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Monday, January 22nd

It's time once again for the Random Question Question!


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He would sure love to hear is real. Trying to offend anyone. Invited to join the party. This is. In secrecy. This is not. They say. Or radio more than three times. I don't know I've got to look good don't over 2753. Thing need along with Steve the throw hill. Sued Fred Smith and then ball. I had in my car. Yeah and men's a random question question is back. Your guess is as good as my category is murder and the people. The word has the least most popular names in American history get ready to play profile list. Plus headlines events and shot of the day homeless or emails and everyone's favorite. TV time but it clicked factory ended their on my new logo women's marches set records coast to coast except in Maine. What they threw a T Rex party. Philadelphia police grease light poles to prevent climbers after the celebration but that didn't stop a guy named mark. Russian police search man's home go to the basement and find a crocodile living there. Don't the changes rules so you'll be flying with the monkeys fighter or hair and big volcano one Philippines about the blow. Coming up today is very special episode of the men's room. Here's the question. Oh not bad kid good day to you and yours RA. In the BD SM that would be the bondage and domination cinema had to give them community. Save words are buried very important thing we need to let them know maybe they've gone too far so. With that in mind the company would easily done the survey of those in the BBS immoral to find out what we're seeing for vegetables the most commonly use Flint. And overwhelmingly bad say Ford is Donald Trump. No big music boredom maybe you don't mobile side you during that picturing him. Instantly killed the sex drive both sides agreed like hey man that's frozen you wanna kill move bring things down a bit salesmen. And that's why and how grotesque envisioned he might beat. By far the biggest turnoff for maybe this just in general of biggest hurdle for Matt. Is being aware that some of having sex with you for the specific purpose of giving break. Hide the what you say hey I wanna have a baby. That's great but if you bring it up every time you have sections on defense they strap goes way they look they did the service to put this in perspective for. Telling you got that you're having sex with him specifically to concede is more of a mood killer than erect tile dysfunction. So that then produced a moment to a look at what are the things. Back in the not sexy young music bloody diarrhea while a guy in California he was suffering from bloody diarrhea. Naturally he was not feeling particularly sexual but the good news is we've got to the root of the problem when he pulled a five and I have put tape form from his racquet. Oh he pulled it out himself. And what they like having such intention. But didn't some of the stories we saw that inspired many questions questions we'd like to ask you informed of the random question question. You gallust we'll ask you a question the complete random and after you share your story will show what do you of the story that inspired said question. The brother John rent question question call 844999. Alone like commend her on FaceBook follow us on Twitter and in July to answer your emails to the men's room at men's or live dot com. You are listening to the men's or radio network. Sure it's. Scolded Jose Antonio are gonna show number 2753. When a large charge program to we have Rory. I'm as back in the categories today will be people in populations around the world Andy rape and murder here. In the United States or your guess is as good as mine on the way and the word is going back to some old time names. These Social Security. Administration they they've done a running check. On names in our countries since these late eighteen hundreds. Today late after forum soul but the problems of the population has increased so much. Then when you go for a limited number of the least popular names. You go back to this Arab based on the fact that none of these names are popular they deny continue to be popular and in that time. They were not popular either but there are still a thousand people in the United States name myrtle. Oral whatever it could possibly be it's a ridiculous early crude myrtle they are unbelievable you could not believe. And orange could marry key lime for example back in the eighteen hundreds. You can honestly have a man named orange and a woman named key lime and they can get married. There's just an example off the list it is an example off the list A tournament so a dudes name is born and then orange is he met. He met a woman who he's able based on below the name okay for example 19021 of the least most popular names was Rolla. Berlin roll up for a man well he's most popular names for a female was bam. So wrote the memo roll band you can have a role of ma'am it until I'm trying to die I'll get married in Alabama. In 1894 or you could had a husband named slam and a woman named hunter wife name Obama. Four memo Oklahoma. Trust me it's disturbing on the least I'm gonna live my guess slam or a thousand people into why did you ever think I don't care windy it is of the word flame itself exists because I don't think the main event. Do you think the word slam as we know what existed don't ma'am Flynn is FLE I don't aim version I'm gonna name my kid bought a whole what do proved once he but like it does it may get a better it doesn't make you better brother called the Luke here's something I just know he's back there. There is no Lou Reid's news host not. In Iraq eight there. There's no flatly dismissed play the drums centers Norway the word Flynn existed at a time when some movement that was a lot of the other day of the conference thanks so Brooklyn I've got to know the word on the least popular names in American history yes we'll bring its those child they drop out is coming up. And today is a day we do our random question question 84. Or friend I'm not alone Brian I'm Brian hello Eric welcome duke men's room in the last oh wow. I don't generic. They get guys got you guys back home might. The body can't forget about everything into words but there's like there was a complete lack of enthusiasm when you set my. A colleague Joseph was making fun I think what you do man I just might become a Dublin based on the low level of disturbing yes in nature but what's disturbing things. Did you find out about someone else. You never rated him. Us at the air back to annihilate and eight school in the navy. There today guys that we are out the barracks that. It all out of that you'd think Eric Berry you were one of those like. Floppy party ads that like it's short short Arnie shoots. That kind of back. As the yellow kind of kept themselves. And one bad I noted that he was only carrying around a withdrawing. You don't drawing. And I and I I went to grab it might or might help I mean art and like all young educated you know what he's gone. He showed me a picture and evidently is saying that he wanted to draw like rag and a lot of. Drag and erotica love. Dragons win email you'd. Doing up dragging all right guys Ozal is the pyramids and win with a guy who was it to dragons having sex or was it a dragon that look like a woman having sex with a human. No male drag in wind actual email. A with the now filthy well you and our. Male dragon as one may strike give the thread four airbrushed and comes out of my god drank. May oh dragons having sex with duke would win. Yep I'd better I'll get it makes sense that you keep your dealt us. Have a good one I don't want to look at the. Where they were they good drawings. You had an art of music and video illustrated heavy metal yeah I do it this guy maybe he maybe taking down is glad there's a world where I can see mom and make him money I don't know why he wouldn't be enough to its seems like now you could make money off of that. I hope it would be something here but is there a market for dragons have sex with women including some more so look I know that you know it and then it usually isn't moral and we're real world I'm glad that Michael Clark. Right yes and let me warn there's a defense I guarantee Manny does it like you said the old magazine heavy metal how many and over just how they're put on a movie all this golf. But there's a total artists that contributed to this magazine in these tons of artists did stuff that doesn't so much different now than what flat he had short order editorial LA unheard either glass copy table when someone does a bit of a bug you why you guys from your dragon that was nice of people outside and that's a moneymaker. If you his broad variety Pacific well maybe it's not pretty good look that is what I know I have I mean levels but guess what they have their own vomit. I know a guy like dragons we saw a movie about a dragon dragon died but I don't know any cry no no he did yeah contract with them got dragonheart. Spoiler alert dragging guys talk like you cry. Boos as an adult. Music and as I told. Pop and I kind of wish I never know who's gonna cry that movie we would love you so I think you are thought he would not be into the sky and he doesn't drag into battle that he was he ever mention dragons have sex with women on the same reason those guys did look knows. Broadly I but I bet you did reduce the guys they cried in dragon dragonheart. Art dragonheart and introduced him to floppy hat short short time she got drawn to drag and I've bad shot. Maybe FaceBook buddies quit the game is not called wizards and dragons the game is called dungeons. In drag sure may gorgeous miss and maybe he's just right there and values and couldn T professor I'd live to Wear jets who have done deliberate breaking KK exotic like in a side of us. They live we're about dungeon a volcano of what is your idea of outside of volcanos so poorly dragons live honestly I don't know a lot I just don't think the dragons. Livan dungeons. Why don't ever want to go to a dungeon but if you sit Obama waves were. Had the dragon lizards even scarier well I just assume they're living in dungeons I'm just trying to picture what what position there. I'll drag with the dragon was illustrated style what's uncertain what is dragons stuff. Also he's a great got a tail he's got ways he's got two little arms into the America ladies I guess for John words wins the I think the fork tongue words to a disadvantage. Because the principal point is the farthest back in the town you see it on sand. What is good for her to comprehend but the mail may be detailed. Real would you do you have details Fisher stuff right. Sloan says I'm sort trash to you because you have detail. But what I do we don't the first com. I don't undone and it absolutely let your yeah okay allies say and I. Aren't Vanessa we go to prison when asked what disturbing thing menace and of the serving did you find out about some on 71 year old Gerald alluded me. In 74 year old how those do we student. Married couple who live in a rural area outside of Springfield Missouri and their neighbors were just said they were Swedes quiet so loving elderly couple. Which is why it was a pretty major shock when they were both arrested at. For separate murders in 1975. Alice was 36 and she was living in Wyoming and allegedly shot her husband in the back of the head. And dumped his body in an abandoned gold mine. Know who Michael five years later in 1980 when Gerald was 38 he was also living in Wyoming and allegedly killed his wife and it. They're ten and twelve year old children. Now it's not clear how Alice and Gerald wound up with each other or are we wanted to sides appeared to to Missouri for three decades by murder love doctor how murder murder mates all of their cases had gone cold at both had been suspects in their spouses murders allison's husband's body was just found though. And when the police tracked her down a questioner she ended up admitting to the murder and that also led them to Gerald and led them to reopen his case and charge. Him with murder so now both Alice and Gerald these sweet quiet. Elderly couple down the road will be extradited from Missouri back to Wyoming and face murder charges. I we have some some dragon and so okay. Coming out was very important stuff right so listen the guy called someone he knew he'd like to draw dragon erotic us and so Goodmail dragons have access to female web I probably some big thing now right well. Look I don't I'm gonna read you what's coming and and miles you rob dungeons and dragons displays into dungeons and dragons and Ted. What you were saying our that illicit. I think I mean there was a market huge market for well there's that. The first thing has apparently been playing dungeons and dragons anything that was technically underground will be called dungeon. But I arguing they go now back and I've got are not hang out let's see. Also agreed that. Danzig did the comic series just like you you're talking about. Our dragon's sex toys followed by there's a market. There's a whole website devoted to drag you should sexualized. There's dragon erotica books on Amazon.com. Dragons with a lair the dragon were Sean Connery the died in dragonheart yes that's the moon the do pride yeah someone else says I believe it. You say he's me climbing count. Did you make fun of them. So he was older than I was right it's my it's my brother's friend and he. But I think in the future I just widgets at a crime this is the it did not I don't let me just make your also really to cry that the that the deserve all kinds of moments revenue watching something really no crime. If you dress and dragon art but I don't need something on the mom had someone else try to drag annoyances like I want to see dragonheart. And I cried now when I left out is good no don't they pointed out they were also on accident tell all our guy that they were our massive there's a website disclosed dragon style myrtle is of course yes and someone says hey man. But the whole community for Farai dragon yeah us on Twitter discusses yes there's a large market for dragon erotica yeah it may arena became the double the buy outs. Back home and you're the guy sitting at the par payment look whatever the case then good good review forty creeping around like a military Abra and. And drag them personally talk about weird stuff like this like finishes and heroism that weird yeah I think I was the planes person in America I know well I don't think so. I think this is a bad to say it's got to be out there but that doesn't make you play my its not that week. I just look what I watched porn I just watch women with big moves stuff where I could collect blond hair what a little bit like people like watching dragon temple. I don't know what I do died you've gotten gotten into it it if it. You have won a lot of friends ran a brand a lot of didn't look what you're childhood is gonna happen and I'm gonna get excited I'd rather do I want to let you know I didn't know what I've missed low hum of it's more about. I'm dragon that was whoever if this turns that turns me on I'm gonna have sex regularly let them having sex with a draft. Well no no you won't drag even draw all right okay you must be the drag and then just like Barney and it's almost as sex. You gonna drag because he's done a whole you wanna have sex with a person long sensation bode. I can't tell which I had that problem in flight I want to thank you do accept that you will lose their safety bar. That's a red flag for great that it hit. In a minute it's on track it using spit fire he just keeps my limit. The old rules. He's still smiling. Which people do not like now. You smile autograph on Friday at home I had brutal he just smiled literally thought he was very attractive. Hold on me I'll call it what it kind of it can't edit access to be that situation do you stop the violence but. And hello Colby welcome to the bedroom. Let her and are good are cards. Hop I'd go listen I wasn't weird moon slowly got here and are in question question number. How backward knowledge in Korea. I'd. Spit out that the Korean people outside don't. More friendly than Americans. It. And diet. Saw that as a cloud Don Marilyn diamond. I got invited into the bike yet he kind of game. And I was kind of went oh my god dot com and see everything and diet. I'm there and ended up being much gay guys and now I got out there traffic like it I guess that's bad I idiots not drag erotica. Aren't. Well hey you don't want to win away what what do you think we ask you. Soledad what did you think that we ask you like what were you answering what you responding to. Tag so random question question. This is the question Lou when was the last image had a chance to to cuddle up and have a big hug was. Really good looking man you know the Korean made our Allan Bloom all our men and so I'm pretty sure that's again and got a story about that okay that's the person. This is this a better computer in my doesn't go back on the news simply haven't looked at what we can back any day and that's here. Can they be Cambodian does it have to be Korean you know what I think any man that as good looking and you find the comfort of your arms is just I would do it that. I thank you called I think you should the state to be out with a I think you would have really open your eyes a bit. What I. But what do you think you saw he was another time drag you porn thing I Muehlegg. He was just he's just say hey how can we restore typical doubled and today I a gay discotheque and yes. Well he says if you. From personal experience instead I think you get agreements if you're ever in the Washington DC area. And you go to a bar. Where you have to go down a set of steps to get down and Ernie to place the pace of parks you're probably going to be an gay bars the when he settling down on. Sure there are. Any of those bars OK although it seemed like you do a punk rock bar game debt. In a way to do it all went downstairs and there is as I usually you can Ghazi or gorgeous readiness and the main thing you should that are just look for windows Oka who. Well the Tennessee if it doesn't have windows does it. That might not be as much anymore but back in the day most gay bars didn't have wind it's my thing was when you walk they're like I cannot believe this places ending it. You walk and you are by the street walking like you had no idea that there are thousands of people who write half naked with the space speakers blasting that you can't even hear when you walk by anti lock up to the door. You know like I got like I'm saying the you don't know which I don't know decks that accidentally walked in one of those places an accident welcome steps and I gave it to you were driver and yeah and read your rear house is gonna ask you wanted to be forget. Can you look at the request. But I do I just don't know even doorman sorry that we're now that's a good great he just went into Latin. Rather question glasses still look at your dad's is as good as minor categories coming up will be of murder across the United States and population people. Around the world and yes our random question questioning for 4999 all Morey calls coming up you're listening to the men's or radio network. Pitching is you. Those young lord has the least popular names in American history or overly during those with a Saturday in the meantime it is our random question grand jury were born 9990. Now. Hello Jim actually welcome to the men's room and friends friends friends who Noonan. Hello. Didn't nets. And not patrol sergeant who moved hello Andy welcome to the men's room. Badge is all the jobs. Let's see here any what do we have for you random question question I just killed us. Anyone is. These strangest thing they do have beaten other than a Thai baht. It could be food it could be something that you laid on the bearer of bad to going to be an exotic food what is the strangest thing that you would say that you beaten. Own Glenn weir and South America. We either soup out basically nothing but they give their go to cal has done but it gets over cal in the same. Yeah labor pretty decently was the good stuff and I look at growing elderly and. Did you think it was gonna be good leading up to the time we are about to eat those. Not only discussing let out hungry not and I really didn't care so I'm gonna need it's. If you're going to take the crap of any animal in boil it in water and make soup that's traditionally what super ends up being in. Oh sure. I you don't know that know what you do know also more Elsinore man like I'll get to go to England with the likes of putting kids always say no if you're earning Americans won't putting believe me you wanna say no now what are you South America but that was that was a bit like. I've been other countries but I'm generally at a hotel or would be a burner so why are we eating. Earlier on a bus station and lawyer. Among the action and a quarter you're you're here live and highlight that this does not allow eating sushi at the gas station I came hammer won't do and an Ecuadorian. Bust out duels and soup I don't know. Like a nine hour ride we just stop there both dead cats but like an hour or so we don't wanna leave and then in the national by actually had he was they offered and that's what they can't worry you did you. Rear end to the truth so out and Airbus can carry us and future. So that's eight hours from there and then closure ultimate destination was a brew yet Lima. And checked and knew how how's the food in Lima. Yeah and it doesn't like OK not much they did he really Eli all these are all OK okay. Is that right away are we gonna we gonna Greg I know they have like the whiskey. Highway were they doing this earlier and of the suburban trail. A do you do you do you do the Coke highway now Maryland. I don't know just I got lucky enough then my mom's got me my brother down effort dirty minds and then not. And Ecuador are just fine no jobs rarely drink and then at ten in the crowd and the true it's just party on. So your mom basically send you your brother on a cocaine fuel cell merit or invoking. A note to let let out an. Of course yeah we Gephardt how long ago but it. What how long it goes. Shoot ten years ago or do you think you know your brother ever gonna serve very dominion of the seniors smell him problem we know this was not deployed in you don't know this but. And now I came out it's gonna find out why were you supposed to be there in her mind you like a bed and was down Larry is by himself he just got robbed so. They wanna send people down their weapons all of my insult anyone. All that's nice to do when you've run used up inside the friendly fire yeah yeah and I. And have a good time all together would you ever go back. Blood to go back and kind of interesting that you wanna go back because you like South America drove back from cocaine. Other included political agenda although it went in and that slowed to a clinic so basically at women and one country and a cocaine in the other country. Yeah pretty much time it I've never done little coastal I've never been a one. These vacations he's been nothing like nothing like that at all look I'd been to Disneyland. I admitted it was a good time I really didn't call them both the second and I was a lines got a little long you don't McCain. 07 a great time. About this is a good vacation. You know I think this guy's your kids like it seems to be alone with him they would as the strangest thing that you've beaten other than that election of the story coming up here couples act. The show and many games continues on the men's room. The radio network.