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Friday, February 23rd


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I'm listening to. He's thrilled. I don't think tiger started devers of the FCC bad jokes on the way to right before the show today Ted you have them with a mullet back in the that in. Our huge get if into at at at at at at at at what kind of like golf clubs out of a term. Should pilots are about related another oh yes yes it out a couple right exactly outside another person even a double liberal Molly's. Yeah you did you tutor for months. Yeah. I is dotted red and typical David and enough that it's unpopular system. Did I don't have a weird thing with names you gave people the same name I have done it twice. See immediate ease I had her broken up with some but he will I don't know what. To pick a woman's name caller Shelley. The kid and it started in a Shelly after I ended up hooking into the shelling of a couple months with Peter wow and in the same thing happens with the with a volley he he's not bad blood that I don't watch what I. While. What did you find a black market and Taylor secondhand and out of that work out a 449990. Vomit up the answer clearly is another euphemism other drugs like not out there tonight. That's like a lot of volleyball nowadays you can trump card that you've even tomorrow we and it's gonna get better. That a lot of miles. Experiences. A we have in common became I am and I want to respond to this person who wants some advice had lunch. What time do we wanna head out the constant tonight. Well what they've added what they got some stuff the cut after the show so wolf lets just meet us around with a good time to go to Costa I think seven inch seven issue okay. Still don't know what ish around there I had so I. It tellem were getting we're getting hot dogs in a slice of the I'm tired of the region the frozen shrimp section along party you got tired you stop bugging. Go to our way way way hey I'm just put go to conduct. Not to say we need to talk about that we have to go before we go to Costco we need to have you sit down don't you haven't told. Before we go to afternoon they talk polish. Our home opener good but it was thrown. And I could and I gonna have a held a knife that. Awe awe awe awkward to buy a black market under the table or second hand and urgent orca or even had a all the samples adopt and did champagne and everything. I did think it was bad habits that we need to talk before we go to Costco and yeah it's everybody always wants to hear those words we need to talk well it's just. All. She break up now now now I was out outside of a break okay hello Hubert welcome to the bedroom. I would never know in order novel. Because and of one of the Molly you dated that some. You that it. My eyes. Because I'm Bob February that it might well Miley I don't know I'm not a I download a little bit all right I can't know that somehow that's too. Yeah let's go to bed at night but look at the whole lot longer day and I Odom don't get good. If it's. It would what are some of the brunt of the storm. Our question of I've got to tell you just don't act and who. Two cab from Mali. 280. Sure looms over the twelve day prisons. But can reliably moonshine. And a whole bunch. We need this for you if you look all the emotion behind. I don't know I. I don't know that this guy is Elena festival tunes troops about who you are bump move you remember any of the festival. I think that would create an album on out and an advantage they look both and I. I'd love all of lawyer now guys. You don't really demands really the performance is nothing. I don't even know there were banned. That the it was so happen. That's a that's a little. My Canada should remind people you I think they're legal drugs you can only get the ball on the ground and are you ready and as I don't know that. But the chicken black market that was different blood different any kind of illegal drug benefit Aniston Bluetooth as well and scored all manager. What did you buy the black market under the table or second hand and how that work out a 44999. All of the moonshine just sticks out because it's like it's going to be soon slightly. The other stuff you can hide briefly with a hundred jug of moon shot in flu shot. Hello nick welcome to the bedroom. Other our guys on chaos. We'll. So back in college my. Buddy's sister ordered a bunch. GMT up. He'll grow out of it I know black marks yet how this site back. Mean look man the one thing about drugs in my script all wanna get drugs I can get whatever drug war but so far more in the silk road when it was an operation like. How much bolt could drugs are you buying at that time. I would. I don't know what she eyed about it. In the know dozens of yeah yeah yeah Aaron Aaron got back yeah yes I don't know how much ordered all one sided got. That sample bags from the from the back. Stability and I'm a firm order from so grow our dealer and I. If I want a bag of cocaine or one of Cuba tomorrow if I want a double pads a Basil like I can foreign make easier and it. But I like us are going through silk road I want 101000. Tabs and as you look back that they at the height of it before anybody knew about like Pete. That people would just go by whatever you you you to buy small amounts to a hookah. To I'm have been at the end you know one of those things that's around all throughout and so. Now it's a pretty serious to you. And I donors that was what is the drug I don't know anything about. It certainly not all those agents. Needs. And that's why America. Next level Alice in eight. Seat to me LSD's just fine you know again I'm learning I don't need anymore you know any like you can just do more of that if you Rubin I don't need that next level of oh my god like an enemy like her. I mean they rate would when you're talking about that kind of level stuff would be empty leaders smoking and I mean. You're talking about it's only fifteen minutes but you're gonna be an intense fifty minutes bogey. Have you done it now had you watched people who have done yes what is that what's her general behaviors or heaven or fifteen minutes of truth. They they're CNN opening in the universe. Grow some of the stuff people told me it's like to me at it scares the crap out of me so I scares that he's only about what are these negative experiences are they depends on the person. Only gets a powerful thing some people think it's scare OK I've been so what's your where your mind is yes if yes legacy need to be the right state of mind you need to. It generated but I absorb worry about what roads that my audience he's cleared to losing team everything. You know like it a lot of stuff authority in the short please write your smoking use and concentrated. Powerful amount I would say like. That's why people back in the days to chuck nice quote stuff is enough of that has Ian Moore DNT and now how are apparently came. What did you find a black market under the table or second hand and how does that work when you're telling me they then showed Michael for its delicious delicious tone coding taste. Yeah it's hard to find that flavor of cherry in nature and man listened to him as a kid medical cure exists have been over. Formula 44 right in those kind of the precursor to Robert Johnson against. They had to flavor there of the red cherry stuff and the owners points and formula 424 and look was to jet black like MacWorld knock off. My father in spite of having two young children are among the red stuff like normal Thursday there's always that jet. Black horrible crap man and I am talent you. If you had a cold for you to call you consider the dinner table and you would willed yourself not to call for like 45 minutes government if you did there. I would got a man grabbed a big ask tablespoon of that stuff shoulder and about the knows the worst crap. Ever Mac malware and over it was all about that down Amitabh great. All my bird never gotten even wife and I hate like that stuff was good to see here's the problem and I sounds awful they do make what little late so they may kids medicine tastes good so armament. Daughter being the older one gets sick first he Deborah some of those crap if she decides she likes it now the kids want to be said. They they want to be signals they want their bodies delicious it's exactly it was about a black market on the table or second hand and how to that worked out hello Michael welcome to the men's room. Hey guys I'll stop. That. So mom. I'm from North Carolina right I just moved down there in July. And bag and no late ninety's there though let old. Care turf phenomenon whatever you want to call them ended up com known to man in the white band. And even though the difference due to admit though it looked like the same white man. And you'd be. You know pawn and now we have buddy don't throw it there in any corner of the gas station a bigger bit beer beer smokes. And it's like. Sketchy dude would like gold teeth and just lag didn't seem right but he be like me and you light blue jeans and this is. Oh. You lie to Lowell like you want Bosnia Serbs in your world they need to figure over the bad and you just have boxes of random scope and and sometimes you would have liked qualities but sometimes he'd have Barton of Calvin Klein Cologne and I'd be spelled. Thermal wind daylight you know. Any doubt they'd come up to listen I got there with a different guy every time we'd you know we get the benefit of the doubt go see what he has. And this one time in a forgive what are you trying to sell us man I think it was closed. And well like big into the bag the man looking men also in the swat teams that I know is. Why gear I mean they had body armor on machine gun. And I put it on the ground Dana Blanton as though they're like you guys are just customers get out of here but I don't know dug out there running guns or drugs or something else bona. It was crazy thank god that do that when a man and a white bay came around I am mess on no more. I've read half the at NY advance all of the speakers and it was a white van. Why did would I feel like a white man says drove to no good. And let's as the voice tones those plum and truly if you only white man they know they award ever there on identifiable enemy windows and that's what makes you look suspiciously. You looks old. Soul plane that you actually stick out eleven and I'm like what early actually that's why it was so weird when Marshawn Lynch got busted driving in a little late minivan when you you don't use an old what a plain white box thing. She could no windows on it like he was completely empty in the back you know I mean it was just he's a strap around his big ass white you know. Industrial event and the drive which you want but everyone's going to assume you have to know that for a drink and write a Bill White van you know what is the most suspicious vehicle agreement. What did you buy on the black market on the table RS secondhand and how that worked out we get your emails coming up the men's room. And men's or live dot com also still to come their turn to Ted vs the FCC and get us those bad jokes you an email to the men's room admin jamaat dot com speaking up get your emails from listeners well coming up next few are listening to the men's or radio network. Pitching is you. True. I'm glad you might find a black market under the table or second hand and how that works gathered here come those emails in the men's room amendments or live dot com. Guys about illegal steroids from a pharmacy on the black market from Europe I ended up putting on 35 pounds of muscle and a month and a half. I was read to but it eventually led to my downfall because they got too comfortable injecting things and got hooked on heroin for ten years. People I'm clean now but heroines of bits that from a Izzy at the same thing happened to ability in my. But he didn't get overseas in. Got a from football player. I visited Hong Kong for a week and I bought a fake Rolex for sixty US dollars a mortar round in Hong Kong for a week and thought it was the coolest. But what else had a back to stateside I threw it away fearing I get caught going through customs with a fake Rolex. Does he used the word get a phone store. Which has given me quite a few good stories most unfortunate one was and a lady came in with a knife all that she had bought off of Craig's list. Answer the phone and asked me to activate it when I tried to open the sim slot the slot wouldn't open. I investigated further and with a thieves had done was they actually took an android phone and put an iPhone shell over top of it. And this was probably the lows quality android phone I've never seen. What I told the poor suckers when it happened they kept repeatedly asking me to try to open the cinema again regardless of the fact I worked with iphones every day and there was not edited more. Guys my husband answered a Craigslist. Article for the sale of a fairly rare bicycle for real good deal 200 bucks. Whole thing was a bit off from the beginning. That was selling it for our there is dead in a couple different phone numbers are being used met the guy at a mall. When approached us with a bike he was counselor looking over his shoulder acting nervous in the parking lot my husband like Dubai agreed to buy at. As we are driving ways an a list on the ocean right on the guys plate but I did. So my husband cleans up the bike and gives a little work and he turned around to resell it himself. So we had a Mike on Craigslist for only day here to win the Seattle PD showed up at our front door now mind you. This really confused us because. We look pretty far away as soon as we open the door the officer began speaking would pull together felt a bit foolish and was out twenty 200 bucks. They've given up catching the guy almost what's court testified. But he pled guilty next time will trust the gut. This is 1 o'clock in the morning driving home and this too close guy flags down my truck he asked me if I want to buy a lot more said what do you I. There's there's no law mauled them. He said hold off. Goes in the bushes comes out with a leaf blower as it does not allow mark. Again hold off and he comes out this time with a weed wacker and a mower. He said 250 and it's yours is that a guy let's loan demand and I'll drive to the ATM. His story was he worked landscaping and as Abbas kick him out of the truck with a stools as a good enough for me all three were brand new Oscar Bonham brand love the show. Name withheld any text. Active one particular interest in one we had the Texas came and it was an errant said what time do we want ahead of the Costco tonight and our response was a we need to talk. Before we go to Costco. Yeah hello from marine she got a very good chuckle out of that is usually to make sure she takes the right person that's okay good all right he also suggested that if we need joined her at Costco those are words she buys it he wanted to know about the about the order B iPod or lean with mice but no she said my appearance that you guys to get me 86 for life and Costello. Where were you Doreen that would cause trouble and let it. Costs yeah. While I would marine base but he and I was door read wonder Torre let us know time to decide to go to counseling. Because now we don't want knows that to put an happen. We have timer if you answer emails and interim events remind acknowledged. Guys there's my son Spencer's fortieth birthday could give a face and when did thrills thirty German intends Ozzie dead police that from Caron. Love you both that we play of the game bachelor and every move puts it to be a donkey in the 92 open. And it did its eleventh. Next birthday from a wish you luck but yeah and then night at each batch. But it does not baby imam bomb on me alive she is as beautiful as she is crazy I don't know what that it. And a note amid deliver low overheard until I met her. In the cycle princes serial killer get some love from Sarah Palin and the dirty Germans from your lovable Assam a partner mark. Oh. Up above then talk about the ultimatum and all kinds of gonna give it to the mother she want to give you my mother deep because she keeps the Tibetan. Yeah that's about looking good German version of a team. Dish they have to do time I would do shoot the conduct. It's day by joining. Our per day which means nobody likes me some writing this for myself as much as that the surge mean to say this if you played turtle lacks with a lady yelling. Yup made as did do some. Paul the the from a few weeks back in the caused by the layoffs and I'm in screaming at all day because of your quest on the you know so here go have your birthday and of course it does sound very good job creating institutions. All XBLA. Two reported there's no door or office my it was great news. If if if it's. Home alone very I yeah homeowner. She is so mad remove influence I'd like to send. Some birthday love don't live biggest brother from another mother Noah he is a gentle giant with a huge hurdles is your show as much as possible. How are you guys give aside good up cupcake with a little Joey chestnut in their loving guys that can K money. That's not the Bahamas Sox bridges to name a wonderful we're girlfriend Susan completes another rap lap around the sun I'd say how old she is but I like sleeping in our bed. To celebrate and I guess and thirty Germans and have fun mood might Alter egos name is cracked tell you're right I named after African volcano thanks guys that from Alex. I thought you looked at them as to what some college football you can really talking solid orient state college. Let's in my home because you. Now what was his. I think traffic tunnel I'm on a Democrat to do. It was predictably are terms that. It is my beautiful wife jasmine stories in a bird then over Baghdad some dirty German talk from Burlington would excite her greatly had a bird they jazzy I love you that from ship. Don't forget about the identity to Venice book a pleasant gondola and we'll both can now. Not have to have desire to I was a few pounds can. He's my friend Ellen Burr. Day sees the baddest bitch in the world that would thrill her to get a a little bird they shout out on your show and a dash of may be in original face analyst. And some dirty German talk girl we love you thanks guys appreciated. Fish sandwich. Yeah but who really real fortunately you say I want to. Job and I'm giving everybody the you can have some. Now I'm gonna. Guys my dad and I was you guys every day. Can you give my brother Austin and dead James had a birthday shout out. About a turtle sexson and Alan thick oh look out rock on guys that from Marshall. Overlook God's. Okay. Thankfully there's good news. All of it is today about thirty per trip around the sun and I would love it of aggregates and dirty German from thrill and some dirty Ozzy from dead police say coon dog to lob and for me thanks guys that from Sarah. Are we bred Harlem globe truck is closer attention athlete basketball and spin that don't think the number of goodwill between. Okay thank you commandment. Slated to climb extended great there every slumps would have hit the main thing is tonight how many cities do you respond. So I'm 36 or browse under Joel's been losing since I discovered you guys. This past may I am in Tupper lake New York. Thanks guys can I get a LeRoy Jenkins and some Ozzie dead you guys are the best banned from John and. Yeah. There's none mouth that's its apple has made Steven on the back. Second of all that any of them haven't come on over for you birthday though QB Jay Wright you know in damp. Although there's my granddad browns bills big birthdays finally 38 again. Last urea sliding get in the journal of so if you go to. It'll turtle wax with a double a Joey chestnut in the Paz thanks guys from Christopher. And. Mild as manager on joy Donohue is turning forty suddenly today she's a Harley ride free spirit and lover of life for the heart of gold and she's a hard rocking fan of the men's room. And would love the birthday shout out could you please give her a little kid fish sandwich and I'll think oh look out and how hitting the window thanks guys from Mike. Look at all of my husband had a 53 birthday with turtles having sex in a second I've got Kate thanks Randy. A pilot Joseph McGregor Burke they shut my buddy Ken Downing 66 today and is tuned in to your show from time to time over the years he loves rock and roll. And as an epic bad pass he would love you guys games of dirty German that from DeVon. Are you book them into the sausage like Joseph member of the mushroom cap. And after that you can have money much of BNSF. 66 there almost that. Hi guys there you know. Abby had a hundred. You have had been gone okay I've had to leave. I'd pay good today I played O. Bid whereas yazoo did you chairman Bronson diamonds. So available through the news and world fame on men's lives dot com another sign retailers. Need him she might fly. Should move. On electors here some experimental fun shake. Thrill brother king has a cinnamon toast crunch Jake and I wanted you to know if you have tried it. I'm currently drinking one right now it's like a cinnamon shake with serial bits and at the serial bits don't fit in the straw which makes for a very frustrating time. If you haven't had one yet and are gonna try it good luck that from Giles the lovable Rask I have not Friday yet in fact proverbial wad and fox bought what's called. Cinnamon toast crunch milk. Cinemanow and basically just ground up cinnamon toast crunch. Connolly Nestle's quick in the sitting on our desk and bad and Burr under future I'm going to drive us and I'm going to be absolutely addicted to it in I'm going to Farc a lot. On the taste of dogs anal glands this comes from all night the head chef and it has made potato sort of of the world's worst taste right and we said how do it how does anyone in their right mind you know with the taste of dogs you know glanced tastefully. And why did you feel the need to tell them people and that we get this email from Brittany. All of it is about you guys you know the a lot of drummers probably get sprayed in the face when they're expressing the anal glands on the dog expressing I figured you might think that's interesting to know since you were unsure of how people had tasted those specific. It's regions I doubt it'll go edgy so motives cheers from the soon to be as faced drunk girl. Is there ever a good time to get sprayed in the face and yes there it is not a house has realized direct. And if Annika yet I've seen a man. That's fun for you bald knob in a country of Ireland boulder area. You don't spread. My doubt that the I don't know my fifth straight then things are point if they're not only are coming our. I guys that have come all the invite us you know operations again from the beaver guys used in many foods called natural flavors on labels. My only questions are who volunteers for the job of getting the ill secretions and if it's four made naturally the murder of product why don't they just use strawberry something. Arab air drop marriage or little Terry's renters are reusing the secretions. From inland of a Bieber. Again angles the creation and you hit it here's an address to model tells miles he might be able to relate to this or at least provide some clarity is the what you're close to believe fields agrees well it's just my job recently guys on a flight to West Virginia for a funeral I experience something that I believe. Only one would see on an airplane destined for West Virginia. While on a layover in Charlotte I saw a guy dressed like in construction worker boots gloves hard hat carrying just an envelope around. I figured he was a worker at the airport until were boarding a plane for Charleston and said worker boarded the plane with just the nobilo in his carry on. My first red flag about this flight was how casually a local sitting next to me talked about plane crashes in Charleston and how often they happen. I was a little uneasy as we're about to land but I could not believe my eyes when I saw the man still what is art had on move from his seat in the back of the plane. And stand in the aisle next to me near the front. As he stood there we he tried to use a cell phone as we're about to land on a flight attendant yelled for him to get back to his seat. Once he realized his skull and not go through he begrudgingly founded and deceit and plopped down. As we touched down began to rapidly slow down he stood up held under the seat and rode out the rest of the landing until it reached the gate. Once the doors opened he casually strolled off the plane in no hurry my guess is anywhere else this would make national news just not a Charleston, West Virginia. Sincerely that from Bennett bit and I don't know man with the army product is first time on plan announced. In due to carry out Douglas your problem now. As far as what added a work at what you have them put. Guy that was the supervisor at a big coffee chain for about three year and hour to one of the stores across from a middle institution. They would release their patients when they were quote cured. To join in this aside. Beyond any heroine of the bat from incidents in numerous police calls those a guy polishing the mayonnaise Gannon in our drive thru right by the speaker box during morning rush. Had issue a man away while he still had a death grip downstairs. Good times that that from Dylan and Santa Rosa California. And wow that that's Oxley act to shoot somebody off and there's still the still Shu an upset over that shake and bake in as far as the first person in space from big dummy Vladimir do you ocean was actually the first man has faced but he should Donald jacked up when he landed in China. Soviets didn't want the bad press from a space capsule that was kept up so they did reported slight at all. And ship. Let it dated left him I guess is ass in China. Chinese and Soviets were on good terms the time of bad press was like Soviet Kryptonite. So they get this new lieutenant named Yuri gar again dome of the time had only forty total flight hours and claimed that he was the first man because a he was good looking. Two it was a speaker in three nobody knew moment is the only been in the military for two years. That from Ryan giving us some clarification on who he believes to be the first person that's what men do this a lot of history that goes down that way. Yeah but you'd be shocked the show Peter first network. When Chris reform that people like that I think media back in time the last time we played ten vs the FCC so we could let's go back into. Did rock soaks court and Rick Down stocks shock. Did rock sucks ricks dot chalk and Rick Down slopes. Dick rocks cork. They are court stoker's and chalk suckers don't mess did rock so sport and Rick doc sucks sharp. Nick rock stuck Red Sox shocked and Rick not thought slopes did rock score they are court smokers and shock factor barn. Did the rock stokes court and Rick that's that's dropped. Did rocks left Rick that's drop in Britain not Phelps did rock port their court smokers and chalked up. And brought up court and Rick that's not shock rock stuff Red Sox dropped it ripped off twelve. It rocks tore me up court so there's a job well. I thought I thought oh man. Wanna win that do it again. It was 320. By. It's that's their job Bo and what go where he wins another day this forward at this is the blue. My good food out man what a night we were up all night writing crazy rather than regular diversity as a benefit we am noticing. But blow molding and here you ain't pretty well do we do punitive. Energy drink it took before the showed Trevor Ritchie and ways to go to area. Speaking of righting the ship which we got a the listeners submitted to vs the FCC. And this comes from our body count and Kevin that can custom car guys. Staying. Close enough of them left. His dead birds as the FCC goes a little something like this. Ted Smith likes to take big shifts sometimes he ships his hands and sits in his bed or sits in his pants and ships the bed. Taking ships and sitting his pants while taking assets are his favorite things the way we do that vs the FCC is an injury that one time through. Then three times fast. This is from Kevin Kevin. If McCain doesn't garner yet thanks Kevin. Can't customer. Impact. He got this and you can I am trying to take a breath and let the whistle. Ted Smith likes to take big ships. Sometimes he ships his pants and sits in his bed. Or six his pants and ships the bad. Taking ships and sitting his pain and while taking they sit our his favorite things sorted out back Ted Smith microchips. Sometimes he shifts his. Pants and sits in his bed or you sit with may have it shipped this. The movement making ships it sitting in pants while taking a sip our favorite fish caught and Ted Smith liked to take big ships sometimes he hits his pants or sits in his bed. Or you sit these pants and ships the bed. Picky ships that sitting in his pants while taking a sip our favorite they don't let it like to take big ships. So does the Simpsons Panthers fits the bad or sickness ramp. Any (%expletive) the bed making ships completed a strip while taking a sip our favorite. Well unbelievable. Demands on. Does that don't break away four point 999 all used it as a bad dudes and email the men's room events are live. Jack comment that senators on footers Wheldon survives a bad jokes coming up with rank castle the drug charge that's all the way next few are listening to the men's or radio network. Zero plus miles since. I'll stay far far 999. Hole in a way to go with a bad joke some here from the email. Guys wouldn't be all of my career. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha except of course once what is a walk what is block a walk accompanying photo lab it's. Now as for want of a man try to sell me a coffin today until then that's the last thing I need. There were quite evident accounted dumped over the barbed wire fence good. Utter destruction. I see lovers names carved into a tree I don't think it's sweet I think it's surprising how many people bring a knife on the first day. Obama I would you call hookers sparked. A prostitute a prostitute. You don't like elephants have four feet. Wide because they would look weird but only six inches. Martin Dracula see a doctor but a Dracula see a doctor because of the coffin. From the comments from him yet how many babies doesn't take the paint a wall red holiday visas take meanwhile red red zone largest oral. So those Sam. Welcome to bed you know. Joe's small forward. News is okay. All I decades it goes from all I hate to lose all that retarded here Oreo aren't there. Oh yeah apology Ella today. I don't know what to go to our no way. On days. Relay. Critical go through bags. Tried it. Like at lake Whitney garlic I would do that. And. I think I really do but I've got to make that only through human mom June. No load resorted welcome to the men's room. All. Her hello ma guy Youngblood. And earlier period. Get your given name does show an education major turn our guys. What do you feel nervous. They've not let go away why did the vampire read the Wall Street Journal why did the vampire read the Wall Street Journal Dugard and I agree circulation. ET short or who have got little legs. It didn't get the kind of your back somebody up there just six or do you rank. Men's room knows just. Shots of the. They usually had to do during death dance they've thrown will find out nortel's yesterday and today we don't have the woman who identified only as Greece and she does want to share. Quick story of her time with her mother grace was visiting your brother or Boston. Ha I leave for garlic and she left before her mother would get home and so this is what her mother. Text that are. Being careful when you leave good morning it's as the season. When I truly great responded the followed Texas mambo what do you think as you being season means a mother says who. There's frost on the deck it slippery you fall and eat apps. With congressman Condit who told him that who were you hanging out with two letters blamed. I think it's something you may have or murders even I mean really confuse it for eating cats and it was trying to be funny which it takes them and instead place. Be careful out there it's as the disease. And there was copying fees and I bet he's not. There are a Twitter has really affected people even in the pants. Well I'm Leigh you know parents are never as good as the kids of this text well we know what she hasn't done damage hookup. You know a bad the clear indicator that you've done it you know that they you know all about it yet. How weird that for compromise it it's athlete seasonal today. And how dangerous is that followed tax comes a point disabling imam. What do you mean division this year you're for a year is that she knows what it means. But the worst thing make it out exactly would you ligament problem is the you have to explain. I as quick decided to do this wants my mother's maiden last names Cox COX. As Dana says that they didn't have a brother named Harry. She said I don't get it my father looked at me to explain it to it was awkward okay. Reporters lose and we drink this booze because we think it yummy yeah Nashville over the talking it down before Jim Hardy in our tummies. I don't know not a zone map. Did it does a lot to profile those teller and I now wait for 4999. A lot of shenanigans continue on the men's room radio network.