01-19-18 Seg 2 Mens Room Makes The Hay!

Friday, January 19th

Mens Room Question: Who do you know cheated the system, and how did they do it?


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This is the men's room. I'm listening to. All dialogue and our president by united five point seven in New Orleans held any kind Iraq in Kansas City, Kansas city's rock station. And our good friends that's our rock 100 point five attacked in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma you wanna give them a a liner here today that you can't go out. When a tidy cats aren't getting yeah he'll make you. We date cat. What do you feel when you when you channel your inner cat I'll give it a Wednesday capped look at a Wednesday cat here. And I got two wins and a rock wanted to disarm them off man like you're gonna Yuma tablet this cat that you're doing the most recent that with the blockade on Wednesday crusade if you oceans of the week OK I know that cat is coming from. As an update it. I went yes. Rock 100 point five the cats. Now removed all of the ways they can you are pet McCain is. Rock 100 point five my. Area. Can the there are I don't do the good her dad and number of the Oklahoma began brewing. That's a big day you'll try your hand and I know you learn military our friends in the happily we have the fox who enter your Firefox other pockets scream at my basic point he would they movie industry. This is gonna be an excited Saturday morning on Saturday morning. I six point nine the fox Appleton Wisconsin. We're not going to be on their its. I thank you for joining a program you just jump bombard their bad jokes coming up devers is the FC welcome filed this all the fun stuff we're gonna talk about. Elude you know the chiefs system how they do it. Quick one here this is in Belfast Maine who. 27 year old guy with a big bushy red beard Ted named Brian fog driving drunk and I'm Val hey Brian fog would do geez he. Yeah you know me and Moog who forget. Good to follow him and what accounts got Gary did wanna take a breathalyzer side bust himself in the face three times a bleeding profusely as much hitting him attest but. Then tell them no doubt they'll hard. But unfortunately for Brian wasn't quite mission accomplished he was still hit with operating under the influence posing an extra charge of falsifying evidence and criminal mischief Forrest fight club moved on himself. Fair season fox who do you know that they're into the system how they do an 844999. A lot desert is dead jag Jerry and welcome to the men's room James. Although not only me. So this is about. To use to go on a day and this is the story that my friend told me. So do you. He had all court decided that he was gonna drop exit. And some that at some point during the night he decided he wanna talk a gusher like I would much easier some but he's got he's gonna go to talk about. For the record I don't actually that like on cheap now there's a very unique as your domain. I'm not hungry like ten days afterward he. Yet under below it tourist there in the morning to disorderly in the middle of the day he was danger and then used Ager but all day and phony arguments and the war off of the movement. Do not a coat I don't know I don't know he would still tripping when he went out to get talk about a grand. And so I don't pretty dropped like so he go on what he told me he dropped at lake Schneider and I. And then around two or 3 in the morning so he decided I need Taco Bell. And who. So. He goes and gets talk about it our way back home he he's suddenly starts to have a really bad trip. He'd like stumbling like shaking breathing heavily. And wouldn't you know it a couple that actually. And that they're talking clearly telecoms are all going to be like your right side and not friendly. I'm okay. And it. The cut and edit said the topic also ball at them. And so she starts talking to my friend. And finally my friend of like look officer aren't fully prepared to accept the consequences of my action right now what I need to ride this out. And the cop was just playing out party look at their sons and a display what you don't like maybe a quarter mile from home anybody go to down that road. And the corruption shrugs his head and shoulders you get a stick on that does not. Now then I was achieving assistant refining a good cop who understand the group Ando the Billy filling out the paperwork for guys haven't banned for either gestured rights under. Really did you know I don't feel if you would view you're no condition do minister who now right. And tried to inform accomplish Democrat I'm a deal yeah mother over the little about America about like weasel out. I think he's already ingested it right yeah like I didn't guarantee he probably doesn't have any more on this Harley the only drug he had right exactly you can take on the bottom and sell but there at the top of a deal that and I really feel I feel that. And there's you've heard this okay like. Somehow he got that food I don't know how I got that food normally have to be able to have a car to drive thru the F have a car to drive to do whatever the rules are you can't walk into the place obviously we know why at that time of the night they don't want people in there. The girls is stored on the you can't walk up to the drive through and get any food you have to be in the vehicle and we've talked many times Alec how do you beat their system. Need to call over and you have him just spin you through the draft their real quick. Do you don't say like how did you knock on someone's windows or put a good duty and if I didn't backseat now violent most your stuff general Lama window right there in how we tackle how do you beat how do you beat them. The got to get in a car somehow input and secondly. Can you steal someone's bike. I'd just like that this is the system you wanna beat and I don't think riding a bike but when a woman who called the drug she lived in Florida fire remember this right. She lived in Florida at the time if you try to write a horse through. That really bell I believe I remember I was they've got it right and in Freud did the search engines like oh. It must be a vehicle that they say that even that didn't say that the same way of trying to like all right look we walked up to Wendy's one night and we couldn't get any food and it just sup what if you had you think Michael riding lawn more. All right now. You don't face so I don't know would there like I can you would you do those scooter you can do only fifty CC ski tour which is probably less power get to travel on the road to wrecked. So let over the road vehicles than that that's not a living creature like a horse correct aren't then you can do it okay. So pretty sure I knew somebody that almost got arrested as they were drunk. Well OK and like knocked on the window and they were like no and they cannot. I like it just got the point that we're gonna go right out of they call the cops are like screaming at a critical pops right. Thirty you know that judge you the system how they do an 844999. July 2000 high school we used to go to 7-Eleven. And I have Bagger to read those yet but not the 7-Eleven nachos and then we'd sneak over put cheese inside the bank rule him out. Hosts you know say the lake seventy cents and makes their money where. Yeah. Do. You. Go it's. And so my head out whereas this little backed restaurant if you voted. Art and art DD yet they ended up having a little bit too much greater south I don't wanna drew its. Bad credit. Our way at all you have a big blow up the man I let it take so loud and so I didn't while writing them guard. So we talk show he just didn't change he looked at just about how app didn't they view that he's god he did bank balance beat them. Anyway so my body is just what you're in the help. And he told the plot that was some guy at the bar was overs that equaled. That Baghdad all the nagging crowd involved and he does dad and I don't calculate bring him back the next day and he delegated by. Well that Bob's big bar and then Dorian they had canine unit out their dad more units out there do it all right there. Yeah this is a closer than sober individual. Yeah yeah there was it was one album art. This is kept federalized and and they never found that different until this phone call. Don't gotten out they never found out. I would say about eight years here now. Jen if you get it does a different designated driver now like maybe overt. Oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah yeah. That's that's that's that's that's one of the great things about the ride services now as the fact that hopefully people can make a little bit more intelligent decisions made it back in the day but outsourcing error in the messing while making the dunce as real as important things like you were. At sort of took him by the way we're talking about what vehicle you must be to do get service. At a drive there we go people commenting listen man I want third drive through one time on a golf cart. They were pissed. There's a got electric wheelchair goes to the McDonald's drive through all the time down in yelled. A good three Jack in the Box around 10 PM dollars a person and a big power who will chair that was out the window giving the order. The outlook for what got him. All through Goodell would go to wall and through no one bodily I'd tell a person in a wheelchair. That they can't get the I'm sorry I think now I'm sorry elect it's about the kids I would just buy will terrify really need to that's right and beat the system rat. Who did you know whose gonna question a man wheelchair. You know nobody goes right there really don't think the guy with a clipboard and the little lamb that does that give out your question is looking around he's write stuff down you don't question that guy he can go anywhere and you should. We want parents are an apostate and that's what we did basically we're in the bowels of the where you were not so we ended up on the field during a football game because we agreed like what do. Spot to land your wall fast look pissed and everywhere when people move for you notice you must work here to look like that. They're a lot hurting you I know that cheated the system and how they do an 84499. Idol Ronald we made it all the way onto the football field Baltimore Ravens taking on the Kansas City Chiefs and we are proud of ourselves and I sort of added we are standing there on the sideline watching the game where we shouldn't be we hear this woman's voice. All right yeah. Yeah the Ali you don't bags did on the field. Agilent sort of guys exactly Muslims them there we had to talk people. Thankfully meters. Hello saying welcome to the men's room. All I LO changed. How are you I'm doing fine. I am excited about our recent collection in the coming out there. But I need to do better than they had stopped them. And what do better. I may act. A story I treating robbery story that I am and I'm very cruel of me at the airport. OK so a guy to my graduating class yacht. I don't know you just tell them who will actually. Needed all the strength of applicable when the teacher who blew blew a couple of things. Nothing Majorly into lesions crazy old after we graduated he would debt. He would he would break him after this she won't soon department stores it rooster other. And he would come kill all the media site and he was sure he would he would like Dell and accord. Will gather up all the electronics or whatever and then just go right back up. They needed at her age that he got about a minor chemical laboratory actually got cut out and about. Why did god they'll a big ego but Staley did manage a I. Cheating the system yeah you and your group that's urinary problems as Greg and Robert I miss. That is literally like eating because that is I bring in your own popcorn in the movies this movie ever I mode because there's an pocket I. If as his full blown robbery. I booting and all they cheated the system and how they do an 844999. Ole hole the lime or your calls coming up you are listening to the manager radio network. True it's much else is thrilled. Or US traffic wardens had been fired. After a parking for Pete to scam they ran the local restaurants. According to salt lake city police. The parking enforcement officers are alleged to have enjoyed it. Two years of free pizza out at Sicilian pizza in the downtown area in returned it for a not to getting the restaurant owner or his employees. One of the employees broke ranks to talk to a television statement he estimated that the team could have taken it restaurant staff. Around three times today the equivalent of about 191000. Dollars worth of fine. If I see. A menu of the restaurants in the lower left hand corner of the vehicle it is either an employee or the owner of the restaurant vehicle. And we do not cite those vehicles that was the way they did the scam. He claimed that he and his colleagues run a first name basis with the staff the restaurant and that it even got to the point where we just going to Mac get what we want so we go behind beacon honor and we go get her own pizza. And return the owner and his staff would never get a bargain today so that's they worked the system okay I'm old I'm all right with him. Or I would bet I'm assuming they have delivery drivers. They have a metered streets or whatever the dealer is all that's gonna drive up guys come they pull it Carl Sagan deliveries and all that stuff they aren't gonna handicap the all is Larry as opposed to do right. So why food you know they cheated the system and how they do an 8449990. Hello wade welcome to the men's room. Cooler now. Up Mitchell the. Salt. I have beaten. Numerous speeding tickets are true. What does it exhibition of speed and power tickets. I've speeded DW I and my spotters beaten 3-D W lies. In which the same weight so the question is which one do you wanna hear it's one last look. Well unfortunately it's my father beat in the BWR three times in the same way but I don't wanna giveaways secret of the fact that the. Well usually deadly tell your dad that if you want to stay alive that he should stop drinking and driving and having this unique way to get out of it and it can only wait so we're trying to make obviously Zach Omar gives Europe. Yeah so. Will just go speeding tickets aren't. Pretty simple actually. There's a couple of different ways to beat them. I have been personally. Beaten I don't know fibers sticks beating cal. Are OK so what you do appreciate it speeding ticket Bob Bob up. Now what you do is you go to a junkyard and you get tigers better taller. Ben your tires on your rear. Drive vehicle. And meltdown and and you go to a final mommy her. And you have your speedometer checked and it will show that it's going faster than what your speedometer stating. Now. You'd go home. Yet all the old tires are put your original tires are all right go back. Read I don't mom eatery Schilling to speed on orders correct. Take it to court and saying hey man I'm sorry I had their daughter's on it I didn't know I know it's pitched well. Wait isn't doing it is it does it mean how much do you drive that fasten that recklessly. And all that time and all that effort in this game and again it probably learns. I'm sure words just see some guys here know that I just pay the guy right every day our drive that are reasonable rate of renewed if you're a little bit. Wait a minute that back when I was a kid out I'm I'm almost fifty. Back when I was 1617 years old. Jackson aren't RJR and every day aplenty it's an owl now we'll tell you this your freaking brilliant. You can't resist daylight again about your thing you do that obviously when you're sixteen years old little summer absolutely absolutely and a little bit you. I have died at a traffic violation since 1999. You get out. This is America not wanting to pay the insurance to Jack yeah exactly so Eric is 16171819. Year old I just wanted to make sure that. My insurance didn't go through. Learning and we look Larry Drew. I went through it. Down now the other way to do it. Which I had to do on one of my vehicles. It is there's actually a place Seattle where you can get an adapter. Enable custom make it. Soul what capital letters is Ari told them I want you to put this adapter between my speedometer cable in my transmission. And it cost me about. A 130 bucks but that was about the same prices particularly bright it. But I insurance wouldn't go oh what they did is I told him are what are speedometer to read. 55. But. Actually be doing seventy. They made it I put it in between. Well did the same thing. A done deal well. Here's the thing you can just walk into like a regular Goodyear tire or service center and have this thing installed so you obviously have to know one guy. To do this so when your dealing with knowing a guy yeah I mean I'd like you can scare you need. You can cheat the system if you don't anyway keys in the got to do I know a guy that you can't walk into Fred Meyer might just. You know I like. It's it's it's hot for reasons like that you putting an illegal device if it does keep the system will shore but still continuing. I think it wants for not having we detail later something now. So you know like a work order whenever there you have a certain amount of time to get it done. Which course I didn't think it make another ticket so I went to a cop buddy I had and he just kind of glad I was afraid to drive the car. And you are pretty good pulled over here give notre I don't think he goes I know before storming and stuff so you're right they have been dialing I kinda got around the system but it just because I had no idea that was on the force he decided all four. For about a in my and in that in Baltimore shall remain nameless town so and it and it was fraud through most cities to this point even of the electronic parking meters you shall Colin parking meters. And I don't know why they blocked off through construction who knows but they would have liked as orange. Kind of mesh bag but went over top and it's said whatever said village you know like hey you can't park here even a department so. He got one of these things already stepped in front of his car in it did not matter where we win this one time and there was an indeed. He be as always you could be used to have a conversation right to parallel parked car he'd get out you look at the meter. Over to stroke blood disorder bag tied to the meter and we were just go robbery and I don't play well and a dude you're really apart from the scratch I don't care gonna try bats. He might even still have it but he never got busted uses an Indy. He did it in our in an eternity select. So you pull openly people at a bus stop twenty people watching him pull out of a strong. Tied to the meter we go wherever we walk whacked out it's a different group of people at a bus stop. He just untie the grosans strong growth ago. And I loved like I would not do it but I love that he did. Now now let's go to back. Yeah I I've I know not actually you know what we're talking about buddy Ruthie who we just come out of room but naked go get lotion apply it was he walking through the it's almost kind of afraid to seal my old friends are up to five talked a little while. Because I'm always afraid of being at me they're gonna be dead yet shall we didn't know I do a search of goods are a vial friends I don't like I am worried that your friend it'll be dead is gonna Lamar pretty brown or friend so I do a search on him gal I'm worried about that would Ruthie is now. One rupees a cop. Of course they'll both do boxer is human beings that I've ever met in my life other than my putted body richt is also accompanies the state trooper no heat so he's like on a level that's like it differently and train not even smile oh my god and it and that was well that was my I guess system well with with him. Which was. He would do his thing. Out you don't mean save the world right about it and then if he needed like a concert ticket or two I might just have those concert tickets. So he would he would often. Find things on people you don't mean my shoulders hosting. And then he would bring didn't give me some of the things that he found quote unquote. And then I would give him concert tickets but the thing with him is is is that he always try to figure out a whack job way of doing so I worked at night. I always say like a man yet the doors open downstairs just come on but he would always come up with a partner. And so like I would be just sitting there about a self stone Buddha Jesus though there is gonna hang an out of work all the sudden. The door to the studio would bust open with like a guy with a shield we're going to be elect. Put tragedy like all of our god never handles on his body that. You Atlanta back back back back back back back yeah yeah. And I give it think it's really get the deal on the outside immigrant what's the odds are one of the most drugs you opera just we'd. Our Gary I don't know why don't I don't but basically what was this. I own a weed did you get from the 79 in in West Virginia man it was just a it's the major highways of trafficking it was one of the places where most the drug traffickers would would drive because. It was a major thoroughfare like I had 95 because it's in West Virginia what do you what you how to get them really try to come through there and real thing well you know maple over a guy and he's got a big bag away you know I mean I think we had not got the way now he's going to Guns 'N Roses and frank and I doubt it's right reverend thank you. I don't know. So dose of organizer bouncers at certain clubs yeah. It's a thing before we was Leo whatever like when I was leading name are you what to joints the you know why that has confiscated his right surely you didn't smoke weed seed ever cared debt that he would we eat I think it be different than any other drug. But the fact it was just Wheeler now a caller I don't. It is yeah personally. Two you know they cheated the system and how they do an 8449990. All our Louise welcome to the men's room. Ole boy chaos creepy. Megan don't Goodman are. Good good. So back when older colleagues the other that is part time job that deliberate act and speak a place. And but we're aware it is. Your drive very you do with the process that you go get the order you clock getting under your name. And your wage goes down because you know you get tips. So. One to get back you want to get back IndyCar back in and are getting eighty you don't know your regular hourly wage. So you're saying that during the delivery process. They are not paying you the semen. Ways that they do when your in the store. Directs in then you're relying on tips when you're outside of the up part OK a lot of phone yet. Yeah so you know double bogeyed on a lot of them to me and she. Yeah police obviously the more. You all the more order they put in that you taking all the more money you make or sometimes I'd make more money than the managers there. But. Clean up after awhile this other guy got a dynamite his position and he wanted to make sure that his numbers were this or we're late in all. Inventory will drag every eat so. Sometimes what you would do is he would caucus out of orders are we would go down. And making our ordered lady at a guy this so why can't we get to the customary you know given their food and it wouldn't get that. Dallas that would effect you know our customer service or whatever so. I detected a solicitor our money article and we just eating money at a time. However and a story hope their numbers were great because. Orders were being delivered under lake. One minute broke their old after a while and whatever and we got we got really mad selector I know what. We're it can we cut we'll kind of go kind of call the car and beat someone like Eric. When I'm out on the road and give it a code or might make pretty to check me back in even though I'm not on the low until then get. Tips from a customer and I'm going to be getting paid hourly wage. How long time you guys have to do this like how long were you gotta zone is back and forth. We played it about two months. You shouldn't have to scam a place you work out to get pay. But there scam in new that's a branding or do you the way they're doing it you're just trying to scam them backed debt like the Batistuta money. And John and Carol what are a lot and we really couldn't do much about it he was a manager at. We could of late gone to court painted on the latter bubble bubble or let you know what if you could be shady about it so we a little heat. Yet the took a cut. Delirium busted for no matter no. We need elect. We didn't get in trouble for him but after he caught on to what we were doing. So old and he knew exactly why you know we eat column if you knew because those affected that so keep on doing it. We are doing those comic in understood in Seoul and it all went back to normal. You know government but I fire fire backhand by amateurs who love thirty you know it's here the system how they do an 844999. Nolan donors and I think some jobs just. I technologies advance but when I was a bartender we also get absolutely there's a reason. There's a reason why the technology out of bankruptcy there's a reason why and Allopod cameras directly over the registered. In our look if you own a restaurant or bar and you have to allow for the employers eating certain amount drinking a certain right that that's a guarantee but yet when I worked in the industry folks show. We drink wave more inventory than they intended for Cuba through that Yamaguchi boot. Yeah new food you're gonna care for the food guarantees like yeah I mean that new to hammer the boos. They just they cannot wrap their head or not only that but. There's certain customers who came in so often have single week's tips so well. But after awhile your dislike. Like I I dotted. I gotta give discuss every drill drill absolutely sure what who do you know that you to the system how they do an 844999. Cola. Hello Jill welcome to the bedroom. Oh oh gosh I got their joke. And you're doing great then. Aren't so I think the work that the movies either background has school. And none on a Friday night we get like a bunch of people and I'll be working a box operates. On so. We would get mainly couples that would come in and two adult ticket at that time Lou 2050. So I would tell them. Are you guys are going to be twenty just he'd been on the computer. I would charge and accused Indian tickets which was two dollars cheaper so it actually come up to 1860. And you insane but look at. The would you or your you look at your friends up or are huge shipments through bugs off happens I had. Yeah on Jay to buckshot I'm just keeping their Cuba and then at the end of the night I would tally law I would tell I would ticket sale on and how Italian. And then at the end and I when we count our doors. There wouldn't be like commander president or anything so I would just take those that take all that tally and then take all that money just pretty much you walked out. Now what now what did you average government. Our Friday night Allen nick like 500 books in any scholarships men unless I cannot tell you the movie theater back in the day the way they they would run various scams. Not scams but the way he would. Make that job worthwhile for all his friends. Cowboys' number one we would see all first run movies of course it is his job sometimes those two splice the film together some times of film Cayman two summary can remember the low one diggreel whatever it is he got a cannon get ready to go. Do all that prep work so. Thursday midnight or whatever we got him where he got delivered live depending on the movie would over the move Iran was. It was like any other gonna launch is Buddha and of course most of the movies we never heard of now we clearly got it does seem to think that I can start is Thursday and an unemployment up. You know that it but that kind of thing would happen so the way that they did it was was that they pop throw popcorn which was great. And they pop that all logs into bags they would use the days like in the late nineties and always popping popcorn but most are not eating that you're yeah it's it's kind of like the pop grenade popped early in the day either way they they've butter all of tasteless it's not a big deal out of it today but anyway. The way they accounted for everything was the containers. So if you solely large bucket of popcorn and the way they itemize them from accounting perspective is how many buckets are go right right there under buckets. We need as much money account for a hundred buckets. And while nobody would do was they did a clean sweep of the between the movies and as you go and you look at a bucket of popcorn you got to look at and go. I can re uses them to market itself for a bucket itself so maybe I'm just going to use this buckets to resell. So that five dollar popcorn now that that's only in my pocket now if he was just my body is it didn't matter goes stained. Cracked. Right right there just for the people coming in that I that I know we don't they were any of popcorn clean of a basket allowed here unfortunately the same thing held true with the drinks. In the cups. They had lids that yeah straws right right exactly standing drops and a bit he risked everything now but all things considered unity and it's a true veteran of the Bob Wright you soda cup. But we would always use reuse soda cups when we went to watch anyway. Yet so we were kind of go like it was always like the late movie ended. Ready and we would end up rolling in after everybody left which people get out there than 510 minutes he's adamant about the clothes placed on lock the doors up we go in there. Our thing was like look if he would be I think you. You cleaners these theaters may get in there get all stuff out. And we look we would help on the Billick fired if I was we've scaled down TB die until he could sit down and we could drink and watch the movie ourselves but we would go round strategically like. Felt my cup. You know relax at found a book unit job for a while Florida got a good grief what you mean like get a who's just what we did and then we get of free popcorn soda Phil Noble and Jack Daniels and sit there and watch a movie at 12 o'clock 1 o'clock in the morning when. Nobody who doesn't really what's the best movie you saw. Oh god you know what they were always just currently it was late eighty's so. It was comedy stuff that's in the future Pauly Shore type movie it's you know to me and they don't and I were valued my episode I know but whatever it was really our men the against the guy what does movies like yeah they're only two theaters those always the most popular movie at the time you're. And then like either the comedy or the horror movie out of whatever does select you know was the greatest selection but. Yeah I mean we saw it seem like we could see when everyone. Eventually have what with a movie would see would would come through. I don't you know that you the system and how they do an 844999. All Mordechai also the way you are listening to avenger radio network. Casey is you. True bad jokes on the leg until. Bad jokes ready to yell you can email to the men's or lemons are my doc I'm drug charge rank castle covenant to kick off had jokes momentarily era before we during its those who shot of the day. OK so we've got to a few stories here we've got traffic wardens who overlooked almost 20000 dollars a parking tickets for two years and in exchange. They got free pizza at the deal that we have a man and now Maine he was driving drunk and to avoid the deal why would she got anyway he punched himself three times in the face he was pretty messed himself up which I've. I may be tough to do that and you have to be really hammered just like Arnold and our resolve any himself three good time Jews had to be treated medically before that they busted him. A delta has enhanced the rules for support quotes animals after animal incidents spike by 84%. In the last year. Customers who are mauled by seventy pounds support dogs biting. Aggression that urinating. Customers have tried to fly with comfort Turkey's gliding Pozen snakes spiders and other animals according to the company. Delta said the hell was that. And we have a man who was banned from boarding a flight back to London because he was wearing eight power pairs of trousers and ten shirts and a way to get away from the 65 dollar bag checking the Hudson was. Going to secure their so the food you know the cheated the system in how they do an 844999. A lot hello Jared welcome to the man drew. Or allowed to implement the top. So let's go back in time would say the 23 year. Tony 23 were merely doing 23 years ago and over deliver. Our. So 43 years ago Miami young com. Individual yesterday's it is yeah. Yeah. So here I am 23 years ago young dumb. Brand new to the aircraft carriers and I was stationed in San Diego. And I hooked up with the guy that is on the same chip as me and we're talking and he says he won't go vehicle will bear is as mature. So we got problems chocolate garden down we go liquor store and walk inside he'll try to do what I do what are they should get supported here. I get up fourteenth he grabbed the ball one meter ball amount due I verbal one near Obama do. You pay for the beer and rounder walk tells story. You walked outside. Goes around corner of the building opens in my undertake to build slogan don't search amounted to a marked. Okay. I'm kind of waged. Too I did the same thing. We then proceeded to dump the beer into the Mountain Dew bottle. And then jumped in the truck and drive around town. Drinking the beer Mountain Dew bottle. I don't think he is he really kind of cool but really just stupid. You know like we're we're gonna get busted word we're we're gonna get botched it. No sooner are never important traffic light and there's a cop a mogul cop. Pulled up right next thought platoon visor up. Making small talk bad guy dog and we just held up around two bottles and smaller I would very day. Period on a merry little way. You tell me what he meant. So what everybody needed to drink and drive so bad that he's out there and his Mountain Dew bottle. Yep pretty much content out. Yeah that would that would not the only time we did that we are you that are restrict times and yeah. We'll be back on all the time it's. So there are ignorant to drive without a little bit I don't I think the most alcoholic thing you have ever heard on the show. Other than us talking was a guy that called up one time and somehow what he had done is is that he had a taken basically. His window what. His window washer he had it read configured so that the tube instead of going up into the front of the hood. Where it should go to you work your windshield wipers instead it was going through the console of the car and it popped up in a middle console they could conceal. All right something about a long NG to. But. Instead of having I don't know like windshield wiper fluid in his unit he had vodka. So basically anytime that you press that but. CNET. Your enemy into. Wash your windshield wipers betrayal broken as he is getting a shot of buck got through a tube in his mouth. And we're just sitting there like all my god if you need to drink at bat. That's impressive vet Matt you need to drink bad bad bad bad. Well boy you just admit that maybe you have a problem or you should not be driving. Even one of those images is the most of those two things crossed path Selig may be I need to stop doing both of these and reevaluate him. Good tips I'm outta you know they cheated the system how they do an 8449990. Hello I had to welcome to the men's room. Call off the eight heart and soul few years ago AM PM. Had an app and it'll outs are like little arteries title. You could wind eight energy drinks are. Our guards whatever we are basically basically would have slid three hardly every get rewrote. Some pretty. He had to do so gambling problem it was his idea. Yeah and dummy I friend on a lot of people probably are basically you we'd win something are on the and then they need to do week. Can't recall act and the leg and then when something else. And that near Brentwood literally just pile up you just take a picture of the code or whatever. You pilot you know all the stuff we when they go to and B and show what the codes freestyle. And Jack act. Not a bad idea village could priest does it do it frees. You MP. I bet they'll AM PM if you went in there to get your one free sandwich that. You still probably buy something else yes well they know there did they have video and I want you out of there one thing include McDonald's with a monopoly. You put a free cheeseburger bill like. I don't know that I ever when he and instead OK out to buy one preachy and that's it and who don't normally I finally done little tab like you know like five months later a ground. I. Got an outreach she's murder forgotten by the one thing that people will walk into a can be used early AM PM something like that and have the ability to only purchase one thing. Is if you want cigarettes. Right did you go to coffee maybe you don't know protocol as threatening to the cigarettes are behind the register which is probably good thing but stoic. But only to pass to runs from my mind anything if I have to walk past Reggie erect a walk out of three gotten him things and I don't need any. Yellow also. By and beer in the morning thanks for later it's been like generally veteran fighters for your client here click publish your bag of chips do exactly. You go as a registered your bio and more than to be. Our question non food you know the tear the system and how they do it still to come man thing is gonna get exciting to return a dead bird says the FCC. Bad jokes on the way and yes we will bring it tells with a shot of the day that is all coming up. The show and many things continue on the men's room radio network.