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Monday, March 12th

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This is done men's room. Listening to. There's no sitting by car and I four point 999 a little play profile as in minutes. And your headlines on the way one hour from now first quick check in my cock for some of the stories and headlines he has. Not working out all right China's eight and a half ton space station is falling out of orbit and could land somewhere in Michigan or around April 3 OO. But there's a bunch of other places in the world and it could fall to scientists should have a better idea of the location in the next few weeks which is amazing to me. Put an. That they know it's kind of fall out of orbit and they should know you know in a few weeks where it's gonna land yet we don't have time to do anything about it. Well I mean that's just the earth keeps spending. You know what's gonna fall on orbit but you don't know exactly. Where the rotation of the earth is. When it falls on sky in and out for a long to take it down bats at Mike well miles an hour were younger skylab. And falling out of the sky to same scenario. And just keep in mind technology wasn't as good then as it is now but they kept trying to make predictions were reliant and in the end they won't even remotely right but boy were. As best I can tell from the craft roughly in my backyard right within twenty miles Ben Democrats among Quebec. And as impressive when India and the Democrats somewhere in Texas Indiana believe slammed into the but I mean they are looking it was a big guessing they didn't know they didn't know where he crashed until almost like the week after it crashed to put a number respect. Then lost its what was that like look at some point got a bone golfer rate Volek look good in grass and anything we thought it might we don't know where it is and if I. Accomplish for the news yeah yeah their biggest mere nine point five years has plays later in the ocean Saturday and nobody even knew would have liked to in the area any solid giant flag right. Two moms and Jacksonville Florida got into a fight at a Little League practice enough for me because one of them was wearing short shorts and the other thought it was inappropriate it's. I'll come aren't just one or was she. Allowed to Wear a short shorts. Man look I have my kids play it it's T ball last year it took a woman showed off and soared to a I would notice and I might look good kids kids that don't don't care right exactly so what are your sword and he's got a good I have read the story to and it's like I mean I'm sure one of those types of questions where they back shores this concept of them. Or it was just they were short and in Obama's job. I've I think that the put it this way if you can't see but teach something different. And in my had a measurable opener Ted. Yeah like GC the pockets in the back there's still this girl is an ugly. And how she's not a doubt he's not breath any other woman wearing short short answer it when a parent and student Nona anyway. I biking. Fell back and a man of Florida who imports monkeys for medical research recently sent his own mother an angry letter filled with white powder. She's afraid you're that he was trying to make it look like an animal rights group was harassing him. Okay why are alive what is the benefit of right. Call attention to the thing you're doing that no one knew you're doing now I wanted him and I dizzy just a leakage justify his hatred of him I don't know. If you know the fourth question on my mom's mind of word that I go wrong it. Can I just and needs and if you ask is let. Your kids did you occasion to ask yourself that question was different being obscured everything from human do but I would like to play. My kids were nice and neat but threatening like. I would say we're gonna go wrong place and they anybody but I wouldn't think it would come to me from back. A seven year old woman in Utah who tried to hire a hit man to kill her ex husband then tried again from jail. Was just charged for trying a third time. She is the dip as has tried it saw a movie she's intuitive. And she's all those guys and why would he want this guy dead if only I actually want to know what he wants. How much do you think she's paying at this point for the third time around as yeah I would guess it's been getting along with. Right now is can he think he's going to be beamer this is the third different Leyland and I don't. Like you seriously you're gonna tell you I've said I should the first one you know like you came and how far should a model right around my house golf gobs of seconds I was on vacation points in the advocate at start to the neck and left. The third time an estimated the way to some things like you know god damn the after a while Oklahoma game game over Iran's yourself not offering enough people keep turner that's got to be what it is man because if you get it looks like the punch bug game a never end to acknowledge that it definitively end or does she ever. Actually higher and does she just going to Craigslist looking for a hit man and that's you know it's kind of comes up on somebody's radar doesn't instantly actually hire somebody or their goals so you know Jamaica phone call from prison just assume that being her yes. I. I had never met a man in my life I don't have that you know that I don't write I don't I don't really think you're answering that had the look referred man. That number and has undergone a cleaner look over clean yet. A Tony eight year old mentally guy that runs that's solutions. Integrated air it. A 48 year old man with a night tried to sneak into a jail in Los Angeles using a fake FBI badge. But they arrested him instead invoked him under the same jail he was trying to sneak in juice overall I think he kind of accomplished his mission thrilling days. See relentless tonight was he went in there to kill an inmate. He had knives I am now working on. Maybe he was maybe as a hit man for the threats that hit she just needs wanted to break in the jail on weapons. And then why would you think cops are not gonna and it was a statement right that I don't go to military bad for a living in the front passed a faith that. Well even then you're an FBI agent and you've got to ninth with your guns right at that point. A new study found when employees Jim needles into voodoo dolls of their bosses it actually made them feel less resentful about their job. I can vouch for that in the club here where Clinton as ridiculous and stuff who bought co workers. Right EMI wanted to we're paid sabathia we want to comment Thursday as a little bit of a lower back pain OK that was the day I was governor one associate you can just punch in the face any kind your Mac Connecticut feel better isn't that what it is people go to the gym to get to as far as a local health issue a lot of kids want to acknowledge you really just wanna punch somebody in the face they visualizing it like seventy times and hang out here you need to get your violence out tonight. Stresses continue to like the school. No offense but once a year ago one part is not concluded that the open in the brutal and technically anybody in the batter's great QB but if it was better movement could be co worker gonna evolve and you know the years you once a year ago what what you know and also urged that it. You know like man wanna put the person right now but I don't know how the rest of the wings and chicken. I don't remember him right there your punch in January now that is headed loses they get fired integrity and leave tennis the descent they are. HR. What I'm here five. You and do you step of you're punch quota for years you. See I'm just imagine if somebody in office like Lee had just going nuts and clouded over somebody's desk flippant. Well that would involve our people 31 right exactly just what he's got a bit of anger then but I compliance with Jim took over as. I can't wanted to an allergen in Nevada. Says stress is contagious according to a new study so if you're spending time with people who are stressed it's going to mess with your brain and make you more stressed out yeah people who are angry they're gonna (%expletive) you off then there's that you make you sad you are happy you're gonna have a good time around you know so people make me. Packed app app at dad did cry and that's the truth is that the when your at a restaurant you wait for everyone's food to come out before you start eating or do you just dive right in while you should play no way you should wait period OK I know you should you guys when you read what do you do is highly I would. Unless somebody goes you have to wait for me. Miles I wait to throw. The president ordered about and her good god I'm not dove under eat there for the five weeks of boot out if I need to go get it to go. They're they're willing if I need to be some place then that's rare in America go one at a six people say no they start eating as soon as their food comes out. One at a sex that's why get an appetizer thereby can split the way things just chill the hell out when you get those matches and these are guys like me. A graphic videos making the rounds online of what disturbing object doctors used as a pillow for their patience woes that I'll tell about a one hour from now. You like your headlines on oil one hour from now birth it and move on. True precepts. The prohibitively general and how profile this is playing as short ten miles it's a simple game where we share with your real life and story. Something happened right here on planet earth for. And as you must do story based on stereotypes you believed to be true of people and the decisions that people make less north and as you think makes the story a story. Hello nor welcome to the men's room. Oh yeah. All right Norah. You understand others here nameplate. Please stop speaking so much that the noise all right here's his story. An employee at a meat and poultry company he's been arrested accused of stealing 101000. Dollars worth of chicken wings and other meat from the company. The larceny happened at the county distributors in south Windsor Connecticut. The owner of the business reviewed surveillance footage from warehouse and he noted that employees. Had taken brought in from the warehouse loading them into vehicle all while there were no sales transactions. Well police investigated they found a guy Don ness on several occasions. And a total loss estimated an excess of 101000 dollars again worth of chicken wings and a bit meets. Now police obtained a warrant they charge of larceny in the first degree. And he had the court date coming up do you believe that this enterprising meet these. Is black white Maxi or Asia. Listening to yes under the name the city again south Windsor Connecticut. I don't know nothing about the East Coast. It's easy to. I am what went let me predominantly in Connecticut. As far as it depends really you know. I mean you're gonna find well black white marriage in June for sure. Absolutely. But it depends where Connecticut you go to your profile morneau and insurance banking. ESPN and that's what that but it's also broke gas lately well. There. They are still out in a. You usually. Scream. Like speculates. While it was everybody but. Now I don't. But we stereotypical but it to the game wore us. Yeah I can sinister I'll eat. So elated I seek. My take it out but I think look I spoke. Who I I've been around and out. There and enter pass by earth. Italy clearly clearly you know literally have to take away they just grab the way I know my damage you have black argument is that this. A youth I was very and I am very nice media around a lot of well. Nora you and that. Finally handed out there are ignorant. I like a let it be a black person but the dark imminent as the ink dedicated to keeping a white person to. Only steal chicken wings now another opportunity but they keep men every time you reboot they stole restore with chicken wings were nominal and ministers and other news Norah we're gonna need a final answer what do you think. The whole light like final answer and care. Grind out at Disney thief in most black white Mexican or Asian next. That was fatigued you are listening to the men's or radio network. About I think his view south Windsor Connecticut and a guy who's working at a meat and poultry company and related like his meets taken going to particular of all kinds of other come looking. Various mistakes I'm sure probably hamburgers maybe some lobster who knows do it to the tune of 101000 dollars. More than meet before he was busted and I guess black white Mexican or Asian where your choices that is correct nor can you have the non first set and man in Iraq. I don't wanna sounds stereotypical but. And chicken wings and I'm thinking they are black people even those have like you as the Philly miles chicken wings are but in the end you went whites. Okay I don't know yeah go with the go to guy. Mom now you're right there like you don't want easily beat me he's in antennas on the stereotype that you will tour. There's a reason why when you read the story goes I wasn't but it is story they keep mentioning. Chicken wings that bad dots and to be. I don't know that three times in the story and we had a Mac news then he's the but the every. Time limit to what he stole that's nurture it and moons richer and other be so close out relativity volatile and to have a TV to Abbott today. Because you're pathetic life. And did countless hours in front of a talking again in the men's room presents. Never worker really long time preparing for something. And I'm eager to do it just doesn't work out as well as you'd hoped barbecue all the time smoking meat you know life yet. There's just a tennis stuff right you get you can plan for the depressed well and now let's focus on something you've practiced for a bunch Dervis forty plays kidney eighty practiced all the time but you just are good that you. Yeah most. It's basketball. C'mon you like I'm just and I hate to be seen. Yeah right but so you can practice stuff still be bad so when you watch the dog shows rate all you dogs do all the the correct thing to do to lose go to Japan and they got a jump over some some hurdles if you will tell you they got that kind of snake through woody called. I don't think it may cause these different anecdotal these courses and stuff like I like you know again with the way the Olympics a short though are because some of the voters or wow that's follow your colors right of the closest perimeter Rican rum right the little warmer yet you're snake and then like BJ's black pit bull. Yet and it's right sometimes you got to run these little tunnels and stuff so you've seen these dog show competition absolutely this one comes to us so much Dario and me I had basically tell by the announcers voice here this dog is that we stay on the course to cross breed of all sorts of music food. It came into the week. I shouldn't think so for a second. We scored. 2000. Jump seat jump ship full height if you contingent on the course. So that's if that's what the regiment it's a page you've seen that video yet now. So it's kind of funny at one point he comes out right any makes a couple of the jumps. But then he legit just goes over to like people that are working memory is sitting there haven't and they like put their hands by her man and ask Clinton that they like. But didn't think I don't Obey what amassed the competition and they literally when you hear that the English guy you I don't know how he turned around there. It's because it's one of those tunnels he's a bigger dog through any round then. Page goes back out there they look like the tunnel Moody's did it with a us audience that we just got to look at like I am back outside so the app are yes crowd favorite. Crowd favorite I think and loser to the lady's defense the woman's defense. With this dog. He sees it a very nice animal I guess a service dog of sorts that he likes people it seemed like they worked really hard after a while she's got to keep gives up. Did you hear the high polluting world of the dog bred world where there the first thing the guys says it's just like. Just to crime spree that across as unity like he's not even appeal in Britain would be going to most of these animals are really just having sex with a famine in front of that's what we prefer but now this when I went to a different town and had sex with someone he wasn't related to. Stopped us it really so did you collect government jab and put him on a biscuit. Click frankly that's the kind of dog of I think Eads could you imagine having sex with someone below the poverty level that they can. If if if if it had sex with some random it's an advantage some hall at some peasants. Just had some bitch in heat yes who speech in its rate Sherlock homes enough. And I guess that dumpster looking at that sometimes rhetoric and media would think these people have bad days go on. You going to be any good news watch a happy that dog is screwed up that course. And frankly to be worried just enough to cross breed thing look at some cross breed of all sorts of their content is there. The demo adultery with a student paper at republic and also no doubt but I don't think our entire family a brilliant. Had six total over that Chrysler Canada and one dog that the house isn't he neurological problems at all. It's a closed for good happy news we'll go to terrible news anchors. Only fit in. OJ Simpson just stepped it. Well no well Daryn twelve years ago laugh at at at the Albert given. Yeah well I'll rate was 1994 when he committed the murders and I feel it already found and yes that is that a court of law. So by the dumbest people on here's kind of the story here is that OJ years ago had wrote a book on defied if I do it right. You got to remember OJ Simpson lost the a civil trial. Now he lost the criminal arrest warrant what are while losses to to try your error but it cracks are a buddy of okay threats that he was found not guilty to criminal trial. Which by double jeopardy as they said the beginning of this show he can not be tried again. Which he never was but obviously they Nevada health and able lock them up for this other stuff so he can't be try to get a criminal law for killing those people right. Now he was out he was convicted in the civil case so when the book was about to come out Goldman's family Ron Goldman Tammy said hey. Think we get all the money everything that's arts. You know it's yet you still a us. So the book ever came out. But when he thought the book was gonna come out he did an interview. With Judith Reagan who was the publisher of that book. And they do need to put this in the show but here's a kinda. Panicked chilling story she told about meet with him and witty. We want anyone to do the show. Rules for this interview well. I received a phone call. From an attorney who said that OJ was ready to confess. And actually I thought it was some kind of a scam and didn't believe them and I thought this guy's a lunatic but I took his number in seven. Calling back and the next day I called him back and he. Said he was willing to do it and they only condition. That he had was that he didn't wanna call. The book I did it he wanted to put an if in front of that so that he would have. Deny ability with his children. That was his only condition. It is of that student. And I'm sure Chloe doesn't think he did she. Oddly out of it I watched I watched some of the special birdies to having you figure if you're gonna kill your wife and in another dude you're already and a piece of crap. But you watching that show it's amazing. But he still blames her for so much stuff right even audiotapes of and sadly this goes on a lot of abusive relationships right but he still you know he was he videotapes of him ranting and raving. At nighttime ranked beneath that well that's because she was having guys over who runs they are not together. They worked anything out of Iraq at my kids this is just. It's just amazing to me even when you see that story that you know it but watching him sit there and just be so kind of arrogant about it in the plane that one nicely. Out in this guy indicating Iran doesn't get rammed up and and nervously laughingly laughed and like you could see like the gun over his laugh and go that's funny it looked well those country had looks on his face like wow that's really cynical but he just looks and go over second. Video of normal and then you'll if you look at his eyes and his facial expressions and elect. Oh man he just booked into a different mode economy might as far as didn't go back to those killer right exactly where he will look like it's them and we we played Somalia last week and assists in order by bit and he can Seve every. They know by us that agree hypothetically invented he's recalling the story in this and what you do when you're re calling you store your involvement. He started going the first person. And so it's not there the night so choke him open told a hypothetical person and I remember picking myself out with one round and needs to stop. A path. And checks. I mean look. Besides even even if you believe OJ Simpson is innocent I com. But you still have to wonder what kind of making a group who won national TV and slander development is listening would be done and it Newton attire and their and and another person involved who. Yet he didn't know him enough. So he didn't have enough stuff to slander him but I guess they he's OK I'm all right ladies but a lot of time slandering a double threaten to think. It's unbelievable actually act herded off one point class act yes well let's get a little too had so much show. What are so much drug dealers yet. It hasn't appeared and been happy recently as are watching this is that in the NCAA selection show sort of watch of the narcotics. And yeah I didn't stick watch a whole season and if I can manage through it it it eats at the end. I literally at one point that myself out loud what is narco shows really violent. I think it's about. Pablo Escobar and yeah now you shouldn't spoil the regular crew of the it was Gloria problem at all of the vault and a Tug ET. Is that. There's a certain level of a violence in Iraq and I want to yeah. But the idea coach urges its unbelievable. I'm sure too he's he's human right now they'll come out have some crazy crazy comment there. Let's let's yourself that fun there's something funny Jimmy Fallon says pretty good stuff here sue overture to listen to is that tweets about people having superpower. Hours. From my favorite if I had a superpower tweets from you guys are against Christmas from that tales and eleven. She says my tower B do clap when I separate my hands and sandwich appears filling the space. This comes from that 18443. He says my superpower would be detecting whether someone is going into the high five more than fist pump but on. When. As well as format fish and fish. She says I once you've never do look into the future when I start any Netflix series and see if I'm satisfied enough at the end of the court the it took a couple of if she sentenced this was from that bridge caged 22 if she says I want to severity always someone tried. Turn the showered down to the exactly the right cops. This one's from and George the dark coat he says my dream powered B the ability to successfully inserted USB cables on the tour. There's can. You. Know we're. I think we'll. Are set. And reverse that this was from that Jamie W Boggs. He says most of apparel would be never encountered another human being in a public restroom ever. Still pretty legit yep I really think about I thought superpowers and easily but you know like this the first one you about having sandwiches and clapping I like that when it's them that's ridiculous. I paint. But there right there I thought about that Alley to fist bumper handshake going to be good on there until the weird thing about an open bathroom. Or I don't understand why USBs are so hard to put it. They still haven't Maryland that's another look at that are put in by you you always guess wrong on first. Yet that seems to be the thing we cut him any you don't takes exactly one half of 12 that one half of 12 as an annoying. Yeah I live in a building once but it I don't know how this happened at the door handles tightly. It's gonna put in the Keyon vertically you would put it in horizontally. Aaron but they're not all the things. Some of the stuff people put horizontal light go right so you put it at the put Edwards algo left talked via. Yet that's got that is beyond frustrating just to get it in my face honestly. A come on and frustration and that the doors that we have not just to our studios specifically but to walk into via. The cluster of stations right so it's it's a set it's two sets of double door yeah and I don't know why this is but it just irritates me. One of them you push in the the other one you pull out and just always go inside views yeah I know all we first moved into the building it's like I walked into the glass doors counts. Like the new apple headquarters. People walking into the Saturday and got James scored at Bo that's through bone Segway. Apple's new futuristic headquarters apple Pollack is having some problems the building. Is filled with so much clear golf's. To employees have reportedly been walking it musical. I guess apple shouldn't have installed windows. I wasn't all that a multi level like that about whether a great people letting you know the USB logo always goes up. It's common Damon and let the snowman what goes down. Are now obvious that yet USD logo with the for the iPad. Kick it if it closets they Bramlet boot always goes down there. The long way to reap the pump just thinking about hey whatever verdict. Which upset your body even distance but. It took it to collect let's keep it. And here's a fun argument I am amazed he puts the having. It's the the weather right as its official America's bite on everything that over 28 years. But now it's a verdict a big part of friends with the relationship. Between Ross and Rachel. Product a look at your I picked up your battery your steered yeah wishful presently. According again this has been over twenty years the show is put on. According to a new survey. Forty not 49% of Americans think Ross was wrong when he slept with Chloe. Because David Rachel brought a break I don't even know who clues I don't even Moses Jesus small character that he well that's cliff which. Stuart that the copiers show up and say that they are on a break. If you're on a break regional program Britain to directed so because both who called in were broken up. Right and they knew didn't they sent off for yet but nobody means that. Let's let's say we're gonna stay friends like come out of I would sit on why you different battles in their seven visit had a break today yeah. If they're men have sex act on a guy I think your regular government. I think deep down this has nothing to do with for tens of Ross and Rachel this people's they've done a great record right I think a lot of people back at them like I'm gonna have sex and I'm not with. The 31% had sex with someone else during a break is acceptable. Play well right now yeah basically member toward the most 39% that is acceptable 39% that it busted. It's 42% these guys I respect that I'll now I don't care yeah no matter well lately Leila. I think that's a vote just depends on what side of your own. But right you know I think you're 100 result correct yeah you both here as I did tonight your right you're on the program. We hear music and I just I just what I thought the kidney twenty years brawl that under my right it just there's no other example of those. Not to mention I think he beat reporter the most annoying couples alt opportunity. But it's like a massive heat they think are they get back together would anymore they Alec who care and they would Kelly remarked Jerry's been in these people actually had sex in real life. On the phone and he actor. I think are good about it because that's kind of like really. Having sex which is really what I'm actually interested and now the hypothetical that I live in the official world like I slept with half the off is that that that that was not true. You know and relevant that you really can't leave them that was the most ridiculous thing to be enough friends rightly God's sign you know late. On friends they are hooked up with each other and I Ralston like super tight race like it. A lot of double perpetrate ride yeah I'm brands do whatever we're now know it will look like super. Everyone that I've showed a whatever it was but look pepperoni Pete over the wreck. Although repeat everybody out that showed no wells at the treasury drilled a meat comfortable because they're running a little gun Amy golf. Several new vehicle during the go to Greece debt overload you have little pool delicious religion brings nibbled I haven't seen it. The color some pop. Or. We've got her I think it's an ominous. Know that it's the headlines don't know Biden ocular let's fix the victory via debt. And Swiss miles. Let's see what's happening in the real I don't know organ daycare provider gets 41 years after drugging kids so she could go to prospects and then go tan. Hero hospital who used patience amputated leg break pillow. Surely in the future will come up with a different plan soon they know what sixty never mammals on birth control pill. A college course to focus on calling out people whose PS they want to spill and England says Russians poisoned a spot or as we say no collusion. His temperament. It's time day to day. So here's my car. Our top story a graphic video is making the rounds online of what disturbing object doctors used as a pillow for their patience. The minute video was a reason NTT PH in that went into surgery after being involved in a school bus accident and he needed his foot removed. The video showed the man stirring up a hospital bed with his head propped up on his severed foot. Alone. Are there local authorities have lost an investigation as to why doctors felt the need to uses as a fellow Ted have you seen this figure. Now it's bad man I mean it's his foot. Yet that's exactly if you think it is they just have a zero pillows anywhere in the sauce then afoot they ads but yet I. What does he have to be propped up that that badly. You know what he probably he miles maybe the I would think as the patient. When I realized my cold dead put it behind my head and granted a bald so maybe it's a little different from my sensory but. I would every rusty my head in my foot yeah I think they gave me eventually it's sitting beside the bed it's nice sympathy hasn't. I was there I would rather work my ads just like holding that position up as opposed to laying down the amateur only slowly okay would you lay on someone else's yes. Look at. That's fair about the meadowlands on open our last time I don't know I had something afoot that's for. It was a clean of firsts if Jana then he tells. Around the world in Bend, Oregon a daycare worker was it would be 21 year prison sentence for her methods during nap time. Parents were alerted the hood to the one and our parents were alerted to the one rolled to set that says you cannot pick up your children between the hours of eleven and two which they deemed that time. So did parents not a valid because the worker was drugging of children would melatonin and leading them to go tanning and go to crossed it. Does us. So they have that like it's backed Shiite she had two ex boyfriends collude to turn her risk of that row played Foleo I like yes they they. Mean these are not people like hey man like. This is really messed up what he's doing it must really messed up as well I was 21 years right. It was all England club former bro win seventh. Right but if another the daycare itself was an illegal operation being that she was not a registered nurse even though she told parents otherwise. Please reloaded to were nap time Biden. NAFTA methods by her ex boyfriend and correct for me. Yes and the reason you need to register nurse sometimes in day care is because you have a child. That needs to have it registered nurse present because. You physically they might have an issue things go wrong threats I'm just wondering from a from a birth defect. Was it that these two ex boyfriend is really thought it would she was doing was that bad or does she really hurt him. No you know I think this is I get that back I mean look man you. I think they went along with a for awhile man they. They obviously had its not like she told them both on the same day in instantly they did so I was at that went along the four bit but hey man this is messed up it finally got to them like you know. I guess is more like this week she's still going I think that filed a conversation. At a glance. You think it is bigger than life are right I think they colluded after the senate that she was sleeping with both of I laments that this doesn't matter now not a doubt about it and I don't care why did their aggressive right. I was nervous did you caller madame royal finger like man what ever brown chicken brown calf. A community college in Maryland is making history by making the first class of the Sunday but people are saying we need more of its goals. The glass is called quote calling out BS the art of disincentive. Misrepresentation. Yeah like being and a Rundle community college. And that's deception. Is that. Yeah I've never heard of animal Community Colleges that bad no it's just deception I mean all right it's fine. It's they're fine. They're Glen Bernie campus is beautiful kind of borders on Pasadena through some there's of them there miles I just that's. Got no love for the ju co don't become like me and I make it note though that I make great catch of what I smashed tomatoes in the back seat. Okay that that's fantastic. I don't make catches the thoughts behind the course of that society has become over saturated wood BS through all throughout all forms of societal engagement. They want to stress this is not a poly sci class on anti trump course or an anti lying course. It would the democracy has relied on critical thinking in this course is an attempt to fight back against those that are spreading untruths tomography absolutely relies on critical thinking but it's. That's a vet that's up to people. And unfortunate it's kind of become who can help BS each other. And I think it was more this man being yes. BS is a lot more infectious. When people can't control their emotions and everything's gone ideologically and in a few follow conclusive thing if you took correlation and understand what that means. People would make different decisions even before flies in the face of what you ethically might think is correct because the thing is. Your opinion is truly just that and right now for in this country forward ever reason we've decided. You're on one side or the other in an older thinking person you don't belong to you decide it's called independent toughened up do bad that's one thing you saw it evens velocity parent but vendors are critical thinking and to make more rational and Cisco's most people agree that they want a better life for me wanna be healthy so the fact people agree on this. As a motivation brought on by your biological need to continue to exist. The fact that we have the problems we have is because people wanted to pat he's actor. A tuberculosis infected badger has caused the zoo in England and it is something that we're gonna move on. As 'cause a zoo in England are in this report are considered to be a thing what's that left. Eleven analyst at the zoo were found to be in fact it would TV which prompted the suits take drastic measures and put sixteen animal species or no on birth control in order to prevent overcrowding during the quarantine of the zone. You know how hard it is for badger to put up I don't have any you know I don't care 45 they went limp before having a pennant. Ridiculous under. Are the badgers moved to do stuff to come on Hamilton take command. Government rules and another the animals can be transferred from the zoo until the end of the year in order to prevent the spread of the disease. Yes some weapons as every headlines that. My. Current president of CNN seven drug ads are drying dazzling descend from the return of the word profile this. And we will bring in those begin with a shot of the day yes indeed it is altered to meantime wind all the above those brits. Until tomorrow please do what you do best and morally that sic. Scale. Beautiful.