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Wednesday, January 3rd

Profile This, TV Time with Ted and Headlines


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This is the men's room. Listening to. Was thrilled when. As a result of setting my profile this is coming up 844999. Alone we will play profile this in minutes. And I'm totally one hour from now first quick check into my cock from some of the stories and headlines he is not working out all right most of the US is getting nailed by even more frigid weather this week. And in new storm could dump a ton of snow on the northeast native of they would. Pulled up their man's nose Florida's what do they call that thing. Cyclone bomb while my other people who are never as much desire follow the weather and you know pay attention to and I've never heard that term before my life. That's what I'll do something to battle like. We have become over the lead we have encouraged this number again like we had two events in new word for how bad we think what the things we many arrows a nor'easter right. That's a different color or different from a nor'easter wasn't there something about the back there I don't I don't remember the whole thing but it was like a nor'easter essentially was the hurricane winds and what itself. You perceive it as a blister. But they're saying like where this thing going ga ga ga inventory. There are just a combination I give it looked dominant high pressure cold air from the Arctic thank entrenched in the and you need that low which again. Low pressure from the tropics streaming round got a court order there seems that a hurricane the Yemeni combined that you classic nor'easter of my friends as always these two forms is getting figures there is kind of making up names for. Any started naming winter storm that never happens yeah. Should have it at the winter storms to her game a snow will be an American and I imagine all frosty. Because what they can and this is I just got through and Amazon if you live in Boston knows to be true. And so what you get sick of trying to remember it today Amanda remember it was that I was the winner radiate north has winter they do that if you say dude is the winter weary. Everyone remembers. Yeah might not remember the year the hurricane Andrew hit but if you see hurricane Andrew everyone knows exactly roughly what time was with the help they were don't act of Maine the damn thing. Yeah I like miles is their because he got nine names locked in right there. He got winter storm dasher winner from dancer when Brian France. Would you be scared of friends or. And a moment man and a blitz in writing about addressed you from as early as the worst what is blitzer and Gloria what do think storm hits in late late February so caught listen cupid. They know that I didn't. But do you recall the most famous when a storm of law. If it if you can Aaron general CNN is reporting that some parts of the US may be colder than Mars by the weekend. Jake's. Then more that's been in the Mars is what it says that planned always that is too cold due inhabit that's it it's farther away from has no Apple's iron trap heat in its final event. MMS I'm not okay with the success. A woman in California had twins that were born in different years we Pelosi want a case of this every day I'm a year Arabs and I'm. The president was born two minutes before midnight on the 31 who may end its. To me and I I was born about twenty minutes later on January 1 and they took that long to get twins out. Sometimes the Buick and our thanks there admit babies do you know even you know those under and they just come out sideways these mammoth Sunday and their furlough and he even does that it was gonna hangs out and are now is up more room finally. I newsroom nice that I Amanda jays out of it bears on the other sudden loss this idiotic from noon all my head a little right of the mill. Very proud American and that's a master bedroom. And the last thing you do for reforms I gonna play my music on the stereo dammit. Finally during my no got the fridge and let's girl's dream people hopeful hopeful. A woman in New York crash your car into a house when her dog jumped into her lap from the backseat. Apparently it was going for the aids sandwich that she was the mean come on there Beagle. You know if your dog is one of those weird nose around food running why on earth would you intermittently your dog really surprises you would be to help bags parents whatever. You know if your dogs are a little Dalton goes straight for the food celeb would you open a god damn sandwich in your car wider driving it thank when you go again. And I would even say this not the first time that her dog has jumped into were left while she's driving there do you isn't the first time an accident has been caused by a so people if your dog cannot stay in the seat next to you while you're driving. Don't think they don't have I think he's the top of my amendment truth or get one of those nice little cages that that divide the from the back. You make your car look like a police best friend so I can bring my dog just for the and you smell my exiles there would probably only do it it's on a leather interior because that is a pain in the ass you know that here and I. That's very true I don't know why you tempt anybody who makes out you know they're gonna attacking people loving this particular. Fantastic. They sell a taco either you know your guess. Oh I was like you always do it Khalifa and the hottest of the hot eggs flew. Okay okay okay. Gas station sand wedges into a triangle plastic thing that you peel open and go on man white bread. Exactly thank you human I must still win there you never bought one of those. I have egg salad in plastic triangle from a guy yeah I would gladly trying to ferret is made him an egg salad we never. We had a vending machine did we thank you know it wasn't a vending machine it was Big Brother federal building yeah they had those things then there and I don't think there was nothing in there. I just so odd it was to be so white bread with a nice little piece of vegan there. Yeah I mean. Pals and I remember. I don't know what it like if I did have me be exile a witness someone may be exile animals like blue I was given yeah that's where I live on the wild side you do not give you that you might he got there went right through water but if you will be gas station makes I was I got an iron dead man it'll just keep truth. That's good for the I want you in my pre made double leg Jesse terrified. Say this you may end and not turn on them things he just had our moments. No I I love hard bush thanks for video hormone they didn't know that it has to go when divided on everything is the concept with a hard boil it. Barack. Rectal surgeon in New Jersey hello license suspended last month for reusing needles cap bettors on multiple face. All fair. You know reporting you know who did do well now you. Of washing and re using the same five catheters over the course of 82 surgeries uneasiness. I had fourteen improper. Well that's Venezuela or any rain or Amanda begins and healthy food and they're going to help got a little as I was saying is they you know if you'd need surgery I guess then look at how audio held improve on animal that doesn't over the outcome of the director for surgery goes home health. We have got Leo we do we're diagnostic like something's gone wrong and I needed out of my body don't they pay people for their LT do they do they do now. We'll deal with whatever. Iceland just passed a lot of makes it legal for companies to pay men sorry makes it illegal for companies to pay men more than women for the same job. I'm content. So it's umpiring women he would do better. Problems solo. Smart answers to the average American will ease I think the American way. Frankly we're just I don't ladies know the problem I don't know if it. The average American will get an estimated 200 into the 22 pounds of meat this year. I saw that it's a different eat more meat Heath why. Goes through this and how it's a growing population. They're not really although I have a better than against is that that breaks an all time record set. In 20042. With what is the average again 201001. A two man Coca. I guess so missions diet. There are trying to diet more like meat and vegetables as opposed to like pre made stuff they lie and maybe. A year. If I mean it's a lot of eating like a fourth down murder. Anything that's a lot of fourth found gas the 800 million hammer to try to mimic yours who won here you hamburgers today listen I think a lot. A woman in Indianapolis was fired a future after she tried to remove a stink from the office. Yet they don't know what the problem as like I like a like a story like that but they don't say what the other person stink was that tells it like. Is she carded all the time it was body older it was bad breath emanating from the pan am receiving being a spokesperson yeah I don't know about a one hour from now you are I think I headlines on a one hour from now Senator Obama. Precepts. See through how you to please everyone how profile this is playing a star Dan miles of the civil game where we share with you real life news story something that happened right here. I'm planet earth. Herb herbs and I do listen to the story based on the stereotypes you believed to be true of people. And the decisions that people make well I ask you what it is you think they still story a story. Hello Salem welcome to the men's room. Welcome to kill all IRS. Sent us and we understand how does your game was played. Theater fantastic here is your story now we would all agree that. Losing your debit card generally that's pretty bad but it's even worse wouldn't leave behind when your accused. In an armed robbery. Well 41 year old woman she did just that this weekend during a robbery at the eight plus convenience store in that mailer and township Pennsylvania. She's accused of approaching the store clerk sporting a black and flew overhead go to the the woman have been demanding tax. She loved over the camera all the gone. Eight and a gun at butler's head of the woman finally opened register she took the cash from drawer and then fled on foot unfortunately. To open debit card on the counter and investigators determined that to dude that's a nearby ATM prior to the robbery. She's not charged and probably counts of robbery and making terroristic threats. As well as a misdemeanor count of theft by unlawful taking deserves some other kind of afternoon late Smith will unlawful taking. I thought one called theft of its unlawful table and I think compared to take affront I'm not a lawyer. But do you believe that this woman is black white makes you work you. It's a Caucasian problem that could go to the that's when things so many white. Yeah it is good you know dole thought Caucasian and Alan where's that. Some are township Pennsylvania I guess you can be a suburb of Philly pencil or Pittsburgh or to be in the middle for an entire matter or were you still I don't know. She pulled the revolver. Jim Colbert moment demanded cash put it up to the catcher's head jumped over the counter gravitas ruled out on foot but left behind them. Why would you take your debit card and human drops him. I don't know he sounds like a bad bank robber frankly think I have to show a debit cards like getting in the first round then and then left on the counter. Yeah I'm really not a lot of salesman's but she jumped over the counter grabbed the cash. Deal to Dover and can not comfortable obviously athletic he Jumbo account and run away. Please take determining got to know him down. I mean I'll be honest with the yeah. I have to see. I would have to see in an action could just jumping over the counter and taking off on foot. I'm leaning a little more black Imus. Cool. Cool cool. And hip and cool and see that raises an Eminem have. Do I tell whether or not a racist and I and I thought what about god I'm allowed to go racism that you have to put the caucasians. All collected bilateral find out there if she was black white makes the arduous next. T you are listening to the men's or radio network yeah. Yeah. I just hope class faces defense maniac and a woman it is a measure cash says she decided to rob a plus it was a familiar threat or can be sort of OJ. Glad to counter told the ladies who want all the money pull out a gun put to the woman said jumped over the counter grab the money ran out of place and partially. She let her ATM card behind. Down and you'd use in earlier for transactions manner on camera now that they are nameless guard everything else has used pretty easily most. Do you read it very easy yes and San we ask you do you believe that the criminal mastermind is black and white makes you do. I believe the term used caucasians have gone guard gave him a total failed and stuck with the the very had stoked with what. Cut a hole. Bush at boom. Our. Ted you're correct. Two of them back to black yeah good thank you Ted so proud logical racism. I was right it makes all right you can brag to everybody out again. That was good reviews and not run TV news knowledge not a Sabatini Dante and. And did countless hours in front of a talking ahead in the mid. Presents. So what's the biggest story going around Hollywood right now. Around Hollywood right now scandalous or yes me big scandalous Hollywood story and then big story. You would see it. I I mean. Are you gonna sit and to feel stupid and easily so maybe I thought your message with the mogul Harvey Weinstein. Okay our gala unraveled think you never have put symptoms so O'Neal the people of gone back. They have the you don't wanna be first but easily Minnelli he person too I think he easily. The poster boy Ford has yet so much power over people you have masters authority sure. So now. And you guys seem good felt. The movie short term sure I'm not a while but yeah right so you remember here receives goodfellas. It's a lot gangsters in this and that that the mean guy that runs everything is poly right he runs the family. So even when. It. Saint and you know even when Henry Hill gets in trouble whatever he's always ballot down the pollen right short is Polly runs the family Pauly runs everything. So that actor's name is Paul Sorvino so first which I like Paul Pauly they're the first there is easy a clip. Goalie bully from goodfellas where he's given Henry Hillis speech about not does so in drugs or whatever. So warm and everybody. Everybody could do so could be anybody. We've got twenty he's just the same notice so was it can be an excellent job. I don't need that they don't have enemy who's this. You know the jury out early to say that you just not only does he extended. You see anybody around the retirement yeah. That means anybody. All right Lisa Jackson across the faith he says that means anybody right don't sell drugs kind of a famous scene right away we really don't sell drugs. Yeah. So now one of the stories that came out about Harvey Weinstein with that he had black balled Paul Sorvino who's daughter mere matter. Mirrors of me no matter right. You'll remember her she won she won an Oscar for Woody Allen movie she's also in My Cousin Vinny was that hurting its always open crazy. Tyrod and look at use. Somebody in Rochelle or. And I ask you in a movie yeah so word on the street are you Bernard name obviously from the Oscar and everything else right. Wrote me and Michelle Romeo Michelle go somewhere. There high scoring yes thank you nailed it it's good to us and we get there the simple. One of the stories that came out was that his daughter would not performing sexual acts or anything and just kind of told our reliance on and off jewels and he black ball her black ball turner. Since she can't work in the industry anymore apparently is pretty successful because she had suspicions that she had a couple gigs and brush right there and signed up and she won an Oscar and then she was really blockbuster films all of a sudden she just got Iraq correct right so it makes it on the cents a TMZ caught up with the real Polly. Asked him about it then that's kind of the same speech he's pissed. They're gonna go to jail yeah deploy it at some of them and he put him he goes there's an audience to leave me now killer mother and her good example. George what was your initial reaction when you heard these allegations that were made a furious. Absolutely furious. You feel proud of your daughter we don't have a wonderful. Some courageous and wonderful human being he deserves to have been treated badly by this thing show. Just paying people get his commodity. The lol gotta you gotta go to jail and died in jail but if he doesn't Harvey coming I have to lose Hoyer couldn't that are just slap Murano pretty terrible. I know he's got a real picture. Why the Lady Gaga says. And get feels like a valid threat while they also I've heard yet any corrected the pelvis welcome around legitimately new and just in case it happens yeah. Yes that's exactly about what a life I'm obviously killed you know up to a flat for a slap around. It Jamail is now and he's told TMZ that he can actually do it and I wish you just have to have that if you could do little Phillies still slack for more chair yeah. How do I see that video in the full interview with the TMs you see how it's got a funny dude he's talking real top. But he's come from the grocery stores use it yet you take that from it. Which is still gotta be late against sabathia. That videos that's an idea that garlic grilled them. The crowd with a razor blade exactly that solves that video is up and amend your FaceBook page right now. Also I have to say purged EE it's kind of weird but I met both of these people once in my life. Now Paul Sorvino in his daughter. They could not have been nicer. We would take an Italian family. Like celebration about being Italian it's that I found is that giant yummy in my mama gangster movies she got passes. We stuck around with back quarter we should have been back there and we ran I mean. I just can't explain to you they were so nice and there was a guy what he does doing near Obama box. So you supposed to be a slap you're yet he came back badges I remember I was a teenager like gently maybe like twelve or thirteen teenager took and he was like feel like the rockets here that's not good fellas. He's got like yeah have you seen the racketeer right at the AM but your Pauly. I failed I've seen the racketeers. Yes a little dark red relevant and real the movies and so badly oh you're OK talking about it but man. But upon the open rules. I had explain how by the state news a little bit to Mike hawker earlier obviously I forgot how long does happen. But ABC news is gonna air two hour special next week called that truth there are lots of Tonya Harding story. Now Tonya Harding Lotta people would know she was involved in American figure skating US figure skating. And basically like the practice is sleek would you call that great before you go to the Olympics the trials trials Leo's the Olympic trials. So she knows she Tonya Harding knows how good she is but she knows me too Kerrigan is the one in front for. So you remember the story basic I mean Sheen. Pulls out one of those metal police the time is it to Kerrigan's coming off the dice. And wax or on the neat yeah how much you guys I never I only knew like you know the old school like Billy clubs I never even knew those metal batons were. Until he that if you hit Nancy carrying with it we all found out what they want him. Yes slam on the concrete to get him back in. So basically that was back in 1994. Tonya Harding has always claimed she knew nothing about anything. Upright the ex husband Jeff. Movie do you don't go lose I know him well with the other problem right time yet Jeff boo weekly the whole family had Daniel Lou I guarantee you he is not Jeff Gillooly anymore. And then he's like Geoff Peterson you think it is no absolutely. Oh no chance he's always think he's still go Lu Li yes. Highlight of his wife who punctuated I was gay guy that he's done his time and all that so yeah yeah good jump good movie that got the OK you've played the little bowl what in the world so bleak. What you do and I think I mean I don't Barley have already is and I will be out in the end table by Pete Rose signing crap there aren't you bill Adair editor of cool. I mean look it's like planet Joey Buttafuoco he has done nothing besides cheat on his wife and his wife shot in the face ready for some reason alone Roman manager revenue growth through the please cry hey did. So but a folk are from Africa Google truly. You came here yeah that it did apologize you TV time we did. I think it also ran so. Good job go illuminated African know what this story out of all good guy the guy to. Bo Robbins over there watching The Sopranos. It's the golf thing suppose it does go to the ends and although I got a little left over eleven Chela yeah if you guys want some. No wonder accident. The clue until I. I like it to us is the bottle the no one touches and there's a barge owners are picking up so so basically now Tonya Harding did this whole new specials coming out and but she's nice she's never gonna say she was in on it she's had her innocence for years she's just saying Mike yeah overheard him talking about it I told it was a bad idea that they. You must've known some if he said hey that's a bad. Yet the problem is though they could have been somewhat peanut M and m.'s and you filly she's like yeah I think he admits they're given me the metal poles or bad idea. Then your retirement you know and Eminem dead and it Nancy Kerrigan that metal bowl selection of data related to their. She says she knew something quote something was up and and that she overheard her ex has been talking about it. But she says I added help plant okay. Let's let's let's maybe she didn't help planet but she knew it was going there and what do you the playing here is the trial I don't know we're following moves right. Yet and that's the most things to write is that lake. You know like look I don't wanna know I don't wanna know don't do it and and you like we get your husband and play catch his tournament I was gonna make the Olympics. No way ready get hurt. You know it's one of those movies were the preview that I remember when it happened the previews of come out I normally don't watch TV movies the the reviews on a pretty dead that's over a mine actually wants the damn thing. Well. Yeah. That's the thing I think years from now we'll have Internet stuff will be like a member were you where were the draft never had a baby. But it's got these women will complete nowadays there's so much stuff out there all right remember like certain Internet moments but like back in 1994 like. That was only thing until I don't think the until OJ did his thing right. Right no change in 94 to metromail. So carrying out this violent and OJ happens in late round armor on the OJ terrain. He foresees a violent you know tossed going digital the thing is it's funny human brought about as we do surgery swimming at some point in the when you see the story out loud that it just sounds so ridiculous LaMont. Is the world decrees you're now the government you're right 94 we had Tanya Harding perverse and we never. Patches and figure skater that but it's figure skating I don't know what leaving Taylor I would rather the similarities being note that a lot of stuff you know and I guess that's not that's not real. You can ever think that would be able to borrow to draft up room his young enough to back Kerry put myself and the way we just didn't know it's much. That's street and add your inundated with everything all the time and everybody remembers the worst beatings most violent thing of 1994. That dream team baby question people they took it. Barcelona Olympics. Oh you're talking about the death of the cold weather and whatnot tenacity you call bear here with a couple thoughts on that. The National Weather Service has warned that or any prolonged period. A much below normal temperatures. For my younger viewers that's what we used to call when her. Plus Times Square had to set it coldest New Year's Eve celebration on record it's true. The bolt did not drop off so much as the shrivel up and rise. And but it's true though I am I visited good day in a pool. When our bodies are standing liberated that mark you know like mid thigh area like you don't want to dip all the way out is just get a and does yoga at a really good bits here and second. There's a hot tub that we didn't we didn't we didn't know hang them over the waters over your threatening your testicles. Like you did given their due to man what are you doing that thing right wrist just done a little. I yeah I don't know what's going out unlike cookie and milk it for the Democrats later Oreo touch him and there are few germs in the unless they're by just kind of weighed in images dive headfirst and you can't have graduated to a right yeah there's some mergers what's weird too that every guy knows that exact moment like I don't have to look down on my like being sued from a cold river you know don't you just know how long well over that line you know lights it's fair that is your sixth sense. Yeah. Stevie Wonder blind you all know called river blew it I know exactly were my festivals but at this month. I know precisely where they are there one millimeter above the surface of water about god in any deeper. Still not positive he's blind. No I'm not it. I mean I ain't nobody think it's a fun Internet here and maybe throw bodies to Israel does Stevie Wonder hmm he closed and don't yeah. So that your licences for. It's official now. Matt Lauer is now an code it is in. Until today it's. When he eighteen and we are you. Living omni here right because holiday is officially years. And co anchor of today I. Ask her maybe. And I am so out. Yeah I mean I know their pumps that still loaded statement from president got a well rounded and amazingly you have remained they have ever though for the last twenty years she visual and media. Nightline dateline get it off whenever there's really it's so important like so I made the decision years ago and higher Brokaw like that. A pretty good decision joke but I know it's a Muslim member of NBC is done some good stuff like. What eighty years ago there some bad loans Brian Williams would you speak Iraq. I'm era they get his man I think it's I think the word about Iona and they realize it will slow down her drinking. All glad you brought that. The simple. Some people thought it was kind of historic that's an NN coat over hosting an MI and hold its army and out of strip club if you didn't know what I saw him mail arrives in Atlanta and hold them to fifty miles to get dramatic and rooted but to be little. Bartender meat loaf the senate yet. But it's not the first time that. Two women have posted you remember Diane Sawyer and Robin Roberts and hosted Good Morning America GMA she called them a hub for 200862009. The ratings are pretty good yeah then bellows excess Brothers does show a little. Come into seeing things here Lakota isn't getting paid as much as Matt Lauer and Matt Lauer also kinda. The in his. Agassi in his offense the Matt Lauer with a with kind of transcendent B I sometimes you forget I forget which show he was on. And Mal no one's sure if that makes cents. Like that do that yet at the closest used to smarmy. Suarez this is some about whom Thompson and now it's you know. A little bit more about delay or perish by it since those corrected you couldn't you didn't even like bill Bill O'Reilly you can not like Bill O'Reilly but he had Bill O'Reilly on after all the allegations that the lawsuits and there's golf news basically. Kind of nit picking at him about you know the exact same thing that he got how you treat women right well you're on products man I mean like look you gotta know you can't be the guy the rest senator view. You gotta walk in and I I can't do that. I'm gonna every good I've Fargo I mean something and eight. You brought up by the drinking with Kathie Lee who worries as he doesn't you do drinking partner partner Hogan says and I quote. I'll still do the fourth hour Kathie Lee someone needs to join the one. Denver boot while I am alone. I don't care if she's got a host what a couple hours and The Today Show first Alaska Arctic national relies together they did a nice pinot. Vegas and we appreciate today on TV cemetery get your headlines on the way would my cock coming up in minutes you're listening to the men's or radio network. We are Swiss miles. No see what's happening in the real fine you're arrested woman in Connecticut police station dumps Coke on account before starting a big old hug life. Big news in Fayetteville Arkansas as we welcome our new affiliates and in the ninety's point three the case. The Donald's announces that an Oklahoma you can actually get a mermaid with fresh meat he's Indianapolis worker fired for trying to cover up co workers stinky feet. And the world's most expensive bottle of vodka stolen it is time for your headlines. It's time Dave. Yes there's an icon. I dial woman Indianapolis was fired from a position of the company is now facing a lawsuit after coworker with chronic body odor lodged a complaint. Porters at the office complained that the coworker had body odor that made it difficult to work around so the lead Stafford. Began putting air pressures around the audit office. Which prompted other murders to do the same. The border than complained aides are the believe staffer had created a hostile work environment for the all the backlash to a body outer. Annaly staffer was fired the company now faces a lawsuit from the stinky workers saying that her odor is covered. Under the eightieth. So she created a hostile work environment did you smell and usually covered exactly what she got fired but she's saying that her that her body odor is basically her disability. That's hard but don't get mad the sum that's gonna lose or get mad because we put Iran. Yeah and what's causing it to hack at things thinking is not a disability does not keep you from doing things it just makes you stink. Village to save the ability you'll get a threat from party's racist element of the crime eighth. All. But some deodorant on both of her few months O doesn't work okay where a bubble I don't know. What did she have some images made her stinky feet disease I made my guess is yes if if they name it they've labeled it a disability that yes he's got some sort of a. Body chemical York's Brooklyn lease smelling bad that's basically what it does. Use smells so bad boots cross any line that we can accept as being social and thank. All around the world hooker was having trouble getting payments farmer John after he had enjoyed her goods and services. So she knew it would any logical person would do she flagged down a passing police officer. During questioning the man that denied having accepted any sexual favors from woman's image she was a friend on FaceBook he was very Gunner finest out blah and blah blah. But he was wearing gym shorts without underwear which is authorities say is typical attire of a man looking for profited and also had a sex object in his pockets. The as CVS. I did not know that gym shorts and I'm unaware that aluminum pieces that he can't overlook your family know that even this. I'm aware and and Wear a jacket. Just don't know laughter. No I think that I we've done that hey yes I'd and I'm out because it dead at night and he's wearing underwear he's now looking for is that it isn't. It appears clean stuff from Danny may get to break on Christmas Day it was received reports of arrests reckless driver out on the roads please look into the car the driver. In the in the draft black. And the owners own. Not an ending Campbell at your law officers were on the scene and she was arrested. At the police headquarters waiting to be searched and both the woman remove the baggy of cocaine from her bag and sorted it right there in front of everyone this it's I've narcotics possession charge in Taba for disorderly conduct charge. I don't know if that's smarter or dumber than just flush because they would also are flushed it. Plug if they're gonna know you have cocaine and I'm yeah I was due one you know George okay. If you flushed it I mean the rats didn't he go hop the blade of light look a lot of those days are we go ahead not one of these. Back I'm well. We go to Denmark where a bottle of vodka was stolen from a cafes and not just any model modcast. A bottle of Russo bounty on cash flow the Russo I don't know I didn't know whether he's valued at one point three million dollars a bottle why we do have that sitting on him now the bottle had been on display in the varsity team in the basement and it was a the only items stolen from the break and my question is. Did they drink it or try to pilfered for the money I it makes more sense to visit a museum in the face it. Now I accept it right Logan's looted museum or even if you're vodka aficionado could you taste and go that is the best vodka than I've ever tasted her they'll tell you yes bombs then I'll. And to realize that I I I usually occurs they don't see it tomorrow for the head Jeff tents made of details the return of big dummy know as Sherlock gamble during Intel's with a shot of the day. Yes indeed it is all true but you know you gotta wait till tomorrow meantime we've you know look how is marriage until then please do what you do best and poorly facade. Today beautiful.