Brian Shannon

M-F 5:30a-9a

Who’s your best friend?

Dexter!  No, not the made for TV serial killer, he’s my rescue dog, a Louisiana bred Catahoula Hound.  This pooch can tree a swamp rat in the morning and whip up an amazing gumbo by night. 


What was Dexter rescued from?

Like I said…LOUISIANA.


Why did you get into radio? 

Radio was the perfect choice to combine my love for both music and comedy.  


Do you have kids?

Yes. A daughter Mackenzie and a son, Jacob.


How do you like Portland so far?

I love it here!  I’m looking forward to the active outdoors lifestyle Portland offers. And the dog friendly atmosphere means Dexter gets to tag along. It’s awesome!


What do you do besides radio? 

Golf, fishing and hunting.