Accidental Text

Thursday, December 7th


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Portland's classic rock many T 3 kgo and good morning it's theory Boyd's world I'm Terry I'm Matt yesterday at this time I think it was that this time we're talking about packed. The technology of texting. I think it was mind blowing to a lot of people based on the emails that I got about it that. We didn't do it for 25 years you would think that we will be better because Steve the days whenever we started getting cell phones and it was pretty common that people get. Accidental but now. And a buddy of mine because you know phones then you you'd put on your back pocket is it down. And also and it's dial you don't even know am I I have a friend of mine who got busted so bad on the accident but now. Is supposed to be of one of his kids recitals not making this up. Here's a strip club. Accidentally dialed. His wife got the call. He came on act like it was no big deal how Judeo stuff lot of business being here. I'm who cinnamon. It's crushed or write like one of those kind of things. But now it's become the accidental text and I understand that you is that potentially gets pretty juicy. Tax because tech's often have pictures in the I've got an accidental tax. But nothing really juicy I got me accidental text wary of so I was like oh he's sorry not meant for you and even out of context I could even spin a story about. Who might be juicy. I I've given the accidental text ever realized that I was trying to send something to my wife an accident accidentally sent it to my mom. That was not fun what do we use and it's a year or else why is that you know something that it would only sheriff Arpaio wasn't a picture anything because we have younger kids and so we know that the kids go through phones. So we know that we can't really do. Any kind of pictures but. We can you know we can talk to each other through text. And it's awkward when you realize all know. Like a lawyer mom back have decent that are do you or was like the next meeting like. I cannot the next media discuss that paid nor that tax okay indeed and she she. Should we she look at your wife and a different manner based on those texts I didn't ask that is like. Did she look EU who differently probably but we kind of eat yeah. On that path with this text on I wanna know now I'm curious. It was on the weights like home path. Wait till I get home path now I'm not sounds like peace the stories compute the pieces together it's been a long day can't wait to get home and you know see how our evening goes that type path. Cook some dinner. Why hasn't alleviated but not. And I'm gonna keep throwing your love watching your face get a read on his wondered at the you give us any details that we you know we pull that move of willfully ignore it because the way. So it never lets a web talk about I let's move on how to bug you all day telling at all that he feels a need to know all the details. But you think we'd be better attic you know and and it's not only like the accidental Texas sending something like. You did nodding message were nodding picture. We just don't pay attention to pictures we take is when such a big hurry and Palin Camille when a dump me take a picture. And there are things in there that shouldn't be there. I have seen it when I was looking for house a few years ago I hate ice saw pictures of people trying to sell their house. Not cheap not a cheap houses selling their house. And they are our adult toys in the background of the picture right there on the night stand their out on display on the night are ahead in the bathroom. And next your toothbrush. It is crazy band you would think that we would just be a little bit better about it what happened to. The guys talking about the text in the photos out but Apple's new motion photos Spain. I had just gotten. Photo from my iPod you know that the new technology you got to look out or you press on acting and hold it. Neck and here am I can about other people in the background. How solve mango and if you don't have an apple phone and iPhone and it it's called live photo and so what it does it it records. That like a second or two before the pictures taken in a second or two after the pictures taken in if you push on the picture you can see it's almost like a little tiny mini video. Was he was he saying that. I gotta think about when you're taking a photo now and we don't have that or not. Yeah and others down and everything going on in the background. I need to think that it's crazy what was your. What was your boss then. If I hear him talking about one or the other coworkers and then their lap and now they're not there wasn't quite enough to really capture but I couldn't hear one other person talking about me in another boat house in oh. How come my way in right now and. Saw us are you gonna do a big confrontation. Saying hey man what they Hallie gets up the say say it to my face right. Now because I'm gonna get more photos could and I don't want them to be alerted about it what a bit not like. Yeah that's awesome man you're using technology to spy on your boss is a love that hey man appreciate illicit and have a great rescued Thursday. I think it does appreciate with you guys every morning. That's very nice in the same thing about baton. What are his bosses listening now again now they're. And get a really interesting dynamic tomorrow morning and you let if you have that that feature in your phone you're going to be thinking about it next let me take a picture I Marty thinking about I'm wondering how many of those I might have accidentally sent.