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Wednesday, October 11th

Mens Room Question: What is the story you always tell about your parents?


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He what you're about to hear is real. Trying to offend anyone. There's our. Invited to join the party. This is. All gathered in secrecy. This is done. Through. You know they say. Or radio more than three times. And you're. Logo on the result of our 2600. In 93 match. Along with Stephen Drew hill. Do Ted Smith and laden. Dad in my car. As soon our fundamental. It's sort of blue Sox last. Past the men's room is back. Can get ready to play profile list. Headlines events or shot of the day publicity males and everyone's favorite TV time with the click clack and you don't I don't know big changes in scouting as girls can now become cub scouts and ultimately become eagle scouts do. Meanwhile a Wisconsin man city vandalized and tried to burn homes down because alien force them to do it. New York wants to put up parents in jail if their kids act like Jerryd double rinse air being the only discover hidden cameras like the ones here at work. As parents left. Whose son now I kinda feel the core and it's all coming on today's very special episode of the men were. Here's the question. All I've been known as good day to you in New York all right yesterday on this very program we asked the question. One of the story you tell about your grandparents well guess what family week continues in a men's room. Now actually was not planned but don't read the story about the parents new to all mild you just alluded to fill up their three year old son. And corn mix but the real bad part is they didn't realize it until the next morning. With about twelve hours later make the call the copies it to report that which it was missing. The conference when the kids not missing because we've had him here from the last half of one day waiting for your call. Under the mother in Beijing China. She was kind enough to take her young son to a restaurant grab lunch and at what point is kids or want to do the kid of course he had a piece sort of mumbled. Your rentable all of the table had the two were dead while she continues to plan phone heap reasonable. Now to eliminate any consideration that she's not a complete turner. Jose the audacity to argue with other diners and employees that what you're gonna laughable anyway look upon me the problem. I'm Gerard. And then it Cleveland Ohio a mother pulled a goal and I'm a barber. Because he was taking too long to cover seven year old son's. But these people level less prepared does not require a license just requires a middle section tack right. So the thing if you have parents and yesterday we talked about their grandparents today we want to get to the world apparently according to the news or all terrifying people. But today it's quite that much like yesterday's. What is the story you tell about your parents a brother Joseph caught a four point 999 only you can like them intra month FaceBook follows on Twitter and survive and senior emails the men's room at mints are my dot com. You're listening to the men's or radio network. Hey Joseph you know have enjoyed the men's room. Not that Donna de LA got a lot of Michelle number 2693. When incredibly good job. Today as the men's room has backed. Return of who sucks last. And today I guess we're continuing family week here in the men's room has an enormous just very innocently enough when we had a collar a couple of episodes ago. Bus and those are random question question and it was what what's the story about grandparents can. And then all of a sudden and we normally don't get any response from any of you. The emails blew up the comments blue loan was not it's because the guy. No one would have told us anything except the guy in this case that we asked the question unbeknownst. Like a government immigrant parents mayoral bid for a little the most. Tonight we thought that was sent. But everybody thought it was sex and that it's almost like you know they were saying I feel bad for him and in an effort to comfort him. I think relive it is rub salt in the wound goes and everyone shared these feel good stories about the grandparents alert when I was guy really knows he missed. Chart and I really didn't he could reach graphic to show awesome tonight. I'm Padraig were too many Z humor like all this stuff in my I don't think the guy but feels better now you know that's that there's a bit of a different dynamic now as we step over. From. Parents. From grandparents to parents and and and not always but often times there's a lot of heat in spite involved in the next generation up and the generation down select where grandparents we admit yesterday they have a pass because. Most of the time. Grandparents are. The edges have been taken off of their harshness from when they raise your parents so by the time they get to you for the most part you're still getting a better version of whoever they've been in the life. Absolutely even if they were just a bastard there's slightly less of a bastard in their old age and they were at that point in time they're raising your brain chemistry and real mean man Buddha he ones that he is establish a warrior and all through the old Maine cry but you lose and ridicule the real me for my mother didn't get more races my parents were decent parents and I play with my kids you know firstly modify my father. Very good guy but warm and Fuzzy is not at all what we would have described it. And arms to got up until I had a kid I did not know the warm Fuzzy existent and he's let the war was you know there's no doubt Richard and has the nicest kindest. Yeah see. He does is when he had his demeanor title of a com decent human Z is all of those today rational and ascent and let it just seems to have a very even keel about. But kids aren't rational. So you understand the conflict rose in when you're HR OU or Matty rational human being about it. So for my mother who's also fairly irrational. No worries she gets the upgrade my father did not have a very large tolerance for your lack of rationale of why did that are out of it brings you the kind guy he's a very third warm and Fuzzy. No way. These kids and I'm watching my kids with him and you've got to epic beat hit me to the point and actually pissed me off her so I have some white. What is this about their public this is I believe you treat them like gold is insular it's simple so they your goddamn kids mama mom. If you got to raise them is an example love them enough funds like maximum don't mind I don't know Q you've had to race. My oh my parents they take off on there. Maybe once every two years they did they would take a trip to Mexico or simply a better Florida whenever they get on a plane to leave the kids at all. My brother and sister were young enough for they would go to their grandparents' house they weren't in school with apple and time I was thirteen or fourteen years old. They basically just said hey watch the house short and I was gone I was there about myself for a week they would start me up with some food basically I wasn't up to no good. I basically was just living my life enjoying the fact that I was home alone. That's all you want I didn't have a girlfriend I was and ended drugs I wasn't yeah it's cigarettes I wasn't drinking now on thirteen fourteen years old but it still. I haven't. When I look at my daughter when they were thirteen years old I wouldn't I wouldn't leave him alone for two out of it if they let me for a week like it was no big deal you know like and and I think to myself all my. My too much of that helicopter parent or whatever you call it too involved though right now Ali demagogue and thirteen year old for a week while the next. Part of that you is at the time that our parents did stuff like that everyone's parents kind of did that so wasn't. It wasn't bad on usual and they were tipped off the neighbors like they were gone in August. Keep an eye on the person supposed to be keeping an eye in the house and it just wasn't a big deal even if it blows. Even if it was stupid even if it was irresponsible it never broken bones about it. Remember they've relentlessly for us to Wear seatbelts can be used you wouldn't even as your kids to put on seat belt like as a driver do which one I think but. You definitely make your kids about them. And at the Corbett is that whoever you are parents about levels that way I mean if we were good that if we. Mow the lawn and did all the crap we had to do by certain time. Then as a reward you can ride in the back of the open bed pickup truck to the grocery late. You're rewarded by being put in horribly dangerous situations so that was hey you get the house or week. At thirteen years old or hell yeah you can write back to pick up truck and reduce seventy miles an hour. Somehow it. America or that time it was far org go down with uncle. 300 all of her you know just one day and a local note sincere approach at all. Good down there and have a internally here can't have aroma counselor. But they called Joseph Orton and the apparent hate us then they want to us to die so. Yeah isn't some of that though just now honey please just don't let him do that stuff lead to that we don't we do about being home and a house you know. But technically that it would column Lackey you last eat he would like. Do you still get to do that we can you just go home after school or do you got to go somewhere I guess Saturday and on eight but you're right and as far back as I can remember meanwhile. May be my eight years old. It looks at me about a two hour difference from time to get home from school one of the parents get home from work and it was fine that is a worry about it like you know you might I had the opportunity to go to YMCA a year Boys and Girls Club like and West Virginia if you were with if you were a mile if you weren't with any mile of the school. The Boston nonstop ride so unless you were in and out pony it's at the start and first grade so if you weren't a mile long purity it's almost like taking an express bus from whatever point the school is for one mile it's not stopping until makes its first stop on its route short and anybody within that perimeter who had a road that was with the mile measurable. They didn't get picked up and you knew what are some kids I know who walked. They want the other direction. From school because they know how to walk quarter mile but they walk out of that mile zone and aggressive but some positive like you know the problem about a cranky let the tuba. And he was like 342. Mile away from schools that you care that everything you know them. Every single day with your practice gear and all that crack strong as a knocks. Now. So our questions ever talk about parents and that we got a bunch of stories shorten carried and got him to book reports of my everyday yeah what's what is the story that you would tell about your parents say 449990. Hello and welcome to the men's room. I don't know you guys do it or not are you don't but. Try to forget so first stop. Talking about parents but that the last year. This is about emirates article. It he would look into the tiger back in the sixties the Japanese before them Ahmad each ride with the Angel down like California quite a long time. And it rightly taking the corrupt and out now I tell people this article can drive a little barbecue and not the Pacman bike and I think you are now. He's got because decrypt crank for that sounds. Oh pull up their act and act alone it's not gonna like the wild west cook's resident gets buzzed as to deal with a given a. Activist stagecoach. And it didn't let that story worth telling apart and I tried to run out obviously drawn up. He quit the pipeline when I was ordered 71 time I east wasn't involved in the lifestyle and still rattled. I was he still cooking program. That was he's still cooking for them. Operations. Journal and times change that's the guy you've got to protect him for those gang storm yeah. So each hour. Apps that are on the outs its earlier goal definitely I don't aren't sugar cute too. Much and it made it look like a piece of economically dice. Which is great right up until you have a kid who like sugar. Exactly. I pops what it's about so that was three years old oh yeah I can't believe your denial. Now somewhat I think it comic the last thing I remember looking down the stairs they were going to weighty. That's a lot here remember from that who actually first my first real memory when they have to track. While not a lot of people who get their vision quest to three. Exactly so I doubt that it took a strong family friendly doctor. And the doctor told him that and he can only he's got the right now they sent out don't retreat and it does so outstrip the predates. And let the doctors are making the stirring emotion and my data out there my mom and egg from the sort my mom actually look like Billy stirring daddy's face. Starring daddy's maybe it was a moment that things change for your dad a little bit as far as you know what he kept her on the house and what he was doing. China did it kind of dead. End. My father also make sure that we never went hungry. Sometimes we went camping and we didn't have a house. Thank you. How it looks good and how did you take downward on the go camping once the longest he went camping between house. About two weeks. Ever wanna here about two weeks we didn't at all. It was after my mom died or are about eight or nine years old. And I mean much interest but sometime project Erica my father had a great art product my mom about it. And it. We just investigate strategic security kit and some upper school. Cancel it sounded out about six several months and only got back my dad at a friend's place but in the front came back and that you can't be here or whatever I want and I'm. The chips are. Robert all the details. I we can't think a couple weeks. And then I think my grandparents got all the doubt point helped us out L like data out copy is correlated to my dad brought back to work the rougher. That it became an engineer. And he did a lot thing now I'm not saying he would this so adept at this point I mean for the hardcore drinker. And there were some issues like one tiny and it brought on a knife fight with no tire on the bottom of the. I don't think. That's round. It also was third in any change it for you when immigrants there an age where things seem to normalize a little bit. I have the trial about the time I got mad it's almost about thirteen years old. And as much that I despise her because I was waiting my sister for eight here's all to doubt and I was the one that made sure every. Absolutely outside of the wanna learn how to that point it would out of the work I do every number for every bar in at all. Do you are you have another you and your mother still colors or your sister is still close. Yeah how we are fortunate to full political out there like eight months or seven that's eligible full blooded ones and we Emerson and a lot of yet. We know what your dad's favorite hobby was your probably the only one of all of your siblings to trip the three years old. I would yes I would do that don's sister little techniques now we don't give it context to pursue the Elantra achieved without a fight days that. Oh my and that's that's insane yeah. And not to mention that the Lotta sugar for three and profit. And I want my little boy in England boy that is triggered by the other helped by the good gotta you gotta hold a diabetic coma but look what you do for a living now. Mysterious curse your nerves aren't. You ever deal. Patrick oncology nurse and those recently had a sabbatical. And I'm getting back into the vehicle health care at this point. Why because it's too hard to see the kids in that kind of a situation. Well I'd I did there. I'd better worse about her fourteen years I've been in medicine for eighteen. And I started out working at the NT Dick theatrical little bit on my training and and their arms. It looked at sir you are so like that. And I got a pediatric securing a little what did you mean I mean here's kind of a so I like meet my own garage for Superman Batman and what handout poisoned stickers and exercise their kids. I've got I've got Forbes four trying to project generation edit the best. San Antonio Cromartie who broke it's a five game this. It. In this Monica. And I know you're going to have a story out in Finland and Amanda apple did not far fall far from three as far as producing two outs. And it. Yeah so after that that was your only experience we drugs in your life. It's shaping up first I didn't into the academic she pulled out. There's got to get partly tuba but you never smoked a joint and never slows some sort of thing and if you're gonna drink. I chicken or a year ago hookah bar. Yeah so it artwork breaker. Now back down and apparently you replace alcohol with ethnic. There's now has five kids might even be they couldn't get completely out of ice right you use your dad have got to come. Now. We get us. I'd like to an area of our eyes and other. That aren't we have to inherit something up under Bob does not the worst thing that's the first book America. In this thing I've ever talked about you or talked about yen and one of the hardest teachers had high school park golf. All the stories that actually has made Bosnia often young buck often mr. authored the and he spoke Philly blunt plays widget just what was on what was he black. Now buckles and always I'm gonna ask is why ever been a black buck. Man bikini that I just. Know. I mean that feels like a blazing saddles I know my completely cease I complaining but nobody available collected came up with a pay my name's buck I really don't camera somewhere. Yourself and why hasn't yet this isn't it ended up plus you have an engine block I can I possibly borders bigot wanna begin do any investigating to see if there's a black buck a black book but I know a guy whose last name it's like. Buck something Bob Buckner but give the column I'll damage his last name is buck right thing holiday box. Let them to block out you are and I look the other way you know while buck off it was a tough guy because his name was buckle off. Look I mean that's exactly what the toughest teacher well. He was really tough because that you like me report English your senior year yet taken Linux English lit class yet right. Stuff what you sell stuff at but he was an old saw if you do the drank his coffee out of styrofoam cup or drink believe lots of smoke Phillips yet. I mean of what you that there was clashing above did you give him to back the legend but that was made buck off have you ever met anyone who actually smokes Philly Blanche. With Al we'd been out of the block Denzel never medically and luckily swisher sweets man you Indian make Eagle Lake legit I know it's cool right now in the religions smoke blackened my outright rhapsody America but you're right I've never seen anybody that just like I enjoy the taste of a Philly what's Ella is a story you tell about your parents a 44999. Ole hello Alan welcome to the men drew. Eight miles you and I accustomed to a common sense again thousand dollars it took out entire summer with that now. Our parents gave me a thousand dollars and they took off for three months when I was sixteen while which was three months I was like seven days. Why do that the man who now. What do they go into the what does the other of auto go to Mexico military Arizona host Lou Lyndon. Or actually Leonard so they went down to Mexico and Canada. In Colorado. And so there's broken a lot of them eat and having a lot of success and I get that lecture. Pretty much anyways but the article out today. Welcomed the vote incorrectly. The look oh all the lift although there's a book or publish stories. That they were spoke. The time drinkers. And they used a lot of domestic violence is like. Every try to it was Smart at the plates to go when I was sixteen. They were going to edit and hopeless and so on and usually it's pretty and she gave as much as she took. Or one night she was given all this get a little more than she normally okay. So I sitter she screamed almost the moment a bust in and and break it up. So churches scream two I went in the bedroom. A sign there I didn't knock him into the closet. Jumped on him. And just a hold him down. And my mother shot at. Who while you're holding him down. On holding down the curve ball locked. And deadlock in the in this big applaud sit. Into Charlotte the 25 caliber pistol which is not most accurate weapon it's amazing he didn't that you how did you not hit you if you have a minute headlines. You know what I have no idea the dad lives luck. Oh yeah only three collapsed in my arms I'd let him roll out on the floor. I've waited for a moment stay whether or not I should just go call and I thought well NATO make oracle the phone call also small town in Colorado by the way. If you if you had to go out you had to think about whether or not to make a phone call. Where I hang up more time I wanted to look like not you let them think about what the mathematical phone call after you've just like your mother shoot through five I. Had my dead in a headlock and then my mom's M a dead in the head and then I thought maybe make a phone call make that call the yeah. Oh boy we're gonna finish. What is the story you tell by your parents say 44999. All hold a wide margin calls coming up you are listening to the Missouri radio network's secret. Yeah. This. Thursday thirty year old woman named Erin MacKey. And she is from Johnston Iowa. And clearly she felt like she needed to be in Germany for October fest and he wasn't gonna let anything stand in a way so. She flew to Munich back on September the twentieth and she left her four kids home alone. 212 year old a six year old and a seven year old she also left the the gun for protection are all good and she was supposed to be gone for eleven days. A lead in the day but luckily someone called the cops to report that the kids were lonely kids were turned over to child services and the cops and a message to Erin in Germany. Telling her that she better come back home. She's in charge of four counts of child endangerment one count of making a firearm available to a person 1210. And she's not the only American parents. To get their negligence on during October fest in 28 year old man from Texas passed out drunk and October fest while he was wearing. His baby and baby carrier. Law there's no word on charges that he can keep pace as well that's a bad look man our question what is the story you can tell about your parents are really bad 844999. Cola miles real quick we we talked a guy named buck earlier. Yeah but can that we're raising short have you have you ever met black Diamond Bar and none of us can think of a black wolf but it's traditionally an older name as far as is not popular anymore so I mean you know like. A buck Owens and trying to think of any popular bug and I think they are relatively that you think well apparently where we're just stupid so these are the some of the comments. They came rolling Buck O'Neil negro leagues baseball player you have to assume he was black QB played in the eagerly. Adds up. Ball Williams played for the Portland trailblazers this guy like I don't know I do remember about what I right I knew a black guy named buck and Alabama it says in the miss my favorite one I've played NBA two KAT with a black student involved aren't. Well this real often. A foot. And there wasn't quite good about these plans I think they don't yet it's okay. Let's go with. I remember off and I will tell what is a story you tell budgetary and 84499. And I know looked occurs so many of them that were carried out to Peter generate what that that is correct he never gives up before. Hello Adrian welcome to the men's room. And Adrian. New agent maybe not goodbye Beijing hello old Christopher welcome to the men's room. All right guy. So when I was like seven or seven years old. I I remember hearing this really large well it didn't sound in my garage. So. Minimize market recently and we got down there. Ends we'll look through the door and receive these two big burly men. And a giant Rico truck. Dug in my mom's minivan until it. So what ended up happening was out of nowhere my mom. Split soon and myself went across like directory concedes that jumps and many of them and drives off the truck. Owed him. Wow and it. I don't. What are you go I'm assuming you don't know what real people people are at this point you do see two giant guys and your your mom going crazier. Exactly by going to talk in this body. This I realized my mom with the best was when she got out and went out to these guys who were like my excitement on 65330. Pounds these engineers. Blonde on it put nothing it. Go to like much air bases as she possibly could and start screaming and I'm like how I get into your job I'm. Your car I have everything you don't get antitrust passed on my property to get this car. I don't know how much she died but she ended up paying off the minivan. Also she suited one. AM answer one other person I know her van was not supposed to be revote or laws. It was supposed to be re boat because I grew up in a court house and we were behind on payments. We gather that when you said the repo guys them. Yet the course. But it. I don't know I got it definitely when I realized my mom is because mom in the world and yeah I've only seen grizzled man onetime allies and it was. It was it was something of yours no no no no this is great. No not me isn't that great so this is great you know they one remain I had my body peel overs to protect you would pay the rent so so he wasn't saying anything so. But he's one of the he's that guy so. Any time a new CD came out that he wanted to you know prime put out by new video game whenever he needed to consume he had the money to consume and at any point in time when it came to actually having responsibility. Chipping in for the doll world get in touch him again for the way he did have any money amber yeah grave right but he'd be gone to dinner excel he read that all of this stuff that are Reynolds center. But it just really nice room like nice counter the TV now like crap that he rented. Brian rich is huge ass TV on stuff. He was laid a month on his famous and knocked on the door he went home they came over many started taking all the stuff you know the lead levels of bad this all rest rented every the completed the. The show and many games continues on the men's room. The radio network.