02-09-18 Seg 3 Mens Room Grabs A Shovel

Friday, February 9th

Emails, Ted vs the FCC, Bad Jokes and the Shot of the Day!


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This is dumb men's room. I'm listening to. I had not bad jokes going updates and a return of ten vs the FCC on the way I guess we'll drink it tells with a shot our question. What are jabbing your resolve and deal which is still had or are you glad it's gone to a 4499. All of that you're coming up next door I know I could put you on hold for 12 panel treasuries right yeah exactly do we are important he really from the moment he woes can be iMac and a multibillion. Exactly. Equate you can see anybody else and we can go to football you wanna make a liar. Plus is what we do we make you look back. Hello Shane welcome to the manager of. All we'll. Name. All. Two world. Well ten years ago I contracted. Hepatitis C. In hand what I had to get a little bit dull hum. President and the follow up my immediate you are presented could easily my mom do remote look the other brands I tip my chlamydia. The so I did it's I did you have been together Pepsi do you know. All those from doing none not so good things can now draw down. Syriana okay well are do you feel fortunate that it wasn't worse. Yeah I think I can your the bad one you know revenue when you can't hear it out so what did you what did you have to do to combat this. So all I'm I had to get an 83000. Dollars in medication. 83 that me and calls them about 120 dollars for reduced. How long did you have to be on the medication or are you still on. It was three months medication but the problem thus will. Do I know the vineyard. I guess when it just felt this there was like three months invite you can't drink you know you gotta be really. They clean up for the three month. Yeah it's called by cure packed in and I had to them. So first my doctor the prescription and she sent it to be pharmacy in my case so little and of course they're like techno and and so I worked and in my insurance companies not gonna cover that I. It's not exactly routed. Nathalie. Think condition and it only serves well cover medication for Pepsi or is it because of the way you've got. Well knows because those how expensive it was an accident my insurance doesn't cover an 82000 dollar and I don't know what might okay it would have been noted many. Is astronomical studies to look through this freedom with. I I'm done that I finished silica. Almost two years ago just before. That's how did you end up before it does or like a generic version. Yeah girl. Yes so look what happened was it was a really new medication when it came out so. I had to get that denial letter from the pharmacy and then had the way. Almost a year from Washington State they send they send and now petition. Get a second and how letter. And it took them over a year to to tell me no totally eat and he's on calling and calling and he. All right 01 of them to tell me it was no we won't opportunity that's in a letter that it was you know. In the meantime and then in the meantime others is going on. Physically do you feel worsening what would that would what's going on what your body Ager when all that's all. Know when you know that it just kind of if it really makes you a little bit tired and you. A and. I guess you could entertain did you kiss a girl and would early could you give her hepatitis C that way. Now look at them at the blood to blood okay like if I if we became blood Brothers they're not you know it's. Public hepatitis is that this air doesn't kill it right so there's evenly dried blood on grounds of error. Indiana it can they can stay alive outside the body for like and the speaker and like I. I'm like three days as some might so. OK so you did get eventually the medication you did. Yeah absolutely happened well happen after the second the now leather bound until such and medication my doctor. Chief wrote could be pharmaceutical companies are producing. And they have they are like this can like it grant and the thing and the pharmaceutical company you know occurred at a 100% in. I got it and I. The medication those like so there's the other rule there's a different way to get rid of it and as interferon and not sought to messes you up real bad like chemo treatment and that's almost like a mile version of like. I had some side effects and but there was nothing compared to what it could have been so. I don't know who I still clean living now open. I had a ceremony that was another income did you did you stick with a diet that you had to stick with did you I mean I am assuming you lost winds will. Did they told me you know like. Still stay away from like red meat and stuff where I don't know about the Kaka. Was or or gone at I absolutely he drinks because. They sort of the medication they give you and then there's like a booster. That they give YouTube to second medication to come to that. And I if you. Put drink alcohol where that it'll take you quite severe damage and can cause your medication and not work and then opened up. I could happen as soon after this ninety day clintons you lost weight you probably look pretty good right. Yeah. I mean it's now it's a good deal he does so and again. Syria. Okay in a I like a negative way but I'm sick I'm like well allows five almost zero warmup and it doesn't benefit or were you shooting heroin. Yeah I'm an aunt mother so. A lot of people lose weight after doing heroin like. But as I know a lot of guys on wall book a lot of guys in my level one point we're shooting terror most of them are dead but the one guy the real thought would die didn't. As named Willis Willis as far as we do in every time I had seen him to me he was a short dude don't wait maybe a balk when he found. And we knew he was student smacked it just never occurred to us and that's why it was so small it does he didn't look at me see that he'd just look time so. We'll see Willis for 68 months everyone assumes he's dead because. At this time a lot of these guys just started dying and all bilateral they got bad chairwoman it was alarming how close together a pack of these guys went away so. The bar we would only go to Willis shows up one day and it was like we're real happy to see him but it was unbelievable. The dirt IDs chunky dude. Like his natural weight lately had to be 75. Pounds heavier. When he was last I was Solomon what. What the hell man is like look I cleaned up couldn't we went to the body dimensional and these guys Diana cleaned up got married together is I Saunders ED man and a mother the late eating unhealthy. And his eating because I haven't beaten Lleyton seventeen years lead up to this book is night. May have to take a bill like this why he believes. Is there on the receiver something the membership and smacked since I was a young guy in an hour Dalton is like. There are gonna talk radio like it's our every Euro alive. Yeah that's a time where you're like the weight looks good it's okay it did it was good what delegates yet to get rid of Andy was still had and are you glad it's on 8449990. Out. And Harry welcome to the men's room. All bitches on time. So. I read an autograph. Pictures and then and read letters from Harry S Truman the president. Didn't get rid of Google screwed up as time. Homes and had some issues on a room turn right on interstate and I Soledad that was sort on bills. Also global easing the B word now hopefully don't want the antique roadshow to try to find out on my god. It's going to be. At least three times or assault or nervous about four or bought that didn't. Good Ole miss Lee yeah I don't wanna know man I am one of those suckers who Connell my eye on that and I watched the antique roadshow are it was a lot of stuff on it comes like renderings of allied. I've based these crappy assignment. 100000 dollars in my Jesus Christ that's why you can watch it right because. You have a home to a lot of stuff until it did this guy right and you had already fled from Harry's Truman I would never watch that show because you don't want to use to map out some Muslims and I found this at a flea market it's an autograph when our marriage and they have worked. 300000. Are the best part of it to grow Joseph is they definitely feature the people who come in and have valuable stopped short and then at the end they do the highlight reel of all the other people to get to this convention center who thought they asked of denial and I like. Page you Gaza's city garage sale investors worried about it sensible price growth for our holder you overpay and Heath I think they'll because like let's turn to get those you'll be the only thing I got a gripe still it was good for cheap was eleven. Okay and a message before the third out you know I got mine free from smoking Marlboro. Why did you add to get rid of Andy bush is still had an or are you glad it's got a free ticket priest with a leg. I'm sure I bought the leatherman didn't in my backyard I don't know why resulted in in my mom's like why do you have a nice figure you can from I don't nice Marlboro cooler than plugged into the cigarette lol you got to Ohio sweet I never got there and run the channel them. Hello John welcome to the men's room. Big guy little guy. All right so I have this dog I really at it. Why did you have to get rid of the don't. So that he did dog. He had this year a peanut butter and you know you Dodd you know you dog liking about her yeah but it's how the. Sickly and in this war is as you off to the play relying look good unlike peanut butter are gonna Garrett is pregnant dog and I. Not it is it got interesting I can. I have thought about it is and I've got to make him my double peanut butter jelly sandwich. And this dog yes you know that pull out the peanut butter. You bolts although they crossed the end of the house and slammed into the door and almost killed content off on the on the almost locked door that I had. And it breaks my door and I can I can figure out why the light to me that dog would run away from peanut butter all I would you know all I wanted to do it even thinking about it. And I understand are excited what McCouch I want my only dogs two houses down. And I brought him back in a completely forgot about the understood way and can take gala going on action and I haven't had that bad you got three they did in that back leg. And I didn't occur even let the kid. Why would I possibly occur to any rational human being tough. They did exactly. Trouble lately like after he had completely healed up. I have got a volume button Bynum to treat some toys make them feel more home. Do you scared of me now you've you've really put in the same room at me and I felt like that's sort of writing I wanted to contain. And I. China a couple play than you thought I was cool my beloved eighteen about a entry again and he took off and hid under my bad I couldn't get a now. So it's always on PM hour. They didn't act and so I really wanted to know what was going on a best start so I called on the previous owner and it was it like an adult now probably fifteen year old lady. The argument you just reeled it probably like eight or nine. You know bigger dog. And I capture why is quietly for a gallon every seat peanut butter. And that's after out you'll. It hours. To finally came to the conclusion that she had to attack in putting peanut butter on her up tiger parts. Hi. All I. God damn it man oh we were jokingly do they emotion in the studio. Jesus I'll my gap. And so he got rid of the dog. Did the dog a break man who led the media thing like as well be the modern I was a bad for me I would cream the next up why our planet. I'm she'd look at what did your young man he always instill and are you guys down like that. My as the bad my I've been dying now we've got dirty emails on the way from the men's room after their lives back on you are listening to the major radio network. Men's room with my. Fat jokes coming on drug charge right now. Albeit a pick up bad jokes coming up momentarily in the meantime email those bad jokes to the men's room and men's in my dot com we will. I read him coming up also the return of Ted vs the FCC first time though for a few emails here for the men's room mad men's or my dot com. Let's see here guys all this is a good event is this a gradient aren't allowed the it's a Zola well remember me I'm not mean I don't know I'm win and I'm back and I'm better than effort. I'm eleven now. And let me just tell you I met Steve last year just after my birthday. At the Las Vegas airport and wow is he weighed taller than I thought. So for my birthday bingaman JD. I want you to figure out what every nuance I'm going to Disney World on Thursday it sold this is the end so like always thank you. And goodnight and went. You have to go to Vegas last year for your birthday you want to Disney World is here for your birthday. You're hug your parent chart on your pretty good way and remember you get ice cream every day it is January through every set every meal could only get the lovely Glenn who is eleven years old a little kid faced sandwich please. Guys anyways I don't know yet exactly Jarrett happy birthday he sixteen today and becoming a great young man. Can you give a classic face sand wedge and they you like that had a birthday guys that from dead fish explore. All dirty dinosaurs it's my friend. A list is birthday. If it's not racist ass would throw be willing to give his best LeRoy Jenkins impersonation. Thanks bitches that from Ben if I'm not mistaken by the way that's a white guy LeRoy. And raw. Yeah marrying gay and visits today is my girlfriend I'd say no matter it's just funny since black guy impersonating the one point mostly about my background area a little circle. And you if you could does speak English what would you say that is. The U sure. It looks like a line at a me. Yeah does that align our Alina sail into the line as lovely name and an elite and I'm sort crimes with a line. Giant are gonna go Molina. A war in well big business yeah I hope I'm wise wasn't. I really naymick and alignment it's my girlfriend Colleen as Tony for a trip around the sun gonna go into. Kids can you guys great heroism tourney German talk about sausages. Thanks guys that from Zain and our. We want to talk about sausage I was suitable sausage the eastern ball. Just he kept food lessons to be content over to bring about a truly. Know what she. Oh and a lot of it is my friend lucas' 24 birthday today how about some dirty Germans. Thank you guys that from neck. And job I was on the black police officers from the blue people but I still like to die in the line. If you if you if you Don Lucas. Too has thrown me out which never got to a moment. Wow. Deep into the Lucas review of its Germany he did movies looks a bit lazy. I'll hold the one I hope this Charlie Sheen skeletons out of right. Guys my husband Steve and dozens do you guys every day on his drive home remarked. It is his 26 bird day not only did Stephen get an email from his lovely wife he also got an email from. His sister Leslie. His brother Sammy. His buddy Derek in Las Vegas his sister Heather. His mom and that his dad sounds terrible for and wife Tara thank you could we please get them dirty German. And yes we received the email. When you book they are manipulative cheerleader of the bouncy and flew the spoke. He's got little share of political compact. Guys at that time again all as my boyfriend's birthday it is and he's last year it is Tony's. And I would love if you would give him a little bit of everything this year I know would make for a four years in a row that I've been able to get you guys sing that or they saw we love you guys thanks. There from Rachel Marie let's do some dirty Germans and some Ozzie Ted if we go. God talk to a movie with my testicles of the inspiration for Jameson to. That they had smelled it and it's a birthday last in the funny you know that means way to go down and a decent ghost busting out. This is an highways already my son dressed in brown stressed and Tony ninth birthday he would love the barbershop quartet face and voice thanks guys and cheers from days. Fears it to movie Laura Suzanne wins. G.'s daughter on this. Well that is a reason he's still really AAC in the morning and afternoon and. Always tells our joys my friend Donna happy birthday coming up they say when some turtle wax as well maybe analogy think in the applause thanks guys and rock comment from Stevie Z. Fish sandwich. I don't know it's her birthday to my girlfriend crystal she's amazing mom step mom to our two girls can you please get only draw a Diggins. And you guys talking all over yourself thanks a lot guys that from Chris her boyfriend. I. Well I had ago was an excellent literally drilling that he remain. He would go to Arizona dream of ours were injured soldier and a new external programs run and how important let me get all of us regular Joseph Sandler little guy that honor alcohol get hair red and like innocent. Told Israel today is my fiance Casey 31 I was wondering if you guys would give him another old look out. And internal sex love him so much thanks guys that from Melissa thought Lukas. Spreads above the show was never day today is my little brother Josh is 32 could you give my European as is too small. Followed by the dirty Germans thanks boys that from Chris. He Leo look they look when you look at the kitchen. You can joke might chicken to pull my poor the most prudent at Sonoma. Yeah. Yeah understood the Spaniards. It is I'm 33 today how about Mike's bitter baby batter and a little dirty Germans thanks guys that for more day maybe better whatever the hell yeah I I did or maybe batters but that's what he's saying well you know it's a little better made to feel it. Anybody she bout some body of anybody about some butter but she's had has been better if I put it in my better it'll make my back better such about a that a better butter put it in a better better better better better better that's better than anybody about a a better about it did you make you bitter may be better yeah. Can you. Try these as a daily batters better yeah he's bitter baby batter just had to give him a better a little bit about baby batter bettors are you about a little baby batter the batter there there may be better better is this is better bet. They wanted to but a bit about a baby batter only covers about the hard. I don't know what suicide bomb my baby bounces back to my kids. The. It's called us he may need a jacket can give you the whole center into a kitchen tonight. Why is tenuous Casey a very special 33 birthday he's an incredible father hard worker never misses the show first birthday. He's requesting an enrolled penis and some sexy German talk about his hot wife. Thank you guys for the awesome birthday wishes I know Casey appreciate that we have up number they we can plan which will include men's room read and some all these famous men's room sausage. And Ebert they Casey love your wife and daughter and broke two minutes. The only way to submit petitions likened painting and want to know about against the wall almost. Job she's so beautiful I think she doesn't have time his second visit to listen let's. It's a new version of the tongue twister only about doing providing her husband sausage and you. Guys are you placing a birthday song from former miss rocked my beautiful wife Laurie or law. Fantastic wife and mother and best person I've ever met also could givers of dirty Germans police thanks guys appreciated. And jobs. Until both of them would be like George Jefferson. He's legitimately so we'll move on and finally get to piece of the a shot. It's dried beans home grown in the kitchen it's. Obama not to lighten his both lovely lady Lisa Marie's 35 year of existence. Got them those funny. Dinnertime or take off the least thanks gentlemen and want and keep on rocket that from judge Gibbs yeah. It's a little sister Christie beat turns 36 today having an mandrel Venus and a drop the beat. Thanks guys that from Lauren the bearded viking and broke and it's probably I guys here you go. It's. Okay. Yeah yeah it's it's I did it and I. I I can't pay you pay you made says. Doesn't guarantee German Bronson. So available through these world fame on men's lives dot com another sign retail sales in him shall I fly. Oh programming note Rory on our next up program we will have the one and only Myles Kennedy you know him from Alter Bridge he's got a new solo I'm coming out and out. Also. Slash has been. You play under the name of flashes but the other irritants Spears' right isn't considered an announcement some but I can't remember what to do the whole authority and finally tonight let me know our mouth Kennedy in the conspirators Islam Myles Kennedy in the spirit wolf rarely does that does Alter bridge and then he singles last spring and it's a fantastic brand anomaly. I think we we were called slashes billions and also is Aaron Miles limit. With the two miles we're studio we're object aren't active program literally final miles from the get ugly here even smells like that. Yeah on yeah I don't think he did up until miles generated intense I'm jays at to a Y. I'm miles Kennedy joining us next time it is very same time same bat station I guys up first on your big dummy pole I would prefer these silent but deadly and parts. The reason being I think would be fun to light a match afterwards. Secondly of course diamond is a black females named Jay got the movie the players club at one of the best girl fights ever. That from Paul also one of Bernie Mac's best films. Is that correct. The players close great movie on Labatt sentenced him. It's still my affairs. Odds are high school years I put it seek to end the crotch of a clean pair of my big Brothers underwear it cheek when ETQ I don't know I usually did laundry so I knew when he was getting ready to use said pair of underwear. He pulled them on after a hot shower and boy did he scream like a bitch. Being a little sister of two years his junior I was tired imparting on my head and let him boaters on the for the majority in my childhood it was definitely worth the guys thanks a lot appreciate. Only jaws as far as the strangest thing that you've ever seen. One day I was making peanut butter cookies oh area my kids run stairs playing in the room I got sidetracked and did not hear the siren go off. In a burning my first batch of cookies. So I open the front door and patio door in my kitchen. That I went onto the patio and put the tray a burnt cookies on the patio. Until they cooled and stops evenings they wouldn't stink up my house anymore than they already had. House was Modi too so I opened up the doors there are and I ran upstairs in the kids room told them to keep the door shut desire had burned the cookies and I don't want smoked go everywhere in the room. As all boarding up the stairs I saw Mountain Lion walking through my house nose up in the air smelling and walking toward the kitchen. I slowly walked downstairs to see weary and once he was on the patio eating the burnt cookies. Our end to the patio door to shut the door and ran to the front door and shut that door did even budge with a noise at the door shutting does interested and eating those burnt cookies. When finished Randolph into the woods British thing I've ever seen. Know about the little pot that firmly not really do mountain lions prefer other crisper and he's never knew better than ever talked to me. Yeah yeah it's become outline guys I was saddled concert in Phoenix and cricket pavilion. I grabbed a 32 ounce for peaks kilts lifter beer on the way in for pizza just been purchased by Budweiser the beard nut case right and started to work on my gut. I was Janet Ozzie in the crude though they sounded excellent western to percolate. I did everything I could wait till intermission sweating but clinching everything. Finally I have stated up I'll take. High tailed it out to the honey buckets and there was a huge line. On dancing like the spoon then when it finally it's my turn to get in I closed the door turnaround from my drawers and I start spring like a fire holes. House under pressure and half the logos Gama frightened and now do do do goes a lot more still coming to house in there for awhile. Santa started playing Iron Man as I finish at some jackass and up and down the line of trappers pulling hard on the handles. This guy pulled my door open just as I stood up junk hanging out. I grabbed the door closed and as I was looking at the next person in line and absolutely. Beautiful bay of course finally I get done leave my hell hole passing the name on the way back to the concert into our with a smile. Don't go in there. Don't data from Colin. By the way comment just came off the album are real quick Ted Field says I got that note referenced placed it. I let's see here and I do appreciate this says a big did you guys love to know the my coworker who was on the way out anyway we got fired today. Because the last straw was him telling my balls he was not losing do so work anymore so we told him at his new job he could listen to whatever you want. When it. It is debatable odds and odds of it if it and is also. I don't feel better run today gladly get inspired people my freedom in this country you know I don't listen to. OK I think really a back in time the last time we played Ted vs the FCC's have a good let's go back into man. And John in front of as fun. Keen on golf despite being shored it duct. Long fund boss while plenty fast fun involved. Clocking fund balls fastest more funding ducking vastly chapped my bounce different. No the game here and Donovan. Chuckie but focused on the people involved is fun. He's short it ducks won by involved while talking fast football's (%expletive) fun balls fast is more fun than Becky fast we jumped by Baltimore at. Check it but both despite. That's the football despite being shorted duck one fund golf while checking fast front because. She didn't plug people in both math is more fun than I think vastly chuck football game alone could hit the ball and does it for the opposite behind. This sort of ducked one on both walk lucky bounce plug balls. Could be but both facets work but that's not exactly Jack ball. No and that's not a devers is the SEC let's do you. Whose three. 140 by. No way you move him live still. Hard. This is the FCC. If you guys step Phillies reporting morning that really knows what new rhymes and Reynolds. As our stay away but less than we discovered that you can also free basement I'm confident I'm in an already data and un does injecting quit but he go to black that he was. About Muslim workers at a later on ABC left and through my bat. Bob let Dello boldly coming here today and there is a listener submitted did vs the FCC I'm sure your shocked to hear that rank. Shocked if there's only still as I don't hole in one vs dead so that is on a winning streak would mean so I spent a little more time coming up with something to try and get him back. I'm not sure if they failure would be in violation of the FCC. But what the hell my deepest apologies to thrill I am so very sorry about this status for Matt I mean you're racist it's at I can already feel that moment. This week's Denver says the FCC goes something like this. Yes she tells. Let's rob and Caroline and tomorrow anything. When dean within a DD a digger nick needs bigger knickers for his bigger doctors. Rigor nick nags digger nick saying digger nick needs nicer knickers not Franken bigger knickers for his bigger doctors. The way we do Ted vs the FCC Asian eatery that one time through then the three times fast. All the Brothers sort of PureAV. I'm like that you what did you say it meanwhile white people rolled up malaria calls and I don't know what kind of car. A group windows of them are black people around. Look over your shoulder at the. Digger nick needs bigger knickers for his bigger knock Ers rigor nick. Nags digger nick saying digger nick needs some nicer knickers. Not Reagan big error knickers for his bigger and dockers. It's not back. Digger nick needs bigger knickers for is bigger and doctors. Ridder nick next bigger name. Saying dig and nick. Needs nicer knickers not rated (%expletive) (%expletive) for his bigger blocker one did I nick. Needs bigger knickers per theater and doctors Ridder nick Betts theater in that same day and it needs nicer methods. Not create bigger knickers. For his bigger not blue and our next big thing and it does her husband and I heard. Brenner and it's bad they're good at saint Benedict needs and I says that sense that is slated bigger records first credit are. I. There's no way a birthday present there. Head coach cal but I didn't get those bad Doug Stewart is now a 44999. Analysts in the bad news to us on Twitter. That men's room last Barack. I was out. You can you know they got bad dove to the men's room had been their lives back I'm the drug charge drag canceled here bad jokes all the way you are listening to the Missouri radio network. Did you see you. True. How come on try again throws they shot of the day is modes away the first time for bad jokes 844999. Hole high and away we go with a bad jokes. Hello Jonathan welcome to bad jokes. Old are going wow. Why do why why Chinese. Why do wives like Chinese food. Because I want to run ball backward not now. Hello jail are welcome to bad jokes. Thought oh wow. All right so. Why our wallets real bears. Mario or call while those real bear. They don't need these wall. But patience is into. And if the Fed up there what time did the man go to the dentist. What time did the men go to the debt to our team. You guys hear about the restaurant on the moon now got great food but no atmosphere. What do you do what needs is space man. Call a halt the which car and it man our own and. Did you hear about the book about anti gravity. Well it's impossible to us down. Catholics make holy water how to Catholics Nicole and boil the hell out of it yeah. Did you know the first French Fries were actually took Infrant snow holes they were causing grief. What's the opposite of irony. What is the opposite of irony Ripley. I didn't see a robber at an Apple Store does that make you an eyewitness. Hollinger. Joke about pizza nevermind it's too cheesy. Oh your grown to me. I think he's the floods forest Gump password. In vanity one forest one. I want an imaginary attacks. Bloody ends is seriously do you read. Israel knows just. My game. That is usually heads of the very best games the the draw will find out nortel's to. Yes indeed. Today we chose an unidentified quote unquote young man from a boys and I cannot announce in China. Long story short. His rectum for a lot of disaster when he spent two long playing on his phone while complete. Denial. If it sounds like I said his rectum for a lot of disaster it's because that's what I said and that is exactly what happened understand. He suffers from the condition called rectal programs. Ever bounce over control large means. Your butt muscles don't always do the best job of keeping your test to get control and everything went rolled up typically it is children and even when he was six. Yes and any problems before but eSATA on the toilet for thirty minutes pushing. Trump who but he is also spending time williams' phone. In the ended up. Who be his rectum. Powell. Ball so we go to the hospital. As he doesn't know that from happening oh season severe pain. The doctors take Amanda take a look and like look man where is committed to you straight. Director bill. You proved that direct them they ask them what the situation was and is a wall logos and political thirty minutes pushing and they relate ma'am don't do it's now in China there's been a nationwide alert. How recommending that people do not push and some on the toilet for thirty minutes directly to spend a little less time or perhaps do not take your phone. And if so thirty minutes and pooped out his record third are given money and rectal pearl actually our muscles are in store. It doesn't just fall out because you had it's it's the multiple aren't quite strong and why was he still pushing. Man I mean I've yet yes you got stuck on the toilet for thirty minutes Cilic is still push. The bush rolled thirty Reynolds once they turn thirty minutes and at some point you got closer Mann now director of nearly killed. With more of those boos and Madrid this ruse because we've taken the. Main bank so over the darn good down the throat do you party in aren't Tommy's. Down my whole hour vigil. Get back Arnott line right now for low profile this 844999. Whole lot. The show and many pins continue on the men's room radio network.