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Tuesday, October 10th

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This is done men's room. I'm listening to. Crude added as a player profile as we'll take our time right now a 44999. Only you'll play profile is coming up me and mix. And if you had your headlines on the way one hour from now the first quick check in my cock for some of the stories and headlines he is not working out right at 52 year old woman in Florida got pulled over for tail gaining an officer last week. And said Jesus alerted us. Yup and makes that. In all perfect middle always say my co pilot or whatever that. He didn't drive and just slam Jerry's swell guy not the guy you want in the call from that's probably why we still get. Don't notice when Lofton that's on the Eagles would do we had never driven before the first half athletic he thinks and how writers whatever like he doesn't care. Abuse turned things with the someone an organ attacked their neighbor wouldn't Tiki torch during a heated argument about dog poop. Boy. I just how does the Tiki torch to magnify it's there it's in the yard dessert and yard I'm sure play Hayman how many are this is your dogs as the other maybe go back and forth. The new gravity you Georgian assault people who Obama more more the more poorly than that it's been a really really tough year for the Tiki torches yeah is thinking George needs scheduled for later listening. Everybody Tiki torch you should illuminate your backyards. Or maybe keep bugs the way this is that you know that life. Stop most of these things up at 60 at the reversal. My can be a race says you can beat your neighbor. Now why I need to realize that a virtual blackout and that no idea what the middle of the black folks prefer I like are you margin though what I think George. Omaha families go old school does carry a torn away you know all our ought to teach you to approach it that one on race is march. Isn't he George just like a specific brand to a doesn't necessarily have to. Like not all torches like that are Tiki torch just made me want to Kleenex I religiously what we call brightly golf called Q2 solely Q tips of opportunity for sure I think you just see a Mike on yet when the steep rise or even all the way Polynesian culture it's a DB to our friends in the golf as single at a habitat build this torches TD George you put your yard. And Alou out what every little party is a deal. David plays and keep the bundling for marched down the street know those of George. Yeah there's like grab your pitchforks and torches that weren't so if it fits in my backyard detour well. But by the side and I'm I'm scared of a group of people who that's my problem I have ever had taken out of my back yard march down the street it's it's no longer Tiki torches just torch correct okay. It is it is as you say flashlight do you think in the Tiki out of the stadium to see the end of the regular I have 5250. He's a fund. I'm one of those drinks out of a coconuts in bed they're fun. She did not because they're a governor but she marched on the street with a goat with golden and brilliant as Truman racial slurs that's I don't know about could get it. Several flights were delayed in Tokyo won approval ran out onto the tarmac fly. Just run over resentment. Well are you would gamble who's now drill wow. Sword it's that would mean he doesn't do her I don't know I don't play. And Philadelphia and we were delayed they couldn't get the dog off the Roma. I'm a forward looking man if you fire of the big ask gotten implant rolled on the wrong way. The dogs. As all living creatures would do would give out of the way there's only one animal Wimbledon does the dance that's the score off track and or you're the only one that probably gonna get like this fire the plane to get move and duke the dog who moves. Squirrels love that car danced. You know what rabbits are the same thing. We were driving home from my grandparents onetime and the mob was driving fumbles and she slammed on the brake and there's ravaged kind of doing the crisscross going with the car. But couldn't quite take aside from. And when another rabbit tragedy. Buzz is not we'll find money anymore if I finished horrible hole I think it's a couple points that backed up act. Relatively speaking of Japan a woman recently gave birth at a hospital where and the food they serve was so good that she posted photos of an online. I'm pretty much anything that you've ever heard about hospitals live achieved mostly picture over newborn child now. Are now that you could you know the best hospital lead and then. Sent us to guts. Children's Hospital now granted your travel and and in their for the best circumstances bucks. Probably back thoughts of OK here's would you get the Silver Line users yet. Do you get the full meal plan that they already have in place the hospital right. But then they put eight children's bar on one hand in Ennis fool all of and ice cream dispenser. With sprinkles you can get many corn dogs you can get hot dogs you can get chicken nuggets you can get French Fries you can get smashed windows open your kid you didn't get small little pizza is like to have the kid well they partner to right. You can dive right into that and it's amazing it's an unbelievable at eleven hostility from the children's book absolute. That's great joy they did nothing golf pathetic go and I'm allowed to eat they're not only does that you can pick it include Bob and I'm I'm I'm going corn dogs nuggets in these states. Chicken macaroni and cheese you can won't stand actually in the house of death OK I don't are you are that are well he wins Roland Marietta. And her boyfriend go pictures myself Russell Wilson had a in my luckily I have I went to McDonald's for lunch pretty go Children's Hospital all they have a great buff like I'm telling you. One DC has a good and once Seattle does their top notch Greg. Look at train called the Napa Valley wine train and make stuff so wineries in northern California crashed into a stretch limo mansion. One senses seem quite of course as Sabbath day here's the thing it was a scheduled and that was also on a wine tasting tour of course a horse that's all they do it. What else is there to do America. Drive through it yeah he's gone way he may be flooded out it's on fire now let's give you good you did it's it's not even there. Catalina wine mixer thick. The wife of the police chief in Pensacola Florida was sentenced to three months of probation for keying simmons' car back in July come on ma'am. Yeah I meant like this come off every day your Muslim boy hey babe seriously that's not my girlfriend I'm the chief Brent. Inaugural dress up into a car normally its its domestic. Oh yeah it's not like my relatives my friend just me now you don't hear friends' cars this is complete absolute. I think my husband's with the person in this Gartner. Honestly I haven't heard somebody Tina car since like ice and it was someone's ex girlfriend boyfriend whatever new boyfriend whatever. It's always relationship related that's the one. That in getting your not always getting your tires and mobs in a car keys just seems to be like and next thing to do. I've only ever seen one car keyed in my life it was when I worked at the auction. Cyan DC rolled in that had slut written on the side and sheets are no I nobody knew he was gonna he was so pissed off this diver I guess fool around his girlfriend. And they worked at the same place same restaurant. The so I'm wisdom and a guy left his car there could do in downtown again drink and for his friends so he got into another car companies like I'm stab and I'm I'm I'm populist Iron Man helmet on I'm tired this guy's craft dance to grab the knife not a catcher Manny goes out there. Think comes back into my. Well with the utilities like. Do I couldn't I couldn't get an exercise but I was 74 times there's a lot man you're curry he wanted to because that's an eleven minute into the back to business. If it could seriously could Bob retire the I never trotted out and their guests steel belted radio host of other radio. A new study found apps that turn your work out into the game where you earn points can make you exercise harder especially if a friend does it with you. Whatever whatever inspired gasoline demand Pokemon yelled at everybody I Walken dancing metals like you know less likely that doesn't regularly in one game. Fred Nolan points to get no candy prizes we heard we got this that people worry now. The bigger actually we should be walking. You should be eating it's not that easy miles and there's further incident kid and finally a man of Pennsylvania went to the cost. Little with puncture wounds on his boys do you tell you how we got those one hour from now they've my cock headlines are coming up one hour from now the first game is. Precepts. Throw him to please tell everyone how profile this is playing as short ten miles it's a simple game where we share with you real life news story. Something that happened right here on planet earth. Peru. And if you listen to the store based on the stereotypes you believed to be drew people and the decisions that people make. Well as you would do do you think makes the story a story. Hello Anthony welcome to the mantra. All I'm going. I'd Tiffany understand how does your game is plain. I feel fantastic. And is case a man was shot and killed by police following a cross county pursuit that ended. When he jumped into the Miami River. Maria Miami Dade police. They told reporters on the incident began and northwest area of accounting. As the agency was actually helping the FBI the third arrest warrant on the man suspected of robbing a bank. A man ran into a member of a committed the first of two carjacked. Now some 45 AM when television news helicopters we are broadcasting images of the man being pursued by police. When the jays got into the city Miami aerial images showed the man barely out of brown SUV and enforcing a woman out of another SUV. What police have received the mandrel Burris to the river bridge along the river and then disappear. Now according to police quote. The individual bailed out of the vehicle just on the other side of the river I was able to jump into the water. And an attempt to elude officers. Now multiple police both of the sea mammal may bobbing in the water for more than thirty minutes. I'm a new one other guy was our and they did this when the circumstances that led to shoot it. But based out of bed as he's bobbing in the water but reminder. Question is do you believe of those guys who carjacked two suvs and ended up getting shot whoever is black white Maxine would you. And I don't know. He has got any ideas. OK well there's a lot going on here yeah they believe that he had attempted to rob banks around the which seems white to me they went to Serbia warms the guy understands torn on runs away first. Carjacked someone I guess Arnold run out of gas and automobiles gets out of my car. Carjacked someone else immediately taste of the river Johnson river is under water for thirty minutes from police believe Higgins went. Elegantly hobbies I got a all the mission out of any shot as this in the water yeah I'm gonna go Maxi. Medium and they have surrounded. Debt and police boats there. Is that he's armed they did not say what went on to the shooting vitamin. And how fast your reaction is in the water trying to draw a gun to shoot and a bunch of armed people. But it didn't end well for us because he has to leave black girl Mexican. I know I'm seeing. Final answer Jeff. Yeah okay. We'll find out of this attempted bank robber who was bobbing in the water for thirty minutes and John gill was black white makes your Jewish next. Sat with his teeth aren't listening to the men's or radio networks. Finest thanks. Florida guy attended Rodham bank of the hijacked couple cars and then the high speed police chase happened and somehow he managed to elude police jumped in the Miami River. Where he tread water for thirty minutes before police shot and killed. Dad that knew we ask you if you thought that this guy was black and white makes you rejoice and you went Mexican. Shankar. Wrong all yeah well why it's you know then explains the treading water for thirty minute that was the give away. More on the comments field workers in dorms alike look. You just feel like the cop shot dude it's probably a black guys are going to an iron in my hand he was in the water for thirty minutes and it just doesn't matter. Now my dad so why you have to shoot me and just sit there eventually is gonna die anyway right deluge of water not only got about your I just I don't. Now relativity as volatile time for TV time a day. Because you're gonna glide. Countless hours in front of a talking again in the mid drew present. We think sports. Oftentimes I know the three of us talk for this year straight eat in an NFL football. You have touchdown celebrations in his right so I like celebrations in most sports. I think everybody kind of has their own line where you're okay with a celebration it's like even down my team scores. When you're down thirty I don't know that the time to recapture celebration right met probably. I do find it interest you many NFL now they're letting group celebration back in which is awesome. But really seem funny to me I do think honestly at this when he defensive lineman might celebrate more than anybody. Like apple to Sacramento sacks thirds of big stop Blake simply defensive lineman ever heard can't tell a lot which is all right. Yeah a big boy up their dorm at a belly roll Armin. Yeah third John it's always cool but I don't get the glory the touchdown that they were a part of they've you know so in Mosul sold by you get the occasional late. Defensive man you know guys 340 pounds he's scoops up the fumble. And he rumbles seven yards into the touched on you've never seen a happier dude than Baghdad because that's who he deployed for fifteen years that is the one touchdown museums or. Yeah well I mean that's the truth there's definitely conference years and you barely get to touch football I mean if you know about that death yeah. Randomly in a day and I'll ask what we do grocery store some industry to do streets are pro football haven't. Tonight choice yeah and operate at a loss URL into a pick up I moved off nicely you know to do when they throw the football used a good round. I should just a million children all I could come home and if I've got this. So I should do what I caught it I should go to celebration. I right so the vikings here. You're gonna hear the announcer kind of talk about their celebration. All right but they in my mind they screwed this operation. It. All right now when you hear that right into a look at the video put it up mention FaceBook page. Here's the problem. Duck duck goose is a pretty simple game right there and so he scores the touchdown the whole offense eighteen sits in a circle. And then you hear him going around on duck duck and then he says to the one guy use. But they all hop up he put a big thing you're mad that they are you Robin rules of the game. Eight. Lake that's the whole thing would duck duck goose he should lead the white dude that was the gruesome should vegetation around a circle like athletica but he just. When you hear him say goose. They all got to stand up. Maybe at that time consideration for how long do the union sober. Bill thrill I'm not sure and I thought about that too but still I mean. Is that really truly do coolant a duck duck grooves if you didn't duck duck goose correctly noted that. Look at some kind of weird dude in a courtroom now maybe three darn good geese. Yeah I want to (%expletive) me off but it did. Other what are you doing I let the whole ideal teams and that's celebration thing rugged android pivotal look at them and they screw up duck duck goose. And they get happened let it grow met miles well as little as grocery to would have done I think they screwed up more than dugout gears. Yeah. Yeah I mean come on. I will see this I love the fact that the groups celebrations are back I grew up in the Washington DC area we have like the fun bunch there I think that what five guys doing my high five armament and even Chad Johnson right or Ochocinco even he didn't like him I always enjoyed his touchdown celebration and I that you would like. When I was in high school that was always kind of thing. But you don't celebrate you don't do this and that invite you was also a thorough way like when you get paid to play this sport you get celebrate all you want an hour nap. How do you guys feel about back flippers. Don you've part of new weight room and just let her rip yeah I'm finalist and had to endure if someone can make you do it. If you let a home run and make a playoff game or something and look at that walk off yeah he'll saint. You know that that's always the thing too about celebrations a lot of people sports and get mad if you believe that you celebrate it. But you know those throw would say as many people would say those are your job to stop him move but you want celebrating her and so you keep impala Bieber episode that. That's our Richmond I'm one of the best lines of things from Bill Belichick is years and years and years ago and I don't remember who may be just like the bills or something but state. Beats their ass and they wouldn't stop scoring lately game whatever. And out below quota forty sailors and ran the score and you said I don't coach my team to stop play. Not what he is absolutely I and one of the scores like there professionals who didn't want to score they would stop its. And I don't tell my team to not score a tell them go score. Yes I bet we don't run don't listen my high school as a pop Warner who got him enough we don't run up the score if a player makes a solid point. Let's get back in the day when you've got pissed about college teams to like honestly you had to do that I think you still gotta do that so what college. Your beat it seems as we beat the crap out of me to grab bag and thirty or forty yard they both come under matters it mandatory for the University of Maryland fan just. Lucy Mercer and Italy I think it must it more 5060 point games then humans have to watch EU. It's like action on action though. She is sort of more than their friends and another long dark but they really haven't of the team sort of replant and they looked dire it's. Do doesn't go to the bank. Yeah rarely mature parlance of up gotta go the back I what are you doing when you go to the bank most of the time you know it. Most of the time I think. I was depositing checks you and now I've got away were I can do it on my phone days old in the past years so I've been able to just do it on my phone and I don't go to the bank. All right but that would be one of the only reasons that I would go I don't you know maybe. I wanna do I do everything on line to be honest with. All right so that's fair I think that's why a lot of people so Ellen the generous husband he shows you door on YouTube she was interviewing Oprah. When you hear Oprah's reason for not going to the bank may go into the bank though it's just a patient off. His son. Yeah. Field. I'm Ben and did a. Yeah. Hillary Mann. There. Show I can Aysu good news though lies literally I had. I'll stay an inland usually did in line for a month and a half I did stand and lie I'm not okay where they said Doug Disney's I'm gonna get him first in line. Yeah. To put you Dallas depositor. For a lot of people out there you don't remember Mike Lara talk about this are clear. Direct deposit. Didn't exist like what I was a kid man it was like every Friday. I think he had to go to the bank either Friday afternoon to try to get your checked in there with your parents or was it Saturday morning. And the rest it used to be banker hours were really banker's hours but I feel like the banks are closed probably knew some you know since Saturday is about noon. And I remember that was a that was amassed a thing called the bank it. It was your money and what you saw a man when we'd GeMS come up your parents were real serious right get your ass in the car we need to get to the bank. If this is such a funny thing now like we're just so used to ATMs in this and that the strike. I might part of deployment write your your rightly besides the bank there was no way to really get money now. But I guess she did we wrote a check somewhere at the liquor store opened. You have to. Depends on area and so I've done that two man dignity object to a liquor store those were different days two were you know I need a hell of a bit into some old school bars where they're still. Guy's name. On with a piece of paper up there and all the drinks that he bought over the week and then when he got paid on Friday he would go inside look to stab that would be taken down only start all over again I used that a Lamar reckon ball to mark to do that with during my my leaner days Lou if you. I didn't just may just just make sure we could play on the run because you're gonna sit there and have a drink when it came off anyway. Yeah I'm trying to remember I think maybe they'll want the first bar worked and we had a couple guys like that I think there was payback Friday night exam and as long as you pay when you got your check those you understand. Yeah in this place was so classy that happy hour with a glass like 24 ounce bottle of bud or Bud Light. And that was that was it or twenty twos and that was like that was like the things like if anybody got any on assignment it was just like all right. You know what miles also watch a couple deuce deuce is today sure you get me tomorrow on Friday and the five spot back. X steel bars and bartenders. Austin Rogers. You guys know the name now jeopardize in jeopardy guy he's been dominating. Each basin that kind of likened to he says a lot of the reaction has been overwhelmingly positive. But he said some of it is now been he says quote I take that theory with a grain of salt that hater I get more than one might react. I could these kind of weird you know he's a little should think he's weird he's a little quirky day mr. quirky prevalent if you will. It's like the way that legislate as you know as usual smarty self deprecating way I think honestly I think Asia's. He's a normal. I do that only thinking is now you should jeopardy you get kind of a stiffer person I think he's just Smart and easy to Smart that you thought that there's nothing. Yeah he's weird man making no stuff yeah he seventh fund might play in this game show on TV and went and lots of money better be. Sure in jeopardy you don't like a lot again at a price is right they encourage you to be happy. Terrible one on wheel of fortune innovator and clapped her Manny be happy to talk about your what beautiful spouse and wonderful children's thoughts are violence the but until pretty right man usually and I guess because of Smart and they don't strike me as folks and upon a lot but there so stiff and here to gather is just not. Well yeah in normal dude who knows some things. And you make a good point too about wheel of fortune how they are set to CNET. Mean this is Smart and beautiful at least in my two wonderful children who wants them to me right now it's over there is barb wire and it integrates it nicer to my kids. I just wanna be kind of more realistic can be like well packed. I'm alone. I have nobody it's why I'm this good at fifteen I had no bounds as time I have nobody bats Saturday an avid dog that nothing Batman why do you think that's so good at this game at the 90 am pretty you are gonna impact I'll take TV dinners are a hundred. In the book I if he Graham they entire category it. I like the guy on jeopardy they're good for him but there's got to be a complete weirder can get people out there and size plus one and are you guys remember blossom of course thank me feedback of TV show mean what's her name I don't remember saying me myriad that boy you Blalock. The iMac blew. Lot of look at it you know I know there and it's room. I never watch Boston those kind of a little old tool for that as you always right you guys are probably to our numbers show me on her because you've the flower and hair whatever Lola had a whenever she had parents that made me uncomfortable understood that but you Amir he'll bold new bright she's on the Big Bang theory now. She's doing real well that GS actually he's doing great. So what are the photo rob don't say this man I think it's my am BL. My mom you know that's only the sound you make when your children on a rescue you I'm not my Meola gives it is tainted. Back I think it's something you gotta comes on the 78 minute scores a goal lead your team my room and I got bad publicity from the so what of the other huge stars on my show of course the might remember was Joey Lawrence but obviously he hasn't had this much success. Going forward as she as she's on another monster show but his catch phrase well. Was obviously big enjoy lord somebody caught up for the many talked a little bit battered came up to detect traces. Written users can you reason to suffer while. She's a cold leaf passed on to win tomorrow on. I don't know I was surfing at a time. So that makes sense. It was a show nightly news was not good we're not laughing. And then and then I would remember that at a note came down it was I will continue to try something else I know we've been telling you surfacing but we want what. It's not working weren't quite cut it I don't know where came from I really don't. Blow can still dead. Contain Delhi said it and they laughed that was set and then there was no social media back when he went scared he'd like. He became not and then that was it he just he stocks saw I don't know how that happened when it was a kind of a weird thing. That's how it. So you said whoa and them now would it be done look. Yes let me just funny to me right like they're just playing on the show or whatever he says well we differently and that becomes like a massive catch for him. Actually Joey Lawrence in action was on forever but you were gonna show did you have to work again. A depends I go on royalties were on the world of syndication and how many people they get up and how many times pewter here. Whatever your deal is in the count I guess. You oppose I would think the way we kind of love recycler and everything from the old days like in combat. I just wonder like Joey Lawrence like TVs in Vegas and yet like ten Jesus you show up and drinks somewhere maybe yeah mine you know like the Seinfeld guys say they went and in and talked to Larry David and Jerry signed phone with. So basically with a shows but in syndication we would like some of these royalties they didn't have that in their deals I don't know who though well that's why the sun belt stuff took for ever. There's never going to be your reunion they would never really talk brown was his leader Ian. And Jerry kept everything you know and finally they were like all right. Is already syndication but I wanna say right if they were gonna put it on the DVDs and stuff yet I think what they're doing their hand was forced the they had to panic how to make them. South gets funny you know Jerry Seinfeld you'll still hear him talk about the not like in the finale how we ended that. Well why didn't he go to different finale I mean. I don't know old Steinfeld I think maybe he knows a guy. Yeah but that that that happens a lot which shows that sign off. Started her whole article in here about royalties from the pages of crap I can't look I let that is unbelievable there's nine million things. Yeah have the biggest aspect of paper we never know man sometimes you never know what's gonna need to start talking about people making money and stuff. Luckily flow Pope then you've got it. It's as RPI normally do veteran guard via my brother does I don't wanna man and I think you're out at you that's probably talking about somebody's side wrote a little no real quick just said all right Pete okay who can. Not bad dividends is an even when I'm look at. Well. It's okay. Celebrities don't show. The people didn't get the world. I think it was like Star Trek the next generation or something that originally did he have it in there and that show went forever so they're like are right we should get some royalties and there. But I mean. You know it honestly I don't know all of show business that's how a lot of that stuff works absolutely I don't know I mean you don't know what went silent film came along it was. Horribly rated show its first season. Yeah both actors we would think that that has a chance of going to syndication or becoming a cultural phenomenon or any of outs of the game on Friday night at 10 o'clock. Well silly stuff to you got to think about like whether it's movies or TV even in music. But how many times do you hear a musician like I don't know I wrote this song gave somebody. And then boom it takes off for them or what's always the big joke about Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney right Paul McCartney was a Yemeni by The Beatles catalog Michael Jackson went out bought it. When I was hey. Remember who owned it against. It was only by something else maybe like boom boom. The record company or something and anyway who's coming over you can bid on it and Paul McCartney Michael generation were friends of the time and Michael Jackson said Paul McCartney and I know about The Beatles catalog and Paul McCartney said I thought he was joking I am limited data was available Michael Dyson Barkley got him Beatles catalog maps and a stop talking. They'll be even. And. Have you guys are the name of the new South Park gave myself. The fractured. But poll. I got a check for fractured. BUTE. WH OLEM guessing Quran fractured bones hold the could it when you're sick you corporates on the benefit the usual won't get ready it it's stupid crap happens only very clear and fractured. But hold. Correct I say I have just recently split TP corporate support of like oh you up like that to happen but I felt that there are gonna put out there. The game as they say also has an interesting feature. The higher difficulty do you choose the darker your skin gets. Some Kook. Who. But it's been scam is that. I've just really doesn't period. The game has an interesting feature. The higher difficulty you choose the darker your skid against the if you're selecting the difficulty level carbon even tells you quote don't worry this doesn't affect combat. Just every other aspect to your home if they Aetna Aetna. And on says they don't island. Ami post because these are. So only blunt all the same time I get fractured and a bunch. If there. Thank you very we appreciate it would get the headlines coming I would my god you are listening to the men's or radio network it's timely and Swiss miles. I'll see what's happening in the real arterial ahead throughout the keystone state or woman grabbed her husband's you'll bag and almost reps at all Wu. Now California where giving someone HIV is something that you can stop. On the Danielle where scientists believe anthrax responsible for killing more than 100 opposed this week. Meanwhile a Chicago man sues the cubs because now he can only take a peek. And kids even now snapped Janet Cooper arrived from your underage out party bless you Dennis sound your headlines. It's Sunday. Mike iron shot I met in Pennsylvania was rushed to the hospital after a domestic dispute with his new wife. The two of them were taking a shower together in conversation turned to know an argument. Yeah so how do you fight the shouted don't perform open this hour remember about the music you know what I'm yet. The man does that relieve the shower and she decided that the conversation was not yet over. And literally grabbed him by the boys alone she grabbed him so hard and with such force that when he shoved her often try to get out of the shower. He pulled away with scratches and puncture wounds on his man area. Wrong. And I am and how bad it. You screwed swears she'll literally. Grabs you by the book is. To keep you in in the situation where you'll hear her side yards and Mike. One question for if detonate have you have you seen a picture of the slave I have. And if she was sitting in a bar and she was hitting on you and ask you go out would you go out with a I would yeah. That explains it. Yup what I remember when tennis how do you screw up that. It to where it's you know I'm not a regular here raising a man if you're not physically attacking someone then she's insane. You don't mail littler yeah we didn't fight and where does matter and we're gonna for punches to the someone has you reaching for my for young I'm gonna granderson economic front recouping right but I know that the game Anderson on their way I think she might be if he was left physically do we need the do or that is. That's slam. Then he should have been washes out you can expect it well. I'm throughout the world to manage Chicago that's up from some of the hard card comes fan was struck by a foul ball while attending a game. An incident that left him blind in one eye open to six year old man says he loved it and I loved the cubs and the sports but is there. But is suing them for negligence because the netting around the field and not extend under the section that he was sitting and he ended up taking a ball in the face it's not. Lull you understand. You bought the ticket price you if you understand that when you go to the I mean if you want and hockey game in on the puck flies aboard without question last ma'am I. It's not gonna end well for you but you understood what you're getting into yeah yeah. And every time that I did in a section of political danger like that. There's all kinds of sciences hate to keep your head out firfer bats and balls leaving the field yeah. That from you or your in the dangers well look I I I realize people on the phone to baseball games you can't pay attention that the games are three hours long you do expect some months you don't mean momentarily be distracted. After seeing that little girl get hit in New York I don't care what the scenario is I don't care what the situation as it was indeed there was nothing you can do about it other than put up the mess. They're gonna be some behind home plate and you get really good seats which I have once in my lifetime. He did some really big deal it's not it doesn't block your view it's not it's not. He pitched for the safety of the people who come to watch the games you have no idea how fast can you pull back around and yank one to the point were it's. Left the third base how much velocity and athletically it happens sort of frequently it's not worth the money mammy was like a simple advice over where for Wal-Mart. I'm on I could go and Coke are much boom goes on free basically don't get rid of food I give them if infrequent. Fellow girl is okay by the way I just I and his friend and I think she is. She's going to be okay North Carolina remind our energy header like after she has her face rebuilt yet Truman to be fine your lover is giant generator Gloria threats. Are among complains that of a lot of people were saying quote targets sex workers. California lawmakers have passed legislation that reduces the penalty for those that knowingly or intentionally expose others to HIV without their knowledge. He's been given and not get a felony. I don't know about things. They do you have the is that it says right here and I'll let you know that other states every is no longer a felony and I'm glad I had made but I don't agree with that that is now that is not good at physically murder admits. At different headlines and that I. I don't see you next time the return a profile this who sucks last and what you don't need to know. Yes indeed it is all true to make sure to tune into boom I'm into routing ever we are back tomorrow so until then I went to new mask and for a league let's say it's. Okay yeah.