01-17-18 Seg 4 Mens Room Calls The Police

Wednesday, January 17th

Profile This, TV Time with Ted and Headlines


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This is dumb men's room. These drills. It's gonna save my color 9844 999 a little flavor profile that's coming up in miss. And bigger headlines of the way one hour from now foursquare check get a Mike Cox for some of the stories and headlines he is not working are on a conservative group that wants to split California into Tuesday's declared its independence just the other day. They want California to be the coast and everything else was just be called the new California. We're just a good chance this won't happen. Yeah. We know won't happen but you know I won't get with a porn is like look man if you live on the coast that's one set of problems. But because of the way we do vote here all the population there is a life you know paying to some additional huge gas tax or something you live in the middle woes for the Trevor someone Ayman Al. That's this is well obviously and you go from state to State Department and did you go to New York State which one I'm Rochus defeated the New York City. Sure that I'm in Seattle Spokane and Brett wherever he made the city is resting state generally does not reflect. Exactly and if I was say that the funding round Maryland they have increased. There's a gripe Ralph we can city by DC Brad or Baltimore. Then you have beat everybody or they're just completely different when you have like western mountains like what I did it in this thing is about the size of a shoe box to console me. This story every year by somebody trying to secede are always tell it is the most successful one as well as Virginia. Brilliant all absolutely. If that's the only one in particular facility and everybody is like down right on the session that we know of in the history of this country somebody say that was the big. While the successful one at this exact. Says how many kids are actually doing it tied pod challenge well the American association of poison control center says they've had 39 reports. Of kids intentionally eating them in the past two weeks. OK just take keep on drug and again I thought it was a joke and I saw video of the dude put some of that dab Reagan was smoking. Yeah I just I mean. Plug in is my maybe maybe I'm an idiot but. It is seems to me if I remember correctly by the time I was a teenager I did not make the best decisions but that's not what teams do but I. Very much understood the dangers of something like I don't know eating laundry church. Thought it was never hurt. Like you said you did stupid things and maybe sometimes the stupid things was you were gonna hurt yourself a little bit. Deborah wasn't it wasn't anything I was gonna enjoy them rephrase that maybe drugs or alcohol but it was not household front right and the thing is there's no gained of this country. There's zero million that's not OK so called again you know listen we were kids or would you would do when you did something that would end up hurting yourself it looked cool. At Thursday's off umpire blows and loved it I mean I am literally set my hand on fire before. If it burn a little bit but I did it and it would bet that as an edit or didn't understand at the things are now when you're bragging about the fact we consider him on fire. Because it's not as bad as something else for a defenseman made right and that is what you get for slowing its iPod use spit it out because as discussed they get your stomach pumped right. Congratulations you're an idiot who is flowing up. There's an agreement letting customers but it's new and next new glazed donuts labor. You can vote on the website between now and next Monday the four choices are blueberry. Lemon a thermal. And maple. Cool crazy. Not a local man go ways. I've I've just been issued Don lemon and if I go Carole Argo bluebird. I think we'll very good be good no winner out of something very flu very kicked in the at Krispy Kreme nothing else I think ways besides the original. I have no idea. How about you get chopper from the get another frost of announcement I'm lazy it's frosted. Definitely to your original glaze at the frosted. Maybe they do but that's just the frosting glazed the clay balls and nobody take donors they do move frost. OK I get second what sakic go to opera. But he is unchecked. It just a regular. Chocolate don't you know the regular Krispy Kreme donut right there and then chocolate frosted up yes there's job with frost does not place. Correct that's boilermakers who want a new way has not announced it yet with the chocolate donut is frosted or place. I would just say the same thing they ever talk to our values and David chocolate donuts. And that chocolate donut is great yes but that's still just a great but it's still the sale late chocolate chocolate doughnut with chocolate frosting on top of the chocolate don't know that I'm glad I brought they have placed to. All right and chuck. Put eleven anyway. I'll that if they have the same way that Iraq is a universe that they would want a new goodies or maybe give them a universal what do we do need a new glades. Marlon black what's wrong with the old boy and a brother no way I'm just saying that they had a caramel glaze have regular Leila Michael wanna anytime you have no idea that a verbal roundabout actually existed. I can tell people love Christie creatures like this a big event I guess. What are they even have made blend their dog in Toronto maple bar but really maple now go away they've. You supported blueberry for a glaze and any. Like unmarried but yeah LA is the mayor says caramel written all weren't. Vote and on the National Geographic released a list of the top twenty nine's small cities in America. Hello over its little skewed because some of them aren't actually that small like New Orleans and Pittsburgh (%expletive) yeah. Oh hi Corey Smith and maybe in relative terms themselves in Cairo in New York there are little notebook midsize cities you'll look. Now islands. Act the toilet I think now you have a pro franchise I think it's about these sorts you're not a little city my disagreement. Yeah I'll play New Orleans as to prove them anyway yeah of this I am at though that small Pittsburgh has all African for. A new study found friends tend to be more genetically similar to each other than to strangers. Which makes sense that everybody you know you don't hang around people you like. I care woes there or moved or something and you're in the same thing is to know things that he might. That grounder. Let me biologically you probably have some chemical markers that are similar that tie break then you naturally you'd along a little bit. I write like a city usually tend to like the same things here elect has to be the same feel like all of our friends the chemicals. It's all. You have that being realized you meet like you know kind of like to do you or whatever made you met him through like your girlfriend girlfriend's. Now the New York heading south. Like you have a broad or real casualties that Virginia did heading out that is why do and I love them but I have one of those awkward things that kind of get your number. An athlete across the slot it. Usually it's who we got a long since it's something you need if you were take I gotta be present this there's also. W Digital's. Fifty year old woman and her daughter Fata to carjackers using a purse and a cup of hot chocolate. A Metallica Battaglia women now own way right out bugs them almost positive that included in the purse Ilia. I you never do that Kirby stuff but at like. Bikini Brees is Dan because they are hot liquids and guys. Word you do your purpose of my death. Did you see it and didn't see it easily inexperienced man as silly as scramble bottom review you'd reach more of war on Goldman June a scar you. Am telling you would you had advice on where to go per game as a men don't go where reviews the library and then they don't have any security chemist. Like you like and over in England you know just check out a girl caught having affairs. Better than cup where they're at I. A slide that up is Derek has a that I haven't heard you need to include. I think it's good good as I rarely have the wrong verb legitimately. I'm waiting on my daughter did you have number yeah we're in Vegas and haven't heard welcomed Arby's on December. I'm a little long haul off off Melissa and I knew that Chernoff rally and put it should have adjusted the other thing. It's a one year old man in Florida recently won 451. Million dollars in the lottery. And it looked like he runs later this week that he was giving away 5000 dollars to anyone who retreated as post. But a solid complete hoax and it's as someone posing as a modular. Janet just further read tweets I don't get it what do and what. Wire each week so important that you just do some stupid like that. I don't know ma'am. I mean it. Obviously the more re tweets that you'll get you feel more important. What if I was to make mining Donald Trump on there and I put something up that was getting just a ton of actions like. I'm not cool. Democratic ticket as good as it's funny stuff. They had a pretty with the re tweeting yeah I got a wire that story nobody gets hurt that you still a millionaire kind of funny. And I don't know it just right if it's something as simple as retreated to get to five keys to your brain have to tell you that despite. Yet. In Nigeria and obviously not. There's a type of fish served in Japan called flu view I believe is amazing that. I can tell you if it's not prepared right and there's a talent had to issue a warning over a loudspeaker system this week after a grocery store sold five of them that could have been deadly. Odds are they'd they deliver. Yeah I got to remove the way our bad yeah I was gonna that's in my actually kill you. A plastic surgeon was arrested as he was heading into surgery with a patient lies ahead I'll tell about a one hour from now tiger my talk winter had I've got a one hour from now aboard the good love. Street sense. Seemed thrown out to please everyone help profile this is play. UI charge and miles of the simple game where we share with you real wide news story something that happened right here blender or. Are gonna do is into the story based on stereotypes you believed to be true of people and the decisions that people make. Bless you wouldn't do you think makes the story a story. Hello Kim welcome to the bedroom. More you know I'm. My aunt and giant option allows candidates tied union stand out this you're gay Muslim. Have you understand how the game with play. Yes I know out of it fantastic here's your store. The New Jersey man whose car plunged into the icy Delaware River. Well if it usually you storefronts die every escape from the submerged vehicle. And fled the scene. Now police say that he was driving quote at a high rate of speed with a girlfriend of the residency shortly before one of the PM that's when the car. The struggle Portman demand helium bag calls according mulled over the room wall and fall into the ice covered us know below. Now the vehicle became submerged in the water the duke got out of the car while I was Horford remain trapped and Brad Anderson he's been asking witnesses to quote help my girlfriend. Before running away from the C we'll go from still Wear your seatbelt when responding firefighters pulled her out vehicle. She was taken to a hospital where she later died well the police used K nine they tracked the boyfriend I'm in light rail station. They stopped the train they arrested the guy. He was charged with leaving the speed of the fatal accident causing death while driving and suspect I'm in driving with a suspended license and endangering it injured victim. You believe that as a modern day Romeo is black whites make tea or Asian. Yeah and well and New Jersey a monster where New Jersey but it just didn't. Hands. Sometimes not messed up didn't armed. New Jersey and now on out I think it YE. A template White Plains and then run yeah I know I what do you guys think. And wrong a lot lately but I used to like would you fewer stories are people letting other people drowned in the car it's always a white person. Although Reese Ted Kennedy who. The girl noble and it yet with snapped my slice. To loosen the woman in Texas right yes some going back to our cameraman. You have. Don't why black people don't swim but this bill I'm gonna be a Heidi. That's. Okay though no one final answer. Yeah I mean they YR I we'll find now. If he was black white meg C or Asian next fat entities you are listening to the men's or radio network. Yeah. Well by this existing or New Jersey and a couple of traveling road not a guy loses control the car of the cargoes into critical late coming soon. He's about manages to free himself and makes his way to shore his girlfriend however she was found. Strapped in her seat yeah and she later passed on at the hospital he. Ass and be left homeless girlfriend took off running what does this do light rail jump on it they found account hit the fifth closing likewise makes Eurasian is the question. Thank you you would look like. Yes let it. A. I'm saddened yourself and miles you're about to help rout he said man. You know why people don't live where you might be right because his wife danced up an element car and says if someone else run out of black. Meaning. I mean the machine right there around you right there are you really got to me. You know sent that out how many of this than many that the problem is I just thought it was still white because the other and the lady was in her seatbelt he. The manager gets them or not exactly see that's not concede though I was just thing and the fact that the guy voluntarily drug public transportation on these companies like throughout his. Really good and I'm an ally in Basra stray rat guy. And by the way his car probably as license plate is. I do of intensely and I knew it wears either onto it hide our whole team is all the time Deborah TV time but today and I. Sure. Countless hours in front of a talking. Prisons. Right so the NBA for years like an eighty's stuff was kind of a rough and tumble week tour right you. I was let's say which is a football team in basketball gloating going up there beating up people might look bad boys they talk about Detroit I mean the bill and Beers is the name that comes to my shock. When I was a child the way of beer is a large white man fought everybody. If anything that run one run and was granted rebounds and routed grab rebounds right as opposed the Larry Bird was like I did a lot of jumpers yeah. That they're better at that so the NBA was a rough week even of the ninety's and stuff was still pretty tough. In these guys you know it and keep them I always bring this up the MBA one reason I like it is it's so there's only twelve home. On each team I. So it's very close quarters. They date all the same card as she ends with a go to the same clubs late it's pretty intertwined and also the problem is is a very public which. I kinda like that they can be public about when they're gonna get trader this and that's think you know what they do the made a ton of money. Both the backside is the other people on your team you're leaving no that you been very public about this are it's just keep that in mind and then the other set up I'll give you. Is that the Houston Rockets. Are playing in the Los Angeles Clippers can I Chris Paul now plays for Houston. He played for the clippers for years. Yeah I mean Blake Griffin I guess didn't get a Hong so this is inside even be eight. Talking about a fight that happened and then some of the players of Houston went to a locker room and players our little soft. The teammates said yes this was very much are rallying around Chris Paul they have each other's back. Tension between the two teams will continue on across games. Ros gold on woody thank you very much judge cut him now laughter yeah that they're allowed to get the inside the don't believe not what I can. I Larry I play. Had never been to new apartment and a bit older they'll do you do at the board thought our polling front. Acquired a way to. They got up all these drugs. Are you giving me. Hello wait for Obama the real close. Boards that if that LE PD was cold relative begin withdrawals yeah. Jack boom and I look at Atlantic football didn't. Well they're saying these. It's not a blood from my. Don't want to give him the hardware is certainly felt that it would love your look requesting an air qualifier probably. Gaza would rallies guy. And the lack Romo. Lapping at the back at the ball all pro government and did so the whole Watergate when you're un. No one in Washington. 100 no we're not a bad idea down Bill Clinton mob movies liberals. Follow us home words with the current employers report Roger did you tell how do you move. Talk quicksand public have a George and we'll have told us is very slow Chris Paul. Jewelry it's the plight called the conditions are all about six to empty tuna parliament will probably implemented. Ballclub giving him. Gonna quit. So obviously Shaquille O'Neal Charles Barkley are very large ready here and she feels a cop. Ed Blake never just listen to immediately I don't think they really care backed Barack today their mentally though is that same thing as society in general. But it's funny I don't love you beautiful story. It sounded the rockets that one guy to the front of the locker room of the clippers and the the rest of home tried to go to back door to get there. On the stair to the mood. No they are basically sacrificed and when of their own I gadget to draw attention with me from the other door out today. Yeah I. I don't obviously times are changing those guys are laughing that are light come on man. Yeah well that's nothing to me he's he's right they secretly who called the cops the friendly if you are so much bigger than Chris falling. Is he wanted to get a shot you know. Tells MBA player no personality right now as the referees. By the way you can watch that full clip over the major piece of page pretty funny and everything into the MB even united huge NBA fan. When it comes on just watch too don't catch up on on the news and highlights and there's always something funny. Going on there with those guys act. Stick with sports a little bit a guy like this one if you don't know the Australian Open which is always think the biggest the first major of the year for tests okay. A couple things real quick the Australian Open. It's it's wicked hot down there you can summer down there and the number two is still Australians are gonna have a little fun. This this is during a match and in the person in the chair of the referee would have her. Kind of asked the crowd not to mimic the crimes of the girl play in these Australians out there to have a little fun. They can't. The things on it's convenient for us. The new screen. I have this seven Lincoln. I mean you know. The umpire Casey just. They have just stay out of it right now let's have the data for that's let me think stop talking to these these are out our would you not nowhere. Alan gold Sany you can make orders from him. Yeah always to work with a guy who also knew what an army was doing some events and as it was explained to me. He's also some stuff out in the crowd I was there whatever was and I guess through sort of sort of backup and it was what it was but I guess at that moment is a delay c'mon guys who don't throw scrap up about a quarter get pelted by every African thing that's not nailed to the floor late. Don't say anything. What's the golden rule be an onstage. With that. Well yes under the golden rule out an old rule you've never throw anything off a stage where we're coming back to Q. And once you throw them off that's the age out there with countered a speech whatever there's a high percentage shake your heads so we sort of picking up the fire right back. That was always played the cardinal rule of late clearly I was glad I was there that patent office thought the crowd W c'mon don't do that little portion to tell this is Johnny Resnick. From the full proof now Diane Sawyer to avoid it on you do you do Rudolph's. I I pulled the album consumer who do dolls sporting gas. I was I saw him in concert people don't stop and yours you throw one more thing up here we're walking off. The states I think if you get to this anything I'm a nickel and I walk off with it. Nickel back and a metal festival in Europe since they're good throws dove sort of thing Elsevier reliever and do things he's doing great and Manila throw it high. I think like we did and we love him. Yeah it doesn't have been seven fold at a concert once you say. Hey kid you not throw as much on the strategy each click we love you got breath like you've got to be you have your pretty late. Laugh how old ban offshore a drunken kinda almost make the upper right if you're anybody else outside nickel back. Don't get to make our progress. My favorite ever think it was it was primus and said he played the Eagles and I don't resent it it's so big outdoor thing. Some applying and played a little cornfield. Thousands of people Americans that do anytime you play different things in the Wednesday Judy we do get brought to you this he did that business cards right. The summer plans like appeals something hit my chest but we're still playing the song narrows my chest is bleeding. So after the sort of look down somebody threw a severed pig's foot. Yeah I like the male cut this test is like that was the weirdest thing to happen you made. Yeah a separate who brings is severed pig's foot to a concert. I mean people are really what a rage as a person that brings a knock the postal alive hockey event that believes that serves a purpose. It's a tradition rectify OK good that's yeah. Damn you that's understood why the bigfoot like if we know went to a game in Detroit. I mean I know you brought it up but I have a feeling you'd like comment output gap for about pick it up through there is producing I would losses. And now I don't I don't know nothing about I know enough about octopus. Lifestyles now that I would think that thing would somehow. Figure out away a crawl up in my penis and just go all the way over there it and hide in wait for the alien life form to come back and get haven't figured out that he Genesis. I think it's a dead octopus for you put three putting your parents I really do think he's just play everybody. A beneficial eleven heavily on the broader than you will act like they're dead just sued try to figure out a way to make an escape plan. As a fish stock on throughout the kid the wharf in DC and the result pile octopus right now quite a whole lot was in the cheapest thing right. And it's like slowly slide and slide my dad I'll. And defaults in the water in the guide it's kinda it was a near my dad like two other adults easily nobody could stop it. Thanks man didn't down in the water now I can keep it's they're sorry mayor Richard that I thought of that approach right. They only something you want to. Now then it. But I still think miles sneaking in. You know what I got not pay at the doctor that's in my Amos. The good environment to a little cynical argument. Don't let the record. Oh. But it clowns scarf and implement those clues were up. As I'm gonna pull it like a record ever and it well besides a real reward no anytime to blame will broaden our. Maybe that's about it. Discuss the vulture dot com they put out an a list of the brand used teens in TV history. Brandy is team does that mean the actors are indeed the carriers seem to character okay apparent. I won't lie though it's a tough list for us. This little world well old in. I mean outing I'll put Robin in this one too I don't I don't picture any of us in the show repeat gossip fans Gossip Girl fans. I was not to know I was so we growth at a time where you really didn't disrespect your parents that much it wasn't that the kids were getting in trouble. They just weren't disrespectful. On television as much maybe they were every once a while those more like him under prayers but he is so good to trouble. Well they got away with stuff of the parents weren't there which certainly apparent from scene you kept them yet. Lacey Jeffrey. Are off the end game with a rooms. Julie Taylor from Friday Night Lights and showing much Jenny and Dan Humphrey from Gossip Girl. Art Carl Grimes the Walking Dead. Don't like she push your Carl's a big character probably as gap but it Bradley. My guess he was Brad who's an adult now. Dawson Leery from Dawson's Creek. You know Dawson's Creek is in my wheel house is an age I never watched it was that was a detained Vander Beek through yes a James Vander Beek was Dawson. That's all I like I know the name it was not a strong watch but when it was popular is popularly could be skewed hearing about it but. That was James maybe what we know we have. Aside rip listen how nice he was a bench. Look at other things like this seems like you and I can't stop want out of it was constant. Tent it was constantly crying like cries he wasn't constant emotional wreck to the point really like OK your life is so hard. Lake yeah I've social barrier we made tiger draws me he had some bad stuff happen to pump but it is. Nothing like other people's lives it was a ridiculous. Constantly crying. Probably why he made the ready list yet so happy. From Nashville they put Matty Conrad on there. Dana Brody from homeland dawn Summers. Whom Don Summers. From a bucket of empires I there. She's got a funny thing. And then the last on the list I know you guys know this when men though it AJ soprano for the sprint yeah okay that he owes America elbow finally. That goes like that this is just got to go back ten years. Mean. But it's true though when you watch that show they Wear bright little kid version but there as well yeah and there are some of it looked on my kids I was that's right and your dad the mob boss he can't get it. Someone of that Donny and others that show growing up Gotti mean they had by John gotti's daughter on it and then the three really basically. Jim Jim larger guys before we knew without us. So one Obama I'll say one of on this like actual like enemy fighter now a New Jersey and yeah and it's funny too is those guys actually have to Gotti mean there's so many random rappers and stuff that have to write that moniker. Yet they almost don't don't label but I think a hypocrite or not Roukema Gotti yeah yeah okay but but but at the show or. Jimmy Fallon always funny with the thank you notes these few days. People who jokes there's still writing 2017. None other checks. Make me wonder who's still writes checks. And John you. Turning 34 this week I really like for a team of your party mandatory. Get ready. Christmas trees being thrown down the street. Looking like everyone just went through a bad break from Santa. Cross country skiing. Being the perfect scores for people who like skiing or was it ten times as long and wasn't fun. You guys have been three years ago. And yet exercised. I'm wearing colorful socks. Sending the message to your shoes just continuing need unsung. Thank you are asking someone to go I just kidding miss this thing won almost fall down for an hour. Let's have you guys actually when I see it. I'll go oh there's probably right in Europe and Canada yet. Which is not the right place to go you're not really really good. Do you want to do that do wooden floor you'll be fine don't go in in RS shuffle board tournament if you never played in Florida even if these same equivalent. Yeah we heard how much have you never and I think the last summer went ice skating man I'm the guy out of it was second grade. I am so happy I don't know how that means I would've lived in frigid cold temperatures my entire life guy in our lives and snow. Nice hell unearth everything that I hate I am so happy that that is the 116 to two other wanna enjoy it too I'm just glad that I'm not natural and it does that means that I lived on it just in the worst possible place for. I know skating burns me. NASA has some friends and hockey guys eat passing one got so drunk you barely stand up on the skates and but he put him on the ice beneath. Latin around player are now it was just unbelievable but it's just so funny like. Ice skating to be scares the crap out of you day and I'm 37 haven't been as I was like twelve or thirteen. The government's got a long time flying at 3025 miles an hour a little smack into someone in my head on concrete on end but people raising goal when you watch people doing just amazing. Other so smoothly and backward that's great schools yeah I would look like I'm looking for a lot contract wins amazingly I'm I'm faced down on the ice. And what do they do in twenty years later they put one by hand behind your back they take their shirt off and roller blade on your trip. If Brett I think the guys stay in gruesome remains he's got to put one hand behind his back. Let me go fast later it is ironic it is it very clear headlines coming up what might shock you are listening to the men's or radio network. We are Swiss miles. Now let's see what's happening in the real. Partner go to Japan where train engineers can now tell locomotive to bark like a dog for me. Meanwhile Killian funeral home creamy it's the wrong body says that right there aids and beef. Boy you're starting cutting grass they don't making six figures as a team that. A Lexington Kentucky surgeon shows up with a most blood shot eyes you've ever seen and a seventeen year old not seventy. When a guy who worked their grocery store for seventeen years. He's fired for trying to stop shop drama and test after December deadline. It's Sunday it's. Here's my car and I'm Brian likes again getting from Lexington Kentucky a plastic surgeon has been placed under arrest after he showed up for surgery intoxicated. The chief medical officer escorted him from the facility any was turned over to authorities and arrested Booth stand man this cat this Czech open. Jim it parents Gerald Barnett and his. Not a doctor. A surge is surgeon. Plastics is not that you show up for your physical. With a doctor who's hung over drunk it's the guy that's operating from. Hey I'd be nervous slows but deserters have. Yes little salute to the edge. Hillary quick drink less than I have are of those surgery to land and your URL through import remains on the adequately. Senator Amy Jaffe was shot desired. Yet it was like all the nurses that are regularly called the cops. I think he's well on the back Hamer and you when Venus after the hour guarantees you may about it. Around the world in Japan the issue of trains hitting deer on the track is so common that they are experimenting new ways toward deer off the tracks on approach. They're using the system that emits three seconds of the deer snorting noise the deer and make that deer make to warn of danger before twenty seconds and a dog barking. Which. I don't know how I can go over the some of the train as it wobbled bullet trains as were some magnitude as the make a whole lot of noise maybe I don't know man I just. The support is so quiet. We'll put it it's a minute I'm mark coming out again that there's anything to blast that but. Fifth fifth fifth pick lettuce if they hear something that's supposed to be settled just blasting over loudspeakers. I got a Villa they're not really Melissa Jones. Our roads like extreme horn should do because and I've never quite quite a rumor train blast into Rwanda you know I got there well the greatest lessons learned. Whatever. Dear and over the trail my idea my hike yesterday and then threw the woman the hell out of me. Much security do just had flashlights of them is complete deer in the headlights look on. At a Philadelphia or an Eagles fan I was ejected from the playoff game against a thousand decided dig out his anger on a nearby animal. He was thrown out because he was drunk and did not have a ticket and while being thrown out he'd punch a police source it's about one of the biggest known as you can they'll. He was arrested on a slew of charges. They're a good embody the athlete punched the police or three thought about when can we tell you things of fictional Washington Post to him. Like I I mean his arm was extended it looks like he's punching the horse tank and that is a bad idea. Yeah officers man I think they have a badge and everything that is assault on a police officer. Let it becomes next to anything don't attack that ranks. That hasn't even looked drunk were not quite there could break up is sitting and it's. I wouldn't be sitting in a parking mutilate don't punch back partner should not even go 108 different part of me part of your subconscious drunk self that should not even be in there. I was drawn got a picture of the police source once he put it had a Marshal. Nice flat great if I'm Ireland's best till it's gone through the daily allow myself was is anybody's feelings ever again today. A high schools and is making headlines after he took a routine summer job and turned it into legitimate business. Having done grass since eighth grade high schooler to took a summer to expand his business as far as he could well. Through word of mouth and your reputation he got big enough to where he took on a business partner hire part time teens of high schoolers and even had one full time employee. And they even recently broke the 100000 dollar milestone for the company failed. That's getting it done man. Hence didn't have done. We're gonna pay like then that becomes people's eyes and lots and how much he's making for a long one launching Mona where he's the only kid out there are still do today and I will drive I guess that's it for airlines when that might not have the visionary with CNN San Bruno as Sherlock kids meat and potatoes the return of big dollar and it's all coming up for he has indeed it is all true but you can wait until tomorrow. Until then. Please do what you do best in Portland this thing. Sedan.