09-21-17 Seg 2 Mens Room Likes Their Meat

Thursday, September 21st

We Play the Game Known As Big Dummy


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This is dumb men's room. Yeah man yeah. All goes into. You are listening to that and he's real. Spread. I'm here to play another profile this will bring itself to a shot of the day and no end Sherlock is back in the meantime the game is big dummy would get jail on the line and a labor teams over. Pig chicken or fish. We joining gonna pick. The legs and every day. I could do my body inside shrimp crab legs every day is not a big thing about clams and if I yeah I love clams on the girl I can eat those or they are hungrier now man was in my barely got a muzzle on the grill it toppled Vanilla butter on the side of the good I dare drink beer and eat them all day then followed by god. It. Didn't go bread and then use it as I'm with you may want to read this you should try that the bedrooms are nine and bring you know I miss it. Kate and yet the message and things like that Michael do you think your lap and muscle she's she's secures spot. Well I thought OK okay they have like mustard in the game with the muscle the medical uses unbelievable muscles you've driven you to you're at a Muslim bring him here. Are you to question multiple choice what animal has the highest blood pressure I have a bottom as a rhinoceros or direct. Obama. And yeah. The draft based on the titan at heart says yeah get your ass in Philly and I had a mouth and hope I can tell them. How the end yeah no I was destined to decide to include negative stuff their little pump. A whole lot a lot of little tiny hill the minutes I get all the way down to his own legs is never does squat you know yeah Marty lady's face could look good but it doesn't do it admitted today I am a little itty bitty head. Pilots think of animals from what is a group of Beirut school. I would refer to them as your ass out there actually named Brooke group and better. There's no way the I don't know. Then have now you can hand. There were detected. To make a lot more. There slew fifteenth when they get together and put on my own clothes and figure out crimes angry. Smooth available I had never heard that it's a monocle he's got extraordinary knows this won't work yeah. All right veins or arteries which carries blood to the art. I. And artery. No ma'am I didn't. They're definitely going to maintain gay. And some habits that I felt if it. What does the FM as an FM radio stand for. Liquid they modulate. OK no we all radio is very good confidence I had to think about that from a debt that is significant if we are anathema. Yes and I can tell you about Beverly. Anthony Davis they donate 44999. All of those are nice contested race played a game hello Peter welcome to the men's room. Allow all right I. I hear you sober now for over. So repeater. That's the opposite of whiskey being bitter campaign jet airfares. What is Peter like if if if ever getting to Peters and Peters imaging and so what did it for you pumpkin eater. Uncle cardinal Peter Peter Duncan and I think all things I think that Peter talks in the third wheel got about the you know what kind of a pianist buttered about. Our question let's put brand. Just but I do what Peter Benedict the big events the world won't manifest. Should pour all Peters and choosy moms just couldn't drive I think you people think Peter Pan the when I was little island. Like making people. It was something like I just never did get things in like when I was a kid it was LeBron you gotta get get and he figured all parallel path all the dieters stuck together. Well it's yes and absolutely done. Our era is your question I went for the what have you and don't look good because it would have been completely wrong but first I'm gonna back at it make on stage to be reached at his name is mile. And a book isn't on the red day the list that you're looking at the red gave a list. What are you really. Couldn't read fatal it. Sound like an. If you like. An error and I assume. Dead dead report that the court that's what I thought of being read data horn danger. Who moved to placate European vice. They're little rhetoric now typical corporate partners who went Daryn there. All right your question according to Forbes which actor slash rapper is in the lead for the highest paid actor won seventy. Oh. Rapper and then the united Arab League is yeah. Hike or that they Dr. Dre and acting. Acting that you're acting so much now also mark there's two giant went from the mob and yet. If one of them. All right you step back. See I mean. Don't moan don't know much more now from her acting and Iraq. Are Ludacris who. OK okay. More from all the all. White rapper who kind of my thing I do and I don't think guarantee network from wolf burnout I thought might have been fifty over the power at the picture. A drive and a variety of the world that. All right what is the most collective item in the United States. Aren't I have one of the biggest collection of under the refrigerator doors but I have a fine collection at the nuggets in my books it. No I'm gonna. Lot of people going to review and look I may be yeah exactly at public or very kind day's events both the three so much hate. San. I don't know anyone who whale stuff. I guess you don't hear collected. Through this one of the gracechurch Brewster pulled up. I just give us a little little fall. It's rumored. That bin Oman the mountain and you at all it's the same mountain used. In the logo. Of what movie. Is Paramount. Excellent pass. Isn't there to do care very good game is they don't 8449990. Lose our next contestant read play the game oh. Hello and welcome to the men's room. All I. The Minnesota announced over. OK so forget look really good. They did great on the glass Celtic kick interface Fletcher what today's tonight. Wow why why haven't I did here into like nine years could eat sleep and I need CNN IE all kind of neat thing knowing that my body can take sick and all the time I was. You know then there really collect anybody can think she has to be happy to take it I can it still has been carrying it to be just eats a fish correct you can bet yeah. I am not a fan of April Asia and that says yes a luck they can't get over the mouth. Does the smell of fish which is what they know life. But you don't quite know how I like sir and I like loft whereas. All of the extra teach you to date your Yahoo! guys are not and he made good news avoids you know he fresh. Are you're dog walker and he had a secret qualified what does the name of who beat mother. I never watched that show the child. Well they got it wasn't until you all yes and Kuby mother wouldn't be you'll always surge was yeah. They'll be meg going to be a little bit. All of these I don't know I don't know maybe to be all I know. They've even more appropriate when fourth portal like today you know. Undrafted but through his mother who they would miss that message came as a and when she went on the car but it was this it. All right. And world Osama all James Bond film credits ended with what poor word phrase. Certain. Grocery. Hello Victoria yeah out of Baghdad. James Bond movie. Well he left. Now I never knew that it had never listened to all the credit for anything. And most they have the the B roll like he used to do with cannonball run and they start doing all the outtakes this you got me through the credit every single time out of the ball. But it's different because now the late eighties into the credits and even hint about the they would like to have donated had to buy your next movie because god that I can read about on the Internet right to look for someone thinking hey what they're reading was the last movie colors are and and a 1950. The Minnesota belly candy company became what large companies and large in quotation marks. Little green giant. Judges. Who little green giant. The little leery eye and all right I had little green giant all of my era of the last word doesn't work with the first word of the greens a little getaways you gotta ride the little green sort of movement. And pilloried I was sprouts Allen of the green all the little green just yet. It just pops out of your vegetable bag and that. Oh the fat and blew the parent earlier that big wave of late that early eighties where it didn't matter what the product lots of good mascot than they had us on all the like Tony the Tiger Madonna di and I don't know who joined the tigers to an all smooth booked in but suddenly. But we don't intruder at jolly greens aren't he's fine I don't know refile some big grin bridge to your freaky rip but he had spread out. But all I remember that kid started shown Obama is a tidy bowl. For tickets kid fission and enjoyed it and kept up its offensive whenever I can't go out to hit it into the play if you have a son let him go to that's true. But mr. clean and sons to Jolly Green Giant I remember like. Half hour from where we live there was and how they have like half. I think he's got one on the most emotional thing or whatever but I don't agree John yeah it was like in the front window into a mom can we don't see the guy can we get some vegetables per minute. These people got a hold of a Jolly Green Giant cut out of them yeah and shows to display the stupid book. I did it work. Yeah. I mean if it weren't for the company maybe I just can't imagine life all the good birth. I want everyone and why not only green giant came to high schools and elementary schools and told is the eat their vegetables are probably will be more on. Line to do so on that and I need to make it taste different role that's gonna come down to you ma'am. Even BA figured it out right there vegetables you messed up too. His big gun is more for a 9990. Hold the line more contestant the more your calls on the way you are listening to the men's or radio network. People into the newsroom went smiles and. Had Jeff Conway says maybe 101700. Girls are dining out yeah that is coming up Brett go play the game known as big Demi speaking out who is our next contestant ready to play the big game. Say hello to Chris welcome to the men's room and thought wow. Okay. Kind of drift over the golf world. There are a lot of the news hello Ben welcome to the midterm. Okay. Fifteen feet at hand here and started it like to dedicate its performance and bureaucratic battle. You wanna do they gave the performance your role find out of the school when you're somebody out there who. About. Though a couple weeks ago I got dedicated. R&B dish in the morning but a few weeks ago I had a friend passed away Jesus. And even as you have 21 again. Heart transplant and he asked is still complications from the transplants. And using the local guy listen to the Iraq. Played guitar like a madman and was a really great chefs and god has won a dedicated to him because he liked colored people YouTube built. Even if I do well you know or fight you really bad. That not many assault or not sober. On. Right and what is your alliger daycare capping chicken or fish. I would short dress and I had fish in this business can hasn't really is. Good well today I didn't your question and 1861. Grandmother named Julius Sturgis. It built the first US factory that made what recreational. And popular snack food bathroom modeled after meditating monks. All. Going to be home among meditating loans. I have no idea jet first black. For a full frontal so yes it's that cross place purely go to America do better mileage goes. I like you've removed. Toronto blue Rome's. He right James is not having their performance could. Jay is now and I really. Aren't important Coburn who did a spot. Use a full burden that defies what common thing hasn't done. As far as bird. Nash. All day Thailand that's nice jab there Barack very good. New unified or do they become over the word like that. Because they net the threat now is in agony they we need to follow and in an interview I really I think they can look at all the careless language that thought his big guy may fourth are 999 all who is our next contestant right Olivier hello Tony welcome to the men's room. Blue okay. Hi Tony is over not sober. I'm not sure all right Tony welcome the hills and Tony where you go on cal big chicken or fish for the rest your life. Vote on future of America's day here gunmen here yeah and please slow roast chickens circle the right thing will no longer than we came up with a Yahoo! a little little philosophy along time ago that in time that is really good chicken yesterday as in front of it in and explained that our guys shouldn't play unit gonna check good you know go to go typically go higher fat check out her path. Our wanted to get really interesting why would you moll put on some of skinless boneless chicken wraps and al-Qaeda or chicken broccoli and write that however here again. At Colombo is deep in the hole secured an absolute. He played Boehner he green onions and mushrooms are. Olin Browne certainty you'll that's called Tony. She and acted as he had actually at that day you don't mention him operator may you shaken and are you urgent question what cartoon character race is described as being at three apples high. Motion. It's dark don't they can enjoy your Muslims learn aren't very good division vinegar Jeff my races bring with it I don't know I know this joke. Three cattle herds Apple's move and solved and our race. Davis we got me four point 9990 look who's our next contestant read what they Dele hello Chris welcome to the men's room. It all up oh I. I could use over October. But fortunately over so personal to the show after. A gift. Celtic chicken or fish. And my changeup play. A little bit Q okay all right all right a pig would get a lot of coaches the great. I'm making important and I am. Pepperoni. Yeah. Pension ribs and Q2. Year old pork sandwiches. You have more to make him stronger and animal raised him from. Yeah. They're for holidays that are for summer. Therefore whenever my god did the pig all around good guy right yeah New Hampshire when a pig says yeah even me I'm like I don't think that a mental but I think knuckle and and a father really nothing good those who have no good to do them. All right here is your question who. What is the name or court and could put is the name of Garfield steady. Is it easy Cokie thanks guys they haven't done. Yeah sorry bro I don't know that's a plan that it's dad I'm like is that that obvious is that something people know I think about Chris Rock in new Jack city. Obuchi. I mean our own jewelry actual cookies in my life. And I never thought of them of the evening could not sure how they got that nickname. Through innovative powerful are 9990. Love hello did you know welcome to the mineral. And all. You know our keynote and so on October. And not feel that I do love the show. And they do you know what's your preference they're counting bless the dead Tigger fans. For the long term it's got to be jaded that there's not a matter that a bagel statutes even even little leg. I go revived a chick chick didn't show a lot of you seriously go play if you're gonna go for the beef. Yeah I you know like fleeing not in live no matter where you won't let you down at him you gotta go play them. Yes sir I that's a good choice and I think I'm going chicken and I don't know it's my favorite and thinking for the long haul. Still they would chickens like I'm I'm I'm all about the marathon yet in our video of this currently due diligence I could tell that. One out of all these to be out we do is from the chicken and I think that is. Because all of a chicken thigh. Sure nothing better than a kick in five of the need it goes of against the wings elect when you think your favorite kind of be for how you like deeper I feel like your work for me chicken is as good recheck him and say. But where does that come from and I really struggle between the chicken wing in the thigh. And then there's this that makes sense in their tax yes and I know kind of thing like a quarterly civilian casualties who goes and plays it well wait to Mandela we are today that we look every day. I want a little size and I don't delicious chicken wings got a chicken wings Tomas then I'd. No grass of the wind stopped commercials are now. I'll take a pop ups feature for a football game but more harder you got to lose everybody wants this flavor like get these and you better work harder for gonna need all the way through. How did your question who wrote the. Yeah. They came into the draft as lieutenant I think draft right away completely different reason you know. I think Guzman head long legs. I figured they were always scared of being undone by their credit had longer than absolutely compatible and yes Tampa would I give blood pressure rivers drew any accuracy or draft draft stop line. I know I have I know they're pretty good look at out and the other honors has got to be husband Ed. What about more food and 3% of the time yeah. That's the difference like it's impressive what they do it and then usually they get beaten. Our energy Gortat who wrote the song Johnny B good. Me me. Probably Johnny's old or older oh he doesn't really no idea unless society unload all their. Yeah I. I got there are good Desmond turner you know America boy Chuck Berry man oh man oh man made a famous and back to the future from a mistake I didn't see it. He's the one. Temperatures just bear and the ad video came out of him with his prostitutes oh yeah yeah I don't bear trap and man oh man I'm a nasty man and amass the Massimo everybody likes what they like yeah but the differences. What Eli did did that seem to leave the prostitute until liquid is my game is big dummy for Ford 999 all of those are next contestant ready to play the game. Hello Madison welcome to the men's room. I demos and sober now for over holder so Manson went to William Manning. You ought to direct capture. All of that affect the Madison fell pig chicken or fish. You can do more than Paul good to your Gallup. Yeah in captivity do more with Dow you do know we're talking about a big food source. We just how nor nor do we just want a nuclear I've heard the same thing you have. There's only been donating food. The truly feel that option up as keep with my mom. You know I think about we keep skin condom whatever you content no Linda first one how do you think if it about a lifestyle I don't know feels great because of the quick wit. Do you know. I'm. Experimentation. Ad and I also think Robert Gavin invented to keep contesting time on both a good chance you go to having sex with a sheet. Part of his lifestyle mean he. I dared to question. Mimi who led the actual name of which non speaking looney tune character and record this character Betty referred to. Woody is as an animal. But this particular actually hasn't. You know is. Any day and but money that could that is is an animal but that's his real name and Mimi is the actual match. I don't know that it's ever been spoken and there's a lot of net. Ask me and I think maybe I better I mean I'm Amy and I them myself wonder about a best of both I'm never gonna get a lot of Helm gave his big dummy for 4999. All those are nice contessa read play. Hello Tucker welcome to the bedroom. I know it's all right wow. I think are very good about integrated talker freelance then please and then your mother if you are known to have been mother taught fifth. Fulfilled literally outgrow wanna let everybody I'm not got their grip Karl yeah yeah yeah I broke probably honored. Tiger you so we're not sober. I'm not all right Tiger Woods we're going to help paying particular pitch. I can't give up debate pure amateurs okay negative mood. I don't hear your question that is also a model Ford truck what word translates to rough and spam. The group. Ford truck. Only. True ranger that's Dillon are either. Oh OK okay I got hit you can hit your fifth two bronco you've got a run on goes. To be doing nothing new and coming up the lies down that they can only got. What do you think. Our hope not a likely window. Yet again. Rhode Island seat on the road the well is Broncos like everyday drivers are those like you go out in the woods and do stuff. Well above. Now they original broncos' big enough to have enough clearance and they did the more popular bronco too which is a smaller version of satellite they would take one like a threat of former NFL player back that would be the original bronco out of the original dose the bigger app through until November and there have been what twenty years before they decide to bring it back. I've been killed two people look what happens. All right your question would say there is also known as the lizard king. All news agency dame because I don't know and I would doors and Aaron. Are really should have been Larry King who had that. That is correct all know what it is. And I have the band ma'am. Oh. Really do. A little doubt anyone they don't laugh William duke. Jim Morgan and Jim Morrison and. Business and anything can. Hide you do you ever watch the Simpsons. He did OK what about our culture war a quick add you to my talk on this question and this told the Simpsons. What is out whose last. Oh my goodness I'm. Hillary and Mike hawk ask this question just about out of the crowd pronounces God's name last name in front of hundreds that is not only reason why this questioned him and authoritative and down and out thanks. It's not possible. Local non hostile sob he mob had tilted. His old house sub people in Thailand a bigger guys that aren't as they might have united in Brian usually dead and the degree of guys I and I think that our rights. You're not quite so let's go to the wonderful world of McDonald's. McDonald's what is served in the blue rapper. All along you've got that. You've got days. To get that position. I had archer and Tucker yeah the only reason I would have gotten that it's good in my mind. I couldn't think of many in the comes in blue rapper under our regular I never order before you know given a blue rapper. I would have the order to now go to blue styrofoam box you will never get the blue box right. Well yes are well I mean it's a blue rapper blue box depending on that a little bit but yet it's in the water if I wanted to is that they sent out I don't know how about Andy I act Peter in the water and had to do I felt like why isn't it blue wherever you made that kind about just that these dinners may Demi 8449990. Lose our next contest in red played a game. Hello Connor welcome to the men's room all our Iraq. Hi I'm very sober now for over. So we're. Okay. O'Connor he had to pick only one of the need to Calvin fish and chicken for the fifth. Then men think about this so many thanks Phil another occasion I mean you know crispy bacon particular morning good faith. Everybody want this they've been planned and I don't know you know although cal opened our cal list U don't like about this is that it's hypothetical and people losers we stressing about it's hard because like he's right once you get steak and eggs in the morning there's not a lot of beef involved with more about port. Right OK but right but then you go for lunch and where you feel like OK can I have a ham sandwich at lunch most people do not legally Turkey sandwich or something else never you might get ham and cheese. When you don't put your hand if you might go hammock she would writ of like him doesn't seem like the lunchtime okay its regular unleaded tornado damage at dinner fork over about the real thing. Right now tell T man. So I even met a little bit world and a limited does have its you know you got an adjustable Nestle could work for yet she no holds one most brutal gonna miss my that is until I can't believe we can avoid we didn't cover the world of universal yet. I cannot ironically actually suffer want to thank your seat at this little look at you how much damage until I get the they didn't mention it all look at the conclusion and it's all part of this not to tell the skull yeah Ohio chairman called mission that slogan is this the thought of pro growth as you'd taken the secret tunnel using a different attitude and the house of chemical. Now that place closed down ma'am did she look so hot mess everywhere and even German. Politician until guarded you know all this little garden you have no secrets it's in the combat sounds like it I think I would have clicked on I'm more into it last night and even if all the way and I eloquence of the rest. Assured to be very normal. Coming came in a look at it. This isn't the problem doing anything act so I'm I'm just asking. Could goddamn question died so the comic comes and says god Damon thrill. The bronco is not a truck. Well first socket look I don't know what you call that thing. What do you call it ironically although the horns until I'm medical use to have on all 150 Jesse's instilled by the way the question was asked my attitude that and what does let me know the held a bronco is if it's not this is not a talk talk debt. Suvs were playing them when the Broncos take a look at the brand was basically the starter Carlos Delgado is the start of the suvs and in the popular that's on the bronco two was more small and more people bought that wasn't true he remembered as far as I would SUV craze really really hit. You remembered you honey act as oh my god the ugly damn well deserve. Not only was upon again stake in embarrassment for anyone to drive it was so stupid and and it was a mini mankind. Station I used to work at flagship station at the time and for the Al Baltimore. I mean this guy working some promotional whenever not only. That they put us on the panic as that. They paid to lose hope god damn thing purple like they did everything to call attention to a nice and he was drive and I'm like an odd duck down hole I would I don't want you want them to Symbian so I'm not back off cool my own skin to be seen and Pontiac Aztec has been painted her. I think means that the data strapping on a hot green or purple PT cruiser without doubt great listener and a kind yeah all right all I know pretty ridiculous I think okay I don't know what you're doing much better that that if we weren't doing much better but even a little bit better and better if it. Are you to question you say you're a little of both right now also listened. Cults in botnets that with a man Carson Barnes was the nineteenth century name. Of what liquor that's available now. Coughs colds and each installed and buttons. Was it here in the United States or was it European captain I believe it's the United States. People are exceptionally. He used to this particular liquor I hate it some people love it. And eight and. Not since some people love to know what I could love then it's just want to let him during cannot have an underground you can call continuity. Cops and but he's not. Southern comfort those southern cup Camp Pendleton coops and blue. Khalil and hollow on the goal line for a house it's a more big gonna come up also still to come we got the head Jeff on the way dead meat potatoes with seven unwritten rules. Or dining out and martyr calls more contestants on the way in a game known as big dummy 8449990. You are listening to the men's or radio network. Age is you. Zero foot or not. There are unwritten rules when he got these. Other restaurants known your servers known yardages had broken down and you know poll from the you've broken you've broken a mural everybody coming up ahead Jeff Florio has 700 rules for dining out there may be your your breaking some of these rules and you had no idea. Let's go to right after the game known as bigamy speaking out we have but Conner on the line he's going for teams sober and working on my question numbers dropped not an hour Ireland and a break new ground. Our great site no comment from flooding and about the Ford Bronco which I do not realize it was this important. Old women is important government so what we determined we had to ask the questions above a ball long story short almost at any. The bongo. Is not truck Bryant comes in and out since then what we have found out as a bronco is absolutely truck it is absolutely not a trucker. And that is the original SUV that means it becomes a guy coming at don't know I don't stuff which rocket Detroit's here's why truck followed by it's not a truck here's why it's not a truck followed by its and as you be here glad to mister b.'s so this is what you know before broken up agreed to disagree. I don't know what it is. I professed not to know what you're the only mainland revisit this kind of how our member of the single Democrat so people abide truck but did they would want to utilize the Baghdad and cover not grew by campers to there and look like a bronco initially was just the truck with a camera top hard extension. Like you'd find a hard top that you could actually pull off the top so it's unusual and I had to look I'm out there at a new one while I'm part of Wikipedia at the multi purpose be okay if someone didn't balloon dad and I gonna put in parentheses MPV in case I couldn't do that. Could be first multi purpose vehicle I don't know the multipurpose vehicles were they saying at the Zambrano from game and I think overall you call any trucks and then if you wanna talk about pickup trucks we need to have. I left a bad right right. I don't know. Yeah you just look in deeper pandora's box only player that's what else is in there like look at the Subaru brat when that thing came out. The el camino del ray were here oh crossover I mean because what did it have a pickup truck but the it is more into his car puzzled approximately a mile car in the seventies. In the tobacco is an open air space is at a station wagon to cut copy right yeah. And just give me an idea about dangers we live back in the day I wanna see some of the brats who are you the option of including actual sneaks. Oh really OK okay Muslim majority wins or your children can sit in the open air behind you could literally handlebars to hold onto aren't perfect which. Hello Jack welcome to the men's room. Law. Or not I did you play the team so we're not so. So good over Jack go in the show. And Jack Hillary go Celtic bigger fish to get your druthers. All votes it implicate his it and Bagram. Connect dot is sound and you look at data and north good Broadway Show so here is your question. The song sunrise sunset came forward to Broadway musical. Phantom of the Opera. You do and I'd do I'd just go freely offer anything more Fiddler on the Roof fiddler on the road you know you knew that I felt like the positive. Yeah I'm with a lot of cop you well and you'll rise in any way would you go talk to lure on the roof there please stay at night I went I don't know lit lower but he's very neurotic about I don't know what I'm saying what I know what I've day. All the bulletin in the commercial break we were just talking about something involving the Jewish religion subject. Goodwill and there you go I mean we've got employers are gold and I had seen. I think I think man Michael my brother was like yours that I know the main moment I think what my brother was an elementary school he may have been in the production of it out of the black guy that was cooler group. Well known part. He was fiddler death that it will blow Mumbai and they lure and wrote a lot Stratton. An original but if it. All right here's a question. Damn I wouldn't call old school of contract and if it can't expect. What alternative Soto was invented in Morrison's drugstore in Waco Texas back in eighteen and eighty fact. I know the answer to us what. You want a few people know that. That likes it I know all this. Bad and I asked. Mr. there's that. All. On blue bowl Jack. Divergent paths look Jack you're just a little loft. Typically better yeah. Hi the question is. According to Phil Coulter. What age termination company would answer if you gold 5552020. Or do. Did you know. Motivate notebook. Okay. On the call asked if president. Villanova hit who's got great partner can. Radio Roy ray ray ray ray Parker Judy do I don't know that's my question is who is ray Parker senior. I think that's more important question like I'm supposed to know him based on his dad I'm not sure that I know is that good dad junior and I what I and to only be confused with my father who I'm assuming someone that now is fathers and defend is that he did not seem ghostbusters. He can wrap this day I another good exiled accident broke out could pick it I don't know. I don't box him. All right what dog breed gets its name from the German word meaning to splash. Guarantee ever. Hang on Libor is dead Novak. Get stronger and build huddled with Poodle lady who. Fiddler I'm amazed that Poodle the affidavit that got me into our Thornton tied 99 all the more big dummy in the jag and all I. Since many pins continue on the men's room radio network.