02-12-18 Seg 2 Mens Room Goes For The Dark Meat

Monday, February 12th

It's time once again for the Random Question Question!


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This is the men's room. Listening to. This is about eight point five the boxes south Bay's classic rock station in lovely San Jose. California hey it also are presented by united five point seven nor I get credit for a bond Croats and proud of that that that very little models. Virginia yeah cookie box is the day so limited to showcase its retirement New Orleans or read mayor all right so there's historical all the red maple and it is a great place to see loud music and I go in and that only New Orleans to bands look like right in the city you go to the BC anyone member of the band. There's a general look about the private New Orleans so it's not like that so I walk into this place I cannot remember the name of the bay. But the brother playing guitar probably 2425. Years old. 350 to three candidate found Saddam school. But you can threat at the keyboard player there's probably no longer lives just based on HQ madam there like their reporters. I'm saying there's no way the Scots round the drummers like those little while those two dropped to seventeen year old kid but there's is old white dude. Who plays sideways and he's the guy to talk to the audience between song that's so. You walked in any kind of leaves gets the ball whose plans drawn. No Big Easy you don't organ argued that everybody got back I won't beg your program you're not ten not modular Bart. And a break in the song right so it one point oh man maybe four songs being. Expect Democrats and the ground team about and in the sugar to this man again the very that it looks crazy but the Burberry suit. Modes are molded gold and I'm not we'd like to us would want to take our don't go inside and I you can sort of hold more girls golf. Would you go bloomed out and Amar do you mean I was toga while precision we go give reasonable marbles cookies. So in my mind the term models cookies me if it were about to get deep grammar gonna play the right on down. And they start playing the song but as this are playing it. Those dudes mothers like 8000 you might truly walks out of this massive Tupperware pulls a little do the roads aren't too good. I'm like I will be god damn good news on the thirtieth I mean maybe some of mom's cookies ukulele literally lit it my mama is here at and I will tell you they were the. That's their. They're the best of every human life and my yet and that's that's the police is the music man if well the big program today that you all of totally got for you today we've got a Myles Kennedy giving and you see them and Alter Bridge Myles Kennedy and the conspirators also a little your guess is good as mine all the way and we will drink a toast with a shot of the day in the meantime it is our random question question 844999. Old round. Friends hello hello let's welcome to remember. What I. Yeah okay. Sorry journalist. I ain't gonna tell you back Andre. Admits he would have got that we are looking ahead from there. I think I've got a good report. He tells us why you went to go anomalous you can already tell you waste your son got no debris from a local time here it is ready. When it comes to back to what you're attracted to. What features. Are you attracted to in someone at the moment as far as their physical aspect. You. It what is your. I think I I really like. Tall peak in white beard and my short brown girl the media like the whole attraction of like your opposite. I don't know going to short brown like short round from. And Indio and I'm sure around. I think how a lot of things better government I'll bat tall tasty what do those a white guy who had a bit of Bataan more than the complexion approach wouldn't do what. He he had a BC barricade feel like there's only one part appear that you come around maybe it. What are you lose who's the celebrity events like closest to which Iraq deal is yeah yeah YET. On JJ watt. Well he's African superhero mean guys like since what 1000 that is absolutely chiseled. I think a lot of women might did it play you lose and I personally like Lou when you tell your friends are like Jesus do growing. Well not I bet you've got every one tablet and scary maybe. Q sounds a mile like redheaded guys pasty faced a new and bigger. Oh god not be unhappy Eli all. What is they what's an absolute deal breaker goes are there weird things for you say you're so I'd. My caucus showed his face slowly as if they pasty rabbi at yes but smiling like. I never thought I was attracted to ankles right in the wake up I don't care but then we knew seized those are people who don't have and also the pages of the streets ankles or. There are right area but but like for me like I'm I can't get past that. I don't know it's ridiculous maybe it's penny I moved pat so it's not like I'm attracted angles but if you don't have ankles I just. It's a bad thing for me Melissa there's a lot of pasty EB shocked why two gigantic red headed men the growth were I didn't West Virginia. And one thing about it is you know an elbow and not one not really but the but the guys who are really big and panic and basically described the the person you're talking to. They most of the time. Although when you think of a redhead the generalization is of their crazy and nuts. Most of these guys were big. They keep Killian a minute they get ripped in half but they were big gentle giants is account part of the stereotype of the person you like Amanda. That's entirely though as West Virginia are attracted says women in my Tyler you know any means of. Andre did that surprise my friend from there are a lot of talking and then there's a lot of success men and West Virginia are attracted to men and women who are attracted to them. That's really all there but generally guys in general like in any way you would be shocked so what do what do your last board from the quite did you did you David the whole pasty ties are reviewed data. I'm Mary and a top peace like I aha. Khalil emeritus yeah. Having here aren't OK and that's you know that you are attractive people priest he went. Sure as we get he has led eighty watt Linux as well okay does that they want no this. No he does that night yet though. And when and that I was his brother look like the place for the Steelers on the RTJ while I don't think ever seen a picture comes into play football and unknown looks like that alma. You know I don't know. Now let us remember as the ravens fan and that I heard the Steelers draft and we can't do anything to him he's he's pretty good as a reason Harrison's open of a New England. Color is grass what features are attracted to and someone. A man's muscles are by far the most important factor in whether women find the man attractive. You ever the reason guys go to the gym and trust me it's like as a doctor told him about the parked researchers found that men's muscles account for 70%. Of his attractiveness to eight over his job. I went over his general disposition. Over his personality. 70%. How tall he is that accounted for another to so. If you're tall do you get an immediate 10% at an underscore. But you gotta have muscles because. If you have both you get 80% of the like on a scale of one to ten if you're built you're already set so basically. Your string height and body fat men are responsible for 80% of your tracts. Want to all. Your face doesn't even matter that's good according to nobody read anywhere researchers have found that it doesn't even matter we your face looks like if you're. Hall strong and have low body fat then they can fight through the iBook right it's just. What I pronounce and I think that's awesome you don't look like goes both ways I could do you'll hear guys like well. The data the chairwoman attracted to her basement gym degree Bobby Brandon. We saw loads of the woman last week don't play early care bruises dude with a mass like that would really do you have a great that gap I think it just bruise oral superficial but. That's who we are its outlook but see here's the thing though when you do these anonymous surveys you always get the truth of anonymity breeds that right so ambivalent. I like muscles if yes guys if they would boost mood moves at such and such. But if you talk to someone individually pay. It's funny in stat that matters and eventually that proves to be true but understand that's not how it's going to start. Now that is about housing starts and yet when it's anonymous straight up we're superficial lesbians about it if you ask someone face to face they're gonna lie to its endowment. In the grand don't talk about her brand adult English that I hello Alexander welcome to the majority all the time. Friends and friends hello Zander. Good bye Zander. Hello Jake welcome to the bedroom plus. Are. I reject. Other go. Dominance endurance. Isn't alone here but I do echo those of an enhanced incidents on its okay. Out of that there's an obvious answer on this when. That's a joke ha ha ha what do you have for all that's bigger than most people. What I have an old letters bigger than most people are idiotic you get joke unless she's here. No we don't have. Like my head this year in eleven million Afghans like that you news on the hold your nose. Others say about they can't drive and no nor his head at mice I had I had had at my nose is even bigger. Oh I'm sorry about. Helen and you know it's it's really nice when you can't breathe out of 70% of your face. You have. Are brought up assess 122 pound chat. That is this knows people look kind of like tech is. It's like partly true and an art that we won't ever or Alec oh dark built when you say the main coon Madge isn't typically means a bigger cat doesn't that. Knowledge and actual brand and. And also it's a nickname the black guys call each other from time to time. But is an open Portland yet as a better vote the New England coolers on them Robin showed suspicious of this thing about two months ago. A Sony called or something and it basically these things look like. Manager Bob casting Laura Larry's got a little Maine coon and apparently the Phillies are huge I can't big men like he's like a lion and these federal. So you I don't know the other aren't the alleged octagon that's doctor Garmin OK doctor Gomez woods would would absolutely destroy you see your letter it is this little rat piece of cracked cat. Is so freaking nuts it just doesn't know when to stop and is nothing new narrow goal Maine coon has just cooling just wants to chill out relax and he's he's it's still remain to be until gap in earnings is to find myself. But he does have a room net threes when asked we have that is bigger than most people's. If your dream is on the world's abroad big is brawl in the world well you got your chance an if you have a a few thousand dollars were lying around you're in luck because. The enormous brawl has been listed on eBay a the lucky winner of the option probably should expect to Wear though is the bras is a size 1360. B. And weighs a ton illustrated in 2011 help raise awareness forum where two pink day for a breast cancer but now. The present brought has been proudly modeled by buildings and is going on sale. It is incredibly big it is the world's biggest brought and you get his Guinness world record sort of thing certificate. Confirming it as well. OK so I've by the brawl. Now once in a lifetime opportunity threat to funnel landmark piece of unaware and all for a good cause as the proceeds go to chaired. What does like you said last week somebody stole 25000 dollar unicycle they did ladies who Sanaa you have it and now would keep you should provide this giant brawl wait. OK I bought it and now with the like let's exciting part well now I just have this big time roll off and realized I'd just for thousands of dollars or something. That's just they giant brawl sitting in my living room and he said he part of the you know cyclist is that who is going to bypass the follow. Totally why did you stay what are you gonna do that now you're with 45000 dollar unicycle radicalized or question 844999. Alomar he calls coming up you are listening to the men's or radio networks. From all thoroughbred jam Myles Kennedy and the conspirators Myles Kennedy joining the program ran for a drink it tells with the shot of the day we I look we could just do research we could just do that but this has been killing us aren't so. Myles Kennedy does Myles Kennedy and all the burdens them miles can you spend co conspirators are co conspirator conspirator conspirators not cooked breakfast with. What is the name of the bay and he's and slash or is it that last mile can really miles can edit slash two miles Kennedy and the conspirator Luka area got. My estimate coming up on the program and meantime it is our random question question 844. 999 solo around the right. Welcome to the man yeah. All right Iraq. Let's see here. Okay Jeff goes goes live we'll look alcohol or drugs. Have you had a whole lot of other one time. Maybe you have lined up for Hager at your house and you love your beer man one party. For today. Maybe had to wait it out so we ups and tequila and if you look at the party yeah. How many almond tequila do you conclude. But too much. Just in general today. And. Well it would. I'd I'd put down my drinking a little bit of dad I'm so we're doing it showed how. Barack. They'd they'd try to do you Dolly and up the level be shocked were doubled and it just hit it didn't go. You're probably whole her whole weekend probably was shot after all that and also out to be doubles the sub is not a doubles scam. But are there any stories that you heard about yourself after the fact. Oh yeah yeah they're yet do it why would put it this way I quick drink it in 93 irons. And now. Big deal were it was the biggest joy so you know there was always go all the what. Don't often they often story Ed I've got the bloody night oil. No I got is blamed it on the country for some trying to get it started. This country has. Obviate it. This guy can play in the N that's they decided that it probably get home. And I threw a ball up on the outside. My buddy Carr would figures like let's let me great the next morning. You know what man atlas and tequila got a Ballmer. To deal did not get a bum rap because you say in 1993. So let's face it. Up until the last. Fifteen years maybe the kilos that you got here in the states have brought over enquirer broke and that even a good stuff it was. The bad gold stuff and and stop worse than that now was it like stuff sold well so. Everyone that had Akeelah had a bad experience did you drink the worst crap in the world and look I'm right there with vigor that animal Google story again but I swore off not drinking. But drinking tequila. For thirteen years because everything associated TiVo's bad. And venom like the last fifteen years or so the tequila game is absolutely brutal cross the border it's great to kilos now. And it's not as bad as almost encouraging you to drink but if you do do you what do those top shelf tequila as man and so on it's it's a Dane king. Gambled or they go out of style because the there's going to be it's Koehler shortage here coming up based on though the glue gun and it's available. Trying to think. I never had that only have ever had any more than an ounce of weed. Yeah I mean what we at some point about it yeah and remember when I had the whole councils Almonte and remember I was probably 23 toys for just looking at it and knowing that I'm not selling any of this the dollar volume I get to keep this whole bag of weed. It was one of the more exciting moments in my life. I think even arrogant I would be a lot of data that apple some weak and we heavily had too much to drink said. I drank three fourths of a gallon of gin and probably what our half. There's a minute before it very large station vendor we had two years ago and things went about the way. You would think they would but this particular bench. Was out at an NFL stadium and I guess of the company and run of the entire mezzanine as a deacon circle around the stadium and of all these different vendors and are reasonably date thank I don't know it doesn't matter the point was. We begin grant head because again the only people that know the tennis at three fourths of a gallon of gin and an hour and a half. Army in my standards there's nobody else the noses act but people starting to piece together but I should preface this by saying. The day he before this event. The company we worked for a time put out a memo that was exceptionally clear. That you cannot drink none of the employees not just when none of the employees could drink at this event. And due to its credit he did not treat at the event he drank before he drink down for him and we rolled in stone but it to what I've never seen such a rapid deterioration. Have a new ones behave like walking in a Marmara and the gloom. He seems all right. I don't know why I'm babysitting them and we walk by co worker and I can't remember her name off the top of my head but as early as late no big Daryn so and so black and that's ruffle up. All know what they're here for about ten minutes and it just got more finally. That essentially got thrown out of the site as it did lover trying to keep him away from big balls to the big balls already does not like us at all. We don't like him but the memo just come out and he kept hearing reports. But Ted Maine. On May now be too so at this point. Take up or not because you're spending chicken nuggets on the former puke he was trying to to release because he couldn't remember if only out around iso and at this point and weighs like three bills. So so miles faces big hairy ass out of this. And while miles is gone no big balls has track freed and ask him coming warming Howard you know the conversations going to be. So my head on chronicle mobile whatever excuses finally come Lebanese says. They were steadily. Ma'am I was a proud moment has not feel like I know I understand he's drunk when it. I don't I don't think so maybe you didn't seem drawn to me is like everyone here seems to think he's strong as that I know that Ted is getting sick and it took some kind of medication. Before we came down did he might be that face America he might be having an adverse effect. You have so there's as we heard Paul's. The balls do you think I'm an affidavit a submit I don't know if talent that he has not had a you're honest answer the we have had to drop to drink here. He's no puzzlement I'm Tanya he's just not feeling well. He had to go home that's home and that's open to the problem to worry about obviously I know he was drunk when pat. I don't know man maybe a medication you know you've taught them pharmaceutical companies somehow know that if all of my truck on Martin Luther King Jr. boulevard. That intersection. Where the speed limits like fifty miles an act. And had to pick him up put in my car it it it it but it's every ask what's our caller drug have you had a whole lot of former Major League Baseball pitcher Esteban Loaiza was arrested whip. How many kilos of cocaine or heroin on his person was he walking or driving. He was driving I was driving how many clos our that you Lou let me say pilgrims. How many keep hundreds positive chronic. Okay yeah I get a fourteen year career in the majors alas that's for the White Sox in 2008 he made 45 point three million dollars in his Major League career that's why he can afford that much coach and now myself go OK for. I could test and he's going to run. Random friend. We guns and god yoga you can never been been somewhat of friends medical camera. Random look at an NBA live through this through to pull those Rasheed Wallace. So many when they get pulled over they have the eighth homer now would we put a lot of freedom clause. Tom DeLay what you have some weak Rasheed Wallace schools like not dogs were smoke and all that and get you cannot be cool movement. Hello to him saying you know welcome to the men's room. It's. Too. Hello I'm Perry is to seal up the answers here. Hi Jane I know it's probably a long way away even we're gonna ask you a hypothetical here which cannot can be dangerous but let's just say that you make it's a good old retirement age. Without killing yourself. Well dying unexpectedly of a heart attack and of the dealers wife and famine and yet. Who would be your ideal plans. For retirement if the or if he had the time to take a sabbatical. Maybe got fired for awhile the dad's money whatever won't be one thing that you would like to do go explore what will be on that list. I don't know maybe the mall motorcycle traveling. Guy he's staying in the stadium like rhyme all the way down the southern tip about South America. Close enough to Mexico I guess I'll stay on the West Coast well. Don't do seasonally I would tried to take these southern route more in the winner months it possible but then again depends on what winner someone earns or worse than others but. In the north out wanna. Take advantage of that the summer. So legacy the you know British Canadian Rockies and basically go I would try to I try to do little to the circle Micah. Padres whereas what he wanted to when your retirement home as is a great story is not even really involving retirement. It's the story of ten or abroad well and Mickey Welch. They under broad well and Nicki wore shoulder possessions wanna sailboats and moved from Colorado to Florida. With plans to explore the Gulf of Mexico and the critic. They were gonna drop they were doing parent say to hell of our whole lives by sailboat and say you know what. Let's just take all is somebody great plains sounds like an awesome plan it was a long time dream. At least temporarily just today after they said sale while navigating through John's pass the doubles twenty football team it's something. Presumably disembarked and began to filled water. And sunken nine feet a walk. In it because they won though the couple and their dogs swim to safety they're now left with a sunken uninsured votes. And a little more than the clothes on their back basically everything they had on the sailboat loaded the hell away and that's everything they owned it I sold everything I had to do this and I lost everything in a manner twenty minutes said. Ten abroad well everything I've worked for everything doubled since I was a child it's floating away. To make matters worse the pair who have only about nine dollars in cash now have to come up with 6700. Dollars needed to remove their sunken boat from the golf. Plus for storage it's more than 101000 somewhere in there. They bought their votes up for 5000 dollars and apes and another 5000 fixing and up two sets sail. It was their first sailing experience. Amber experience. Amber they decide limit so to buy his sailboats and it never even been on one before. You never even been unassailable bit what you decided to do. Not only is why won't my part I get somebody got to get the ball but you do so you're gonna quit your job go sell the Gulf of Mexico yes. Now now okay at laurel this story ended exactly the way it's supposed to. Okay now this is where I think this thing takes a turn for the SO world we live in right now I've okay follow up if I'm being harsh on this. Let me know when I'm Tania this is the cast that pisses me off. So if you wanna quit whatever your doing anyone who take on this adventure I think that's great and that's eight do it every wanna do but. If you think for one minute then mother nature or the fact you do Eagles sailing part becomes not a mother nature if you wanna hide the up election trip. Or would it you have to have some type of education before you go and just decide up. One little fly a hot air balloon around the world and I've never had better walk. You you need a little knowledge before you take a like they were Sears and assertive in the Gulf of Mexico well I agree disagree I agree. That you should do that and bush these revolts and to me like the lesson they learned is exactly the boys are making what what you have to do and if they miles aside but you should expect. They stay in but I will say this in this is where I think they're not adults aren't. So family and friends are now helping helping them out but they decided that they were gonna put together a go funny page Roush. No and it is raised more than 111000 dollars as of this went to press and there are thousand out. Because they hold the donations will allow them to continue our adventure. I'm not gonna give up now we're gonna get another boat the boat sank but our dreams in sync with a vote. They haven't go funny page so that you can help them buy a boat to go back. And do their dream of sailing around the Gulf of Mexico with absolutely. No experience and they've surpassed what they were looking for. That's correct C that's what I right I don't or does that environment look at what you say you're an article would you give up on you agree. But you have because you're not won't go get the job in the money can be to book you're asking other people to dubious you'll lose doctor job and you took your savings you have to Obama yet that's fun but I think of are gonna buy it like a motorcycle. And I never ridden a motorcycle before. I might say gate. Riders clock saying that I would have to get certified I would I would want to get on the motorcycle to France and you know up. I'm gonna pull that thing out the Harley-Davidson dealership and I would drive it across the country. What's he to me like it doesn't matter I think it's a stupid idea to do they did but I don't care because in Myanmar and that is your problem. Now once they set up to go farm repaid people stupid enough to help amount you're right bag it's irritating to those like Arnold listened. But things went the way they should of what. If you had any legitimate difference in alive but you said this is what I'm going to do that some of those man out and and you were in the sale if you follow that up with well. Somebody would want to do have never done it before any legitimate friend you have said man that. Like eat anything you try it can be roller skating it can be Sally goes more to wit then you probably know I don't think it's just something you don't do so. Whatever they made their decision and it. Berg story plays out exactly the way it should of played out. But don't ask other people to help you if in the thing is if you're if you're consistent. I'm doing this again then that should be squarely on you you know I'm less formal and ultimately a federal you get a job nothing in the Florida and and save money again and so they use it to your girlfriend to buy your vote so the G congressionally. Pretty business and basically do and I did these people Miley are not entitled to Rio it is like that in the I'm gonna give Obama they are not gonna work for Marjorie. But I thought you know Lana I might give them out but I'll market talk about given up on as long as you pay. If you ever dream of winning the lottery you should buy lottery tickets but you should not hope to other people buy lottery ticket so that you could pursue your dream of winning a lot. About random random guy I am and that's not getting now managed. After veteran right. President slowly and Pelosi are wanted to welcome to the men's room. But yet again yet wait. We appreciate it sir you know a man on their build another man before but go figure it out there we have to go along with the I hope sorry I don't react to your question a lot of people familiar all of the momentum loves our best of it. Why serve and welcome to the through an hour and they're here every good afternoon gentlemen okay good. Sure let's go live and how you've been discriminated against would you say your lifetime other than people making fun of your name. I mean that would definitely be a good guess. I got a bunch of nicknames but I have to say I used to live in and away. And now I'm a white guy and it was really weird being you know. Neighborhood where I would like one of the only white kid it was the only time I didn't realize. Aren't we will later the law that within elementary school. And now I would go to school everyday in every lead they quickly go quiet night I had no idea. Now because they're nameless Norwood but because your what I regard. You don't because my name assured leader I would be like the only white kid my last night you thought green and it wasn't like Latinos was the blacks wasn't what was. It would a lot of different it was in LA there's no they don't hear it. Conglomeration have a bunch of people who are are different Carly can move. But they're all born American Idol lady looked like it. Only ask that all and that's how America the world that would have been there who Yahoo! America American. It usually don't look bloated American lives and I have I will be god damn thing out then I'll do some of the business of what you get a. Unencumbered some ovule I mean if you really think about eight. I generally be harder to lose more foreigners in Bellevue. And our arms adrenaline there's very few instances where a white man could be discriminated against but I found. It goes up I'm not about any other I don't know I was I was because there's so I look like a bank robber. So that was all the laws it was and they don't know why people rob banks I want dragged Paxson hats and sunglasses but you're you're making. A mistaken statement I so. The few times the white people are discriminated against I believe by of their white people right well most white people do not go to black neighborhoods. Because if you do. You be discriminated against through. Like it like look at her black dude and go to a white white as never if you're going to be discriminated against him all the subtle crap that goes on. All the African time we don't sweat it. But the differences are not scared to be around white people. But a lot of white people are terrified. Three run though like why people don't often thrust themselves and Blake. You can go to please forgive me discriminate against you just not going to death. ALZA bank. Hundreds for a driving while intoxicated conviction of San Antonio man trying to overturn his forty year prison since my arguing. The Texas legal limit on talk skated driving discriminates against alcoholics. Mason is a look standpoint LA blood coma and I'm good man I'm not even done yet. Like I'm experience is needs to be at a higher level for me like you might be a point oh wait and be a little bit both. I really got me I got started I went a little boy no ifs and he's gonna trial lawyers they're gonna try to see you thinking at this thing for an out at me good luck on that. Brad a question why today 449990. Morey calls coming up you are listening to the men's or radio network. Which is you. Proof I still a job brawl for breads and Myles Kennedy and the conspirators one LA Myles Kennedy joining us some programs Avian Doolittle your guest. It is as good as mine is that's coming up with a return of Assam in Durham in the meantime it is our random question questioning for 4999. Obama friend. Friends out. That's pretty welcome gentlemen welcome friends. Oh I. The and can't cash cash hot and a pianist ever aria. I'm okay well if we're no longer thank you as tablets go this would have you. Have you ever eaten any wild game what's the craziest meet that you've ever tasted. So. Well only the lead Germany with my family and my mom kicked me in beating borrowers though and I really thought that side. Your blood now the question equestrian is that he's ahead. Yeah our right horses and I got Indian eating horse how wasn't it. I'm just sit there and you did did I mean I didn't pay different anything about any different than what really leads. Yeah I insist it it could have done I was try to I'm a diabetic eight an animal that I. Then I think that I worked with about the July a news. And Christmas been different if they say and by the way of Sparky Joseph would you have been right in a may as well go horns you do does it bother you look does that bother you when you use glue. Yeah I am I don't. All that they are making. Well I don't know the el duque back in the day I mean I'm sure they don't need that technology anymore but sure I used to be part of the joke like you know there's a glue factory in Baltimore and his start firing another like a barrier gets around groundbreaking as an elegant at the preakness and. Now I don't know I don't I'm not bad iPhone you know eleven or my god market. Eat meat because I love animals love though each day I'd love a good date and it. Okay what do you when you say your equestrian what does that mean now do you ride on a team be riding competitions what does that entail or do you just clay do you have horses are. Questioning detained him that you live about why are you that you ride each claim you know you. You break your air force didn't our right okay so I've been to Reno Nevada right. And their. They tie their horses up on the side of the street and they have cowboy hats on because there their cowboys and they have cowboy boots on and spurs because well other they're cowboys. Now they party your club. An amateur no unity here you're an equestrian all right so I love about the guy got busted because he's having sex Megan museum did in. A nasty Carrie great answer it's like to welcome him my name is on him as a that's like an equestrian that is what Z my name is Randolph and I'm in the Philadelphia polo club in my included in your glove yeah. Well everybody everybody I. Am I out. I Morgan the track and I I've I have coconut water Bala scorn and my horse's mouth right before they raise money club. Do you look at. Oh. Okay a ball club you can do area. You got more humor in all you can have sex with that all drunk to do anything but have sizable announced a new part of the equestrian clubs have you ever eaten in the wild game we're very interesting reason why we ask that question governor and then a second here 8449990. Look you like to be part of the random question questions. The show and many pins continue on the men's room radio network.