09-21-17 Seg 3 Mens Room Breaks All the Rules

Thursday, September 21st

Emails, Ted's Meat & Potatoes has some unwritten rules! Plus No S Sherlock and the Shot of the Day!


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This is done men's room. Good man to come yeah. All goes into. You're listening to the men's room. So red eyes. Eight you know I feel like it's gonna we gonna head Kevin Allison also this hour has made a potato seven unwritten rules for dining out and how do little big dummy you're dead Jack on do so we're working on question number five. We are right Jack. It's all about Egyptian goddess whose real mother Helena and all of listening but the good thing I was by the name of chestnut. Choose the goddess of what weather pattern. Testament. Lola. I'll say the jet stream. Is the eighth yeah. Yeah Bob yeah just like the rain rain and power after I think I left and always in many. But the now with the blood. All right what seventies band was originally named the dollar walks. I all I know those of junior people what seventies band was originally named the dollar while there was a golly logs in the late sixties. When they first started and you know the popular wise with a different name in the seventies and still soaring to this day as a hands. It. Generally people. Just futile letters on the main it people either called a name by the last names of these three members or they just use the first initial. Read letters to describe. Eight CDC who and. These New York. Thousands of British fans to their first. I'll walk. And Ali daggers. Pitcher allowed a gag employ alligators is supposed to go on a ten minutes and there was going on. Daggers but he never hired him but feels racist. Lolly get fired volley here yet again now that you think that is he just on the mile canyon lolly gags here like Luke. And I knew got a little boy read home America. Soledad lover I listen listen closely to this. What does and neck and neck how growth for her right. But yet we do exactly what does a Nicaragua for right or perhaps macro rapper right. It didn't look. A missing little hard mega vision of the two. All right Jack Smith questioning their. This weekend and he had two choices at three actually in the regularly questions right. Or number two you're gonna run out dunk and a third option is you might be our biggest step. Although defined towards yes. Ted this question basically for you in just I saying that much you're going to know the answer. You light beer was originally called. Right yard and it did so what like there was a ruthless cold deadly errors diet beer when it was first developed in 1967. He. Miller Lite. OK guys jag. Game is big dummy for 49990. Luck loser makes it doesn't read litigate. Hello Todd welcome to the men's room. Oh yeah. Nine times over passover. There have thirty seconds ago and he shut them look stupid life little story over. What difference in black Ferrell in the regular it was price Jonas never renewed vigor rubble. Bigger bigger bottle has their own lives of the order that did the triple distilled it got a bit more in the bar okay but is it worth the price. Yes it is a kennel thing I've ever had some good news they stay steady day yeah I get the shot and it. I'll dub in your pool account big Tigger finished. On the elliptical pig do any given up vacant or nobody can get off. I think it was yeah I'd be how all the way mistakes. Then cool let's take that they could even survive. You gotta put that on your on your tombstone I given up vegan for nobody but now on a day and I needed to get it finished February 15. I your question. Talk about Marty gave a very the last line of what Marvin Gaye song which you rarely hears a song fades out is and I quote. Please don't procrastinate. It's not good to him yesterday. We love estimates it's not good to master Bob glad to agree on an educated guess yeah it's it's the song or make the most sensitive. Currently there. I didn't learn LaMont told Blake that old sorry for the Red Sox know it sounds like Julia thanks to a deal. Film please don't procrastinate. It's not get the message. They need these. Didn't anybody. Shot a Little League. Game band and it. Hi there is a pro wrestling move called the choke slam where the rough look into the blown up by the orange went into the ground you probably know that but it was invented. During an amateur wrestling match by what former president. Well all of president yes that is correct old school brick. Hulu will add that they're pretty solid. Yeah. Jimmy Carter the best of Abraham hello hey you can rest left. Yeah okay we're doing a lot of work particularly if they're going to address you have to be invented the joke slam I gotta think maybe he was doing okay and that. And a vampire I again I can't visualize this the whatever. I went ably and being a professional wrestler we do know is at a beauty that. Really you know he'll hold the ball would want to MacArthur he was blown out to begin the dot dot dot back then Mallard would be after birth but I was trying to match merry little humor just for scored seven years ago we had a choke slam a bit do you think it hit it got a local wrestler during the blackout or clearly in the militia. It. How do you know Batman video and Adam slams ahead. I mean my good. And instead waited out a fund them partially be apt when a movie came out I think I read the best review of that it is the best movie of its kind Connecticut and that that's like okay of the entire review. I'd true or false goes to town in Michigan called to instill walkie. Economy singletary and go walking like around the Milwaukee but so wanted. List say true. Denbury believe it or not so the founders chose the name Bakken 1848. There were trying to confuse people that appointed to move to Milwaukee used to be and accidentally move there and spent bullet no beer bath employed Davis may dominate more far 999 alone who's our next contestant ready to play the game. Hello William welcome to the men's room. Blow blow job. It was John Kerry goes and slavery is over not sober. But Kilroy a bug in the show wriggle on their Celtic kick your fish. Had a lot at stake it out now there's direct got a kid now he animal Opel. I'd their way to intercourse yeah. What popular fast food chain originally started as a hot dog thing. Made you know for hot dogs and they didn't there although they're almost not at all. Important football school. It is in fact fast food very popular place. Head. Of the movie. Itself. Was no. Taco Bell. Okay let's go over there. You know their duty start plenty hot dogs that kind of burrito taco again we can do it yes. I drilled at chopped up hot dog inside of a cock and which sounds growth rain yeah I'd gardens and directory keep repeating that you're so hot topic. Yes times are really rough man year old why I sliced up hot dog tortilla endowments is the heart grow corn dog just think that you need to re Aurora no corn tortilla OK you incorporated as being a local old old old old Illinois senator John Menzies shareware and Adams of San Diego have such important like there's this there is a point we go like you me you might be close McKinley you know what looks. Let's just keep our distance but so. Do not have slipped into a frenzy about or they don't coddle or anything. Oiled bowl. But you should be and it's. All right the movie men in black will Smith's mark and men in black was originally offered to which of the three major friends actors could return to baton. And blankley Gloria Thomas Jefferson who. Yeah well. And immigrants number. Of them. All of my name and character from friends that you people won't. It's. David Schwimmer got a good wrong. Imagine next ultimately. I can star I think David's through. Very cold and I'm it would have already. The mind aren't. America aren't true or false the words Nazis and the word not show that both gone from the same Latin word. Glad mine immediately thinks all. That's true it is true it make you. Germany a base hit the ball into the named it's not switch to shorten our team became the generic term for the German presence. Before co want to by the Nazi party in Mexico Ignatius became ignorance fueled. And that became well that was the first day of the shaft that actually created matches so keep that in mind next time you'll enjoy natural kimono on a solemn plea Obama nostrils and just. I let's see here. Latin. And the first athlete ever owned one million dollars was from what sport it was back in 1882. That and I was fortunate to maybe do better so clearly popular man and a huge fan of the yeah. Although. All that. Oil at all like 08 alt A. Lou anomaly. I always acted don't know about. Okay you tonight. You're gonna million dollars. The guy. And they all polished. Yet know they tremendous amount of money back in the day. All right let's see here I got another tour false jingle bells was originally written as a Thanksgiving song. I am not as hard right as the buzzer ran out on big diamond Canada and right out of the fire information very very good all right still to come on the program or get ahead given out Ted may details seven unwritten rules. For dining out that is on the way with a return no way Sherlock in your emails the men's room momentum buy dot com. You are listening to the men's or radio network. We smiles. I don't know I Sherlock right before we bring adults with a shot of the day the first we have time for a few emails here for the men's room momentum buyback if only as my beautiful wife Hayley celebrates her twentieth turf around the sun today could you get the birthdays are going to be only raw. All I. That from shift Robbie and I. And I thank my 32 birthday thanks Roland we play big dummy today you'll bring laughter to my day can I get a Joey chestnut. And they suck it up cupcake that from Caitlin the Alaskan bush girl. Guys as my fortieth I've survived uterine cancer and now I'm fighting ovarian cancer she's so I have two boys fourteen and a year and a half old tiny little pick me up above them dirty German talk. Even though my lady parts of broken a girl can still stream guys thanks a lot of that from Nene. Lyndon Johnson broke the but he'll name his name is almost. I would not worry about deleted my futile if you treat these like politicians community service. Yeah I mean I would say watching me Washington. May make. This re had a cancer though that a look down the name his name and incumbents like yeah it's been up by water than daddy gave me and oh today is my dad. Birthdays that the full RD and I've been listening to guys who show for about ten years you guys make us laugh. Every day can get a couple of dirty German talk thanks guys that from Colton. Are put in your farmer has ample bosom of Alpine have to. Guy and I invite him to meet you my secret. Nixon got. The beauty solution. Guys I thought LJ's first birthday get to give and go look at it and Al hitting the window know turtles eggs just for you thrill thanks guys that from big yo look go to. Guys at the hot wife here party boy Brett starting 33 today you'll love to suck it up got taken some dirty German police. So it's. Yeah they're both they're making yeah I just want to lose you could reach no hanging from. Now hunky boy how would we do a lot of fun I like to party fanatic points also would have and continue to examine Dubai and green yeah. Know they've got their brother. Along with some turtle wax in a second and got gate in the middle love the show keep it up that from jukebox John. No it's not the look. That's fun. It's gonna give a buddy Joseph Joseph birthday shout out I know that's not his real name he served through the Canadian make GT asked to. The Canadian JTF to an American AT SJ's got a leg it's as for security reasons I can uses actual name you know silly as because he hates the name Joseph Joseph just take fingers could get a Joey chestnut and I just said that followed by a U like that thanks guys keep on rocket that from your pal bode from your northern neighborhood country. I just said yeah. Tells us by 32 now and loves of dirty German doc from thrill and dead love the dirty talk all you guys are awesome rock on that from Robin. I just laid back just for a delay and target practice of my black you know she. None at that time of yeah I hope you're ready for my blood. Guys please remember they judge my favorite daughter Kylie lead who today has taken or 31 trip around the sun. Did you get a barber shop faced sandwich blaze in a little wedding puke thanks for all the laughs rock god. Is it to move people around this and wins. Z.'s daughter on this. And I'll have these Stanley Israelis and still rarely is in them on hand and you at. My restaurant job I was born today alarming thirty years ago he's the most goals through new student this rally is under the gun and all the family friends loved good you gentlemen please given the gift to the wonderful sounds. Of the dirty Germans thank you from Aaron soldier of the Ted the game is fan club. I think anything. Nobody above that we don't have to do drugs but if you bend over I'll show you my version of crack pipe. Yeah flew back from Africa. It's like god won't work on them be sitting back Knight who smoke are great it's. Been okay. Although I tell you a rotation out my boyfriend Eric Lewis 51 day have a Joey chestnut and all my god what that ever is that thanks guys lovely sandy. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah crawl Tuesday and he didn't do sandy doesn't present things do Zandi and it does it's she's standing. And a pilot that is there's my wife volleys his fiftieth my son Joey JD birthday if you begin my shout out to that would be great dollars in dirty German and Australian. From Ted thanks guys for. Paul. No we would have Simpson wrote the need new mattress and a new post this. And it. That Melvin did you know let's come on down we'll go out to the god let this little town of gimmicks you go on the second half. Germans lucky vitamins original sausage get a pound now from bullies world famous sausage you can order right to your door men's room lives. Dot gal all right guys here you go. I've had to reload. Yeah OK okay have you had a good time. I create a page go to radio. Vick quality got a comment yeah bottler to unfurl would you ATF stand for get it right there air force why I guess just the fingers I mean that's my safe for work but joint. Task force oh cool oh wait wrong today easy when the gun. Now he gets more than a I would think so yeah like the police and they don't carry guns didn't present England. Not England now opening forgiveness. Guys is that right you guys good while back or throw explaining how and all and there's actually a very holy crap number urban street in the surrounding streets to watch the bombing off the roads. I haven't to be on a trip to New Orleans right now it dear god it's true I thought oh that damn that from Kelly the redheaded nanny. And I don't get up in the morning in between like. I don't tomorrow norm occasion continue to earlier but it really 9 o'clock and I'm walking to the front corner and I and I got to respect that they do this. Particularly Hamburg streak they kind of let you Thurman. But they Europe or hoses. And it's like these big things are so blue water just blasting puke down streak is telling my hand it doesn't drain underground resorted below sea level it's. It's a messy stinky thing and Kelly when you're down their bang on the door to buy your dumb you are free teacher promising much apprised death. I care are odd guys a few pictures of a dead whale by the dead well we had figured on the other the question from the other day about around enough southeast Alaska. Near Craig it is extremely bloated and yes. That is it's junk. Hanging out that I thought I thought is definitely a male right Davis that we don't know what's we're not sure how would god what we know what to Mayo with the judges there's a huge red piece of me the most in one picture is thirty feet long to give you a size comparison it's probably three times its normal size if you touch it it may go good. I shell. That from captain Blake captain Blake thank you for the pictures by the way if you like the men's room on FaceBook you can see the two pictures that are out there right now of the hardware according captain lake city and unbelievable at yet again that captain of Blake glistening on 947 Khazei Indy pure Iraq in Anchorage so we rationality and other measurement yeah Alice like you've got to be Kennedy gets a thirty foot boat I kind of wanna see do well explode. I've seen it once they showed a whale was on a beach was not nearly that big. And these are the ads were going towards these are like the actual zoo wallet to sort of they called him and I went out to do would probably gonna do politics samples. As soon as they pull this thing it exploded in just know there's not a lot of liquids in the world that are glory. But don't all laws and apologies Christ and I hope to never be in a situation we had a couple more best thing or the Caribbean stomach get handled the burned shot and apple cider vinegar and after drinking you become dehydrated your system goes out of whack. Apple cider vinegar helps rebalance UN works wonders for me every time. That from shared among more. Guys and this is about the group mice we've made it college Danny and I and another roommate went out party one night with a bunch of drinks and Danny went home with some losing from the party. My body are treated eat pizza play a little mad and it's more when death comes walking in the door. Wearing pink shorts two sizes too small. And has a bad smell to them and it was just playing grows. But what was the cub was worse and funny here so Danny and this girl went to be together. And that's all he remembers. He will go fairly early and found that he had asked himself. Thankfully he was not wearing anything so he did not ruin his drawers but PS was everywhere all over the bed the covers the sheets and her. So he crept out of bed grabbed a pair of shorts out of her dress or not wanting to ruin his own clothes with his species particles is that address and hers he then proceeded to leave a handwritten note. You sick you know what I cannot believe you ask yourself. Apparently she did ball covered in his and it matters that he really couldn't tell who it originated around you put this honor or at least that was his theory we thought it was well played considering the circumstances. The same dude did something more disgusting a story for another time that from damion we appreciate your emails or events or administer live back out to Oregon are sort of know as Sherlock reverse the edge of the now. I'm open wise and simple ten. Weeks. Now here's your. And from the men's room. A. It's. Yeah. Yeah. It's OK okay. It's. O. Okay. And I want to. It's. Okay. All okay hopefully do good for the people who work in a restaurant industry was. It's. Nice when the yeah. Absolutely need you not to be a jackass close some of these rules honestly you I would guess you would know. You can use a little surprise that there's a couple on here that frankly only people think there are doing wrong. And Gerri are we are you can go through Lewis I'm sure those things under the revolt broke in the customers you hate most of the ones were somehow there aren't aware of all seven. Like somehow the enemy like I want to go one or two but some of their of the rare customers really you violated every goddamn unwritten rule that would prefer you know one album. Yet as general and the my experience. And restaurants like fled there or other expensive it's that can only people that are habitual rule book rule breakers against. Also port truckers. Oh yeah oh yeah then OK so these are seven unwritten rules for dining out. Don't be the only person in your group order coffee yet the net. The other with other people and coffee dessert should be a group discussion. Basically if nobody else wants it. Don't be the person that just sits there with your cup of coffee or your dessert and make the waiter and everybody your group liked no I agree that the enemy everybody's life you're not. Doing enough to up the check than it's worth anyone's time right push you're an adult. Go home and eat right Christmas tree he he's. Yet you don't I can't sit still very long and some half when the bags so I there at the restaurants always do the same thing Manto like. Can take a look at your dessert menu and I don't think if they were gonna do dessert we'll look at the dessert menu what dessert. Can I take hell because in this up because I don't want you have a time Marty full by the time dessert comes around and it's not that I can't eat it. But when I get home included than you know sit around for a little luster was to be a really small are we on our god he's scary man and a free it out of general same and if you have cheesecake out we'll take it home good it's just too much eat up our B Demille. If you're from relayed it can fit anywhere I'll go ahead and I'm an ideal all but its there phone go in for the snack that's how I prefer to do my. They're positive sometimes I like to drink after dinner easiest remember folks who have a drink after dinner simply quality DJ SP. Yeah. He. Singapore beer but with a purpose recruitment duel for next. I never sits on the 700 rules for restaurants. Don't linger when it's really busy. Winners like make a lot more money when there's turner Rupert. So basically if you pay the bill it's busy. Get out of there without question right don't don't sit around for 45 minutes it's a Sunday afternoon there's nobody in the restaurant the way he got its arsenal right now like he you know when the restaurant is eaten as anyone else I and the weeds and I'm not talk too much on on Canada but when you do go to Canada. Instead of having a cash register all the waiters and waitresses have these little machines that they carry with you and they come right to your table and when you hear on the card to go home. And I mean the transaction is done much quicker than the Golan back take in the car leaving the bill each other is like seeing that so they're right there man like OK you pay to get up. Get out and yeah I like that may even add that it didn't hear exactly from the paradise Daytona but I get the F about it yet. Don't make the servers with differ. Wait yes I mean ASEAN and below the money into your company aramco. And then any claim they don't mind split it up. But the waiters lied to you. We're the oldest 100 save attitude and none out there lying Q everybody hates. Splitting the change for all fifty noted that you achieved everything I don't go or no way you've you've you have three more drinks than my husband so it's really not the same on this program that's actually have to go twenty more dollars of confidence in the tiptoe severe back pain and yet figured out I don't want to don't be stupid I think there is. I spent some time to large groups of people didn't I mean I cringe when they do this and there's one group we're thinking of it happens often and I just. On that ballot it is blatantly obvious that none of you all have worked in a restaurant. But we can't do this every time we go every thirteen of death gets in cash and ultimately have the time just like our man put on my car to storm the cash from I don't know why I elected. Far right this is an important one don't ask for more than two substitutions when you're ordered. One it's fine you went aside ballots that are Fries or two is even OK you don't like tomato is a measured okay. Too they'll do you start going more than that. It's annoying Indian Angel and deputy throughput and let's look here's you don't like what they have on the menu don't beat themselves but don't we did the dumping of I don't think of a substitution is that they say look if you can get a burger with Fries or for a dollar extra you can have a salad or onion rings or something like that. That's part of the menu that's OK this guy like Arnold onion rings at no charge at you but none is done right every frame that's not a substitute it and luck I throw you what you prize with me I look when I ordered murders I just don't like to make its. But The Commodores but that's not that hard to pick up a fight of our pitchers I've Societe. Defeated comes up in Manila correctly and I Donald people wanted to get depart without pickles said because. It's a muscle memory for people to go to the dump and input circles around anyway and you on this false confidence just happened to me in there pretty reasonable man. If they see a murder they constructed the same way and it it's really no effort on my part to pull the quarter in two bomb off the top drawer and pulled down into the weekend how about Jesus the only thing that other than yeah pretty safe on this I'm not back. Chris. You you know lived her whole I'm learning little eight year old. Quote never snap your fingers at anybody. Unless it's your child and they need better. Right and I will say this idea fairly recently with Adam play and you used. I'm sitting at a Barneys for herb completely self entitled muck itty mucks walking and we are discussing things among themselves and I canard Adobe to be blood just when life. Mean that's an atmosphere to the bartender and actually turn around and told them why I don't think that's about it. That's I just can't tolerate it that's still got name route and I don't care who you or bomb their dismembered fingers on board too broad and Cassel you what they say. I don't think god damn thing I'm exceptionally hostile bats and that by a religious so demeaning. It's now do you think god then what did you listen to actor at being finger at someone ma'am. And that's why you think a role what do you think I could do and mental thing even. And I mean there's a lot of people who work in restaurants bars met service industry that you know you're doing that for a little there's also a lot on the are going to school stuff like. All right you might have more money than now but don't be that he's never met anybody tease to put their money that was dumb mug. All right. I'm sorry newlywed only people that been there and love. Don't be the couple that sits on the same side of the Booth clinic only to have you love that rule only learned that role play you're over 657 seniors senior citizen I. It's cute. Otherwise it's weird. It is weird we. Yes it's weird is how he's closer look at someone and talk of visiting family and a movie than in other dutrow that's why they put you like that if you're a movie because you're supposed to be watching the movie you're Ahmed of that I don't do it would have known bug plus type. Have fun. Using her head I laughed IMAP rider on the same die hard guys who you know. Items like look the other thing I would just everybody ignore you but there bill ready to go okay the number one rules don't show up five minutes without restaurant closes the hole that age you have whether they're gonna let you in the front of the Palestinian leaders majors is yet they're going to be that count on the chefs there in the back Kirstie did you do there like last called a bar or the bar closed it to them I cut you off the lead once more why aren't they did you finish your drill likelihood that the of them the dining area close that Tim and our our. Our kitchen closes at 945 my other my only other advice if you're dying in for some heat in you know their closing at five minutes. You order something very simple for them to court order to go yet. And that's that I had Jeff we appreciate it thank you so much lower quick question that some of those what do I do would Iran want the tipped generously you know what that's sold everything. You have to go play got thirty literally from I have as the labor I think got to do Carol very until Saturday is on the way out of the return to know as Sherlock is up next you are listening to the men's room radio network. And that's my. I guess I went around profile says yes we'll bring it tells where the shot of the day as well the first our own Steve the Troy hill Colmes is blowing things sorted first started what had lied to tour. Do wind the ocean. Sharon. King. This was sent us by our very own bacon and listen to the program DIY cosmetic surgery. Can lead to disaster. Yeah. And do it yourself cosmetic surgery can lead to develop. Why is that something we even need to talk about now has an unselfish when Jordan and we continued. It's cheaper. As much cheaper drinks serial once again to be made of artificial colors and flavors yeah. Don't know that. You don't made the trip stereo is not an all natural super healthy brand cereal for me in my children to eat. I will be day about bubble for all natural colors and flavors entry here this. One I'm not familiar with the company but I believe the names as at all. Death wish coffee recall. LA well know the sure not. Do you have downwind coffee recall while apparently didn't get really sick drinking a coffee that they called death with. I feel like I'm familiar with and brilliant that was yeah was there what Dave's killer Brad killer danger as a Dave purebred. I guess Hillary lately I mean it's just that whole thing it's assembly strong calls yet apparently it is. And it's being recalled because that's stroke valiant death which often reply. They continued almost half of current depressed anxious and stressed when newborns leave the knicks you. GU well occurs are you kidding I cannot believe it knows. General luck and. So you're new parent if something goes wrong with Europe. Newborn child has to go to the next few and apparently. While you're old order for child when delivered die why you're absorbing all those horrible information from doctors about the future of your child. Jordan on this half only half of view Iraqi depressed anxious and stressed the other half just don't care and I would think it would be 100% of parents feel yourself what is the knicks you very. Would stand for. I'm Neal intensive care unit aren't in aren't taking his pre. Creamy and had to either way if you don't want anything to do correct if you are not here admit that you get to make you guess what you're probably going to be different when you were in the bubble you're one of those two right. Yeah and a producer your parents are probably kind of stressed about it I was way too excited about being in a bubble world and we don't really Liberia okay. No it's gone warning over severe injuries and so aren't. Op which is followed by another headline milk dark apparently can lead to our injuries. Yeah yeah yeah yeah. And no Sherlock. Does do good to nerve Garmin your fired projectiles by limited forum. Today alcohol my guys are also ended beauty of leverages. You can hit a moment. No matter road runner and veteran Aaron I can kick his ass off anyway he friends I've seen a little arrows. If you just think they're going to thumb and stretch and not on the way out now although all the great Honolulu and they're soft enough that when they hit people they won't get hurt I smell a Christmas gift for me. I believe my call covered this yesterday Mateen who climbs note mound and in his underwear diagnose the hypothermia. Oh now we. Not. I you watch TV show or puritan and I yeah thumped sometimes look at archer creator Adam reed says quote I wouldn't want the characters to be my friends. Well no ocean. Sharon I'm. Yes I don't think anyone announcing it would think that you want them to be your actual from. It's like the actor from the actor refused the other league Leon is not a real person you couldn't live like Bryce is at its breath it tomorrow. Women lose interest in sex far quicker than men do claims. You don't prayers are you kidding I cannot believe this notion. Sherlock and overran it. And I'm not Catholic sexual abuse partly caused by secrecy and mandatory celibacy report crimes hello. Our top ten are most dangerous mind and you said that this is unknown to him if you take a Rouse celibacy and let's face the barrels mean what are you wanna think they mean but the celibacy Barbosa. Got to go against human nature that it does it sounded a little weird now but you provide a breeding ground for criminals who didn't mean. This is sad news this is sad and tragic news. Sean Spicer can't get a network job due to lack of credibility. Monkey's uncle. And Sherlock but it's big news solution he beat someone they'd really really like. The best resonate period puree it. Study finds that legal candidates may reduce use of dangerous prescription drugs. Yeah. Exactly yeah sadly I know. Luck. And finally they headline read losers are more likely to believe in conspiracy theories and I'll go. Sure you're not calling you a loser Thursday people on the losing end of being. Okay okay okay are you that regarding you know Aaron. You do our immigration raids so lucky I NG standards to be ready. Israel no. Justin waited. And our shots. It's not as good as you're going head to dinner dance dance even throw vilified at nortel's yes indeed today aren't those what are your old. Damien O'Reilly of somewhere encampment not exactly sure where he is but what you need to know is that Damien Damian is a drug dealer. Editor drug dealer you might wondered Damien why. Why or why would you or a rock and a cop car with the cubs sitting and it and the cops sitting in his cop car directly in front. A courthouse bastard you ask yourself could you say Damien. You're gonna be arrested and you laws and are gonna take you to jail. Which you laws but as they were walking in to a cell they got a little suspicious maybe he was walking a little funny. Who knows but they decided to do the rectal exam and would be dead. It turns out that he filled capsules of weeds and seldom open noble. And here's why would you do this here what's his cunning plan and you can't make this up. He realized he could make more money selling we need if he went to prison and up the ten times as much. Selling we imprison the Nikko and on the street so he intentionally got himself arrested. To so we need to other inmates to make money that they couldn't spend while he's in prison. We concentrated amounts reported as planned and let us there aren't any I don't jolting. Demi told the tub that was a plane and mandates president I know what you know all the money like you'll Rama noodles are the common sense says this was his plan I can make ten times much money. Does what did those throws a rock and a cop guarding him rest against the rest they foiled his cunning plan. Report does boost the average greatness moves because we pay good. Yup me out national all of the tongue and down the thorough to Bart are Tommy's. I'm not home and I based on Iraq. I did that go online right now another round profile that's coming on May fourth floor 9990. The show and many things continue on the men's room radio network.