Classics du Jour

Keith Moon, The Who, Classic Rock, KGON-FM

CDJ Today: April 30 in Classic Rock

April 30, 1976 – Keith Moon from the Who pays nine cab drivers to blockade both ends of the street where he is staying in a NYC hotel. He proceeds to throw the contents of his hotel room out the window. Now that’s metal! April 30, 2008 – At the Coachella music festival, a giant inflatable pig...
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Rolling Stones

Rolling Stones Get First #1 on iTunes with New Track

The Rolling Stones have their first #1 on iTunes with their new song “Living In A Ghost Town”. The track, released last week, took the top spot on the digital platform in over 20 countries around the world. “Living in a Ghost Town” is the band’s first new song since 2012 and their first #1 …...
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Steven Tyler, Aerosmith, Classic Rock

CDJ Today: April 29 in Classic Rock

April 29, 1998 – Steven Tyler incurs a knee ligament injury when he drops his mic on his knee at a concert in Anchorage, Alaska while singing “Mama Kin.” The tour is postponed through September of that year. April 29, 2003 – Great White play their first gig since the infamous Station nightclub fire...
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Jim Messina, Classic Rock

Catching Up With Old Friend Jim Messina

Any time Sharon and I can see Jim Messina or Kenny Loggins on tour we try and go to the show. Not only do we enjoy their music but they are also old friends. Jim Messina built his reputation from being in the bands Poco and Buffalo Springfield and also acting as producer for the … Continue reading...
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James Kottak, Scorpians, Classic Rock

CDJ Today: April 28 in Classic Rock

April 28, 2014 – Scorpions drummer James Kottak is sentenced to one month in a Dubai jail for being intoxicated and drinking without a license, flipping off passengers on his flight from Russia, and allegedly exposing himself. He is also convicted of insulting Islam. Kottak spent time in prison,...
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Tommy Lee, Classic Rock, drummers

Top 20 Classic Rock Drummers Still Drumming

There are tons of lists of the best rock drummers ever, but ours ranks the best drummers that are still playing. You may not be able to see them with their original bands, and it’s possible they may never play again live, but at least there is the potential to still witness their greatness. It wasn...
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Pearl Jam, Eddie Vedder, Classic Rock, KGON-FM

CDJ Today: April 27 in Classic Rock

April 27, 1979 – Ozzy Osbourne is fired from Black Sabbath and replaced by Ronnie James Dio. Osbourne first reunites with the band at Live Aid in 1985 and then many times after. April 27, 2006 – Keith Richards falls out of a palm tree in Fiji, suffering a brain hemorrhage. Richards later undergoes...
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CDJ Today: April 26 in Classic Rock

April 26, 2003 – David Lee Roth corners and detains a knife-wielding man who is trespassing on his Pasadena estate. Roth holds him until the police arrive. Says Roth: “Anyone found bearing arms here at night…will be found here in the morning.” It later turns out the man is his neighbor, and is...
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CDJ Today: April 25 in Classic Rock

April 25, 1980 – Black Sabbath release their ninth studio album, Heaven and Hell. It’s the first Sabbath album to feature Ronnie James Dio as lead singer, who replaced Ozzy Osbourne. The album goes on to reach platinum status in the U.S. April 25, 1988 – Doc McGhee, manager of Bon Jovi and Mötley...
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Stone Temple Pilots, Classic Rock

CDJ Today: April 24 in Classic Rock

April 24, 2007 – Sheryl Crow suggests a ban on using too much toilet paper. She says loo visitors should use “only one square per restroom visit, except, of course, on those pesky occasions where two to three could be required”. She also designs a clothing line with a “dining sleeve” that is...
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