01-22-18 Seg 3 Mens Room Gets Away With Murder

Monday, January 22nd

Emails, Your Guess is as Good as Mine is between Murder & People! Plus The Word and the Shot of the Day!


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This is dumb men's room. Listening to. He's thrilled. Who's visiting North Carolina North Carolina man. Who made headlines when he was god for breaking ends after winning a doughnut eating contest has been arrested again. This time he is accused of stealing. From a donut shop come off the Virginian pilot newspaper reports 47 year old Bradley hardest and it was charged with stealing from a Dunkin' Donuts in November. The police department says he's charged with felonies including breaking and entering and larceny if it wasn't clear he helped himself to any of the donuts while he was in there they tried to call him. His phone was disconnected. The Virginia Tyler reports a 2014. Partisan was they donut eating in a donut eating contest put on by the Elizabeth city police department. Good anyone that thing. While he was wanted it on suspicion of several break it it's let me repeat pitch. He interns eight doughnut eating contest put on by the police while he was wanted on suspicion. Of several break it investigators said they arrested artisan. After his win that. Prompted further scrutiny and he was convicted according to the papers why did his win well what about his win is something we're bouts I guess what's. The crimes were where he worked and everything else. Once he turned himself in all the dots kind of lined up on being this guy and then he admitted to being the culprit. Who do great end to don't condone he would have gotten away with. But he decides to do to a donut eating contest that is being sponsored by the cops by the cops. But he does get caught there. He gets caught later after they connect the dots after he wins and you realize that he's wanted and they say oh my goodness. What does he wanted four in the area where he was wanted for things there were other crimes were still not unaccounted for the same businesses that he worked. And the same businesses that he frequent I had similar. In in the same area and then they went and they busted and they're like wait hold on this guy are the one. Our donut in the competition it's the guy ruler and the guy that used to work at Dunkin' Donuts until he was terminated and and somehow got back in got into the save. Still donut stole money and then left to set up it's like I'm busy spending time behind maple boxed. Friends come friends of friends who have been welcome to the newsroom. Apple also is hello wow. Hello again and just. They are gone yeah is that there's very few question real quick miles yeah I guess you're both FitzGerald put up with Larry and as you. It was as you play. Founder of the tier if there ever the business Oprah are not you like playing with a lot of whatnot what's the most you've won man in this period. 150 bucks once a moment first to scratch. My how many years you've you've been doing right exactly that's it man is no good that's it that's it but don't me a god. Community and every day with the day probably you felt probably. Sixteen years seventeen I know most do you want was a 101 time with a 10135. Dollars last week but a hundred dollars on them all look and manage our how much do you give your editing payday at the. I'm I'm not sure what those little like slot machines that casino I think there's a public ten bucks and I won like a 160. That's pretty good one on either do that I was not one time of those about it I gotta tell you man that's not a question of what you gonna ask you said miles factual question. Like all of us gotta perked up like what is this when it reduces I'm. Mike with labor rule with the past it makes. That is very I was today on anti a lot of glamour win big man we'll have a party let's see here how about this and how do you think that you'll be remembered. In your lifetime after it's all said and done is going to be the time that you you know chuck well I've beer you remember his name no it didn't hit it if it. The our armed with an affront to use my of that and that's not so you'll be memorable for your whistling. Oh yeah exactly child exactly no but seriously what do you think you'll be known for. When it's all said and being too close to having their. Like I drank a lot of Beers and think that's probably a guide you know I don't remember your teeth more. There's a lot of people I know there are a lot of beer I'm all about. Why oh why are you missing it suits. Our long story hit the wrong girl ended up outside literally remember what happened. Really and kind of woke up because a girl woke up walking but it's linked. Pretty much came to walk and then now it looks like Lincoln my guns like us who whose bad business. The deleted. Thank you so how do you think you can cuss yourself by falling and hitting your head and knock your Tivo Hershey hit through the frying pan. And some do it up or cut me. Yeah well we knew that night were you hitting on his girlfriend. I don't think it was girlfriend at a time like she she was like dark I mean I thought everything was cool what I think should come up all around so are you know went of that party. So they set up. How long we go good day to practice. So about 67 every year the bank okay but you woke up seriously walking home. While not on the market calm while I was injured Lori and Mike are I didn't have my watermark on that side even in the bushes and and yeah I was a bad situation. And get what you think you'll be remembered for not having it I remember you from the story. And governor Rick and jazz are now OK so it okay if you go to Dennis how much. Because I'm never gonna charge whoever lost an adult to wait till they charge less if you don't have all your teeth like in dairy Gavin you should go to the Dennison like while we give you 132. Off. Well whatever let them up and rocket slipper for awhile I don't know he got a Flickr is I do not assist like partially completed. It it's really popped in and out yeah acutely. Yeah it's aren't the hardest thing. Corner on that I can eat anything in line that pop but I can't really eat my dog than a cut down like you raised like a retainer that has 2000. Yeah pretty much something about getting that permanent one eventually they should lose this is into the cost. What a permanent honor clipper Dahlia regular. I determine who are no man has probably up there and a couple of grander at least do you ever lying to tell who we play hockey and popping out. You know instead I was thinking like that last Halloween talent that I wanted to go to hockey player just popping out put on the Internet industry. Adding that if you wanted to go to the U you know straw hat man put on some overalls and resolve on the ways you can pick and god damn you I was drawn to the bar and solicited what do you know about Hough got popped the 2000 that do anything more movies girls aren't the effect it. Well it's freaking out a kid one time in Vegas with this leg I was there at all and I kept pop how much slipper in the acute talent dad is like well it's gone out that Garrett. And I guess I just expect nothing happened you just gonna have fun with it. Rizzo add value bear members are it's as they say in the bondage world are choosing to save word is tricky business you wanna choose something that makes it very clear that it's time to stop so nothing confusing. Are likely to come up and regular talk. Like harder or you know anything like that you're safe word stole stuff you want our partners has doubled their doing not collapse and all pilot giggles but so it not so surprising new survey from love honey. Found that fans of BD SM have chosen Donald Trump those are favored say Ford. According to the publication it's an instant sex killer we challenge anyone to continue having enjoyable sex while thinking about Donald Trump. Other celebrities mentioned to put a stop this expert and he has as well there's three there's a few words stable government that would be a good stop pineapple. Pineapple. John plummets pineapple. Yes OK how did you know that don't ask okay. You know cause I won't leave until they heard that your about it I don't use my personal waddle I have ever flirt celebrity he's a forwards are. Donald Trump Tucker Carlson. Justin Bieber fever Superman. Bitty boob in Tinker Bell. All right those are celebrities say Ford's what are the most non celebrities say Ford's. Vomit. We are not a lot of fruit to other than ready get why apple banana orange peach apple and Ella Bleu and you've accord. And while MR apparently acting shipments and wanted to make it out and they said food theme save words were found it popular too including. Vanity and mar Mike tomorrow marks the act you act what is benefit I don't know awfully bad off they. Or a BA in OF FEE. Those little biscuits is that within us. Okay Harry Potter say Ford's include Hubble Clough global book hello bubble both mobile. You know he he say he's original plan Everett. It's OK I just ran. Limited what you read and I. France is an idea if they'd hire or English deserved pie made from bananas screaming topic I am down almighty god the almost all of the lost and hopeless losers talk feet. Bananas and cream of urgency towards a wholly cry for miles your should be pop pop. I won't live from Baghdad. Wow I was sailor suit all of those things the hello Don Don welcome to the bedroom. All all yeah. Fellow done done. Okay. Dodd does see here. Have you ever used as sex toy or have you ever had sex was something that was not a human being. All know both. No bull no no no joke. So never had a six to a run into the better remember. Walked in carrying. And nothing ever the jets sex with it wasn't vacuum cleaner rat and tired so far as Silly Putty threw a party you know like that. Load up on it a little giant I would you be down for summing like that have been ever you know the opportunity ever rose. This president that in. Do you want those guys here on the news about. Ugly you know. And really emergency room and it's selling out and Jenny Law depends what you used man in army who is certain things now American to do grabs are the favored short birdie Europe can't somethings can enhance everything. We go to the world for Germany and overeat no Dortmund Germany the dirty Germans are added again our. I knew brothel is open and which these sex workers are. Different from the norm how so there are all plastic sex doll his car. Mort all is the creation of Evelyn Schwab to says the brothel is already so popular the dolls are booked around twelve times each day. Yeah for many it's not a fetish but more of a curiosity from those on benefits to judge is she says 70% of men also enough. Coming back and I hats and ND percent board all the again even after Allen though tried to get into the S and M scenes struggle to find the right people were when she decided you know what I'm just gonna by eleven sex dolls. Each tells imported from Asian cost your around 2000 dollars but then she started earning her money back in droves I'm sure she doesn't meant sell the doles. Our book for how much are now. An hour. Every five bucks then products that you don't but I bucks an hour don't like Helena that did overnight hair color breast sizes you basically take the dollar you want. They're booked all year round. So blue the clean those. I'm thinking about that man you know twelve times each game and right get a field goal owed me mortem I had oh boy problem and an app in the we'll have possibly go around. I still don't know aren't as the alleys both five and names in American history and your guess is good as my governor do as well as emails in the men's room at mints are my dot com you are listening to the men's or radio network. Did you know you don't have gentle men's room. Omar has pales by their names in American history will do their red forward during Intel's with a shot of the day the first time for a few emails here for men's room amends in my back shop yeah. Try to get right to the birthdays gentlemen my daughter Lily is born today please welcome into the world listen creepy German thanks guys from New York. Friendly neighborhood the medical students Hong. Our host their mammoth oil are low baby's estate when she. Think we've. Okay happy birthday. India now. Well blowout he knows you guys out while bag relishing my amazing boyfriend Samuel had a birthday it is today I'm not sure how many things you can do wishing happy birthday well anomaly depends on time but how about a bond ribbons and dirty Germans talking about Star Wars. Thanks guys per jaded that from Jessica. Yup wheel style won't sponsor of the dropped my consummated so much you wanted to true. Let's just Star Wars fans. I just hope to get inside fifty tons up on it. Because there's no metal anything hit it he did it. It's amazing Nesta. I don't laden today has my buddy filtered around the sun can I please get and I'll look out wedding duke and the dirty dirty Germans thanks guys you rock that from Tyler go look go predicts. McCain descendants you can be sixteen ton of people and decided you better go home with the go into the mood. Who doesn't know. Yeah it was going to see if you can Djokovic Erica. It's very nice birthday man we love you even when you don't shot up nearly once journal lags of the Montgomery in the bonds thanks guys love mom dad Kayla and Joseph holes. The good. It's. Okay. That's fun. No that's as my wife doesn't Liz do you go that request my own birthday shot I absolutely 31 today plan on drinking binge rumor original red tonight to celebrate how about your penis is too small and the dirty Germans cheers fellows that from Brody. This. Articulate to demo when you're ready to go your solution movies. And an electability is my biggest obstacles to. God knows she won't. He has been executed. Now though as my boyfriend Tim happy thirtieth blow losing you guys on his drive to give police blame an Allen think a face and Lee Janzen dirty Germans thanks guys for doing what to do that from the lovely long. Look go fish sandwich. Jobless social sunlight to drop the bucket of switching from the. Down the closest voting homemade Vanilla and chocolate. Julie's room. Guys get your original face down my dad's a dirty Germans. For my favorite prison guard Jake he is 54 years old today. Fish sandwich. There are. Multiple yeah but not to my finger. Can go through the got a choice you've seen a lot of pitches. Please join me in my won the. I deserve my husband Tom said the united Joe Brown the son we've been married for 37 years guy getting your penis is too small followed by the dirty Germans. Here's to many more birthdays to come up with your life you Alando thanks guys keep up the great work. Yeah a the most there's an opportunity to go through become. And and up for instance now maybe some kid cheese and anything alarming. Hi guys here you know happy have you added OK. Have you have you have you. Yeah. I thank you thank you to feel better and I. Doesn't guarantee German brought by and then. Also available through these we'll stay on men's line doesn't come another sign retailers. Who I am sure I fly. The line for little your guess is as good as viable take color and I'm right now 8449990. Look at Lister emails here as far as cheating the system. I guys run over to the car wash suggests we are more untaxed that we have put and can the Booth. So when a customer one of the higher in fifteen dollar car wash we charged in seven keep the change is tip and then give the person. The car and watch they want it. Zhao Yu beautiful dinosaurs. That from the Pacific northwest podcaster. Our guys went on a looted a new apartment in my new landlord and for me. The when the power we got off the following Monday I should look into getting the power in my apartment turned back on in my name well a day never came into power never turned off. So when I broke release not months later my Menlo landlord now Miguel and not a word has been said about the election. They're basing its merry go now to deal. How I see you had beat the system oh man this is tough and this girl owed me money and disappeared army cannot find her anywhere so I call a local pizza place and gave them. Her phone number and asked them where the last address was that they delivered to. Powell he app. They gave me the number they gave the address I went to the addressed knocked on the door and guess who opened the door I got my money that's in Jessica that day. Yeah again. Guys tracked me down Alley who when you when you've only got to do is find out who delivers feeds in my area you'll find me. When you move the military the army pays for your mileage and wait you wait before you go and when you get to the destination. We get a big truck and big of a bunch of pallets of concrete from Home Depot. Go away and then return the concrete did the same thing when you it's your destination in some cases prewar making fifteen grand to move tax money well spent. That's from Jackie did my buddy Bernice and that's knew we were landscaper who went to the dump. I had to hop out before we will need right and then only dumped on the stuff I'd hop back yet I always say low money yeah totally makes sense. Fellas and a lot of my brother and I were younger and collecting cans would my uncle for his beer money. He would have a smash scans to turn in but we would line them all of minerals and he would pour sand in them and then have us crush them. My brother and I just thought it was cool to be monsters crushing cans little that we know he was getting a ton of money since it was by a way to. We have told them that heals us lots of Beers for that thanks yell stay classy that community I can think Tim Massaquoi calls sequencing and quality young called for our kids babysit used afternoon gonna fill all these intangibles and use match are more determined than Arnold and bear. Great. Let's see here guys. Here's our beat the system as a parent I begged. To buy quite a bit of children's Tylenol. And I found that the infant kinda is a hell of a lot more expensive than any other even though it has half of the amount in it. These syringe UC it was what makes it expensive. So parents here's our beat the system just by the one with a syringe once and by the regular children's Tylenol from then on. The volume of the medication is exactly the same no one hundreds of milligrams or five milliliters annually even save 70% of you buy generic thing. My kid is teething right now so we've been going through this like crazy but the trick has saved us a bunch money. That from Michael. Cub lore here. I knew a guy who went through army be empty claim PT EST because of it. He now receives disability from said a military experience. And somehow this ass and his wife both get social security and live strictly off of the government when they are both perfectly capable of working Leach's. From Brian. As far as when nature did you wrong Mattel is nature didn't Iran with a military forced us to move. From beautiful Seattle to the windy city the city of lights the city that never sleeps the city of brotherly love or Chicago in the dead of winter. Of course the fastest route took us through Idaho Montana and into North Dakota. Why anyone lives there is beyond me it was so cold blast out to get gas the auto shut off valve froze open. And I asked bill gas that all of my car a lesson learned do not repeat do not use the auto shut off valve to pump gas when it's breaking cold outside. Stay frosty bitches that from party in Chicago and that's good advice I was in Canada man. And ended our relies that the shut off valves didn't work there. Oh yeah I would not know that to go inside to get tax cigarettes come back out there is gas all over the Concord outs and Mike almighty god like. Isn't this mostly African universal apparently not ending to the paper all they dance and I'm with you I'd I would have no idea I didn't know it was like I can make outside it was a game demands moments like. You know only no I mean I thought I knew of the most states I had the Boudin and we are excited Tim Horton that figured I got this thing nailed uranium exact. No I'm doing here. So I converted our trip index color he's exactly and one of them every day and now as a holiday no opinion seventeen sells these I'm telling ya nobody in the Devonshire I would join this leader of water exactly. There will market. I guys or you don't know when you were Cotter clearly should've done jail and a brother white boy with a mustache nineteen driving through Richmond in 1989. To get a dime bag of green from one of the guys who roll up and what about on the do in a struck. On this day he got pulled over yes cigar box full of shake a loaded pistol grip shotgun behind the seat. The cubs dumped out the shake and unloaded the shotgun and let possess go I'm gonna say white. Yeah it's fate meanwhile I was trying to deal with the insane life by helping nitrous oxide in the driver's seat of my card broad daylight in while blasting my stereo. Lady gobbled up to me said oh my god I'm gonna lose my job my wife's gonna kill me. Your wife doesn't know you're doing this she asked then she took me to confess to my wife and then let me there to answer from her. And while there you pretty tremendous or the that's going down real dark route. Holly and I hope I Veronica exactly who he fifteenth is the I don't know why I got sucked out of Mike does go to the black kids dealing with it in on him saying at a show her hell yeah. Whereas here time for a little your guess is good as mine it's an easy game to play we get a contested on the line you could commodity categories and then from there. You try to get as many rights instead category. Before a three strikes and you're out dean who's our contestant ready to play your guess is as good as Bob hello Aaron welcome to the man yeah. Lol love the pound iron oh aria. I'm good Larry yeah we're doing great. Aaron let's see our categories today are basically being with the people in numbers. We have some numbers here around the world and we have some numbers in the United States as far. As the numbers that are concerned around the world. According to. Basically there's a list that contains every single person in the war. It's one of these things that the United Nations department of economic and social affairs all the until and they basically doing worldwide since this from all the dot data they collect round where there. So we have. The ten countries. With the highest populations. In the war. The other category would be. DT in the cities. In the United States with the highest murder rates in the United States now match would be the formula of number of murders based on population. The purchase looks if you have five people who live in Nome Alaska in two or murdered. That is the murder city of you there afforded her memory back so that's basically the numbers so a what category you wanna go if you wanna go with. Countries around the world with the highest population or the highest murder rates in the United States I thought the highest murder. Murdered is Jack. The cold hard facts according to FBI statistics these cities at the highest rates of murder for cabinet. In the US now one could qualify these deaths of many different ways. The basically the FBI itself warned against drawing any conclusions based in the days and the numbers provide no insight global mother basically it is candidates. It's the number of murders. Based on population. A 100000 peoples where they made that stance so you have to go with the top ten cities. In the United States that have the highest murder rates in the US and I'll give you won that major hand because I like him. These city of Chicago. Is not on the list is not too many people. Of all I know a lot of murders but so many people live like what does this way. You hear about Chicago laden news there's a lot of cities much much much much much much much more there's still some decent sized cities on the right. You don't look here there's not going to be won enough math. The first to come in my mind or Baltimore Miami. I think Baltimore knew every girl who happened to call your capital I don't think Miami has more people to New Orleans. Probably same number of murders in Baltimore haven't been there it's it's an idiot collection. You can what's going to be your first guest. Yeah me okay you guys that a lot of these would let those you. I think steady. Although not quite a few that are the most of these are big cities it was like hey Chicago I'm Chicago since may yet it feels normal breast rated as the most murders Rafa at the top people. I. Oh. Let's say. I don't know why this is probably way off but let it be better at that bought it but there's a lot. Boston Massachusetts. Sure. Not unless snowman Abby says NASDAQ in Baltimore I have no question. About the drama I live there is always in the stands then. They will kill each other and delusional population. I literally obviously got a mean mid body more. Top club and how about all toilets at multiple. Bart has now are far on us I'm in Baltimore experienced its deadliest year ever in 2015. With 344. Homicides. That was up from 211. In 2014. Yes Baltimore number four that is correct sir your. One for what you've got a one strike against you and one correct guess. In the tent cities with the highest murder rates in the US soon dude against the Braves in my experience I would throw Detroit. I would the New York. Maybe New Orleans wouldn't be Memphis. Or like winter break they're clueless right. I agree with you on adapter I definitely I think Detroit would be. Detroit Michigan number. Detroit Michigan has 43 point five murders per 100000 people compared to Baltimore 33 point eight. To give me an idea all right you got number two and number four which are next guessing your guess is as good as mine. Oh yeah how oh. Stray. How about I don't know walking. Milwaukee Wisconsin. Coach. I'll look I think you're right on the right size city beach got a yeah I think like these weird is right I Ohio or something. Right. Cincinnati maybe is there right there with Pataki. Rather rather Kentucky at Chicago Baltimore and Detroit are correct you get two strikes against share what's next yes. How about Newark. I am so you have been yes ma'am based on my experiences of these places. Everybody there. And he's up all. All all once again. Go McConnell I have a new world of New Orleans yes New Orleans three are you went I murders per 100000 ebitda Newark, New Jersey Newark, New Jersey absolutely on the let's pick up there and Harry 3.3 murders per 100000 people. A lot of people think Oakland at Memphis and Saint Louis and Paul Allen is wrong meant business corrected number eight. 21 point four murders. Saint Louis is correct Saint Louis is the murder capital of the United States according to Susie won while city to the highest murder rates in the US. 49 point nine. Fifty basically murders or 100000 people saved a number ones they Lowe's number two Detroit. Number three New Orleans number four Baltimore. And I looked good five Newark you got. Oakland and with Oakland incorrect I was still gonna say my name. Miami not there either for a lot of the other over the bay you know who think Gary Indiana and carrying out on the another assault against Washington DC. Washington analyst in Washington at some people here are the remaining top five number six buffalo Tony 3.2 werder. Number seven Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Tony 2.4 where you mentioned Memphis and number eight. Number nine it is Atlanta it was twenty point five murders and coming in at number ten back to the Ohio thing Ted direct Cincinnati. With twenty point two murders per 100% population study up on your guess is as good as mine. Cuddle during dad tells the show today is minutes away and the word has the least most popular names in American history. That's coming up next you are listening to the men's or radio network. I. Coming up on drag and tells us out today as well as to why but first. I have heard and they have their man three cold rain. And basically she wanted to do little data crunching as far as names were good sir. And looking into some baby names as these Social Security administration's web site. They give me 1000 at most popular boy and girl names for each year from 1880 onboard. Now an early years of these Social Security Administration stayed at the population was much smaller. So the low end of the list represents fewer babies and there are some pretty bad Hussein's never keep in mind. These are all incredibly popular names are because as they say these are the top one down so they break him down and they break them down by years so let's start. In the year 1880. We go to. 1880. In the good old US of. The most popular name from a man and eighteen. Abraham. 808970. Manners and the people named handy handy handy. They're popular candy was the most part one of the most popular boys names in 19801981. Thing I'll probably would benefit we're handing give. Now 1001 moment came the eerie eerie but there are 972. Boys name Okie. When the Okie from the scope. I don't think anyone around him day in 1983 wheeled the Russian influences commodore. Commodore commodore as one of the most popular names and for females believe or not an 18831. Of the more popular names was loving loving you go out not ordinary love. See you think Russia and I think Marmol Richard. An 1886 wire was a very popular name that's why are and so was taxi for females had sees those wire can marry a taxi and 1886. In 19871. Of the most popular names for boys bliss. Bliss blessing for females it was Lockheed. In 1980 nice. You would think so it was bombs for a guy it was Indiana for a female quote in 1991 more popular boy names is lawyer. Would you lower now well I wanna but other than that pinky was a popular name for female thing with a grinder he is not an honorary Jean ping he's in the know all this that it wasn't. In 89 when did you speak Manley was one of the more popular names for boys. Chess Dina. Chesney not just Dino was one of the most popular names for girls your name your daughter chess team says Dana. Think maybe do some tests the whole line. Okay and 1893 it was orange for boys in leafy for girls can only be an 1894 Flynn took over for orange and O both for girls. In 1995 both boys were named told life and women were named sister. That's weird shows that the Black Friday 1996 for boys Josephine. Per ladies Clifford. Growing there's also plenty of cousins Chinese fades roll band does verge olds William Merle lemon the wash Christ may oh and dimpled ball terrible for the turn of the century they go on the word all right Robin limited tutoring attack. Buddy and Sarah securing. Great Saturday as good as your joy had the great guest Nancy you struggle to find out nortel's yes indeed before we get to the Dodd DMI and sell that now now. Listen I just 1 point am I making there is some kind of like gas slash sewer leak in the building today it solid guys I was there's dolls about it so one of the nicely blows. I haven't fared much detail because you describe Smallville and certainly. Not in more. My parts of actually outpaced serene and then I remembered I told Miles Austin man I forgot about those. I would chew rank castle the drunken charges house yesterday. And a double things in the know and I think it reminded me that may double bag on my part. You. You can't just. You can't. I but today we told the residents I can't pronounce the name of this village in India all you need to know is that very little ever happens in this town so what do meteorites. Or you'll full you awful shrapnel as they thought. Didn't raining down the locals went into a frenzy so to 26 pound. Piece of debris went with the giants thought people I'm running out of their houses Stacy would happen and that's when they found the crater and inside the crater they find the meteor. First thing they didn't start dismantling the thing. An individual villagers are taken its home entertainment and refrigerator of its Covert and eyes but putting it in the refrigerator because to them they're about that big cash day. Exit not eight piece of you followed breed but even read your right they understood there's a lot of money to be made. Experts came and analyze the third out of frozen third that was dumped out of us and our. It's. And their refrigerator. Reforms booze imagery does lose because we think it's yummy now national over the hole and down the throat to party in our tummies. Now not all job as our guy. The shenanigans continues on the men's room. The radio network.