09-20-17 Seg 3 Mens Room Is Hung Over

Wednesday, September 20th

Emails, Who Sucks Less, The Return of a Positive Drinking Story and the Shot of the Day


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This is dumb men's room. Profile as well drink until flu shot of the day that is on the way our question what was your encounter with a dead thing 8449990. Look. Hello Jordan welcome to the men's room. Oil yeah. And what Missouri counter with a dead thing. It. Tool on the main one I called about all that. So buyout. This time of last year I was working as they out. And mobile security officer in. Seattle there on the ball so they won't it is about a ten hours yesterday. But start at 10 o'clock at night and out of work early morning. Yeah. Only working around they are you hold first avenue there and then Walt. At a stadium the old billionaire to tackle. Well right across the street from that. Day two underground toward they're. In Seattle it got some eleven on the corner there. Well behind at 7-Eleven. At a building where some homeless people could somehow Shimmy up and get up on route yet one I don't gonna check one of the building which is right into that building and and usually did so I looked up. Let's sit out the next thing you know. This girl decides to slowing up. 45 story building. Oh well ask you this you're there at the time she makes this decision. I looked up and layers of body just fall. Probably about 2830 feet opponent. And as in she's she went round and that's all she wrote. Pretty nice sit there is I mean that does sound a bit stay. I can't even describe what kind of down a human body image and hit concrete. It's like that you would have to take yellow and sort on the ground but also here like. Bones cracking her or. A major break in would. It's always keep our geo quiz even conscious at all. Coca how man is it like semite and it. It just depends on a lot of those sounds I land north or anything else vote for you. Out of that affect you won't back to work do you do get some extra time also after this happened to one. Really let it sit and then and I'm in the military as well as well so or. I what I was. I'm in the reserves now so it's kind of a little different. Employee let. So I EU using seeding you've heard another story. It's your right there and and you games that. That's blacked it is just that. Delegates out in Everett as my brain. On I don't know I don't I would never leave the military is the military ritual understand the military and you'll understand situations that would put your right I mean so. Not enemies Yzerman is not unexpected but I'm average when I'm walking down street I don't assume. I want to see a body drop out of the sky smash into the sidewalk in front of him and got out of the lot their intent. Tabloids are I got out of the dead things they got edited it and yeah yeah really went out and I didn't expect that men raided stay cool off but I'm like Jack let there be some more animals right just you know look at his head most of Barley. But I mean it could touch that dead whales insulator is now. It right it does did you go to my Ottawa really think I was always started this bison in a whale. The guy with the hot chick that was gonna work in the morgue in part by who are like that seems not that weird family this Ford I had it's also to commit suicide the other guys yeah I. And it's the sound he said that's the norms I'd like to be set at like three times they've gotten lines down never get out of my head either I don't even know what it sounds like right now we believed to. We do those Jersey it was all fall. Railway lines they don't flat on its that was bad evident with German and English drive I don't know I think it's going to be pretty good way to quit. You'll citizens. Yeah I think the hijackers and I got I got the lose my managers. Hello mark welcome to the men's room. I literally the high. A couple important than that in the event the candidates think that then led what I did two years there and I Edwards walked the walked us to lose a match. How it's it's it's. And then it was just yeah oh yeah I'm. About the good and the on this flute Conte. And innuendo about and this guy to try to make them and we can get about seven in my bathroom. And then the two women and so I don't live local add. And that chairmen mentioned Lou and Lou mid afternoon I didn't see that as we look at my feet. And salute vampire. Traumatize. Them continue their that's led led them in the name of platinum. Limited cap flipped out and she's vampire. And include doctor comes up until I do you never know and that they are shocked. And the smell of burning to it's I am a steps mentioned that there. It's gambling which is why these things come on fire. What you got out I guess them and I blew out. A little that little ball got cuts of course that would lend. I was that young enlisted those CNN the multitude a move. To reflect the Cuban revolution brought food and crime that beneath the blood to whip count. That you know and let them try to win him I attempted relative and absolute bottom had completely choked and they're under there and the interception. And I've lived them I imagine that splintered wood split. About it was that sounds very yeah I think one aflame we have headless corpse lands that your feet it's just it's one of those things you're going to remember. Yes I am add a little bit again yeah I am not looking only look at all. And I used to I mean red maybe that's you know because they're so tell me about it OK okay. So it's. Duke is a good and bad determine that those Italian friends family. And then I would demand my good man glad I finished in there to implement sentence sentence such. And check on this salmon catch is selling had been heard from him and let them know that you know ten usual. And then look I'm going to give him a little and let everything says. I would look good slated to no good. This stretch knocked me now. And hadn't I hadn't gotten ahead. Yeah will then an inch tab and move ahead somehow. You can patent it but it doesn't get you know live and I don't let nobody knows and that's about it when you have you know. Yeah they drank and didn't know. Aren't. And I knew he didn't know who led China. Yeah but he did a solitary note good god man that is insane and taken that one knows Baghdad all of us that there are good note of the fact that she had disfigured line I'm a little ramp that dealt with that I'd love all my bruises and you do that I've voted yes and I was hoping for me begin our quirky guy didn't talk so hot right. So we just had more stuff very cadre grants. OK let's let's let's go to the well again here. Loma Kayla welcome to the bedroom. And I know our jobs save us. So basically my story I mean. Yeah I'll look it pretty dark thirty cities that. Yeah yeah yeah yeah discern just who we want it I'm gonna add. Add to give it but I does that nearly is that I can tell yelled something about that but. Whenever I fill it in my eight parents outback every element in the eye color my point spread around that night. Not all here. Mean I had that exploded important that you can I have the Linda is cracked open and I gave Italy. Bullion outside my door and I'm like I but it then again when I check out the front yard there's a pick yet. In our front yard and it hit hit our ability. And I am running back into my bedroom and on my birthday argued that they and the like they're in the truck outside their like I thought that was under. So we just go out are running out their mom and see that train carried. Please feel like climbing and he kind into the front seat take on this guy. And this guy I couldn't see anything that he took lightly over heated seat you can have a seat belt. There was like blood all over everywhere keep it already dedicated let it happen analysts. I'm a sitting in the region entrant on thinner whatever but he had landed his head on the far right side. As the front windshield and you twisted his neck and yet you're next week at IG's. Is on our. Contact you know he was doing like sixty miles a gallon of residential load. Avoid it getting any of MacArthur Park on the side of the street knocked her mailbox which wasn't segment ended equipment in the ground. And decently were you actually went airborne for a bit and landed at the willow tree. Which saved the neighbor's car than probably avoided hitting my little brother after a while yeah. Yet and he apparently had like Lugar bill in the driver's front and he lives like only few blocks away from a in unit GameStop manicures O'Leary just like. It was weird that you're going down our street and at CB investigators check it out and everything and we hadn't heard anything back from it but. That's a little troubling jump. Look at noon you can see too much richer mom did right well. He had he cried then I'll like it he would the backside and I was busy with an analog color. And they were telling me like that the that's to their ear and I would like my mom's checking their cult they're dead and like they're dying. They do not gonna have a conversation final opponent and I do that but I'm I wanna put it on speaker and how old are you in the center and. I was Blake. It was only like a few years ago actually like to retreat or you and I think OK still dramatic and sore. I don't it was pretty like all of that actually he traumatic event dealt with hot children. Like tax and me and all that and expenses it's not as big a deal or meet the overtaxed army in armadillo. I know thankfully not they can carry electric if you're not care. Yeah look at what's the what's the strangest animal that you texted me. I think. I helped lit the can do which is there really big African animal and they got even really optimal expire early Lawrence. I think I don't Clinton yet. That there's some pretty rotten that I dealt with cheated it smelled awful. Yeah is there anything that you are vehemently against like that you can't believe that somebody would slaughter of the sale. I am I'm against like any kind of poking or had a bet like there's there's that's where they have a lot of laws implemented. Especially with like big game hunting words like let the money they it's. Taken from them which is very intricate and every limited on getting up. The money goes to help Blake should animal being there and it's up over in Africa and a lot of that meet our Andrea. Yes and a lot of the. From the hunt can easily Kelly tried and that can help them out her. We went up 60000 dollars you killed animals there's more than the other. Think if I think that is why the sleeve there should be easy and they'll save lines of that money. With the world's overweight closure or Darren when the dead thing. We've got your emails going up for the men's room amends in my back out you're listening to the reds are radio network. A fast and because you're always you're down oh they did today and we have a bunch of emails here commend through amendments or live dot com. Guys are used to work at a funeral home as a driver my job as a big of after they passed on on our first day on the job buying Canada 400 pound guy who was bloated with bags under his arms full of liquid. His arms or a ninety degree angles dugout and one leg was higher as the other as it looked like he was trying to get out of the chair. As we pulled them off the chair. The stuff under his arms ripped open spewing liquid my trainer throughout luckily I did not. Guys are Groban southern Minnesota and hunting was a big thing my father drove to pick up and I drove an old dodge Cornet. My father usually borrow my car so that the dog and have to sit in the back of the pick up during a hunting season. 1 November night during hunting season when I'm about seventeen my other at my mom as Mitterand to the store to get chicken for dinner. We lived on the country a bit now was taking a macro to go to the store and I accidentally hit Iraq. I was devastated. I couldn't believe actually kill the rabbits are designed to stop and with the rabbit in my Tron sort of take it home and Barea. What over the trunk to but the dead rabbit in there there's already dead must grant in the trunk of my daddy's deals earlier there was gonna sell that some guy. The collective must grad help try visas. I was shocked I couldn't believe that I dropped the dead rat and I got the car and high tailed it home. I yelled at my dad get the animal out of my car and I asked him to go and pick of the dead rabbit do lies in there. I don't know if you've ever picked up the rabbit I don't know if he did he did go and get the the chicken and later that night he asked me to go the wood piled to get to what. I did grab a couple of pieces of wood but wealth what fell off the top of the wood pile. The dead mouse grad again I could not believe it and already asked them taken out of the car. And then he asked me to go to the plays where he put it. I felt like I was being stocked by the dead animals for about a week later my mom mass media gets an amber around the chest freezer that we had our basement you guessed it as I was leading into the freezer all hamburger out on a docile detailed that musk rats in the freezer. Guide them of course my parents thought it was funny that also dramatized it kind of laughed it off that was the last time I saw the most grad I did not know what became of it. Our guys goes to eleven years old and does staying the summer my grandparents' home they live on the edge down to those huge field in a ditch for all the apple trees the farmers used. Finally begun and walked my way onto the field and smelled something bad. Kept walking and heard a strange noise I finally saw what I smelled a dead horse and it was all bloated. It was split open for the next to the button and the noise I heard was maggots. Started to shoot edit as indicated blood and then came a big Iraq. Thanks Alan back to see it and shoot it again this time someone probably rancher had came out and settle on fire but Jesus still smell bad. Our guys thanks appreciate it thanks to those last two stories I will never eat a look at or purchase jello. Ever get sent back at that until those bone marrow and Debbie what you're eating bone marrow don't let the story about the different pricing and artificial coloring and play NF how to ruin it for me with somebody told me that would yellow is yeah go boating Meredith thing you know so he wanted to go put it right around right. Amanda boiling the marrow out of the bone don't let these stories grew innuendo. Guys in hades my friends and I were floating the upper Green River a submerged tree dumped us out for mark to absorb while some float away. Got to shore climbed over a bank found a trail and started walking back toward the road. Trail through a stand of trees and right in the center of the trail we came across a large dead bloated cal. It was governing magnets and smelled horrible on top of all this were both soaking wet and had no shoes on. That from date. Let's CW and make honest I would got a few months the alma CNA who works with hospice all locked. I got NASA dressing guy after he died in the suit tie the shoes socks to separate. At certain points is called face was touching moment. But I ask anything you may ever be able tell you this is not as bad as the vast majority of experiences the caregivers nurses go through that's comforting to know him. Funny you have this topic today Frick and hollers and money on this topic today I'm a plumber. And yesterday elves and crawl space he came across a dead raccoon have to gave smelled horrible. Had to get out of there and smelled like death so bad I couldn't stop the heavy. The hour. And this is a little weird says I'm an interior Penner working and house right now we're out Britain. The map that was completely gotten part of the carpet is pulled about a room. I sort of work in their today in the stench is incomparable every time I walk in its gag worthy and that's from the windows having been opened for the past two months or longer I rate it has to be dead I mean there's nothing else you know Cardoza dead raccoon in the wall or something like that. Some are dead after September if you extreme hazard of the men's or women's or live dot com yeah. It is could you guys always my son Braden a happy sixteen birthday with the original face salads and maybe eight Joey chestnut thanks so much guys for laughs you guessed it gas thank you that from the lovely man yeah. I'm. Kaiser's my 206 birthday today can I get the dirty Germans and Ozzie Ted thanks gentlemen mad from my god. And like Filipinos think of it's like yeah. The only big had he finds out that the notice pacifist and. And Fifth Amendment if that was named mica. My guy yes hey you find out that Conway tonight how regiments beneath the. He's going to make you know and have my good friend not die as well hello got about a 26 are 46 today. I like to get her birthday shout out let's give her some turtle wax with a no look out in the plaza followed by EU like that that from Dave. Overlook goes. I did today is my wife galas dirty thirty wheelers and every day on that note can you get a Joey chestnut wedding you can top it off with some dirty Germans thanks guys that from Justin. And X. Yeah to the to know that we know about it until becoming open and at the front goes black. I'll go into the back door. Thirtieth birthday special time come over on the keep some food and who can. We can dine on my shrink. Guys did a boyfriend Matthew thirtieth birthday we'll Lula to hear a big allow the birthday song for him also double joy chestnuts thanks guys ever Melissa. I'm. Yeah except every 39 birthday I love you hurry home to get your real birthday present love Jill give them some turtles sex in a LeRoy Jenkins thanks guys. Yeah. And finally guys getting a birthday shout out to my little man Pedro he is 64 years young today any love your show. Can I get that lady shouting your penis is too small. Thanks guys that from Richie. Repeat this as we still have that in there your. Okay. Goes alone. Now made as days goes Duvol. All of a great group children it's. She's. It's. Very old fat and I've got to guard. I mean I've never even heard hey have you and I. Take a good taste good to see you bet says I don't John says Roger about men's original sausage from Italy's world famous thousands get a pound now or two delivered your front door Edmonds or black. Dutch town are we get a couple more here men's or read story oh bitches this morning my five year old daughter decided to make the lunch for work today. Which consisted of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and a bottle of men's room Brett and she was a bit confused when I had to explain her by her father a truck driver cannot have a beer with lunch saying from. It's your favorite add a bunch of guys might like that I. Either way I'm definitely proud father of rock on guys that Samantha take her to McDonnell that's sweet I didn't hey I heard a McDonald's ran out now. I would say it's just because they see little kids see adults drinking on the weekends or even time I think it is assumed we drink all the time. Yeah you know what's weird my my kid man. He doesn't correlated to beer to the show. In his minuses it's daddy's beer because bad English drink compare I'm. If you see me you know I'm drinking a beer right so we go to the grocery store on my heels even read the corner it's its system barriers in the way he doesn't like. Hey there. They had your beer were never look at me like I'm such a drowned rat but that's why his kids screaming and you don't bother to go through an explanation was like are right OK okay yeah I do this inning of my body joked when we go to the purchase or make him go. Ugly text message your autograph almost bare truth actually Jody asked to think that that. Guys know I've his rating above series in the clearing from our third. Robert duke goalie yeah yeah and on generating you mentioned your beer in his book guess he does we actually have Robert on the program probably a year to backcourt our men have Eric who got men and they're successful author as well look at believable to bear and this is there are times bestselling ebooks are beer man and so. Don't we talk to the sky these are two pretty fascinating guy but will blow your mind finally be asking him because Murphy Oprah did got they've got about ourselves. Why Jews put the beer in the book. So and honestly I was sitting at a bar lesion out slums are ridiculous name I remembered it so when I wrote the scene. I ended it there thank you dance and ego got deflated but more important. Guys throw always talked about accounts under the old native peoples of those reminding me of you guys I was in my way back to work after my lunch break yesterday knows the traffic was going nowhere degree knights are looked over and around the notice that to the left to me was got. Yelling and make it man at a bus stop saying dude cover your v.s there's kids are out. Sure enough there was a woman covering both of her kids' eyes and their hands in her jaw was on the floor of his clothes were on the ground next to him so this man had gotten naked at the bus stop. There's another job waiting in traffic to get going to literally known was moving at the slight. I did hear people dying laughing in the cars around me was the best thing that ever seen have a great day gentlemen that guy you know. Aren't you guys talking about the song it you play for your guess is good as mine herb Albert to the Tijuana brass Spanish flea. If you guys in his album covers this guy is an old school G my dad actually has three of them and I put among whenever I go to his cabin thanks for putting on a great show. That from Mike the bearded brewer you cannot go wrong with her to her about how they govern how merger from you have got a couple myself it's all very happy stuff there. If you're called the Tijuana brass band you're not here to put people on Batman yet we've got tons of up who stories I'll read you a couple here. Let's say a post or in my New Year's Eve 1995 wood to friend's house for house party after drinking and eating all by my god hit me. But someone was always in the bathroom after awhile I couldn't wait anymore so having napkins in my pockets I went out of the bushes. Finally started to go and everyone came out there onto the porch I was like go god I hope they don't see me here. Then they started the 102 countdown for midnight while I was sitting there testing until my friend at about an hour and she busted up laughing. I like to say that I just as on the on that new time of curiouser olds on that from happening new units. From La La littlest. I think if anything. It's been a guest at the started the year healthy again today they had us they merge the old beer tracks let's say I guys violating and I were doing all kinds of bad things making a lot of money destroying our lives. Due to the nature of our life choice we got into a lot of fights well one of those fights I lost to them barricade myself in the bathroom and was so peed off. Other the only thing that I can think to do was taken has in her lawyer if it's on persons who. I got dogs crazy stories about my dad was a bandied oh corpus Chris Texas giving golf and its member in there. Prisoners but I'm ala Abu tamales Louis purse which was pretty funny I thought if you can. Analysts say Lamar guys. Good memories about foam and they need to get this out there I used to work at Disneyland in one day I was walking by a restroom of the park it's not something terrible. I would and it's on old guy who was shaking like he was ready to collapse I asked if he was okay and so I'm sorry and the very quickly. A look to resolve that he cannot. He had go to the bowl and all the walls and didn't matter in the smelled so bad that I had to use and improvise mask. And it took an hour to cleanup ha ha from Jonathan at the happiest place on TV guy with that. I was shaking yeah yeah he proved so violently shaking as I guess what I'm an exact match. Coming up the return of a positive during a story about first yeah. This group wants to know. John. Blue. I'm positive or those guys like Stephen Doyle you bring us three stories in the news and it's up to us to determine which of these stories such police now if you like humans are month FaceBook debate is already underway in whose Sox last yet and today have a liberal Rory on Mike hawk came awfully appropriate title the intolerance addition I so. We have a firefighter from Ohio volunteer firefighter. He'll be taking on some anti abortion abortion protesters. And they all compete against an air force chaplain and another base in Ohio let's start well in Ohio with our. Our friendly fire fighter where a fireman from Franklin township in Ohio he's been suspended. For posting on FaceBook. That he would rather save a dog. Then an inbounds during an emergency now volunteer department title voice and he's been suspended over the races FaceBook post which has since been taken down but. The report notes that this clown wrote that if he had to choose between saving eight dogs in an African American man ladies your fun. An African American man from a burning building he'd save the most like because quote one dog is more important than a million and Bob's. Well despite being a volunteer in Ohio or Ohio firefighter he is paid when a services needed. But they say you're not be called most cases under review I'm not shorted is reviewing you post admit he made his position. But look robot. Last Friday morning at least two abortion clinics in United States were targeted by antiabortion protests and that's nothing new. Where they dial develop a bit based stormed the clinic's waiting rooms refusing to leave the protesters there briefly arrested by local police but. It was confirmed arrested the north one family planning in Sterling Heights, Michigan. And Alexandra is women's health clinic in Alexandria Virginia two other clinics one in Columbus won an Albuquerque were also reportedly targeted. According to be director of advocacy at one of the clinics. Bill Flores made up a clinic she said about one week anti abortion abortion protesters showed up outside the clinic on Friday morning. Something that is far from unusual however. He says the time filed both protesters actually stormed into the waiting room in refused to leave just make people where fuel a little bit more about the situation. And now we go back to Ohio but in this case we'd go to an air force base where the chaplain at the air force base. The ministers to thousands of men and women that Ohio based he's asserting that Christians in the US armed forces quote serve Satan. And her quote grossly in error if they support services members' right to practice of your face. Captain Tony Hernandez an air force reserve chaplain for the fourth 445. Airlift wing of Wright Patterson air force base he criticized Crist and service members. Who rely on the constitution. And not Christ perhaps used unfamiliar with what he military. Anyway he wrote quote counterfeit Christians and armed forces will appeal to the constitution. And our Christ and they are no local turtle which means they have no accountability for their souls. That he Bruce into something this is why so many professing Christian service members who say. We support everyone's right to practice your faith regardless of the warship and got their tomorrows because the constitution protects his right. Lot of people do me there's nothing wrong was it's cold. Tolerance but Hernandez continues prison service members who openly professed to support the rights of Muslims buddhists and all of the anti Christian will be used to practice their religions. Because the language in the constitution permits that are grossly in error and deceive. I tried so essentially a firefighter and now Ohio volunteer inserted posters on FaceBook okay. Gunned down to a flag nude or dog I would say even though because one dog is worth one million black men but he did not say black there. He did not say managers either. We also have in there I abortion protest of which is nothing new the differences now we're actually going into the waiting room was women waiting to get the procedure done center. An undertaking on these so called. So called champion from US air force base in Ohio but says look even if you identify as Christian in Europe in the military. If you won't tolerate all the world views or other religions from near the service member if you are an error and frankly won't help. And Jack I want to say today I guess that's the least. Soon because he's not god. He doesn't have a hotline to god he might say is an astronaut Lebanese phone upside down from Powell put everything he can call you a unicorn he call you rather face to call you an analyst there's anything he could be I mean if he wants to be around for instance is that he didn't mean but the Serb state so what. So what that they didn't mean anything like. You can you can talk about my mom you might get punched in the face the do you think you'll search they'd be like oh my god he's a good trip unthinkable argues tell me one mom joke I'm gonna knock out the light. Really that's all you've got like that's all you're Jamal people jumper rather think zippy tag I thought they say that story sucks Elise I'm glad we got was fired from fire department. Yeah I'm with you on the front. Could thank the people who clinic are affected people's health right the firemen obviously effects for people's lives right by. That the chapel saint yeah that's Ohio. He's going to be a tough man I don't surrogate tells this other daily other returning a positive breaking story all about hangover cures from actual bartenders and by the way. On whose let's let the debate continues. And our FaceBook they have paid to be followed the German German like you said I go to the return of the plaza drinking story next you're listening to amend or radio network. Pitches you. Don't drink until the Saturday profile is also. On the label for it now. Adds another. Positive drinking still learning I may you've got a crazy hangover cure that you swear words either way according to science there's one thing it obviously works he need to sleep it off drink lots of water try to rehydrate as much as possible however in the world of love bars and bartenders. They have heard just about everything. And today we get six weird hangover cures the bartenders have heard it. That their customers so where work we have no idea how any of them are both for the most part is our guest is probably not very well. But here's some of the crazier ones they've heard throughout the years the start with a foot. Chugging Gatorade instead of water. Yeah cover and Alan what area of short and mixing in horseradish. That's the difference on this one. OK that I am so I guess I don't wake yup Dave we're stratus cleans out your sinuses allowing you to breathe a little bit easier if you falsely love love love love love so they're saying that if you. Hello our strategy Gatorade for HIV and that'll do a hell of a lot of yet. 'cause it's only essential commodity driven north resonant literate and know it's based here's an opportunity to respond best way to be to hang over tripe soup. Which involves the lining of a cow's stomach. Good luck chugging mad down at your hung over good luck finding tripe soup and I haven't ever Expedia Expedia like Asia and I wanna say like Central America board dainty come. They say if you wanna tribunal Mexican restaurant and order a dish called the new bill. Oh yeah eighties boy band I guess it's basically the same thing there's my sister was engaged who Guatemalan dude winnings and over he could speak bowl spicy soup every time I didn't seem to help them oh yeah. Next up three leaves and a big glass of water before bed at their beer right when you wake up the next morning. And might just lay hangover though because the beer ads are buzzed again until I guess these are we're hangover cures a margin of bird throughout your aid even keep the lead down. That's the challenge but it here bringing to budget on a empty stomach maybe not. Shellfish broth they say this works like a charm chicken stock but may receive food so. Shrimp for all any kind of rough like that you're supposed to you know hard boiled egg with a but yeah shellfish growth okay. And finally a bargainers spent time Puerto Rico claims is an urban legend where you can terminate hangover by roughly lemons on your armpits before you start drinking. And he also recommends Alka-Seltzer in coconut water which actually found that these. More than eleven cereals thanks where hangover cures of bartenders have heard out of seltzer with coconut water running lemons on your arm pit shell fish brought 30 leads a glass of water tripe soup. And Gatorade with a dash of horseradish bringing up there we admitted to bring it down. Bloody out they're considered to be ready. Men's room knows just. Saturday is that as usual we had visited great gas cans even throw vilified out nortel's yes indeed today we chose the 33 year old beauty. And for robot. A Saint Petersburg Russia and I'll last month you William took out a small loan. 485. Dollars I was very teeny tiny loan obvious Darfur credit card company. Now she was apprehensive at first but she admits that she was swayed by their advertisements. Which promise that paying off debt would make you quote feel an inner satisfaction and calmness that is comparable to having an orgasm. That's only ever does governor Russian well you don't change new girlfriend a false advertising nor is she emergent. And just proving to be a problem for the company because yulia she paid all for low quickly but did not fill her with the climactic pleasure. That they promised she's now suing for about 171000. Dollars for false advertising. And live rat the judges. That. Jesus Christ do you dealing with a map and deliberating I can remember we got there Murdoch might defibrillator narrow his other stimulating it deliberating Iran she might get something Graham or they can get off. Pero. On them. There are other student. Or they can get off. They removed. A. I like here. I've got right up against how do you not know of balls average you browse an orgasm Astor yes my Brothers you to orgasm patents let's get into Carlos. Reporter who's losing my drink this booze because we think it's yummy now and over the tone it down the throat to party in. Our tummies. I'm not all the garbage don't count 9844999. Goals like profiled as governor. I should many pins continue on the men's room radio network.