Matt Wilcox

M-F 5:30a-9a

I spent the first 10 years of my life as an army brat moving all over the country, and even spent some time in Germany. Let me tell you, going to a preschool guarded by an armored tank leaves an impression.  When I was 10, my family and I moved to Beaverton. My interest in radio started at a young age. As a teenager after years of winning prizes and offering to wash station vehicles, I was hired by KKRZ…where I actually had to wash station vehicles.

Most of my 20+ years in radio have been spent here in Portland with stints in Seattle, Boise, and Roanoke.

My free time is mainly spent with my wife and two kids. Unless I’m ditching them and hopping a flight to Vegas.  I also have brother with special needs that I take care of on a regular basis.

When Hollywood invaded Portland a few years ago I jumped at the chance to be a part of it.  If you have good eyes, you will be able to see my ass a few times in the movie “Twilight”.  I also made it into “Untraceable”, “Extraordinary Measures”, and multiple episodes of “Leverage”.  Now I’m looking forward to playing some great music and having some fun in the mornings.