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Wednesday, September 20th

Profile This, TV Time with Ted and Headlines


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This is the men's room. As a result is standing by for another round profiled a star 9449990. Little flavor profile that's coming up in. Ever had not gone away one hour from now firstly check in Mike Cox for some of the stories and headlines is not working out all right the pizza chain Villa. Love Italian kitchen has started selling pumpkin spice pizza. And I anybody buying back. No good I love pumpkin spice stuff I don't wanna beef because they want now I made about early tuna fish I don't want them together I don't know what they'll have a go into a a place of the supposed to be all that they had like you know. Would fire I was an honor. And I got on the left that put cinnamon on top of it and absolutely ruin the pizza while they have learned from the middle name. Warn you that the added though there's this weird thing like this whole pumping crazy everything could always just comes back to cinnamon and right so I don't know my other does not. Pumpkin in there but like the overwhelming flavors cinnamon on the sump pump it. Why it's good to everybody yeah well on my cousin of another on the news. Economies are and they didn't tell you they're gonna do you love the deaths and all Hawaiian pizza that people who lol I all of that that wouldn't be too bad the dollar write down there I'd be all right Jeff Obama a little bit about the relays there. Yeah I could see fat them like I could fathom putting cinnamon on the meat lovers to give it a little sweetness. Please let alone make sheriff in your face right. Yeah I wish you worked out well I mean look who's roof I won't put cinnamon hallmark stuff unless it's element events like hey by the way meatloaf we like to ruin the meat by adding some of and let me just say this fellow bill telling kids and I used to them all the time when I started eating at the mall there venomous. I'm defending that it edit the fifth was the best thing on the news. They have these neat little cal zones that are just absolutely delicious there's a spicy what was it I have been there and so long using spicy. Do spicy chickens have a thing and he was absolutely delicious it was like a three cheese and spicy chicken it's okay tilling has been bothering me for years and I don't look it up because I don't wanna be answered I like to figure it out of my most people who don't like to do that plus. So they Cal's zone all right viertel's own. Has these sauce for dipping on the outside of correct a Strom boldly let's assaults on the inside. I believe no way mentally the Stromberg I have the reverse and if you first right tells known as the one that has assaults in there I thought and then luckily held are always on the set. Police don't always finish what you can. vulnerable if if it is what I did because I did your camera one player of all let me and someone has solvent and then you build it is that Calderon is basically he told a pizza and have tea then sealed the it is basically what is it's smaller but that's basically what it is like a sausage. Yes OK I don't know that he's a Middle East Mike upon these big splash. I don't know why just drive did you think you love their cows don't barely have trouble really have trouble are right my bad that's a double into the most trouble he does have also means that that's what I kind of thought but I am a certified that guy and an obese instead. Didn't think it is today and feel around those accounts though they might they don't service Drogba okay. Hamas he was the one and I like both those very much that's why after you know I wrote only what is the one halves from all of us if some Lisa's definitely the location and that was it and Gambia cameo from. I'll name via memory it's a good idea nobody it was a larger duty margin in the united school. And I went on a family vacation of his family and we all have like a normal dinner and usage from all I am. Also Americans tend to care about what the name of it is won't feature. Double Florida got arrested over the weekend for stealing some power lines that came down her hurricane Irma I think we're just gonna keep on getting these stories right I mean what do you do I get what should implement our. TV about performance. Not according to a new study the average teenager today starts having sex and drinking about three years earlier or later what do you think the later. Letter from Tim later later later than two daughters grow up I want a far earlier about. Now about three years later than getting it Reuters. And I thought about was failure and good forearm from I mean they started aged well. And if this is where I'm from the three and it's only my grandparents. Joining two year old man and that's in Australia's facing serious jail time for burning down a bank. Geez what do you have any errors because they made him wait too long lines. If well anyway I have no idea I don't know ergonomic less than twenty years you about the day he also suffered serious burns on about 60% of his body. Because you burned down a bank who. As you know it alive. I hit and waiting in line is again. Who went to one of the bank anymore to be honest Lydia that was the only thing when I was a kid mom and I would have to go into the bank. Because I was dealing woody get money didn't have ATM when I was a kid are you an idea of the vacuum tube things beautiful and call you when we wouldn't have a drive a bank OK well let's and we got to go inside. I would like going inside because they gave me a little lollipop then accused Dixon taken into would have no lows on yeah you are right aspect. I would give the bank always at all costs. We are totally dumb dumb isn't a bad ones may have off your game to blow apart bit. And I know you can afford it is everything might go to eight did you charge me for read I was given a goddamn money. The one that you buy some Fred can blow pops right exactly I would be happier then a blow pop feel like there are now might have to go into a bank once every two years right. But I gotta woke up thunderstorm don't believe that's money well spent less on the business but that brings it to my question. Why was he waiting in line who is honestly waiting for let me just open up a checking account are safe deposit box flat. Maybe in the way presentation yeah now we in my immediate cash and checks. Cashing a check what does that fifth. Ground. In the just iPhantom automatically electrons with. So something must all right Jack tell my guy and a mini dresses up as clowns is running for City Council in Boston. OK I mean who's gonna vote for. A man though that's my question. And he's funny. His name is. I'm now working on the weekend the economy and for all the flood really good method doesn't matter. Yeah well yes if you don't want clown for another at least he's open about a 5000 people. Voted to elect he did gorilla as president of the United States if it and clown running her her obvious and Boston. Does not surprise me that managed organ Robert yes I am motive for around 5000 people wrote in Iran day. For president. Stadium with a general election either blame those guys first. This addiction a much angry viewed the Boston red analogous to how we got in the mail at half literally had to laugh it's like a I think you have to break I get hot today around the cloud day. I don't bust him. And if it. Every giant shoes forever what if it. Over 8000 Kohl's stores in Chicago and LA we'll start accepting Amazon returns next month broad. I did you stay here does that differ foot traffic future returns to over the Amazon now. You can more you can just walk into a place in return and they can help a lot easier to close I guess is that everything that you know there's no matter who owns the post office and most people probably rather go to the store them both offices face them back for something a convenience wise minutes that's that's that's a Smart move. Isolate a five year old sure that I ordered on line it was a medium I just had a melt the fat but today the pro at this point where our businesses we yeah. The threat it was like a championship Team shares I'm not really studied. How arsenal are only gonna take tough mechanics and it didn't fit man who's a good medium don't know like a European media right away let's say anything on my fat. Take one step further today in the yeah. I walked into a Fred Meyer bottom pair of shoes are about that size and have two small and never acts took about the Fred Meyer to return American conferred. Like five years where you know like a bit my pain in a man. And theater blind people of these things that are driving. Now feels like we're brag it up yeah that's another and I really want to but what these thirteen feet there and help us by cognitive surveyed. If you think that I can do elevenths. A nineteen year old man in the UK recently raised money for charity by climbing a mountain and nothing but a pair of Superman underwear Jesus. The theory that again in nineteen year old in the UK raise money for charity by climbing a mountain nothing compared Superman underwear or I was a cold mountain I would assume stuff. And one of the charity is is that the guy got hypothermia. He had to be taken away in an ambulance after he developed have a term I know I'm American I'm sorry I don't know if that's what it does the doors lord of the story and women off. Is he here you need from him yet he does things that I know that every other human can get right. Is the guy it is like a trance stuff frigates and those of state of mind and really he climbed Everest with late challenge in short tonight no oxygen. Yeah this is what he does he's got some sort of a mental. He probably uses 50% of his brain to be able to just automatically won't tell I don't know whether it. Finality than he's now living canisters upon amount that's richer mix it fifty. He's funny as people for pledges I'm gonna on the mound and nothing but Superman underwear and I'm looking for donations from the dude I had ten bucks for me I I'm gonna take my honeymoon. How Europe they're just like you know doing some than for yourself and go all the gear I'll grab a material bunker to eventually go there are no underwear on Ilya. And you're going we just Superman underwear patch of sky high yamana another backhand and vital establish opera chose an interest in Lebanon tries to attack an employee. Mile drive salami Nelson Delgado and are now they've got deadlines are coming up one hour from now the worst thing Davis Love. Precepts. Seemed to throw him to please everyone how profile this is playing at Georgia and miles that those simple game where we showed few real life news story. Something did happen right here on planet earth. Her. And you listen to the story based on the stereotypes you believed to be drew people and the decisions that people make. We'll ask you what it is you think makes the story a story. Hello Kyle welcome to the men's room. Full yeah. I kind of. You understand how does your game is played. I do fantastic here is your story look I'm not rich but you gotta ask yourself appear in the story. George guys really travel round would tens of thousands of dollars just in case of an emergency. There's a 35 year old man Westchester new York and apparently the very rich guy although we're not sure worry out of money but he was driving to New York City. But he was driving drunk. Number cop pulled him over in his 2013 great Audi didn't open bottle of captain Morgan and his blood alcohol wasn't point 29. Or about four times the legal limit now he also told the cops that he Dunston cocaine because you know why not add back. The minute don't don't quote I don't want my mother to see me in itself. Real talk I give you 40000. Dollars not a cubs turned him down and it took him to the police station breather and off the gulf quote. I'll pay you 50000 dollars inexpensive watches from a safe in my house. If you take you know. I didn't work either and in a big charge for multiple counts of bribery aggravated driving while intoxicated and unlicensed driver since his license was already revoked. Four previous do you. My question to you my friend is you believe this pool is black whites mix who would you. I'm an out there today Pete Y eight. Quite. Daniel light racing consultants and even. And I Jewish people should not be buying county so. I mean and he said he had expensive watches in this house it's safe but he also trying to drive a cup with forty grand assaulting a wider Jewish on this because you tried to bribe a Koppen thought you get away with a bite taken a back to your place. And he was black and options when they're more question I mean I'll go in black just because there is that's flashing a lot of cash. Please you can't see full cool watching polygamy arraignment com. In the spirit and your mother then rappers have it easy walk around is why the catalyst that and spirited and new year I'm gonna say this time is Jewish. What do you think your final answer but I mean it but why why final answer we'll find out who's black white makes you are Jewish next. We smiles. High profile as we had a guy you would try to fly Brad county got pulled over for deal why he was hammered three times the legal limit. Drive and now me and determine that well maybe some call are casual get out of the situation so we offered 140040000. Dollars intact and instead of now on it and go back to my house and did some very expensive saves some watches and giving in my save at all. And then another 50000 look at. If I'm the top. This story has never happened. I deserve 40000 dollars you can play you know work. Have a nice nights but he's confident enough so they did not take the private Ian eventually into the good and charged with bribery in addition to a list of other charges. But Kyle we ask you do you believe discovered black white makes the urge you and your fuel in the white. Boom. Okay. Yeah. Miles used to by the Jewish mom. Shown. War. And then you gave him a blank French. Oh no oh I miss a ball. Either racial consultants are just doing a terrible job is not a big races as you hope man oh man homeland and we hope. Digital video hope they have a lot of hope if if if if. If half brother did it is volatile and just average he needs I would day. Yeah now. And I realized. Countless hours in front of a talking. Presents. We did a Matt Lauer what do you think about. I think he's due shouldn't thoroughly do I are wired to do not overpaid guy who threw them like he just has taken off the show. But I mean he hosts you know he's on. The Today Show all right so you're always think of him is like the hardest hitting journalist in the world now Matt Lauer. But does he had Bill O'Reilly on. Recently. And basically even Bill O'Reilly kind of go back and forth. And it gets pretty tense but if you look if there's if it. In totality if this was a hit job. A political and financial hit justices Antonin let I think conspiracy ass and don't be sarcastic well I mean that you know this I was the one that she did Hillary Clinton said that sooner or twenty years ago we're gonna be able to prove what we sat. There are more things to cough. All right. This was media matters potter group color of change. The organizing spoil a sponsor boycott to bring down Fox News and me were there any self inflicted wounds here bill. You know. Nobody's perfect person. But I can go to sleep at night very well. Knowing that I never knew is treated any war on my watch. In 42. Years. So couple things number one when he says he's seventy isn't just Democrats and left wing conspiracy in everything is and he they don't beat you know weeks ETW smartest he said don't be sarcastic W sarcastic. His years ago in 1998 Hillary Clinton was all man was talking about this vast right we right wing conspiracy against Bill Clinton at the time. So I never realized I guess lauer kinda as. Habit of doing this kind of slipping things into the interview day. He's just off Tom Cruise does medal level of the person he's got I thank you I had not really listen to the Tom Cruise fun in a while and I've never really used the word glib much. But listen to an angry Tom Cruise talked to Matt Lauer puts it in its place. Foot cliff aren't there examples where it works that PM even. You're glib you know what Ritalin is if you start talking about chemical imbalance you have to evaluate and read the research papers on how they came up with these theories Matt. Ana bella I may that you couldn't Hewitt you're glib and if somebody's a glib it's I know what you mean as a consultant for all the other things or let me micro talk about it phase right. Not positive I know I like. And a positive include me. I looked up the definition because it isn't just sarcastic pianist RSE is it's candlelight let me go to you have flip through condescending telling all of that. Mixed in gathering just. All right but is this someone is being glib with you they're going to an August if that's pretty market and that obviously happened. Yeah but Tom Cruise and armor for awhile there. But he was kind of well he's always been kind of crazy remember he was on Oprah jumper on the couch starting mamet you love Katie no mean. But he just he just seemed too much you know what's also allows him that the little Riley clip. When he says I've never. You know done anything like that I just always go back to Raphael Palmeiro who was a baseball player for the Orioles Texas Rangers. And they had these con congressional hearings up on Steve writes and he sat there and pointed its finger in dissent I have never and is obviously. I don't like to use the word never is whenever I hear somebody say that kind of I had in mind signing up a little bit. Bill Clinton did not have sexual relations would that woman. Mean we know overdue Bill Cosby and endurance and these women. All right you haven't done everything is a conspiracy never you it's always does best conspiracy and I think all of about it as. Certain individuals have determined that they are so important that if there is a big conspiracy a conspiracy movement like you'll focus. No offense you don't mean Jack ass if there's a big conspiracy there are much bigger fish are fried it's like every conspiracy to steal my kids put. Not really conspiracy man. Not that important and an offensive identity pass and all the rest of this book. Charlie conspiracy you're not humor of African importantly border replaced in the world has moved on nobody cares except you. Helen if he got planned something for to be conspiracy. Aren't people need to be ball one right I mean it just one. If they get it done. Alice through I think you need more people like miles and I could be co conspirators your son's putting me into it. I think he could make it. Yeah all right two years later they showed up for house party and they stole his funny days we've planned this for two years I think but we made you look bad when you couldn't find including we got it. It's a community loses the effect. Professor at a hectic. Domanick you don't ever recover the great putting iced tea. Scott Singapore thanks for your children and a lot of people were excited when Fuller house came back. You know I want people. What's that these people the actor arrogant and didn't. These people are the kind of people. Say it. You can count very he had I don't know I don't giddy whenever childhood show you watched growing up. If it's it's there and it's gone and represents a window time when you're that age ever entertain you at that age it's kind of hard to go back as an adult and watch I don't know Brady Bunch. Or whatever because like you think you know the new. I don't really have an interest in them once that when I was 58 in on me if I'm within a thousand things I think the same kind of people that when they get drunk always wanna talk about like. Elementary school or middle schoolers also and while yeah. Play it totally wrong early too tell story here americorps I don't high schools and everybody out. Obviously and I did it just this weekend in the in my body or teletype that's crazy we even did it crack. But I also know people that like every time I see images like. Now know we do that our project at third grade he didn't have that big of effect already right remembered wrong hey how do you remember this I think I made a paper machine hummingbird. Did you really yeah Oregon is supposed to be a third did you determine that sort of looks most like now it was a good coming Burton does when your last name is Smith. But you get the last choice of a lot of things in the classes. If so who play there's 31 students in my class. Thought about time we got to me think I guess I'll take now hummingbird and it would use the toothpick for us news let's cloud that is I don't know why I'm holding my pen to my nose is if you didn't over the why does all of that is knows those exotic bird it was a peek there wasn't me whenever he's the the people that like each of oats. So Fuller house came back but Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen were not a part of it. Right basically the guy you're being billionaires. Yet Jeff Franklin he created for house of full house. He's basically he's kind of Sam Mike. I know they're gone. Say quote I stopped asking really I really I kind of gave up they don't wanna beyond that they don't want idea right and I guess. It is basically saying like look if they ever wanna come back then more than what are you liked to have them. But with this but I think we've got enough knows we're kind of done with asking between those you never know Mike this whole thing might work out. Like yup but I am with it but those that closely it's looking to be famous lake for a certain show yet but they were. We neighbors. Babies and then toddlers like I don't think she's got the and we. Hezbollah members or is the weird couple or I mean like I don't remember his governor different but I parting after the sudden all that but in the end of what catapulted them to create what are empire what clothing whatever the hell it is they do now about. But for the elevators there's nothing astounding about it when you're that young because it's it's a much different I guess they're getting a handle your child little oil that while also major billion chasm that. Yeah but miles I agree. I think he dishonesty probably you know you grow up and a child actor like that there's got to be some weird feeling as a month that he was a kid like would you give your child little way to be a millionaire later on you're really gonna really knows all know also Americans all you know enough. Yeah I feel it everybody the trade that away. Initially initial shore yet you go I'll try to reverse the millionaire wanna be a millionaire or billionaire and by you know then you go to said wait around for days and days and days you wish you were in school with your friends. It does resign as a buffer depth. You guys we talked about it you saw the couple couple a week ago or whatever that the young man is proposing on a bridge over lake Alia dropped the ring right he gets down on one knee. The rain drops. Some Jimmy Kimmel had a couple on its pretty funny too was it in a while there have been there. We just saw that we weren't going to be an audience of guess I'd say yeah why did you travel to LA well actually inner being what explains why I mean yeah. Are you disappointed. So then. And you guys he had a bunch of friends from your church I think we have a photograph of this. Al but nobody was able to find an unknown and now here we are the reason I brought here as I wanna give you that a do over and I do over is what I really wanna give you. We have built a great. We have to watch the show the bachelor the bachelorette. Yeah. OK so we called the friend bring out the friend this is Neil Lane round. And now little box thanks very soon realized something special for you. I. All hundred smaller diamonds is that is nice as the ring you lost we never got to see that. I mean that. From Madison avenue drug battery and what it does now yeah. I mean the ring that you brought out was unbelievable relic and I've never I don't watch the bachelor senator Daniel guy is. Let Robbie you brought your bachelor you know Linda then you over the ring ideas. Is the ring I write so they bring him outs and if they're rings that. Nobody can afford it and Olivia yet they're rigged G-8 Gillis rains and then I guess. Whoever the guy asking on the bachelor bachelorette whatever it is he gets to sit with him. And choose one and then hope that she says yes and it's really funny to watch him take it out meticulously and and nothing happens. Is he always at ten in. I don't remember what he looks like he's still ten laps that a religious Hollywood people can't upload it and there. Yeah really they just show up in my column like normal people. Yeah when you're a funny thing is when they went over to the bridge to do it right. It looked almost exact yes we have this brand new praying they're basically dress the same clip I thought I could tell Kimmel told the way the same clothes were they written. But they go over there and it looks kind of romantic. But then at the end. He has Guillermo who grew from there. In full on wagers and a giant net no it's like you're talking to drop this thing. Good for a moment yeah and I think that's what the differently did Jimmy Kimmel like. Jimmy came alive they can't be cheap to buy a giant ring. For ten and got to have a bridge that you you know like cows watching John Oliver yeah as well I get the feeling bit ABC picked up the tagged as the ultimate gamble do is pretend it cares about the bachelor all the time. Rent no no you're right I guess. Ultimately just watching that show last thing you write with a browse like. They've got to be. 3050000. Dollars digital Michelle Wright John Oliver built a train set for the people Scranton Pennsylvania because they go to the weather senate's grand of the local TV affiliate. And he was. Just got a Joker out of like sometime the train works on the on the trains are comments always came into the new station Moret doubled the train was drained brokaw's Rizzo. He built as you normally until he just showed the people get really fired up right straight so he built this enormous train thing that was replica of Scranton Pennsylvania dean of the shows like here's your drains granted and it works it's now come get it seriously on this day that they can't sit here somebody from scratch and come get it. Yeah this guy. He does an amazing stuff to me he does he had all the mascots on the air for awhile. Huff like different bad things and then member he made a supreme court's. Back and Obama is still in office they couldn't they couldn't get anybody in so you made a supreme court of talks. And I hate camp and make some of whom I glad that they were just like you're going to adult he's Supreme Court. Which if you like dogs. Was phenomenal death and so those dogs were great actors do. But they would sit there the whole time meaning it's hard to pick up the gavel about a thumb but you of the doubt prove problematic. We talk about it often. You live in the United States of America there's a good chance you watch the National Football League and football in general. It just crazy there once football starts back up and you look at the tough tends to prefer reading it's like football number one football five football six football seven. A football back in his twelfth just like yeah. Yep. Also one thing about the Emmys I talk to the Emmys last couple days and in it is true that they basically tied their all time low. As they had and we bring pleasure ratings wise. But that also leaves him as the fifth most watched show for that week. So lake. While the Oscars in the end he's their ratings are down from where they used to be like. These shows are going to. More auto centers in like anything else that deployment watching and so as far as the ratings are concerned you're not. You're not gonna sit there and you know take the football game and watch it later right binge watched the last three weeks of Limbaugh and see if you don't it's like it's 1 o'clock I'm watching football. Binge watched the last round don't donated they don't tell me you know the last three Redskins divulged today that the I would say they'll it's tough any morning and to DVR games and there's just there's so much information there's so much social media and everything and in men forget social media to. It's just to Eckstein. By chartered voted immigrant whose dog Marist. Yeah I write why don't that's about like I might DVR game but I would never think to latex random 'cause in India and family members and friends and I gave away a DVR in this one too don't text me. Really to work with a guy. And I must say his name and it's a Monday Night Football game OK and I'm a ravens fans braving the point patriots in this particular to an ad that for me anyway it's always a huge game. There's no love lost whatever the case so. We're still on the air the game has been done. And this guy we used to work with them stumbling into BS Studio One drug let's just out of personable. And says hey man and I stop right there from may do not. Tell me anything about this game ravens patriots game I would love to watch but I've got it taped at home. Right and I'm starting to give me again what Robbie like an hour behind and yes. But don't tell me anything going on he didn't tell me nothing I've showed off my computer a refusal to my phone. His response was who okay. But I don't think you're gonna like you very much of what would Jesus Christ man exactly and Australia coming later this program I just old enough to tell me thank thank you don't land thank you so much. We've got there and I thank you Derek got your headlines on the way where it might not you are listening to the men's or radio network it's timely and Swiss miles. Now let's see what's happening in the real well I don't know up Puerto Rico where hurricane Maria leave the entire island some 3.3 million people without power. Had they've ordained says you should never eat the food on a plane or your god will turns out. Pays 95 take a lot of the real life raging bull has died in Mexico City searchers continue to look for people who might be still alive. And manifesto found in the home of these school shooter who pleaded not guilty. It is Dampier headline. It's time day. Mike I shall Sharia manage California stormed into a Safeway store a little before midnight recently and began yelling and screaming. After he ignored orders from employees to leave that half leave the business. Targetable. Some would call pleased to have him removed. When police arrived on the scene they found the man assaulting employees and bush in the back using. A loaf of French French. French Reza I guess ArcelorMittal. Block grant him with renewed yeah hypocrite Hussein as far as your average grocery store I don't care thing among these weapons that's my best grab and and grab and a big Alaskan king crab legs oh Arnold. That right man does get embedded into I guess and happened in the civil space which snapped into a slim Jim Messina and what time and I was it this is just before midnight. Dude but that's French baguette by midnight it's pretty hot there glad there salami to your little I still they have yet I still think the slump he's got it down. Using self yes I think he's got to be. What do you read some officers out of the tank take off the rubber bands and from tormented. How on. I have a smoked Turkey let all day gal ice and ran was resignation and you don't do this as around Thanksgiving break yes 45 pound frozen Georgia thing betrayal he was arrested and charged with a count of battery and no probation violation. I also smears Manny is on the floor behind me serve having to slip this sleazy back. You know things like issued to squeeze a man is of oil and human right that means ceremony in it that. How much reason mariners on the through around the world in Ohio father's idea of a good way to discipline his daughter did not goes plan. The story goes that the six year old was near impossible to discipline for mother was actually already in jail for going to lengths of stepping on the child and actually breaking her ribs and ordered again be Aso try so he decided he would try different approach a scare tactic. The man dressed about the scary clown tried to terrify his daughter into behaving. Is priceless since the this approach led to neighborhood panic shots fired and a childhood engagement and using vanishing you have man misses it's not the way to go. Do the right it's just about the way the guy you saw it right like I did they tend to go to loving daddy you're very much wants sentiments almost almost earlier and autism you know. It's seems to me and I've not seen the new version but it seems to me one way to solve the problem is to teach your kids not to talk to assure clients guest. But that being a good way to start yet if a clown introduces themselves through kilos and sewer. Do not talk to him now he did live in the sewer in the villages and William atom is it that the circuit woman. Told. All are just the storm blew in and into the blue who a new way the whole premise that movies is a clown in a sewer. Yeah any lord's people if you kids. Now people kit I just did not people and sickened to listen to. Are we cover this a little bit on our question today in Germany after 250 years the first wild bison appeared in the country probably. Added an official of the country ordered hundreds issued the animal Vijay is of course did not sit well with the WWF saying that it will file charges with the official who gave the order yield rumor. Likes contact. We got a New Jersey where a woman managed to lose her diamond engagement ring what changing a tire on the side of the highway to exact location with officers but they were unable to locate the rain. Going above the call of duty the officer went back to location on his own volition on his free patrol time and managed to find the ring for the well he must've thought she was pretty attractive and maybe Americas and the last two. Think optional kill me are you worried I don't see Tuesday and I think her new job then JD and then gives legs and I think he's just took off from Jersey. I blow away both the reality is every calls you know 1000 dollars if you don't much fun and that really is Dennis brazen somewhere because. Iraq and I don't want change you see this still ring you know much across Florida to Canada nonevent when he did that Hillary menu really Krause that limited you think jury haven't haven't. 00 ringgit as I've visited Hawaii to. Because. I don't I think it definitely goes for a white man in Hawaii as unemployment normal corn rose even though the Caribbean. Traveler I would open toes and braids and learn everything you've been Torah. They didn't think it's if I would double lives for a week look up to and I am. This huge chance for you left I know who it is February. And an important and was interviewed on the best foods to order on a play knowing that the man has bought the chef and a frequent travelers. His answer donor anything at all the play. Yet he goes into detail about how people don't digest food will sitting on the plane which is why you always feel bloated after eating. They also have to modified foods that it maintains any aspect of flavor inside a pressurized cabin hello I've noticed Gordon Ramsey Johnson is an and I worked for the airline industry for ten years you wanna column long that food sits before you actually ended. Because there's not a lot of refrigeration going on and they're known in advance notice they basically flash freeze this food. And then serve and ask you which is already not in Tucson gunman apparently your taste buds actually changed. And a different altitude here's a little pressure iPad but here's the thing if there's a Wendy's in the airport by Wendy's hamburgers are generally go to amber about any of them as a realize that my heart goes out they might reverse generals in exam for the return of big dummy no way Sherlock and hedge Jeff did meat and potatoes is back this is Dana is all true we are out for now we're back tomorrow until then please do what you do best. And poorly let's say it's. Day and beautiful. Truman's day before a lot of studio audience wardrobe makeup provided by Manchester limited. That presentation knows. The man through radio network.