01-19-18 Seg 1 Mens Room Finds A Loophole

Friday, January 19th

Mens Room Question: Who do you know cheated the system, and how did they do it?


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You what sure love to hear is real. Trying to look. Offend anyone. There's our. Invited to join the party. This is. All gathered in secrecy. This is done. They say shake your radio more than. Three times. Hello I've got to look at Arizona our 2700. A good deeds move. Along with Steve the throw he'll. Do you Ted's good. The Y con. Yeah I'd imagine a. Today America look bad jokes. It is the return of Ted vs the FCC. Get ready to play profile this once headlines have been your shot of the day for Melissa emails and everyone's favorite TV time would take the class period a guy who don't Florida man so drunk. He pulls into a Bank of America drive thru and order stuck over. I'm glad to be Duluth school this boy is he draws no date has class online. And that could be here. Men out about a brother party on his face burned down parents. Canadian man foils cops by making you Meeks and the snow sculpture with he and his spouse. And Starbucks is now testing specialist stores which will still not keep the person in front of you from being annoying as hell. And that is all coming on today's very special episode of the men's room. Here's the question. All up AJ is good day to you a good lord all right if you spending time flying in the American airline industry. You know the big one nickel and dime you for any important things. You wanna bring on the point we don't know why it is they started this about ten years ago and there is no chance. That there ever gonna turn back but here's the thing people who are now old trying to fight back in fact there was one guy. They wanted to avoid paying the additional baggage fees when they do. It but done precisely didn't surged to inject it's compared to pan to the attempted to board the plane. Better mind would not let them on the plane had to be fair he wasn't really called the UC but they're one of the money that does not I can get over on the system. That's our guys on the other hand sometimes the airlines woman makes good decisions nothing that Delta Airlines. They have about quote enhance the rules for allowing quote unquote support animals I'll play. Turns out little necessarily believe the community support Turkey. Or fair or snake or what they have these support possible. As they come forward and allow our. A few people try to beat the system anywhere they can't we all do it and telling you at all. There are some cops they just got fired because they agreed to take two years of free pizza instead of pursuing. 191000. Dollars worth of parking for. I don't know I guess somehow defeat the blaze was 90000 dollars in the hole is so lucky let me go you two years repeats of the conflict to. But the guy made he punched himself in the face to avoid taking the breath alive who want to beat the system now it'll work he did not have to take a brother wasn't. He was still busted for DU. Everyone's trying to be consistent some how made in the system got over I knew we don't know when this is what we wanted to know from you today. Who do you know cheated the system and how they do. Big Brother Joseph caught 844999. Alone like the midterm on FaceBook you can follow us on tournament to life heads and those emails to the men's room add men's or live dot com. You are listening to the major radio network. How does not go I dig out Peugeot number 2752. Our current yeah today at all BS so exciting return of Ted Burke says the FCC is Ted tries to give one back into the win column. And of course here come the bad jokes right before we drinking toast. With a shot of the day yes we will play low profile this as though well today we're to talk about. People who get to or tries to beat the system and there's all kinds of ways where. As far as what we believed to be acceptable behavior when it comes to breaking rules breaking the law was. Obviously we know that. There are laws in place to keep us from doing certain things. However there are also rules in place and if they don't like anything else you know I was somethings you just generally don't care. I don't know if our dollar and it's that we talked about the school the big Jay walk. Well I know it's a law I did not know was the long to wait ten years with no real this is like for real law would juvenile Williams on the ball and I hear you understand oops there I understand. In theory for my safety but I promise you. I will never care in my life and rent ever only we know and we end what do you know about what do we know about the rules so we know that certain rules exist for a reason and you know obviously. They can be broken. The airlines have a ton of rules from the time that you get to the airports. Time that you get on the plane to the time that you land to the time that you get off there are certain rules you can't get out of your seat in an airplane if you're waiting for a gate at the runway yet keep your. Your seatbelt on you have to stay seated you can get up and Miller around the cabin these are just the rules that are in place. And we we have the story couple weeks go about guys said hey look I'm not wait for this gay anymore. He opened the door on Ryanair flight and just jumped out you know to me now we know. The I don't know that the rule the best you can't do that you know bit related like LS at this you know it could have. Brigade will be ready momentarily you know you're scenario of I got out of the fly our flag and jobless player. How very gate not available I kind of a thing with airlines had tons of rules and there's a guy from London. His name is Ryan Williams and barrel in new did what we've all dreamed of doing. To fight baggage fees unfortunately didn't work Ryan was flying from Iceland back to London they can't be too long of library system. Three or four Mara who can be there aren't. And if you wanna pay the 65 dollar fee to check back so people on eight pairs of pants and ten shirts. It trying to get on the plane and I'm not the only one amazed that it's. I could never get that many pairs of pants on based on the fact that they would all have to be a little bigger racquet like the Russian doll where you open it up the little girl and the Oslo. I mean. To me I don't think I did yeah which you've probably never stretched him out as far as you couldn't help but are a bit. Eight apparently is a little others know that when you couldn't put another preview the bright one more a lot of prepare swept Anthony JR OK you got that right now now got six more pairs of pants that you have bought just don't think are used to work none other like two inches two Big Three like I could do notified body lies lies I think now you're right. Every two. I have one specific pair of sweatpants a fairly tight in another pair of active probably fit under that little community and whether these guys throughout different tomorrow reason you needed leggings all right you've done a gigabyte and I later right then your sweatpants and made what do you rights. Would you snowboarding into our dugout America running in the gulf and the ocean tides they also put out there under armour brother Andre of war and you know I did it would be easier to put on ten shirts sure that I got that I do the eight pants then you pull that up you could find a way to make that happen easily how proud of himself he has. Oh yeah well the only and out of like it's cool that you got an obviously may have taken her own right so I think that's even worse Campbell and arms bully your shirt off of head. Your pants abroad also ties and I've got a. On that plane and ending on the cost of fuel it's about the amount of weight on the plate. I think that is grossly unfair so we. We you know you'll see like a FedEx plane over the air. An airborne plane or whatever like you're one of those delivery planes Amazon's got planes. FedEx has planes. It's all by the pound when you go when you ship that is why not people records and say why I. Select not if you want people to wanna drag nine bags on the plane with a guy that is just it's just gonna cost you by the power. Yeah but I think they should know people might have our thing that's fairly Christ almighty to whatever you got your talent we have by the panel listened. I I did a helicopter thing ones which I don't need to do again when I'm in Hawaii right. If you get on a helicopter they don't care they're going to announce you'll wait I and I learned a waiting room and you. They they waited for a certain number of people show the province of Metallica. Actually got two of them. I'm there way to now maybe 812 more people regional ball the Samoan family walks kind of and I am I gonna lie to you all like to think when I saw them as. Please god do not put I have a guy on the right and put them on my not put them on my helicopter to the derby but the thing is. That they put you on a scale almost Ailes is kind of went right in the middle is waiting like everyone can see it but even normally would see it. The studio and out because the person taking your weight now yells into the personal funk that's so. I'm removes some old wife got on this thing and I'm in huge huge scale wrong. It it. And the things that surround grandiose to it but. It doesn't matter. And if it doesn't matter where it shouldn't matter that play I don't know they know they I don't know I know don't let the space man wow they let you know this is serious. Isn't sold the airline industries and act like it's that big of a deal doing the helicopter pilot held up the piled so look. Wait is African import non may not bring in bags. Arm is bad boy what we're gonna wait you. But anyway support on a plane which you have like an average. What are you offset the cost like god this guy we street 25 maybe doesn't paper area. Yeah absolutely and ribavirin send a package so there's not exact actually they're all different sides yeah yeah. Where's the for human beat these have an average size rates of somebody like me what is our average size of Americans. Com home and I'd say two well depends I don't know well overdue for a bank you don't like if I chubby fat guy like me gets on this can be somebody really skinny. Who's like me one right who's gonna balance those out to be average. Okay well unfortunately I don't know that obvious guess they that is sort charged power play it didn't stop them it's not bigotry experts. They stop Brian Williams and they said hey what they've done it and they figured out Ezekiel fly like that. So we tried to get on a different airline and they also common stock and he wound up getting a refund for is to get go and eventually flew home on a third airline and no word on whether. They made him pay that check is stuff whatever the deal is the that was his way to try to. To beat the system. But yet okay so. The airlines to they use government policies. And like it's a federal crime kind of beat the system ranked so I don't want you bring another alcohol on the plane is they went to buy their expensive alcohol. But it's a federal crime while toll you do some right to be there they're caddie did you add himself definitely the views are really public option would be considerate of all the federal right now. Right and everything intent or regular hey we want to remind you smokers for the eighteenth time on flat. You can't smoke on it didn't mean to bring up to pray before they act that would bring about yet. It's so Fred rule regulation who roots what we know delta just announced at Dayton new anti decides and remember it. This is a nonsmoking husband son and our flight he told me the tournament Humana and I'll stop bring in enough. Delta they made many people happy they will increase regulator and regulations after the company reported an 8484%. Spike. And animal related incidents since 2016. Bombs are the norm apostle bites including urinating biting end the aggression. The company also linked to an article in the Atlanta journal constitution about a customer who was mauled a mold it. Buys seventy pound love and support dog mad man received a 28 stitches according to the flight. Gold for Mel delta the rise in serious incidents involving animals flights leads us to believe the lack of regulation both healthy drinks green to these animals is creating unsafe conditions across US air travel and RR RRR. New rules will require all customers traveling with the service or super animal. To show proof of health and vaccinations 48 hours in advance rules also require passengers bring such animals that letter prepared and signed by a doctor or licensed mental health. Professionally we've led away and that being that the support Turkey pictures look Latino support iron duck picture as they get wrap prayer to send us is okay. I need to ask you. What is your condition what does that bug you knew that it Turkey right involving him I don't know that look. Maybe you and I'm gonna last trip image or animal freak in total but otherwise what is about this Turkey what is your condition. That a Turkey is what you need that's all company that's where a dog go to dog man billion dollars and other one likes dogs but everyone understands why other people have dull spot. The Turkey apostle looked OK look even know what more popular even if you go into a support possible you don't need to go to a grocery store coffee store some of these other dog in there they've got the red vest or lose and I OK look. This per I would be the person. I would I would Larry David this all all the way I would be the person. Who would address someone like com. Really that thing in and all of sudden like the person would talk to me it's like hey look. This is I'm an epileptic in this dog an election and really also aren't the usual regular Joseph blow to drive her you know during the red dirt on. But that's what I think I'm sorry I think everybody thanks. And it's just the immediate thing with his its its just like we'll so many battle of high and wrote and marital bliss and to the talks right but I was on a flight went to the girl. That had me and what's the surgery to have breast cancer and they got to remove your brand out mastectomy vasectomy I dementieva like other skip a US horrible story right. So she had won but she told the store where you're going to all this kid answered key vote it was like. You don't like your support to opera moments ago I was at an iPad at least for the red gray comforting to know business is having support dogs is what triggered all of them. You can order of the best Iraq Amazon I can't think of a do well I'm lie in and out of the back as the you have the best that they would take what it's like gambling handicapped and or anything like where you just took dictator. It looked not the pound. Political talk aborting council exact animal farm literally you can only stay for a content paradise shore was stricken parents regularly I think are a deadly and voted on by the had a diplomatic that of all the people you most about when you can drink with your reasoning hang out with but it just goes right to breast cancer gets real heavy wrote quickly Saddam's I'd done my job as more are no she was really nice I'll start with wheat. We probably know and it's usually watch a lot of we've really got eight like wheat options yeah and I had cancer yeah. Yeah I mean we're. Yeah and have a title on land that he was late and I know why not think I know. Oh online. Does she had the surgeries the original ones were gone and then you skin from other part of her body to make her all over all got started oh we literally cancer than a little too late because my brother bill. All right look full lifetime of Dayton and this is a business a crazy flight. Texas man okay and what's going on I'm there I thought the Texans. A delta how many okay so are you in delta flies everywhere than there I mean obviously Carol overload the thought I was chosen my there's a reason hard field is one of the busiest airports. In the world and that's their hub and they fly a lot out examining. How many service animals or so I'm sorry. Support animals. Are fly on it. Dealt with just delta flights every day. It's got like eight doubt that it's 700. A 700 service animals and that equates to about. A quarter of a million. Frequent animal flyers are dealt. Nearly amongst. He had taken wondered if there isn't anyone I know him in other product one mile with seven of them unfortunately though they also get that email your letters have you haven't flown there if there awhile. There's scooby your Mike gonna have to buy some of these magazines. Customers and try to fly with comfort Turkey's. Gliding possum what is a gliding past them after I don't I don't know the normal mom zombies that'll walk you just by the way it is sort of sliding bosnians and sliding ponson. Makes it just fighters. Jesus Christ. Delta is taking steps to further protect discuss real thank you for doing that I mean if if you got it but you know if you if you do have to fly with it we all know that flying with an animal. Underneath the plane is never real safe there's a lot of horse stories about that but at same point unmanned. He got to place for weekend. You might we need to put dog up you might need to put them in the care of some one about a gliding possibly give away from him about the way Ted that the comments did you touch her breast. I did not you do not go to breast someone else's vote sealant and different people that says I'm a Boeing way to engineer standard allowances 250 pounds for a male on 9180. For females but that's with back. Okay I work for an airline we were trained and a person is wider than the keyboard that you are working and you're supposed to have the my second seat. Remember that when you approach to keep more of Saucony got stands out where quesada. I'll feel all relentless I fly helicopters the reason weight matters so much there. Is because you have to balance at all out of a helicopter might not have enough power to actually get off the ground. I know that may have dozens and I didn't do it but what I'm saying did you guys on this to map the up front in your weight has announced that act as though look like the drone type of style helicopter would be safer than the regular tube later. With a morally and indicate that things stable and not did you going out of work all the time that the drone world may like it looks safer but it's also old. I might catch today and I'm all right to these daylight when you're landing you need to put your tray table in an all those things which are seat belt on all these things got like. But if you're asleep and I've seen this a million times than not gonna wake you up. They don't tell you what the tray table you know they don't tell you this is W in his. You are my guys that we could see wake people up all the time I've read about 5050 I do but I would look they're doing their asked to do. Well again man and nothing in some cases delight us that it. Bros leave on the island other time Placer Sadr budgetary and Angela so look I heard about it we all but in the place where we say don't get aid to the plane takes off. All I know that I think did they get to your seats away it is an hourly thing I was over. I'm pretty sure the only deaf but the flight attendants to get paid the plane takes off on the ground is as good today that's correct this grew job. And I and that's why they're like that legends the current they've got to sit down crap. We need to actually it is and how they count the hours as far as how long you've traveled how long you've been awake and all those things that's absolute horse crap if you think. Yeah and my act. But man you're already charging us all the baggage fees and I crap Palin got to examine don't screw your own employees for trying to Jack could do their job without real damage. And I didn't pay for this that's right now to do I doubt. You lose. And an even when you're like tax into the roadways tonight did I vote until it is prepared and it never got why how did me Latin edged out she added. Q are those bastards aren't anyway so I basically that's how you screw people over with crap like that. Who'd you know that cheats the system and how they do it 844999. Cola hello Eric welcome to the men's room. Oh. Yeah. So I'll lay that my buddy and I eat it keep it that down back premiere on the line we had our favorite bar. We didn't like that use most of their Beers where war dollars the though we would do it go to the victims are and I had hateful act like fourteenth seed but. And bring wind and wet back police first got there and each time we went out to vote mild we would throw a bottle from the trapped inside our our coat pocket. And open it up and that's about your. And he's completely. I don't know how much money over the course the same same bottle say models he served it to borrow against an article Leo. Whatever way but if so are we made sure that that they all of a bottle at the thought. So it's gonna like I really enjoy the atmosphere of this bar but I hate the prices. Yet and read it at a pool table at a about a little damp down and make sense. I was what nineteen members and the time you've ever played pool it's been at a bar right. Chloe when you're in their you do end up spending money like it's like you know I was a couple shots. Sure all right I'm put it. Now that's only spent you feel better about like that the decision to Beers is gonna I'm at a ball or a need to get beaten. The shots a celebration supplements a moment dep plus Danny just so happy to be a bar. That is true yearning for your care. I can't think that I've ever smuggle anything into a bar or. That's come on man and I just I can't know smartly in the bathroom all of that caveat I mean but I'm saying like something that they had. And obviously you know when there was only you that well Arnold towards those four years before we love I would more than likely go outside and smoke if that's case what I'm saying is if they serve to sink in she say knowledge and I was pissed off than it was ten bucks instead of five like the one down the road I would never by the five dollar Winston model and Andy on every year I think Brad has an I'd probably just. Bite the bullet any one of the bar you know. I wouldn't I wouldn't smuggle in anything the RT. If that Jack Daniels there owing to object. But they didn't have would you like. Whose wise reduce we can enjoy it and I'd like. Look at the third Kerry Rhodes you enjoy this bar your buddies hang out at this bar but man I think you're hooked on at the time that you could afford to bring out they don't have it. You tell me you wouldn't order a one shot from the camera that our fans keep refilling my glass. I would enough. Rick and are ready to each thing to get your early twenties for everything you do that and then narrowed it yeah the the last time I did this week out of like a flask. Yeah I was up her at a bar right that's an insane day. Well it was an event in lake. A space so I wasn't positive leases of bars is an advancement is well what I took a swig and AFLAC the thought out very quickly it is a bar. But they were Tesla. Our appeal here and if you have a flash right women already admitted the designation that you're cheating the system right and I just curious when I break it out beautiful seriously fine and I still feel like I preceding this is what those guys myself like. I would never get busted drinking out of a flight that even if you handed to me like Andy to disappears so threat of knowingly aided Timmy our program we'd rather put up funnel. In to a flask and start pouring that crap down there this did you know your outfit no good. You know you're out today don't serve booze at the first graders at Christmas exactly. My brother had a dry wedding. He couldn't look out over a single guy and I think that I. I don't know I don't know where supposedly not supposed to do this because every year when I get Chris distracting plus fireball and he didn't get it up exactly because they don't have. Do you know that Steve the system and how they do and a 44999. All hold the line against Morey calls coming up you are listening to avenger radio network. Did you know. You know have gentle men's room. John obviously they'll bad jokes of the men's world man men's or live dot com and on the charge right Kansas and into the give them the bad jokes momentarily our question today. Who'd you know that cheated the system and how did they do it 844999. Cola hello Lauren welcome to the men drew. I have. Oh. I say no lack am Irish Italian whites and strategic. The plea for and she is that I'm. I didn't Ethel in March and I liked our. They cut up and just let my and my friend and I had been dealing yeah act amounts are gourmet hot there. And here's I would. They're the magical place here and the PNW at that doesn't exist back in mid west. And it's called EC scene market you know it's a girl that he's always. Food back is loaded. Talking in the form maybe it was not an act. Oh they had a great move. DB or may be you lose and he says you came out of the gate swing away and I'm Irish Italian and why do I ask you right away that NAFTA however. It's an gore maybe you'll lose I'm here that leads me to keep the system. So. I think it's undeniably good man they're doing something right they got albeit there they get back achieve each. I you name it. Did you like all global bolt from Somalia took out and I am I content they have does not include. I don't know how are you are they had kids barring would be give the Doug is just ate (%expletive) I didn't DH end of her idea what what did you discover the power bar that maybe you had not tried before the duke blue your mind. Ullman the most sudden and you know I never really had. Where he could get a party got to go to an Indian restaurant can have a social insinuate I was this camera. It's amazing but it also edging out like being a near ten dollar eleven dollars. I don't know I don't eat vegetarian lasagna and all always believe we can we go to the hospital I played seized by the way it's highway saw every cars are like you know to get ribs I mean it's going to be they wait they got everything that's our goal and bacon bacon doesn't weigh allied you can needed to have artists that's like you have realized sound just don't polite too hard boiled eggs and bread and remained magnate T rule out. They don't. Actually goes you know you could put it. We could get like mashed potatoes that are there but that's heavy not exactly that crazy but it has been so they'll come out real battle. That's what you do now off the heavy food in your mouth is guru par hole. A graduate now we are a little bit more clever but what they had. What the base station where you create your own the rights to actually bring your backs overt. He brings middle east Asian. And it trans a wait and try it for years so then when you go to the register. It's mark and the breaking waited out and I am so basically my friend that I towards guilt slowly leaking out. Actually it is with you know 234. Pounds of food in it and just barely touching it that the scale. So that the sticker was printing out as you know all three. And I know I'm not try to encourage bad behavior arm but don't you feel like I'm somewhat when you when you trust people to do things like this you're just begging for a one doughnut like yeah you'll leave your house unlocked as subtle breaks and everything over degree you're right man no one should break into your home. Known as the righteous stuff what you would still say hey man. Puts you left your door unlocked. Here's the difference if you do go to the PCC all right let's assume that you need a bar so. So she's also got to pick up a bar so where is she walked into the normal grocery store that Barroso would be fifty cents to a dollar to BCC at six bucks they get the money back. Elaborate on every single thing they have wire this place as you can make money off of organic food because you can you can overcharge. And people seemed to bite on it and they like it like. You can't go to you can go to PCC in my toilet paper that's gonna work because it's been used by 500 other people have Marty what about on it and that's why it's a wonderful we've been able to redo this to a November here have some rebounded to clean toilet paper. And you go in there is just. It's not. There's certain Ocalan the certain things did you get there that are great like when you need like. Honestly I don't I hate to bring this up if you like tide pods or he needs something that the practical thing a girl aren't hip on that stuff that you couldn't go get mechanical there. You would have to buy like. Joan. Make it taste any better sure but I wanna Coke let me edit any of those stores so but even back in the daylight. BC universal to set all food short like they know people are steal. I just think that it into the call it's. Dirt bag important player and I'm urging people to do it but you know damn well if you're gonna these people do their own devices. We're gonna teach you man who I mean EMI grocery stores figured out do you have the self check out. It's got to jump check out what would you look up there watching please take my guide. Out of the bragging you're like wow hey if you lie but I do love understandable and that's. Who who do you know that you the system. And how they Dillon a 44999. Omar cuff go to appearance act. The show and many games continues on the men's room radio network.