10-10-17 Seg 3 Mens Room Grabs the Keys

Tuesday, October 10th

Emails, Ryan Castle is in to Sit & Spin with the 10 Greatest Keyboard Riffs of the 80s! Plus The Word and the Shot of the Day!


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This is dumb men's room. He's thrilled. Sorry about your grandparents say 44999. Holes here than at W got the knife what does it it. So. DC where is where this character that's night and he drove his hand up and and he's got that he did he use an old Swiss army knife. And he takes a Nike turned his back and starts walking away after tonight over shoulder. And says that thing stuck right dead center about circle. Did you believe him. It now I would play and you know I kind of look on men were sitting in his backyard. And he's got this little posts you know tackle or buy or us now hold up I awning bureaus in his patio. And and I and I might grandpa there's no way you do you got any slowdown. In turned around he starts walking away. All of a knife about seeing in nineteen years he still had a steady always carried with them. Threw it over your shoulder and it stuck dead center cannot post. Follow Scott graduates I need to write a bill for an open a balloon. Yeah I had my dad you have been a bad guys and I've sort of that's pretty cool yeah action demy former owner of Lucille ball's refrigerated tent. I would die for my cycle. Yeah can you could throw Rudolph catch him. My grand poses a really good Spinner. I've never seen someone spit with such precision could easily through the teens he's a bit like all of these pits like a little laser. A water pick size like rocket you know where everyone looked. You know just like I apparatus McMahon now and I did. Her dad chewed played it also slowed to back and not like dip reverend thank you Eric. The use Spinner you've got an assault you'll do little racist I did a blue races the only is a really really tobacco racist I'll give him credit though like the he was a tough dude I mean when when my father was born he was a Nazi prison to. Cheeses my Heisman yet and seemed kind of thing like he never really talked about a much so I was like it's it's greater something and they say. Oh my granddad for him ranked. Think it's grandma always yeah for loving you know though I hold on hold I go through all that scroll to the minute talk with the school correct all of Jesus Christ I don't visit Smith. Yeah its own though that I don't humble don't want to put the book nobody ever kids had military service of the family whatever. My grade dance company and nothing needs. Step up oak. This is so horrible. So he gets up there right and again he's never really told these stories in he just launches in. Do's gotta be the scary and it's about secrecy can breath it is scary you think it just like kids every morning and there's tool is to split it. You don't know her get water or Jack felt she. Think we all included independently if it comes and I mean for months after this gives you see granddad OK if I could trigger a backpack and we did get excited you until it was Zealand Duncan and stuff I guess is one of those things he never told the stories he just kind unleashed a ball that day right now classroom and in the class of sixth graders I mean there was just yeah I mean there was a story about. Clayton Lee he's not he's just executing people and he was like third in line and he gives you every detail no bullet. And it was only the mammals and you know openly yes it's like he hit what point two teacher was like mr. Smith. Thank you Brenda thank you thank you guys. So that they can he prepare if we do we are we got a good talking five minutes thank you hook or that you traumatize the children if it but the one of the story you tell about your grandparents say for full her ninth kinda knocked Enola. You know it's funny is in retrospect you're right I should have known better. I was okay yeah I heard the stories I don't stories never talked about it of course you know my dad that government and outside of talks about a thanks that I don't know severed a six great respect for fellow Braden welcome to the men's room. Liquor and British amateurs all time. So let my grandpa. Melt up considerably. Expert. Thought. One of the story I can think out agency is it a lot bites. And so this one night here unit's strength and I think is brother go. Out. Took part or they get that date and bad. Inducted and why what many just extra crap out my cramped up. And so she tucks his buddies and Jules. All taken over to this diner and they sit there are true like any power to drink and copy. And just trying to get so worked up and then they go back and finally got my grandpa. Taught them again and beat the crap out of him. So I was in July to the same guy won ninety deceit a coffee break him into it. So we're. Podcasting to a degree I would call bad to good old days enemy and I'm old developer like we either got to fight. If you wanna fight but you'll also fight but at the end of the flight order be your beef was it was now done. You know I mean sometimes got to ask Kate but he wondered and to congratulate. Have you had enough marvel frame I had enough like five minutes ago but I'm glad you brought an amount. Yet but it was done and that was it you could go back in despair Bjorn gonna shoot you when you understand who won a moment's a coward you'd be in America like they had in my more than likely had a beer. You wanna start go quite short now with over in how you read my friend be your has let's go get Bittermann buying Ellsbury buy guns what is the story you tell about your grandparents say 44999. Cola hello Steven welcome to the men's room. All off auto jobs outlook listed as the mayor are you actually calling from New London, Connecticut hers is just the change. Are now I am I was stationed there wanted and I understand. I Obama hello how good are you a guy Coast Guard debt. Our non AV OK no reason I know so my brother was being highly recruited by colleges to coast Arnold's crap coming out of high school goes on might me he was a very Smart guy and academically sound so. We went to New London, Connecticut because I was a hold of the coast guard academy. And they write me they did everything they could do it to get him and he was very excited it's one of those deals where. When I got there on anomaly twelve years old when they get to the Coast Guard somebody hell yeah man. So let go through this in tighter scenario all of these things he'd do and we thought for sure in my bros gonna join the Coast Guard. The last thing they showed him as one of the requirements is they take your arms cutter. And you got to climb up those ropes Blatter met saying right to the very top goalless Sime climactic. They showed a slide of the view from the top in in that moment it was like nope I'm just a number of manually to do walls from now. I'm not going to lose a leg really you're going Coast Guard is now one thing. That was written still resides no one held New London is changed his life are there are daily a big bridge loan what tell what is this guy you tell about your grandparents. Now I I yet I don't how many rather than I thought house sitting. From my grandparents tried to picture so they went out hiking canoeing and I create the doubt card in the mail channels. You know the old people obviously they're grandparents. And the Dominican in the mail let you know coming very discreet packaging Kelly Nolan also let it eventually open it. And so. Ali get back my grandfather who are really glad he picked itself brought it and yet there were nobody could see my doctor warn me when I got it. In this fight at a very high street I am my grandfather went only continue. I can't feel any time campaign. And pain medication and I can hit the high street value of conflict might interest you teach I have to like a slightly taken at a high street value. And about it going to be this stock look at this it's it's like high grade go to Viagra. Great time in my life. I didn't get my grandparents and sick bunch what do you Bulldog at the time around it. I already high grade I address high grade and no wonder he wanted to make sure that Haggans got in the house. I don't know what is it. Hi case genuinely cared. Is our high grade drug that we have been better for its high grade heroin. Maybe it's pure I don't know what's the high grade erectile dysfunction drugs to a known as desired dosage of I don't know the name I only know the low grade light. Not golf you buy from India. Not include a super Viagra super Viagra but your grandmother Lou let me just got to be like the milligram right. As I guess Nintendo's hugely take into. What are they originally developed Bragg reportedly blood pressure medication if it was not enough edited. You give your erection but it's one of those things I don't know whose blood pressure whatever was and like everything they may have the test subjects and they said look. The everyone still has a headache but the one thing they all have is an erection in the so let's just say former erection and McCauley good depth. And it yeah old oil man once a story tell much of grandparents a 449990. Look I think he he. Hi Kerry Packer I'll Saturday. Hello Ian welcome to the men's room. All yeah. Yeah. So how about ten years ago. And what goes on not vacation to Bermuda. And my grandfather and Irish and her alma and we get to hotel. And all the sudden I can go oh darn. Except in Bill Maher called language and like I don't know what's gone on either run over to bomb. And you stand in over the bad with the luggage. And the luggage is completely empty because I knew this felt like eight mountain. Or had no they didn't packets single thing and they're. So he had to get all's all new clothes and Bermuda there. I'm the best part is that when we give backs you know a week later. I'm just piled on his that is his stuff ready and old and already he's Tuesday it was east wasn't all these thank. They'll. He's just he's just now. That guy. My mother always said that Al groh on PB. Walking out the door and eat predict that put his stamp on my speech issues. He's got jelly like okay. Well it's a new wardrobe out of the deal. Or do you can't it's the smartest way to travel managers get like one very short one pair of flip flops and assured by the time we're hang out in Bermuda you get a double T shirts double on her rear their fans and Bermuda it's easy go to war right he's made some white shirt shorts flip you're good to go boy if you were. Visiting family in town Arnold Minnesota it's like it's a much different game at that point. Yeah yet to buy a winter coat something that every match I got to you is it normal to San Francisco the Memorial Day weekend and my it'll be one of the memorial the for a reasonable to those cold front realize like I may 31 among African winter coat. Good it's only about forty god damn degrees group. I realize that's a I think as the best form goods like look in on the pack real heavy ever does know the when you're going someplace might be divisive. Yeah and it's not a bad thing he depends where your stadium to. And I've gotten stuck like. In my fancy places for a wedding inflate your page torn some thirty dollar progress Sox now he's on do that yeah Andy on its crazy and one down one is a story to tell about your grandparents and get your emails Elena for the men's room amends or live dot com also still to come the drug charge Ryan castle on the latest didn't spend. And today out of the decade known as the eighties we get deep tin at best keyboard riffs. From set that game so that's on the way of Brian and city spent our question what is the story tell much grandparents or get your emails coming up. For the measurement in your mind back on your listening to the men's or radio networks. It is you. So are has the awful less than 2017. To store names that'll come this winner has all the way red for the show the day our question today. What is a story you tell budget grandparents and you're gonna those emails in the men's room mad men's or live dot cops. Guys ever heard of babyface Nelson famous bank. Robber FBI's most wanted was killed in the shootout that was my grandfather great great greater how many trillion greats there are grandfather. He would move around the country and came to Washington one time while Washington he got a broad price next couple years later I exist. Guys all think like I used to use in his great great grandfather's terminology but yeah nice and James brown and this is kind of a settled right here but yeah. While standing in line at a circus buff Faye my grandpa was talking to the family in front of us. When the family finally turned away after twenty minutes of talking my grandpa once talked to the family behind us. No my grandma's a quiet person so when she told Graham ball leave those people alone they don't wanna hear your life story. My grandpa said. Yes dear and stops in the middle of us put his head down here reminded me of a dog that was it. All the gentlemen and Robin the story how we share about my grandparents is how incredibly racist they were so when I was the ninth grade I brought home my first boyfriend local men who happen to be African American I introduced him to as my boyfriend enemy late. My father gave me a wink and invited them stay for dinner generals quiet in the dinner. He asked for somebody to be passed when I handed it to him he said thank you and and kissed me. Needless to say after that my grandparents get their comments to themselves and they were quite polite. After my grandparents went to sleep that night my father gave me a high five every day that from Heather from the old second floor. Story allies to Obama Graham bought my grandparents used to have horses in the neighbor across the street has died in the would get out on the road so. People passing by would assume all of my grandparents and put it in one of the past years. One time they put the stallion of the pasture with a female horse and stallions do not know that no means no. So my grandpa came home to the stallion beating up the mayor he tried everything he could get the stallion office source of being a good ol' boy from the midwest. He took a two by four to the stallion. And after one lacked the stallion turned around to pick my grandfather up by his chest hair and skin and throughout. On this whole entire chest was black and blue for a week any couldn't move I believe he had a couple of cracked ribs mother shall listen to you every day. She is such I think it says there. Guys are grandparents both the most it and saw action during the Korean War my grandfather was navy corpsman. A doctor my grandmother was a marine nurse. They didn't meet until after the war Camp Pendleton ended up getting married with a Saber salutes jump forward to 65 years grandfather retired chief of police. Grandmother retired high clearance military development. Still alive still married in their mid eighties and still bad ass seem every week my grandmother is Kagan the pants smoking cursing and still as strong as the stories that they have told. Thanks guys have from. My grandfather. Is my eskimo brother times do. And actually have had to your mutual friends and have also been in the same glue so to speak truthfully. Grandpa was their first please please do not say my name is yet on the radio. That's kind of be a small town. Well and so ma'am. My grandparents lived in rural was cans and when I was little boys in the summer in Wisconsin when my grandparents one afternoon storms coming my grandmother said meeting in my Graham bond who is. Downtown playing cards my grandfather taught me a story there when he was a young man and a 1940s he is best for and were driving along a country road. And a tornado suddenly appeared in picked up the car the my grandfather's best friend was driving. Father his best friend that were taken up one side of the tornado and they landed in the middle of a forest nearly missing the trees. My grandfather lived throughout the depression raising six children and World War II. My grandfather was an extremely strong and brave men vote came to storms he absolutely hated the guys a story starts when I was a kid visiting my grandparents during the summer we're on our way to go fishing when they told me a story about one of their trips many years ago. And one of the few times my grandfather one argument. My grandfather was a volunteer firefighter and murder the ambulance crew learning skills necessary like giving shots setting of an ivy delivering a baby one day. My grandparents were going fishing and stop to the regular Mickey d.'s for out coffee and breakfast. My grandfather walked inside and after about 2030 minutes he comes back out coffee and breakfast in hand with the sleeves rolled up and shirt soaking wet. My grandmother asked what the hell took so long he responded what dammit marry just delivered a baby of course she said you're so full of it. He said go look so she did sure enough she walked then it's all woman on the ground with a baby in her hands and the floor all wet from where the water broaden an ambulance showed up and took the mother and the baby to a hospital. My grandmother walked out on the car sat quietly while our grandfather was looking better. She quietly conceded and said UN needless to say my grandfather taught me get a great fishing trip couldn't stop laughing for hours. Thanks for reading and all the laughs there from Stephen we have some comments as well. Yes there's I'm my grandma is the owed you cougar to a to a scorpions counterpoint op while they're Rivera the amenable mild boyfriend in his best friend. That affray and is now my Papa she was 35 with five kids and two divorces he was 21 year old virgin program off. And then there's those that now dash Q when did they just don't where's mom says I'm my maternal grandfather Rosa beach one. They are small without the other French underground. The second time he was shot down was an allied territory. The third time the last engine flamed out over the ocean he had to ditch it in the ocean he and surviving crew we're picked up by Greek fisherman. Here's part of occupation of Japan after the war after the war he joined the Secret Service he was on a mission in Arizona in 1954. When he was killed by drug drug tees us he survived all Belmont and many into the being killed by doing. There ever a time for a few extra emails here from the misery of events or live dot com. Well as my nephew Vince and in New Jersey turned the Big Three oh OK I love seeing how big he's got he's done my visit back homes and stuff and I can't wait for that next what enjoy your birthday. Little man did get some panties from miles and German panties from Robin. And days. Yeah I'll tell me. You don't a German for pennies. So they say I like underwear iron. Skew these parents feud slain tighter event IA and that kind are concerned there are few different ones of studies they could use and nets in Germany as a sanctuary where knowledge and I don't regret it not there pennies is the sexy word either mentally fresh and having somebody else so picture this three year old Vincent walking around like a suit that day it's like OK you know you're attracted to Charlotte who wrote featured underneath I'll go get you to give you change is what does help G. Hello guys my name is no I'm celebrate my twentieth birthday today a word as a dinner Emmy and listen to your show every night on our way to and from our sites. I'm also proud golf so for my twenties gonna get a cut that bitch often topped it off with some dirty Germans talking about goth culture. Thanks guys that from Noah. Pretty good though. Not at all. All right like go through the American despite some not I gonna yeah. The moral degradation we have a good time tonight yeah my understanding did you think things are against you for tonight to listen against two of the. Good day Joseph enough please wish Jay pronounced uncle JJ or scooter had a birthday from the fox is a great man a brother call my brother. I'm reading this all the way out and O'Malley. And he is across the globe in a Wiener Arkansas. Winner I'm sure he'd love to have some German thrill and Ozzie Ted thanks guys that from job. I'll feel bullpen let a new lease contract cracked. Bad video from them at age eleven and we have pockets also have a favorite state for sales and Allentown. Hopefully you provide good guns. Which oh celebrate another rotation around the sun while walking around the world and have gone to Disney World judge you're right the mother of 3-D is awesome. All around for my birthday realism dirty dirty German man Obie can deliver thanks guys that from the lovely Julia. What to make good about my finger puppets. Now the might be some strings involved. It's what you call those doubles with a strained Miriam. Marion if that means forcing. But so do I do enjoy about rob Smith the very happy birthday with a barber shop faced sandwich thanks guys for doing what you do that for Murphy. Here is it do there and you borrow this and wins. G.'s daughter on this. Smell of the Stanley isn't reason do really is in the morning and afternoon and news and and not. Guys on the show gonna get a birthday show up for my awesome husband Kurt for his 48 birthday he would love a little kid faced and was representing three of our daughters and Al hitting the window from our son. I'll give in my own version of a shout out tonight thanks guys that from banana. Oh yeah. Tell that might be a void in his 52 trip around the sun today I know she would loves internal sex. And probably some of that boat meet you take care of the turtles sex I'll give her some boat meet you guys rock that from Harold. Plus guys here you go oh. Yeah yeah okay. Yeah yeah they turn. Yeah I didn't die. I played on clay you potato. Big day is yazoo did you German brought. Also available through these we'll stay on men's lives doesn't come another sign retailers. And am trying to fly. Should your own targets are dried capsules and how so once again ladies and gentlemen it is time to sit and spin now. Yes friends it's time once again Paul Hume six and spend millions gather around me on the radio and listen to Arizona sweat a. BAT's similar similar deals really dig in the eighties music that we thought was kind of horrible Williams the keyboard has come back in the sense of synthesizers comeback and a big way to lose big in the eighties the kind of made an outcome is almost taboo in the ninety's how did you have synthesizers and your music in the nineties. Release as far as rock music is concerned now all of the sudden. The guitars have kind of gone our way out in the sympathizers in the and the the facts are coming back I would say that. Like white snake but what are we are big our homo like they were also emphasize but I would say man Helen's jump. That's why the first rock band room and hopefully use of the size of people didn't freak you the F out what are good Baylor fans will tell you that the worst Van Halen songs on there while you're ahead of the game but in the stands rather have it came from England as part of that second British invasion of the time goes OK so those are a great weather like right yes I mean that was it was a bit of your read mix we dreams only sings what comedy does pop music it doesn't matter is by music to meet its look pop music it's cotton candy or it would be nothing wrong with it but it's made for mass appeal. Even care what rocket launching pure marijuana. There was a lot of rock your respectable this morning I had to keep tar on the brain for some reason why. I I must have just been having a really cool mourning the death then that morphed into synthesizer song from the eighties and that's where we get suggest. Under attack. Clearly known for his over you can sympathize. I don't know religious one out the most. The winds are not saying maybe people are grid today I'm. They're now. Not a great place. Always play keyboard but got a little more. In the electronics out of a couple of weeks ago we were talking about drunk driver and filly Jill today keyboard peripheral Sierra. Yeah. I get away from the okay. In the and it. Thought the so the name of the song of the pieces if you don't put that owns that but as soon as it comes on going. And it's an agreement to have that created on a millionaire that. People remember saying in the today if you order a side. There's. Doctors here. And no rains and rains everybody comfortable right I was in the range. You might remember liberal rage and now I don't fit in all really got it down western movie that you send it. Then it wasn't really didn't give me another song. No. No he did you play for The Grateful Dead for a dollar bounty was a 5050 or player. I figured Teddy keyboard and Hudson's fans. I'm very sick. It's really it's. News that this is named Christian. Laura incidents sister whose Christmas. I'm like sick man person who writes this the Christian right. Because I'm right he let you know the white chicken a black Jay golden dollars and you know what I want to be clear if they don't all good news is I'm having listened tonight Rangers music on the estimate wasn't quite check them out of Iraq. Kennedy's keyboard good. They have a future of rock and roll hall fare even younger vodka. They really didn't want to leave the comfort falcon. First round with him yeah. Anything what you'd like Kym or Mac and brand papadore. I'm surprised it's the first job was being moved. I do a little annoying when your first visit Thursday hit that they had found my way of the morning I was gonna Betty Davis sizes should have been Marty Feldman I. He's got body that I don't think I don't thyroid issue with the it's my turn these people are red. Junior golf. We need or anything. This thing here okay. Wow there you know. And people really think about it you know diver down there great. Kennedy's keyboard lives today Johnson there. Martier. Yeah. Sorry my remiss. Jerry Steve our lives remains at number one. It will. OK okay are now now now. Are there has been eighties few orders today Johnson's back. Say there Fredricka tells going over the Saturday and the word has the. All fullest of 2017. Storm named that is all coming up next you're listening to the men's or radio network. Drew was miles and hello I'm a very adulthood so they go around profile and its own label first. There is faces when naming hurricanes tropical storms and all that but did you know there are no real terms for winter storms. The blowing however the fine folks at the weather channel. I noticed this gap. And decided hey you know what these storms the names. We're gonna come out with a list of names for the storms of 2017. And they actually use of social storms coming in the South Carolina northeastern southern. They Michael and Gael and it scales on the way you might wanna get ready for six to twelve inches of snow or. Hurricane winds would entail as but it either way they named storms. Seems ridiculous made it's a blizzard of nor'easter is a blue there when that isn't already entered exactly but they regulatory and came right at the weather channel feels like that they need to to inject a name into its old they have come up with a list of their own names and which need to know. But the weather channel as they don't have a system to do this they do seriously come up with a list of names and these are the names that will be the names of 2017. Store. Aren't. Get ready for a winter storm he did eight wow eight and winter storm Bengie followed by Chloe. Dylan. Ethan. Frankie. And Grayson. So all of these like modern names of everyone Manger here right now there they're going modernism hunter. If things got. Jackson was the next Jackson with a next. Glioma medio and no details details and no I think Matty yeah I. Just rolled right up there on the trip. Here are more than 2017. At 2018 what are sort names from the weather channel we also will get. Winter storm Oliver I don't know that I'll appalling. Quality. Our way very. Oh and then. Brian Lee. Skyler. Toby. Puma violence. Will bird will worry you Monmouth and sell it. Wahlberg well the most dated men or you know what would be the oldest but he didn't blow we'd still lead Frankie brazen hunter Leo no lot Oliver Quinn Skyler violent Wilbur and you fly it sounds like the entire class of my kids around and I'm glad I got my own graduating class of 2079. Imaginary attacks. Let me. So if you read. It's just the way it is. Great drivers and as usual we head doesn't bring down. Scans the withdrawal we'll find out who were toasted yesterday and today we chose 31 year old Cameron Peterson and his girlfriend 37 year old Veronica Hutchinson. I believe my Hawke may have talked about this yesterday met but as the story goes. Was Thursday and in Clearwater Florida and waiting for a bus around 6 o'clock at night and so to Russia. And you know when the mood strikes just like the Seattle's commercials. The mood strikes so they got down on the grass next to the ball stopped and Cameron started providing Veronica we'll some sweet sweet pleasure. The problem was there in full view of the six main highway and someone of course called the cops on him when the police got there. Cameron was still lament our number while ago and they were arrested for performing an unnatural. And the sooner elements of the police to get there and how long was he down there. Doing this thing down and had to be 101520 minutes. I'm not pay if the ball well unique all right I won the blow from a low sodium in unnatural act. Wait I don't know what they were doing in army like they were having sex but to get in unnatural act play what position were you in the we're the cops go man is this a million natural sex is natural the way you do does not from the back. Edge is unnatural death only there haven't say like that the national magazine get your I don't think. You're having full court it's no you think you might think he was just taking care of her let's last hour they say damn I got enough to get there. Whom does he was still doing that that's all he was busted for. So when he was first noticed they called he was doing that let's on the cops got there he was still doing Obama is still doing that. And you know ruling yesterday government knows that Garnett apparently not exactly what I was thinking. It matters tongues is get really tired. Should report on the moon literally a very good mood is because we think it's yummy yeah national over the talking it down the world to party in our tummies. Dow not a whole lot of doubt not. Go get death though alive for another round profile thus we'll take our mind right now 844999. Hole that's a four Ford. 9990 love oh now. This is many things continue on the men's room radio network.