04-25-18 Seg 1 Mens Room feels ill

Wednesday, April 25th

Mens room question: Who or what are you sure got you pretty sick?


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He would sure love to hear is real. So this radio program. So yeah. Trying to look. Let's send anymore. There's our. Lord. Invited to join the party. This news. Other than secrecy. This is the they say. Or radio more than three times. I don't know why they go Minnesota we're 2812. Along with Steve the pro hill. To Ted spread you all couldn't ball. And why can't. Mac. Yeah I remember a. Yeah today and return a hoot Sox last. The word has annoying up lingo you only here at the work place. Get ready to play profile this plus headlines mr. Jonathan a fumble listener emails. And everyone's favorite TV time with tales like bacteria are doing el portal and makes up two oil naked moaning man stroking it on her patio. Half of them are men Syria where you are innocent to Clinton in eighteen days and a prison transport van covered include the situation truly does blow. Jeff publix grocery store worker doesn't your customer and get punched in the bag. Schools are removing analog clocks in schools because kids can't read them in the ultimate irony attack. And I want our customers video goes viral for no apparent reason that is all coming on today's very special episode of the men's room. Here's a question. All love. Bench is good daisy you and yours all right you've probably heard but the Centers for Disease Control. They've issued a nationwide warning against eating Romaine lettuce. I've been saying the same thing for years in my case I think remaining days like I don't know Satan to boot toll. But the CDC they issued its warning because of an outbreak of E. Coli. Andy Cole lie in addition to potentially killing you. Can also give you bloody diarrhea fever and vomiting those believed kidney failure and more. Funeral eat the Romaine. And Washington State there's a listeria scare. But in this case it popsicle. We'll try popsicle are the culprit so cases though but took Saber chairing pineapple monster pops. I capable sugar free twelve Bob from being recalled. Because the possible listeria contamination like E. Coli listeria and give you the bloody heard these words but also headed. Confusion and loss of balance and a few other fun things. But sometimes just the thought of something can make you sick woman in England found that out when she found a use a condom and her pale. Chicago way at all know those of those the condom will described as well this is a well. Stained it would payers a town hall. Offense is vulnerable lol yeah scale of the data about Jay and they need the condom which you do don't you think it's. You've got Leo. So listen ma'am. There's a lot of reasons why I've gotten sick man you know. Appeared to relate to different kids made your kid got to sit maybe for renteria. Maybe use food poisoning but today we won't know. Cool or what are you pretty shore got you sick kid brother Joseph got a four point 999 only you can like the men's room on FaceBook follow us on tournaments survive fans in those emails to the men's room at men's in my dot com. You are listening to the men's or radio network. Did you see you. True. Does now I realize there's a number 2812. Little hard. Gerard programming created a try to return all blue Sox last and once again the word has more annoying lingo that you. Only here at working in the office this list changes every single year as buzz words and phrases in the just the basic gleaned goal of business works words come and go sometimes your. Outside the box which is not one of those this year that's coming gone there's more annoying stuff out there what what profession do you think is most responsible for contributing news or one president have too many meetings. It seems like Nike ads have a lot of meetings are the stupid lingo yeah that's a part fashion or just the corporate world in general bright it is but I just feel like there's probably a professor somewhere in there where the lingo Italy the bleeds out everywhere. But you know damn well do I'll say oh your bleeds into it bleeds into. Dumb stuff like analysts doing NFL mock coverage on the draft. This guy checks all the boxes all this crap it's the same. Crappy. Boring ass lingo that is used all the time account puts you to sleep and that's why. For me I have a really hard time to even get excited about the NFL draft it when you think about it just in general. It's kind of like betting on horses. Is not that your not gonna win every once in awhile but the majority of the time there's a reason why gamblers. Don't win every time they play. And in the house makes money because most of the time you're gonna lose so. Cabinet part of enjoy the sport is the wraps the draft all all Jessica that's not goggles for last six seconds on top. Yeah I mean football's design made who's been the overwhelming amount of retirement and sport doing something other of the monster. Like baseball you know nothing's happening but at least they have the decency to kind of be on the field. I get things weren't that happened maybe they could spring a football what what do plays Ghana vertically on the diagonal to sign an army and a fellow saw me like everything waffle bar love the sport we'll Trace amount most of the game was spent. Talking based. Checking your boxes talking to immediately go because he got six seconds were playlist is upside kids that are that are well and they after all that time now. Wrecked it it so the words Scott doesn't annoy Glendale you only hear a work in today we're going to be talking about who were once. These are pretty sure got you sick now we. We all know a lot of people. And how they define their sickness there are certain people out there. There are 100% positive more so they seem. On how things happen in their lifetime I know people who say yeah I get a headache this morning and never I didn't drink my coffee. Right social. The reason that they got a headache is because they didn't get the morning caffeine short not is that true is it not what you know your body maybe it is maybe it is. We used to work with a guy who was a German Pope and he would walk into the bathroom. And he would have a paper towel on the sand and he would use the paper towel and to touch the knob. And he would use that paper towel during the entire time that he was in the bathroom until the point where he was leaving many with throwing away once he got to his own office you're. This kept him from in his own mind getting sick to be fair I don't know the Baghdad are still in contact with. I don't know that I have ever seen him sick well. I have seen him on against a Graham many times those mini bottles of preventative. Care medication but has he ever been he's a hypochondriac and drama Fulbright without question but that said. For all the drama phobia and hyper condor a month to his credit ma'am I never see does do say it I'm a family member that for a while was not allowed to ride the bus or any type of public transportation. For fear that he would bring something home because his wife was under the impression that that's where you've got sick was on public transportation. Well doesn't go on to help its own reputation but our job. But let's face it like anything else can I can bring home more. Most of what you experience on the bus what you bring home with the conversation not not not something detrimental have you set aside the person on the airplane is wearing the surgeon mask was not in fact going to a surgeon convention I have not sat next to seeing them get on the plane with the knowledge wonder are they worried about getting sick which is so. Or are they sick and trying to spread I don't know but what I like a more now. You like to Sergio the certainly do because there's a certain times that you just Colbert two or three days that you are contagious oh yes I'm hoping they don't know the only error Thursday's good you're hoping your children ages and they're doing the right thing yeah I like it they're not anywhere near to where I'm I'm assuming they're sick and they're trying to be cool you say that we think you're right I think your own bed I wouldn't do it at me and another that I hate people it's not that I just like I've been sick before all right new only giving the cold I still got on the plane and got on the bus from. In all you'll you'll cover your mouth when you sneeze and almost kind of thing but inevitably. I'm more in the surges rise I'm still spreading my germ I think I think they'll column I had my hand on the door is like that comfort animal I think you'd like to give the person the benefit of the doubt right and if you walked up Tillman found out that something really traumatic happened in their life and obviously this there's a reason why this person's gonna bunny rabbit on a slap. If I feel terribly wrong depends duet if you ask something tragic aboriginal parents died in a fiery plane crashing and means she's unemployment or grab a nine year old woman's got a comfort you know rabbit on a live look. Urged guy. Finale in as gimme me but look I might do down I want says she's just smuggle in a rabbit on you know. If you say you need to come for animal doesn't matter whether not a believe view it's more the animal you have this is whether or not. I'm gonna be incredulous about the UN lead all with few or even a cat or god forbid you have African monkey I assume that's stupid things strain. I don't look man I don't know to deal is but. But don't let the scope but if you're sitting there with your what we've heard it peacock. But Turkey like I listened I don't want every you're going to tell what ever you say went south in your life that this animal is your. Comfort animal a Turkey and I do not believe. I didn't even if you're totally remove this fake it would dogs I don't know I believe any of the domino either saying that I know I don't believe with the dogs come only within minutes and try to but the tart but look here there's the Deborah with the dog. You might be lying because everyone runs the com and everyone can go online to get this right at and I don't care but what a Turkey. I thought her heat in what is wrong with you that a directors said it all the animals on the face of the the things you'd need because he your condition. Is paternalism that really finding out your superior animal is like the league's schools I am nobody wants that if somebody's got to duck of a Turkey I don't believe a page. On her lap whenever and I get off that plane and I start sneezing and my nose starts running you don't what does that thank god dammed up. And maybe had nothing to do with the duck it's not but maybe the guy who had to duck got me sick I don't know the mine mine is going to be like you know what that Dan duck on the second probably doesn't kind of you know like some kind of ducked. Well what you're saying you don't like the people that have an excuse for why they're sicker blade so I don't know about limiting the jolly Brenda but either out of my number 100 million almost to be decided dock on an airplane well how would it doesn't pay 400 dollars difference to clean up who's been excellent dog that's exactly the same thing than ever. Paramount employee and there's a dark and appeals like the one thing I don't think gave me a disease that as a human is a debit is the Dutch turned up the animal that I feel stupid to be on the plane at least that is the least likely as far as I know. To give me the common culture capture. We all know on we also of quite sometimes run routes and have brought up the subject of drinking. I visit Democrat is a temporary sickness it's known as a hang over how the next day. But we all do that thing where it's. We blame things that probably aren't the thing the last hour blend right or why don't we lash out why he drew a crowd I get a never should have taken that shot a fireball that such and such botany. Thank you had fifteen shots of Jack Daniels and twelve Beers before you do that. It is not fireballs fault. But Terrelle and I've done that you've got a should've done that lash out what did you your various sounds all night not last one bad round nothing. To do with anything and I mean when Sherron that we we should elect its fire code right so. If they say look me in only seventy people should be and restaurant you decide to put ninety people were in front of the fire maybe twenty people die did you overstep. This is it good that we treat it like that but that's not how were solid your body said you know. Yeah an eighteen shots to the course of July 4 write your 40 you're gonna have been 91. Mel you're gonna feel bad for Marmol and you did just fine if you stop with the eighteen shots that you yeah yeah exactly. We do odds and everybody just everybody blamed the one that's not your normal drink. Yeah Nadal fireball standards. A tanker job a laugh. It would go to boarding Khazei India us and people call a dirty secret the situation is pretty dirty there is tons and tons of poop all around Anchorage Alaska. Most human move. Dog poop but that doesn't even gets from our nothing formerly wild animals it's pretty gross but he Morse as a story says. It's making people sick. All group carried germs bacteria parasites viruses so being in contact would dog poop as with any Pope. Could cause you to be sick. Others according to the Muni department of health and human resources and when I say sake I'm talking about having diarrhea. Stomach cramps fever chills sweats really not feeling well the whole moral virus type thing. These city estimates that just in Anchorage alone there are 65000. Dogs in town those dogs produce an average of more than. 48000. Pounds of poop Embry. Single. Day and every day you know every single day she you have a town was 65000 dogs. 40000 pounds of poop every day. Clearly most people aren't touching the poop and but it can make you sick the city says the germs from the fecal matter as one of the largest cause of water pollution in the streams and creeks around Anchorage. Additionally one way to get sick is when someone takes off issue that is walked over proven doesn't wash our hands. Oh he'll wash your hands you know you give him maybe get your hands close your mouth whatever that's like getting a bacteria in your system. The officials who approve day if you're wondering in Anchorage Alaska is on April the 28 if you wanna get involved involved in those in scoops and poop. Troops blew through some group or a bit there's a tree there's a train right now that still stuck in Alabama better. It is still an Alabama. It when you realize they caused some type of there's there's a really neat way that they clean up the story it's like bio waste. It's not it's human fecal aren't any move bio waste. What they do still wanna play it's it's it's yeah homes literally. Hundreds of tons of herds it is sitting on the train and Alabama and can easily be hot there but the reason the people of Alabama are so very upset about us not just the top and it's it's literally. Tom do you waste. It's not even vendors this stuff is actually shipped for me you know we all know so just understand like it's bad enough to have this probably. If you went home and nurses who put all your toilet right you're going to be upset would you be more upset if you were not responsible for an. So there's a train full of species stuck in your town whenever there is in none of it is even produced by a citizen of your state that's that that's that that's I don't know why we look at how that's New Orleans in earlier in and only at somebody else closure to a yeah yeah it's it's grace if you look at Alabama on the on on the map a boy whatever you whatever the surveys says. Alabama's gonna be 49 or fiftieth in the only come competition it has as West Virginia. So they thought I Mississippi you knows that gather an attitude but. It in my home city West Virginia they have been. There in the business of garbage and even in the business of garbage for decades when your read the story it's unbelievable it's not New York. It's New Jersey it's Boston it's Philly it's all the major seaboard Baltimore Washington DC all the high populated areas Wilmington Delaware they've all got to get rid of their trash and approved and everything someplace sure. So they use to halt to West Virginia and for me I think you notice the man I'm well are without but that was like these drugs would just come in with all this crap and then it. Initially. They started to dump all the stuff into abandoned coal mines make sense UIR back miles and miles and miles and miles underneath the mound yeah. Odds and they realize that the during waters sort of get really funky and unruly about better wasn't good and then they stop doing that they still have so Indiana right to do what they do it was a day of an added more they built their own hole where water wasn't in the air yet and then they cover it up. So the landfills in West Virginia are just continually Doug and covered like. Let compost basically the just trash straight up trash but. For West Virginia it's a businessman is the only business ahead right throw me that's got a job and won't want to play hey guys this little one business we can do that. And and I guess a lot of people sick there as well who want to are you pretty sure got you sick 844999. Cola told trashing troop deaths and making people sick hello Roberts welcome to the men's room. One goal our guys and wow it's all up. All I would overt to a wedding and all they know my 'cause then yeah what the current structure and on the ball all that that era and although the the pawn that over there on the campus. They cannot keep blowing the Biden go eat dinner later. Being their parent go back on to well about 10 o'clock at night a certain get no more in the stomach. And up. I bought it for 510 minutes after I go to the bathroom. And then proceeded to. How rugged blue Angel and Luke are blow up in the bank at the same time. Or the next 89 hours yes did you not you know. Well it all came out and they and so did so I'm not. No there as well fortified it's been between sessions are going to fight and win it. Blueprint the world group would grow up boy I force myself to drink water about dry even admit that you don't pick. And up. Well the night when I bought Lamar and importantly. And my body buried there are so no blood and our girl. Blue though hotel where it is my wife that. Okay. Why is there is. No independent. Dom and I know twelve year old daughter. I always uses their two it would no but I really did you know you're double edged Ernie Els is using your new your vote. We are moving in a rumor everyone is in there you can smell it I mean look at the loom I would pull businesses me. I do I maybe need to get out of bed was put her daughter knows members went and on how the third thing that we don't know about the guy that you were thrown the football with that he gets sick. No no audio okay all right so your joy and now okay but did win what did you did you order the same thing their rule and Els did does that give Missouri good. They don't like all of a big what happened under the umpire well light. On gum in knee bar whatever an ice pick up the ball all the water a little bit and saying whatever forty minute player out our later. I need to look ordinary in this wash our hands are. We feel more. Or was it he said it was a wedding reception right. Yeah yeah so in theory is that there's that's got to be something unique because everyone else say that food as well the word. Let me having there was anybody else who said they were sick I guess so but I would argue others would if you touched. Obama and his guys situation in anything at times touched upon the unaudited. It's upon. It is the pond they got me say. Yeah I'm. Ending Taliban and catch a football guy and wash out than most media bosses and yeah we have already booked all animal guy on the I it's a good idea to wash your hands okay. I'm ailing and they were kids somebody within a school wash your hands. You're allowed to are you pretty sure got to stick a four point 999 all hope library golf coming up you are listening to the men's or write your network. Smiles. Seven. Members of a family are recovering from illness they say was caused by exposure to a toxic. Core hole in their home aquarium and Jay some love from mole above the core of all the aquarium secondhand from a business went out of business were had been on display. And transported it within its contents to his home in Quebec over the weekend. Now immediately after transferring some of the Australian corals all seven people in the home began to feel sick. We all started sneezing within minutes we were having chest pains and problems breathing. So after about three or four minutes of symptoms we went outside and called poison control and later in the hospital we had fevers and shaking and a bit of vomiting. Those who fell ill included his sixteen month old nephew. Five year old son and three year old daughter as well as his wife Cassandra who is six months pregnant so those mostly children this is not a good situation. A bond now learning of the families symptoms the Quebec poison control senator sent him an email to present to a tribes nurse at the hospital where they got triage shifts it. You warned that the Zorn did coral could contain a substance called up. Paoli toxin all not for what how we don't ingested could cause symptoms from vomiting and seizures. To respiratory failure resulting in death they had no idea. Shouldn't be comfortable quiz our whole aquarium and yes you feel it did warn you that. If they tell me not use my toaster in the bathtub you can certainly let me know that the coral amusing in my home tank tops Jason the husband stayed overnight hospital he was given an IV he took the brunt of it and he also got antibiotics his wife return to the hospital for further examination the next day. While the family members worry about their health including that of their unborn child. They're living without their belongings at the home of a family member they're afraid to go back into the home for fear the building is still contaminated with the toxic and that's how bad it wasn't how sick they work. Initially they were not offered help from authorities to clear up the property or even inspect the home where they normally operate a home daycare so it's even a business led to show that Rihanna well. I called over forty companies and nobody in this region can even touch that crap. The family was also informed that a hazardous materials team would not be called to respond although police have cordoned off the home with orange tape to. Want what is he supposed to do if even you feel like Hazmat right if all else fails Hazmat but he even has a man's not condone they're gonna bring in some some teams from other province instead of provinces to help. The man told who sold the aquarium. Told the CBC news it was purchased in eighty Marines gave saltwater aquarium retailer. In Ottawa he said that as a person in charge of maintaining the aquarium during its four years on display in his office. He handled its contents as safely many times he has no idea what happened but either way that was the cause of the family. Being sick in the home being contaminated who are what are you pretty sure got you sick 844999. Old. Hello old and low maybe he welcomed into the men's room. There. Yeah. I mean that. Everybody is sick from their kids are firm and we have like a reverse. Judy Garland are out fully my wife brought home. Pretty good shoot borrowed from workers something like that who knows. And then. So I steered clear her washing hands doing the whole nine. And touch you then. Passed it on to calm. My daughter who then pass it on super younger sister. And here's blasted in my house sort of week aspect of it went through everybody that I. Didn't get hit ice steered clear of everybody washing hair. Just like staying. But are pretty I had just like there's the kid I had a decent clear your neighbor all ladies take a crap on the same toilet but I mean also an adult would tell you late. Goes Lieberman don't get near me I'm sick kids in the exact opposite rents. I feel sick I need every thousand you have so let me hug you enough my nose run on you were your pulling my snot out of your beard release me right there are as clean no answer ever going to be one or the most contagious man how did you avoid it. I thought I was cold hearted. Living through my eyes are now wouldn't these hands on room Dick both of all of shepherds are. My a lot of weather alert hearing and I didn't have a job QWERTY Udinese dictates so I relate well like I am argued sick stay alert me I have to go to work. So here's your kids feel at all bad act underweight kids act on that feel like crap and you just like no don't country. Yeah pretty much steadily nudged him yeah I know it's. It's cold hearted. I think my brother Terry. We nominee I don't know if he's not bitter cold hearted deliberate or anyone else on earth you would avoid them enemy Lloyd you do try to avoid these kids but inevitably. Our hot streak yeah I rose high season has I would know anyway in the demo I probably could Vegas I'm about the good thing if I could get seated so I would avoided. But I don't know where it lives you know to me like I could defended not knowing you're at the know that much. Plural but are you pretty sure got you 6844999. Omar because go to Fairfax. Shenanigans continue on the men's room. Radio network.