03-21-18 Seg 1 Mens Room Has An Interesting Story

Wednesday, March 21st

Mens Room Question: The only story you need to know about the relationship, is ________


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You what you're having here is real the members of this radio program are simply. Trying to offend anyone. Invited to join the party. This is. Other than secrecy. They say. Or radio more than. Times. Enjoy. Oh Minnesota or 2780. So. Led. Along with Steve the throw hills. Do you Ted Smith. Auburn. In my car. Wow. Yeah I'd imagine. Hey you return a blue Sox last. The word says goodbye to classic games and hello to new alerts. Get ready to play profile list plus headlines events or job today but most are emails. And everyone's favorite TV time lifted her class period and guy right here ago as we go to Arizona where police were called after citizens see dinosaurs. In the park. To the movies in jolly old England where a magazine and killed by a chair as he sat in the theater in the dark. And I feel Florida people on the look out for old woman played with pebbles on the streets. A man steals a car but kidnapping charges he'd like to beat and 101 of the he 101 year old actress says she is not the bitch you think she's. Jesus that is all coming up today very special episode of the manager of. Here's a question. All not bad kid could Dave king you and yours look we're gonna cut to the quick side. We're Robert never knew story seems to some of the ones that we see we have a list of the ten real life examples of dramatic reactions. To getting back. Basically people share the story of with a significant other bed when I found a third we dumped that most of them I would hope. Will blow your mind it's just how relationships go but there's always a story about your relationship on and on the other end of the spectrum some people quite happy. So happy. Maybe a sex on a college campus law. In broad daylight and of course it's on cell phone video that's one couple will share their story coming up. Those double go forward things ended abruptly when he ended up killing his girlfriend. But she gave all of the baker. True football affair that would look here's the truth if you've been in a relationship or or in a relationship it's is you wouldn't out of the perfect. But when you have to explain the nature of your relationship. Or the things that you survived together to of the people there one story. They can share first and have what we want you know today is a ribbon syndrome blank question. The only story you need to know about the relationship. Is. Black brother Joseph caught a four part 999 all you can Mike commands are among FaceBook follow us on tournaments or my answer those emails to the men's room at phentermine dot com. You are listening to amend your radio network yeah. Oh John Zelaya wanted to show number 27871. Harry today they thought they return a blue Sox last and the word it says goodbye to classic names and classic names believe it or not that would be the Moline meals are the last two. As far as we Intel have the traditional classic names and as he mullah nails are coming to an end Ernie have those names are in existence we have those popular ones. Before things get a little bit more interesting. Or weird Oka and we offense among new words and names have been added to the English language so that's coming up with the return of the word and today men's room blank question. The only story that you need to know about the relationship. Is blank now relationships come in all shapes and sizes there's relationships that last for years where people get married and give the government involved. Their relationships that last for four hours maybe there's relationships. Serious I mean there's relationships like you know it. It marriages that last for just a couple weeks or couple months or whenever the deal is 72 days he. Seven easily persona and Johnson we talked about here Kim Kardashian and Dan who don't know whose comfort Chris Humphries interest give those policy. I have believed Kid Rock was married to Pamela Anderson less than men. Unless the left I believe the time was yet it was it was much less than what does Obama Amazon and Pamela Anderson that time comes only a temporary marriage arrangement. Would could be put Debbie don't normally see that was my my my my summer relationship. So you know I thought we would call and you don't you're gonna have a story about that summer relationship there's going to be one story that kind of and Ted he's a what do you think it's going to be positive or negative they are not exactly sure. What's gonna come manages to kind of depends on the it might be like I that we had the best review I still love this person sex in my life if you don't mean up on top of the mountain screaming to the gods or was it you know like. Your dream or like she mountaintop sacked or no I'm saying she jumped out of a moving car and having an enemy like they're career so closely little I don't think it's positive we still. Like you you're married their penalty probably have a positive watch given you don't necessarily have to tell the story about that relationship so that each it could be any relation right you've ever done. I had him long before your primary ended up married but I got a positive what about it differently yeah exactly and I thought you meant yeah I'll talk about getting their dogs on them home I'm Tammy missiles off the right exactly so right now positive religions right now I'm just hard. And swim and mediocrity I tell Eric the terrible low light but before. Yes wow those are great memory for a relationship you're not in right now for them okay good good sex doesn't necessarily always mean a great relationship whenever the dynamics of stuff is a mean typically it sure does help. But a gap but still there's often look you know it. The news to yet and she threw an ironing board it and you go oh well upside to. Are people that love their relationship kind of pitch about the sex shore and he can mean it's really tough. To put everything together at once you know I mean look I think ultimately even as a person you try to get like. Your whole crap together and it's it's hard to even do that to the idea of two people. Trying to get the crap together and make it I mean you have good times bad times but sometimes you have crazy times sometimes you have really exciting times. With what was who was saying that they just saw a cup will be will just make it out like crazy that it. Who wasn't the well I'll think projects that all right Erica who will he was just in general just leave your downtown I don't think Patrick's day you'll CB LaMont out in Basra Mike who's gonna Mike were you you're saying that there are all outside an Irish bar you're how many how many doubles did you walk by the were just absolutely going at each there had to be at least for probably six. Okay and Tim always your speculation they just met. I thought mileage just that it was new okay do knew we get our rights we all agreed that this has to be new there's no fifty year old couple other like. Don't go out and bam and there could be if it's new to them. And I don't write I really depends on the age of the couple just how long you've been you know your items they're kind of I don't know where it like way we've been dating for a few months. They patties and got wasted let's make a lot of parents have been married for 54 years so you know there whenever saint patty's day the best they didn't holdings. Mike how grainy the couple's. They they were in their 20s30s. I I in the village rather intimate and didn't look like this was just a one off don't I would rather I would tell you what we were you work well walking with your lady friend at the time now. Okay I see you're alone yes now all we have you ever seized in such behavior in a public environment now. OK I would you ever do that probably not so mom and we need new rules are put it this new rule. It's a little bit easier to get my god that led to one I mean it's like. Well GM. You would sit behind closed doors mount. You know our rollout that man I am really I am guilty of you made our relationships are new I mean it was like we have sex in a coat closet Perez put even though your in the hall closet I almost an hour. Because it's illegal Robbie but right. For kids see is not illegal and publish your files can't Bindra over the table grows the economy and but I think watching other people kiss in public. Right as you look at your map well to me it's that it's a thin line up like three to 52. I don't know kind of like three seconds should be allowed Michael Mann that's nice good for them than by the fifth economic and I'll why. Yeah I'm not going to die every day I think the general rule should be this man if other people in your mouth noises you need to stop. I mean I actively tear your tongues movement moved knew you would Jesus Christ man Lake Erie times. Yeah you didn't. And our feeling has 6000. He could keep this comes from metro they ought to cut and cash exit with a stable area what is your comfort Mugabe now all of us. What do you said that when he got into crimson what do you send them your socks popular pro I woke hey man did you would you Don did you. Did you just passed me an opportunity remitted a group table or somebody was take care of sudden so someone suddenly in the vicinity and read the tables you know. I've found out after not that I know. I Bob Graham once I had and Tony I didn't really have an idea that I had an idea. And it was at a prom dinner in nice OK also left or all right oh yeah they. Oh yeah I don't know and and and another visiting our business and you know like it was thought it was a fancy dinner. Agree but I capping are in the talks and all that crap and doesn't see where your problem problem now as a senior high school hood to the side seafood restaurant which is really really intelligent. If you're here's a great idea. When you real far away from the ocean order seafood and no don't do that don't do that like go with the salt water is anyway if I mean. They did the best they could either way it was this big circular table this guy like the Pope room at booted about well. Aria okay racism but they have like this big you know those are but table cloth and all that stuff cica student skewed around. And and that this is the only hint the only hint that I had. Was that the girl who was dating my friend Jeff at the time who's kind of in the middle. She had to go to the bathroom and she wanted to go the other way. And my body pat flag no go the other way. Does he wanna get up. And I had an idea why do you wanna get up there may is huge around you know look at of them like you've got to be kidding me I'm like you gotta be kidding me because he's generally lay like this is. Do you that you Google doesn't like this that day here he had he had and they go come on and so anyway that's what I knew. But the thing is concerned when you're an hour and a half. Here we killed a teenager in your early twenties and IDD two I never hang out so many think Condo at the beach right. And then like later that night I think you guys couldn't tell but I think there is it yes we could tell us and we just really let you have your fine. On relay. Apple got I don't believe that's. Right you that can't be happening for you and other people don't know this may well unlike those that I anything real out because. Love the look on your face man imagine it's not gonna go to roller coaster and that there's a camera setup at the moment you go down and so no matter what you look ridiculous interest agreement goal when it. Imagine if they had orgasm ten. So at the moment. At the moment of sweet releases snaps a picture your faith. It's real obvious with the if you either your about the sneeze or you've climax that's the only time your face looks likely to disappear vinegar. Even though did you also got the last man. Or did you have an orgasm because that's the only way to explain face it could be the time that you're Chucky cheese and got kicked out. You know like this does I don't go for more as Kentucky's. Exactly that's an uncomfortable segue antidote for every one look I'm ailing man because we've got a story coming out about families gotten kicked out of a judge each of these for a getting in a fight incidents that. Because some hard right turn Internet anyway when I know it of the confederate guerrilla blow up infertility go to more than you know why explains in tires relationships. The only story I think it doesn't all have to be sexson in on us and we can do little little thrown. From orgasm meaning to chunky cheat with the only way that being a kid I mean you're an adult games exciting having rates equity Debra is yet. If your kid is average or better and video games our eyes I hear your actual thought here's the difference and to me it's real easy. Op had that experience of kid was great toys Christmas Chucky cheese all that stuff. Animals farm and reflect on it fondly but I don't necessarily mrs. Really wants I discover what orgasm was I've been chasing that dragon everyday assumed command of that is the difference can't do so much look forward to you don't even know like enjoy these moments but. And at age of self discovery man you world's gonna change. You guys say you're right into the relationship doesn't work out they're still fun moments that it but I you know summarize it that are positive without being sex but he got you sure well I still think of a girl would've been more relate. For Valentine's we got a heart shaped pizza and made cookies. It was very nice I would sum this up she was very we were both pretty low key Wired News on the other more well thorough sometimes love is a finicky this. Isn't it nice feel like it it it in Arizona said I mean that's sounds great I'd lose 10 yeah and that's tonight and tomorrow the world could you look at the heart recipient of the story with was it a bad destroyer now and I'll I'll Arafat a how and what happened is that a I listened to imagine that that's what happens. Maps that I did you have. It's actually I did today yes that does sweep this moment there's pride that you could moment and I'll pat Dawson. But the story that outdoors. Al Gore used to say that on is he and his wife's anniversary tipper whatever I was like I'll do to remove salt from Srebrenica and vote for the first day that you are when I was like at a Wendy's yet so they went to a Wendy's so they decided that every year after that their merry for to the during the time like every anniversary daily. Well we just want to go to Winn whose nose and your earlier in the big particularly go there do your thing about man. It's so cool but you know it just. That was here said that I know that she's sending me and I never heard him personally like they all it's gravy dog instead they're the enemy find out he's gonna happy ending in a hotel before you think of exactly they do not look like I thought our that's cool they really love each other really careless and they know it's been all a little flip over I'll be you look at very out if you look at the did you. I do remove debris and drew I have would ratchet it up. They wanted to give your friend's hotel room here 400 dollar to vote favor 120 but it drew big Dow down with the dissidents are to us. I'll kill you story you need to know about the relationship is blank 84499. I and all you say Al Gore Wall Street is really now big Al little flap over your ho lol well there's all Big Apple route home. Fat Albert that's why did a bitter voters. It's bad Albert and ambulances. Hello Brandon welcome to the man drew. Barack or. What aren't there. So. I. Know my girlfriend in area. The guys aren't. What was what was your edition what was her addiction. I'm so we we're both addicted to heroin I think it was like my ninth time an impatient. I would like eighteen years old she was 23. And no memory have. And then we get like Coca and her and have earnings but. You know and that's seeing each other for like four months after. It's gone like meeting together. I was still using she was like seven months cleaner some climate. And I had to go under house party I was like. But it deepens and Taylor Jerry's and just ended up at a motel six. Move in the Ohio have so far. They're right there this is the royals let you know six you Lori I've ever should do financial investing commercials I feel like you'll pardon a movie be played by Hugh Grant the about it. Let's as the romantic comedy continues on faulty tires and you'll get over there you're at the motel six and them. Yeah I mean you know fingers in the air we actually you know we were seeing each other like or much urged current Earl out. And now we're we're actually loved each other you now. Where we ended up being together stroll like. Or five years using. You know there's ups and downs and of course you know we are using heroin multi. Honestly yeah yeah yeah we got that part. For sure it. And so like sixteen months ago. We ended up getting creamed together. And still together to this stale I mean right now you know getting clean but somebody that you've been using like whip first five years it's almost like meeting an it person you know. It sure did I do and out of malveaux cleared actors on the migrate both like OK live. Those those two weird week this is the day you both stuck to it. Yeah I mean you know she actually we got helped out of a nonprofit organization called hope builders. Check amount if you need help. She ended up getting sent to treatment in Florida and I had been to a tree and like. Thirteen I'm glad that there's some things I described to detox and moved in here credit so we're out and we weren't yet. Why does did you go out of state for the amid exuded a program are assemblies and I saw it. Says they sending out Coke addict to Miami your Vegas you know I hear you here on heroin and Nazis go to Florida where all of the. I don't know favoritism in the collection 50000 dollar treatment center it was only covered by the nonprofit organization. Achieve its more like they encounter and came back. The other by an hourly I was sixteen months claim. All right man Snyder recommends a way how long have you guys been together with about six here's something new I appears. Is season that you see the same person you know and are you the same person that she knew. I mean. Yeah outplay excite we've changed a lot you ounce girl were slightly to eighteen affirmative better definitely another or not. I know I know ASU I understand how Barbara played as far as how you guys still get along. You guys don't get along well even your vote against essentially entirely different people. Yeah definitely. Do you eat now. Do they eat the Eddie has eat together. Yeah apparently the dream has kudos. Honestly. Kind of work a bunch in arched kind of trade one addiction pretty area onslaught so how now how much difference do you look compared to before. One iron ore and I went into detox I was a 140 counts parent I'm six foot. So now I. Am sure sounds you're normally not a machine and always dish you know it's ruined our girl she can't wait to you now got color based dock like acquires. I don't know how he violated maybe that's and that's what he did you do exactly let's go. Does. Those who don't run around the room like that the popularity the height of the other Dracula air there that came I drew management empire an exact. Holly story you need to know about the relationship is blank gave 44999. Cola more calls coming up you are listening to the men's or radio network. Sage is you. Are closer today mantra likewise in the. Only story you need to know about the relationship is blanket 844999. All we have the story that comes out of jolly old England. The love birds clearly taking a little break from their studies were filmed getting very close to each other. Outside of a large building at the University of New South Wales all loses in Australia in Sydney Australia due largely for them they were in full view of their fellow classmates sitting in classrooms. In the opposite building. Not that they seem to care footage shows the female student climbing on top of her lover and I'm back with his back against the wall with his legs straight outs in broad daylight. They clearly appear to be having sex for a number of minutes before they are interrupted by a sneaky cameraman. The creeps up and a set of stairs for a close up look at the woman that appears to get shy after noticing they have company and gave the guy filming them. But by that is to lakes there content heavy encounter they say had already been spotted by dozens of other fellow students. From surrounding buildings who laughed and then it cheered them on so the only story you need to know about the relationship is blanked in 44999. Hole. The riskiest place you think you have rats that like you're having snake you know EV you there's people cleanly in view or give a good gym to get busted. The on a bed with like. Passed out people on the couch on oh I OK I'm so those close proximity. I'm right illusions hotel rooms there's no room. OK get stuck with a little more recent. I would say they are really passed out people. The Jordan Edmund deferred lag Aaron is getting down. Died. Haven't tested for a tape I just got they. Bogeyman ribs like dude there how we can have sex education and when they're right I'm gonna take. Allie of against the wall in the dumpster for 100 X wow. I had a girlfriend minus stairwell and it and a stairwell in an Alley is a state into stolen and Omar are only eighteen whatever but. She cut a hole. In the crotch of her jeans and mild to me and I'm sitting so I'm sitting on her living room sofa. She's right I mean the mom is not in a room she's in the kitchen which is two rooms away but it's like a single hallway. But mom Walton delivering won't want to talk to a flight ninety seconds and she's like all goes looks like her daughter's sitting in my lap and she is. Go item after your daughter you know I didn't win system but it weird mammoth site one. Way. He writes I really like just eat a long term again caught. Of one of those passed out people woke early they're my friends they wouldn't Ellen can't but yet you're right I haven't sects like either upstairs or downstairs in the pants or mouth even if you're liking your. Funny thing that's still scare are not it in sometimes it's it's not that it's the most risky area. It's just that you know like this was your bedroom growing up. It were your parents house right now. It doesn't look like they've changed a lot. You know I guess what when religious school which one great man like on my kid like when two two college. Granted she has a younger sister who's still in high school but the bunk beds or gulp. Right you mean like seriously like a Decatur seventeen years old only to have you here morn going into one room like this might be like you slash tell you have thought from you slash gas through got to remember you have to look why is that because. In their gonna try to sneak and have sex animal look at the bunk beds. In these days that well I know weird though they would you elaborate a little down now they're gonna do our room right now that I'm familiar like. I've been in that room before like they haven't changed anything I'm pretty sure that still you know to the posters are still on the walls in the pay the bills like the days and alcohol yeah it is just weird it's just weird because it's a child through. Right and then did this there's nothing about that in that makes everywhere almost thirty the thing about but here we are you at all right below a child's room is not the idea of of where I wanna have separate but I don't stop you. Yes although totally. Oh absolutely I like me don't agreed to be out but I still I'm an eight moute right just he's an adult I think he needed to see this room. Hi I ever had I think the room was was how bad was he was pretty well the eighth ninth grade room. It has never been changed lady down to Nebojsa memo connection down to the G yeah I mean down ten seats on the air at recognized I don't know like I mean what are the seeds. It wasn't like N'sync pillow cases that I mean it wasn't too far too far you know whatever and just everything ready and I knew there was the time Ohio. Comments are blank question the only story need to know about their relationship is blanket 449990. That's weird pal who's Shaun welcome to the men's room. Ole all and I. I saw me in my life. Mennonite school aided and got finally got married. About. Or years ago told that we got married I'm 28 got. On and so right after we got married when we're going now a ride a motorcycle ride with us you friends. And on our way to meet up with them to Montalban all of us and our spirit that's. Theory that voters like black and this guy gets airlifted to. It's hard reveals and had a traumatic brain injuries and my wife that prayer is the whole thing with me even though like I kind of changed from the accident. In all I know I care about this well at times music you like men now the I think this is it just about just the thing. The show and many things continue on the men's room radio network.