01-16-18 Seg 3 Mens Room Gets Hyped

Tuesday, January 16th

Emails, Ryan Castle is in to Sit & Spin with the Top 10 Jock Jams of all time! Plus the Return of A Positive Drinking Story and the Shot of the Day!


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This is the men's room. Listening to. Israel. Positive during your story says you're pouring your beer all wrong it's going up right before we drink it tells with a shot of the day. Harbinger blank question today I once knew someone who thought blank was normal 8449990. Here's an interesting comments as I started having such sixteenth. Until I'm 44 a Barcelona orgasm that was normal to have a short scene inside my rectum. Well look I doubt that I had a civil vessel assist your civil Bethel is the most low pushes you swimmers out. Had surgery and everything's been good twenty usually okay bug lagged. Good day and I commend ouch yeah retiree jury had moderate but permanent normal right shooting pain yet shooting paint a hello my cup welcome to the men's room. Although. Yeah. I don't know are is there oh my coworker should appear to get out. Are you you're into this lady who they're no they're now that it was after an earful I was talking me and he told me that. Her family education also played them you know how to help page so late eighties. All who made sure what you leveling the bathroom you know. You don't drop it and dropped. It would be normal for almost a walk get ambushed thirteenth door walked in and watch our hands in another person come and help all the extradition. Also we'll do and number two on the spot. And. Yet now. Look where I you know it's still one of private time that I Philly everyone can demand. You know look I got kids so late there is no moment my wife is not insane but. Would that it got approved let me give me my three to five minutes just leave leave the Frick a low. Definitely do not walk and never comes say Ernie Darby through the door may have like my cat. Yeah while want to yell that I have yet to death just don't care act. Every time we take a dominant closed door trying to Handley business. What baby that has that view and why it's very sweet. But at the moment it was like come on early in the I always felt so weird and kind of thought we got bad dagger like I'm told my daughter lover bit of same drama intentional wolf in just. Feels wrong and she would do would ever I'm very glad she stopped doing that. But she did it broadened for about three years straight thanks very handy and our new our baby those those we've done. They do go away I'll be out in a minute I wasn't someone who thought blank was normally 44999. Cola. Pelosi did they welcome to the men drew. All. Hulu. Ducked out when a man. Or why they're so I'm a little actually I was graves well you know Andre and I are talking great grandma grandma or mother older sister you know cap. It and yeah so. Every time I know what to a restroom that was always the women's luncheon. So I don't through grade school. I'm talking first grade second grade third grade. I just keep going into that though the innovations and and I'm unassuming kid and I look back now which it'll probably talking about me there to do that doesn't look you know regiment nobody ever suddenly think features include it. Is that because when you are young they always took you in there so you could use the bathroom to take care do you think that is exactly maybe like two scared glad I don't live and commander myself and they couldn't dilemma right so I would always just don't let. What do they think happens in the man's breath and look plan haven't woken restaurants and pass if you had to clean the bathrooms like. Guys do guys do this kind of messy but the women's bathroom it looks like a slaughterhouse by the end of the goddamn business day. But I got. Another well overprotective so bad and then I I I middle that I got a bunch cared and I that the league and I you know. I'm OK with my wife they can remember they know which doesn't go into an. The idea it would not give a great day goes on her own son Greg on the red bathroom how many kids do you have. All for good god man what are their ages. I'm a range from seventeen to two OK no problem drop them off that grandparents' house this is to take care know that. Yeah no problem there I wouldn't mind I don't know that yet exactly no worse than good as yours and no doubt they know woman's bathroom somewhere. I hope that sun apps in the. There I resemble worsened making them. Eric yeah him around but if your first secured first great still doing it right yeah he's a person the word yet that that's got to be embarrassing and just don't really different. Yeah I mean that's basically you're saying you only know right you're only going to only know would you know everything else we find out later I. And I didn't know I had no idea I once knew someone who thought blank was normal 844999. Hole. Hello Anthony welcome to the men drew. All it. So back in high school all there and a fellow classmate. Yahoo! is Kyle on the outside. We noted that he didn't have yeah I. And it's an act kept a close eye on him throughout the year. And he noted that he would let out hit I thought you. Get eaten good hair ball. Did he just doing right absolutely like sitting in class. Yeah he YouTube play and I still don't go back out there and it. The lineup and negative mountain. And then we can you. Not to eat every. Obviously everyone else you're out of it just quite quite thought god what a renewed. I don't know I don't quite equipment on boat he may be. I had you get those guys knew Manny collected his gaps in a jar. Ha and and I you make himself get scams and he could just so that he could get an Afghan elections and add to his collection Harlow did you receive his jar of scabs now he showed all he was very proud of you would welcome to do always a darn clear Bulger. It was vols gaps in its full of say well I mean just released can't he be put in their job. Yeah that was is that so gross I don't think he was all there are only what he's all air prayer now I know remotely did I guess I'm not wrong with his hand is really noticed he kept his jabs he would drive around town like. Zinni went leader added. Idea it was all over it. Just rolling this fast. Nothing absolutely told. You've got to get rid of the jar he has he had a really he had a very difficult time we probably do well others say he probably losing borderline asked burger or something straight I not something that was. Not. Diagnosed at the time but there was some wiggle out there right now we're grown of their innocence thing now wait wait you can reduce weird we were all friends that I'll never forget even the guy elector we were hanging out of one day and it. We're playing for awhile. And he took off and when did his own thing but I remember like he is mum came down. And she was like hey guys. I just want you to know I really appreciate you play with Chris. It on can be a little bit off but it means a lot that you guys are willing to hang out with an have you guys seen this cabinet are and we're both like we I just a real nobody jays were just like. A wrong ma'am I really do anything wrong with like you know I like when his mom gave denizens like this thanks in pursuit really. A man like it just sucked in areas that they are right it's confirmation it's just let these weird man it is but I'm still in an added I'll still try to play with still job and I feel like obligated to run exactly like his mom drops aren't you that's what she did what she did it was mind if you guessed right she'd take it Beirut to do do combined effort to get real easy where we're at a Santa Claus or tried. So she want to deal like an oil. And make these kids play when my son not quite as human now Bob I thought I am so grateful thank you for how well you do my kids you know write an athlete you guys just. Her mom nobody just said let's with the got to get rid of this jar of gaps it's well he'd do. What do I know I don't know only I knew the kid they glue surely kid that would like scratched dads and smell but at some point their parents and hey stop stop doing that yeah I'm I think what you seal little boy he can't stop touching these John grace and I am like stopped hygienic racket all right you've got a lot. We called you gotta pay it and go to army kids love using Davis I think that's I needed a nobody told us to if I went even steps. This court oaks I don't know it creep their body out. They'll do it right now globalism Islam and in what five years old and right now the funniest words and his entire vocabulary are pianist. But but talks in boots should and poop so it doesn't matter what you say to have one of those words to be in his response thread so. And there we want for dinner a little break bloop. And they took the words of one hour crap on played go eat. So I did throw like hey man you've got to stop saying it so. Franken much you have to just say improved. For every goddamn response and everything that's not the word in it's not a response to every goddamn question somewhere else my mother asked him on Sunday. Howard you are. Abu pretty. Dude stop. Say poop all. The time and and those are the worst thing you can say about it Cooper is not the answer to everything. It's at the institute every guy Tim Cook would one want to remove it won't months. God dammit. There's a movie called Mubarak such as they do. To our group beat me but misses are merely switching up Friday of like the penis a Booth perhaps group hopes the main thing and then blunt. You whoop but their primary ones boob is definitely top of that parent is only god damn word apparently knows any drugs that you spell where congratulations. Hello Jason welcome to the bedroom. Oh yeah. I. Are irregular heartbeat ads are. Aren't bella I'm the youngest and had barely ended up a little bit compared and the Marshal I was born eat that up until around. And we'd look at eight sort of German beer and I didn't have laid off that subject to change. About what was going on at that time other than you know sometimes I would read out loud howl but they're not the lead at the end of how you let him. Basically you know game I don't want to eyeball it and he's the furniture and add one until. Years later no doubt that exchange was to go well off. All this this is a guy. So we were just batic old creditor down there and more about. And gold could tell I was bad pass that behavior olympiad here but I realize the exchange local people. Yeah it's a good job to. All right. Yeah I guess out well if that's probably a good thing. But the red piano until it what is there in Duluth teens. I mean I didn't know as a kid like. Knights of the roundtable I mean all the knock off the file or was that knock off. We'll show I'm sure globe sitting right exactly if you're gonna show limo I was like in the yacht club of Washington DC like there isn't one Britain. And they even have a match easily swept you know like you and I love that stuff yeah acts and I think this goes on until a new way tomorrow. Your horse doesn't have a Jackie on it. I want to someone who thought blank was normally get your emails coming up for the midterm admits her mind back on you are listening to the badger radio network. You. Through silicon the targets are dried out till the end of their fans today the ten greatest Jack. Scams of all time to scale up right after these emails men's room. And then survived dot com. And I'm miserable I question I once knew someone who thought the blank was normal guys and the family friend who wears glasses. But before she got to glasses she thought that everyone can see. Just as poorly as her. Until she was at a baseball game and her dad and asked how he could tell who was to be replied by. Looking at their faces. She was 24 at the time she went through college wondering why people it's in the back of the class and still see the board. It never occurred to her roots music would you give glasses for the first all of my life change it really is when you realize all the things that you haven't been seen. It's like me in his mind needles on the country in in my case as years go by my guys consider a continually degenerative so act by an average better word so just every year is yet. I guys my family friend never owned a vacuum. They use the broom even on the carpets they're Carville was as hard as they would floor it wasn't until meals went to college roommate had a vacuum for a rug and showed her how to use it. After she came home with a vacuum she had to teach everyone else there at the use of as well day. Our guys my sister had to use a boot knife. I didn't know listen to I'll live with her and her family for a few months and everyone acted like this was completely normal. Her husband had some more gay and other new bathroom had a toilet the could handle whatever she created. My sister and I were in the living room her my brother in law take a knife and drop it into the kitchen sink hanging until my sister I was gonna throw around the trash. Thanks guys at for Mari. What I thought was normal was a lousy food I ate I drove to my dad and he cannot cook good food. I have friends who wouldn't stay the night of my house because they don't wanna eat the meals the my dad made when I found out what could food really days like my head almost exploded. That from DB Cooper. I dried up and win every sugary cereal cogo above cinnamon toast crunch fruit loops. Instead my mom Dennis Cheerios with chocolate milk I thought this was completely normal. One day out was while I was. Putting together as delicious combination of college for breakfast. And my friends gave me this weird look apparently have my friends thought this was the strangest thing in the world and demanded I stopped. The other half wonder why they never done it sooner. Keep on rocking jazz sounds pretty good that for malicious. Our guys that see here I heard miles story of the guy showering outside every day reminding me of the time out of my car for a month. So have the time I was able to use one of the pace showers clean myself up and every once in awhile a French are on a state tonight the remainder of my time I get myself clean by swimming. Others might not seem that weird. But it happens to be late June. Urge you lake cabins to be a ski resort town that's over 7000 feet in elevation. And this avenue B a month of October. One day out doing my usual laps no likelihood of a teenager tourists drove up the beach and started daring each other run in. They saw me and asked to those killed are applied it's warm once you get used to it. They ran and apparently didn't agree scream their ass out and let the thirty seconds Lar bonds stay frosty. That from bacon. You gotta keep in mind too. Just going on Mike's stereotypes like bacon as a black man. In October he's in a cold lake and the but I hope I don't like what what just go what is going on here. Retired US rebounds and men's room manager buyback jobs. All of which is my daughter will probably be born today. My wife's water broke last night's listening a premium to birthday email. So for baby David's and her mother and I would like to have an downloading the window and an original faced sandwich that from rusty and Brittany thanks guys. Oh. Yeah hi guys there is my son TJ fifteenth could you wish him happy birthday with a little turtles thanks in your peers is too small. TV very appreciative thanks guys that from dad. Solid. Fellas it's my twin daughters seventeen birds have a loyalists are they get to enjoy your show in there with me so please give a birthday shout out to jade and Mara. Also give a little kid they sandwich if that's not too much to ask thank you so much looking forward to many more shows that from Kathy. Guys today I turn a quarter of a century and I know my wife probably won't do this and since I'm from those in the states I'm doing it myself. All I want is an OG faced sandwich. And now maybe some Melvin Ted. Duly delay that for me I'll be your friendly neighborhood Coke dealer asked a question if it. And then hit the Melvin edit your birthday whistling in the good stuff. Funny joke around midnight down under. Guys my co worker inside his birthday today I'm sure he would love journal sex and the birthday sung 22 years old today. Only guys I wish my wife police shabby 33 he loves those in do you guys. And I had since I told about the midterm couple months back did you get turtles thanks followed by a little wedding puke thanks guys that from Jason. This gentleman's name my husband Marcus Mason is 35 he's been a loyal listener for many years and got me hooked on the show why we're living in lovely Arkansas. A police at a level that Joey chestnut in some dirty Germans on this glorious day rock on fellas that from Danielle. And. We'll look that I want to punch the PG yeah. Young and I could tell by your initial selected Eminem pleaded not in my mouth. I'd rather bruised or event today is losing your show for years and you guys are awesome. How about a barrage of Joey just nuts and Al letting the window and some wedding puke for his birthday. Thanks guys out from Carlin and his brother LaMont Jordan. Just okay. I apologize my beautiful wife Anna's birthday can she get out your penis is due small. And Shannon sharp talking about drinking Guinness thanks guys from then. OK OK. Okay. Yeah normal football from food mogul I won't that would give it. Our guys earth I'm gonna get our original face an alleged incident thirty journalists for my fortieth birthday I love it down from our buddy Eric. Fish sandwich. Yeah how you look I would look to reach the number so when did you correctness. Let me see them at their feet twelve. The battle super connected to. Just as my husband Daniel 42 your brother Sonny love you guys to death and if he misses an episode of your show is all day shot. Please give birth dates yet out forming out and a big only a grudge against and you guys talking all over yourselves about widening your penis. Thanks so much sincerely that from Amy. Yeah. I was cursing and why do you got to cover ideas yeah why they are at CNN on the loyally end under the weight and you have additional it is you what they're doing I want to let my reliable believe a little Margarita drive there for about thirty that it looks off and then pull out there. Look how I'm celebrate my 46 turn around real fireball would you guys please give me original face and what did your penis is too small that Omega foray rush it's guys that from Merritt finished a much. Hi guys always ever dated Gina great wife and mother delegates and Sarah Palin and and Alan thick banks from Chris well. And fund bitches police play a barbershop quartets and maybe a second up update from my host America's been around Europe for. 54 years been torn in the US navy. And you may just make his commute much less stressful. And I really appreciate it. We're not internal sex but I found this pretty glass turtles sets in the very sad Everett mall now let's share with you guys thanks guys African junket. It's now been named Laura Suzanne wins. She's the daughter on this. Oh yeah Stanley is he's still RL AC in the morning and afternoon and news and. Hi guys there you go home. I'm it's. Okay yeah it's OK okay did he had a solid. I pay higher grade are you know. Mid day doesn't did you Germans brought. All available through news world fame on men's line doesn't come another sign retailers. Need him trying to fly true. Blue. Laws a very big story says you're pouring your beer all wrong but first. The drug charges and how to want to get as time to sit and spin now. Yes friends it's time once again at all. Six and spend millions gather around the old radio and listen to some sweat a. Fired up for today's sit and spend your yes you know you live because as motivational music today this is the kind of music he fired up when you're hanging out with thousands of depressed this friend's favorite sporting teams of its all right. Our PS should be noted that. Rank castle who is sure. Who is your favorite NFL team on that would be at your Minnesota Vikings and I'm sorry a year aria this year if for whatever reason you had a little background at all at the at the end of the season last year I was starting to kind of be. Burned out on the NFL it wasn't because the vikings were to agree that a fine season last year. To his stance a little bit of drama shortly but I was just kind of burned out so when the season started this year and much a lot of pre season and then the regular season got ready to start my wife and I had this conversation like are we even got a team like we can get red zone this enterprise. You know like I don't think. I think important that. And then it just came Betty you know what. Let's take a year off let's just it's not the minute intentionally try to ignore the NFL but I'm not gonna dedicate my Sunday you're usually go hiking or go running and don't do stuff a disconnect I'm still live a year without the NFL and what happens. The Minnesota Vikings and complicity thinks that there and escaped the first game actually watched from beginning to end. This year was the game of course this week I used to go to other games when you lived in as I would we traveled to I mean some friends would travel every year to go see the vikings in different places in the fight let's play what Collins has it I saw him play at Lambeau which was amazing due to us is the vikings play a inserted they have released the specific tunes that play in the stadium what they did they have fights on the you know the what are they doing out there again we are a little finalists are all fighting for Oakland and dole vikings you know words now we don't know we absolutely did and that's first that touchdown rock them sock them. Fight fight fight Rocco Baldelli Rocco rock I don't know I don't know is still well below or. V I K I NGS there's still life in both daily and I thought there was no way of it ever got to go so anyway it's in the first game I watched all season from two back with the game this weekend and and they nearly blew it I was blaming myself like that's what I get for Kara and I got them hello I saw little of the sport no matter what I arena you know here here's this there these are the ten greatest jock jams all times on. Opportunity number one of the options for. And I think. When I picked up. I think this song I think what you told MTV. These Mike Martin jock. Yeah an idea. Who is that by the lead us through this is get ready for this surprisingly by two unlimited that would be the number two. The way I'm limited to any limit. Remember an alternative jock jams of up. I'm very now. Hopefully I can hear your song at least once it's out. Paid good doesn't it Gary malaria day occasional from the fields to publishing. You think because stadiums have his admittedly we understand and Alabama both of those songs up I don't know how the math works out but I'd I would I I would think that. If radio stations stopped playing Ozzy Osborne Black Sabbath and Ozzy stop tour he would still make enough money off this Sunday. I played in stadiums. Andre is John what are you all know he's on his dogs. We're out. As always I'm not a basketball okay. Especially Celtics. And also lose. Most famous for the university was content in the third fourth quarter home really for students actually did not do it they always thought never done all the time and I mean time. That's on fire area I this great thing that's our house payment jumper from 92 denigrated John Jan. Plays especially hot. Even though we all know the very little colorful why is it's a good place and you can I think you can watch a hockey game on TV about your site does he was okay. But they don't know. If he's still alive. He went to jail time I hope I don't. Get paid off and anymore I thank god please and hopefully it's going to people who need it seems the ten greatest jock jams of all time. This season the blue. And and yeah. Real minute genius guys who got fired up I guess I'm. And he. The tiger right. We have not. I won't do what reason do you win a commercial of this guy for months survivor singing Yale related genius not yeah apparently trying to get in case you did know the old the Budweiser was above my money I do good to see how this thing her from survivor and urinary Zagat. This is not the odd ten greatest jock jams multi month. Boy this was taken over this might be our number one right now I have no idea how you always do and as 1000 song grabbing a share this one takes over stairway to heaven. But I want housing crash site and again these are my dad Obama. No it does not everyone's allowance exists that you guys turn the page and tackle drop back spot right right Riviera is gonna ask us what really has been climbing ever thought I had I had no idea of the. So prevalent so in the sports world and to watch sports score more so I think international soccer here there's still just soccer just the chance. Alone single remember that was a different song play with the ED EM songs and then it got really popular Penn State which played at virgin. And it's somehow I was actually is a big thing to do with the rate that. And they started clicking over it now in America will meet here this secretive flight track that is not the light shots but the play when they played 8 year PM here viruses that are different. I'll look out for the elimination article might. Fender guitar jam tomorrow. They're flawed. Let's start doing. This is not called her craft 400. It's hard copies of the figure people out and prepare and jump on the song is zombie nation from 1999. Tiger is jock jams all time. And a back and forth and let my life is they don't care I blew my handling good you hit I feel more courteous and let's give me into this role I can't. Gender it's not dead. I'm Jim. Here in this online on the because he's seahawk fan. We didn't I don't know why not go far the other crap you fire up the wrong he and I never thought I'd be prudent that I could be painful like I did wrong I don't know I think my. Out right take those John Janzen all done that since then we've made enough. We'll for a lot of thank you right now. There goes to the sky above this breaking story did you. Pouring your beer all wrong and yes we'll drink and tells with a shot of the day coming up you are listening to the men's or radio network. Smiles and comes very close shot of the day is minutes away the first how bad. Ads and very positive very big story and I will they were pretty good support a beer well basically science says you are doing it all wrong in being too careful. Could actually make you more bloated here comes the science behind it OK we all know that till the glass Libor of lot of people I do you do till the glad you told us I generally do mentally Arnold who did this totally messed up my son boards about her religion. I'm look I'm not kidding you like to pour the beer forms out of their nieces and a port in so I thought to be disaster every time the skewed or beer. What happened okay it's appropriate more. Well look you're supposed to did you know I got the wood you don't wanna do is you don't wanna be too careful about it. Because having no foam you glance means you can bring a right away and it's great and you get more beer with one pour. But it also means your fears still hasn't hunt of carbon dioxide in it and when those bubbles pop the gas expands which can either having your glass or your stuff. My solid fuel to to handle the beer that's gonna happen in your stomach. I don't worry if you pour real easy you'll still have plenty of bubbles it will taste flat. It's just gonna erupt in your stomach instead of in the glass okay it's always still poured on the side of the glass they'll be careful battle to find lasting for about two inches of foam. And it's especially important they say if you're eating because when the food at your stomach it reacts with a beer and releases even more CO2 tonight you're even more slowly. So the idea the more ahead the better there are I'd rather have admitted it during attack. Just say it's a pure and. Men's room. It's just the way it is. Very talented and as usual we had does it during the Afghan Steve thrown up by about nortel's today and yes indeed and today well. I don't know how bold assault exactly but today I guess we toast that. A hotel in Quebec city that's the best way to put so it doesn't make it is under the hotel in Quebec city. In its may completely out of place now we've seen this kind of thing before they have Malaysia Norway and other places like that the hotel may completely by its Wednesday's call them up. But I had to be a vacuum we'd last week. Because odometer vice. It caught on fire. Now apparently it started Willie Campbell fell on someone's sleeping bag and fortunately. The pardon of bread two months before help arrived because you know again. The places may advisement a few people were hospitalized from smoke inhalation. And there was some damage because again fighters made it heat and ice is made of gold now the manager said quote. Having white walls and crystallize everywhere it doesn't require a lot of slipped that in effect so they had to evacuate and shut down for a few days to. Clean the ice because of the Ice Hotel. It actually got on fire and I would just that I looked and I know urged state and Ice Hotel nothing about that sounds appealing to me but the one thing I think I would be saved from. You'd think he would fire fire extinguisher no fire alarm to marry like why why whatever fire alarm was gonna catch on fire. It's writes I do number such thing with my ideas to bring your sleeping bag. Hey gotta bring something more every night I guess I've had to illustrate. We bore a lose lose and we drink this booze because we think it's Yemen yellow flag so over the tong and down the throat do you party in our Tony. Down oh yeah that's our job. It's gonna get doesn't online profile that Israel take collar 98449990. Look. The show and many pins continue on the men's room. The radio network.