01-03-18 Seg 3 Mens Room Makes Off With Money

Wednesday, January 3rd

Emails, Who Sucks Less is back! Plus What You Don't Need to Know and the Shot of the Day!


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This is the men's room. Listening to. It's all Saturday is on the way another round coming up low profile that's our question now whether it was and you were on you what is the most memorable thing that you come in contact honesty for for a 9990. Hello Gerri welcome to the men's room. Oh a guy. So what can I mean it was on my dad I'm. And my delicate it's a really good jokes are so. My family being tired of it just decided. We would hand made Salina and dump about I don't dump it onto him. Jack I just wanna say that I saw of video or recipe. Not too long ago on how to make your own slot listen I want to limit my gym I don't know goddamn secret but I don't know exactly when this started infamy you know we Groban slime was first introduced as the product. I would doubt it gives you may get I was unaware of this book my kids very diligently. Have been making it since the summertime and on to. Somebody did get myself better I am a little bit this is something I don't let the deuce argue statement a little longer than my son came in one day in badly he misses were. Watercolor painting originally come on yeah AM that's currently 7 o'clock and war and so. And later this exact words that Ted Richard. There Betty him grimace as the truth projects projects to the Harley's art. The joint project I and I were making slime and I knew that they had made slums and you aren't man whom he bull why you hear why you tell him well. There might be a bit of a mass. So the owners of Paulson we know that him listen man like how do I did that they need to get out of bed messrs. insult. It's edible glitter so I'm out of bed dude I cannot explain. How much friction glitters other needs are making glittery slime column and Charlie debate I'm still eludes glitter on the cad there's literally coming in the shower but Goodwin grad pleads there's glitter everywhere still. Let's put a month and a half ago Evelyn so yes slime is big business right now. So what are we did you. And rig up mail bucket and having a lot of merlot. No. We lived in a two story house in the master bathroom that's right about front door. Okay so me and my mom literally just don't slide down out of spaghetti pot. Right onto them. And what is his reaction at being readied the jokes or did he get how how this is money or I'm going to kill it. He he laughed about it key to this day still joked no he doesn't know why he got flying the but it couldn't find my estimate now we useless to stash he'll put he and apple jello. Followed them. Alan wanna clean then obviously that's my problem that I make and I think that Allen out. Yeah it's that's a lot has pretty intense minutes worth configure due to apparent that your. When I was and you are on you what is the most memorable thing that you've come in contact with the 8449990. By the way the rule applies to all children Lisa. Hello Suze that's welcome to the men's room. Well oh yeah. All right well irate when you're gonna talk about you know I've waited so long marathon of a couple other things back under that would what I told did. So. And leaders die just shorten an intrusion I was part of this guilt or group that went around I am. Appreciating all of all of eagle hardware garden into us from improving designers. Okay so we're America. And you and aren't saying and we had to Adam. Thought that carbon off the floor opposite Matt and industrial carpet. Now didn't feel like Chris I'm the only girl. You know with eleven guys. And I'm watching Milan and we had toward the that he absolutely reliever. Caught little real real real real car a toxic times not a word was with their. You know don't inhale it back kinda thing and when need be lucky like I am I but it's backwards child swallowed my. In Indonesia and had a calm my way out of it. Now totally covered AG that. All I got one of the guys they go to a oh my god did you close are you to quote nonchalant kind of take it doppler which you can go to Wal-Mart and I need to play. Triple extra large or buy it Larry to a teacher had to. And I add the most important rationalize. This week's in my shoulder all the way in Amman. So basically delay a first degree burn from the chemicals that stuff in yeah you know I mean it's kinda got to figure he's also ordinary wallpaper whether it's the floor crap is such a pain go away is. He let the Wal-Mart and step away maybe did new shorter even compare pants and a shirt he just got one giant shirt. Right well let me put it this way he has big game but couldn't. Guess I don't know Lauren good as I you know and they were putting those are the best he could. I go to work group. HE looked at the crack in lead in any cab door lose your bag cracked me handicap door. Why China achieved on the other side. Well Heidi demo walking alone I'll admire those nice concrete floors and can I help pull up until now I admire large surge for Obama and do dog doubles has addressed. Whether it was and you are on Neil what is the most memorable thing that you've come in contact with a 44999. All like rent like. Feel pretty confident you walk and Wal-Mart my woman's stress. Or computer dress yesterday about Morris Fletcher its weapons but I'll issues very delicate solar heat this nickname was putting click OK we understand. We have. Hello Matthew welcome to the men's room. All based on an honor our. Aria good man are you. Are they awesome all right time now traditional. And check. So yeah did I just blurted no I like the other caller disclose about my not about me it might sell me. How good good good I can't imagine because the gun on him. Well you respect the winner in Mexico and it and they're more in nineteen and don't sit outside on the sidewalk. The credit department placed there have Revere. And I hear this god awful screaming. And out from the front door closed my roommate into the streets clear butt naked. And flatten out and so they flooded out communities within Michelle are now the shower head coach this statement saying niche tropical senate seat. Though it low low low. Time. So either I don't mistakes I think you know with the slaves didn't think it was like most it's wide. Attorney general to law aren't they pretty poisonous Stew that can be this thing was just evil looking actually was still on the floor squirming and about the world and I'd laughing so hard. As I had to go and check this out and there was squirming on the floor all Joseph leash bro code. These three down ran out the house may get naked in the street didn't care a bit our street you know it was on him or optimal that he was a big man OJ was 62. All lit it he could not certain. The whole Iraq who's this may look like strict I don't know if you didn't do themselves. These scream like a girl like that they actually get people who competed so. And I'm never seen such a big men and stayed at. Just pure clear. You know man I get a don't like I don't I don't like those things anyway and apparently even if you stop on MacCallum. The stink that they give ball when you don't say it's like worse who skunks pop and I know I know how everything that under PBS show no number early and did the ranking a white the state you say animals and you assume nothing skull was on or somewhere and you assumed to be number one. But it's these giant tropical so some of these MLB Jordan ever so. Make it either kind of spray it add to themselves get you back off when I guess when you kill them admiralty adrenaline thing or something but. I guess they give off a state that you just can't. You just can't even him now. Whether it was then you're on Neil what is the most Merrill thing that you've got in contact with a 44 or 999 all you did specifically that bug your displeasure squish you know I think it's that bug specifically like I always have like they kill pet dogs like that poisonous man isolated a giant. Squish me I make a funny smell to you know what you're probably right down hooters stuff on his head at the privilege and it's senate TVs you think it. Anything is skirts that if you generally speaking things that are supposed to be inside of anybody smell a lot worse on the outside and yeah I mean even a far you're does like visibility inside abide by my about smells like in its not good. Stephen I had the idea that it would be cool if we could take like a balloon like a party balloon you know Lyndon and it just fart and right. And then I blew up there earlier roomful of people let that thing go cents. And makes the sound right the only good at. Asked just slides out units are thought was like when they have these big important meetings here right and all conference room display over the glorify its right let go of the blue clothes for a little. Fruit flies has led allied you know I can we drove for our kids and different people all concentrated a man of your who's gonna hold the balloon for the I don't hold it let me know edited Rondo would say like if those are not one day who's gonna hold an overnight I don't know when he has time off maybe Eudora moved that. He may know better. We only are we just got to the end game tonight on it just got to the we pay off of all afternoon full and part statistics sales and exactly what's that but don't touch the move allows us government there when I don't think you're on you what is the most honorable thing that you've got in contact with a 4499901. And I presume. Hello oh god you if you're the worst breath O'Dell and welcome to the bedroom. I know you're gonna know. Not below doing. It's time. I did today we're doing great. All right okay except. What little bit that the proper it was a whole listing that Ben. You were on were out I'd let you know ex Soviet arms are located at bat control job in Seattle them. I dirty dish out some where we're we're doing across state clean out and you know it's like they're good wedge rat nets never change and he's I'm I'm permanent solution which you know from local looks well bubbly. And I'd pool this situation now in this giant rats nest just all the all night staged. What is the rat's nest consistent papers what do I got when I. There are particular ability there were doubts and added quiche is out of fiberglass insulation that had been covered which let trooper didn't see and it would all like. Specialized. Image is all Kindal MySpace is the same time along with you know our wrap mom her probably twenty big east. Hall. Wrap our guy on there oil little penguins. Edited it and but I do think it does a one that is that is the why is that we need Allen with the babies doesn't throw everything rhetoric chatter away any kind of animal and as a good bunch of little things things like guns and I got it. Is like two black guys are like a bad thing give those groups as I don't know they're losing people we had a squeaky voice you know offense to elicit a peep. That's an I think governor Duval those little babies there is that keeps. But they move yeah they're yeah I mean newborn animals. Human barrels to look even newborn babies left and you might have accused intent but I understand and condone the lie about this the mall we your kid was born like when the doctor says. This is your kid fresh album won't. Not Q. Now they look like your thumb when you've been in the bath like an hour long we've been shooting them they looked. You calculate goddamn like all that and this this is what I guess I'll tell ya that honey glazed ham stuff on Amanda here is all messed up I enrolled goo glee in my. There have seen throwing her face is brutally out of the WTO's bored. Let's look ugly they are underlying at least they have. Coming up the return of suicides last day I get your emails on the way from the men's room and men's remind dot com you are listening to the men's or radio network. Our question my very close and you. All are on you what is he most memorable things to come in contact with the way get a material out here for the men's room that men's room live Dak I. Jose store get a sewer lines you can imagine what kind of stuff I got onto a Nolan got on me two instances are when I got hit in the mouth by eight fiber optic line. That'd just come out the sewers and wanna go worker was washing off the inspection rover and attempt on flew off and stuck to my leg. Luckily I was wearing reindeer but it stained I'm also ahead my kid projectile poop in the my toes that was fun. The from Mike. Damning to get a kid agreement to open to. Keep our guys this gross if you don't advocate that's it even if he's doing quake. Given even if the kids related to you but it's not your kids that that's discuss Lara and there's a rule of this your dog your kids because of Bolivia they go about your dog your dog your kids that's it and I I remember the growth this one now for me. A couple years ago on Christmas and back east I go to my cousins. She's got a brand new newborn and I was telling a story within a hell to think for two seconds and two dollar limit until miles starting as you know that your cousins breast milk okay. Wow I and I think I'll go ahead. I'm usually. Grossed out or I were. Guys are on the farm and had two of the ten Cal's come to the barn the do we have a bull's. He was about to come a steer which is a cast treatable the bull ring claims to their noses via a rope through pulley and you pull the Cal's head out by pulling down on the rope. My job was to take his tale ended it directly up and over to his spine. He stepped sideways Ibis tales of the sign instead of over to the top and the bullet is spells loose as his boys were being creme to cut the Vaz deference. The amount of pressure off fresh cow manure all over me for my it was up from my just my knees and was the most horrible spelling thing ever all over me. That from the bombing like cowboy you actually been covered Campbell that's pretty much yeah. But a few years I responded to a service request for a building we installed security cameras in for the past the building is four extremely low income borderline homeless people. I get to the camera and it's one of the glass dome ones with a metal base and the camera on the inside you usually see the camera through the glass but this one was completely blacked out. I open it up to be showered with the nasty is black water I've ever seen he got in my face in my mouth and all down the front of my shirt. They had a unit three floors up flood about eight months prior and it filled up the camera dome and no one noticed it until they realized they couldn't do a camera on the month. And Sam Fishman. Guys are playing a friend's backyard instead down and tell tale sharp pain in my left foot. Walked home when German in my shoes the left would not come off my mom came home shortly after is that why why was I sitting there. I started crying saying my issue would not come off. She yanked issue off while I was screaming my White Sox turn red in the middle she looks in my issue and there's a rusty nail from the sold to the tongue. She took me in for a tetanus shot Richard Bowe was better than getting watch our guests. Guys are family traveling through Yellowstone park and decided to stop it is facing. I had my line along way out in the river when I got to bite so I tugged on line and officially dealt. The fly lower with a it's nice sharp poke though flew back and the hook buried itself. In the my chin. In her Michael my goodness. And since it was in there passed the bar there was going to be difficult to remove my wife the nurse was no help at all she was laughing too hard I think she in that fish conspired to make it happen. That from Dave. The guys had a 737 toilet system explode in my face so I may lead mechanic for an airline that that you used to like before we merged with brand X I know Clearwire and these system was plugged up and we had to find a way to fix it I was McAllen monitor and be plugged laughed. Co worker getting frustrated after half an hour tried to unplug this bad boy he decides to crank up the air pressure on the till we used to unplug those systems. The toilet started to shake. The lead flew open and a fountain of brown flew out all over me brown from the laboratory in the first class seats behind me covered hedge itself. I want George cabin door like creature from the brown would you toward the shower all my clothes tool belt etc. all went into the Hazmat container. When I finally got home my wife refused to give me a hug. That program. Say you know there are no comments today that love Kyra and how much time for a few extra emails here for the men's room amends or my back up yeah. Jealous today's my Tony first birthday and I belong. It's been a long anticipated birthday shout out from you guys have been listening to you guys for as long as I can remember with my dad. I love your guys show and Caylee to celebrate my 21 with a men's room original red eyes ask from these lovely Lana have a some dirty Germans for the very digger. And we almost there was still Joba gentlemen what used to be. Yeah on the new crazies. I don't provide you with us secretly made tape roll Walter. Only thing is my 29 and I get a classic original faced sandwich thanks guys that from Thomas is much gentlemen today I entered the final year my twenties that big of a better way to celebrate than with a men's room original black. In some worldly wisdom. From the dirty German's love the show rock on guys and of Ted ever wants to bring back his epic adventures this summer he's got a camera guy ready to go. It's years bridges that from cameraman that Jeremy. Are for the most level where you are making com. God the words of wisdom which one is about to answer focus camera on your penis and go to work. Good afternoon gentlemen. Is my best buddy heats that future of around the son I know he would like nothing more than here's internal sex. And an original face and wage maybe some dirty German as well thanks boys keep on rocking in the free world that from the old. Don't look that would take it tomorrow and intuitive December 2 want to do so good Germans. Yeah America loans from the German delicacy. You're looking vibe of not forcing up constant com. Hi guys do you know. I mean I didn't I didn't grab. It's. Yeah. I thank hey could I could see no. Big day as they're urging Germans brought. So available through these world sings on men's and I've done come another sign retailers. Who shall I fly the blue. Or lose. Men's room fellas in all fairness as far as Alec true back in jeopardy. You guys have to remember he is hosting the show I don't think he'd actually win the game. Big difference set from Chris I think he would do better than most. Well normally I understand about ouster back if you don't know even those making the rounds now everywhere but thought someone was on the show. They guessed. And gangsters paradise lost to play on words. He got 3200 dollars I go to commercial break they come back out to banks like who we have to. Take this from news site gangsters paradise lost its gangsta as battered as well and does so it'll say it's a little sticky tacky Bob. He might not know bat 'cause I just don't think he's damn cool animals to be true it's ouster back but what I will say. How one thing I have seen about him he goes. A great amount of the researching actually goes into question early none okay have a research team but he's just one of those you just heard around the stuff. So he does a calm himself. They do the bull. But he doesn't come as I configure a wide enough they'll Bob Roswell as a figured it just gives somewhere along the longtime white Afro jazz man they hasn't going to be if this one comes from two over. Our first time getting stung guys one foot bomb connected to a gas mask on thirteen a my brother Tommy just to breathe I proceeded to get real real real high. And until my brother felt like my skin was falling off and I passed out. Thinking that he may kill me he's trimming down and threw me in the shower with a cold water on my face I finally came to I got dressed and went to bed the rest of the day yeah first first time getting stolen never. Producer smoked I don't lose gas mask now the bong and now I'm with you I had in Everett I've only been in a room twice where it's happened. And each guy was the cardinals who could we this and that may put that thing on them anywhere Hackett forever the way it here's my thing you know wait I smoke weed I enjoy smoking weed. In every way that are chosen smoke we use it doesn't just when. A marathon man oh man I was checking weather tomorrow red smoke enjoyed broad notify you don't let me I needed gas mask really punches supplement and a half minutes six foot. Yeah I've done that yeah I'm kinda a done that different. I'm an entertainment I'd look at a gas. How one night our emotional arms aloft guys we live in a schedule part of town and my husband Jim beat out the window and sees this guy in our car poured looking through our truck. So Jim goes out there to confront the guy our dog went out there with them a fight inch ensued between the thief in a skeleton mask and Jim. Al jumps the dog and starts fighting the guy too I called 911 get outside to see the fight. The guy is crawling into the streets when he reached the street gym so the guy had enough of the beating and let him go the guy runs off into the night screaming I'm sorry I'm sorry. I'm from shared. And tell this one's for you there's a look here assuming for Ted to try if he's unfortunate enough to find himself in Orlando Florida. Better yet please consider this may be for a future episode of kids meat and potatoes. The people who gave us Mickey Donald and goofy are secretly offering 814 dollar and 99 cent burger combo they features. Eight candied bacon burgers served on a cinnamon. But I'll buy you say is made of real mouse dog can be a Reagan and sell the bonds should be right into the wheel house said they agree when guys that from doctor mark doctor Laura Disney World offering up a you take a look at that. That is a cinnamon cinnamon bond bunt and then bacon cheeseburger in the middle but it weighed like one of the regular sticky sweet bones. One other sticky sweet bonuses secret item on the menus are you have to know where you got that yes I would drill that they can me I attract. Now I gotta admit this sticky buns at Disney World. Our massive. OK so if you've been out. Drinking with late night making your cousin and try to get up what morning Mickey your uncle anyone of those bonds it's hard to get down the advent event. And finally for any Alison we. Dumbest thing I saw someone do guys were for an ambulance service for fourteen years one called truly took the cake. Two cousins drinking at a party an argument erupts we get called out for a gunshot wound to the chest. I'm the sole medic on duty and I am stoked. First GSW. Call and it's all mine is not the we want you to get hurt but if you do. We hope we're the ones on duty the dramatic thing I shouldn't anyway we my driver nine roll up on the scene cops are everywhere and very noticeably. Freaking out I'm calm cool ready to jumpin. While stabilizing my patient who was alert and talking I asked Colin what he was shot went. Turns out they somehow got their hands on twelve gauge rubber slugs were police issue only. And the 1000 shot the other point blank in the chest Jesus these slight left to hold ricocheted off just office sternum and bounced around inside of him and remain lodged. He was flown out for emergency surgery he did make a full recovery however and the police and have lots of questions for he and the customers that they and sure. Coming up the return of what you don't need to know we're gonna go to the united states of Google but first yeah. Israel wants to know. Yeah John. Blue. A time once again bar whose Sox last Steve throw you bring us three stories in the news it is up to us to determine. Which of these three stories sunk the leaks now if you follow us on a Twitter amends or live like the men's room on FaceBook the debate is already underway in who sucks less CAA and listen it's not so bad this. It's not so bad my hawks even confirmed an old man. Not so bad but they all of a similar thing and that today we have. The first story you can debate whether it's UPS or the Canadian bank in question I have the W taking on a woman and Arkansas. And they will be competing then they get the woman in Illinois bullets start. North of the border in Canada where the United Parcel Service but most of Canadians man's inheritance. Which a B 846. 100000. Dollars 84800000. But the debate TD Canada trust the refusing to reform the missing money. Ten months later I UPS they did offer 32 dollars. That's the shipping fees hit an apology wouldn't the mega debate out of time but supposedly they guaranteed walls don't. Leading to what they're saying million Knight of wall sleep gnashing teeth etc. now out of her father died. This family the brother he wouldn't local UPS store near crawl will Ontario where he was expecting a package. From a sister Taylor containing his share of the inheritance in a form of a bank track. I was going to make memories similar to a cashier she. Kinds of really spends like cash. Mauled the tables ever cash still by anybody else or anything like them not yet. Here's effect she says the money through UPS former lawyer. But Jordan's a few miles away as they would have to drive there and a few obtain the bank draft in which again we've certified check. But the money is taken from customers account immediately and held by the bank until the draft. It's cat. The seven back in February. But the main told her that's the safest way to send a large sums though. The bank is short of the sister and her husband that the money could be replaced if the draft was lost the delivery company whose slogan of courses what can brown do you. They were able to actually track the no doubt to a partial distribution center. But then the drill goes cold after another company did refund 32 dollars but could deliver apology though the bank the refusing to read on the money. Plus the mother signs an agreement to pay back the bad as some of caches belongs breath which does not expire. So ranting about the so will give you 84600000. Singles guys you value both the money that. Right someone else do you don't know about an aborted related to money. The bank doesn't lose anything decisions no loser and usually don't before mistakes will be people who haven't herald that. They detailed what you that's old boy they take him to go pick so the banks like. We'll do this for him and a solo sketch of the money you have to give us the money we gave you back even though you have when we catch. So I think going on in Camelot you a little closer to home let me go to lovely lovely Arkansas where a woman they may have the band who. To bend a man Eric George the waitress and Stuttgart Arkansas best friend Leslie had a word both literally under would also works there with the another balls gave them each by the lottery scratch and for Christmas and according to Leslie he said that whatever they want but you that's what was your Christmas book and here you go. That's the laughter. So maybe scratch off one of delegates she won a grand prize 300000 dollar that is a huge whatever pressure gradual left big month third 2000 dollars and zero Fred obviously the very excited they greeted with a cash apps music. Well guess what may they had other ideas she went to cash in particular self doubts about throwing the word nor should serving well. Whole goal. I was glad she's clearly had taking legal action if we're friends like different for money. But it'll be tough because luggage only one of them signed the back of the ticket name old school agreement. Yeah. Now let's go to both by name five state of Illinois works the woman her name is below par. I'm sorry her name is Cathy Gilmour if she lives in new book she is an anti gambling cruises. Had you fought for decades against casinos lotteries do the things like beetle in church and ensure tramples. But it turned out just who loved gambling cozy. Like many people before. She's a the lot of stuff would have done the things she's guilty of the things that she does and we know Liz because she was that a video poker cafe a few weeks ago. That held a drawing to give more liberal loyal customers. You battle video poker. One of the logo from 45000 dollars she won amateur dug up until a tablet is one big group deadly. She's also one rappel sweepstakes they blender thousands of dollars for electronics vacations so I was stolen this hypocritical dealing with a big win another people know. How did you record. Are gonna pastor for the Biden said just send it back door donated and he says don't feel guilty you just gotta pay for all your volunteer work against gambling. It's god showing his grandson it. Patrick Obama. And who sucks the leak. She's got UPS West Bank hill Koppel in camp where will refund the money but some of cats is jet that will never expire meaning someone's got to catch it fuels the money back. This could just somebody walking in that 846000. Dollar check raise a flag. It might but he comes through debate so as far as they know it was inheritance there was really much it's inheritance in the bank position so I don't know I'm just saying like. This solicited I just can't imagine that like the bank cashing it wouldn't call this play just feel like but I think if you have a check that well and you know people stupid but I would they give him chick that made you make you call it fails we can't. I'm going to be the best part of bank already have an accountant. I'm going to be the franchise does have a huge sum of putting and it's an inherent ultimately see that to check his bank issued and government. I guarantee you'd like there's no real suspicion I still think that sucks the most is they did nothing. Now and the banking and the other and UPS lost it. And I'm I have to deal with them did you gamble and lady combo scratch off I believe I think no legal contract. This NN analyst let him do that now there whenever I lie about. Lulu if I'm this snapshot it's tough but we. Right where you go at it really woes can't hit it here on our own bad. With a beverage in the long as she's just a bit. You like humans are Monday's voter rolls onto hundreds of men's or lively debate continues on who cites last. God will bring it tells his job today has gone up and the return of what you don't need to know goes to the united states of Google. As coming up next you are listening to the men's or radio network. They joke you don't have enjoyed the men's room out I don't know we'll bring it tells Jose is amid a wave of firsts first so yeah. We're pulling useless information. And do you have hard too many brain cells not to let us kill you. So landed here on the men's room shares would you don't need to know American side you are. Makes sense they sale of the year 2017. The only way they know how might do glean that information and to create a map Google basically compile a list. Of the biggest news stories. Listen people who drew attention anything that was news wordy celebrities people who passed away as far as trends all those different things they may as the kind of rammed through a filter. And based on that they took each and every state and figured out what states Google the most. Is it different to a tough. So. As far as the states are concerned some of the more eye popping things here. The state of Alabama. They do although the number one thing eclipse glasses and Wal-Mart. Because of the solar that I still experimental that's also Roy Moore allegations and got a all right I will give you the states I'll give you the the Google terrible things about the state all right. The top thing Google must iPhone thanks. California counted ball all right well my little pump. As Maya will flop. In Connecticut original we oil addiction all right about this what the elf on the shelf Neiman. Welcome shall mean and there's a similar in the midwest. See that's another thing affiliates of the real family facility beat Delaware court not over Delaware RA or no this will make a lot of sense. The most Google search item what is sexual harassment. Washington DC that is correct the District of Columbia I was actually drug crack a joke that no may lose some sad commentary about the state knew I know that's purely what states Google hurricane of Maria and hurricane are among the most Texas. Florida believe now down about unsure herpes. Jordan Georgia Georgia is correct OK go to you on a survey right he's from Atlantis may have contact with the Chicago murder rates that's pretty easy one to Illinois name. How much Mayweather vs McGregor for free that was the top Google what's the New Jersey. Believe it or not Kentucky's doesn't say it's got to be a poor state yeah I'll monkey self week. Monkey. While New Mexico it was Maine for whatever weird reason you go to school fifth ABC most. Life so that those who hopefully there's a photographer he's a professional photographer. It must here's a polite got a hold of the Scalia Anthony saw somebody look at the whole law it's crazy. Yeah and die how to make slime. The snow was number one Google's while he did state that would be the state of a Mississippi. Don't even though I have imaginary attacks. B and CSX if you read. Men's room. It's just who it is. Tennis usually had considering gas cans Steve throw vilified on north coast of. Yes indeed and today we toast in all I don't know really but here's the story I usually don't try to figure out who exactly were toast. Now we go to resume any city China or woman driving your car she approached an intersection. Now she caught a glimpse of red lights dim light in you normally would being she slammed on the brakes there's usually forty miles an slams on the breaks in as a result of that. The car behind her in super indicator. Now the good news neither driver was injured but the driver of the second call or they didn't wanna know what the other woman slammed on the brakes in the first place of this conversation that we're going through. Never traditionally had traffic lights so she pointed up to the red light that's on top of the traffic poll and up and realized it was left. A red lights this was not a red lights. It was the quote. Blushing as of relief escaped circus market. Half. So I wanted on there. And if you find the story there's a picture so it's an intersection and other delights at the intersection. No traffic accident but there's a structure of the gun goes over top bracket. And sitting on top of the structure. Insurgents Mikey but his back is to traffic. So all you see is that bright red and acts. So this woman driving season is bright red monkey has slammed on the brakes thinking of red light and that's why the other woman ends up a rear ending now. Through the thing about this news police confirmed that this was in fact case and they realize that the month he had escaped foremost circus a few weeks before the contact the service manager and he medal is he happy to have as much you make he's agreed to pay for any of the aisle is the most guards Lendale so those are so reliant and can do a job easier break bread my he has he assumed the traffic light. You swim under bricks. I'm just I don't know alluded to host a good number of story like that Bernanke was caused because of YR I had monkeys and I'll read monkeys I didn't in my home. We're both those boos imagery has moved because we think if you dumbing down match over the total Adele looks like to party and our Tommy. Down that hole out of a zone. Delegate doesn't online profile Israel take collar nine now before Ford 999 old. The show and many games continues on the men's room radio network.