Hotel quirks

Wednesday, January 3rd


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Portland's classic rock NET three KG away good morning teary Boyd's world a teary iMac and changes could be coming to all hotels. Courtesy Disney. Disney announced that Disney World as were the start of the properties in South Park they no longer gonna honored do not disturb signs. At all at all they took them all away billion ham in the rooms and I'd make my own it's like Yang and cowboy hat on the door because I mean the potential for a walk in. Is pretty good when you don't have something out there's saying. They do not disturb don't knock on the door don't please don't come in I mean imagine Mickey and goofy walking through the Disney and go. And that's due to Cuba style right it's like I'd sign out whether I'd yeah I don't wanna hear are not bad. Does that automatically put it out on the door there they're saying that they're gonna have the right to come in and out of your room whenever they'd. Darn well feels like it's like trying to do now anyway you really think typically now your room all the time I think that they they knew they came in via. As that little traps is no of people in there I really do I really do I spent. A lifetime. In hotels. And I've developed a lot of quirks everybody has hotel quirks whom this way when you go on vacation. You stay in hotel. That's supposed to be a break. A break from your everyday life ranked and seeded things in a hotel rooms. They want it may not necessarily doing home. Now some of them are for your benefit like well I like to me I just throw stuff on the floor in summary leave you don't do that at all no I. Students. And good advice I got ridiculously. You're out there your wife yelling at you that's exactly right by like like my wife is really on about Delhi wiest who tell. She'll like the managed. Wife think it's my what does that you and she she is overboard crucial make the bed. She'll clean up all the garbage if we have bottles or cans she's got to take care of all of that it's almost like I don't know if it's like reimbursement thing that. She went doesn't wanna look like she does not bottles that are there and a little girl. A it's just short of early going in and cleaning the bathtub. Mean that wouldn't surprise me she doesn't want to do at home or doesn't you know. Doesn't do go home but didn't she goes there and she wants the cleanup. And everybody has. That's a weird. When I I still can't understand why and I think he might hit it and it might be unit an embarrassment thing you know when to be known for being kind hi ED eating out he and you know I mean it's. What we need like for me when I don't ever argue you work for mind. I always get a room with two beds. Always when your right so he went Obama's self news in case you suggest. Now announced that narrow. It's it's there's a bid for sleep and and then there's a bed for whatever routes whatever else. Did it pretty easy you never know you never know what a good game of badminton gonna break out in your hood. Too bad for jumpers that Lee completely efforts and the floors of she heard. I really have to paint the picture out alive you know exactly why they're too bad. That's that. A quirk that I have that you might be but I bet John not alone in morning. Good morning and I gotta love object that is if I don't doubt it do it the government here has been traveling especially terribly. Let bigger sport a golden Bear's extravagant I'm like yeah it was bad. But what I do when they get there. I may have half way up ambled down the floor. Wherever I go out of government are good enough. North problems all the big all the extra hour is. A bad leaders say. I'm basically covering the sport. Let me ask you Mort I was actually an extra hour and when I'm done over the budget problem all of them. Corner and I'm Dominic but I just like all right emotional you know up. All of our message because she actually. That she doesn't want it would like worked day that's targeted at the moment please don't. She's thirty. Right that that's that's that's I thought after and that's their that's got a guy world it's like I don't mind tipping. Because you're supposed to you right but if I've done all the work in there ought to give myself popping out of my own money. They're back right and I know all. That accurate or no matter what. In order pizza I don't sort of incredibly ignorant they detonated people like big oil like Luke but he lost it. I'm guilty of that too but I really doubt they're eating your food the I don't know man I don't roll yeah. It'll pop chart beat in the refrigerator and a like it was pretty. Let me ask your question because a the lot of we were I get into after the show yesterday it was our boss. The little white bag that is hanging in the closet and a hotel what's it for. I am act. And I've done it all these guys get down on it for your dry cleaning in my goes edges drag you put your dirty stuff in it. So when you put it back in your suitcase to go where you're going. It doesn't get on it's clean it's not it might not be specific with her for her dry cleaning but it's to have your clothes laundered by the note I'm. Like. It and hang it up that he went so laundered. Ali and expressed a market pays seven dollars have a shirt like all right. Tag you with your convenience is taking your clothes oh yeah that's exactly what I used words like a knapsack and bring. A country. That's exactly dirty. Or your right manmade. Thank Phyllis and have a did gay men. You're too much. It's might surprise you. I don't think they own anything minis frankly. I don't I don't own at but he is don't think in dry clean and there's no way it goes.