Steve Pringle

M-F 7-10p

Pringle hosts from 7-10pm M-F and Sundays with The Sunday Night Blues Room 7-10pm.

Pringle was born a poor sharecroppers son in North Portland back in the sixties.  St Johns was his playground.  Pringle’s dad began his “traveling salesman blues” tour starting in ’72.  Pringle, at a young age, quickly became privy to the suburbs of towns such as Seattle, San Francisco and Chicago.  He returned home in 82 only to find that the Jantzen Beach rollercoaster had been torn down.  This was hard on the then 19 year old.  He also noticed that within every city he lived, rock radio existed.  Particularly with Steve Dahl and the Coho Breakfast Club in Chicago in the late 70’s.  No, he did not attend Disco Demolition night but knows of friends who did.  He had a test that day in history class. Besides, he got to sit next to that wonderful Polish Catholic girl and was not going to pass that up.

Once returning to Portland with his Greyhound ticket he quickly found KGON radio and shows like Dawn of the Dead and The Metal Shop.  This is MY station, he thought.  Pringle grew musically with names like Bob “The Big BA” Ancheta, Mike Turner, Dick Sheetz, Marty Party and the ever-lasting Iris Harrison. 

Pringle finds solace and passion within hosting two of the most popular Blues shows in the area for the past 24 years...The Friday Freeway Blues and The Sunday Night Blues Room.

Pringle is not a radio gypsy.  After 24 years of successful radio in the Portland market with stations like KMHD/OPB, KUFO, KKJZ and KINK, Pringle is honored to be back to where he began as an unpaid intern in 1993 with Iris Harrison and BA, at KGON.  It was BA who handed Pringle The Sunday Night Blues Room back in 2012 upon his retirement from radio.  The SNBR can be heard (almost) every Sunday Night at 7p @ 92.3 KGON, you know, depending on the Seahawks schedule.

His wife Caryn is glad he’s working again…his parole officer as well.

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