Dummy Thermostat PT1

Thursday, December 7th


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You know this time a year brings into itself. A situation a situation where negotiation comes into play. Sometimes arguments and mail insanity. Last night the cold weather hitting you know whenever the winds blown my and it it was called yeah. A lob it easy to go to sleep right get the window open. Lot of people right now dissent. A crazy got a closed in what he out ranked that is insane that you keep the windows open got a big guy you know what hell yet Andy and I I I wanna be cold when I go to sleep. Loser wife. She seems okay with it GC a OK with it. Earth silences yeah I don't I'm I don't care but I consider that I care a little and I troubled little local. Nothing nothing weaker she sleeps away from the window I'll Oscar did in trying to she's got space warmer in the corners it'll probably going to got a fireplace in her side of on the side of that vicious cold she cannot turn that on. This open another window to. Barack and I don't like him hot but it brings up the thermostat down. And it's and here's with a negotiating starts. I'm OK with the house being warm like during the daytime somewhat the thermostat on my wife has kind of heat miser. So we start to negotiate a little bit. All right you can set the thermostat but I get controller remote control the the TV yes. You don't negotiate I don't I'm not like that. No I mean the TV remote it. Things have changed so much over the years now that we watch TV completely differently than you do you watch TV like he did back in 1984 title I. Not ought to be like it's you know 2017. Yeah Iowa Iowa I need controller remote and then all all often. Acquiesced you can control dishwasher cook dude Yasser. Look all you got the death squads there you go washing machine yeah. Or if you may. I. It's if you and now it's almost like you were a list and let the user might wish that no blog guy I negotiated my way because that's fairly easy enough. To operate and that's why I and that's home that's exactly right. When it comes to working the thermostat in your homes he can negotiate you can you can work something now. I'm a lot to testicle that's what he's capable climbs in cars. Yeah that'll mother thing do you actually go and touch your thermostat on a regular basis yes you know I come program you know handed. To do with sort. You know I've I've I'm about right now. If I'm a product I turned it down from cold at Canada. You don't you know put on pants order Hooper and on well that's an interesting statement because as I have a friend who were talking about this yesterday. Every year he has challenged within himself. To see how far into the year into the winter heating go for the turn on the thermostat or turn on the parts. I can see that I can accurately to I don't think I've done that but I can totally understand I asked him. Yesterday when he was telling me this I said till I said how dumb is this. And I was curious and like with so far this year forgotten in the year ago as I mean following a February. And I said I said Tim you're sitting in your house in February are you wearing it just just think he's that you put on pants keep an honest injured he put on a jacket. He said he put on a full winter jacket used to try to extend it another day. That's ridiculous to me I thought that was dumb as well did you ask him how much more fancy them. Note is that a damp morning cared because it's like the dollars that you might save if you're like if you're stupid thing at your house that ninety degrees. And yet you're it's gonna cost you a lot of money. But it give your house 68 to seventy. Did it's fractional yeah I bill that I find it on your bill that that's why that would be the first thing and asked them because I would have said. You you save 48 cents a probably easier yeah I am Utley got I'm I'm sort of when I'm in my house. It's like vacation gone vacation wanna go on me I'm not there'd. This skimping compromised right I know whenever I'm spending here I'm gonna go in the winner or the summer if I turn on the AC or turn on the heat it's about comfort. In all pretty much levels out in my house it's absolutely you know one time of the year it's the the electricity is really high in the other time it's the gas. Years here's where it doesn't level out. When you get to your workplace. There is trickery. Happening with senior workplace. The guy that thermostat over there. We have thermostat in the studio that would actually works because of all the equipment in here. They have to be able to control it if you start walking around this office and I challenge you today if you're listening. We knew get to the offices or through their right now. Go around and move the thermostat in your office since even changes anything. One third of the thermostats or face yeah the dummy thermostat at work they're all leave there are so that in your mind do you feel like Ali and it's a lot more comfortable right now. I think there is a degree of going in making the adjustment and thinking that you feel that it that are you or they're you you have a little bit implode in your life you turn the dial. If you think I'm crazy discovered turn up to eighty and see if your office gets warm it won't get war all the while the big boss man in her office is laughing it. I there to quiet energy corporation anyway hey why add your chair why are you sit in front of your age in your cubicle one of those died challenging to do it today. Although our love it if you would report activist because I'm not making that number up I saw that number I know a lot of people were in the heating cooling and street. 13. Is with the number is Oval Office thermostats RBS they're not even connected any throws a favor just rip off the long haul and see if any kind of let it mix it up until the next level meant.