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Friday, April 20th

Profile This, TV Time with Ted and Headlines!


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This is the men's room. I'm listening to. Was thrilled. It's those very mild take our 94 point 999 hole play profile this in miss. And we do Iger headlines on the way one hour from now first we're checking my cock for some of the stories and headlines he is. Not working out all right according to a new survey Tony 7% of us do some spring cleaning each year. 53% don't because they cleaned regularly and 13% admit they just don't really clean it off. Okay that's out there aren't. Coming out of both folks clean both know kids use that do but you still spring clean. I don't know what it does seem like somehow when I can open my windows comfortably let this happen on the back when their light comes and then you can actually sealed all learn the yes. The gas Aaron. A 34 year old woman a Delaware was arrested after she threw hot coffee on a convenience store employee and then pepper sprayed her. All because they messed the first sandwich order. Come on man I mean Obama meant I got asked the question we'll come some kind of sandwich policy sheets who while already do this went down. Back to my thought was issued to wallow going to be like Eleanor. Yeah that's another point still man I think is a steak steak and cheese. You look kind of sandwich not me also got me both we've also go to Lowe's how do you most open revolt so let's I'm glad I'm. Sure enough I'm guess I'm now on the organizers hope 47 no real estate agent in Florida was arrested for battery and try to get added by claiming she was famous. Because she was on one episode of and HGTV show called how close can I beach. Wow well things as you are listening New Zealand and I've never even heard of that. Yes double in Michigan who already had thirteen sons no daughters just had another baby eats those sun hits another lies damn. Give up world does do that and we've heard bill pretty much suddenly you know of fourteen children I know how much you wanna daughter I zap adopt one ice. Oh boy kidnapped one like it's okay it's no real rhyme or reason why some people have daughters who have sons or is that just kind of and it sometimes declined just keep playing and on Hampstead. And even after fourteen. You think like we are trying maybe there's something will you man Lee not this. A traffic sent to Washington State flashed a message use content could take it that was real does so well all those that you don't know let's go fight. Oh no you saw. They actually thought better than you some thoughts as you saw it that she she saw it you suck the DOT says it was a result of maturing in error. Come on now I wasn't so if this is our program there she used to here and there are ruining America. I gave me they simply don't matter I thought counselors. Yeah I do know there are some poor guy had a role Paul hall hall all do you think. And it seems that dale and I know liberals and agreed to a at Cornell he's poll ahead it's this in a new study says it did it and instead Obama daughter only makes you more data bull. 70% of people on the dating and Zeus said they want to date someone who cares about the environment these are organic condoms and I will fall off any moment I walk us. Know that I'm super green. Person that I mean I just recycle as he should recycle America's addition. You wanna date someone who's very specifically. Not ecologically away to a well known as the mean I don't know. They irregularities as a slave law I don't want someone who's completely different to a bit dubious cycle that we would collect a lot of the letter cabin amphetamine like those are your options like bold shore it's a gluten free analog nowhere. I news. It's not free and it's now. A new poll asked women what they life go about their husbands hold the top I'm very that's exactly does that could atop insulin is. He's a hard worker. Florida I can be myself around him what's that that's important he makes me laugh but it's important to hold smarts. And he's supportive. No they're all the same reasons anyone should like in Iraq. The great father's support of the make me laugh and I can be myself often Nigeria started. You know marriage materials. According to a new survey only 61 for cinema whales can confidently read an old school clock with a minute and howry and I'll come mind. Only 52% know how to iron a shirt. Financial. In the trash. If if if I mean I can iron your shirts and is it a year's vaccine unavailable at. What does that mean you know how to answer I look internal I'm an iron if there's very little you can guide to goddamn thing man it's not. 11 final tests are sent how many feeder and yard. Three only to 1% are confident that there are three feet you know I'll oh boardroom genre pro life. I mean you should know that just from watching sports rights fees and also no Americans receiving yardages they think ranked twelve inches. Unifil Bob Ryan stressed the football 48 brands and and got a foot just finished a bag and Aaron Catherine I records and that. I don't believe there's just got to put this since it's a look at these at November there's according to a new survey for the seniors and 43% don't trust dot Infosys and 44% don't trust sites that end in dot the is. You should trust and not just the ones in dot. Who couldn't care if I do some big difference. I don't know. You used to be I don't give matters anymore really dot employed generally don't trust we have always so it ends just. The nature over the web sites 200 it's just so heavily skewed but until majority no Babylon dot net. Won't for a while they're there actually was criteria for having the certain dots anybody can have a dot com anybody could have a dot net. So obviously not everybody can have a dot gov. But yeah there are certain criteria that you need to pass snorting get these dot dot org like you said I think with that would still be evolution of the Internet it's. Explode to where you can almost just create that address for yourself if you want to without the restriction won't do it through without booting. And the king of this was a London. And lose his senate why he likes what we ask our land on and now he's changing the name of the entire court this country went pretty contrary to. It's what teeny. Easy easy he's watching little. TV that he thought team is what's unique and he's doing it because he's sick of foreigners confusing it was so it's Switzerland itself. Close to calls whatsoever Switzerland looked. Brother no one's confusing the two. So it's been a long long way away I kidnap someone and rob mall in Salt Lake City and drop the ball from Detroit to give him one of two options prolific BR 100000 people will be correct. That's right. Would they change into my. This what's seen. He sounds like Martinis is actually a party miles it's a long he is a longing is what's unique is what team you swept evacuees NS two he's trying to unique and I just coming in very that the you know they got a he's lucky you why he's leaning is why even tiny tigers. The early on its amana Florida thought there was a Mongolia. I commend Florida thought there was something moving around in his ear on Wednesday so he's done a place that teaches people to do ultra sounds and showed up with a stun to make some scanning them for months the reasonable thing to do. Thank housing and here we got to come underestimate no one was searched turns out there was nothing in his hair he was just a mess. I learned from John all America believes the only anybody can do an ultrasound didn't even need a license to operate one of those things that states really spoiled. It's out of a gold isn't that he does Jelena over the way go right it's always Russa they don't make and we just put the thing I assumed you had to be on. You're reading a starter for a nurse wrapped my and I know from looking at the thank you get yeah red. And you know maybe you fact I don't know. Amanda California committed the most American tried yet was that a sale about a one hour now. You are not headlines are no I want are now closed the czar. Precepts. This is prohibited police are on now profile this is playing Sorenstam miles into the simple game where we share with you real like news story something that happened right here on wind at her. And I do look into the store and made some stereotypes you need to be drew people. And the decisions that people make less good it is you think makes the story a story. Hello Dave welcome tournament. Our top I Dave we understand on this here game to play. Yes I did a fantastic here is your story. A former 911 operator in Houston. She was sentenced to jail and probation. For hanging off an emergency calls the 44 year old woman she was guilty of interference with the emergency telephone calls which is a misdemeanor. So she's been ten days in jail eighteen months probation the judge also ordered her to attend the I don't know this existed. Decision making class and and write an apology letter. No one who's 44 years old enough to go to quote decision making. I'm just saying no mention his sailed your 44 but I digress now if you weren't as a viable one operator for about a year and a half. Until August when he sixteen. Because he systematically hung up on people that we're attempting to report emergencies because of everything from traffic violations the homicides. Now these allegations surfaced when the Houston emergency senate. But notice there's a large number of polls that lasted less than twenty seconds also known as short calls according to the prosecutors showed that. She hung up and thousands. A short call. Now he had told investigators that she hung up on the gold because quote I don't wanna talk to him. I don't white orcas in the spent her talking people who problem anyway. She's now out of work at this mantra my question is do you believe that this woman is black and white makes you or June. What's needed at Houston Texas. Thought man that dad and I and I. So no mostly really flat. And knows. No. I know I can't lead game. It's a pack. Well from my personal experience. If the DMB a couple of white women might talk a lot. So I have a hard to I think that the the picture you know people would think in that she doesn't wanna talk to people think he is and I really good theory and I'm the car just to get off the pole within white women at the right it's. Home pulled. You've got Bob as anybody girlfriend boyfriend played sister so Surat an agreement with you I think. This is the platform Dave I don't think you need to go any farther than Ted unbelievable logic on this I don't think you should change your answer from your initial thought what do you think. No all I can't get a little slit up the TV does get the can't tell you injured his right. I idly until I'm beyond EU debt bubble ball luck god be black on black violence. Final match. We're gonna find out if she was black white Mexican or Jewish next fat with the team you're listening to the men's or radio network. Pages you. Does exist do Houston Texas A 911 operator who basically just didn't wanna pick up the phone and talk to anybody and they think now that. I guess her list of calls she had the most short calls than any other operator that it's an investigating and found out the G hung up on thousands of people who work well Anderson 91 month so she's gonna end of going to jail for. I attended. And eighteen months pervasive but Dave we ask you do you believe this woman was black white makes the or Jew in the end you went with black. You. How obvious when one of people that'd called they talk through through witnesses and a guy called. And dispatch about a car accident or something her quote your Hammond is on record was. Ain't nobody got time for this. Full real yeah. That's crap hole you go home I'm home lawn and that was their response to the H nobody got time to that's unbelievable Rio. Slick and they do have a copy airmen and a funeral live and that's got to be just disheartening to see here on the other end. Now Iran's news on that it is time for TV time would JA. Countless hours in front of a talking. When you think Latinos on TV. Pretty they go first to any others. The only thing I don't know the date of the TSA. Tina Fey as strong finish today a good team play. T my big Latino Heaton who was so we're not trying to do is are there tied him to me there's only 202 does not TV news that. Tina Fey. Tina Fey and hang on hang on aren't so what goes on to any others you bounce back in the day its teeth and a positive to the others this. Exactly but she did think Comstock Bangladesh are right. I wanna say it's video was actually Michael J. Fox is little sister on man will lose his sitcom sabotage dramatize maybe so not Tina Fey. Is she an actress and she late night is he's cartoon she's cartoon cartoon. I'm just not their man sorry Tina from Bob's burgers oh Lauren Hutton and this story actually boxing thing that you've dealt with the it's great thyroid Jesus thought I was out of Lhasa I have a totally I think Fave five minute ago so I thought somebody's music to move from Bob's burgers out today also laid out are about to affect you know I don't know that our marriage we stepped right and that all of these traps LA MP. I think it's in the book it's a pathetic and I do think it's another innovative and evident but the key to jacket so he's definitely. 'cause so Tina Fey besides you know our Saturday Night Live thirty Iraqi also might know that she was part of mean girls right I believe she broke it. Yes yet so I mean girls is now on Broadway to a Jimmy Fallon did ring Errol I'm Ronald. And it. Should Iraq gets the amount. So basically Jimmy Fallon didn't they had like as an area set up where there is like you're you're going to see Tina face you can record a message to Tina Fey right. But Tina Fay was secretly in the back. That she's gonna jump out her engine for Coca. And you don't understand and I'm sign of the Smart and feel free and it's taken romantic I think France whenever you're ready. Stay wet Tina Fay moves to. Well we plan coming partners and us. Everything we've done has been indicted by de CNET and you've done you know yet I think that. You know with all your success there are certain person just wouldn't be open for us to do. For the average just like forever indebted to you mom thirty racked tennis and rape jokes yes yes and I and also taught us that. We could maybe one day being seen with James Morrison yes also that our side note 85% of my tech it's tradition you're cutting time integration yes. I'm never truly we do let's. She's island situation is not an island found. I want. You bet yeah. Okay. So part of the funny thing is that you watched via prevention FaceBook pages Jimmy Fallon met when she comes out do you felt right there with. But like they hug Tina Fey. They wanna take pictures of team and it's like it think they only do they not won gold plated a picture Jimmy found me Yellowstone in really acknowledge cities they can Demps doesn't matter. And honestly late maybe they're just so shocked that Tina Fey is there that they don't realize Jimmie there prejudice it's kind of funny you are Jimmy ending. If that whole attention to little bit evident. But pretty good stuff there and the interview she gave I was pretty good to Alice Lee. TF agent found worked hand in hand for so many years threat so they can they do attacks a field that are that are always be act comedy if you will but it. Now obviously I was making a joke earlier say using the word back Rebecca. As they just common means. For way curl. So again Rebecca. Beckham Martinez back. She was one of the favorites on last season of the bachelor. Europe miles you remember Ari pitcher. G. Gas is an authority yet we found out who did 22 baca yet and so baca apparently she's fighting a basically. She she wants to be Harry. All right I'm paraphrasing here but does he wants to be here and leaving well she's just saying she says quote I don't shave my armpits. When I don't feel like I'm confused. Don't really care and also I don't see why should need to. Even Joseph okay she does shaver lake so mostly because she says it's weird look from people that don't. You know baca says she's always been a very again our Nash-Finch that carried out how I carry out a home. Bring on the carried out as big clinics. Bring out my hairy download what I mean she does appointees is really doesn't make might mean because my body hair Tom apple who care. She's also maybe this is the younger Trent. For the 2223. Year old woman out there for apparently. Certain trails lead to some as they say natural foliage. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha I think Stephen clicking on that one. And she makes a self appointed did you say like look I don't know really kick where it came from that women are supposed to be. Completely shaven and they're not answered spots she says look I mean if I don't went and I like this I do not one red razor bumps all over my lady parts. Yeah gentlemen be with a man and expects her to leave I don't want grand mom dominated drops. In new moon. Cleaned crazy which he saying it is like look if you're a guy you want about me just know it's just going to be me let's imposing on its itself remember at that so what. Yeah we hope wishes and I'm negative I'm Reggie got a nice nice nice. Thank Jim tennis stuff going and it's fun stuff wounded but it allows the woman I've got my income. For Starks bullets. Cover O'Brien has a pretty interest in story here about a guy the just let's Olivia streams and. An eighteen year old has tourney go find me page so he can achieve his dream of taking a bath in KFC gravy. That's his dream yeah. So far most of his donations have been provided by the make a sad wish foundation. Jesse great he's pretty gut tried every here is my question. Right like I like the trailer park boys and once mr. Leahy to go back and not liquor. And he restrict it is he was they even. So this guy is the evening cragey do you think there's like with the liquor a whore and a liquidate. A horror flick food that you would be an. Well that's the key is is that bouquets these mementos from you can say ranch but or in you could say cinnamon toast crunch buttermilk or just dry cereal milk eat well even if you do vote. Yeah it's going to be cold because there and milk and milk is traditionally cold understood if you ranch dressing or some of my dad or beer it's going to be cold. If you have something like whiskey or gravy at least. You can relax and just does great it's going to be war. And I realized I gravy marathons in the you can take a bad but what do you do when you draw that he'll draw cold bath at this current so gonna draw more Balaguer be like. You could be either a bowl of chili. Good to be wool army does there need to meet in and mean as soon I'm gonna do I mean I mean whatever in the same role model I made an ice cream sundae that is going to be freezing cold. Well miles remains of a good play and I would do my hockey got back that's full of something edible I think I wanted to eat so I do I'll I mean a bowl of chicken noodle soup. That's real hot do really well it's better than being in I mean that doesn't immediately in the air and think it is eaten soup your I really but it's gotta be warm like I'm taking a bath I gotta think of something warm that but I'm just thinking off the top and he would be better than assuming renovated Israel where this is the government needs some of them at this point or how bad apartments now wants the ball hold on up from the of Chile where you know are far that you are that's never even would not know that there would. And we Chile out of out of my back no we don't think the best chilly in the world tomorrow. I would need not eat chili editor bath. That's up and so group's threat now on this that. Think you're gonna say that when you woke up and smell. I didn't quite have doubled and as for the same question about all I guarantee aren't you know legs for yeah. I don't know the context I don't know why would come up my answer will be no I don't know if they had many days I thought about what kind of food I would pay it. But obviously that is a yes I. I think to do I know you met maybe a warm air like a like a spaghetti sauce. I know what I'm I had read I either think about it for days and now much like me found he. Has some Stoner stories. And I that iShares of my favorite the Stoner stories from you guys his response from ad does field. Is she says my brother once got Cairo before my parents got home and trying to hide the smell like putting deodorant all over his bedroom. Long. Roll on deodorant Syria. This one's from that he gave and he said my friend and I started crying and a petting zoo could be done this sheep were shouting at us. It's let's imagine sends a 2112. He says during a Pink Floyd kind of guy next news blowing up the beach by Assam. Do kind gum is that. This one's from that freaking pirates. He says they came home could have frozen pizza in the microwave and enter my pin number. This went through bad this mean Caitlin. She says wellstone in the shower started tanking because my vision was suddenly getting blurry and Blair I left my glasses on. Okay. Yeah. This last in his format I ND LO. She says I forgot I ordered Chinese food so they ordered the pizza thinner forgot they ordered pizza and maybe real team very well. Sometimes I can be a drum thing to. What's that. Ordered pizza and forget about tomorrow okay nor yet. The visiting a friend and I won 10 in the morning energy shot that he showed and low days they have. I think they made you ordered the streets of it yeah add to it he has that they didn't convince me our friend told the stories crazy sure because on our Friday panel votes it's wild. I. You as much they refer owns now don't need. My game thorns that some duels that for years and basically it seems like HBO she estimating that everybody on the show's gonna die. That's not a task spoiler because. Generally. As they say here the show it's always been always capital letters that a blood back. I want count they're saying there's been a 174000. Deaths this year and Jesus the king yeah. They trio executives said quote it's really powerful moment. None of the cast of receivers scripts prior and one by one they started falling down to their deaths. And today. Yes I mean they're not all out say in open and you can kind of read the lines here like you bureau of game a thorough and stand out it's just. Everybody dot and that's wage should be. Yet just like life. Yeah well all they did he show no matter what and it's just got it meant they don't they have the back then we're red then they're right back but everyone's done the debt and ruled that. Final on some sun felt like bright the car crash. No because ourself. A lifestyle and a there's a lesson be learned at the end of any broadcaster. I guess there is that is there are thought rally characters like I column I met your mother who'd like to saved by the bell people like graduated high school and went on to do stuff I didn't underdogs say about and I know it's there I bodies better than them just you know me doing a dumb tweet and get taken out here. Until it better. Mean I guess that's the way you wanna go well yeah I mean but for David Rhodes that the show that I fit right in massive amounts of murder in this and it be like saying all the zombies are gonna die and the Walking Dead well guarded their doubt that daytime we would have to die again. What do you call that if you kill a zombie. You know I really killing summing up tomorrow like it's a debt. I'm dead area added a killing these three days you're dead begun daily you dive leader on day to grow into so little I will read debut. You can be double did really angry you do my resented. What do you think about mermaids. I don't. Aren't. I think I mean I think that's a brief Perez who got really emotional you know usually the newest trend know her men. Stupid. And the scene it's stupid dumb well some people are really into they have enough flipper aren't it too late okay loveliest and heavy and have sex you need those. The mermaid and yet. I'm not in a moment I don't know either I look at my earning a glimmer man they gonna have sex well sometimes I'm not sure mermaids are real or not. Is Jimmy Kimmel points out that they keep pat Robinson is there to explain it to us. Thought it might be nice to start the show on the club positive note with a special message from a special man no 134 year old host of the 700 club. I don't know when you have nothing in the lovable little more and makes us think they come and efficient way employment. I don't think this is you appreciate your. Can't eroded as out of the Bible said it was OK to play would mermaid toys good news it is. Jesus Christ I. I just think my I don't think anybody really thought a mermaid is real it's amazing what's out there there really is amazing what just what is out there. Yeah I mean in general as a whole the whole thing is mind blowing if you stake a step back and ego. This guy's been on television. These are his thoughts this is insane and this is insane. Right and I you have a son doing the same thing this is crazy. These monumental really is I think sometimes too right it's a little kid ghostly mermaid jointly to put the murdered all right yeah yeah I don't know I don't know trust me that's just fun if you're as other if you're an adult who feature mermaid I think that might be a different level stuff. Yeah doesn't this in out indefinitely at that point I I'd happily aside and say. Becky that gap baca back you're not a dang mermaid baca baca backdrop in memory and Caroline and visit us and now. Why not. Homeland a lot of people like. That show Claire Danes is starved that one. Basically she was given an interview and they asked her about. She said she was really conflicted about it and here's the whole kind of pointed justice gist of the story is showtime themselves who put on homeland who put out the show right they have instead of its Andy and she kind of just was given an interview and and I'm out I don't blame her she just kind of was like yeah the show's been on for awhile. She also revealed that she's pregnant with a second kids as she wishes they invite. They basically what I had to do in my character. Basically she's a great characters in under constant directs it to work out. Side really really be ready to have a reprieve from that both have never done anything for this long I've been married for as long maybe a year long hunger since she was just kind of talk a dislike. Yeah I'm kinda done with the character this and that but and courtship that was like. I have the news now in that inner and then part of entertainment as. Will they do or will they not mean I think could you imagine if anyone else is like your late local news that. We're not sure if we're going to be here tomorrow I don't know man may be said those words did any wood is what his world about like it like it just do your job that's you know really if you got them in good. Good if you don't then get the hell out because everybody dies they. Just do the show really. All the drama about all the stuff we watch on television just like my god and my little cottage and all I know it's it's an argument is all we do every day. Her for her I think he's just make sheen's. The show is obviously an end. To me if I watch the show when you was gonna end imparted more apt to watch a lot of fluids they don't that they had a common and yeah I just just say OLEG. Rattled the beans a little early but yet come into an intent on for nine date and I LA and arguing right when penalized. And hit a poor woman having a baby. Let her relax. Thank you deadly embrace stereo TV time until we get your headlines going up with a mighty just a few minutes you're listening to the men's memory beyond our. And Swiss miles. Now let's see what's happening in the real hero Florida got a commissioner busted paying for having sex with the man's wife twice a week. Meanwhile California Mansfield here drunken boxers that show his patriotic streak. Okay it's our company business booming because it pays like bust a hidden camera and a bathroom and threw another punch and make coffee chains got. In Oxford scientists realize or don't know what's assassinated. It is time for your headlines. It's Sunday it's. Yes there's Mike call. Story California man led police on a highway Jason a stolen beer truck that he had supplied while the driver was making a delivery. Of course police were able to drag Democrat would GPS system inside and found the drug abandon. He was got fleeing on foot minutes later and arrested best of all his war broad wardrobe was just a very boxer shorts sporting old glory herself what going to be euros it. And he guesses the hour now mask. Yes I had a the beard coming in limbo. You have big brand scores lives Budweiser and low brow. Out of your scores like drugs are night Aurora about toward Illinois size Fries wasn't a draft. Pick that stick it to. Around the world and China Peyton double locals who were particularly impressed with the kangaroo exhibits on the decided to climb in the mouth a little left. And what better way to lighten up some kangaroos and hurling rocks at the animals Jesus play didn't stop there they also grabbed bricks and pieces of concrete as ammunition. Well they got their wish they got more interesting and by and sting I mean one of the kangaroos is seriously injured and the other didn't survive the attack he was there. It's really greatly when I read the story I thought they thought the candor in the head knows actually ruptured kidney. Chief I mean what what seriously what are they of rocks and break them. NASA met laying around my if there's something about Chinese news apparently you can just go there and do whatever value. And they nearly got growth there around the monkey look for the most great to have started smoking. So they've reduced the DN number of gamers that are in the exhibit that connection be exposed to people just because they don't want. You know animals die in the zone or not let people go there. We go to Canada or a string of beaver stories are hitting the airwaves. First of hits we renewed in Chile whacked BC. They beloved stuffed beaver that has been part of an educational tour group is now on the missing. Yes the stuff and Justin Bieber. Is among the missing all know ONN. On the defense. And tell them at all or any and all information that leads to his return Justin Bieber is the most famous stealth drone other than the caddie shack. Oh yeah and the unemployment. You ask a bigger deal probably. Or Justin Bieber. Secondly a woman was having a relaxing night watching television when she heard a terrible scratching noise that sounded like someone trying to break through the window and into the house. Hearing reports of people prowling on homes in the area she told authorities who came and found the culprit to be a particularly busy beaver trying to make his way into the home. Here are my hand it of course fled the scene after being cut the act and authorities are asking be able tailor its own beavers are known for being lazy. That's number no that's why they're busy francs down to build the things they can't ever stop. And finally a homeowner's association is tired of native keepers causing a nuisance in their neighborhood let's allow those beaver nation is at beaver heavy today I got all free throw but I'm all my desk and he I was just amazes him that we had. Multiple beaver stories tonight. Though our random scenario wore him out barrels of oil for wireless so many neighborhood is just it is known as the uprising. So the dam of the animals build causes flooding into the neighborhood especially the pedestrian bridges in the area. The president of the age away fully understands it is not fair to the beavers to continue to push them out of their natural habitats. So build on it and push even further you know just continue to push them back and back on their habitat. So she's trying for a moment to find all 35 beavers in the area and exterminate them out. But eventually we'll be unfair to bush or Obama therapies and our efforts and unfairly dilute Idaho let's just killed about right and make you president about his senate bid. And they are squared why are out of Canada H Douglas company is making waves in Scotland because of their names. It's actually an anagram for seriously helps you to energize him. SH YTE. Is the. I moved. I've probably done. And unending gets the name of this Brandon. My guess is that it is shy eat. Doubt I'll really say his Dennis Wright a big puddle of that would be the name of the Brennan and however you are right. While the name is funny in itself there hash tags. As tag again the company named each shot each to think that that's a tremendous in making a particular splash in Scotland. And is shocked look to be on their. Adds a real lines of that. My god and I really appreciate it will see an exam for your guess is as good as mine Iran and question question asked the men's room and Audrey tells for the shot of the day yes indeed it's all true so until next time please. Would you do best and for leading this thing. Stay and beautiful.