Vegas Residency

Tuesday, January 2nd


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Fourth classic rock and 93 KGO line good morning Terry Boyd's world a teary amassed in. Aerosmith. Made the announcement via Ngo Peary. Over the holidays. That they were going to be doing a residency in Las Vegas. Las Vegas is really becomes a rock roll Mecca I mean I hiding you realize good we're doing a little bit research were off. And I have to get your story. Is read off a couple of kgo went artist that you can catching residency are ready in Vegas. Elton John everybody knows is there in Rod Stewart I forgot about him he's he's kind of like the filling guy and it's Caesars. When neither Elton or Celine Dion don't feel like playing the kind of slot Rod Stewart and certain. Santana is their Def Leppard. Journey. Chicago the Moody Blues kiss. Sticks Don Felder Jo Walsh and John Fogerty. All have residence he's already going in Las Vegas. Now here's another one debts rumored to be in the works. Caesar's palace is that they are in discussions to put the coup. In residency. At your receiver who arrived there several times. Would that be. You know group that you would be willing to laws they arrested just to go see them. Now or is there anyone in the US go to Las Vegas track that down Glen but that it just thinking about that yes. I have two in mind but I think. And these this has to be big enough for you to just get on a plane solely to fly down there. The Las Vegas man and just give you rules don't give me some main beat him be nonsense. I had the east now on packet on a plane and go see Andy's back and a half. All the lists that met you thorn out Billy jolt that was kind of give and Steve said he would love this he Ringo Starr Paul McCartney either or or perfectly together. Happy new year who do you wanna sit up. We're getting there and not do Al Cooper Joseph bottom up. The whole. And all those are two awesome choices made your right and Alice there never. Now you don't have to be old man those are great great choices man now that's a good way to ring in the new year man. Anita said she saw Def Leppard via hit Veba hysteria. During their residency that's been put the whole album from hysteria. Waiting for Veba Ira mania to go back and go check that out would you have the same. And diablo. It would have to be only was he. I would Burton. He journey Carty has that residents either you know what let me ask your question all right and I and I don't know. If there's any truth to this or not. I think Arnelle penny of the guy who they found on the Internet singing in a holiday in does a fantastic job and but I heard the reason why Steve Perry didn't sing at the rock and roll hall of fame. Because he can't do it anymore. Own well there might be that reason it's you know you know everybody gets older can't hit an OK Ali yeah. Bring down the cat out. One blowing water. I don't know how all those senators out just like I could be. A I don't understand that the Celtics feel that go wanting to see the original lineup you know perform Vegas. What do what do would you be OK and I I'm just the year rising your 'cause I like. I had a chance and talked to Steve and Scott to Steve Perry a couple of times he's a nice enough guy but I imagine if you're not out singing. It is a long time since he's been out on Torino as a solo artist it's you you whose use in the muscle right I mean it's just like anything else. What if he went out and they just lip sync but they did such a good job you couldn't tell. CE. I don't know I have seen -- 177. I'm. Throughout America and I went near them well. And I think as a cat. I looked pretty wild they earn out. And that's speak parents are now and Nader could barely speak English didn't you know we're. And if you listen to their music not only did they bring down a little bit. But they also voted out and time that they English. That there are recording that are now instead they early says painfully with a PE. That's really interesting I dislike that guy's story in the fact that you know he made it all come together and they made it work out but I'll wait yeah I would love to see. Steve Perry especially. I'll I watched most of the show but I try to get out early in his voice was so strong. It almost blew thought it was gonna blow a hole through the side of the building. You know. Practice makes perfect that here's the thing is not perfect mentally practices. That you know what that's a very valid point eight thank you so much for the suggestion we appreciate it. You're welcome out that they put happiness. Not what other band you wanna see and residency how bumping Lloyd. Boy that's that that's a tricky one right can you gotta bring the powers to be together they they got to rebuild the wall you know on May be rebuilt won't go away it will. Yeah you know what. That's a big deal win where I can ago. I'm not sure and then also a star lodge and stuff about on I go. Yeah I don't know if I were more yeah yeah for sure that's ago lemon thank you think you guys are hard rock.