04-13-18 Seg 1 Mens Room Hogs the Shack

Friday, April 13th

Mens Room Question: When did you not need to see that?


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In case you were double dipping during the last men's room performance. Cheers what do you mean. This season are any mistake you make your own mind. It's reliant on pre made patties. We may patties easy to pick them up to look all I'm not gonna lie you know like they want your brand you can go when all over bubble burst at. How far is pretty may Patti Patton. I. I'm pretty Heitmann group led by different yeah. I mean airborne I. I've never been no place. Where fry sauce. Was something that was like in a bottler you could. You can always order Fries soft without the places specialties are surprised that the race or can't have a mother who makes an in house is nobody brings a pre made follow me. A decade and it is a rifle while the problem Michael I don't care of the donut but I would sell small quantities for one reason. Sometimes you just want to catch up when you just want man like green Bologna sandwich you probably don't want catcher who commanded. I mean how many times a wall both from the same place local. Food to me it's easier to mix and as the and my high school first years I was there might be if Fries right right so they had a big bad of Manning's next to catch up and everybody mixed ketchup and mini tour yet it yet. But it it got so out of control that they took away the pattern. I. Know. All in and now all spoils it for everyone. And guys like do I go bird they shut my husband Bryan at bad ass Bering Sea fishermen engineer he'll be listening on the drive home today from the shipyard. And Alamo have you got to give a birthday shout outs in the form of the dirty Germans thanks for the daily entertainment happy 46 birthday they're chief. That's from Christie. We're working of the ship the but the improvement big blue collection to a and I know what it is very good at the he doesn't mind the smell of fish. Those who I think you'll grab more. It's. Now we're going the other way. All of you know see I started at number eight and you got it now we're number five or six this Vizio are pretty though wow I know. We told the local graduated and I'm getting tips are all you want for our over the fourth of it. When he gets syndicated for nothing could hit that. That. If that's the thing stopped using easy tricks to make perfect match. With them all you make the Tupperware that angry packet community and it's. Yeah I know exactly what they have a hamburger. Cheaper former. Thing that didn't make any Hamburg and they really do I don't know if there what you heavy ginger bread man or cookie cutter to GoDaddy make it the sarcoma and also just talking about. Lately against handle it too much time also sometimes you know you'll you'll pressed and pressed the patty. As the press is effective at the back and you've got red meat stuck on your hands right today is going to meet fingers. Out to be noted that he was making when he approached shell station but he did not need help fund this quote. Oh no need to quote from Philip home he was in dire straits you won't have to be strangers at the show stage and he needed help. Moving an unidentified extort from is that all know and I think what sex Overland. But they know full page and things were so bad when we literally left his apartment making. Founded why he went to a gas stations federal hospital we do not know as you would imagine people there were not. Thrilled about the idea of helping him extract this thing but they did alert cops on the god showed up they too. Not as enthusiastic about helping him remove them instead they called an ambulance where he was taken to a hospital or current condition. Is unknown. Who I got to think man things went really really really really really really really were home run or walk on my house to make it like with some. This is embarrassing to think so bad. I think in the Sonoma but there's more to this but we've got to believe there's got. We got as far as you couldn't keep up with it. True or false clues to potato head first came out back in nineteen and quickly too it was just the body parts. I'm sharp spikes you had to provide your own potato. Folks. Through my friend. The plastic body from the and I would still making I don't know why that no we would Cuba for your kid did I wouldn't buy the pieces of yeah. Are you kidding me you wanted identity as mr. McDade the real detail on the counter. Every party obviously mr. potato head. He looked at address amount change amount for the mustache as an adult dad I put Maddon does give you little tears and sharp math problem now. Stab at a potato may look fun there. Number five number. Thank you patty throughput to. I have a mall I think this call who drowned but could shrink on the grill and it happens to look at besides your blog right make the paddy a little bit bigger than that. So that when you really you know beat a perfect size for your buck to do this they pressed down the middle can develop a or evidence of clearly enough ideas. It's. Plus you surrender of plastic surgery didn't show tonight and having him not gonna play good stewards of the land story that really shakes or does. Okay cool. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I'd love to be somebody else from earlier this is. Third I don't know why I answered my nephew of the others would not mellowed Mallard through the middle until little fish. Yeah I forget how to fix I don't know I was listening conversation. You do for talking about the ankle it. I think Carl locked up than what they can't go on the growth was this boy yeah. Under part of its. You know there's a lot of combinations people like in food that some of them aren't that great to go with. So would you think grilled cheese we begin with so may resume right yeah what's up doing that. Okay forum edit the Belgian. Jeff exactly van and I thank you you know let's go stable millions of them delicious on the genes in the essence super hard to digest the same time CN NW drumbeat. Just thought man. I'm eating for the joy of eating a building consequences later you don't meet you get up by your boot road who like. We didn't edit your stomach right up Robert Dodd and he had good point but so are my struggle a bit. Simon struck them as. The constant. A another wide. These chips and salsa in the Holloway go all of that focus the ruins the meal yeah I think you're gonna heated trying to quote the chips into our room to mail slot open up a pencil. Salsa is this feeling of guacamole. So does this say hey Dick why we had to definitely get to a yeah and you know for perpetrating this was referred to right now and sit and restaurants. What you by the block is that prospector you. Damn good at that if it. This one is fresh off the presses Minnesota governor Mark Dayton. Last millionaire who took food stamps. Monkey's uncle. Chirac and less than one into the bus are in our childhood dream job. And played less than one internal. Yes that's heals in time I'm not a fireman think about all the different jobs that exist and how many of those are anything you've ever wanted to do forever astronaut. Yeah all right all the ridiculous singer. Probably seen that yet to be able to slip. Right my guest tonight if you've been sort I started racked up like that. A short ten miles it's a simple game where we share with you real life new story something that happened right here. I'm plan to Peru. And I do listen to the story based on the stereo type you believed to be drew people. And the decisions that people make. Bless you would the did you think makes the story a story. Hello may thin welcome to the men's room. Guy dam and the colorful cloth. All man. And dry riverbed I'd just Fargo and a brighter room country. We're flies don't even. Where is the strength gee I don't know right here the only thought about it yeah I'm already you lost me as soon dirty. That is so dark. He could even make sit over there for the first half of the week. It was like hers and as you're already knows the doctor right so what sites are far I knew I Myers has been freed I think Gephardt you know the other old man I'm. Yeah I like everybody to decide to draft is knocked off nice beautiful. Now done mid east room legacy continues. And you what you're about to hear is real. This radio program are simply not that great. That's trying to offend anyone. Invited to join the party. This is. All gathered in secrecy. This is done. Thrill. You know they say shake your radio more than three times. And Jordan. I don't go out of their zone number 2800. And ball are. Along with Steve the throw hill. Do Ted Smith and more often. Add to my car. Yeah and imagine a half today here on the bad jokes bitches. Exciting return of dead birds looking up please city. Get ready to play profiled this plus headlines events and shot of the day but molester emails and everyone's favorite TV time would take a crack through your. Our newly adult drum part and Dick Cheney aide Scooter Libby saying he doesn't know the guys. Marlin pharmaceuticals does not make enough epi pins so be live in England you might death. Rescue dog chews through her kennel at Canadian airport in the story does not end well. Ron Burgundy drives back from San Diego in his car wreck and has a car wreck story to tell and don't tell does not happy with James combing. That is all coming on today's very special episode of the men's room. Here's the question. All that meant his good days that you and yours I'm gonna make this season. Is gonna share a series of recent headlines. A 10 made the turn for the program began. A naked man approaches a gas station Argentina. Looking for help to extract the sex toy that was stuck in this thing. 43% of Americans have been caught having sex. And risky place. Give manifold riders on DC metro entering. Wrestling coach resigns after on campus masturbation. There's one dialogue grandmother since Christmas a parent company ambulances. And finally may have breaks and the police station. Replicate them floor whole thing caught on if not I could go all there are countless headlines like this what. You get the picture. People are weird and gross but all too often they provide. I don't know let's say more visual evidence. Then we would like. More visual evidence of me the mean a thing about it Boston and having sex in public places. Some of the wander off by noon see you Joseph woods while your having sex we got the deprecating about police station floor. It's bad enough but unfortunately or fortunately for the cops live video wasn't. The you had on areas where you have to sit there and watch this forever. So look it's happened all of us whether it's intentional or not always sucks when you see and think more than you would have liked to have seats about what they of course did it. When it did you not need to see that. Your brother Joseph caught a 44999. Only you would like humans are on FaceBook follow us on tournaments in my answer those emails to the men's room at mastermind dot com. You're listening to the men's or radio network. Yeah. Lot of dollars and a live television and number 2804. Wood on our program Hornaday Erica on the bad jokes. A total due their right before we drink and tells. With a shot of the day the exciting return of Ted vs the FCC Ted has been in the win column the last few tries we'll get another chance coming up with that ten vs the FCC by the way if you have not downloaded the men's room app which is brand new and absolutely free you don't play a little you'll vs the FCC remember one time through then it three times fast Ted vs the FCC is coming up and today we're gonna talk about. When you do not need to see something. We'll start with a front. Ted you're very familiar with the Washington DC metro oh yeah man properly great head as a result of on the Green Line. It is probably as far as the East Coast is concerned once you get out of new York and Boston. Probably some of the best to a public transportation. On the East Coast well the morning commute in the nation's capital it's a pretty busy one. And it was up ended on Thursday morning after a naked man attacked two passengers on the metro train. Metro transit police told fox five the man was taken into custody. Inside the DuPont Circle metro station after allegedly assaulting riders on the Red Line that. And I'm sorry Matt like I know to Babbitt is coming from the East Coast to like it if you if you live on the East Coast you know this to be true. If you get. On public transportation. Your rides going to suck for one reason or another because. Built my kind there not not cores or whatever but. When it comes on to the next key thing it's just I've seen this before and honestly all you do is hope that they're not going to bother you well what has he recorded the incident told fox IV first spotted the naked man inside the Dali. Place metro station out of place. The gallery place who has. As a man burst on the train the man that exited into another train car where he was and recorded on video striking the passenger. I go to the back windows start recording he wants a good guy assaults and starts bungee mistakes according to Philip banks. Many jumps on the guy again when the train stops the guy jumps off the naked guy grabs his bag and everything. Another witness told fox five the naked man exit the train at DuPont and then did it. Naked calisthenics on the platform. That he attempted to get back on the train. But meet another guy would allow him to get back on the train because it was a bunch of elderly women on the train. So we were having any of that according to banks again it was a pasture on the train. Police told fox by the injuries the pastors are not believed to be serious there is an investigation obviously. The man may have been the on some kind of drug at the time I even close. Told authorities so when they haven't found again. Ohno now in Hollywood when he devastation you realized to leave the station that you take the escalator up to. The general population of walking on the street to Washington DC. And he still made the yes I like this quote later it happened so much and he's like no one else evil but failed to call the cops because he assault with a what did you think about. They only call the cops because he assault salon. No one cared that he was NATO it because no law and credible plan on the East Coast. It's such a prevalent weird thing but as long as you don't mess with me. I don't care that you know the area dance and make it in the background here we I I can play the game aren't you know he was on PCP. Oh yeah she'll make it yes absolutely now OK keep DC hot and active now Erin mounts castle. I'll silver spring Maryland who takes the Red Line every data were told Fox News that quote there's always something shady. On the train all it every day it's something new with metro she said rapes assaults fire the train has laid the train hit a deer I can go on and on and on. There's always something shady. Nothing surprises me anymore yes and he is still on the loose that was done it goes mastering for tickets to like. That's an average day and again the only reason anyone gold cup of these holds a moment tells me. When he went street side and and if you've never been to DC there's not a lot of places where there are a lot of people on the streets right and based on where his station is a guy gets off. He's still making it he's still walking through a crowd of people may have the same mentality hey man. If you don't bother me. Cooled wall detonated there we're gonna love this story we're gonna to ask other drug in charge not too long ago ended up by his wife went to Ireland. Spent some time over there this story takes place in Ireland I think Steve both the initial times that you and I read the story we have the same collective thoughts for the most. Yeah I mean look they're born this way we knew listen to the story there's the obvious part of the story regal. Wow that's about it but there's still to come underneath that blows your mind here is the here's the story as it goes. And this comes our way from. Metro. In the English. Amanda broken old PlayStation and proved on the front counter was eventually come out wearing a stolen police hat Michael Brennan. Rain in a damn Brennan's. He was filmed relieving himself after breaking into was side window at the MD station in leopard Kelly Dong dot angle inlet. The closed circuit TV caught him leaving the station wearing a guard perhaps that's one of those more dome big cats yeah. Just before officers arrived at work on September the fifth. During the early morning raid British instilled to guarding caps a pocket diary. Handcuffs. A party a guard at best a torch and to guard radios that torch of course I mean platform. You might have thought that Brennan would go underground after such a brazen incident but he was eventually picked up by police what gave it away. What are they finally they figure out about this guy. He was caught wearing one of the stolen Garnett Sam and police didn't immediately really accurate realize that Brennan was behind the criminal damage at station and he was jailed for three months for possession of stolen goods but officers. Later then went back. And they identified Brin and as the man behind the smelly break any finally appeared in court you have to remember when he broke in. It was September the fifth. 2015. Time thought. Well now they spot him with a hat. And they figure that you know what we're gonna just put him in jail so they put him behind bars for awhile for three months for summing up because they figured he was in possession of stolen goods sure. Then they went back and as they say that George Michael kind of way let's go to the videotape. Where he appeared. And was the man who was whooping on the desk he finally appeared in court where he pled guilty to causing criminal damage. Burnham was an alcoholic according to his attorney and suffered from drug addiction and was being cared for by his father. He was in treatments and have been trying to get clean for awhile now here is the what are what are your thoughts on this that. On how he got caught on to be more tired than just the entire story like we do profile that's what is the one thing that sticks out the story. That is Irish. I think the thing is I'm so sorry Brennan. Drunk steel and start but a totally told well I think he's he broke in to a police station correct. Which it does no one will be says right before officers arrived at work. So the police station closes it like he's about clock and I cost at 5 o'clock at night they don't open up to the next morning at Steve and I thought you broke into a police station. I just assume that most police stations are manned 24 hours a day because criminals and crime go on 24 hours today so the most recent got a lawn Ireland might look. You can be a hooligans during the day you can just be a jackass until about 6 o'clock back to that. Look man it's such an honor system Brad and magazine talent just that small I don't know that were assuming that's ball out so few things happen. Which which makes the story dumber because if you limited down small one off or. Crying for real for the cops basal like you said in the article I can I Saddam we'll see if seventh like. If it works like that and wouldn't wearing one of the big ass hats be the absolute giveaway. Yet the football and alumina tavern often happen. Boy and while more for require care Collins ideal icicle ago a wrestling coach their recently resigned from his position following a complaint. And a human resource investigation he was masturbating in his office. Denny's in no woodwork to Collins hill since 2014 resigned citing personal reasons a week after an email us into the school with images. Of the coach engaging in what appears to be self gratification in his office in the email was from a mailbox demanding money. To not send out video of the event to teachers that Collins hill correct the call was blackmailed first. Refused to make payment and then the email was sent along to the school. The HR investigation which looked induced in those violation of the district's rational conduct policy blah blah blah but doc. While the daily post cannot confirm that there is in fact video of the incidents the HR file says that the coach allegedly engaged in inappropriate behavior. Of a sexually self gratifying nature in his classroom with no students being present. In a conversation with HR the coach admitted engaging in self gratification in his office. As the coach declined to comment when contacted by the balls but Jesse is no longer coach and no longer hired. At Collins hill high school where some snow into the dark and some of their. No it isn't as gay man okay did get one out. The loaded statement but look me and this is the slid out and unload it. That's about them look I'm I'm charming and all my years and I've had just thinking back to what I know to be drove people of our human nature an album adult. And meet teachers who are my peers not my teachers and I'm meeting the but the Barbara didn't work. I would think that the person in your school that master maids animals or at least has the easiest opportunity to do so. Should they feel the need is probably the gym teacher I. You're of the child you have your office within the budget so if there is no gym class there shouldn't be and went into jayhawks blew the ball the locker room that there. The study the first time dad did that you know that oh absolutely I noticed on how to think like my apartment and did you like you're damn right man I got broken free pure and Oka a horrible one out. Big kid Stanton Barrett videotaping we've known about come around and we didn't know somebody doing right now and urged him gym teacher dormant right now across America the classroom. There had to be somewhere in the classroom you could be sitting Reid can't see through the damn door I just assuming that if you're going to do that at work that's probably violation of the code of whatever employer you have. And it's also work our say that it does not say that it doesn't say it that it's like proudly flying beast reality man like until it happens you really don't need to say much you just assume that you know as soon but I do feel quite legally OK I was a little more importantly from the had to employ him when he employee handbook came out I mean. It was full corporate read it sign it goes right corporate Bob our blog this was every rightly updated the thing every. And we would have to read through this thing and I don't talent it didn't say anything. Bob master many work now we understand where you can violate the law where if I didn't openly in the whole way in front of people bitten. But like if you kicked down the bathroom stall mom and I handled my business. Hey man what men had yet to an apartment two acre farm. Understood look I'm just I am I don't think he used remotely the first dude OK this move might sell Wesley about gym teacher. You just should not master made it work period I think so. We have got the bowl stadium Montgomery I shouldn't do miles we have this room in the office and as far as we were just we've been here for a little while they're there they're doing some finishing touches as far as like. Packard's on doors and things like that. And those are Rome when we moved in here and they said that's a lactation room. And there is I don't know what it was call it delectation station there's a little mini refrigerator and there are go to the milk cup you can store milk there's a chair in there to sit down as the saying goes a couple of things that are you know. Whatever you need but somewhat by the idea that day and I realized that it's not called the lactation room with a lactation station. Now with the new slacker and a door. It is called the privacy room from a go to Panama biz and I thought that's a really bad idea because that's exactly what I'm thinking that kind of you know like. I've become the don't be misconstrued. As a rumor you just like. Look man if it's just giving mammals today I went how that mr. etc. but that's what is says that says pride privacy through Brett and I. I know for a fact Dubya solidify mass debated openly at my desk right. So apart when I was bit I don't have to tell you that's what I did so why go ahead that's what it's bloody well know look you can still collect patient room and I am. I'm gonna breast pump replicates live the thing that I'm back in the questions a woman wasn't much into an amber respond or she went there and scratch the turntable and she Bobby and they're hooking up force but also irritate him like that. And I are better from a woman throws so. So that the moderate unity amber or. I'm not going to ask him inject Paul Milliken and handle your business so I want to go there and do that Grandmaster Flash crash its currency and if there's nothing to say. Sides wind out there amid a phone call right you won't need to know what I did its privacy room wanna bribes Jose has debated maybe Edberg have you guys ever network. Your job. I mean I hear replied yeah I have. And I used to work overnight Mahan and radio. And I had a private bathroom at a private bathroom Mangold and who hear that story in the morning. Nothing going on I'm playing share Anhui Frick and Lewis gets to a and Obama's love them and it probably wasn't able to definitely kill time blows him it's. I don't know when you you rest your your hand under this. And Orlando's nationally. When when did you would not need to see that 844999. Hole I got the maybe you're running a twelve hour shift on Christmas Day actually done these food. The. Hello Gerri welcome to the men's room all it's. All jobs otherwise side note and realized that my master made the same bathroom without. I don't know that I really like that Jay is down when when we don't we all live together in which we try to get each other's privacy sure. Yeah that's funny you know extort and I did and I'm not real quick and go out. I was wearing. But ten years didn't do that bit about deployments. In Iraq and Afghanistan we actually. We got Yeltsin bastard bill or by the CD in and not some engineers and we had an extra woods. So. There's one poster out we did that global plywood. Rapper and we had one other crap bird and then we had one next to it that woods. It would if we called injection act and that was porno magazines and flip side there. I mean we had to share diluted net privacy we're living out of our tax you know. I'll get a map like earlier in and a half door never once awhile you deserves a lot of criticism. That. Yeah immediately had to have and had no barrier. They're basically. A chain link fence would cost through it I mean out the door now. Okay how many times did you walk up but it was occupied us and are a pawn on the door handle economy like is that. As usually happened at night because it was two to two dollar hot during the day you guys to shoot over there so it usually happen at night and about Libya line for it you know known really lingered right. I think what was an appropriate amount of time you give versed in front view. Each other. Is there a time limit. After about ten minutes that you're never went up ten minutes we were throwing up then there and they yet Toledo area that we are that. Oh man you don't go agrees to have. That's so let that go out of control so that it came back from a patrol sort of like you know you can't hard to judge Jack. But beyond. Those most popular magazine and it's. And in. We had some grinding once we got some ones that need. Doesn't sit from some British guy is well I know that they got bad and we Europeans. As you can see for trade porn on the I'm battle. Oh absolutely especially. Let encouraged and a leather neck of the bigger base is. You know you need you know guys you've got a whole hard drive or foreigners got a hard done so they don't appreciate developed a lot. You do that annual spread viruses and your computer I don't get that he'd like it'd be influenced guys computers at all on my latter don't wanna my laptops. All hell I've had it happen for all the guys years and I don't know how to hours we know the best improve the technology to observe form of old lame thing grown out and making hay on the Libor. I don't go our question when they do not need to see that 8449990. Like you are listening to the men's or radio networks. It is you. It's never Disney SEC governor don't forget you can play. Hello you vs the FCC would you download the men's or map held at some solace is delivered right to door okay and school stuff on that. Our question how what did you do not need to see that 844999. Old law. Hello CJ welcome to the men's room. I did OK now. Hey so. What I did not need to do you look my friend Eric masturbating. In a tent while camping with me. Is do. Ball there at 20 but there are irrelevant to the story. I was that about whether they weren't met was amazing okay were where you guys supposed to be where he felt that he had this freedom. Well he didn't think he added street we know their all time. So he may tell you into other people to please go way he wanted to master made but somehow he made the point to go up and see it. It is certainly attribute all this is different than what I wish you were in the tenth. Yeah they might sleeping bag in the we're all campaign. And I did here can be made start shaking. Tell me he was not looking you. Know. The Allegheny yes phone and downloaded or let him do it did you say senator norm in the in the middle that. Autorad cheerleader yeah our god the person I usually go right. Won't let you Boris YouTube possibly. Yeah. So did he stop hurting he just finished the business. Until it stops like what I think you are Alicia O'Meara also don't you stop after that. So what am I. Yeah that's it isn't it UN and then stop masturbating so badly that you fired your gone outside of its it. It out I okay better usage yet arrival. Well did it bears do analogy. Okay I'm. What is hunting camping thing so ruins a pack and a fire power I'm assuming that he did stop after that. He did not okay all right pay we'll look at how awkward is it at that point it's a you don't barge arrival he is not masturbating. What do what's the mood like in the tenth that's when it's quiet nature of how well. How in his defense I got this at somebody might and yeah party how. I understand all of the other two people how well do you know these other people. Think you and your mom and that's why they aren't. They really know about they've done a gunshot or wondering what went up. It is a well of a buddies masturbating the tents are shot rifle outside as we told them. Okay and attacked and there's nothing left and right then right. Will stay and a great well okay I thought that it will always be a man a man was he drunk. I don't know Lincoln we I don't OK. It's really stupid little responsible. I'm kinda I appreciate the product. That is somebody else. But better than they did it I did not get a part of your guns over to contentment masturbating. I announced the if I was laying beside either one of U2 and a and normally two persons and is technically a four person to grant residency. I would not be able to even if you paid me money I don't think that I physically you get excited laying beside either one of I'm happy regular guy and that's certainly not money that we share hotel rooms all the times I'm glad to know you're not over there just go on it down act and under bill. Do you think there's a mouse out of here I'm out there are some Q&A quarter and he did it was thrown out now with the Washington mourners steam train going by outside with. Shaft. Did not rule and when did you not need to see that 844999. Cola. And drive and Iceland hugely narrowed. Did you I don't know but it it is. Overrated stopped. Well loads on the map and produce items but toilet flushes it back to brag that since the hello Jared welcome to the man drew. A lot of gentleman's auto shop that's your head. I decoder geared. But the life story it's really up. Yeah literally a source or some people went out with a body got streaker on and decided that on the Arab diary. So you know I think the threat to do you know gets one I don't know if you know this but if you had a mint loaded. Davis served alcohol when I went about one of those things man they just start moving you up as soon as you Lockett which I think mine elect beer do like a strong guy PAU wanna shot like three it is like I know you legally could serve booze and hear from eating and Gloria I gave it via net hang up or event that. Denver isn't the FCC on the way it goes bad goes to us as well as jokes coming up emailed to the men's room evidence in my back comic also Saddam duels on Twitter. If you follow us there at men's or my bad jokes on the way. I showed many things continue on the men's room radio network.