aren't heard believe 42 birthday. Period and my uncle celebrate. And gave birth dates and they're born to do your part America's clubs I believe me summer in Olympia gun not to work anywhere at. This little lady kept trying to come and they're VIP section that they are now and I'm wrong but all night kept coming AK coming years. My view my mom's it's just so little woman you don't fight you want fortieth Staten. This lady if kept on that it added he finally stepped over that little build it. Like little line that separates the BIQ and Rex club that yeah. My mom. Beyond its chair typing. Picture a biter throw. Lips are offered at this year gave like. 67 into the off the ground and slander. On the quite comical floor and they're doing about thirty. Government and home. My mom had great addition I have a good time and they get kicked out of a crowd urge you to enact anti Jesse jokes like the man now that's. Well I that's about as governor to not allow that absent. A fair enough weekends so you'll have called mommy your uncle got kicked out of the club. Yeah and also want fewer miles or mile course right. You can pour in that big out there could pick them up what Kyle didn't pick lovingly you struggle a darn movie or not dislike. There's million and not even saved and bring them outside and an eight the bank brand that's popular owner never. Well Betty they get re invited and there are like and I get. Nobody here. But not yet been. I'm prepared by the my mom and collecting bad acts. I would deter if you don't slander Astros could reasonably drag their. They don't live in that he had the last week. That's the idea that I VIP lifestyle well that's the problem sometimes too right left. Visited her birthday or whatever right I'm gonna go on a limb and say they generally don't sit in the VIP section that's my guess and how you spend all that money like Alia. Right to be good for us if we had a VIP section. But no offense to like sorry extra dudes whose job by I'm not right though that the woman her birthday like. Just one other women coming in there none amount and a group reported not familiar with the VIP seamless Elena go VIP into a club is a costly compared to regular torture us champions on the club to pencil out so well you're okay so what would would you heard of being a science. Well a lot of places now if you want like sitting VIP you and your table and bottle service and you're talking hundreds of dollars just to get. But the cable news on dollars for bottles writes about time you're out there you're out of the grand your pocket. Yeah at least I would think I mean and that's just like normal kind of regular season media go to Vegas or something like at the different world I can't even imagine they mean even need a think I'd been to some clubs and Vegas where luck there are staying in the sweet those hotels like that helps. But you think I was like I just ask the counselor with 200 work and think think oh. Believe there are serious and he looked and he is a guy like you you better show Blake ten chicks all I don't like all right face like that do that it'll get out fans I'll go up pick this line it towel. What is the story out exactly where was I've done about a block but I think you have there's no way I can get in there. What do you have a story that's what happened to me in my body right so I had a sweep in the Venetian whatever hotel that's in which by the way everybody knows how to get a deal on that. IGoogle like Vegas stack up right finally went online got a sweet. But it allows you into that club so wouldn't we walking anything 132 ended do tardy shaken is that. But no sorry fellows clubs close. Pull out the room keep the us our third floor and there is hundreds of people party. Only out of your life you might be Armageddon employers little sorry folks but the results are original told you it was like half naked women in giant champagne glasses it's closed. He's a grown his judgment call a news when new. Yeah I mean he looked at the same guy so when I left you know at this point now I'm cool think amber do you want to finish your drink ticket yeah I think all right that's pitiful a man. It had happened that room Keeley. By giving the 200 bucks that I work that's likely not good windy like that do what you would need to objects. It's rallies inhofe. And I you know there's honestly. If you confined since Jason bay of like hey man you want them club kids have to go with me hooker but I think. What the story tell about your parents say 449990. Hold the line we've got more your calls on the way you are listening to the men's or radio network. With smiles and free and Cleveland Ohio. A woman accused of pulling a gun on a Cleveland barber because he was taking too long the cutters seven year old sons there has been sentenced to six months behind bars 31 year old Andrea Smith was sentenced on Tuesday. She previously pleaded guilty to. Menacing child endangering and carrying a concealed weapon she apologized at sentencing and acknowledged that she briefly pulled a handgun from a personal barber school in April. And that she had no license to carry the weapon but she denied waving it or threatening the barber as police alleged. I want to work out the police say Smith put away the gun after another employee helped the calmer now the barber finished the haircuts and then Smith left with her children are questions. What is the story that you tell about your parents say 44999. Ole hello Leon I'll welcome to the men's room. All right well. And it's. We all learn a good place right now wanted to. I yeah art really great place and I had huge story and I'll let you guys hits. Battle a book about my gag so. Gillian I app that yelled out and the other one is about keep the military he had edit out. Godzilla. Though I'm beat Florida bar and I give them late that indeed might I worked at correctional op prepared. Did. I believe he didn't tell them where I heard. Schilling I can't it was kind of lonely act act and beard and I guess. At that guys are you need that. ELE and then when they are ill. That light there you know how they do it I didn't eat baking. You have the loop I murdered and they got the right of passage for every young man not the answer. Yankee caps though there at that one guy about eight BI. Cubicle and I cold at all. All and end and it's and flooded out. And you want to get a Mac can manage it well then so he'd pulled down his pants and his underwear he's. And he put the lighter right behind it and the I guess he'll let out a light and made Brian and my dad's bed back. They're definitely a lead that spark and he actually end up getting a degree and burden our idea is that Barack died. When Luke and more than likely on the inside to my buddy Tony did something so again we're teenagers are planning a band like 1516 but. Blue flavors were hollers that so we always went for arts but Tony made this one dramatic sell. Usually it is capable way to far you get the Bloomberg. Tones look I want so obviously in his mind in his gut got a big far content but you wings on his back and keeps his feet up you know also as a kind of angles is closed it was yours is again. He license latter Hugh let's ago man and like this of the stage aren't there and this is followed by a blow to curdling scream from them. And he gets on runs out of the basement or practice keep my blood at his house rent a mutual friend. Polls that he disappears for Paul and I earned a basement dies I mean we just this is the funniest thing we've seen. It was unbelievable. It's smell ultimately don't pass and hit the economy and and we know was bad. So Tony show look maybe five minutes after the who's walking proof. Very gingerly and restoring polls mothers shorts and they're clearly short forewoman okay. But he comes right down the basement he looked pissed like he's mad the world laughter normally do a blanket a decent man. They got a burn side commitments on my table you know what I come on man can't be that bad. He shows us his shorts and in the morning and Thursday charred black hole like a stone put a cigar Obama. And then he his underwear. The same to you don't it's into the hole with a crispy bits the perimeter. He lit up the inside his you know so for about two weeks man he was Ivan the real hard time. Thing was when he went home he just didn't wanna tell us mother would be done to injure himself about it and that's a tough conversation did I don't think he ever did but it was bad. But a funny then fledgling girls who. What does a story that you tell about your parents say far far 999. All of stay tuned the return of who sucks less coming up. The show and many things continue on the men's room radio network.