09-21-17 Seg 1 Mens Room Is Hungry!

Thursday, September 21st

We Play the Game Known as Big Dummy


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If she were finally getting around to flossing during the last midterm performance. Here's what you so World Wildlife Fund to sandy will be pursuing charges against a local official who upon receiving reports of the first sighting. A whole wild bison in Germany how many how many years is have been tense since they saw a wild bison back in its native landed them. How many years has it that probably over a 150 years. 250. Years 215200. Injured this in this great animal ones role in this scenario aren't sure yet to fifty an earlier ice and not the buffalo wasn't back everybody it's a nice. According to the local A newspaper please and that's why the bison near a river drinking. Mean they they're known to do that yet. In the download the bombardment but good humor group didn't and they get really anything people can get right to walk into the market this happened in the town of leave us. You they had seen. I guess they had seen a public order in order office and bring burn the head of that office determined. The bison was a threat to the local population. And had to local hunters shoot the next day. The animal wandered from new poll 150 you do in a National Guard which meant to have sanctions. What was your account or what they did thing 8449990. I didn't personally seeded dead body. But one year on on Thanksgiving. In the bill not live and think I'm walking my my girlfriend that I like walking her out for me she's looking to figure out of whatever reason throughout the front door yet. In the corner just name it it means they. Thank you let me and I'm like yeah but who Hulu thing on the corner and like whether the truck on the far right that makes and hello this is the holiday or whatever that he was chatty full coroner yet and then he's played. Yeah I mean it's crazy somebody just hung themselves upon whatever color god my bar and I you know men that's craziness you can crazy it was a woman don't usually commit suicide of the why are you telling me I won't have him conflict which is I don't open the door open go inside for. We've worked with a guy. And I must say his for the for Monday Night Football game OK and I'm ravens fan rim when the patriots in this particular commitment for me anyway it was a huge game. There's no love lost whatever so. We're still on the air in the game has gone. And this guy we can work when it comes tumbling into the yesterday when Ron let's just out of personable. That says hey man and I stopped remarkable men do not. Tell me anything about this game ravens patriots demos we'll watch but I've got a taste of home. And I'm starting gimme regain what I'll be like an hour and half with a yeah but don't tell me anything going on again tell me nothing. I fell off my computer a view from my phone. His response was. Computed. That'll take you gonna let you very much of what would Jesus Christ man exactly in Australia a played hypocrite I just told him not to tell me thank thank. You don't land thank you so. Jamie and asking and I know your from that area of Orlando so you probably have a better idea of wildlife and everything else and yeah you know like when you read a story about the little kid is drug into the water is yeah Disney World literally everybody alligator he now you're now you're in a fresh water lake. Where alligators live you know that's that's their home. You choose to go there what you just described as murky brown water yet come candidate here actor your recreational vehicle out there on the water for your own enjoyment. I mean I got to ask you I if someone told me I'll pay you 5000 dollars to run against the all afternoon nap like that's a man. That's sounds like a bad idea I don't know what if I fall off our you know what if I happen to be in the water is that not a general concern or is it just it. This part of Florida yeah I mean I can't I can't wrap my head around knowing that there's a prehistoric dinosaur in the water who wants to eat me. A little bit of an Obama lake as well yeah OK love Disney World we'll start there you on Disney World don't have a lot of the honors of my kid wants to get down right fraud across from the hotel at the little lake down there. So in that scenario. Now if that's where that's going to happen I'm going to assume that in a world link and you'll know where this has the high probability of past. McCain Villa Italian kitchen has started selling pumpkin spice pizza and anybody buying that. No good I love pumpkin spice stuff I don't money he's Jose alumni like me and about early June 5 I don't want them together and let me just say this. I love village telling kitchen I used to have them all the time when I started eating at a mall they're better than this. I Giles took your security guard at a hospital you to take a body down to the more. Black look somebody in the market actually don't yeah yeah much better than I so I get down there in the letter and then she just this guy he's smoking high. Czech I live goat so late so I letter and and I set out so what do you what he did you hear Sheila in London harm it's my. I'm like OK and so I'm White House won't be around or some like he might about watch. I really like whoever want they won't be there to make this woman is so car that was she tells you why you're standing in a morgue. And the no harvest eyeballs you like cool cool mind if I hang. We'll zero in general of the dead thing you 44999. Old Pablo Angel welcome to the men's room. And he judge blow my top. Okay yeah. English is not cyclone Alley so you cannot tell you don't mind and I thought of the Brooklyn accent you cut cut cut cut at it as much better than anybody doubt. You know I don't have a second language so we can't really be critical right here if I can't. Anything other. My AA the emotionally I was in the that is going back in 1990. And that's leak of the border in you know if they've got bombed out for like two months yet. Idea forward and he everybody. One pitch and enough. So we've got a mole there may be down on their hour. Battlefield. I don't war ground war mean enough. Yeah and you split decision and able all of these global small confined does any out Iraqis and our political and other. People they've gone in the middle and neither could twelve you know I thought we like OK we want to slow the about it I'm gonna go to throughout America. Got big play guy and I'll go on the hill and anybody like this little point and and not everybody likes look and many say nick say okay and you'll be able point and I came right applauded Reagan's words. It's. Yeah. Six weird hangover cures of bartenders have heard it but here's some of the crazier ones that they heard throughout the years to start this what. Chugging Gatorade instead of water. Yeah cover and I want one edit store and mixing in horseradish. That's the difference on this one. OK that I am so I guess I don't wake yup they've horseradish cleans out your sinuses allowing you to breathe a little bit easier if you falsely blah blah blah blah blah so this thing with a few. Little harsh rationing Gatorade breach I think that'll do a hell of a lot of good. Others only essential commodities through the door Fred Madden written on them. I would be coming and I was so excited that I couldn't perfectly looking for early navy air where there are gone. There's all there's a link that you offended and believed to have Diana and I found what I really hope for the dead deer. You can always golden boy oh boy who died beard dude that's nonsense. I'm really here. And I don't know what will really make things that had resigned and it started AKA. And being. I don't I mean I like any opponent with. Well. Thank god and he got a blow and that I didn't really know I never held anything all they came to that degree before and it is likely ruptured and you now live from. You do spray all over you. A little lay out. I don't know how good is more than enough is why they ask you not to touch the way up the same exact reason a blow up so did it doesn't pop doesn't rupture in my how much. It's really don't let a lot of ballooning actually hello. And tomorrow break that one million. For me it's. Only. If your home. Women you've saved your story does not add up but you've got sprayed by eight dead and lose dear Lou. If you're okay now done men's room legacy can continue. And he would sure love to hear is real and the members of this radio program are simply not that great. And some people would call. They're not trying to offend anyone. There's I'm. Do you love the lord and in the invited to join the party. You have a man and it's. Guess we'll go okay this. It's. The glass coffee very important. All gathered in secrecy. This is dumb men's room when smiles and thrill. Shake your radio more than three tell. Enjoy today and Wednesday. It's okay. I don't go to Arizona our 2680. That. Along with Steve the thrill hill. Shoot dead left. All Limbaugh. I had been lied to mark. The. And yeah okay. And then you know. Ten today once again we played big. Day today. Just meat and potatoes as these seven unwritten rules for dining else. No way Sherlock is back get ready to play profile list plus headlines about their job and a fumble as their emails. And everyone's favorite TV time with different. Class unit a good guy I ever go scientists are shocked what they find when they dig into a 75 million year old piece of dinosaur poop. Bonus points to senator chuck Grassley for giving us the real health care bill through. FaceBook says they'll hand over Russian advertisements in election probe look. France considered watching the Olympics at home in a row but and to show Aaron Hernandez brain suffered from CDE well no ads. That is all coming on today's very special episode of the men's room. Here's the question yeah. All that bad there is good day to you and yours are ready Casey don't know today is the day that we play. Big dummy that's the game show that rewards you for your stunning ignorance and your fellow war. You call us we won't spend the category real. Today we will hope I do live event category will and they we will ask the question from Baghdad more. But no more big dummy separates itself from your average more reputable game show. We will continue to ask your questions until you get just one right because as always we want you to leave here smarter than you showed up. Now they are biggest Demi never actually it's a two way tie between below me Kimberly and the equally lovely error. Both of whom dug deep and answered nineteen consecutive your opening of your right now so it takes to. They dug deep it may third nineteen consecutive questions wrong. Can you do better. Courtship dance to give us a call and off we go on big dummy cricket doesn't play big debacle 844999. All you can liken midterm on FaceBook falls on 200 men's in my head to enter email for the men's room and men's or live dot com you are listening to events or radio network. And my. Our job now I think ally Michel 2685. Huge show for you today once again we're gonna play the game known as big dummy agendas and ousted the meat and potatoes. As seven an unwritten rules for dining out you say. One of the seven unwritten rules for dining out well there unwritten you don't know that but believe it or not there are certain rules especially if you work in the restaurant profession you know these rules and you hope that other people abide by them even though that you understand that they don't know them does the part of being a ridden but they hope this can you that's not true it's already alive because I've not seen them but they do appreciate that they are remote. Correct they are now written aren't they don't have that these are now official whatever you say when you talk about lake and morrow all these were well they're unwritten I got this in the head chef collection I'll pay attention to what had chefs around the world and I see as well oil profile list and really got to know I Sherlock on the way and on today is a daily play of the game known as big dummy no surprise last week we today arm Interpol which we do every template big dummy. And we asked you about your your most frequent social media platform that you used in by no shock here instead Graham came in at number three. Twitter at number two and FaceBook. Was number one by a large margin however we do put the ball up every week. On Twitter at men's reminds. And we find out that on Twitter. Yeah believe it or not overwhelmingly more people. Again like the glitter people on Twitter like Twitter death unbelievable this crazy thing we never thought about that a blue Meredith. Right it's it's a small oversight I do enjoy one woman emailed and she was complaining like. While it's not fair to let me get the boat with you just emailed to get the agenda just put your answer Nina yeah email she did everything she complained about everything but did not think you just give us the answer we'll solve her problem I tweaked have a little fun man and a good to have you know look let's. At this week's men's room polls can make you think a little bit. And basically will make this is a hypothetical. As far as they know what if and what if you could only maybe eat one of these for the rest of your life and the thing if you had to pick one and go with that so it's not my favorite is the one a minute eat the rest well I think I think that's I think that one is gone so is that you either all the time for the rest of your life isn't all that. Everything else was unavailable to everything else is unavailable you have to pick the one that you would like to eat all right so in his and we don't we almost went with my hawks bowl which which exotic animal would you most like to shoot. We don't we decided against that is we are getting my guess is that regret the complaint emails. So it simple cal Perry not true chicken or fish and you say we'll lose loves her yes that includes fish. Michelle old strategy yet fish chicken pig or cow incident watered it catches fish that's basically it unless you would be dull those of the morning and a battle. Correct exactly what we are little warmer and him and and Alexy we even have already eaten away Holdren. Now I don't know where you are in jab in Japan I won't say here in just a guy dressed tuna. You know. Right we don't you wail I prefer turn signal from celebratory ball and run into don't eat seals are meant like do we eat anything other than fish out of the illusion octopus crust well again the doctor because stations. Crabs have allowed part of the fish friendly and Chara got things so early bugs. Apple to me the African barker she's a good gap mantra pretty well so miserable today Cowell pagan. Chicken or fish and today is today to play the game known as big Derry let's get a go on a 44999. All of that was our first contestant right to play the game hello and welcome to the men's room. Oh. Oh yeah. I had to play the game so we're not sober. Got over an outfielder DeVon looked into the show you what got you into the land of my own sobriety. Hello you don't. Both good and uphill uphill no wonder you no wonder you hesitated so much wow it is okay right and got a prescription to. Odd color of restrictions. A good what do the pharmaceutical. It is an industry call money he didn't. Mondale. And that's what they call the media wasn't pharmaceutical. Mystery pill and you hit the knack. To take one of those Seattle lecturing any I think they can pharmaceutical I have a three day weekend Bender there UPS. Is worth one fault okay cocoa aggregate. And then let's go here and my view that I needed in order to enroll or to get back into the and I I DeVon cal big chicken or fish. Moon. So sick so they're X. Whoa where they want to announce brown didn't see Beckham. Well if you're gonna live longer you know be held that's right call obviously Devin got into a little longer area of Asia closer to get those talks about I have never I never directly impacting your. Are you ready for your question. I am all right. What parts. Of a woman's body did Elvis Presley find to be a very big turn off. Where a law yet what to turn off for you on woman's body Devin hippies. I don't think he hasn't and Adam's apple vial I don't know us a little women I'm not well they aren't. Among women and I'm not okay. That is fair and dared to mail lag with. Let it go where I sat on Al. ISIS' Jones feed him hair. Your bigger Elvis fan than you think fit. Jim I and number. We both enjoy. Black music. I think if they expect a quick hello Maria promote a culture that technically I don't make it much there at the quick and when you when you may have appeared to be the woman who did not have to like there's no no oil no I knew I can definitely. Beat her big turn off right and years as well you over you guys get along greatly as I want to wait for you just tuned out there that's enough that's going to be weird hour okay yeah Brandon guilty yeah better than nor did on that. I might not late dinner do for tomorrow merchant like her pinky toe link grew over tackled the rest of the summer we're close man. Here's my thing you know. Is where I love you put tactically fine but don't expect for a review would you let Shaquille O'Neal placed his foot under Canadian. Back I don't know what do you look you let us. Who oh before and who knew I said Sherri Jenna is so unbelievable way his giants put in my stomach at all to remove the madness of section in the corner video we don't need to go through now a matter if it's got them exactly. All right your question in Romania had magical Luke and Romania and what name translates to some of the double. Romania. The means. I don't know I don't know Bob. Bomb yet miles on the dress blue okay okay okay yeah that's OK okay. Oh boy Devin word for Iraq if you lift. They're they're they're passengers during my luckily I wanted down than it bearable and you on the. Sleeping you're going to be one and done. I kind of and your hide brother there is no doubt about it that we thought we'd get to know you is did you called. Are well. He. What bird is depicted on the Canadian one dollar coin. Currently there. Are canaries Jorge. I lose a lose lose lose a million million and I thought about the softball. I'm gonna you're ready you're with in depth question for definitely got you to bring you know there's no canaries in Canada. You know there's no bugs can't not a morning no Romania about now. Hello Bob. Do you do that they're all right you're what are you scared that I bought it if not really Obama and 45%. Of wives say their husbands do what's while sleeping. Explore. Things got better and they're nice out there are referred to have most blow the area. This is bigger they had 44999. All of Gaza fingers area brand new contestant hello Kate Clinton welcomed to the men's room. Yeah. I Hillary is over not filled. Welcome to the show David Cook until you can avoid the things that first call you had to get caught off I hit out at that stage dad. I'm saying I don't come track you don't even think. I gave them or do you account pig you're gonna finish for the rest of your life. On I thought OK well there that laughed it by the at a park at an area alone saying what's your favorite finished product. At 12 o'clock and still percent ahead of payment then you have good yeah better than copper river it. Look only at most people who live out their door they traditionally love Steele had more than anything new live them. I depend unlike out whether or not your interior. Or like on and let out they dazed everything and yes I hadn't come on now a lot of fish for breakfast so. Now I'm not get back at bat and eight wanna out like that they Benedict old white candidate Arnold yeah. Salmon have like I mean if I'm gonna eat seafood in the morning right it's gonna be yeah I crab Benedict or smoked salmon is on the late than never smoked your own Sam. I cannot be every now mammal Gary Knight does seal or something is faculty Whaley got a little bit. I am IE. OK app coal oil. I indeed a whale did you corkum. I know I did not that it would no well. Okay. I catch it when we're gonna wailed did you did you ever buy and how would lose certainly gives it a burger and the ground work. You could slow anyway. Ahead. I am angry at. And why am I. No no I didn't write it like actually yeah I. I don't love and visited the way you think it's unique to everything else you ever taste of the U kidding describe the taste like. Exactly OK no it didn't pay doesn't taste good. I guess that's a good all had sent them all got to learn and get the and is kinda browse the boy referendums in the future. Oh no way bulk. So critical there you go around he'd wail argued to be single in Alaska for ten years they don't usually get a life halftime today. Like that if you live in Alaska near female when you get Estella 55 times a day. And I think you know hey it could Dana hit it. Gaga get the odd. I'll I'll. Good line yeah. Pailin a mess around you know I really don't and one time I've been to Alaska deliberately hit on anyone with a dude sitting on my dad used to look at meant. A lot yeah yeah yeah dad and I don't know a lot of little are dismayed that. I slap my what you think you know him I don't know but I think the the Enron Ryder everybody knows him he's still talking about a mile and I. I don't know why. Well because nobody knows as soon as is every morning Deb good. Once you lose Milky Way but looks every morning is like dad that's voice. We're I don't know if Iran decided from the green. Rock he walked out of paerson in the Niger he didn't get I mean I'm more like a fantasy. The very I moment Riyadh. We did defraud we've gotten used to do different things and we finally reconvene Mike. Let me up for you like trying to get away from the guy wanna molest me name Roger where you didn't chased down by this huge both hold the bar. I held a hell of a night all right here's request. Multiple joint multiple choice 12 or none how many US presidents were only children. Oh in the back of me. My daughter had me on nearly drowned. I. And mind my mom refuses to do a very important I think it seems more and diet like when you know I eat that apple app and clear favorite race there aren't a good up. And yeah. That's very we've got in front you'll be proud you have to be real proud proudly she's gonna test well in school. Seems like she's an average benefit now women are multi cultural you're welcome applause line. Cook Adnan nine no only Hillary Clinton of those Roger Clinton. I've got another brother who believes the guys if you please residence hall of the elegant as the president's brother that are always in trouble yet to do is it was. Billy Carter's brother Billy placate people mark Billy bush has a lot to do with why you can micro brews on a Billy Carter going to Carter star Billy bush who you are a bushel of the other guy get the horse you know dignity he asked. Mailing list it as a David and I were you still about domains. Her name was Billy bush like that we don't do it really ambush of an emcee Billy bush of course he doesn't get cocoon and differentiate. Most rental Khatami the punishment of the bush master beat out a bunker and it. I don't I don't. Little black. I. Used also learning. Jay Leno move Busch. Car and mother multiple choice question for him. The star spangled banner America the beautiful deployed to the legions Francis Bellamy brokerage one. That's in the turtle named Francis. They're due designers use in the Bellamy Brothers that's a good and forward don't felonies brother in depth that duly noted. And I wish. One out. I don't know historically the banner America the amendment and get oh I have I know that are well well like oh. I wouldn't. Have a great shot he had a record rove itself and gabbana yeah I don't know I think they felt that. Death to America the beautiful I've no idea French column you wrote the pledge of allegiance. And Noah Frances guy he more lies in Frederick Maryland at Francis Scott Key mall. Couldn't she just want guys got a Sears soon and it's you run the legacy and they have the Frederick keys. Yeah I know I than a hundred small minor league they don't know given the mall who I still think MLK did the best he has. Major roads and every American city to literature or the black neighborhoods and I mean resolution that's exactly what. Did you just don't find it maybe I was trying to order a terrible about it. How are right your question what is the name of the actor. Who played B quote unsinkable Molly Brown in the 1997. Over rated blow our movie Titanic. I may have added some old black words. Oh. Now who's the more poignant actor commemorative. It's okay. You met her left. Out of foolish and ethnic Jay Leno on the menu if we. But you know I'm bringing green. Play it now LAL now. At all and I simply didn't eat alphabetical gone easier reflected. I got on Al literally got they had to dock like mostly lock anomaly users are gonna just like that the whole topic about yeah I have a feeling my desires of the people aren't likely to go about you know I am and I'm not the. Brave woman with a new yeah the aquarium and. Yeah I aimed at a. Although I know you're a good idea when those because it is that they can everything off and how I'm doing on the left they didn't. Yeah I just it's like you gotta stop moving him now new breed of Oxnard. Daddy tell. I didn't get. Up. Yeah out there we heard that but my sobriety and allowed him. What happened next. Are your question to pay attention of this I think you'll get while walking through the woods in 1941. George dean missed drought or something like that anyway he was inspired by the birds that close to his pants to create what product. Yeah. What did you. Or burns. Yeah how they they were I don't normally get. No room. There after. Doing the whole thing just to 200 fans get to think about. Do we have the neural integration of notre. Yeah yes and I bet if you can't gang. Now like one on me after bush miles and I do an elbow room. All right you know questions. Don't. Well what do you do want the way. Global liquidity. You know I seem. You know we're gonna have I indoors you have got their MySpace you're on the all of McDonald's. I mcdonalds. I don't like how. Oh god. Oh we're alienating again. I now under another segment Muslim as we speak and yelled. At eight she will eat that every meal at pilot. I did you get it meant to be alive what for the night dad dad I know you hate children and no doubt about it raise a nugget I know what the organ there may not seem like a dinosaur it's the same goddamn things. How are your question what is the acronym. For the inter governmental military alliance based on the north Atlantic treaty. Signed in 1940 not. North Atlantic and you. You like bring all the all the way in the world or is it not random and ignoring that let you know I only know one listening think this election took a different game and they're ready. This organization I wanna know what's the acronym. For the inter governmental military. Alliance based on a north Atlantic treaty signed in 1949. There's this North Atlantic Treaty Organization what would be the Akron North Atlantic Treaty Organization the Atlanta Olympic record or Atlantic treaty organization. You don't an acronym as cable walk all act alone won't be for the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. And met any DLs and yeah. Yeah okay. It's. You know. They are dead we had a hard together as a team only did it I like that he had been Tiffany hello all how many are our. She's gob smacked right. I'll be god damn that was you know what NATO's stands form over president yeah. Sober enough overtime up on allow trade domain is far are 999 LA if you would like to be a contestant we've got more of your calls coming up you are listening to the men's or radio network. Did you know you don't have turned the men's room. Jeff coming up Disney detain those seven unwritten rules for dining out that is on the way era before the return of no as Sherlock and redone the game is big dummy 8449990. Luck. Who's our next contestant ready to play the game are you of the Jimmy's second matter response until its behalf. I'm a guy that's in common and saying hey instead around low key is out I am a I used to work in College Park, Maryland so I was typing bad paid says what's up indeed to work at town halls in the message from your goal okay tan I've taken care of California thanks grant date no worries. Hello drew welcome to the men's room. Yeah. I do you so we're not gonna work. That's so what their objective that's a question. I drew. Once legal accounting chicken or fish. Cal live. I think you can. Now this little this he go finish now he had which. Very important of that not hypotheticals are very important to answer the US census. For a. Well okay. Okay. And I cannot that's and you can't say other radio. I don't. Sugar. And worked the night went well how about the. Hello drew one and done snack food against I mean just the way he started back at all. I go out and doing like oh no. Hello sandy welcome to the man he. Okay. Finish over Minnesota. Over Samuel from the show. Then they would go out big kick in the fifth. You know I think about it and think about this and really like the eighth. Cal looked at it it wouldn't be too much over Panama negotiate and. Giricek and a guy that's that's got all we thought would be the popular vote approvals are it's like meat tofu their own pace slightly and you make it taste like. Adding that. Actually the chicken itself too let you do just grossed one lake chicken is good although I have a good that it can be yeah. There is your question. I'll go to court and we were gonna ask god drew Blair for his party now the government the united. State's constitution. Replace what other documents on March 4 seventeen maiden. Oh. Obama. You know I honestly don't know I don't know. New unity and the crowd got its irreplaceable right for another note right we'll have a lead role replace it. This replace those articles of confederation. And that brings in email the moment and it happened yet okay. You know annoyed films nobody tracked to a yeah I would not of god Matt Wright and are remembered what it wasn't hurt and sandy are paying attention in class mean. HS. And and photo in a photo editing program what do delivers or GB's stance. Oh. The. And I. Don't know. I don't know remembered Great Britain. Red green and blue. Oh. Friends and I feel very diligent had been broken after a figure that is it. I think Rembrandt. A direct. OK this is one of those questions that sounds much worse than it is OK a hook and colleges studies what type of animals. Cold sores are losing and why her out of there and I'm gonna the reptiles. Okay how are you right as the brains and nights where yes there's any we ever had sex and on dvd add on that enough for you guys and is. They've seen any immediate annuity joked he got here with a Smart I'd be dead or seriously you're here it's excellent sandy beach. A new. I just assumed she had sex underneath the water. With. On the does the guy named Bob you know pineapple how gators big dummy for 4999 all of those are next contestant rays play the game read so little pineapple how he can direct. So I ended Sadie had you had a Grammy patty and he. Hello Jay welcome to the men's room. Well that. It's. I gave labor teams over Tina filled. Fifteen sober at the moment exclusive right today on the other side of business. If he's still overcast. OK coming up they had just announced several rules for a dining out that is on the way with a head chest and that fifty potatoes would do that right after emails and game known as big deficit. I shenanigans continue on the men's room. Radio network.