03-22-18 Seg 1 Mens Room Chooses Their Fate

Thursday, March 22nd

We play the game known as Big Dummy!


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You would sure love to hear is real. So this radio program are simply. Trying to offend anyone. Invited to join the party. This is. All gathered in secrecy. It is now. They say. Or radio more than three times. And your. Yeah you know the result of the 2788. Along with Steve the pro bill. We did Smith and Mubarak. I darn. It's. No wait let me. Eight dominate. Dead meat and potatoes is all about them Fries. No I Sherlock is back get right to play profile list plus a linesman who shot of the day fumbles or emails and everyone's favorite TV time the typical factory usage around our new guys are gonna. Affiliate Wear for some reason they restaurant serves pizza that is bud get confused. Who. To save money and give kids a chance a university will drop thirteen majors that are now rarely use. Scottish Canadian brings a comedy by teaching his dog to do the Nazi salutes spout and it's not having any. Hitting several say Louis restaurant what delicious brisket believe are now being the loot and Ohio couple is busted for having sex. And a children's playground. In front of children are that is all coming out today is very special episode of the men's room. Here's the question. All have good kids good day to you and yours are right today is the day that we play big dummy. The game show that rewards you for your stunning ignorance and here is how watched. You call us we spend a category will. We spend their. And category will and then we. The question for Mac category but yeah we're big dummy separates itself from your average pool reputable big shift. We will continue to ask you questions include you get one right because as always we want you to leave your smarter than we showed today. Our biggest dummy ever is the lovely and talented jock. Who after breaking with the new modicum of NO. Found a way answered twenty continued. Consecutive questions wrong. It was agonizing. Can you do better of course you can't forget the so called. And off we go our big dummy stick it doesn't play big dummy call 844999. All you can Mike commands or month FaceBook files onto our events are live to answer those emails to the men's room at midterm live Dhaka. You are listening to the men's or radio network. Smiles. Hope it does now I go in December 2788. Little larger charge program we have Rory today guaranteed future rebate as you know we're going to take a vacation Sunday. I've got rid of a titles is all about them Fries and survey says the ten best fast food Fries. According to people all across United States. And the usual suspects heavily Mike talked about a couple of them the other day but nonetheless you actually do the work dad yeah I'm working on the story I'm like Mike's son and the fullest every night we'll talk French Fries and a French Fries a lot like up pizza hamburgers there's different levels apprised of all Fries I mean held almost gonna complain about pizza. But there's a difference between a red Barron pizza and there's a difference between a Domino's Pizza or a process that you make with one white piece of bread and some small. I'm chief did you put that poster out if that's kind of pizza. But it's still pizza when you're stoned and it's still pay now that they don't want pizza that I know what it did make visa rather about a muffin pizza muffin pizza you don't know talking about bagel pizzas all like hey I implore around here kid try to make some pizza I'm not making a pizza. All that pizza is still pizza prize the same way because. In my mind the critical cut fry is the version of that pride. It is the lowest it is the lowly piece of white bread but the more that I I get older the more than I start to like again because. Why it isn't with a holy site you are never good anyways it was it was it was cold fronts but when we did give Fries and some right. The single front side but they bake them and they were terror school food is also I'm the person man now none of the they gave you but then another thing funds can't eat you can't bait critical Fries and expect the you know anything's still. But those who Fries we got they suck. So like I think why do you like them because now and why you got a good memory if you didn't like it because it is only you don't bake them and you deep fried and they're actually pretty good I've been to a couple places that have Kringle comprise a much our thought they do these trucks are pretty good now as a feeling by the end of meat potatoes people are just be pissed about the you don't want French Fries you'd be very mad at the list. All really Claudia oh god well it's going to be it's all about Fries in favor Fries across I say that's it. No I sure like it's coming up another round profile this yes we'll bring it tells with a shot of the day and today is today that we played big dummy 844999. All the now each time we play big dummy. We like to do a little men's room Paul find out what's on your mind last week we asked you to eat one. A burger made a bald eagle. A burger made from your pads or a burger made from a person that you have never met before and that's how we know that's what was on your mind now when we yet that's exactly right believe it or not we had a deadlock. A tie for number one. Between the and he guesses I'm gets a bald eagle people stole willing to Edith. That people love that freedom for all legal. A dozen and and people. That is correct most people did not wanna eat their own pets in Hamburg I agree 100% but our own people first well the stranger more interesting enough yet tie for one between bald eagle burger and a person murder. This. Week's men's room poll. It's it's a little bit tricky we're gonna ask you that died the Turkey death has not done the fun subject of the world but it's how you died in makes this important. You're gonna die by. The great white shark and ousted at the hands of a great white shark but as you know the don't have hands. If you did know that spoiler alert exactly it and not Michael find shard of little hands on and photos and video. Next up on the list is a chimpanzee now one thing we know that Jim had drawn hand is unbelievable strong it. Matter of fact chimpanzee should be masseuse is they should train our mission not why there. Because there are horrible terrifying god damn creepy what they are there enough nothing more nothing would be how they are among better job covered in fur then. And male fetal monsters and firm that's all you need to know and one thing that we know about their enemies and how they tried to I could continue their her hit. Continue to build anything he. It's the alpha male. On one thing that we know for a fact is a chimpanzee. He does not want you to be attractive. So the first thing you'll do is go to a bad manager Jim Manzi and I'm not let me to hand you don't eat your face all steroids if you're ugly he won't mess with it until now that your mental aren't aren't so when when they're going to baby. It didn't have but I wanted to thank you regret that whenever it's human being insulted that the killer did not have that beautiful and our school. But they do remember those weird phone toes too right so I guess the idea is they put like one foot underfoot one put under the foot in the incoming grabbed both breasts. Munro quick the first thing they want to do is rip your gym tell ago that's for so that if you survive the fight. At least you know him can reproduce hmm that's the first thing about our. As cold rightness it's it's very intelligent to bedside number twos are great white shark you're in water. Yes lemon haven't done that here on vacation I'm having formally initiate our white shark being eaten by great white shark gets out and Robin says that the bracelet I agree with a 100%. On grit our hang on I'm not and I thought without and I in my division I think it's very simple chimpanzee we know he's gonna rip off your junk with his hand in the engine your face yet while you're alive keep in mind. Until you die number three on the list as a grizzly bear really bears are big they smell like hell. That's what you're going to be worried about how there's may have talent. And they have two big paws and just so you know they have never done their nails ever. These are just big call my emails dated your crappy fight does not want purple one and the rest degree in anything like that these are big as big clause you don't mean. And in the thing about a grizzly bear is he just he Jew. He doesn't really have a technique to kill you. Unlike other piazza for the evening the view he's just going to eat at this technique as you are alive that's a grizzly bears do they just beat you they don't strangle you they don't buy connect they don't have a technique. They just start eating but all you're gonna think is boy I can't believe how bad he styles and poured on the list is death by line and yes you are because he hasn't made if you smell so bad that I can eat you alive by doing things you can think it was how bad a smile. I have problem now lion we know has eight as a technique so. Alliant is going to either by you by the front is that the front of the large and wants a goes after the front of the Mac the contractor has hired goes for the back yeah tiger a guy back why go back to you get to look this bitch in the Aaron while he's taking you see what I would do it just kept action now aren't there yet and I that's and I get in my case ever opened no position and let him tire himself out the first five or six rounds. Quick let's tell the people of Africa may have thought of this yet it got. That's a little one their real Harlow in Manila alone does not in my neck if I beat the oval around the if only hard it's hard when you have a foot wide demand that's why I think that slinky from the National Geographic that makes more things right tonight get by by an act exactly a made it longer if it isn't it if it can bite the medal let's fact it. So those are your choices tiger and I. Great white shark chimpanzee grizzly bear or lion. That is the men's room bull sharks are a type of shark and here's why in I don't know first it was two reasons why man. You're going to die and the sooner the bad parts understood right so in theory I'd just want this to be over with. It seems like the sort of animal the longer it takes to kill you like they take some joy immigrant should read these are Smart bright but. First is gonna rip off my dog can begin to eat my face and then killed and it's not leaving a neophyte at bats up. The grizzly bear like you say and I'm still alive in spite of how bad he smells I think I would be distracted by the fact exactly leading them and that is. Horrible right. Alliance same thing like it's my can take him long to kill me but in this process to do what I'm looking at a enthusiasm by the neck and a prelim will begin ST. Now with the shark it's simple they're very very stupid all he wants to do was eat me it is not going to put nothing. If you all know what you're not seeing it hasn't have you not seen a great white shark hit a seal. Many of three options both are on land and knows. You hold peering shock for what's happening but I should great white shark. Is going to strike you they can beat you with 23 g.s of force and you'll be in shock so quick you're back obese man you want it. It's our dog lard don't already here's the thing rod I'm deadly little eats you put on a wetsuit all right Micah surfer look at. You go out there looking like a big black latex seal act right just look like a see progress in analysts say hey you just went straight out there and before you did that Billy you're gonna be dead Charlotte now would you rather do that or jump into a pool with a great white shark in there. Our bronze went to the bully he does so under the. I only learned of the bullied there's enough the sensory things going out the waves and stuff that you could at least. Kind of distract yourself right what's it and it's gonna happen so fat the opinions in a pool. The shark is not gonna have the same ramp up space. That it would in the illusion would you try to rodeo ride the shark for like eight seconds you have big part of the shark though. Is that he might just strange. That's when I don't wanna drowned brilliant dramas though it didn't shark I don't know how a letter under the global tightly they're gonna boarding up from the bottom and from my past. I'm saying I'm dead before I even went back and won yet the right to god. I'm gonna have more I don't seals are still flop but in the end they are sealed they have a ball to try to escape the stuff right I'm back. Our mile an African law hello I'm black I think mile walk right to marry endlessly hits me. And then base they catch you can't see how they did against UConn that's what I liked about one of the U that is what I'm alone I wanna punch a grizzly bear in the basement on to give it everything I take my finger and a runner runner right now as I'm on I'm gonna pop one of those things you know what you're gonna do you don't you're going to be losing their chemistry and you're not gonna do and I'm glad I'm miles the thought process and I want to do it with a little bit painful when the line is the king of the jungle. We don't know what Lebanese them I am I right exactly yeah and I got a hole out I'll go out a lot of the become part of it hit me and I normally I would always say the same thing I want I don't. I don't want flag bearer have. I am very I want you screen and hopefully get three year old girl and then I'm going to die I might be going to have my grizzly bear but I guarantee you this always talk about that old line grizzly bear upon you look at bonded to mayors insanity because some man down desire about balls out before he gave him an hour or so angry that it isn't half the village to dismiss my family won't take pride for you responded bought the boat that I have all out there and I was on a Rampage doesn't seem I found we'll take pride for generations. Brand packets ahead d.s really I lied it only fair yet gave earlier accident. I'm not trying to rain on the parade run and I love the idea of you being like. And he should not my grandfather yet that is for. Great uncle who right now okay that's the best you can do it is there's a sniff that died by line and it was Ted you've done. Yeah I guess and was named after Jimmy Jones will be the 55 minute drill holes does migrate wide charge chimpanzee. Grizzly bear. Or alliance this big dummy 844999. All of America just on the line read play big game yes you do hello each job welcome to the men's room. All religions are. It's labor teams over a silver but not so we're just over a year ago. Not to chop job. When you add on their goats are. Jobs I don't always about jobs jobs. John lets a nickname right. Yes yeah in my parents aren't fully get these there and they know namely that. Noon maybe 200 jobs jobs do you drive a motorcycle. I wish I didn't know I know I'm feeling good motorcycle on the job Tony La di do or die by great white shark chimpanzee grizzly bear line. Thought I'd go the great white shark because. They're the biggest before your that's good about and it would just be equate this old death. You don't want a gouge out over grizzly bear that makes him so angry that it eats every camper ever affluent. Semiautomatic. Grizzly bear you're not gonna do billet cal EI out of those congress brick gaining huge. You never met one and I believe you. And that won its only aim and so did better. Start at such a huge now. There are a burden it's gonna slowly tear you apart. Like Julia Roberts Biden and low. Hook. Great white shark you know it's just like you guys stay in early agents go to. Bite you in Israel he knew it's gonna die there although more than gonna make it slow painful debt. Sir your lungs filling with water is not a simple that you are back if apple can't tell you don't want to Reuters streaming outward ice I just or drowned out by the destruction tonight. Don't like that idea they are doing okay drowning and and falling from a high place I don't know why I do well but I'm betting that the great white has kill me before I'm drowned the. I only use the Braves an apple or that happened your uterus all you all know. Needs it's I'm really thought he had seen jobs that I. I'm hats off sauls a solid against the Pinocchio references could prove critical typically affect their parent your first question no most people know the if you elect me to act on that bad. Then count yet. But once the actual one word title of the song. Everyone calls at all a lot of follow all hope that the name of the names on it yet well that's in brackets work so that the deal did little to solve a little. Think cash. You would. You look at eighteen you couldn't. Oh I have none had term now what I do not know they actually thought. After all these years you have answer. One of the two part question if you're so vain was about moved it into. Why don't make all the ridiculous on its. Current and a more serious note Portland high school. Pulse nightclub and Orlando or the church shooting in South Carolina shooter Dylan roof is responsible for which one. Ohio. South Carolina third shooting contest how's anyone supposed to keep up. That's part of the reason I asked that's part of the reason to return to be there again. I would Vieques. Our jobs yeah that's right jobs miles you beat him. For eaten by a group would ban. What pilot who pilot first broke the sound barrier in 1947. Almost. You nasty history question. Well yes they tend to pop ball wouldn't do trivia. Me. You got me there there. John good. Nuclear area of expertise here. Just think it just gave us an. He went on to invent Gator my. Soul. They called up Chuck Yeager Meister. All right what does the acronym or PM Simpson. Clear allusion to a minute. Says plug and even square yet here's may dominate for 499 Ayatollah who has our next contestant ready to play the big game. Lol. Why Lee welcome to the bedroom. Why they are you play the games over Martina filter. I just go forward unfortunately till it's over wireless welcome mr. club and welcome rove. Men's room pulled up by great white shark chimpanzees were at your job golf did you face prison there or line. I gotta go short. I don't think I was convicted chimpanzees. Decision not to let don't let your lives you don't have your John in your face big news. And what I won't stay solvent and all Kindle hold up a tickle me Elmo course. We think breakdown and tore her face all told her hand. It cents. I hear into question in 1985. What type of mythical creature the ringling Brothers circus playing to a fine. Of course. You guys that's no show you Google. I just shot the dark blue pin and then when settle such competent. Davis bigamy for 4999 all those are nice contessa ready to play again I think you of course the most prolific mythical creature. People treat chickens with which you know what to Republican elected to me English yeah with a Goose Gossage creature off Chris. From the left to do you wish you. Hello again welcome to lose out. Or how well. I'd give these children out over. In the first. It you have to think about it not so whatever you have to. I'm here are my Bluetooth look if we're not sober knots over. So we're unfortunately you can't just give one of those weird things that you're here right now. Yeah eight. I don't semi trucks are gonna start my truck just like I just did it to try to reconnect each shelter every single time so that's it's just that I've ever heard Jeff I was like die they're great white shark chimpanzee grizzly bear line. I take you may know the shark yeah it is it is you shouldn't assume. I even asked her single movie jaws. I would still prefer and we'll go Semel did such deep blue you've seen these boots and challenge the worst great movie yeah. I hear is your questions. And what country would you find the New Madrid fault lines and it's not strange match what country do you find the New Madrid fault line. I thought it. Portugal. USA. Yeah of course yeah. I revoked his name countries near the sack them with and since you know her campaign. I'd like who was both the twenty seconds and the 24 president of the United States. I don't want. It. No. And the united. Changed its tune right now and in addition to slightly out of that would really kill a mere announce our own marriage. It's. Cast I don't know are Garfield. Cleveland ahead on a lot of rovers and you'll never forget that. To be invited big president Shalala called the Grover Cleveland similarly. And coroner trying to make sure have been there and it was just like Netflix crab boil was to Steve. Hershey acquired it. It Sauna like if nothing to show their chemistry Grover Cleveland's team yet. But it's the Pacific. Smaller jump Alabama big dummy four point 99 idol you are listening to the mantra for radio network. There's two million whether there. The bear does one know Ballard. You read out so people are commenting Bob's left and right as far as your choice and how did idea and a group called great white shark chimpanzee goes of airline lets others ended the bear does how does it tell you so some of wondered how they wanna meet telling you that yes you work right the bear does thirteen U I used to live. But according to him and he says he looked this up on YouTube. A bear. Starts from your anus and worked its way into your guts. I'm talking about an actual bear like the animal means he's he's. A dynamic echo there. It's a bad weather did you make a lot of points tied the game is big dummy and now right Natalie we have let me add just a lot aligned lots of hours it's to their area for a coach Jeff. I don't allow. I'll I'll. Questions three what's number three Jeff what is the name of the closest galaxy to our very own Milky Way. All need. To. Ignore it. I don't even know my nose the other. Alabama along. And prompt. And drama drama. And olive drab they're more likely and now though is that what's they're record they did they ever celebrated in the real science fiction into science fiction Israel delivered but the realist in designs are absolutely okay I'm not all the time and overtime and a gallon run far far away could theory in theory he had dropped. I think they went forward and tell your neighbors are far away but the truth think climbs a far. Away are it's got to be farther than. Oh that's my yes I Nextel over. Yeah I want to go hey and Dow the next door a crack. I just come a long term goal of my neighbors to. Your question what 2006 movies as subtitled. Hell on heels. Star Merrill street. It. Off double or not. Very impressive stuff there let's say you've been on a date ninth. Are there isn't a done a 449990. Who's our next contestant read play the game hello Patrick welcome to the man. You know I. It's over and over. If I had nothing to confiscate. While I loved aren't aren't that many won't do and death spiral mr. ray of sunshine. I'm Patrick death by great white shark chimpanzee. God prison airlines think about it. Oh I'm gonna do it this year it'll tell you why. It is learn as they go and I'll on the airline. Euros planted the made. Windy city we have some stations jumping on board here if you're gonna get them ready to go and all be back for more big dummy for 499 NO. The show and many things continue on the men's room radio network.