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Friday, January 12th

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This is the men's room. Listening to. Was thrilled. There's no setting my collar 98449990. We'll play profile this coming up in minutes. You do at your headlines on the way one hour from now first quick check into my car for some of the stories and headlines he is not working honorably isn't new Yorker out for this. Guy who robbed and 81 year old woman last week. And then robbed a four year old girl few minutes later today oh man 81 and four well again to be fair. You can look go to animal kingdom and that is out Saddam might go for the older young religion for over it like to think there were a little bit about the image the animal kingdom enact. Have you seen our coworkers or within even the kitchen of this is a fact we clearly are not the movie ends I mean. Girls right. Gotta wanna hear that theory for years from watch a lot of nature shows. And make even the biggest fattest animals always pick on the little looks amazingly it's Obama lot about American Muslims live in in no way am I suggesting that a lions a big ol' Harry bitch is just the point that. Evil they loved the king of the jungle in spite of not living in the jungle still goes after the old will be your New Orleans. And when you rob from a four year old girl. That's kind of the bigger question it's a good call what I did she have bet you felt that you needed I mean are you taking candy from a baby you're like literally. It sheds everything he does that he would be the only thing I can think she would have or was this poor little girl just head down to the candy store with their piggy bank. She's been save enough for the past three years to my canned Oliver allows a yet he's gonna bid on candy man. Down the deal lollipops I think that's a big old you know. Peter had knowledge I'm gonna look down yet here is this Skoda melodic pop shop to get a big oh rob how shot adds she yeah whom all day I think that's a big there. All right I wanna go in there again when I can't afford it I know things are three college she has those big like multi colored ones really get a little angry and Lou what they were the worst is just the commitment. And wrote a man dead even as it did go like man I. I got affinity just our graduate you know they were just a statement you just. In a few elbows and and people to show that they didn't albums and let other kids know your friends don't love you but that's that's a. Not the way in my love me. As my friends ever bother. They never bottle and in this with the general theory of my father. He continues to be in has always been a guy his car. You can drop scrambled eggs in his car and you still even mall Florida were cleaner the ones they didn't. If you had some big stinky day in your gonna bring it was dark in there wasn't worth the trouble believed. It's out all yeah I gave it you are now you can wait until tomorrow picked up from the moment to not bring amounts to Diaz thank you Michael. Here it was understood man. He earns good. A man in Michigan was arrested for firing several shots and a huge mega church north of Detroit. Because he thought it was an alien spacecraft and it does elevate a flying saucer luckily no known was her form wedge to no avail invisibly or are really is. He's shooting and grabbed him and from a path you watch movies and there's really no in between there's another just kind of studying us they're either about to take over or they just wanna co exist. But we're gonna shoot yet do we do volley they're gonna show up to be our servants. And swear at them. We're here to bring you beer record like I guess Chad or maybe a dubbed one or two of us. But go our way I want you to stuff it does not mean they don't go to white people I don't know why don't down until sailor Manila did you ever miles and might. More than what really you know everybody can play your moral the world god dammit if there was a dude walking in Brooklyn new gives. Ten of them do laid out of our quad man who knows beautiful Matalin the lunacy and not a promo about. No look at me in the Alan I get several. Although I'm gonna show you write me ask you how it theirs they're ready your guy government programs you don't know how aliens do stuff. Mentally I don't to make you uncomfortable in my study any future specific cases the I. How they met later this it's like joy ride in the way our guys liberal be human but they havens that we don't need visas and how we take your temperature. Yes so have babies think where aliens man. There and I will say I'll pop up right here in another area then you finally get free to have a fitness these crazy creatures channel and better days have been made as. It you know life. Welcome as a planet earth. But this needle in his not to practice with a specific cut this piece off of as many Madden capable welcomed the Arab. Put him under heat lamp and they've heard about that you have. At it and maybe have to do I Jesus Christ mayor Newsom and most terrified of paying for a good thing that ever happen to have. Has thrown out continued eight to feed him the address doesn't matter if he's trying to urge you just shoveling food about. Megan did in his own stool is because we love you. How to leave your phase of my son I vibe might be involved. A company called overflowed data recently posted the average commute times for each state. You guys have any idea what the top three. I don't see. Maryland new Virginians face of the Atlanta and they think I Massachusetts Boston's pretty bad right really hit two of a new York and Maryland and the New Jersey does have the longest at just over thirty minutes New Jersey as New York for the most part system or he sooner or oh yeah I mean like they've they've they've got nowhere to go all right any ideas on the shortest I got the bottom three as well. Alone diploma practically the same state as well. I don't trust. I've visited the its fiftieth. He's as good as they inner city. Other Allstate's Carl's steaks you guys are disabled like north or South Dakota all the video golf. Both of O'Donnell at the positive thing like Rhode Island and Delaware why don't you should be rocked the South Dakota Wyoming and North Dakota they each have the shortest at about seventeen minutes apiece dude I didn't type traffic in Delaware. Everybody from bankruptcy LA Jersey man I went right early it sure as states that afternoon. My commute on the twenty minutes and due to bad us about a moment I just assume like North Dakota South Dakota and whale would be longer now based on traffic. But avoid those who place right here you have sixty miles away from where you were commence. This is like that you don't worry about traffic but bum you out to dig into her home from the bar if that happens from another five miles just get off this guy's range as. What does that get on my property things like an hour how long I got there may go to huddle that acres she's running behind you with a shotgun on the and I am until. If I don't like and me and head says manager is fine as an at some guys Twitter posts is making the rounds after his daughter facetime them from upstairs to tell him that her little brother went boom boom on their carpet. Damn man I just come downstairs. I don't know was anything at all it's not about the fact the little Brothers crap and on the carpet. Well it doesn't say how all the brother is dead in seventy different. Because if if if if if if if if the. That's that's who and that humans not always look easy but also Wasilla decided they didn't look through laziness and moves on the Garber a lot and oozing lazy do these. He's got one kid Cooper on the carpet and why did facetime from upstairs when do we look at this file. Randy ball handler American kids not get that to go because I live within general and go to the bathroom and are you glad though now romance on sun. There's a lot of questions this until I'm glad he moved the fifth of the defeat it if it were my mom. He's their workload that sits on the chair drink fair and it. Right is Texas Tech fans I'm doesn't do good a finger gun salute code does stuff which is okay at a football game I don't know because of everything that's. Has been a female student recently did when she saw another fan at they Houston airport and got pulled out of line and interrogated by the TSA. What are you know shouting guns up and Houston airport is not a good idea to even a finger Google put it's a finger gun link to physically there. A finger of god cannot shoot anything but you'll guns up instead. That's where he went wrong when viewing guns seven again it was like Texas you'd think that they wouldn't know. But he's a bitter end of that is now it's not about if you don't think you're gonna kill anything like that again but now the TSA homes across America has made its of these. Finger guns are now legal and airport are they really I feel safer now I want you to think about those countries as. Sort of sinking right he's done it for anything it's a finger. Reorder your motor a few reporting yeah you please don't wanna hear it. About this play and that was gonna try to hijack a phrase no good losers but I think I think for a lot of people. I'll take care of that force I'd just like you know the state of the world were and right now they're back to Italy and where is counter intuitive that you could possibly there's never been a dumber time in this country that right now it's an entirely that's absolutely positive is that I get to drink her back Elin had a little bit of turbulence. Bring it back out there he morning Els at the thing off and wiggling my thought that you a couple of Pennsylvania the big trouble for their method of transporting their cats. What do they do I'll tell about a one hour from now tell you might knock their lives are on the way one hour from now the first they gave l.s mom. Three cents. Yes the throw it police are going now profile this is. Blame high short Dan my old but the simple game where we share a few real life news story something that happened right here on planet earth. Her. And as you listen to the story based on the stereotypes you believed to be true of people and the decisions that people make. Bless you would do you think makes the story a story. Hello Randy welcome to the men's room. Pallid under common thought wow are doing well already thank you do understand how does your game was played. Purdue offense has the message here is your story now so that tells me that this particular woman did not. Have a great relationship the rough is called off. There is a woman from sell things in Connecticut she died last week now thirty year old daughter. Skipped her funeral was woman skipped the funeral of her own mother to ask yourself why well. Because huge breaking the door mom's house of time in stealing her mother safe that had 90000. Dollars worth of stuff that. And when men twelfth when among fiance got home after the funeral he found them broken in 2000 naturally he called the cops. They quickly figured out that the Garber broken him and they found her ever 27 year old boyfriend staying at a motel they were both arrested on theft charge. The question is you will booze loving loving daughter is black white mixing or June. There in Kentucky. I Connecticut. Connecticut and right. Things keeping 90000 dollars that the stuff and faith in Connecticut Kansas and really all of lately. They may be I will say this were my grandmother died on June 2 my grandparents and my grandmother died. My mother and her four siblings who went to my house I'm always known to be there. And under the bed in shoe boxes actually found 90000 dollars in cash and I've I'm about knows this stuff. 90000 dollars in cash. Oath again. The crazy thing is founded that 150000. Dollars in cash and told us that they were found my you tell that that's that's a generation that doesn't trust the banks of the him along the way the Great Depression something happened you know who have been that resell like you know and and you drove about now. Frank that I don't have enough shoe boxes you know love does monitor with a federal this thirty bucks the mom's got an thief. The daughter's thirty index is thirty years g.s and stealing from a mile or wasn't at the funeral you try to steal they're used to promote the funeral so Noory obviously mommy I'm with Colin White that sounds kind Mac T heroines when did you say was there could be on sandlot I was thinking that it was the mother's fiance think about that. That they were going to get married that late in life somehow castaways are channels of thought OK well. Mom's gonna give all the stuff your new boyfriend I would just steel authority of India. I'll. I'm gonna just for whatever reason I'm gonna go black and just as Steve said his grandmother had all the money in the back and absorb what you do reborn I went home money under the bed in shoe boxes. Yeah I feel like this who won her own careless and Jerry Springer the third. I'm with you do nothing if they're trying to throw us off Obama is my day at a time and I had dealt with Thailand's there. I only know I wipe out Olazabal find out did she was black white Red Sea or Jewish next. T you are listening to the men's or radio network. They joke. Did the man's room. How how does exist to Connecticut sedan de L all the new low and it's over mom's money and partially her mommy just passed away. And she was having a funeral but instead of showing up her mom's funeral she went door home broke in and stole the 90000 dollars in valuables that she knew that she had intersect. She was probably arrested with a boyfriend and a motel shortly after. That is right and Randy we have few did you believe that this woman was black and white makes you juke everybody had different opinions and and ends up with white. Car. Try to close off my grandparents George Clinton and that is a true story literally 90000 dollars. My belt loop holes we remember my grandmother died. My mom goes on hate me that you and economical for them do we got to do it again and she calls me. Any doodles to tell them tone of the boy's leg she sounded coming happy yeah look to legislate. You're grab birds as far as we do we're broke all the time regulated not live extravagantly with the that. The plastic over the sofas all all the stuff to grandparent I have one bathroom Babbitt I've only. We found 90000 dollars in shoe boxes. Under the let me like he's like no that's what we said we had no freaking idea and the other thing we found out they own three other houses. And that they were renting out and it'll be paid in cash. There's no one of them capitalism and we'll fully paid cash all the verbal volleys and they had no recommended drill Stanley found that they too he gets on there it's there at Atlanta. Now relatively new though does his dad for TV. Would that. Because you are. Countless hours in front of the talking and the presents. About aids is a lot of stuff going on on the news all the time that you channels everywhere there is social media news channels to lot of information it is. But what it is sad stories been going on right now. And I and look iPhantom it. It doesn't matter to meet its rich neighborhood are not yet a natural disaster is it's bad for right no matter yeah. So I doubt that the California outside of LA give it seemed as we've had some terrible landslides and and you have wiped out entire neighborhoods. I'll forty some people are still missing right they're just underneath that certain everything McCain even find. So urgent and he. Listen to here. Is they may end. Name mister Franklin but he's driving his Prius down the street it literally EU it's almost like a launch a law whenever he it's Omar. Right it's originate just sweeps them away hears him talking about it. Much our new golf she's screaming toddler alone. We gotta go gotta go gotta go go go go go fast and not to do. It was like a torrent of out of water and and boulders and rocks and hood. They're seeing the basin toppled top video may. Not hole so stay that way everybody. I've got to have we done here like this this blows the water now will not shown it can notify the part maybe old is that we pick corners. When you call Hydro playing all the way down here I had no steering and braking anything right before. The real world. Both into the runoff from I got traction and was able to go a deal Adriatic. He is full lying through that neighborhood by the way direct go to an engine FaceBook page in look at the video I mean it almost looks like like a movie like its fate. It's a water search for went down in in this Prius just comes like. Screaming around the corner on all the water that's almost like riding the wave alone tsunami Iran in the way yes I mean it was it was just. Or an avalanche was insane yeah and the guys from Texas he was there like visiting Iran vacationers evidence. That's three or go to get away that all the so the next thing you know you're flying down around man. You know in Tibet have been made into that river mud I need to know was made just why should video just understand pursing a day it was wipe my pants. Yeah why did. Why Kraft reported better than that development and it's crazy to Asia cup effort like I should they everybody I do sometimes right. Thank you grow up and UCLA. And it's Hollywood and holiday sales missing that. But I always forget like those living on real hills and yeah there's cougars. That might not old hot ladies I mean physical cougar like that actual cats that will attack you. Each dog but there's mudslides like European it's clearly fired although it is so massive sit eat eat eat in the mountains parting of the yeah the appointee in number of you always think beach in that when you look at the sheer enormity of Los Angeles only. The beach is just a one side the touches to Warner the rest of LA's a massive CB. In the open but man or not beaches everywhere there's beaches in those areas in beaches Norah SpinRite everything else mounds ills. Wild card race like mudslides and how it's Orange County the first time it was just like holy crap like we're literally lake. We're like hanging out on a mountain and then we walk through a valley now we're at the beach. Available to the guy do who shot we have Dorothy brother I'll remind our bid shorts come or reasons why would you go into a John Wayne airport. That the airplanes make such quick to sense depending on which side you come from and one of them is is because you're in residential area and they're trying to keep those planes from nearly consulate going over people's homes in the others geographically speaking. That there's a ski resort you know like McCracken for a half an hour away from there are basically up on the mound you see it coming on like a thousand California and you realize how big those mountains are. Hi there are within the plane the I've never had a faster dissent in a plane other than the approach probably Montego Bay Jamaica or aggression which is a little bay cove area man and they drop that played same with John Wayne and they just say like our idol runner up. Is mounds and if you're a pilot error and look I don't know but if you're a pilot. Do you love dropping it below the airport's bird is terrified. Well such a standard lane. Everything is generally break thought that if they are like but if that's the route that you fly those pilots flight day in a bit bit however many years you do the same region say rude so. Obama pilot knowing that for the most part right obviously you're trying to bring comfort. To your passengers. But also as a pilot just like when you drive the car every once in awhile do you know there's a stretch of road you've gotten a little bit because you know late to Becket yeah I was so yeah. I gotta think if you're a pilot like is that when you you can't wait to lay had nothing. Where I think at owners but you know how to do it you've done in late in you because that's absolute control of that. I think it's a lot like. Not the best analogy but NASCAR there's one race in Arizona every year where they do it on kind of a low bonds' grand per day or if you accept to make a right answer. They know a couple of south of a driver I'd I would look forward to those just because it's a different stifled a different type of racing do we get under news analyst Jeff Gordon. This we have the winds to something that the gland or whatever. And like he. I'm pretty sure he won that thing almost every year and already you're wrong guy to do right usually I make are right he can dominate road courses and he was pretty good overall Jeff Gordon. It's out the worst NASCAR fan all my people hated him when he came. He's good looking he finally Tina. Now once he came on the scene you know there's I don't care if that was a qualifier Brian what exactly I don't know what my wife black seems to ease get a. Well never for years he was the rainbow warrior who. Oh yeah and endless. I friends right there oh I know you never watched it miles that you don't really care about it I watch it. Do you think when I say the word friends he think offensive. I know the story you're going to end it all. Like anything it's hard right so it's like I know the story goes would assist us. Any show that comes out. There reflex from the mentality was at the time right so I'm a huge fan of the old Bugs Bunny Warner Bros. cartoons right and then. It was what it was a navy originally aired these things before movies right after World War II income during World War II. And when I was a kid. It was a comedy to me and an older I get the don't bug me but all right did you watch it anyway. Only god mailing if you cracked a joke the way that stereotype that people would freak out so to be fair I don't remember the entirety of we'll be humor offerings woes but obviously it stirred up something somewhere at another bunch of people who. Eighty each other look. Is that as a I'll. It's it's great mainly they did people over in Britain right there millennium strikeouts of these fascinating girl Patricia sure today to say he recently hit Netflix mania UK. And basically people are just kind of talking about clearly they're like this show is they're shocked how much body she mean trans a phobia sexism. Other Shrek inappropriate relationships and homophobia contained. But the lake so late. One year like Monica data like an old dude that by newer since she was a baby you gonna and he had Billy the family dentist. Which is kind of foot but now like Larry all about that growth. Yeah I mean. Look I have friends that I've known their kids in favor baby's room. And might. My one friend but his daughter's 25 and she's attractive but I don't I don't know that I could eat his daughter like. I've known her since she was it would definitely he's he's hurt right no matter what she's still a kid do you rate to that was kind of inappropriate. One they are getting on and then Taylor's dad was a transsexual Smith made a bunch of jokes about that. Loved me I don't know what it considers the bottom line make look so there's. Commons it was an economy and also plate. I don't know people I know you know what's right or wrong but you also talk trash to pivot arbitration artichoke and that and that they met like this it's all people who say like everybody does it. There's no way you can tell a joke about necessarily being insensitive unlike anything all of those belong to a stereotype. Where do you fit the stereotype or not is irrelevant that you martyred and include the right and yet if you have. I don't identity politics is a rule so missiles were in our special nobody cares but everyone assistant special and we should care. Couldn't careless and know trying to be insensitive mud. So jokes are gonna be made him at some point even we can't joke about anything ever or you can understand that the joke is Angel. Don't clothing to insult someone that's another thing to crack a joke and the world of difference between the two in you know the difference you know that if. Right Lavin said how about the one Rachel. Hires an assistance trillion qualified just because he's hot and she wanted to date that never had without real life. But I mean c'mon you know and the rest should about yesterday about being good look at him broken Mike I emailed and usually to click I was four but I was good looking and I got. They're usually all out there it's true yeah you should take a look at what's going on in the world did you did you don't believe if you believe. That's some of these women make a thing of Kabul guy's office government militia remain mammals which you know they are if you open the golden of aware of who's been with them specifically for the money. Do you think it's because of the personality of your emotions if you were the level of education warmth or charisma none of that stuff exist for these guys drive but the one thing they do that in the Minnesota money. And it's understood. They're used to tell her what like sugar daddies are sugar babies back commons that there's all this stuff. There's a reality to the world you don't have to light the reality of the world but the beauty of reality of the bunker which it like it's going to be would have going to be. And I mean when I was child sugar babies were just little version they were candy store today that you always got to Halloween for the movie theater. Yeah I think it might make some of those candies only showed up there man but it's never about the Mac store which got them every Halloween and maybe when he went to the movie theater you didn't. There. Jimmy Fallon always has a good bit this was pretty I'll summit just about people's tweets for the first date. No he does it damage climate. You know what we. So my idea was this stuff before the show but this one we had both. Individually RD listen to a guy so frankly we start having as that we were recorded in there we just adequately the other conversation. They try to strip but it it. Oh I usually you're like listening to the joke and be like is that good enough is that not good enough where this could we both are less intuitive you know checked out he says he started record that I brought up some. Can't remember any enemy was probably some stupid about pizza I guarantee it okay. I don't know Mike if it's not the first only I had a new bit about B a arguably something stupid and didn't get specific like about pizza. Right and I think it was probably something really dumb about pizza like she I didn't mean geez. The newly liberated Trace child to be married for money though she's. No yes you do every little artisan places they collect one I'll get a slice of mozzarella like you know curb. Again every five inches tonight artisan Pete those unqualified people no it's terrible. They threw a fresh remarks that's what I'm a one piece over that min ago one of those places in town and people used to rave about all the time and they have won by my house I know where exactly were your talking about president still thought there and it's there were. Yeah great and all people in New York could go peel on the counter and they're so bad is that even if it's not horrible it's don't withdraw Aramis sewage dope everything else in there you go. It's at at at. A guy that plays is awful and by the yeah you walked out he got like two visas for your family and you realize the bills 175 bucks. I now know they know that all of this happen pizza yeah I could happen really isn't simply wrong with the meal when you had tasted it this is crap. If you knowledge correct it is crap I even know the rap rap. You can't make complete the round you've got no business making pizzas sorry man I mean old schoolteacher square. Good okay far identity geometric shape what I'm saying Darryl you know is that even shave it's his second beaten path a little bit little football probably paying daughter better pizza from dominoes Yukio for mama's the last you can get better pizza anywhere you can do good to. Pizza rolls in your house miles I know you'll be excited for this good news. NBC will show National Anthem nearly during the Super Bowl for happens oh good I say good news because I'm being facetious this is very decisive and outbreak. Obviously learned the word Stewart Briere and opinion about a will be the first thing or don't think it's honestly like I get I get. But this is never showed on TV before where they like. I don't know if it necessarily there's somebody their pink sing that joke make. Aren't there. Devils go ahead and we want those hits on the social media afterward right. Yeah I mean that's with everything and make no mistake about it you weren't worn out saying this facetiously but certainly in world TV relive video to show you after the fact. In bigamy a social media viral moment the next day that's what they're going to show up and tiger shows of the Super Bowl and mulls a baby. The daily cut the bat all not not for that moment but because the next day he. Veteran Jim what's being there's going to be a powerful bad having a lot of times the number 100% of the motivation to do yamana pop up that's crazy to end. And I thought popped up my new whenever I'm sorry. And it would tell me this stuff but don't Google Video for something right and look I'm not a big social media guys are I don't know now you're a couple of bad well that I know I have been re endowment of the people would tell makes a minute he pop bands are like. I was on the KI SW website you're asked propped up on Mike did I'm. What they're talking about there are ignored this. Spend all pop wow all right greater truth. Jimmy Fallon has a lot of great bits he ducks when sometimes allows but he does is he throws out to his audience about tweets right in the know read some of the tweets at these are first date tweets. And I thought it's your son my favorite worst first date source and you ask. This Christmas for mad Snooki cookies sixteen Booth. And in the nice he acted like she was going in for a kiss then put his whole amount government knows and blew into it. He laughed and said he doesn't has doesn't cause and a bumpy track. This one's formats. Hotel hotel the hotel beat. He says the first time I met my wife she was convinced there were 52 states in the US when I suggested their only fifty states children Brothers confirmed that there were in fact. And if you. Are. And yeah May Day here. Plus from battling this child there's one she said a friend once set me up and a blind date it was a great move because they receive the traffic to get a few hours before. But they got worse and I'm blind Internet via the cop who. Okay. This one's from that and much fun that she says our first day of the guy choked on an omelet and blue and an unanimous note. Click here. It's ask ten G she says that we had a mini make out any physical means that nice work. She now the first state but I will it connected on a part of this before I got in trouble once was thrown out of high five after sex that Hillary Joseph Torre UN. She does is like hey man and I hate me and you think Haiti. But we had sex within your girlfriend like I don't want high five after 60. But they that he really not friends your adjusts. I I know it's a very had a friend that happy if you really works and most people who are in a relationship or in relation with a friend. Yeah soul pure friends you should have been done should have been your tell right they're like give me the hell out of here you'll move up for a nowadays you ain't cool. Well dad. All right you're retrospect yeah probably not implement it I don't be someone that uptight yet but you still want to have such of them again even if you like how about a dash and ease of tides infused melody always glad that finally the panel and then have. So Jihad and I tell you you be cool when she wouldn't you guys would illustrate just fist pump there are not yet. But after sex baseball bat there. I mean nothing to do it right there are generally. I don't know why that's right it's a real sexist thing that it had no reason to back it up by these generally. But I'll leave the fist pump for buddies if someone calls you sexist because you're not big on giving adapt to achieve gap mistakes made seriously need couldn gentlemen you'll be tempting normally the worst things you can do it becomes huge giving adapt to a woman and give secular and marries you the bad guy. I got to Baghdad. Thanks so we thank you to every abrasion to get your headlines coming up in minutes what my god you are listening to the Missouri radio network. Swiss miles. Don't see what's happening in the real I'm doing OK oracle announces four new flavors that it intends normal meals will actually buy their stuff. Meanwhile the mayor of Vancouver won't run for reelection because you can't afford to live there with a pretty rough. Pennsylvania got almost no luggage and tries to fly out of hand if a micro TV news manual includes dressing really nice when you think someone if it was house around them. The only go tomorrow hockey it is time we had last. It's time it's. Yes it's charismatic. At that got started go to pencil bit of the Pennsylvania airport where Kabul transporting their six month old camp are facing animal cruelty charges. After the attempt to dispel her anyone other check suitcases for the duration of the flight to Tampa without food or water or air. The magnified during the checking process and was investigated by officials and that's when they found the animal. She was turned over to local humane society and the pair were charged with transporting an animal in a cruel manner. There we'll Leo well they did the damn thing up and the capitals like underneath clothes that make any sense we'll see even more shocking to me. This is the niece goes situation and these people learn Erie Pennsylvania. And they're flying a floor if I have never heard of anyone flying to Florida on the East Coast. You always drive data of course there are 449. Hours straight. But it's too long a five hour flight to come out see you on a West Hills. How are you shocked they actually flew the foremost we will drive down their for the winners. This part of the Lex got to where your mouth just don't think fled animals in a different part of the plane and actually you know has. Our doors are an error. I really don't know ma'am I do I thought well I would not wanna put my head down don't. But a little carrier put mustard. I love it it's a fairly airline industry at all. In this country you are over they do a good job with it because it was early match. Crossing the life of something as supposedly loved putting gets hit out of my new line of sight and millions of bad idea and I've seen how they handle bags down their man their toss them all over the place that cat got lucky by his found. Around the world sales dropping Diet Coke is needing to change of the tactics in order to respond to a younger audience. They're bending to the which is a millennial by creating all new flavors was forty slim chance they come out with the ginger and I am. Twisted mango. Existing blood orange and feisty sharing a brand new fans that is supposed to closely resemble Red Bull team. Makes. I dislike bush led the Bruins into the hole. You've been to the world whatever generation system among exactly right in new generics before they get the baby boomer re gonna do a little ones after millennial like Brad if you wanna stay in business figured out. But I think Chad hit it on the head absolutely dead dead. Millennial they don't want soda they don't want the shippers of soda pops they want so waters. It was so waters are the right and make your energy drink it right back at us and we could sit around sucking on soda and I'm so what are we got the same way people used to you know yeah. I almost feel bad for millennial school they have some of more information. So I walkman maybe you're healthy and maybe we did all we know that things would goddamn that we enjoy. Yeah I generally wouldn't narrow windows you can do whatever they're liberals like man there's so conscious of everything which is good. But also sucks the fun out of some of the things like knowing what's in the. Sausage Vince it's kind of crazy like when I was I get in trouble for friends I think sort all the time Georgia to thaw. Would somebody told me there was a ton of sugar Jews and other now man they're Gerri good for. You drink all this crap your judicial watch yeah it's not cut editorial find doctors smoke and moment to moment somewhat cool. Police in Oakland posted on Twitter the latest attempt to drive in the carpool lane without getting caught though is really weak attempt. Please stop the car what they Chucky doll like from the child's play movies seated and buckled and about as you see on May help to the picture of the dull and in the seat saying they forever here's your carpal tech and that's. I headlines that might not. You are impressionable CF four nice down for the ran a question quest in your guess is as good as mine in another round of profile that he has indeed it is all true whatever how Lisa. Until we meet again please do what you do best and poorly this thing this game beautiful.