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She worked for king during the last midterm performance. She is what do you miss the State's workable argue the leaks. We're to couples argue the least not an argument I think Colorado Washington have to say Arizona. Alaska. There's nothing to argue about the last thing you're old you're in Alaska who else you've got a five followed by right there brother I don't know I got a I I. Got their job demo. Hero always talking about. Especially now it. It's easy it's hard not to talk about the NFL. The aids in a giant intersection was with politics right now on the cement so again I I don't really care whatever side drawn this event. Hey I say this will time again yeah predicates thickness of the come as a good. Why student gotta give political woody dude TV good Google. He's not. I really can't say eighty billion things you say anything good men then eating your food. And apparent. That's why you know hall cold or mugged or your mother don't complain about something that matters he's got to end. I think we texted a girl after being nearly got to show that you cite but two days later. You know my boy for your kind have said thank you my number doesn't yeah. Are not hell no you don't have anybody back I don't do that given me we'd get our ass beat. Yeah we don't want to get our if it does it. If I weighed 350. Pounds and I'm seven foot two and there's no fat in my body. So my towel your boyfriend is seven point eight. Weighs 425. Pounds and as openly. No matter what the dude was mad about is significantly larger yet though are portrayed the giant could have done it and then somebody who's bigger than Andre the Giant would be the guy that she's. They for the opposite the other one that I just thought about what happened to me that. I am they were already you tell a story about hanging out with a girl needed an email I think. And those my girlfriend don't sweat it O can oh no I didn't use her neighbor was it just now usually share this situation it was nice if exact. How long go does that years. Years ago here again is it about an advantage then okay. I get days. Somebody dive and if you find it department will and you get a night to view that she's gotten now all the slow and the fact that grant put that in all though we cared about damn damn now it is about their new movement and the beauty get a low you couldn't remember your got their grandmother's name and your so irritated that. Let us Eli got 101000 balance you have be three doubts about. Well that's what gave him game decided to do that. That that's why there's a will that was the decision. But the person who's dead who's memory you're not taking a big giant heaping steaming pasta humble yet think for my father he's like when he passes the way. It passes the well I get a when he passes the way I'm did damage that. Your column oh no yeah yeah yeah give at all yeah I was the only brother he at all no it means I'm have to pay through the day the lens of the I'm. All right let's go to our routers and are really doesn't do you think there again. He's probably still. So what is your response winners of big giant collegiate football player who who simply wants to beat your act. Well amateur I would bet it wouldn't boot up. I got you know promise you that that's my head well now it's your Jersey you the dog to refuse. Obviously now the generally not as popular does that that the confederate flag on the hood it's always did it up oh look I mean I think if I actually they didn't notice that before how about the fact that the car's name is the general leave me. Everything about how to say it in the right area. But I know I've Michelle 47 trip around the orbit there would G. Get a birthday as shadow of those dirty Germans for such a dirty girl thanks guys that we can't. Neighborhood don't go to go to took off your parents and school that your vagina was a movie kids. But most of the ground open. Thirteen I don't know if he goes like. I think my daughter and I spent together before she goes off to college and onions and I'm I'm I'm I'm a little. Upset about this show where my daughter's going away and all the crap that. There were at the house before she and are to take off and and I give her a big to our lover I'm with a message is that was. You can do that radio right I just got 1926 radio you do is not a what do you think you can do think that we need to act gonna have that. Our prize man everytime I call me a letter out there were no not now to hit a flag and I don't know him when you die can I have that in my. House. Am I just crazy better I think exactly like the good cop. Three woman's older 7000 worth of stuff from Victoria's Secret in Saint Louis some Visio two parent families and abroad yeah right this and others expensive. And you selling lingerie on the back if you're drunk right black market. Bras. I mean I think it has to write short and you know it's all the same exact size from one person in particular was a do not feel lady. Yeah exactly of any reason region for your side there about him. Would she let a watermelon or can look. Versions of a besides that you would receive. The former front runner up get a little excited and we'll double that early on should. No no. Like pictures of rabbit and orange days did you bitter smile I mean I left the ice I think I can understand how do you. It's mandatory if you could go in there I don't millionaire I've just heard rumors. I think I won't be like if it occurred in far. Yeah I'm drab and and I grab a blanket vehicle is in a brown planned payment in our hands as say it's any young man and I say how bad. An agreement an awful awful awful awful awful all agree even though he had become a race. Hello AJ welcome to the men's room wasn't big Moody's. They're just all. My putting an alcoholic mom back in my juvenile delinquent days decided yet what religion gets kicked my car if you take need to brush restore and we get a phone cost it's hard to get out front she pulls the cart in its loaded I mean just loaded or need to brush Finley right. We're having a great cook up this summer. But I noticed nothing in the bag okay with that about she just starts don't feel they had. They've given a car yelled at my body hard drive and an effort to find out she stole at least a few million dollars worth of meat from the stores. I like that you didn't go would you give my drive mother bird. You're a good Q&A big sister and she she walked around it about a nine so when. We should drink that's not wouldn't let me we're gonna question and so on good days regarding and I am better. Well I'll achieve she knew hood to the fullest semi you do not want a cluster I was a little kid she's a machine gonna squash me be clear boob you never find. Think she said dad I'll put it behind it the after the squash and jewelry a bridge in the booths never been that's about breast. I type units of cleanliness and number two and the number one thing the couples argue about the most what's for dinner. But should be whether it's sex really got sex. You know I you picked and I thought I was due makes it I don't want my. We just don't you pay off limits of that fact that the club here's the dumb decisions we have opened a page in parliament heard of this messy sex with a ball point ego. Although lots of ego in Guantanamo Bay also might not happen and no have no rights and. Today we chose fifty year old Emmett Smith. So morning. And by the way he is recognized as the man with the smallest penis and Britain three woods the world's first preventative health service that allows people to conduct the home blood test so obviously. Yup poked itself over and you always have been the blood sample of such. But that's at the root that this is were and comes at. On the billboard feature a phrase and apparently he is well known for his small units in England. And three goes well they're new slogan is all it takes is small for life. Are you okay ball. Then we will see and you. If that's what you might grab a guy who's he's Christmas. Cookie containers it'll take Santana. It was kind of a thing but anyhow but somehow my mom's Donna Smith ended up with one. So my mom trying to be nice. To get to her friends of friends and hardest you don't clean up senator cinema for the drag queens and. Don't know who wants Rosa that you could jinx stuff ruin the whole peace thing I don't want you took the got a weird makeup I. Especially not a proud. Oh. So weird this beautiful mom she still puts it out but we might tumble amid the that was road. She knows any news that she's like you still grandma Smith we should use it now why you bothered to really weird. Now done men's room legacy can continue. He what you're about to hear is real. Trying to offend anyone. Invited to join the party. This news. All gathered in secrecy. Thrill. You know they say. Shake your radio more than. Three times. I don't know are gonna do a number 2703. Along with Steve the throw hill. To meet Ted Smith. Often fall. At the wide car. I do they aren't men's room. Definitely want to really play big down day. To it's meat and potatoes as popular food that people don't know. No I sure like his back get right to play profile list. Plus headlines events or shot of the day fumble is very males. And everyone's favorite TV time with the click clack drink it Dejan arterial good times and Saint Louis as police find 48 stolen pumpkins from people's homes. Oh and one gored. There are times when you step on a 757 degrees and find if you are the only passenger on board. To Japan where after eight years elusive ninja deepest caught in surprise he is 74 years old. You can buy a ranch in Arizona from an alien fighting rancher before it gets older and Bobby is on a watch any Tamara what. I'll be brought back to life in our game play. That is all coming up today's very special episode of the men's room. Here's a question. All which is good day to you and yours today is the day that we played big dumbing big game so that rewards you. For your stunning ignorance and here it's I would for. You call us re spending category real. That would go. I said we've spent a category we'll end there. As for the question from my category. But here's more big dummy separates itself from your average more reputable game show. We will continue to ask you questions can teach you get one right because as always. We want you to leave here smarter than you showed up. Now today our biggest army ever it's a two headed beast won hearts is the lovely Kimberly the other part is the equally lovely area. Both of whom found a way to end for nineteen consecutive questions wrong. Can you do better well court today and we don't put call and off we go on big dummy. Big test and played big dummy call 844999. All you can like the men's room on FaceBook follow us on Twitter events are live and send those emails to the men's room and then survived dot com. You are listening to the men's or radio network. HL and gentle man's room. South Carolina go to Michelle number 2703. When you show we're half oriented all I had a jab and out dead meat of Dale's. Popular foods that people don't know they may be of heard the word. Yeah I want something popular if no one knows it might be not in their area if it's popular OK too popular everywhere okay are by the popular on the coast not necessarily popular everywhere might be popular in the midwest and unpopular and other places in the south of whatever but either way. It's part of the food boom and people just think that these moms the words. Are something else you know confused it's pretty funny what they think they I have given up with a head chef and attends a meet and tennis. Like bond mean and none of anybody's ever had a bond me before we're told somebody the other day when a bomb he was another good blew the mud you know named duke I told somebody that works with us about two or three years ago right. Thousands yet go cross street get upon me he did. And I swear to god and he's been in the quarter two week but fantastic Heyman ensemble we work we're told me about. Yeah I tried one and probably for the next year like this is the best thing to get I used to go there were so good place to go into a Greyhound bus station and yeah yeah yeah I mean I got the food from a Greyhound bus station and then I hated to think about that and look at these and you weren't getting out now books no I Sherlock is coming up of course a profile that's older adults those was shot today and today is the day would play the game known as big Demi truth be told. About ten minutes ago where we started this those people around that's his job. Hope people don't suffer today ideal for a related we're moving the needle stuck today totaling at the bit that epidemic. Another men's room pole and basically we do whatever week last week we that canned meat product of and we had everything from Vienna sausages to Sar Deans. Ham spread in the always a popular chicken grilled chicken and campaign. And as far as the voting went as far as the contestants on big dummy it went up kind of like this and number three Vienna sausages number two was starting. Number one the and spread now if you bold on Twitter Edmonds or live I'm pretty sure that poll is always the opposite continue informed everybody the Vienna sausages was a clear cut winner last week correct on a Twitter so yeah a bit separate place with a hamstring. I guess I'm threat overall had a strong show without question yeah I mean people really dig at him. You gotta be alive I don't trying to just plain as white bread into the villages or camps breaded there's nothing else on the standards are. While kids Fred it's like to delete that many in you need any given the mini was RD in the hands spread like we know they can't mayonnaise as part of the hand because it's the hands receipts are those just tuning at the man I mean that's an example of that makes it somewhat more tolerable not that the man aces are legitimate way it was sort of an open up a can of tuna fish we yes we needed to go to the man is it was prepared. If that's what they did yes. Like about the normal but aren't OPEC may have let him spread it to the warming and Iraq it is a woman might just warm it right 1:0 yeah I am hey it's warm and what do you want more man Mira mesa del Oro born busted dude this has been groomed him to preserve it there for four months on the shelf. And Marty makes that you want my war may have they've got a little gun like a little Manny can and that they spread county king at the Democrats as they haven't you know that is issued a warning as it right into the hands right in the mix is into the ham and they put the don't ask. Asked Callahan threat existed just. That's wrong and spread winced and me okay cell. This week's men's room poll dealing with pain. T pain and yet to determine which of these scenarios that you would prefer to take you have to take one and so one of these you must pick. And the pain comes from four separate places number one is it Tuesday I don't know if anyone's ever had a toothache. Cavity any kind of it doesn't matter what it is if you every Tuesday you want your world and it's it's persistent it does not go away typically. Aegis don't go to the dentist that day gay in Quetta taking care of sometimes you do other times the last two to three days architect Philip the difference of toothache in math while mired bolt experience. It's one of the few page you get. And until you do something about it doesn't go that you can get a candidate semi gonna take anything off the bench league goes away to think not only doesn't stick around it gets progressively more and like there's no drugs that get rid of the pain. Ryerson federal you'd taken together or whatever sent an LP and and it takes over lake. It starts with you tooth and that she did the whole and we read it and think I'm propped and that is an abscess or whatever but then by the time you get to the Dennis. That is not a pleasant experience he would tomorrow it's a mean that he you know valuable it is going to revenues is due out of duke thank you Judy I don't know about you guys ma'am with sometimes and I just get my teeth cleaned like my gums are bleeding and in pain in my Karl martyrs got wrecked and there you might have a problem now well maybe so I decided Graham and the leader of the veterans and guys are too vague as your first option aren't. You get robbed you it's pretty common number two. Is a beast. Now this is. Like just like that duty takes as those bugs and puts in an account than what's on his arm. That's you know you're gonna have to get to force a bead is staying I would take that over to think in need. They just Gilbert yet I mean we're talking started an African armpit last summer in it sucked. In his article my arm down like a day but it was it was more annoying than paying yet. But this thing with papal Bavetta just it just sucks I will keep the beast being initially gonna suck but it goes away getting quicker and while it's it was a little Dallas I don't know which hurts. But it's still sucks for eight point 4% to take just last forever in the two biggest number one of the beast thing is number two number three. The somber and we're talking about the worst sunburn that you've ever had not like who I got read on my shoulders my neck is burned we're talking about one of those sunburns. The keeps you in bed the next day. Where you can't eat your freezing your warm your hot shed 'cause she and then I think to the emergency room person on earth. Tell him we're talking about serious somber I asked. I guess that I want in my life and outgoing and I get a man I do not wanna feel this way again it's hard to explain the would like get it hurts but there's also something more like it's not just painters as we heard. Arnold's fried brain thing to go worst worst sunburn I ever had in my life was my dad and I went down to Key West. I was probably twelve or thirteen years old and I had a pretty good chance I mean I was very Tamika and a kid in the summertime and your outdoor things and yet I can't stand in fact so. That was my idea what I has still got absolutely. Fried at the pool. It was you know it's a lovely apple it was the McConnell lodge and I'll go home with a bat lovely Eldorado holding I'll which probably doesn't exist right now. But just ignore the round of the water goes OK so I do one of these things where I didn't play in the pool morning meta meta friend you know I mean do that thing with. I laid out at night in a falling asleep on the chair. Not falsely faced him. So Yemen back is bad get the back of my legs are bad. I never got a sunburn before on the bottom of my feet 001 up by moon and I am telling you what. I mean that there is nothing. You can do except for crawl I mean you have no options like you don't wanna put your feet and socks because your blistered the terminator fatherhood good you don't want only begin guide exactly it was it to blow eyes it was on the unbelievable. Part of your son crawl how one country's seemed awfully old to be crawl and don't you think. It was I gotta I gotta little blanket the bank. Ian from around my neck problem. The main key that I like and I found one that was like third degree burns or something innate it's so bad I was like happened in a shower for Dana happen in my amount to an emergency room. They just opening up to put me to sleep did you do you falsely to. No I was outside in it was kind of like it looked like he was overcast yeah site put on zero sun screen and I'll buy a pool for like hours on an old East Coast pollute contract. Yeah I thought poison poison meaning it dead in an airport choice that Germans are balls we have to take be staying sunburn. Will be the hangover now. Thing of the worst hangover you ever had. They knew going back and drinking whatever that sugary drink was whatever you put your head open. We are throwing up you can't keep any food down. Basically get to the dry heave ho here comes the bile aspect of life. The next day you have to work the next day is a nightmare. Dobbs then then you have to. My worst hangover was the dad wore a warning go Google store but just know my absolute. Worst ever and and good. Little bit more than a bottle of Yeager to pay off a bar debt that I did that have money to pay long story short went on to get shot or Jaeger. Bartender says man you still owe me. I don't market may have been on the road for before might walk would vote no I don't have it. So jokingly so want to open a new bottle anyway if you drink that whole bottle tabs on me like dame army and I. I drink that mother upper straight to Bob probable cause. The typical little after two I don't remember how I got home I'd be a work at 11 AM the next day and it was and worked in the kitchen chart. And it is this hot and you're around food in to say that your energy is a very very mild depression what you Moody's I have never. Felt that bad my life. I'm pretty sure if you were to go the hospital. After your worst hangover they would put me down. They would've told you you that you are suffering from alcohol poise I. I know that I look what I mean like you to go well here feel that the Avian IV that's what they have those ivy buses in Vegas shoelaces because. Basically you just need to get fluids in you pretty difficult to do though he can't keep anything in your stomach depending on where you are oh yeah I knew probably mammogram in my mr. Roberts I'm somewhat. I saved about a hundred pointed out and more more than more so than likely you you've sworn off whatever that was that made in open that place for the rest of your life. Yeager for the most part it is is that one and done event or at least temporarily you know like you don't even think about it more I mean it took me forever even Biden mushroomed and after what happened in the so the steroid that movie clockwork orange. I mean really in the end you know in the end they they basically they showed this guy whose images these images namesake Beirut violence out. It's kinda like that would boost yoga really bad experience on specific Bruce and I don't know what. If you mention it I wretch. Right and a hangover only you pretty god even if you're not religious I mean there's all kinds disgraced at that one of the guys there that aren't new book that area all night you're gonna bring it to you and Bill O'Reilly might go off the net and get our military my cock. Men's room Paul toothache be staying sunburn hangover I'm jumping on the on the bandwagon of beast and leasing it's there it's the jets. Feasting feasting. Bob and you got to vote on us these thing all the Jesus Steve give me an idea I want be staying in a comet just came in to says. I'm alert I'm allergic to bees stings and how still take the bee sting over the arrest man let you know what. I would go sunburn. Really you know why the Internet because and how much fun it would have in the sun of Oregon and with our and our beat the suns an old amateur knowledge means a beautiful someplace or whatever. And I would it take that day a pleasure and I'm gonna drink at the pool and to get my because I know what's coming at the end. That's still have a good time but you know million dollars though you have the pool pitcher the only person that's all the beads those on the rest of my. Well ahead of my time like what you guys were bragging about how tomorrow you're still the pool ally you know what I'll god I just say I won't get into all of sudden sunny weather stuff I'll get number. But the number of things that I'll probably go down in reserve. Place that the Alabama and you have to get up early good and input your countdown because if not after breakfast is it won't really I mean families and they've taken a seat. Again is big guy made 44999. All who is our first contestant read play the game hello Shawn welcome to the men's room. God dammit. Hello stuff. Oh yeah we're doing good sober thirteen knots over today shot. So first urged it act. Sean of pain at the pole to beg these things sunburn hangover what do you think it's. I gotta go through much rest your guys and down these things all the way care bill. I agree. Hi there I don't at all look like bolt before it. Could be used in Asia you like. About all of would one of those happened to you works. But you've actually these sting I hate within the slight. Preschool. And it'll it will get the heat. Yeah like what is it spotlights are there like it to be China might act like put him. In my ever. Hit it like that you much seat number has. Stupid. But I have kids are still these are the decisions they make like it's upbeat. Also at the last thing to affect me on that list was would be staying out of an adult before I got stung get a hangover preschool and I don't brief go hell yeah Eliot I got wrong. Yeah I was terrified of bees as a kid because every kid I ever solving just on by a B I mean just bold man so in my mind it was the worst thing Megan added to it. Finally got stung but it's a bear. All right your question an 1867. The United States purchased Alaska from what country. Yeah. And you. You know this. Yeah I'm just vetoed educated guess at me if I'm right there and I always get our cold wind daughter looked up I want to Russia. Could talks. I drug an afternoon show he seems shocked that he knows things. Yeah he's sincerely seemed shocked that he actually knows information about things like our. Homer and a newborn Lou wanted to know you're Rosie O. But good for him I like they're still answers it correctly and I like them into the ground to say that you don't we start but you know things man to affect. It is very Demi for port 999 all there's a chance he spent all afternoon getting drunk just hang out on the phone and then he got one question that's our man killed a dog. Hello and welcome to the men's room. Auto dial at all. I Jenny so we're not over. Sense of fashion. Two decades these things sunburn hangover when he luncheon. Pat these seem to think that he could vinegar and water on a campaign gets a pay phone. And another deals the rental real is that real yeah you dumb move and it's worked for years. Oh yeah I'm done I imagine dying because I walk around barefoot I heat suit I walk around I step on he's well on my thought allergic to Havana comment I'm not the F vinegar and water in they're babies are. He thought that no longer add on. Rockwell city barefoot. No it had discussed saying I Europe and the country. One of them what else have you stepped in bare foot. As I did that gonna blow as yeah I am a close there what are you drag your foot across the grass and seeing get home. I. How anomaly analog around in my yard so I would get quite into cracking I can get to like about an added and a lot of you that nasty as bottom of the finger. You know like you might be clean and wash it in every day that should is that some everyone's why borrowers. We're going to really good about walking right up every now and then like elite while trying can't you think get so we are trying to I think that and then you tell the where you're like. I would not let that Arnold lose. And give you a native name of couture. Are who appear if your question. Waffled stumper he hit hit hit it at the only two countries are not part of the Paris climate accord the United States freshly on that list and what other country. At. This Nicaragua. Don't like Yemen and Syria Syria admit I was quote. And keeping good company. I did what was the first capital city of the United States. Philadelphia. Just proved Foote did come here to figure out a new look that way New York was for like a minute. We brought our brought that a lot of whomever you brought that up by means. You have a lot of things why didn't they he took the camera like Don Juan. What about gun wanna on the rest of these so what do you say New York's Ellis they want your only serve I was capital of the to absorb before it went to Washington DC. Telling. I don't know I think that's what I normally think I've heard Philly and then it moved my understanding that it it just went from Philly. To Washington DC Richardson I'm not a city at some point to differ stepped in when that perhaps thinking what remote even New York over the new answered. I think goes through your by the game as they got a fourth. Lord now 990 well. Miles is right guys miles Luther Wright although damage. The big brain fit the more big dummy up no way you are listening to the men's or radio network. Pitches you'll. Through yet John says B details popular food to people don't know every before this wave. There's been donated more far 999 all of two and other contests and online or play again volley of comments I don't know duke government about the poll which pain Majid taking care should be the beast thing. To thank you take sunburn or angle that is correct so their comments says when I was a toddler I got stung by a B at a birthday party. And landed on the plant that was back room. I was taking an outdoor. Stung me on a huge problem good guys. God I urge my dog just. I do do I look I have all our good. I still miss him. I got sunburned so bad Imus worked for a week had blisters all of my body and had to get. Prescription hello Jill worse most of my life how I obtained the battle and it is part of your face is talking about to face an abscess tooth. For about three or four days to just eat I'd take 10200. Milligrams of Advil let the bad dude at the redundant they'd eat. Now with some serious pains Jesus words are still with us it was ascent to. Accessed at to have them. And had there at that I don't have very weird various get all night I'm not as bad tooth the Arabs who have to have him. There's very damaged par 4999 fellows are nice contessa rent play the game hello Tony welcome to the men's room. Oh. I Tony's overnight over. I am so there look at the show. Tony the pool is being too big these things sunburn hang over. You know now and I did it. Over and over religion he had a good time getting. Back to hang out on the pulled me get this number yup hope. Yeah hope you do well you gotta hang over that bad surely you have an idea and you haven't had like one out and I don't know I've been and always the best united were given a one of those nights where Mike I don't know whatever what wrong during base that you all want to go get messed up a robot and developers thought in the wake of the makes the not only be double or Obama but married and have a horrible rested today will. Yeah like sometimes you just fired up that maybe you lose your friends you stay around for a couple Beers it's Wafer. Or gets away from the Pacific after here is your question begs storm is. Carl and the passion that was originally named for what California based bank. It will not. Listen to people yeah it's the. We'll look at Carl wolf. If your. Big Brother Brian and and the only person I know that there's. John stay most. The good shots and John not getting now assured us it's not he doesn't he steps in a blister on the line. These young think John Sayles plays drums and Beach Boys were great regular. You have to let me friends of my analyst yeah. There's my question of a member of the beach I told Ellen O'Brien will come when Arnaud de unstable I don't wait too much I had no goddamn idea of drums they mostly individual why do our apartment fascinating who cares for whatever reason number entry uncle Jack didn't you always had absolutely enough that's what he did uncle Jesse's just you know yeah he's been banned yeah but I'm a little old uncle doesn't meet the threat at Santa Claus do Dukes of Hazzard. He's the original of this. Yet have a point deputy and his own overalls. All right your question the color vermilion is the shape of what color. Oh. You know yeah. It might OK I didn't actually know that. Now this really did get our data we still don't have much of an alert to the pain still have a goodness it was so let me review how do you notice. Big gun is a game made for far 999 cola. Hello Andy you welcome to the bedroom. I days sober up over. Food. Not so clearly both amounts are you can't answer that question not sober. I realize that it's they can never Italian ladies and Chad. The full blown around today in February striped shirt. You look at mr. any our bedroom poll toothache bee sting sunburn hangover I feel like your pain. To date Tuesday. You have a migraine that you would still forget too that. Oh yeah definitely win the drugged up until then you go you've got some heavy duty painkillers or seven. You know Alicia Lotto. It would I appropriation lieutenant Aaron is generally not. Ichiro is Ibuprofen. Just because I beat all I have my program of my coach the weight down there and done right. And an alibi a lot of Ibuprofen or they feel like okay well I think we're getting to the bottom. White tackled. I dare question there and what daring starts. Doesn't fit name list do. Daring stunts daring stunt I was very careful look how is that that. Yeah. With our business owner. Bought satellite Hulu. And. Move greeted by. No. The the Lewinsky. Specialize in the lane bowling solar windows scholarly and following sergeants heroes go ahead and install often think even if the public soared following. Tightrope walking all the Lewinsky's. And a great Lou is that's an entirely different turtle man all right bit. What right the real thing med you'll know the intimate as. What does mixed with ginger beard to make a Moscow Muller. Oh well. Well I don't want it the a lot of. I'm kind of advantage. That work there it is significant ligament enough. David big dummy 844999. All American does it get an appearance seconds. A position heading east continues on the men's room radio network.