07-20-18 Seg 2 Mens Room Learns A New Term

Friday, July 20th

Mens Room Question: When did you, or someone else, say "I've never heard it called that before"?


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This is the men's room. Was thrilled. Oh my friends and San Jose California listening now on ID five of the fox is out based classic rock station OpenId for 7 Khazei ending a morning Alaska in Alaska rock alternative in beautiful Anchorage. And of course rock 100 point five the cat in Oklahoma City Hall Lombard and hill are LA it's Billy Iraq on a five Chad knew his right station. In Chattanooga Tennessee like laughing at me so. What the hell have. On the program. Just the comments that are coming in based on to describe them okay our question by the way when did you or someone else say but never heard of called that before as a a discussion now started on Twitter. By writer name and author Raymond Tennessee dare. And she said my friends five girl just all crow and called it a Halloween eagle right so we're thinking of all the ways we call different things different things today in that this goes back your childhood and as the word says that when my son was young. Because the sisters private urban Jessica. He also thought the gangsters thing was. Pop a cat in your ass which is atop parents and I got that would hurt I don't know it's one would be hard if you think they have like they did. It is so if you had a rather there a pompano camera really this and then that your. Obama. And win now what did you or someone else say I've never heard it called that before hallows the mail welcome to the men's room. Can't say oh. Hi so we're probably in varying and very same amount of time. I called since there is no known. No no news why because when you're younger days that no no I don't think it I. And then they caught me when I was. Is really little cutting my own hair see no no no no no no. But how old were you would realize they were not called no nose. Up probably. Aren't great hall oh god I'm guessing that was another kids the border now do you that the don't called on those. I actually learned that he carried absurd you know note to cut something and you think he liked to. In Canada. At my. I have my kind of my niece she she does she's got a couple of their pretty funny just based on my brother. They live in Pittsburgh and she loves movies so for awhile there aren't you need to get her fruits which usually like to eat fruit of the order for its vessels. So my brother was makers movies but he put the the blender underneath the counter. And Cody go and get it to be over probably choose excited you know and you wanna see how this movies are made only made the blunder that was exciting for earn. So my brother always bend down look at the gang got Barack let me get this Gatti there. And so he just that's just what he said he knew relies conscious of what he was sent the right time am I gotta get this gap. So one day the blunder was on the downer and my nieces PG goes. This guy this guy who he's going to the bugger this guy right here this is a guy that I think is blah and his dad is dec. When that would as you heard someone else say I'm never article that before 844999. Cola hello Il I welcome to the men's room. Oh okay. So I'm a graduate school and a lot of student body it's from Canada and instead of beanie or act yeah equality to. And to look at duke took. Yeah. I've heard that before and not in any inference that hockey guys. Girls aren't good again what else what else those crazy Canadians say. Send a letter of the you know now they eat it led to. Alia that in they would put things will remain the Sutherland it'll image of ABC's though honestly yeah all right so how about if your baby zebra. You save zebra if you say the let jerseys so if you did the alphabet. And he is literally a groove and sad which I have to our friend at the horrible way to zed zed yeah is that okay RNC. Ha so there's not too many. Times though. We'd bring that up individually. Are now if you buy caught right on the so Zoellick in any son. Right whatever it would be easy as an accident and say does that. And yeah exactly in like that the biggest thing that I find is when they're trying to stopping without being overstated the it always bake out that the and just Grozny early every time. Well yeah how do you spell pizza. Who did the Jude does it go out yet another when I heard from a Canadian talk about hockey helmets springbok it's. Reign of Jesus let's not bad at the Miami hey at least they know what the hell of things former. It when you or someone else say I've never heard it called that 844999. Hello my gas business I can't even read this when I'm there with on used to call perot's. Volatility used to call crows yeah Jesus Christ yeah wow as the team that's all now. As bad as at the film as there are found how Jesus Christ hello Jason welcome to the men's room. It all wow. The line my brother lives Kwan well it all over it and satellite up and so I'm headache pills. And he read the back on the right a woman I don't wanna pick these state cinema cards too much easy. Went to host to much steam I see Mike's coached in my Q you talked about playing romantic. Label problem created its delegate. I'm. I Nazis is this is my dog daily. The updated daily at it and it out. It. That's TVP. If he had them and other grown as rated high go supposed to do Monty was on the go bad martial art. Back your brother or I don't do much I. Mean I don't know the bottom biting it's not a mystery how ossetian bit. My cousin didn't wasn't familiar with this brand my porn a car right and where. That it's kind of a ghetto area my Brothers for him to Wear and a hat just it J. Crew had my cousin pipes that goes who's the J. Crew. She's she's very are at stake here these are these days it is it is it's a with a try to be cool. He didn't he just thought it was the crew I guess they beat this guy was wrecked it. All man opens doors and sounded but I think it over the world anti Kreutz. When you're someone else say I've never article that before. Hello Jason welcome to the bedroom. You hear me now not all scream louder. I all all wow. We got down. I. Was a nice girl and now the man you gotta think yelling out red dead barely hear you man blows really tell now. Came here now dead. I write cool though I'm a girl out our Ivan it broke up ears when we first start date due to an upper nights restaurant. At the beer. Edgy well I haven't yet until later it out. Let's not tricked look at the one on the net and and a you know I didn't look at her arm her right you nothing like that but we figured out it was like PA in the is it. And I say yes it's. I'm sure California. And we're still ago now I've. They. A couple of it's typical seven elevenths levens. Well and had a zero through but he did the woman who said at she's like hey Alec you announced they sedan Avant duty. But but but but the set fifteen. You know she's got wrong if you read it together. Until it puts into orbit today wanted to read. From the get an interim IP AU. Where did you or someone else say I've never article about before a 44999. Hole. With a low Connor welcome to the men's room. Photoshop or yeah. And he he looks very close you wanna go see that new movie. Are mega Don. And she looks at him and says. Oh what are you talking about and he says you know the new Bruce Willis movie that came out. Armageddon. Oh yeah let's get out what are they are good. At that that the what do they call it. Our mega Don. TR I get done. If the economy and those are this goes moments aren't comfortable for Edmonton. Let me how long if you can call him that when did you hurt someone else they have never heard of called that way before 844999. Alone. Those Samir welcome to the men's room. It's. OK so I have to predates this story without ever said any thing their year. I wanted to say one thing in your mouth didn't cooperate. Many many got a Taylor's of course. Well it happened to me so. I brought in some Girl Scout Cookies. Are guys that work quit and there might in my car. I'll let it go in there. So I told the data that I needed to our run out regarding grabbed mine is one of the seven words that I can't stay on the air. It's something to say Coke. I should just go go your garage to edit in diamonds sounds of rock. So you are personality you. When you're grown to about drug and go grab. My Coke but don't neglect. You restart yeah. You don't hear you read and let. And in that it's easier so I don't have not let it down to this. I'm that is used is actually gonna grab it and I remember one day on the air facilities and I pause in the middle of saint country. I know I felt it didn't add every illegal dietary as Eagles they don't call a frat is when our country. Right I call them fat and now I'm happy I am a year ago I worked at a restaurant Morgan has hopes to get out of the kitchen for a bit so. What I realized was you don't know anyone relationship. In an all the stops I'm about to go to one folks folks folks folks and people wait a five Timmons from the table. When a turnaround. Instead of saying okay folks your table Friday of course the Kamal folks we came out the worst thing you can ma right salt in Iraq but I thought it real casual because you're you're greedy drilled a well I heard is. Are right apps you're tables ready in the guide Kelly well so the I panel looks at me we both of rye smile like obviously. I just said the wrong thing with a woman he was what I was in my room. She folded arms and they do one of those real tight smiles. This is number even had who you meant to you could name I does that look right calf was that like. And at the same restaurant working as a host we did this stupid country breakfast every Sunday hated the ship. And one day for whatever reason that everybody. Walked up to me that everybody. Shift. I hated this shift yes. Every goes we can sit we're here for the country breakfast both alcohol all I'm doing well listen on I don't know if I'm not good things for our them upbeat but everyone has said it in the middle smile or made an error quote I. Come on what are so we're still little punch out and I'm and I'm waiting middle YouTube and it's hard on the switch over say which war which have been advertised in the country breakfast. I'm look oh my god like four hours so I could go to the thing is actually put quotations around the world aren't into okay struggle goes up. Well I. A contrary hasn't oh when McCain. And if you've had this out there for hours. I almighty god. And like we did more Israelis and automotive. Editor. A via its belly of the important. Man what did you or someone else have never heard of called them before 84499. And I know all the lime or your calls on the way you're listening to the men's or radio network feeling. This comes our way from my keep Welch. She writes over the weekend I was when my boyfriend's family at the beach. His mom very kindly made his breakfast and 1 morning she made what she called a Marty Wilson. A 1200. Apparently that's what she grew up calling what I've always known as a totally normal. Or an egg get a hold that delicious ubiquitous dish of an egg fried or bread in those names. They are so so far from the only names apparently for this breakfast dish. The good folks at eater did a deep dive into the origins of the simple breakfast in the first timer SP for the vision appeared in print. It appeared in Fanny farmers Boston cooking school cookbook. It was called then it egg without a hat calling for the bread Sydor to be cut out to be served on top of the egg as the hats and it popped up again and again and popular culture in the movie moonstruck it is called the egg in a trash can. And the film moon over Miami it's called a gas house egg. It's also known as egg in a basket in that seven different names are ready and apparently that is just getting started. Some of the other names that you call a fried egg in a piece of bread. In agony cajun get a window in a pocket in a nest the basket a trash can I had a hole. In a well below to frame a blanket on an island and a jail. In a nest birdie and a basket told a whole toad in the road frog and upon bulls' drive Karzai egg Campbell's eyes. Elephant tracks a Marty Wilson to Betty Jane Mary Jane. Adam and you don't Colin on a raft off. The pop by what I Susie won hijacked what I Pete wanna pirate lazy I'd hire one ID georgians want I'd Texans the man in the raft firemen to hose. Cowboy aegs Sobel to those rocky mountain host both chicks slide out zags Birmingham hothouse guesthouse gas house gaffes like not whole legs. Gold mine egg circus those sunshine eggs holy Franken eggs a hole in one hocus pocus tags big blue eggs bread eggs toast boobs. Spit in the I Karl we'll diamonds those baby and a buggy donor egg toast with a Tommy and moon over Miami. Some of the names right there for. Egg in a hole our question when you or someone else say I've never heard of called that before 844999. Hello ball and welcome to the men's room. So I've gotta amend the so I got two quick ones for your well buddies when he's grown out his grandparents used to have those organizers. The days on and all that yeah he used to call and see what the world. Smoking wolves. Yes so Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday that it. A slave you fortunately. And this wasn't there. Edit okay and then the second one is my girlfriend she likes to save did saw and set of problems. Would you call the song all that the law. You know and I've heard that before yeah. The media yeah. I've heard to thaw the link in the way back man every religion which are not not on it you're just going to be your truly thawing it out. The other deep ball well you're breathing dead bodies back off to just be thought but I heard that the effort to cotton pad at all but if we examine all of that out. The finalist called an icebox. And freezer. As a refrigerator. Although our treasures must and Virginia heard that my bio mom's side of the family I spots in your stomach load and when it. My mother or my grandmother straight appointment Michigan State point entered the way she was drenched early in Virginia did you in a restaurant she had me large entirely. And it just in early like that those who were the original restroom there was nothing the reserve starlets and their confidence grandfather called a a fountain hey Bob blur maybe I've heard that public Butler. Well remote controller clicker clicker grandma always give made it click here our she also called it a doo Hickey. And do but wasn't just the remote control she said do know sometimes as a do Jaeger. She also use music nobody else once you've come here that do I pick him jagr thing a doctor Ed Jaeger an exact name again the what is your someone else they have never article that way never called that before a 44999. Cola hello KB welcome to the men's room. Yeah. I'm probably a lot of only and is where I know that I hugged and those banners. And this is what happened one day. I turned to him and I said honey can I get some more luck and he any doubt onions cook I really believed that it was this image where the end. You won't love or money that he didn't know I love yeah it's okay well. Rula irony yes well I know Americans and I don't think guys ever vulnerability an aero. Luna. Well can I give moon. Well. I what is Mun law mean in Spanish dare I ask. Nine in me now from and where maybe drug smuggler or a you know but he explained that he cheeses and get pregnant like. Oh well that's. What I and you know what money did narrow lead as the word important narrow double L I told him I said no way hurt bad and he turned down his that I'm not Jose. And except I hope god. I meant not that that guy he's never talked to Spanish and we moved to learn and. Allow you are all I go to college atlas and one other thing if your record we'll call this shows say hello naked ladies understand this. As the Mexico years ago Milan does mean and money I was an extra years ago as a marketing and now. Is that what do you do for a living so what I do at least that you have agreed the thing I thought well that's an oddly enough we sent all of the tools which to me. Did not mean anything that the and he started dial laughter and so many yells out to a few more employees and saying my name gonna do an all white all thing I can understand this. All of its all that they were all to start dial laughter so he walks back our blog what are my thing and you do honestly. And we're just unless and a relieved so how long you condone that at this point with like seven years he goes every day and every day. It's a look man it depends where you war in Mexico governor as a defense line but he said. And Mexico if you walk with her robe and you say it all look Matilda Rose. What you just that is how I know naked ladies and think you've been saying those perfect every down like I had no idea hundreds and hundreds of times no idea. When did you or someone else say I'm never article that before a 44999. Cola. Lol Jolie welcome to the men's room. It's the old. I don't want to grow. Dark all my. Ball a mile long. As they do. Yeah my mother. Knew there you go tomorrow walk a mile long. How does the mother lol feel that her grandchild can refer after his mother in law. She caller I everything he could they don't. Play ball all it was dark and she called my her credit ball and called them all. Don't know. All learn. As long as that's the proper name and I love the old and isn't it and what it yourself what else they have never heard it called that before. Just remember there grandparent even if you're younger and parent also has grandchildren always think you're old. Hello Josh welcome to the men's room. On regulating the. So. I don't talk until two weeks ago when I was watching and Arrested Development on TV. Hey Ben say in that ghost is clear instead of the coast is clear. Where you've been saying the ghost is clear your whole life I thinking of like pat Casper or any other ago what how did you wait that in your mind like candidate would you pictured made when you said. They've just one of those things that you don't really you know an early start and that it was just saying and I always started which is ghost and no on eight. When I heard that I don't look it up a mad bomber. Well that makes more sense. Am I don't know a lot more sense and you think he's gonna call watching TV the current. I would watch and let it die a happy that makes a lot less embarrassing. Well you know he'd already what you thought. Makes cents and Randy Goss thinks he's through donor to her career and goes to school there understand yeah and feeling you weren't around people would be so the ghost is glare when now what did you learn some and I'll say I never heard it called that before 8449990. Hello ash welcome to the men's room. In general oppose allowing him it'd. The eye on not mining daughter she I I. And she'd been saying then they're practically her whole life. She called they were low they would not. Would not what net that's alright guys I'm not like would know better. Okay Fuzzy little wooden to get anything else he calls where things. Well I know the girl the only one. And trailing what word did you struggle with blows my daughter at a point which you kind of learn to tell time lows are shorter time she said was it ends with O clock and I do keep saying George. Really important bit to put the L. And that word when you say clock has in L. So if you point that the clot but the problem is 70 down what you would be repaired a restaurant in own she's she started pizza but the key point in all. At the clock on the wall when regional element that is good that I'm probably. Had gamma beta and got an early thirties to late this is getting important man you have to say. Clock because we can't be a public and you keep pointing it you know and the other. And I'm telling me exactly look. Don't write my daughter couldn't say. She couldn't say sisters so she just point that are that are younger sister and here stared mister Nestor who are unemployed not I just called the can administer to form banned mr. wind when you or someone else say I have never heard it called up before. Hello Royce welcome to the men's room. All BitTorrent or. I. Saw it we're out. We entertained quite a bit and out there are all have an odd little get together in our house want to tie it and top two kitchen was small plot out all the people wouldn't. She's trying to cook and what actually goes quiet everybody on educating in the kitchen. Down continuity. If you look. Fat and conscious of how we ran better. This this is all about mental I had to explain tour and its congregate I. Content G-8. Congregating. In Atlanta. Because I know play every woman here at but you know what I'm skeptical Lutheran over. When did you push total bills they have an article that before 844999. Cola. Fellowship on welcome to the bedroom. Auto. Yeah arm. It's all our actual guy's. Apartment pronunciation by about the auto. Of course want. I'm getting played against all or. And edit a monster and he came up big not expect you to explain it to me I know about the imminent explained to Munich re not aggregate of one of those. Must. It's. One of those words. But what about. You mean. Oh oh and Monfils yeah. You're a billion dollar reached this. If you and I don't want. Well probably a abort an answer for fifteen years even now a mother and me. Obviously. He's like he's got into Canada aren't. I know it's. All the time with this I know I immediately and as I mean you know what are called that time. Mom it's. And we. And just to match but you must. They are right Doris Day and more stay in the arm if you don't understand at times well I thought Israel though breaks every rule and why it takes place aren't. But that is still TH down. So that's the not do you say son as they were is that they've done right about it and a so I'd say nothing and I they've got time passed the back path without. Happy in the battle weighs a brother that hasn't needless to happen parents those drug names to put in me and I'm almost called a pizza hut's. Right yeah I mean I don't know why don't look moronic right there's always an ass on our oracle LJC that it's not budget is just JC Penney wal mart's the worst thing to break if you get older you find yourself doing our yeah and I realize are you listening to of the JEZ. Dammit I know I know I know and realize around my kids I do a mortal might. This is what happens it only happens from talking to someone considerably younger than somebody in a book from the my prayers and idealism into the Ozzie outsmart you mean Ozzy Osborne yes he has not Ozzy Osborne and members of oddly out more animated and I would like to have a heart buddy if I think these kids really like bodies like. He's always making little jokes is as little pomp and you know Dolly's little action. You keep making that joke but you'd looked ancient to your children who have stopped saying and I were you even meet her I think it's off soft body federal they think that you look so. When did downloaded your someone else say I've never heard it called that before. Lol. Taurus welcome to the bedroom. We know it all now Obama. Stars like up full electric car I guess of one in the same. It's spelled PA RA actually it's pronounced dot odds it's a court. Name I thought I was. Wow nice sounds much more bad mentally or parents and us. But. There. They also get three guys you know you play a bit. Okay we're we're. Okay. You can't say on the radio. There yeah. Cut out who has an amendment. Right we know. That's those are the names of the rearrest particular like this if my if my rustling move was the mother effort. Is it still doesn't make it okay Cindy you hit it because. I that's what I would say I think we call my dad old after rush I don't see the effort they don't say ever to brag. I their tenacity and yet we know some of those term sure. Okay so. I don't know I heard for a bit her words a little bit jet pack and national reconstituted. Aside this. Someone that is yet the path to the speech. Cookware and sit down when did you or someone else they have never heard it called that before a 44999. All. Go to my commanders rant and through who. All of them are married you know all of these like low low OK we gathered like ukrainians. And Americans know that it. Hello Nicole welcome to the bedroom. I. Would note. Yeah. They're notorious for naming names I believe when it comes to children. And like oh that's how badly you're about two or three years old learning about it all and exploring. After tomorrow or it could well I took all the and she decided I would like to comment was just fun. I don't eat and started going out and it can't eat I don't try to apple and then we had a big heavy jacket on with a bit less. But should it. And I could probably get a bad about dollar bet you can't go like your old car bad about that are as. And nobody is that a loophole Larry. The and has to tie would be some commissioners on the. And he did little to question his friend out. Why didn't he does tome I mean like this is what it's called and trust me at no point in your life are you actually going to call you gonna call many believe he'll call the one on one to worm he's seeking moisture missile but this is what it is. Although my son he refers to the private area and it male or female it's all of these like an old main. You brilliance if we about a socks is all the stuff but the calls it the privacy. That drive our it's talking about like his system and our system our she's changing and she doesn't wanna join when her privacy her I think it. Apple apple apple apple apple came. I don't know who. It sounds over the headline good it does my privacy like that it would invest mall lot and you know couple Arab translate who'll almost that you in the privacy. Experts. We had given that. How could you or someone else say never heard it called them before 8449990. Boy calls on the way your listening to the reds are radio network. Fitch is you. That's ever see SEC on the way and bad jokes as well you getting those bad jokes to the men's room at men's or live dot com bad jokes coming up right before during tells. With a shot of the day our question today when did you or someone else say. I've never heard it called that before 8449990. Ma am we have the common rolling and I enjoy this one's is Mike Weir for kids garnered twelve. We were at the beach in my Brothers saw our friend girlfriend was changing and he said look. His he has a hangover. Brother did note a hang over laws friend was not circumcised hello I had no I you know I hang over. To new definition okay. Golden bigger dose x.s when ordering. Ozone where's my brother was like used Gilbert asked if those that east. The first some mama duck and I'm if you ordered let us take code. When I was in high school went to talk a good time of mama how the new drive that are she ordered a larger Maxi pads. Instead of Matthew for office oh my god. And my friend called sea otters Waterford arts and can. What do you or someone else they have never heard of called up before 844999. Cola hello Ashley welcome to the men's room. Oh yeah. When my daughter my beautiful Delilah and and then now that when she went scary. We got here what you want extra practice in the morning. And one day she started saying hot. Can now without that he. Wore it will. He actually I mean she's just yeah Allen right that you that you smile. What do you think the inner head and a third who didn't they what do you want for breakfast. And that's parent nanny like. Eight are now I had. I don't know. As he tackles Google searches for exact exactly. I need entry date she did enthusiastically. With yelling that got out like hot you're hot and they're like. I don't know how finally and we figured out CNET hot oatmeal. Oh how old are all are you like probably oatmeal you're really glad I don't now make sure they get that right so later life tonight I really love hot. You know he'll wind it's not it. Oatmeal man woman who's had stressed that okay if it if when there was dream of we could be I've not look good when you're someone else they have never heard of called that before. Hello Sam welcome to the men's room. Well again. Thought I grew opened up so we have a panic in the Albuquerque, New Mexico area and when they were level customers came in it another look. Little lighter in the restroom and I doubt shed oh you mean I guess it's. We look. I think and act as gas gas and ask guests and I vertical and ask gasket before I know about her that one's. Yes I've never heard it called him then and themselves. Wasn't sure that during the oh yeah I've gone burglarized. You don't use the net yes did I'd now like to do we know that you're going to put on diplomacy death and as I've never done that. Am I really work. Listen to announce that basically doesn't and god it's like placebo if it makes you look you gadgets is gonna Jeremy Bonderman but it makes you feel better do it. Three which man who in England that's sort of was in England. Yours ago I discovered that if you need toilet paper. Did you think to me apartment and I believe fundamentally do totally different look honey where's the bomb like. I'm like there's a straight on one every guy I did the government. So gunbattles annoy the return of Denver is the FCC and more calls on our question when did you or someone else say I've never article that before 844999. Hole. The show and many games continues on the men's room. The radio network.