04-12-18 Seg 3 Mens Room Breaks Out The Grill!

Thursday, April 12th

Emails, Te'd Meat & Potatoes has the 8 mistakes we make when grilling burgers! Plus No S Sherlock and the Shot of the Day!


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This is done men's room. I'm listening to. Was thrilled. Andre tells gonna show today is on the way and they had Jeb is announced his native potatoes eight mistakes your making. While grilling burgers that is all coming up in the meantime again as big dummy 844999. Alive who is our next contestant ready to play the big game hello Austin welcome to the men's room. Awesome film and I flew over. Third Brent crude joke right. While another group pulled one hour locked in a room full load once they just hit it directs in then didn't do. I'll out of ten yeah health. Oh man. You are insane. I would showed a chimpanzee out no rough he's going to revolve. And your brain. I might just be adding that part made an error in the summer than have sex with her corpse. Little known fact about him as a stand now they take indeed that they are hard core target it. Are aired the question what video game is the most profitable piece of media history. Is go to the movies television show and he syndication deal you've had into what video game and most profitable piece immediate history. Most profitable us in the media rights in store more gullible Indian anything you can think of the good from the meeting this video game. The most profit. Like she did play diminished. No aid to new. I'll bet. Friends that photo OK another. But they were not ours so we gave a sold more than ninety million units since it came out and it's generated around six billion dollars. You might Star Wars and gone to win including. All of the dvds and re releases all the stuff. They made about three million out like it doubles. That anybody better than Don with the way everything that got them sucked and by the way if you're wondering Nintendo's Mario franchise is sold more copies than grand theft. But no single game comes close to the six billion dollar each game is rigged and 844999. Alone who is our next contestant ready to play the game. Hello Justin welcome to the men's room. Duncan over and over. Another. All three contestants on team knocks over what they. I'm gonna have to say it's simple and really is I think that maybe the best chance of survival. Hey a man to man like the snakes aren't actively going to attack you for the most. The tarantulas and the scared the bees. Probably won't actively thank you let you do some of the chimpanzee. Like I just don't moment it's up to him you know I mean like the bees might get busy doing something else that match. Torrential won't really attacking but the growth slowed in the snakes. They wanna be left on the Jim Manzi ma'am to chimps win on Twitter ideal and you wanna get that rogue regime and we will just wanna hang out of the gym for an hour final hell's going. And that's about it. I think today the other I think that they might recognize that there at a very natural environment and be more likely to be aggressive. And on edge. I think it would pension and B I can meaty chili that I am not aggressive or circulate and it just my completely alone. At best or no worse as. You maybe let me around a bit. Very power is out I have really you know aren't I glad you like your last danger. He got making a bad team and me and Xena that I do. Lol I didn't hear the questioner could tallest building in what state is only on eleven Storey apartment building and only 124 feet. In this entire state this is the tallest bill. You're. Whoa whoa whoa I think that hauls a whole new York and New York is eleven stories tall. You know. Okay what are we're not gonna we will give you mulling it. It was such a bad idea there were I know we're really looking for the state board the eleventh floors. Is the tallest building in the entire state. So like you look at Chicago and go out Camby Illinois shares big city right. Got to Miami new element and as far as going to be taken out of the equation. It can't be well I am staying there you go at Texas or Houston and Dallas and a man that surely there's a building their little floor so what state do you think. Would not have a building eleven stories tall. That they are going. I'm here in dynamite animated. And Delilah. We'll get Wyoming degree. Hopefully I don't get why don't intensive. We've final hole is building is Wyoming and in guesses. These teams always shy and I guess I'm guzzling a fifteen story holiday all the highrise yeah well who worked to skyscrapers. I NS question. Some of the rapper sound effects and Jurassic Park were actually created from audio samples of what animal having sex. I don't know man. I. Pig flu and we play them Byrd program. Eternal. And I wanted to know would you fix little turtles Evan thanks for that sound you know that's also an angry raptor. Lose and I don't know Eric tells building Wyoming Gloria. How tall is that. It is 100 it is if I had 140 feet tall that's about thirteen fourteen stories from around him better right and it is. And part. Jingle bells was originally written for what holiday. Do you understand that his man grabbing me saying I know what I know this feeling you OK just just just think the way that time works there. Scotty that. You have when you could possibly in theory. FiOS landed in the still. I think me during it was written by the tin man from north through music amount of it's it's annoying holiday. And slam thing on Muslim. Osu has to be on the ground as we major college there's only one around and look a little bit crispness that I feel it has already acrid. I'm glad you definitely what I did when I could account New Year's does that that's all under. Yeah down the years of war crime. I'm so I think you'll. Fun holiday I really has faced yet. And is off and they are going to be destined to that's our primary damage I had during Easter I think OK okay I'm able to. Anywhere on the way I'm not impressed with the split now a question for. True or false clues of a day ahead first came out back in nineteen and quickly to. It was just the body parts. On sharp spikes you had to ride their own potato. Now the plastic body has. I would still the ninety I don't know why exactly don't we would give up for your kids and coaches by the pieces of yeah. Are you kidding me you can't get an admission that data he's a real potato to counter every cardiac candidacy mr. potato head people that address amount change amount put a mustache as an adult yet. I would imagine does give you little tears and sharp math and now it's evident of a fatal Mayo look funny there. Are multiple choice what beer gets the worst overall rating on the planet earth. Miller Lite Bud Light or natural. Am. I. Could. War hello we are ready and I did in Iowa I disagree with. I really affect down the I haven't had a natural ice by the way is saying the little guys who exclusively in that 24 rounds to. I don't know I'm gonna ask you this question but do 100 oldest mountains in the world or all located. In five countries. On what continent. You've got this. You think America got a load. Justin. Are these pages Joker. Why does number I don't know I won't do it together these questions are things. Not go quite ask questions question and again I don't do and I did have heard it makes you feel better your final question to mammoth answers. Here's pure question. There's about 100000. Pay phones left in the entire United States one think of them are located in one city what is sensitive. I. A lot of people who live there to justify having one as it is is an American Israeli and united still exists United States big city united state. Him. And knows it geography again. There's going to be getting in so let's go live to New York city's. I'll ask it whereas I bedroom hot car and I hide it in and included government report. I tell by the listen sorry everyone I don't have the full list of the worst rated Beers I appreciate using keystone ice has to make that list. I don't know but it is around the world. So what has to be available around planet earth oh my natural yet natural light is just raided the porch. That's a feather in the cap natural light okay and I followed by natural expertly the natural folks going to. As far as our men's room Bob poll one hour locked in a room full of snakes tarantulas v.s or one chimpanzee we get this email from the men's or women's in my dot com. Guys are those who all just an hour with prime mates and heaven every snakes at home as a hobby. These people are nuts a chimpanzee it would literally rip your face off if you are locked in a room with a thrill. And Flag Day how few people the snakes and bees and tarantulas all leave you alone unless you provoke them. If the chimp isn't a bad mood you are dead an adult male chimp as a strong as two to four men. Thanks everybody that's from Chad as far as our men's room Paul's concern yet you wanna be an ever with a chimpanzee. Followed by every a tie would Beason tarantulas for second place this next coming up the rear. There you go on big damage. So go ahead seven out of meat and potatoes as the eight mistakes that you make grilling burgers they're get your emails coming up the men's room have men's or live dot com. You're listening to the major radio network. Smiles. I think we have details as he made mistakes you make guys growing murder is first time. For a few emails in the men's room and men's in my back job. Guy goes on DeVon is celebrating his eighth term brown the sunny absolutely loves the men's room how about give them a second Gaza but I suck it up complicate what is this. Jesus Christ into sir you are not okay did it happen daddy marred Matty Susie ash and Bubba well. Three goes live. Denmark. Manning Sissy Anderson Bubba dog the Beverly hillbilly. Now however. Guys that today is my son's fifteen per day when I testimony wanna for his birthday the first thing you said was a shout outs on the men's room. Now when asked him what specific sound effects he wanted to to accompany such announced. He looked at me in any critical manner parent to the list turtle sex Al hitting the window earlier penises too small lastly bong rips at that point his eyes lit up so yeah. Give a big old bomb hit a thanks in advance is that from Canada and does it Seward Terry can you is my favorite son Tony. I. I had to Tony for the murder today what may be wedding puke and a shotgun gets thanks guys appreciate it. Against gay. Dad. Guys let my brother Petersburg they can get McConnell a dirty Germans to celebrate his big day thanks guys Libya. That from Mandy. I want to. Plug your little hole. Now keep them from the compound. Compliant they would succumb to it. It is there's nobody ousted Tony mr. brown the son. Could you throw. Some turtles thanks in the with Ted's at Mac explosion sound effect from TV time Mattel in the middle. Thanks guys a rock on that from Nathan. Our fans started. It was a night every day at these salmon hatchery. Could you please have a little turtle wax with may be a barber shop they sandwich in the at the backside. Thanks guys that would maker de I'm just got a box of you know us. After that. I think that's what if I. Do. And Sam wins. She's daughter on this. That's no good reason I wish I reason do really is she in the morning and afternoon. All I can you please give my lovely lady Melissa browns must grant a birthday shot that she loved to hear those journey Germans teller what they would do to her. A love this guy show guys thanks sent from Brody. Yeah. Yeah and don't you know must Wear them through separate tour. Yeah almost that's generally make love that which includes yours not. The total control over to my central banks at this. Young beautiful bubbly shall we can't beat it. In the. It does today marks my sister like these 31 birthday she's a total bad ass and I could lover more. About the dirty Germans talking about working in a hospital. Thanks guys that from Michael. The hospital and a school but he's the man who can run home run and true. Let's see such a sixteen game I was feeling from the time we're done militant going to be good enough. As my fiancee share a birthday today he turns 38 I am thirty weird daily listeners about giving us a little turtle wax with a now hitting the window are your penises too small the cost. That would be great thanks guys out from Amanda and Jesse. Okay. Okay. The guy though I do odd numbered days just my husband Brian a bad ass Bering Sea fishermen engineer he'll be listening on the drive home today from the shipyard. And Alamo have you guys to give number they shout outs in the form of the dirty Germans thanks for the daily entertainment happy 46 birthday they're chief. That from Christie. Yeah you're looking at the Shapiro. But let's include a big blue collection to a and I know one thing he's very good at. He doesn't mind the smell of fish. I got very oh have you had a good. I had we have added our dads. Do you have any god hates me or do you do you. Bids and don't. Doesn't guarantee German brought. Also available through news and world fame on men's none of doesn't come another sign retailers. And am trying to fly through. Go right to mill the race I read ten miles. Of the race before I just could not hold it anymore. I ran to the woods to relieve myself and end up falling into my own crap. And I had to use my shirt to wipe my hand and my backside I finish the race in the top ten without a shirt everyone thought it was because it was hot. And that's why didn't have assured on. That from John Q it's funny I read that is everybody thought it was hot. He's he's he's a runner he's not really OJ thought only that doesn't have a lot I thought he finished into the race now however as a measured guys was right and no West Virginia. About four hours and saw a nice dill to the shots got her clothes getting dear had to go real bad it took one right decider has nothing to wipe it on so I. I got some deer hide and why put that bridge like that ever that from Josh Adams and Davy Crockett and guys ahead though pulled a muscle in my wiping and after unsuccessfully teaching myself how to get north off my neighbor's dog showed me the way I learned to do the card obscured skewed on beach house. Pack. That from Scott today damn man a man he's clean. He escaped the emails we get he. Motorcycle day trip eastern Oregon ate something bad middle of nowhere and this is gonna happen no rest areas no gas stations narrowed nothing. Full throttle governor handlebars full tilt squeeze in the butt cheeks as tight as possible sweat running down my face finally couldn't hold it. Hit the kill switch and the cake stand down for a quick Roland bullet cut loose is I leapt over the guardrail. He went out for lottery on the landing landed in the sitting position. Had a huge mess in my pants long story short of well I think you find those one dirty rag in my tool bag and arrive home and no gloves no socks no underwear. Needless to say I'd never leave home with my bike without to a paper in my saddle bags that from mom Meyer and while one more. Our guys agro Baltimore appearance in really have a whole lot of money. We would run out of toilet paper often so when my dad gonna afford my mom would make him go get napkins from the wall law. Where she really really well we were broke but you really like coffee so even during the worst Financial Times my mom always had to leave for damn coffee. Let's just say that when dad was a work and we did everything else you better believe I used her precious paper coffee filters sure to also handle my business. She never understood why we would run out of them so quickly I'm 33 now and although it's just Smart guy and I we live in a small apartment. In Huntington Beach, California I was in a massive 24 pack. Up to fly double rolls on hand. I would admit that to a lot of people but I just had to write them. Ted just when Chicago had killer deep dish warrior one day when we'll hit above a married her game Beers on us. Oh you guys rock on that from Jessica in Orange County California. I've got another program or turn a no I Sherlock but first I. Okay. We. Know. How alive my head chef is not a good mood today why's that Ted Jeff is best. I'll pass that I have to even tell you people about this stuff Lou. They were to go over eight mistakes that all you people are vacant when your group wouldn't work and yeah yeah. So are these things that you heard before these things that is is all new information it's gonna blow everyone's mind navy orders gonna be as good as your body's murder does that. They doubt innovative okay now James got okay if I didn't sign it throw agree yeah it is handed out. I try it what are you have I have actually no idea I heard about this thing Mike. I believe a good how good can be so I'm gonna tell get a tad I think it got to let you I don't know but. I immediately walked to the table and put a ketchup mustard which is my chosen condiments on a murder aimed also before he gets the economy apart. It's a big burger in any scoop there's pink inside back in the day I was IBP he's just like. Trust okay. So now he has with a more he says may and late James steps in front of his McMahon seriously. Don't put me condiments on a diplomat and I tried to murder some by. James I hear I think he's half joked I'm like dude I've heard Bergen I did it relax and he's like now I mean that series and just do me a favor. And just take a bite and tell me if you still a need ketchup mustard on what you normally on the strip he says. After the mine was murder public comment and it's and I don't even want to catch up almost 2 o'clock. And I would otherwise you could you could not tasty I diesel millionaire no dude I don't know I thought it made of people or some extinct animal I don't know I don't know his burgers. Are fresh in tremendous list. Every time he comes out to visit in a shocker sleeps on my couch. But next time he's with a purely the burgers I don't make a but I told us that hey he has to cal chest start out you gotta pay me okay low pay me a burger he's gonna have what he's gonna have the ingredients somewhere in your apartment. So we should be able to go over aren't you glad to do the now know he's old enough for the caddies for president thing. He'll prepare the paddies before we had a repairman dead he will but he'll do Obama work you downfall of the grocery store right and everything about us. To have kept telling me he did look at. But might you just before your eyes but all day and still here we're here we're thinking these are any mistakes you make drama. It's reliant on pre made patties. We may patties easy you can pick them up tomorrow I'm not gonna lie about all they want your brand you can go when Bubba burgers probably at sir as far as a pretty may Patti Patton. It. I'm pretty high man group went a bit different and it is. I mean there weren't. Got a kick it. Up pretty credit. There's got to get a stack like it looks like garlic Serge you know they're yelling the Bubba burgers I will swear by them as stars appreciate patty you're convinced that he's. Got a pretty there's little their little price here OK I think I'm bad it's a pretty bad that it might okay. So look if they had Jeff has done a two man make everybody get them it's easier but there is they hate. You wanna make a good hamburger at home let let's leave the frozen patties in the frozen food section. So it's happens the Mike all the time but grabbing the wrong packet meet. It. Really happens the vital that we really the fact he grabs the wrong meets the surface of all basically here's the people who. Equally certain look at Turkey burgers black bean burgers with error. But Douglas Parker the record as well truck attack op opted. And also when you're making Tug of burger. Hey you know making fancy to get laid ground ground sirloin right now you'll fat thank you bounced you need hasn't that in there. And be Jews here this event. You know basically you can get like an 85 to fifteen. At least 50% fat that's still going to be pretty dry you went 73. Yeah I would agree that you I. I thought of and none of the whole war even thrown grill bots Bucs remember all that grease drips down there in the grill if you make a pan hamburger one night. All agree stays in there that's different I don't ailing wall man yeah how Steven Jan is Terry hate you forget the that would be a good hamburger but with all that fat America karma lies here than Chris and everything every like this is unloaded one out of its all time. The need of surgical saw a craft. In your heart rate increases to 100 I'd be given ground beef 7030 you're gonna get a super juicy. Indulgent. I think that rights are held. I am do you well gent. Indulgent if indulgence don't tell you really don't Bode Miller I'm. The Bible these depths of burgers never gonna referee number through all the way don't bring. Oprah can only your feet. And other microns or kindergarten repeat it. Lately that's been attacked rattled if I believe its strong lead over and those that I'm not over here and there is no Thomson. Hole pulled it just try to lobby violent as the heat. Basically everybody loves to add seasonings spices whatever rightly that they you make your homey now burger a quick. Quick little tip from the kitchen if you just buy some ground beef and throw in some olympians onion soup people we've blown away to perk. Seriously in any help stretch now I resort to secret ingredient no matter what it is I've made in response to murder IOC semen. And that's just hop on. It adds insult and provide blanket answer. Hey man what do you do different out of the Seaman who mommy yeah right you get adding garlic powder chopped onions basing their say and you don't have to relate. Yeah it's up making a meatball right Psycho crazy get used as I get a burger is going to be like but still can be firm. Yeah exactly one over pact they would be depressed data using a couple forks to make it. Those guys who feel. This. Now we're going the other way. All of Miller CIA started at number eight and you got a few Hollywood number five or six and miss you so pretty though well. We don't know what graduated a very good example are unlawful war are over informed the. Are far. We think it's indicated for nothing could hit. If a fifth stop using easy tricks to make perfect patties. With an all you make the Tupperware that angry packet up in it and it's. Yeah I know exactly what they have a hamburger cheaper former. Thing that didn't make any Hamburg and they really do I understand what you have lead ginger bread man or could you can't let it GoDaddy make it in us our homeland also just talking about. Lately again handle it too much and I also sometimes you know you'll you'll pushed impress the patty. But dresses but I think there and you got out red meat. Stuck on your hands right here is Erica you want to meet fingers if if the red meat as well pinky finger biggest red meat basically just get billions of water all this'll prevented me from cleaning wounds it's. Did your fingers are you go more to that I always do that he's put a little control loyalist of on the outside of your hamburgers instead of having oil the grilled on everything you do that if you want it's. It kind of karma allies as well. I'm just a little little oil on the outside and in the flippant or just kind of you know lightly coated. Number five number five. They could patties to complete. Have a small things yeah yeah to dry out both good shrink on the grill any count so look at besides your bond write may the patio little bit bigger than Matt. So then when you really you know beat a perfect size for your buck it's to have done this they pressed down the middle of the developed. But the epic and I'm going on 666. Or can put on. So it's like your grill eat up. Yeah Agile thrown onto early right at that is one of the yeah they grow it's a little bit easier sure chart overall grilled thrown for four holes. They'll get up fast truly different. Yeah any UN it memory you one way he when he does that like medium heat and cook it medium heat. He could always just put your hands over the you're charcoal all for four or five seconds. Or is you have your from the White House today due to tough Bret well who May Day also do indirectly news flash are required put on the side and throw back. When go to hold your hand there to get say a couple Mississippi's. There who don't think you know you're at the right he won't leave Iraq there are some. Number seven. This BC news on TV all the time people love it. But stopped pressing the pack ice. It's the present at these are you know don't pack them down to tell us when we are who we don't know oh yeah he's only on the grill and we've rounded up Jews out and they gotta love that sizzled like give us the flavor could be graphic better right out of playing though the sound of my labor. At the flame goes up the taste goes damp evening that's true we hear that sizzle to cry for help. For replacement can be I think if right and then. Exactly where we started number eight up testing for Doug missed on a timer for bide your hot. Huge just hope yeah HBO for you are usable monitor a right it's not that they're not that expensive you get a pretty cheap if you don't you don't really use the new kid had a rental and my giving out some more user girl the more you make hamburgers you that you figured out pretty quick and it doesn't think well I'm glad everybody present beef pork and lamb should all be around 160 for crooked chicken or Turkey burgers you gotta get up to 165 OK yeah. That's you know that's the things people do people always gonna overcoat there. Anna burger is a little bit and I think even though. All right. You know there's a lot of combinations people like in food and that some of them aren't that great to go with. So would you think grilled cheese we begin with it's America's children yeah we'll stop doing that. OK what am tense as its content. Jeff exactly van and I and you you know want to stable value into the mode delicious of the genes in the ass in the super hard to digest the same time CNN doubled to twelve years. I thought man. I'm eating for the joy of eating and I'll do the consequences later regularly to get up I improved Rudy poo like. We did that you're stuck on the right up Ruben doc because he had complied but so are my struggle and the firemen struggled in his. Constipated. I another one. Is chips and salsa in the Holloway girl back onto the ruins the meal yeah I think you're gonna heated time record of shifts or score a route to mail slot or out of vegetables. Also is it is the killing of guacamole prisoners say hey cakewalk we had just deadly at the line yeah and you know who's for perpetrate this was referred to right now is the restaurants. Larger by the block is that prospector. Damn big picnic at the end. And the last of the list. Crude as a dessert after Beale. There's you know I just did OK I was eighteen I think that I would say he's the same blitz and he always had a margin weakness when line and I don't know why you put this on there. So all you brisket snow kid obviously not that help you surprised yeah biscuits and gravy you may know. Yeah I'll pull my glowed red thing went. You're out late pirate frigate does go to the return of no as Sherlock is next you are listening to amend your radio network. I'm old braves on Saturday is always a way the first our own Stephen Drew hill Combs the globe agency quoted restarted it would have lives of. Win win now. And show. This one is fresh off the presses Minnesota governor Mark Dayton blast millionaire who took food stamps. Monkey's uncle. Sherlock she's. And less than one into the bus are in our childhood dream job. And say let's spend one internal. Yes I still seems hi I'm not a fireman think about all the different jobs have existed how many of those are anything you ever wanted to do forever astronaut. Garrett older ridiculous singer. Rubbing singers are yet to be able to sit upright again tonight you can view them from Heidi started ranks up like that. Taylor six. Thank goodness reversing agent which I'm sure we keep Taylor Swift sings about alcohol a lot more now. Play well. Sure it oh she's older. And that's the trick right there miles it turned out after she turned one and one more the result of all local news but we continue who didn't. Russian spy poisoning you'll Leo scribbled declines Russian embassies help slow. Jarrett rock baby wipes don't cause food allergies yeah. Mac. And. And one more good looking people or more likely to believe that life is fair. And. I did not a lot of limited periods somebody else NT series to be ready. Darren is beneficial only after the break dance history to throw him a flat out nortel's. Yes indeed there today we chose an unidentified man and Buenos Aires Argentina. Now the mayor was described. Assembly is being middle aged and that's all we know bottom. Other than this quick story out of this life. Now over the weekend are armory wandered up to a shell gas station it didn't need gas he wound up to the shell station because he needed help. Now should be noted that he was making when he approached shell station but he did not need help funding is close. Don't know he to a closest to the home he was in dire straits he walked up to these strangers at the shell station he needed help. Removing an unidentified extort from his back all know and I think we'll dissect our own man but knows location things were so bad for him we literally left his apartment naked. Found it why he went to a gas stations that a hospital we do not know as you would imagine the people there or not. Thrilled about the idea of helping him extract this thing but they did alert the cops on the guard showed up they too. Not as enthusiastic about helping him remove this instead they called an ambulance where he was taken to a hospital or current condition. Is unknown. Who I gotta think may have things went really really really really really really really wrong run or walk on my house and they can like listen man. This is embarrassing but things so bad. I think of cinema but there's more to this but we've got to believe you got to. Path and he got as far as he could you repeat it. I think those very. If we've all those boos and a very good booze because we've made him. Yeah okay so over the tong and around the world do party in our Tommy's down not a whole lot better job. Does that color nine online right now for profile this 844999. Cola. The show and many things continue on the men's room radio network.