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Wednesday, April 25th

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This isn't a men's room. I'm listening to. It's those are standing by color 9844999. Hole play profile lists in menace. At your headlines on the way one hour from now first quick check in the Mike Cox for some of the stories and headlines he is not working out all right according to a new study the most gambling addicted states are. Nevada number one I would guess South Dakota. All right Montana. Mississippi and Louisiana. This state where it's legal and then. States about a ton of people. Basically rattle us up you go to Atlanta and an ally to the area valiantly and a lot of people my loved to do to rock a faith and not a lot of money ultimately does is you know those those there. States that are hard hit on the economy as well often. So that's really wanna gamble your money's no matter. A woman and Argentines and Tina recently found her husband showed his friends they're sexy tall man and I'm do you think she responded yes. She slept with all over there's blood is yet that's you just have to buy oil and water to responded by chopping up his jump with a parrot heads the. Me and. How that's gonna and things quickly let their bailouts and at the end of the argument. Jail no more sex tapes wow no okay knoller showing your friends anything I don't know don't do. CL watch out. Friends were worthless I got an Ohio accidentally say is a firefighter last week and I apologize. By giving him a cake that says Perez faze him. I thought. I have a son that's nice that is nice I feel like I've had that story before. Ansari paid right somebody gave somebody else but K it's a sad tastier when he accepted them only think it was his partner not a firefighter. I think. Big business on the table in front holding their savings if it's a bit of a K do you make pertaining to the man real but did you like conceivable lightning bolts. Couldn't quite a name operation that's what would see it the lightning bolt effect as far as tea is my best. A double wedding photos are going viral because one of the world's been flipped an ATV in the background is amazing and easy can't you usually don't you just on the home now that it. I'm sure just took a look like maybe the team roller Diddy actually flipped it and he's in the London saw her again the picture. It's gonna add the side he's still somewhat vertical like he's in the process of world. But and it's it's a great patient the president oddly enough that it'll be the one picture out of all the simple one we got taken the bill actually remember. That's pretty impressive exclusivity because he says. And it's until I either made a really hard right I don't know first up at the side by side that is on any TV OK our policy side by side is that a florist basically basically yes okay. And and it's also how my cousins buses legs so don't ever do that added. He gonna fall fall guys don't try to get yourself a military to fight that instinct tells us that he says here. Litigated them. Amanda Ireland Evans actually arrested 46 year old tourist from Colorado last week but yet as to be a collector and dec fifth street. Good I want video of that in the fifth. As did the Michigan were playing in a high school golf tournament last week and when they were attacked player goose. Nicer than me did you see the picture of those now us at all articulate at the worth of any let out early there but he got his ass kicked. Why do slower guys that I didn't seem to its accidental getaway boat is a Clinton month the bank in. I had a third picture was the most devastating I've played part of the reason why. As human beings for the most part we are the slowest animal a replay I mean we try out ideas out. Yeah and Houston Anaheim and saying I'm on the ground I had their means. I mean hell it looked like WW lead me. I mean it's our most protected if it goes comes action could you. There's like nobody's looking dead I want yeah I have ever want to buy and every day man then. They have babies and everything I just to keep on walking he's got a big throw punch and opinion that Bruce was at. Actually I always as easy garden some of coming in Lebanon as a result Arnold I promise I mean look me in your your podcast partner. Very high on whatever drugs you're rumble we were in Oregon and Vermont to decent we're gonna go like that's what goes we are the same thing you like how tough can they be. Ted I don't know averaged slightly three every turn around and looked at us like you want to do this. We took another fifth floor and man I'm signed today are down man and both Muslims each other and we all laugh because Russell stoned. Yeah well man I'm telling you. It's like your biological parents that don't do and don't think good to start a fireball like all of his d.s bodies played alternatives look imaginable like man you know what we're doing. A new survey found the top five conversation buzz filled back and crush your chances on a date. And what they are my opinion on his all the time or politics or religion those go there at Sebring in a controversial topic Fiat. Talking about yourself hold them. Enough New Jersey Nate and lesbians negative it's also actually do you think if I don't really dating for so it's negativity are talking too much. Bringing a controversial topics using cheesy one liners. It's only game I have. You can continue to think big large deficit and Smart and that's all you got the one might as well I don't know if they'll let that you've got an idea bug you Megan McGrath I'd. How loud they. I did a poor job and then. We knew. Marty got the date it directly to an easy one liners. I would date a hundred I don't know I don't have an error while I don't I never heard of those before this is. This is amazing thing I would love to see is an action I think about it you've already got the day Doug drafted but now all. Think he's the face it it is just battle one liners walk ten minutes after the other after the other how long are they gonna sit there today. I would like the film that there was a browser Brasilia at seriously. Does he with a waiter waitress is around Madonna's like Amir I consider myself minutes according to a new study days we will have if this. A new study found why you can't keep up with your kids apparently kids are actually just about as fit as a professional athletes yeah. Yes really I think you have to Wear them out to even get them to go to sleep right the way you know it ages. What ages. I oh by September 11 ahead dog the dog park you know where members every day. Laura has coral they don't smoke they don't drink a me. They even tell me why is more abate the man power right there if unemployment goes smokeless cigarette that bullet there's nothing wrong with that. Of course they can go into the lungs no matter enough on the over that. And news survey found rather had them had people compare fast and rivals to see who makes better stuff between McDonnell diverting them make better for us. The doubts McDonald's lands of course between Domino's and Pizza Hut who's better. Fees. Domino's. Deadbeat tiebreaker. They domino Donald Lance is. Subway and quizzed nose or sentenced. So guess subway just based on the number of locations. Death of a future. Here what is the best way. Doesn't advance evident according muted study flattering at 43% of Saturday 60% of Friday how many do you think that Monday. EE zero money damn person no no I don't think I don't know and so there's the president your birthday can't talk to somebody who works in a restaurant are far NASA knowledge fun it is going out on Monday. Tried to nobody dared raise you another bartenders right. Let's bring your friends that's great said through. Do you remember a few weeks back when 1920000. Cases of beer were stolen in Canada yes it was goals I have an update right here who you do until a guy how about a our. God they might not headlines are only one hour from now they're very good. Through treasonous. Yes throw over to police are on how profile this is playing I sure can miles that's a simple game where we share a few real life news story something that happened right here on planet earth. And if you listen to the story. Based on the stereotypes you believed to be true of people and the decisions that people make the last few and it is you think makes the story the story. Hello are all welcome to the men's room. I saw. Are all you understand others are games played. Indeed fantastic you'll probably hear the story later commendable in my heart but it is worth. Now let's face it it is bad enough to be detained for crime you did not commit. But it's worth what led to attention leads do you I don't know nearly three weeks in the back of the van deprived of a bathroom. A Virginia man he's suing for that very reason he says he was arrested in September 2016 and Winchester Virginia. Top told them that the car he was driving have been reported stolen in Houston Texas so he was there and extradited to Texas. But that became an eighteen day trip in a private prison transport bay. Now the guys lawsuit. Which he filed against Robert extraditions prisoner transportation services of America. And its parent company he says that he in the thirteen or so others were crammed the demand they received small amounts of water occasional fast food. But he was denied hypertension medication and due to no bathroom breaks he spent much of the seven state trip city unions own the human waste as well as others. Human rights. No illusions like these brown disabled common in private prison trend more may have been the goal is to big government of prisoners around the nation as possible. It's cost efficiencies. Ball when he finally arrived in Houston he couldn't walk and blood pressure spiked to a ball 200. We've done a respectable number bull 130. Is considered high he's 200. By the way to both we and the charges against them they were dismissed burned I he had counseled guard center outside but. This guy that sad and approved Phil man for eighteen days do you believe that he is black and white to make steel or other. I'm so. He was picked up in DC Virginia. Picked up a virginity the car according to the cop the car he was driving been reported stolen through extradited to Texas. And it took them eighteen days of depicting Obama prisoners eighteen days you from Virginia Texas and in that time not a single bathroom break etc. And that's why you know guys were sitting in piles of government cracked. And. Hum. Opera's. It's a different world. OK okay so what do you Kennedy you're getting opinion. He bought the car in Texas now he's a Winchester Virginia. We never had other. I don't know what is say he's not white. But I would say hello you either black Mexican or other. You know or denounce three in the form off brag I'm just eliminating the white man because I don't think that he would be at three weeks in advance. Maybe he could use and it's indeed an atomic. Right exactly down by the river I mean I'm with you I would think. To that they would think you're right it's just a private prison. And the regulations who did their regularly writes I don't know if they care they don't know color as much as some might do or just. Put everybody in the same now. I just can't leave it even legal leaps and human waste all the private prison and is about a month. You're right won't things almost not a whole lot of racing mobile minutes is passed from Miami the private prison is the state flower of Arizona grad. Can remember it or not authorities there are tops of mind in some races were now I have an Odyssey white. Are all worried on. Towards black almost one final answer. I only all right we'll find out if he was black white Mexican or other next. With the tee you're listening to the men's or radio network. Listen miles. I think there's a guy was driving in Winchester Virginia gets pulled over finds other scars in fact stolen and it was stolen I guess it takes a lot of dealers. He isn't getting arrested because they believe that he stole the puck so. Three weeks later he's still in jail transport van a private prison style one no bathroom it to the occasional break their human waste and I guess he had medical condition as well which I hypertension motorist who kind of crazy stuff anyway was eighteen days in that van. They're really going out of and now does this legal matter moved out of fifty other people's lives. I'll look oral we ask you do you believe this guy was black white makes you or others. And an end to a black. My main city men who need them instead. Relativity is all that time or do time in jail. Countless hours in front of the talking. Presents. Yes got a friend. If friends. There are some yeah some good friends Loescher you have absolutely everybody needs friends strength could have a good social circle around him and then sometimes you meet somebody. I united we've all done that's like you me take a friend of a friend and don't you become like really tight with aperture ordering just click yeah yeah yeah he's had. Send out the middleman. Sometimes you meet somebody you just get along the good news is our president has a new friend they seem pretty tight. It is here he is talking with the French president. The problem. I don't know what I got room mark how harrowing for growth the problem was everyone I heard say yesterday they even on the would you syllables. But they all put the accident on the difference a global someone I don't know what's more cold more cold. I got caught the parental pressure for a few days very dapper man yes he's younger man but truck notice that Rollins side to help them. Mr. President do all saying what a great relationship we have and their actually correct it's not fake news finally it's not take yourself. It's a great honor that you know but we do have a very special. Relationship and background. It'll if we have to make a book. He has perfect. Delaware man well it VoIP enter if I get knocked me off I just. French president's pretty clean I know did knocking it off even though there and then have a really. Well it's I can't drop your shirt man I believe that but we are not heads of state. Yeah who don't like look man it'll look at who's saying that they didn't get along. And really anybody did they were saying how well these two get a bit. Yes everything we did actually we do get along different fan and actually do that they DC new religion but he had he needs sell some books. And it's just you know. One analyst nice yeah. I just anxious to know just a weird kind of crazy yeah yeah diamonds did you view the videos of the mentioned they cleaning and an analyst at least side by side and my intro so I would say this is like. He looks that I am in all I know what kind of a weird handshake thing going on so understandings of a sudden from socially. Remember your loss figure Obama mocked but when he looks over the dude you can tell you know this is the dandruff. But instead it put you look at the TV viewer evils HD instantly knew we would have nothing but. Like you can tell he was distracted by this as a dad wouldn't allow the fact and I wanna say he was ordered brushing your shoulder imposed under divine the inventor who are dead in your era like the pop it. Yeah yeah well that's always a question we'll think to a good males walking on the street now in front of me this tag mistaken and assured that my instinct. Talk that sucker back you don't touch a button I hate I thought they don't I'm sure I got another guy halo and I feel they crossed the street as it right and usually you know over. Tags that but I did I say hey man I have like your tax thicken up because that's the new style. Well that was the joke of an area like yet tags and I don't know life. Hash tags. Right eye opener that was by instinct would just pop that Dan and therefore totally aware that would be kind of straight I'm glad I didn't guys touch and iPad coworkers do it. They don't somehow I notices odd and I don't care but it's you never know what's coming later from a water glass and like you feel you're sure removing some behind and you know that is put tagged you people takes our taps tomorrow. Do people take stuff at your goatee. No but people will be able to Heyman and they've they do the best point. And you look at other beard people sometimes we'll just like to beat me because we all happily give your although another beard though. Vehicle just reaching a pain and that all of my I think farmers and I don't wanna do and I'm one or bigger personal space and also I don't want to season beard. Thanks to elude our resume my bears migrate but I will say that we give me a break earlier today. I'll walk him out studio and robbed while sluggish economy and Robert grad to do issue ice and if you had sneezed. And as she hands Symbian says amen I'm I'm looking out for. There's clearly been viewed as Broder and all I thought well I tell you what Clinton did a good thanks man. Core I didn't have a border she did to me gee it's a huge helicopter and you know I would not put that I'm like dude couldn't get Havana. That I felt weird going alcoholic him open got Arnold so I don't know but I would assume you've been knife yes. I'm sort doughnut could do there is. Contestant on the college edition in jeopardy any said that if he won he'd spend it on Taco Bell bullies some of that he didn't believe he's a speculative. All type of love it. They think how Lola Taco Bell well he did not win Taco Bell though they say it is 500 dollars in gift carts. Dale even on the Taco Bell a lot of food at Taco Bell bottoms don't go ahead and a long long way and you know a lot of stuff Dahlia my beautiful on the rest of his college. Now is obviously knows gonna happen next party he got the right to do like dude. If you goal and everybody's toggle back if you can get whatever you want you're gonna get everything you want sure. Yeah as you can put the soft tacos in the refrigerator they're good for release today yourself. Yeah breezy cold. You don't represent all 500 dollars and one sitting fell one dollar a long way away economic depression like a 500000 soft on Google doesn't freeze I one yeah I don't remember exactly what grandchild if I have the money I need to spend it if I'm not out I don't get our golf totally because I wake up tomorrow I don't want to go for lunch and a dog goes for luncheon and does bring a whole bunch well I think what's gonna happen if you wake up tomorrow and don't want taco floodwaters still lose tonight it will bring in all over the everyone will eat it and I have nothing left. Yes 500 dollars in soft taco longer. Just no way about iCloud I found out until I dropped like 25 bucks not talk looks. He ever take a fall in the house. Yeah yeah I don't totally gone that being home. Have a vote back there is that I did and I like that excitement that let you have a vault. My pal got up five or six years ago man I was kind of caught me at around enough cannot figure out what the hell's wrong isn't one of my neck her why my header went in my shoulder. I'm anonymously block. I do remember taking a better man down the steps I mean just boom boom but it to me like three days to remember that I did it. And I think we're smoking outside Els and that some that have been going on for days I do promise to darling a bruised sore feet up and I don't know apparently just too darn those who want and that's I think lament appeals or external but. I wouldn't know right if I can I crash then supplement animals he sounds like his an IRA man is again as an analyst who can beat up. Like series of elegant been beat up and all the sudden I could I can visualize what happened I remember those that. Oh yeah I thought this out just don't know really macro. I'm totally new and haggard I don't I followed all together other outlets writer Meredith I remember tumbling impeding an Elena my feet. The bottom of thinking that didn't hurt nearly as bad as it should look. You can take it I've ever having had a lot like wow I I cannot park court threw that somehow strangely enough. Look Carrie Underwood is a very popular. A country music artists also an actress and leave she then. Our TV show about people say they use is called Nashville. Oh OK what did that would make sense now make this a hundred musical he gets about country music people that saying. Thought Nashville also not going to lose your town in Tennessee he fell right on market event. Anyhow Carrie Underwood she was kind of gone for awhile but she took a fall she had to have some surgery on her face don't worry she still looks like Carrie Underwood which is good thing. But she tells the story and it's kind of crazy out just don't know. I was taking the dogs out. Ten go PP on time and I believe I. I just I trips and there was one step and I went to I didn't let go at least his priorities. Sets I Valentin is fine but I went to catch myself and I just missed a step. I've fallen anywhere else I would have been perfectly fine that it was one. One step at best she can have. Don't takes man's death you ever step like offer an extra step but it's not there they are feeling pots all call. And let me how to donate if I was really dial Thomas says he's you have you to do my job was yeah tough stuff like the ball well but you you generally follow this Miley question. I don't know anything about Carrie Underwood other then did know her boyfriend it's best. Do you think there was an alcoholic beverage involved. Not necessarily in from Iraq not all goes well yes because I walk the dog. Who do one last piece of doing an event but doesn't what last. Danner you're just home. Whatever into one last piece of this point and go to Jay-Z. More like oh downfall is going to be one of the walks it would be that India yeah it's an expense. I I just horrible I think and now rob and our tournaments of late is that this big thing that she's unveiled her new faces an apple like I've in a good life. It's still bush Kerry underwhelmed. Was she had forty stitches in her face those little thing with this word stitches down so they they just assume with your face and having forty stitches it surely you'd be able to see. I tells me later it ripped her mouth will carry on woods money I don't think you see them I think with our money you'd see. It came with Tammy Kerry CBC jammies in the rally you know ten we don't care if she looks like stitches yes she looks faced issues affect every put her own stitches in. I can do it with fishing line yeah I'm Cuba that we don't care. I won't stop the bleeding and I'll make him as we've got eight we got to look out for pat questionnaire that Friday that keep the ship. I have watched enough crazy movies and bite gangster cowboy movies in a one thing if you can do stitches and you're doing them at home on somebody. It's a ridiculous there would be to do what you gotta say some cool it. But two Denham wants you know. I think the guy knows that he's always has good life well is that the the first movie I saw were it was self administered stitches there was first blood. Sylvester Stallone or three Rambo three point John Rambo before Rambo became action here. That was toilet after trying to escape from the cops I jumped almost clintons goes crashing through all these evergreen tree. And no it's semesters long and all even his pain sounds down on her resume in about ten or eleven years knows most of the Bhutto has. And his line and they didn't even need. Go to the study it like it was the Carmelo try to get a piece of story we're government usually. Wasilla a pine needles. You are out at least it's not and a member of the Kim I'm like OK like I recognize him that's bad asthma on both. I remember wanna be that bad I don't ever want you so glad that Saddam in the situation right got to jump ball all the clipped the trees you know a lot of things through movies like that but I know if I have a gunshot wound. Today it Solder was something hot. And I got to put a piece woodham and notarized okay I got arrived at every count all the wanna get everything out that there's a couple things I've learned sodomized and myself. We've established some Bentley if you visit Paris you have to view the Eiffel Tower outside her hotel. Dean and visit DC he'll reveal the nation's capital or Washington monument at worst no matter where you use stale portal and what are we got taller than six doesn't matter of miles you can't help right you have those birds I knew what effect that rivals to at least they're looking thing if something evil like something inhumane is after you that they mild stir some kind of creature. As long as you don't turn around physically see it it's not gonna do to think it. Yeah right right you don't walk behind it and as long did you go turnaround in my walk with you all the way home. But if you turn Ronald look at it. That's the only time of piling on I don't put their hands on the back your shoulders right squeezes them and also if you do get shot in a movie and you happen to be with the body. And he's gonna call Verizon wound. As a dare and I don't know why this has been as a guarantee he also as a model was. He's got the whiskey this can be you do got to hope you never play well you've been shot and suddenly he produces those bottle object and was it you didn't know we had. But luckily he's got it. You know to help you resumed. These are the guarantees a moment. I'm. You know. Seems weird saying this because I think politics or entertainment are thoroughly intertwined now that same thing apparently a yeah I mean people Everest what difference. But I'd say probably leave the big east. Family in America are made the world her all this occurred action against short. So Courtney guard actually end. She's one of the lesser known ones but you know everybody that is still cart bashing and rights issue to congress I did hear I don't of the sister and Randy Jackson still Jackson I ever think well yeah. I'd but I read somewhere that she they had to sign waivers they could be on keeping up with the current active about Bosnia that's real for the congressman writes that she was there and I guess that like got licensed just like hey guys I mean it's just procedural vote late. If we're going to show your face you actors trying to relieve eye it just hilarious and Al Judy came over here are some good thoughts a cart action in congress. Future president according card dashing in appeared before. This afternoon that's congress for the K by the way they change his former. Corning was there to talk about tort reform and its impact on the judicial system now she's they're talking about make up. She's there to call its worst safer ingredients in cosmetics that's right the woman whose family invented injecting fix a flat in your lips and by. Didn't want to do it. Casting rumors say will make up. Got a solid point. Yeah. Yeah yeah yeah paid. Well but the flip side of that you can also make an argument like look. If any family we could make we would really benefit from safer make up it's also probably the cart action. And I've also noticed. It seems like if you're attractive and you put on a pant suit your powerful. I don't know Kourtney Kardashian is powerful not in this they're hearing right now like. He's got a big usually Wear an opportunity to talk a pantsuit I just noticed that has attractive women in pants suits they're just super powerful back Hillary Clinton. But Hillary got a bunch of heat for everything normal we are to me sometimes a dislike. Some of these people. I don't know who they are gonna take that as a very attractive woman should have very good there Ellen Stewart but I just don't understand what makes ladies just as they're good looking a powerful. Yeah I mean where's like Hillary Clinton over multi. They don't know do I bring girl that well anything that comes and that they put somebody in a suit they generally look pretty good amid the government. I'm not know those are his vote no one's relationship secretary African states rights and I'm. You can question her power but turn into an attractive if you break Oracle's here or whatever car mass generals on the court who Courtney and I. Who is as irrelevant as anything could possibly me I assume she's not ugly could she's a cart bashing him and anyone's heard oh she puts on a pantsuit right maintain. If Connie and NASA may usual borrow Hillary Clinton or whatever Pharmerica weren't targeting go Hillary bargain things done that matter. Yes I do I thought it was a great she's. Are now make up that it can't come powerful feels like. So powerfully I don't even know what happened in the human with the congressman relate Amy you really F this one up and this is not out of your products off the block and a dozen of the powerful position but. That was just something I picked up your powerful you can exact some kind of change. Richard Gere. There's always weird rumors around and all deny this one yes was yes it was well they kill the whole habit trail thing and yes get up. Are you comedians out there 68 year old Richard care recently married his 35 year old girlfriend he did good for him is he's really always had a trial. It's been tough for him as far as will he doesn't totally blow no yeah Brock never been known loosely for prostitute on the aluminum and she's been four Richard do you feel bad for him. I don't know I was fine and I guess you saw the look he'll let others said George Clooney and say hey. Man if you can make and I guess the Newington new ugly on talented son of a bitch so how does he 606568. Okay. Man he's and 68 doesn't seem like and time plus. You know what I'm a mile that story is really depressant so just tell you Roseanne who continues to dominate well sorry man that one moment for small little phone sex cult leader. Rosen and continues to dominate ratings but of course you can't talk radio to TV without talking about. Ed CIS. All do you think mark Harmon's ever gonna call from the president. Yes no president trump like me love summer school. And CI yes I don't blew open and was stuck with this week I didn't wanna tell you the ordinary in the top ten and of course and CIS. Los Angeles. You want to say again the printing money at the end the idea that you're going to a local didn't think his limbs torn our anyone deserves a Daytona hosts. That are Merman soprano line. Safe deadly Brazil we got down migrate your headlines got another minute you're listening to the men's or radio network. We are Swiss miles. No see what's happening in the real. Ohio Florida or might come to an oil naked moaning man stroking it honor patio and it. When you are innocent but spent eighteen days and a prison transport sand covered in pool B situation does blow. The public's grocery store worker doesn't your customer and get punched in the back. Schools are removing analog blocks against kids can read them in the ultimate irony attack and all our customers video goes viral for no apparent reason. It is time for your headlines. It's time day. Yes it's Mike Cox. Had not sure we have a breaking news updates oh we got to Montreal Canada for the latest update in the case of this stolen cases of beer. Thanks to a tip police were able to locate and recover a little over half the cases of missing there. A little over half a little alternates they drank a lot of them or they've got at least they got. Somebody's got their rest of it. Right sure they'll start somewhere else I'd beef jerky they couldn't find that true and one other item that I don't know that we covered or not it was those like Jacqueline pepperoni and deaths as a it was a perfect high scores on news. It was definitely a demo it was not a group of ladies because you're right the right path. You know and that's the first thing I thought as we got to Fresno I've profiler not Thelma and Louise. What do dragons we believe these suspects all of you know this guy is. Because they ideas like with Cherokee he needs to be aired fig Newton basically glass Rizzo looking for a group liberal criticism or woman named Tammy death and shell peanuts. Threat coming out there. In other news we go to Vermont where a woman was shopping is out of a public supermarket was having trouble locating whatever Adams. But you version located and employees straightening out one of the shelves and despite multiple attempts to gain the attention of the employees she just continued history of the jokes. The saying you're the woman she lashed out by striking the employee in the back. That's on the employee found a turnaround did her best to inform the customer that she was bold step and partially blind. Probably. I don't care what you toss. I think it's easy to convince people that run every student body know or don't know I guess it's. She didn't give the customer pad of paper and a pen and help to find your items despite multiple takes of footage managers were unable idea how is that possible. Thank you still held the world rely yeah I don't know how it all now part of this if you put your hands up we didn't. And your notes and I am still helping new pressures. Some very graphic thanks. Do you knows I'm there which no okay. Form an out of Florida woman was awakened at 2 in the morning to a strange moaning noise coming from outside her home. She would do investigations and a man on her porch stark naked sprawled out and violently master mating on her porch you violent violent act. Yes. Half. Please regarding our fleet purchase. Yeah sorry Iran like Iraq. Their pleas for college he was arrested in terms of lewd and lascivious behavior. Died what is Rowland has sent this headline will read this week a new story says quote schools are removing analog clock from exam all the teenagers cannot tell the time deserve place streaky go for kids the US just if those only is there. Eight I love that goal is there any level exam glasses. One that you take down the ABCs and elementary school gym upon walking the kids can't read write heads out of schools not been heard from three hood. God man. Janet a wind direction at a Wal-Mart is going viral online video still demand component here in the inner comments at a Wal-Mart thing for all the here customer needs assistance sporting goods on the customer. Hasn't really headline that I have my car. As out and learn to expand the big dummy had seven now so as your live profile visible during its heels with a shot of the day here is indeed it is all true but as you know in the meantime we all about him right. So until tomorrow please know what you do best and poorly this thing. It's day.