05-23-18 Seg 2 Mens Room Gets It Done

Wednesday, May 23rd

Mens Room Question: Drunk, high, or hungover, what did you get done?


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This is the men's room. I'm listening to. I love our president on right now at Boston's legendary Iraq's station W eight a app also our friends at ninety Iraq California's rock station in Sacramento California. And how low Kentucky. Xerox one O three and Lexington thank you Megan for the lovely email we appreciate you guys are joining the program whose sucks less is coming up the word has named the parents invented for their kids last year. And our question today drunk high or hung over what did you get done as ESPN has they do well it's actually a Sports Illustrated article ESPN picked up the story as well. As Brett Favre basically says that the first of his 3M VP years in the league. 97. 98 and 99. He was hooked on vitamin and he played most of that time. While being pretty messed up these are the first thing you thought of the morning was I gonna get some pills I get a get a buzz. Keep in mind though 413 straight MVP's chance 95 through 97. All right who you remember what he did in 961. Super he won the Super Bowl and I MVP as well. I drunk tire hum over what did you get done 844999. Hole even if you build a deck you know beginning anything anything because I live right right if it's gonna it's been like do hang new cat at all stoned just what the new cabinet if you were productive and didn't open up the and you pull something right. You crown molding nice and as something nice to have breast damn well into the men's room. Hold off on. Other dog so fast and. Thought I was eighteen and I went over my body doubles Friday night. I started Saturday night and the daily news. Don't revolve around a walk in the door yeah. All the mystery use. And always good and didn't come here oh and then there are being the life of the party that I am down how good. I'm Daryn. And then proceeded to have. Somewhere between. Ten or twelve Jager bombs not entirely sure it's gonna Google bloodied at the moment connect. And then. Polished that off with the you can that we can and then the rest of the bottle which I found out later Ruble and lesbian bondage of. CNN I want and in what is the point blank. I think peanut butter and who is dressed like they don't need to be together. Then men they were doing it and it can be I have no idea of what they're doing and nobody else I don't want to bring you don't let you get the job. Tennessee and rocket being at the same party they distribute the brother Devin yeah. Yeah I agree and I experienced. Evaluate them. Hi I'm black and how my logo on the balcony of the apartment. And just started you can and anything for the next few hours and actually got puke all we UAW ultimately. Hello I'm finally. Get up and leave. Veterinary the next day. And I realize is that I had to try out for the old days rugby team. Bad day didn't. Call him. So I was I was completely like I was hired the big I was still drunk at the time it's definitely not doing good in the nominee would like 95 degree in that they have been Seattle. But I went. Under your command and I ended up making it here it's. You're probably the least hung over member of the entire lodge deaths rugged and I'm not that yeah OK yeah I don't want to send that'll grab it and run again Zito still it's not like that everything else. Drug guys are on the over what did you get Donnie 44999. Cola. Hello Jared to part one welcome to the men's room. What is it going on the alleged. Show. Added I am proud about three years ago I Wear it gave A spying warehouses establishment. And I decided I know he had had ever heard of cheated Hughes. Bombs Syracuse. I played at a both. Yet yet it like besides the two key role that medical grade they're about a quad dose. I think Billy so uncertain states to their kind of legendary Tony military Jesus. In the last time I I remember it was probably about a 30400 milligram why are mobile me out you. We and an eighth and it is that the looking dent in the an alleged illegal arms. This is this is just a bad idea well. Yeah you know. How long did it. I'm very demanding I have run before they're pretty Phnom unrelated to our advantage actually OK I don't believe it I would go to work just. That's not a doubt that of course of course you know you gotta go to work when you're on though yeah. I'd I'd get one of those about 730 at night and then proceeded to go to the casino with a couple buddies. You know smoke all the way their drink well over there and by the time we get home it's probably about 238. I. I'd kind of forgot that I had to be at work at 6 o'clock that morning and and I you know ended up showing up skilled Lanka and and I. Like ridiculously. And diet is out about 10 o'clock rolls around and it's it's break time for I'm manager. In Chico blocking and and she says. You know am I and they got a break here on your own deal that it acted aching needed anyone huge favorite. Red Cross is she I needed to go to McDonald's I'm not gonna begin a program. That I I need some greasy. I need some shooting the issue that are you hung over I said not right now but I didn't. And you give it might be all right I had not yet. And being right now he's not doing any minute they in my in my game I'm really is getting close though as well as Mel examines a near the end of one of those trips where us on the Els is got near the point where your mind takes over you forget how much you've drank. Oh yeah oh yeah yeah how much you smoke and all are gonna smoke three packs of cigarettes last night blah no problem you know. And then my buddy who rooted Ecevit you back thirty minutes before me didn't the type of court TV show that to work. About 1130. And kicked in the door and remain an energy drink instead I still feel it I guarantee you deal. As bad as the best energy drink of my life this. Kicked in the door and you need this man I'd just add one are you hung over lessons. You're the manager at our general wouldn't say a fine warehouse establishment don't you'd just assume that senator Bob senior staff. The thoroughbred the not interacting with customers eyes in the gas stocking anything and it India tomorrow. I assume that person's how the hell wouldn't they be up. From Bleacher Report Tony gray drug moments in sports says so the story goes after winning the gold medal at the 2008 Summer Olympics. Every one of their brother wanted to piece of Hope Solo and the US women's soccer team. The team however just one and a moment to enjoy themselves according Hope Solo they partied all night after winning the gold and showed up. Pretty tuned up to a live edition of The Today Show. Vince Vaughn party to whether it's solo told ESPN the magazine when we were done party and we got out of her nice dresses got back into our stadium codes at 7 AM we all went on The Today Show drunk. Ice and America your organization of 2008. If there at that when you beat the world are up I'm up all night did you get when you gold medal around the World Cup Duke's. There are one of the sporting event or significant inroads in Italy and Grammy what do everyday if I go to interview me the next morning on morning shows and yes. Understand. I'm gonna come and leaking the Buddha. Those even the band to get in the rock and roll hall finished that thing is and it's a long boring ass ceremony you'll still middle of the bar and you don't get some hair bands like in her body jammed until 3:34 o'clock in the morning playing for the friends didn't just absolutely aspects. I think that's a great thing about sports is that this before but like. He gives those people a finality. All right I mean that's all right but with the music are actively those hall of fame it's all kind of others you know around in its opinion right relate if you win the World Series of things aren't really the best AMT due to more and you can't I got a way that you for the rest of your life goes celebrate that your legacy. The drug tire on over a what did you get done a fourth or 9990. O'Brien welcome to the men's room. Oh. Well our story begins. On a cold blood intraday. Oh without installing additional work. And my gospels. It is the First Amendment and so. And it was just it was so so cold out start. I get Lisa got a foot of snow on the ground. And if so you want some good warmup come to mourn over my my truck and I didn't he preaches owners CB pulled out as far reduced. We've looked. It during this is your morals is that motto is you just met. Yeah I like we win we've seen each other in the shop but never in the sealed welcome home so. But. And don't like well let's quarter of two of my van into my truck is. Our duty vaccine saying. It and we're best of friends after that I yeah I thought. She wore I see how that probably worked out as a good start I got asked when your first days of work he bought a bottle of booze with U future. Oh no no art I'd been working their first few months so I don't know it is MR that is the first thing you mentioned new boss who. Yeah well yeah yes person at that Ed actually let my boss though is is a standard practice and relate he shows over the bottle Goosen the noise will join about drug I gas and stuff so. Like I need adequate net and it's gotten neighborhood goes and does work and are running through my enters ten bucks Megan shot. It Gershon on the ground absolutely think I'm. Out of here so how did you do your job most the time intoxicated. Oh no doubt that would really that would really just a warm up like it was just it was so cold this time. I think it kind of worked out pretty pretty quick court encircled outside outcome. I mean I go to work every day blazed. Through the Al I believe blades every day. But I'm happy I'm gonna have to run. Well we don't know where you work. But what type of things you do for a living now during the same field. I know the I relate right. Our McClellan yeah O'Reilly. And I had nine lay and I had your brand new comrade. I would probably applied resentment you can live like you went on stone exactly even if the real laundry if you don't think you can over Easter NAFTA. That's their political and apples crackers and at the area. Two. Drug guys are on the over what did you get done before for a 999 a lot more calls coming up you are listening to the men's or radio network. Mary's story of dock Ellis. Food trip his way to a no hitter this from cracked dot com and eighteen new articles the five greatest things ever accomplished while high. In the hundreds of thousands of games in Major League Baseball history. There have been about 247. To sixty in which the starting pitcher records every outs without giving up I hit. Dock Ellis became one of the few to do its June 20 1970. Though he barely remembers it. So you know there is also a cartoon. Version of doc telling the story. Or maybe a narrator explaining. What dot legal and his voice but they animated what he said it's it's where it's it's it's were taken a look at. Dock Ellis woke up around noon on what he thought it was Friday any 83 tabs a massive. Presumably because he was tired. I noticed girlfriend arrived she was caring Saturdays newspaper which meant he'd slept through Friday or that his girlfriend was a time traveler he's not York. The sports page had more bad news for doc. He was actually scheduled to pitch in San Diego in six hours. We probably wouldn't have gone to the ballpark that day not even some through he says but Ellis. He had to any big sigh before and by that we mean he had never paid sober. Starting with the boos as a high school prodigy and moving up through amphetamines and cocaine in Major League Baseball. His pirate teammates often took bets on whether anyone can take as many amphetamines as docket. Was struck back from Ellis hop on a flight to San Diego. And faced down lineup that had woken up knowing that day not knowing what it was and they also did not know that the pitcher they were facing. Was hot on acid. Ellis remembers very little about the game other than that sometimes the ball was huge in his hands and sometimes it was very very tiny. And then a one point that the thieves drove out of the way of a line drive only to look up and see that the ball. And even reach that amount of work if it was in fact an attempted bunt. They lead no fault for writing in The New Yorker Oliver Sacks describes a state in my known as the zone. In which a baseball approaching a close to a hundred miles per hour may seem to be almost in mobile in the air. It's very seems strikingly visible as if anything is in slow motion you. In a suddenly enlarged in spacious times skate thing about if you're getting involved in a car crash thing about how time travel EA in those moments these are these similar time though you talking are remembered who are being in the zone as it happens. Very slowly although it's happening in real time. And they suddenly and large and spacious times gave the zone is typically brought on by confidence adrenaline. And being F Ing awesome at baseball according Dallas Els was all those things and Ellis these effects included. Increased heart rates and slowing down time should they nickname him doctor Alison yeah. As the game goes on and on and on one of the aspects you have to understand about throwing a no hitter is it gets increasingly more difficult to do because. You understand the ramifications are all things yeah I understand dock Ellis had no idea what's. Yeah Johnson none of that mattered whose completely not going to magically psyched himself out. Because he didn't even know he was doing at the time didn't care and is in the tradition of baseball when someone is throwing a no hitter no one and I mean. No one. Talks to the pitcher right he is doing this completely alone be tighter game. Dock Ellis is on an island no one is talking to him meanwhile he's tripping. His face off and doesn't even know what's going on. Which makes the thing more impressive but. He also stated that you know like the. Does it I was so that certainly super impressive and I realized he never pitch sober. He never pitched over right indirect but pitching on acid as a whole lot different I think than any other drug like you can't equate a whole lot acid but did nothing tonight as he did know he was pitching so he never paid sober but I don't think he would drop three tabs as did six hours to four bowl game if he knew we use it now so you're not because there's an average man like. There are a lot of things that may or may not have done even stoned or drunk but not Imus. I NASA like hey man I'm I'm not going to work put that way as well. I maybe would take his time I have an idea of the way anyway not a outlasted writing this idea why they get the agitators. One other which rooms never. And was here it was an Avaya we were no balloons and Jennings are not normally associated with the workplace it's not a good combination wasn't suit and ideally I'd leave the town they live today though some people lined as far away from that they can't go far away from everybody and odd thousand people go camping they like to do that they. You need to get. They just wanna make sure there's far away from any thing capsule look at C vivid that you do whatever they want and out of cell phone or is that what I even a third is an emergency you want to be on region. Drug tire on the over what did you get done before 4999 island doesn't really lower case scenario slow go for passage are doing a drop passes because you're not here to help. But there is no chance I can help you right now. Hello old Jared part two welcome to the manager. Huge area. Oh god oh yeah. Barely a lot of our losers still of those drugs seen. So my name is another round last year destiny to appear in Turkey now. And yeah my buddy. Smoked weed for twelve hours straight while playing here. And we actually both completed the entire campaign. I believe that man is no one of those things though where as you've got I injured playing this game. Alan is that you do get in the zone with that you know you can beat this game. Well we heard. Doing dad and everything and I literally felt like Eric just transport it myself into the game. Moved somewhat caught your desolate what is it that Peres that what would and voted normally do you believe did you do this now on the same at a time. Knowing that Giordano doesn't to conquer it. Probably you because whenever I played actually make it stone. Do you put yourself back and that's time. How do you think you would do if you've played it's over. Probably not as good it's okay. ADHD did not help any game like that and what else is drugs W with other than video games in your data daylight. Mainly concentrating. And Jack that's that's not on government really is not well I blew them. Drug tire hung over what did you get done 8449990. It does hoosiers who he said that mean we need yet concentrated he's not a okay thru restaurant and the zone and our way any time yeah sometimes. Fire truck. Hello why you need now welcome to the men's room. How. Hello rules. Allow so. One I would change you're ice storm I bet are what Nike golf party. A mom McCarty at. Well my dad's old car rental translation you can look back in the nineties. So anyway I get completely and horribly drunk. The point of reference to keep away from me and that he delegates automatically follow that it's at all. Old when I woke up I had my chute won't do it tried to get a look at not so they would separate again. All in my co under your control IAE. But that aren't I wrecked will be he's out of somebody I don't know exactly what happened and some land and ocean drive all the engine swaps might edit. All the break eighty I realized that you know are currently perpich hate. Not a single scratch though there were no drama there. The funny part role well and I stood up in the morning I tripped and talent like they. And the real issue we're tight together. Well since you were old home with your shoes tied together and a manual transmission it's all completely. So basically you had three panels and you still managed one good Karl Albrecht. Thirty battles with one foot alleyway that's why our man. You know there's notre I mean it's if you were sober and made tiger shoelaces together for drew remain no transmissions and make a four laps around drag I'm Zain you wouldn't be able to do. So no no way. Yeah I'm a little late at night but so strapped. No that does nothing to do that means though man. Drug tire hung over what did you get done it 44999. Obama should just gives it the arm she didn't wizards needed you'd used that the Internet. Hello John welcome to the bedroom. Little or is it. And so now. A local news station in the navy blue all Panama. He doubled senior saw it will just and a whole lot news's senior frogs in Panama. Serious on the down at the nose makes you only had no idea that well men have burned down by now and the other sailors dough okay. All rights until about 3 in the morning. I've gotten back to the ship but about. 330 in in very taken out couldn't have anything to do the next today in about ten minutes later the alarm goes off the at a two this and bolts of about that ton of cocaine were floated about a mile route miles of mapped Alvin and have a hot under the alma go down to draw both the cocaine. Does that make you really excited though right. Yeah I won't we need even though we dead how many I mean does it become like a full on warmer cities like Tony not so you pick about the June trade. We're going about thirty to knock this in this thing down. And did you get in any kind of violence just hands up and that was it needs of Coke. I know we had to shoot them down of their own bailed over the side and make the most serious Sam could very little fishing boat and we're. US navy or didn't until America can orders from the captain in your apology as a result of all of. Do you like to do anything memory take a knife and cut into it man and you Justine are tasting get you air nine. Well unfortunately those. Fight common rumors the spoke Carter actually go on don't you go all the drug related to the amount on the Coast Guard get all the credit for. So wouldn't have what are what are you don't memorize so you jays amount and it's going to be you boarding leadership do you place them under arrest out of the war. You know we had a tent city up on the the flight deck numerical Garko on the firemen shot the into and out of the vote him. Lyrical guard boarded the ship to all the cocaine and we have opted to go on for about orders to adopt Florida. Let me ask you those did they actually get all the Coke I mean I understand you donated I give those burn this guy dead if they had ten kilos of cocaine Coast Guard knows for a fact they got a seventy robots they've banned in Britain say then oh well. That dumb luck but I don't know about like that yeah things can't blame it on the coast guys well no I did notice stop the vote that could go on on our let out all night. Senior frogs are just like what is that like just where were people from North America go. The United States whose is that it's not that Canada and I know one for my third drunk Americans are I have frogs are seeing your front of a translator and I don't want billion Cancun. Everywhere gather car can't be everywhere you could fall I mean if it. If you're in a tourist destination in Mexico there's going to be a senior frogs aren't as good you know you never billboards everywhere you know they have. Drink specials up all the plays like forget it's a losing every Thursday and onto Lula and yes everyone nurseries English in liberal talk to New Jersey Jack and he goes you know frankly would you think it is. It's nine of those big things that look like you get like lemonade out of the 7-Eleven or close you have just everywhere like mixed drinks and big ridiculous glasses of Mexican food they say the hell yeah I have a feeling that well in his Taco Bell could possibly need it makes it did is what we have got to do regret if it. Drunk iron hung over when did you get done 8449990. I don't mean it is it's exactly would you think this is a nightclub. It's a restaurant resort town assume it's records you know pleasing adieu Don T shirt to Wear around your head it's all lead off. Hello Mike welcome to the men's room. Alone all the old and so on my story actually do it though. Being tied into the whole lot better about it you know you're gonna trip indeed some in the Ukraine that it didn't. You turn out the way that you thought it would on each so. You my girlfriend wanted to go pick up massive so I go to take its ambassador what I thought was ass and let. The guy told me later it was it was so did the research chemical like Leno giver her release saying they're like. You didn't like the Netherlands over the Internet. Anyway. We we have hustle play were your friend doesn't take it so we read your girlfriend Allison and I take mine on the wherever there is. My girlfriend. That you don't need to make her look like ice cream whatever is can't swallow pills. And Tom so it's it's just it's like a couple hours and then I'm tripping like so hard like. Horse and I'd rather my life don't sweat he didn't seem prehistoric animal everywhere it. I guess they see directly hard. It seems to get in there and none. So she's church yellow means and that you know all of this it's now working you know we have to do what we're leaving right now and I'll play. No trust me between twenty minutes in in the it'll work you just wait twenty minutes and cost. Should know religious right outs we get in the car and I'm flying in that space action on the freeway and of you know good the roads like giant purple. Believe it and you know it just crave in particular gas station and then we go inside and and I can tell someone something dealt with terrorists so. Loophole you Byron simply sit back in the cartoon like I'm tripping so hard. Yeah and I can't I just definitely categorized in to but we're going to be gas station so what are we gonna do. We're both just stuck there until looks at me like can you drive and I'm like you you've got to be kidding me there's no way as well. Enough. She's you look at what you're talking dragon at this point we. You and Brian Brad yeah those are can drag and tell me to drive and I'm like no way so we just got to get your mom's house at this point eight Eaton now we just got to get to remodel also. She's just she's sure she pulled out or driving and where we put all we can't Justin Bieber to really invest and help put. I'll know where it's only does it mean. I don't know we we sent. Justin Bieber I'm like oh yeah does what over people do to us and Justin Bieber on the tile. Yeah and that's I get I don't think you be here to listen to the leaves are all trust me you can miles really yeah. Al Miller got jammed okay. Yeah. So recruited her on the freeway and word incident who like bad that you like come on like like 1010 it's ambassador something discipline really that. I'm I'm and I can't even wait to get the Allman doctor Amal. And so on he could pull open yet heard her mom's home you know when. My girlfriend the time Kelly she's she'll use a running upstairs and well and in the room please mediocre bomb. So I just had to talk to Ramallah I think that do do aliens trying to download data in the migraines. If they love you eat out at the. She's trying to talk to me about what to make for dinner denied then I just I just keep saying yes I think that yes the best into organs they quipped yes yes yes yes. And I just walk upstairs but you know that was not that's pretty much fiction or do we got home that was the goal. Is that the question was this something that I did well I so you know I accomplished it we got all of them not hard. And didn't talk to the mom asks yeah I deduct them on those are the worst article on the display at how are you at all or her own did you sleep for. I hope well I mean which would probably trip surrogate 1416 hours in the weeks and we crashed out really hard but. It's one thing parallel. That's on the air Mirabelli had a unilateral wasn't the situation was like it was. The good eighteen hours and you are probably would hit the pillow and you would see me after that. A bush wanna do so you know it's crazy you WD no date has been Buick but if you had to work say 96 our general portrays an oral. You would still do that it's just a matter of when I get the chance to sleep every can be next month but when I get the chance sleep I'm sleeping for precisely three and a half and also Maginnis normally call I got a laundry and OnStar grey days so little I have good to have you ever played I think they're gonna do now know getting can load your macaroni and in days we have no idea or think you pet food away from the food tastes so good immediately I don't like. To. If you perhaps thinking of Montana make breakfast man if you go to a Ruiz and his breakfast buffets I mean it was just the. Okay. Wouldn't they just of the lights the gates the smelly could smell of pancakes and equities market like. Cute little its thank you. Know I think I'm at a breakfast while I'm at right out every one of these syrups I don't know what that at that he needs hula. Yeah we always leave one particular festival and get this one breakfast if the guys and I think the amount ordered the omelet that giant you already know candidate because I got that talk about the popular as it might even get to fix it if it drug tire hung over what did you get done a four point 999 all of our calls coming up you're listening to the men's room radio network. Did you know. You don't have joined the men's room. These five greatest things ever accomplished while high from cracked dot com number four on our list. Freud and cocaine inventive Psycho analysis forty and a cycle analysis is one of the most influential and controversial theories of the twentieth century. However as they go on to say. You can't deny that it created an entire branch of medicine right the drug cocaine. The first ten years as an Allentown Gary and I and I backed out of Paris Sigmund Freud's career or like a roving cocaine pep rally. He prescribed cocaine to. Every one all of his friends of they had a headache he got a nasal ailment cocaine. Hey are you feeling down to OK and you feel about cocaine he got a cold cocaine he colored your face cocaine he gave his friend's cocaine to give her cheeks are red color. Freud wrote on the potentially hilarious letters to his wife promising to show or what happens Dolan and hand them a wild man of cocaine in his blood from the oh any road entire book called. On cocaine yeah. That pace until thesis was cocaine is and I think also you should really think about trying Zahn now that's. Mets and layman's terrorized this is what he's guilty after one of his friends died from the drug however. Freud quickly folded up his cocaine compounds and sweaters cured combo and went on to found the theory that was named after him. But they respected of Freud a biographer seems to think of course he was always dabbling in the drugs just not as much bigger as he was. For his second act of his career. He most relied on the drug to untie his tongue in this is why the Freud enjoyed his cocaine. Before Freud experiment with a drug he was what they called emotionally sterile. Socially awkward and always he was known to be the guy in the lab coat. Cocaine not only untied his tongue it turned him into quotes a chatty Cathy. They wanted to discuss how you feel about your mother basically inventing his own way of sitting down. And you going to. A person wants a weak stock to this is where this started he didn't have so Fargo okay yeah. As he referred to it from those sessions Freud came up with a whole idea of the patients pouring out his feelings on a couch while the therapist nodded. And took mountain. There you go. Yeah. Yeah what did you sober people do not that drunk tire hung over what did you get done 844999. Cola. Hello rusty welcome to the men's room. I want to government national and cleared purposely didn't pull out. And we did the standard issue. Petra. In a comedian. Let's first start Richard. I got asked to do where I go to Beijing netbook or did you meet at show maybe at thirty minutes of material and I was gonna teacher forum. To your shirt to show every day showing guarantee totally the headliner and it showed up yet. So I just have to know when it told Atlanta or shut up she didn't. The part about their shallow waters don't borrow what Oprah. Sure that I showed up they go hey you can navigate you want that much or if you want and I was 22 year old. So our show and our report to show it completely tossed. Just completely smashed dorms hatred and I'm only having to do it's thirty minutes. An hour and a half later. I'm still out there. How did you. Blow off like that's a long time improper on stage he's certainly talking to the crowd. Well my first and drink and so. Jerrold Post stories that I didn't know. The they do unheard of topped all you do is working on material on stage is going through. You look at your material before it was just a story the economy or H. How nobody knows tell it what percentage of that did you keep after doing. All right guys he's still lose in sports it's so I have been there are about sixteen years lopsided. In south. I probably won't stop us. Yeah we'll don't do above. More could bonds don't know of all the hired a new material you never. The shenanigans continues on the men's room radio network.